The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 6, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1918
Page 10
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THE DAILT COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLiE, PA SATURDAY, APRIL G, 191S RESULTS OF GERMAN DRIVE TO APRIL 1 map. j»«ii«nj4 17 the imr i drive tat France trom March 21, -when It t-VM stopped ly lie affles. flM programs of the to Apia 1, when It /ASSIGNED CARS AND PRIORITY ORDERS ' WILL BE ABOLISHED F Protect* ot Coal Operators b J«*tis* Both Prevail IfflBL 10 THE DATE FIXED r ·» XMfkf »l tke Trfcdty Older la Cwet Ifkere Special . of CM! Are XeqnJnd for . Sperffie Tv»Me*} Sjttcn in Tone. The reUir: tie WttnnlDoits co«l oper- ,-1015 hare Icnj sou^it from the as: signed car custom, and the priority jrder wilcb. f*» multiplied the incon- nees and inequalities ot the as- d car, is near at hand. Te pro- lodged against both have evt- Jentry prevailed with the Fuel Ad- VBlTi1atrat3ff"i* the official annonoce- ^·nt aaTing been nxuie that by April " Milled CATS, meludtnj; assigned «u. tor railroad fuel, irin tow been :*me"»-way irttk throogbout thj United ^jjjjet--*" ,, y -Tills ln(oan«tion*eoinee irom A. W uCallomir, dlstrltrotor ot brtuminous fetal at the staff ot Fort Administrator ' Bald. AaeoTdlng to the erplana.- E.U»U tslren "br lam, prioritr orders afafter April 10 "will he filled from coal "-" ea4r loaded at the mines, but that er *fr»* date distribution mil be de «i_ the iHguentage t3»is deter- led by nine capacity. In certain M; irhere ssecial grades ot coal · reanbed for specific purposes or utmim. prlorttjr win oe necessary, t not otbenm»e. adoption ot the zonal system of bofaon on Monday wilt have the s^ thwmgii th« laymg of emlar- i on-coal beyond prescribed zonal of etenteatmg many priority ;,_,,.-, "bat it does not affect pnorrty reran for coai moring inthin Its **"-- ---· zone Swh of the»o orders as » in force "wiU be annulled with- a, Hi* coming week. TWsTillremore t eondltJoh -irhteh haa oeea a source [ -risorous complaint npoa the part coal prodncers, particularly those r Tie priority order has -eaoKed In bsfcustion among coal pro- u »j any otter regulation pro^^J bT the Fuel Administration. ·^ Is perhaps- due to the fact that . operation. Iw led to the charge, r jrenucnely made, that favoritism ·a tfacnraination in tb* fis±rfbution ' ears has resulted from the en- eoet of pnonty orders^ These. ^ been issued with such frequency i apparently from so many sources d to befet the sUBpiclon,~uB express- irbf the Somerset operator that the Betaler responsible for the issoance r the orders, "were blending business patriotism very beamrfuliy, or · TMT ftoreement "PaironlM thoM who aflrertlse. ItTNTTED BRETHEEN CHURCH, J Jfc Showers, pastor Sunday school at A. M., preaching at 11 A. M. lbr Qinstlan Endeavor at 230 P L: Senior Chnstian Eadeavor at SO P iT, preaching at 7 30 P M CBTKCH OP TH.f. BRETHREN awford avenue. West Side. Sunday £««Eobl at 9 45 A. « pleaching at 11 M. by pastor Subject, The Great ition ' Young People s meeting at P M , subject, 'Discouragers rg* at 730, subject "An Un- r*r»ble Question" Come and with us and enjoy the con- lonal singing. MBTHOIUST EPISCOPAL , "C LrC. Richardson pastor f_Day in the Sunda* school at The adult depactment will in tb* ohvrch. andliorium. Dr. -Wlecttall. the eranieliit. will speak. The primary department will assemble IK the Sunday school room and the pastor will apeak. Our aim for tomorrow li 800 present Dirlne worship at 11 A. M. Sermon by Bev Daniel ·WeatfalL Junior League at 3 P. M. will b* addressed by Bev Richardson and other*. Epworth League at 6.30 F M. will be addressed by Xr Wettfall B»ant«Uitlc s«r- ·nce at 7 JO P. M. Dr. w^atiaB will preach Evangelistic serrices every evening for two weeks (except Saturday), Dr Wjeetfall win preach every evening. TRINITT LUTHERAN CHURCH, Rev Ellis B Bnrges*, pastor. The Bible school will met meet promptly at 10 A. M. At 11 X M. the pastor will preach a special sermon to the newly confirmed, and present certificates to all who were baptized or confirmed during the Easter season The Luther League will meet at 6 45 P M The usual divine service will be held at 7 30 F M. Strangers are welcome THE UNITED PRESBYTERIAN church South Pittsburg street and Morton avenue, "William J Everhart, minister Morning worship at 11 o'clock Sermon topic, "Friends to Jesus Christ." Evening worship at 7 45 o'clock. Sermon topic, "A Christian Inside and Out' Sabbath school al 9 45 A. M. Juniors at 3 P M Intermediate Y P C T J a t S P M . Senior T P C. U at 6 45 P M. THE UTRST PRESBYTERIAN church, J L. Proudfit pastor Sabbath school at 9 45 Morning service at 11, sutbject of sermon, "The Church m Perilous Times." BvenJag service at 7JO, subject, "Hyphenated Citizens" Christian Endeavor at 630 Wednesday evening prayer meeting at 745.