The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 25, 1964 · Page 35
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 35

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1964
Page 35
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TUESDAY. AUOUST 25. 1M4 Immediate DELIVERY ON AUSTIN S50 Coiche 1100 Sedans . A40 Station Wagons . Coopers A 60 Sedan. MGB Sport Can Austin Healey Sprites Austin Healey 6 Cylinder ;. Mark II Fine selection af Colon. Options. CANADA MOTOR SALES (Ottawa) Ltd. ' PAUL CARDINAL Limited , 1259 Wellington St. 728-1836 Austin-Rambler Dealers DON'T DEAL HJNJIL YOU SEE PARKWAY 1962 CHEVROLET Impala 4-door hardtop, 6 cylinder, power steering, low maer $2295 1962 FORD Fairlane 500 4 door, . automatic tur- . HwS, $1895 1961 VALIANT V200. uto matic. radio, metallic green, terlor , matching in- ;$1495 1961 FORD 2-door cylin-" der. medium green and ' ivory. Matching in- rior " $1295 MANY MORE TOP QUALITY BUYS ON DISPLAY. PARKWAY -.The Bright Spot" 1047 RICHMOND ROAD 729-8121 729-5121 1 T fSomrnmSSTT virrKMIrua I SPORTS CARS MM AUSTIN HEALEY 3 000, . overdrive, t07Qi .us' ' ovordiive $2595 "- ,--,"$ 1945 tm $1995 - $1695 ,TJStn::...$1495 M-TO- $.1095 CARLING MOTORS MS Carlinf Ava." ; 236-7193 AUTHORIZED VOLVO. KUOEOT, MERCEDES-BENS AND TRIUMPH DEALER ' . fCemt. trata Preceding Colamal THucKnmmmif m , . r- . . I r -1 , ., 1SSS TAlrXHALL DELUXE. NO l." : rust, radio, heater, snow lira. V " ' 4M- Clu-T4. 1 ISM 8IMCA SEDAN, GOOD CON-u ditfaxa, $1$ Rlodell Avenue after ISM PONTIAC LAVRENTtANl . - edan, radio, heater, new paint. eaa-iaaa. evening. . 19M FORD. V-4. AUTOMATIC oio. Tew-eeea. ISM VOLKSWAGEN, RADIO, ,..., good aondltlon. 73-7M$. . IPM CHEVROLET BISCAYNE sedan, standard 0, radio, food condition. Must Mil thai week Approximately 407$ or bed offer. 731-4030. , le OLDBMOBILR. POWER ataertng. power brskea. Mr. Hop- pta, T3S-3171. 1$M RENAULT. GOOD CONDI-tten. secrtflca, $17$ ? baa , offer. T40-SS1. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 1 101 autos mm J I (Cool tram Preceding Catan-I SOI AUTOS FOt UI Journal Cross-Word Puzzle leant' treat Preosdia Column i 1M FORD VI. AUTOMATIC rsdio. vsry good condition, leeving country. Boat otter, ra-7474. 19SS CHEVROLET BISCAYNB. $ door s cylinder, eUndard trans mission excellent throughout Full prlct 5W 334-3M3. 101 CHEVROLET. GOOD CONDI- llon. 23371 ) 1959 PONTIAC DELUXE 4,DOOR. excellent Dmr ana mam. radio, very clean, Private, auit aell Immediately. Aaxin a Aak lor Allen. 777 W0. 1SSS VAUXH ALL. SMO OK BEST oiler. PA1-VSU. :s FORD FA1BLANR 3-ooor hardtop, equipped 1477 SOS, 734- 1SSS DODGE. EXCELLENT CON' dltion. 733-4t. WIS BU1CK. GOOD RUNNING condition, new urn. radio. 744- . WW 1M BUICK SPECIAL, EXCEL- lent condition. $7M. 733-936 KM METEOR 3-DOOR HARDTOP. V-S. automatic, real nka condition. SSU. General Utility Sales. 3S7 Richmond Road, limn 1951 roRD V-S. tire, cnslnc $310. 133-137. RADIO. SNOW good condition 1S5S WHITE OLDS $$. PERFECT condition, low ml leaf, power equipped, not lea tha $7M 73-77. iaU RAMBLER SUPER. 4-DOOR. ley back eeate. food motor. 733- S37S. ISM VOLKSWAGEN DELUXE annnuttoa radio, recently over hauled Irani end. rebuilt trans-Han no and roar and, new muf-Rer. kw Una. Asking $43$, $3$- 3093. SIS DOWN. A WEEK 147' DODGE SEDAN, AUTO MA tie. very clean and licence, balance owing. PAS-SS1S 1SBS rORO PAIRLANE STAN dard ft. good condition, cheap Ta7ias. 1961 OLDSMOB1LE SUPER power ateorux and brakes, ex cellent . eorwition. price JS7 RAMBLER CLASSIC VERY good. asoo. 7ee-4e. evewinsa. 