* FIRST BArnrfT* CHURCH, SOUTH Pittsborg street, WlRmr 'Nelson paa- tor Sunday school at 9 45 A. M Pub- He worship at 11 A. M and 7.30 P M Sermon by the pastor Morning topic "Faith in Troublous Times " Evening topic; "Spiritual Freedom ' KB6T METHODIST PROTESTANT chorea, "West Apple street, John H Lambertaon, minister Class meeting at 9 A. M. Sabbath school at 945 A V Easter ecrerctaes by the Stbbath school which was postponed one week because of evangelistic services, will be rendered Sabbaih morning at 11 The offering will go to the Home Mission Board Christian Endeavor at 6 45 P M. In the evening the pastor will preach an evangelistic sermon followed by altar services THE COVENANTER CHURCH S B Houston, pastor Sabbath school at 10 o clock. Moraine preaching service to Sabbath, school at 11, topic of discourse, "Christ, Our Example." Evening service at 730, topic, "A Spiritual Up-Laft" C T P U at 6 45 Prayer' meeting "Wednesday evening at 7.30 THTNITY REFORMED CHURCH, corner South. Pittobnrg and Green streets Sunday school at 945 The last two lesson* for March will be studied after which the annual election of officers will be held Preaching at 11 o'clock by Rev Alpha K Kline of Jeannette. In the evening at 7 30 the Sunday school will rendei its Easter service which was post poned from last Sunday Rev Klii* will deliver an add! ess. CHRISTIAN CHURCH, GEORO1 "Walker Buekner, minister BibK school and Christian Endeavor A. usnal Morning subject, "The Minis tnr of Early Christian Recollections, Evening subject 'Obedience as a Go pel Test' The annual meeting lor th election of officers will follow th- morning service WFAR Horocr ' s g f? CA1V Qottiag Dooeooooaooocooooosooooooo **1? "Do your market! no ' n Travel for One-Quarter the Cort of , Railroad Fare * SO to 75 mile* per gallon of gasoline 800 to 1500 nnles par gallon of cylinder ail 5,000 to 8,000 mile* per «d of tins The Hariey-Dandscn is a 'real economy fn many ways It saves innumerable carfares -- makes marketing a pleasure -- takes you on visits to distant friends -- all for a cost so trifling that it is truly surprising. The Harley-Davidson ·'For 76 Year* the Matter Moan?' driven with a sidecar, will transport two people for less than }4- the cost of railroad fare o Take the wife m the sidecar and slip awaj tc- the country An hour a refreshing nde and you are far away irom the realm ot city prices. You stop for a minute ·with Fanner Brown and purchase a fowl'for two-thirds ·what it would cost at your market Anolber mfle, a basket of eggs is added, and you are dollars ahead A third halt while you bargain for a load of potatoes to be delivered next week -- at half the usual price Come m and let as show yoa how the Harley-Davidson will pay for itself No obligation. Just come m and hear the Mory, Federal Garage Co. 155. E. Crawford Avc, Connellsvllk, Pa. you *een the Barley-Davidson Bicycle? Purposeful Formula Senwa's formula li not "jnit a little of this and a little of that" It was devised with a ieflnrte object In view The object was to produce a tooth pante possessing medtelna! aa well as cleansing properties--a real cleanser that could be depended upon to remove tartar and keep mouth and gum» healthy. The iaeol donned, our laboratories set about to determine the proper combination to produce it Senreco Is the result It bas been tried tested and pronounced good by hundreds of the profession. Try a tube A single tube »U1 prove every claim Will show why thousands today nse and demand Sea reco--and are satisfied with nothing loss. All druggists and toilet counters Large ? oz. tube--2£c. SENRECO--Cincinnati r We re AI ways MOVING WEST PENN ^V R A P I D T R A N S F E R -- IOCAL AST) LOHG DISTANCE MOTISGS. Bell 842. Kesldcnce 101 Hsas Are* Trl-SUte 573. COMfEIXSTEOLE, PA. WhyWomenSuffer B ECAUSE you or* a women th*r* i* DO twea to safer pain and aonoyanc* wtuch in- Wftr* with work, comfort and pfemnn. WbanyoaBufcragain toy Piao'i T*Met»-- a valuable, bamting local application with ·ttrincacit and tome *ff*cta. Th» name Pi*o established over 50 yMia guarantees fiair treatment. Money refunded if not satisfied. tf yoa would be nd of Baek- acbefi,Heftdaches, Nervouaneas, "Weariness aa symptoms of the condition--a trial will convince^ R ISO'S 'ABLETS Stop/* Mmiictf Free -adrfrwe posfcartf THE P1SO COMPANY 200 Wie Bids Warren. P»- --THE-- EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME Strictly Fresh Clean and Pure. A.SK FOB OUR SPECIAL, CLUB BREAFAST AND S1JNDAY DINNER, Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. One Year a The first anniversary of our entry . into the World War should, be fittingly recognized and honored by an unsurpassed display of patriotism and loyalty. April 6,1918--Anniversary Day The National Council of Defense has sent broadcast a request that every Am- encan tome display an American flag on this daj The Flag Store of Conneilsvllie Every home and public building should display the United State Flag If you need new Flags for the occasion this store can supply jou with the satisfactory size and quality There 11 be many occasions for displajing Flags this Sumraei Have yours readv FLAGS! --3x5 ft. Past rolcr Flags with printed stars and stripes,--$1.85 cacli --Fas' Color Flags uith printed stars sewed stripes double seams cam as beading and grammets--lxfi ft. at #WW; 5s£ ft. at $0.00; 6x10 IT. at SSOfl --Past Color Flag, with sewed stars and stripes double stltcbed spans canvas hewing and grommets--5^8 H. nt S7JW; 6i9 ft. at JS.OO and $S. 0; 6x12 ft at $10 --Eitandard all wool Bunting Flags irith sewed stars and Etripes doub'a stiiched seams canvas beading and grommets--6xS it. at $15; 6r9 rt. at SIS; fi*10 ft. at S20- 6\12 ft at S30: 9ili ft. at $35. --3x5 ft Cotton Flags on Staff,--at $1J0 each. --32x48 Inch Silk Dags on staffs,--at S.'WK) each. --Sma'ler Silt Flags--American-French, British Belgium-- at SOe and 0e eadi. --Small Cotton Flags on staffs --at lOc, 20c, 50c eaclu --Union Wool Bunting sewed stars and stripes--5iS ft at «S-00; 6x9 ft at $11). HI TV A I IRETDTV D U I A LltJllKl I Well Dressed Amqng the First spond to a Good Cause Leaders in every movement whether it be the defense of the \ation s honor or the development of its industries and commerce realize what good clothes can do They knou how a good appearance males their own characteristics the more noticeable Spring Suits $15 to $45 Topcoats $20 to $35 Stjles and fabrics that will appeal instantly and forcibly to the best dressed men of this community The handsomest garments made m America today and tailored to hold their shape and appearance The price range is % erj wide, with a liberal showing of latest models at every price Come see \* hj our Clothing Department is known as stvle headquarters in Connellsville for men and \oung men Now and Then Boys Will Need --Boys' PUv Suits Slip-Overs, Overalls, Rompers and one- piece Suits, 6c to yi.0. --Dress and School Suits all neat st\les and colors -- $4.00 to SIS. --Extia Pants $1.00 to $2.50. --Wash Suits various styles and colors in sizes 2 to 10 jears, $1.00 to SG.50. --Straw Hats including Panamas, 75c to $3.50. 24 Men's Sweater Coats Regular $10 Values $7.50 An extra special lot of these good Sweaters at an actual saving of $2 50 on every purchase Thev come in a light "weight heather mixture made up 111 V-neck coat style Excellent for wearing under coat All sizes Men's Working Clothes --Serviceable, good qualih \\orkmg Pants m khaki and other materials, $1.50 to $3-00. --Full Cre-w Overalls, standard denim union made, best m Connellsville at $2.00 the garment. Street, Afternoon and Sport DRESSES Charming Models for Women and Misses $14.95, $19.75, $25, $29.75, $35 to $49.75 OuivDress Department has been busily preparing foi the aftor- Easter call for dresses and has assemb^d a collection so posmvelj charming that we hardly know how to tell about it Of everj-day Silk Diesses there are aplenU, taffetas and crepes de chme with graceful georgette sleeves--many colors represented Stieet Dresses are often of Serge used alone or in delightful combinations with silk Atternooii Di esses are sometimes of Taffetas or Poulards and sometimes of Georgette Ciepe and beads Betty Wales Dresses at $19.75 to $35 A representative showing of these exceedingly popular Dresses representing a satisfactory range of the row season s materials, stjlcs a r d colors An inspection will prove very interesting and does not obligate j ou in the leasi Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. r · PATBOMZE MESCHA^S^HO ADVERTISE O Tt.K ClU. 'UER-- \ «l" DO YOU NEED JOB PRINTING ? We do all kinds of Job Printing at our office from the visiting card to the finest commercial work. Try our printing. THE COURIER COMPANY, 137^ W. Main St., Connellsville, Pa.

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