1SST VOLKSWAGEN, EXCELLENT tor atudervu nt or oaet enr 733-0310. - 157 METEOR. AUTOMATIC. RE conoilionea motor neeaa licence plate and battery. Good lor aecond car. Beat offer will lake. 134-3843. 1S3T DODGE CUSTOM' ROYAU l-donr hard too. automauc. i condition. ' $100. or bast oiler CES-SUS. 1S5 DODGE STATION WAGON good runner, rousn ooay, snow tire Included. S3S-330 ISM VOLKSWAGEN, GOOD CON. Phone, 733' anion, soon urea 7SS7. ISM PLYMOUTH SEDAN, GOOD running oonaiuon. izo-iaj. oea oiier. taM PONTIAC. S CYLINDER. automatic, immaculate rocwuioa throuahout. Best oner. Appt 43S McArthur. . tasa PONTIAC SEDAN. RADIO, excellent oonaiuon, koo. iw SS41. 1SSS RAMBLER, RADIO. HEW tiros, battery, uw owner. -- S30S. ' . S53 FORD CU8TOMUNB. IN nai reoalr. OK as runabout, $300 or best ofler. 733-S01S, altar S. IMS rttevitOLET HARDTOP. door, radio, gooa eonoiuon. w 1931 CHEVROLET. GOOD CONDI' uon, best oner, umbo ism rmvsOLtT. VERY GOO condition, many oxu-oa. aawe Slav, sas isao. 1SSI MERCURY best offer, ve PR7-S47S. CONVERTIBLE. ISM CHEVROLET. RUNNING OB gj. rjo Jiv.- - AJtCBlS MeOONALD SM Laarter Avoana W. HMIB '1S-1U imj f-MrvafW.rr cfiNVERTIBLB; 19A4 Volkswagen: lo tnunoer- btrd convertttuei ioa uiosnw suia atarSr. S-aoor hardtop; leas atons ranvartrbl: 1M3 Falcon convcrtiMei 1M3 Chev role suoer soort eoovorllbl IMS Chevrolet Impel. S-door hardtop: 1SS3 Sunbeam Alpine convertible'. 1M1 Ford convertible: iseo Falcon automatic; IBM Chev. Bel-Air 4 -door hardtop: IPM Plymouth coach; ISM Butch 4-ooor hardtop: 1(37 Meteor LOW OR NO DOWN PAYMENT. CENTURY MOTORS - ' 44 Oladsteae at Kea $33-4)44 $33111$ NO DOWN PAYMENT. iai Cadillac rmTso Beery pocsrbla extra, 1 owa- mr ftS TBS. JSSI OLDSMOBIXB hardtop. . lully poerered. at.. IMl PONTIAC HARDTOP. AUTO- - maUe and radio. Uk as at . - 1M1 CHEVROLET, RADIO, SPOT. 1SSI COMET DELUXE. AUTOMA-tlc. perfect condition $1.45. maptt nuhs Tty tnuoo rsun ; WHOLESALE -TO THE PUBLIC , FULL 30-DAY WRITTEN GUARANTEE WE GIVE GOLD BOND STAMl'S i RICHARD'; v AUTO SALES . 452 Rideau St 232-5793 GUARANTEED USED CARS fik Over Paymenu 6 , FINANCE PLAN AVAILABLE '62 Chevrolet sedan . )l,495 61 Envoy sedan .... 1695 60 Pontlac. aut. ... $1,093 '59 Pontlac sedan . $995 '59 Chevrolet wagon . $995 59 Olds 2-door ht .. $1195 '58 Buick convertible . 1895 '58 Zephyr sedan ..... $695 57 Cadillac 4door ht ' $895 57 Chevrolet 4-door ht $595 Many Mora to Choose From M Low as $1$ Down. LABELLE V. 'AUTOMOBILES Home at Guaraateed Car 394 RIDEAU ST. (at FrieD .7 y ,235184 i. - ECONOMY CAB 1MI AUSTIN' SflO. W.OOS MILES. Mu t bo mm: rnwu. Tao-jsa ISM CHEVROLET. S CYLINDER. automatic nolo, pertect condi tion. Hun no aaan. a a r uico. SS7J $3-a4,U$. IMPERIAL ll 4-DOOII HARDTOP. fllltV equlppso. air wnue. s.uuu ori ainal nulea aecond car . will finance self; beat oltce: private. 733-4143 lor appointment SACRIFICE AT M LEAVING CITY. MUST SELL I93 vauxnall in top condition, neat oiler lakee car 33-03$. " Ml rOU CONVERTIBLE rVLLY EQUIPPED. PERFECT condition. $3,330 73S-35M nil 1. S2S-33S3. eveningi S02 lUTOS WiKTtD ALL WAKES OP LATE MODEL used cars wanted Pay caah trade up or down century Motors, 44B Gladstone at Kent 3J3-1773 HAVE 'M - 'S7 . M - 'it CHEV. roleta. Pontiaea. rords. voixs-wsgens. Consul Would Uk to exchsnse lor late model cars and pay caah lor difference, Maurice Motors. 31 Rldeau Si 334-eSZS. . IMMEDIATE CASK FOB ANY make or model la perfect eoodi tloa. 131-04 s LET ME SELL YOUR CAR FOR you. I have the time, place, enarlence and can arranae financial transaction. Calf Jos Marquis 233-7M4. NEED CASH! HIGH PAYMENTS? Archie McDonald will buy your car tor top cash price or trade down, lor chesoer car and caah and part credit on car a later data. Archie McDonald. 30 Uirrter West. 335-S733. PRIVATELY OWNED CARS. PER- feet condition, taen. 73B-31O0. SS4-S103. PRIVATELY OWNED AUTO- mobiie in perfect condition, fay caan. s-AV-aaoo. WE BUY CLEAN CHEVROLETS and Ponllacs. pay top cash prices or trade down at Dominion Automohtles 1S44 Ca-Ung Ave nue. 7-UOT. WE BUY LATE MODEL CM AND rord products. 73S-atM. WILL SELL VOUR CAR ON CON, slgnment lor top price. 73S-M73. PALMER'S AUTO WRECKERS CARS AND TRUCKS WANTED lor wrecking. S33-3013. Albion HOSd. - S03 TBUCKS AND CHEVROLET HALF-TON PICK-UP. mechanically sound, cheap. rAS- aa. IHC IMO GALLON TANKER, ME enantcaiiy a-i. licenced until January. $3,000. S3S-M1I or 723- 3973, 34a Ktcnmona Rosa. NEW AND USED SCHOOL BUSES.1 Largo stock on hand. Fao-i lory distributors lor Bluebird Bus Co- Brentford. Ont. Be before you buy. Shepherd Mo tors: Alexandria. rbon T7. NEW AND USED SCHOOL BUSES Elliott Motors (Bellavlllel Ltd Belleville Ont. Phone WOS-4M4. TRUCKS. PICK-UPS. ALL KINDS and makes, call Ken a a y mour Motor Bala. KsmptvUle, 33M. USED SCHOOL BUSES JUST RE- ceived laaa one, tl uaastnier: 1&1 CMC, Se-oaa-enger. Both Ilk new. 31,000 actual mileage. Shphrd Motor. Alexan dria, raon 77. ISM DODGE i-TON PANEL completely reconditioned, new . paint, beat offer. Apply 43$ Mo-Arthur. - KEN SEYMOUR MOTORS KEMPTVILLE, ONTARIO ' 258-2358 258-3020 ' , SPECIAL ON DEMONSTRATORS ISM OLDSMOBILC $$ 4-door . hardtop, power brake. . power steerini. ' whlte-wslls. tinted glsss. HI-FI ' radio and many other ex trss. 7.00 mils. ' Ust ; SPECIAL $3895 1M4 INTERNATIONAL It-ton - pickup, VS. custom radio, U- extras, soo miles. List MJM. tOAO SPECIAL " ipv-TJ 1PM METEOR Custom aedan. steering, power radio. V. excel brakaa. (17Q-: condition f " 1M3 FORD F-700, complete with ' 7x11 Brentford dump imlt, now truck 'condition List new .'-VK:,0-$4995Ji 183 FORD 'i-toa $ eylmder pickup, long box. 31 000 rrcV $1495 ISM INTERNATIONAL It -ton . pickup, 11400 mile. Uk " $1395 ISM INTERNATIONAL ' cab . and chamra. 17" WB, $M . angina, IS.0M pound rear . : axis, good e.OOxM lire, eamplauiy , (1 JQC reconditioned : P ' ISM MERCURY $$-SM, 1M- " , $395 ISM DODGE 3-toa cab and r cnawls. V$ angina. $-peed InnsmsMlon. good tr., : $895 ISM FORD P-7M,wlth 7x11 T " $795 SERVICE STATION SPECIAL WILLYS Jeep, complete with cab and plow, excel- t-TQC. ' lent condition 1 ! ' 7 '; Eastern Ontario' Largest International Dealer. 104 6J.MGB OARAGE WANTED. PROM BEfV tember a vicinnv u vannor ana Gloucester. CES-SSS). eventoas. SOS MOIORCTCIB WANTED. HONDA OR IM Cash. Call anytime STI S AND CO. WE SELL AND SERVICE H6n-da BSA. and Harley-rMeideon : motorcycle: also Vsp end N8U soooiers 30$ snd $0$ Baaa Street SM-Mll. , . , 901 UGU TENDERS Th Cauioll School Board af Raplde-Deecheoes will receive sealed tender marked --Tenders lor Cleaning of School'' at th affle at the Socrctai eeaurar. Vanler Avenue, until IN p September 1st, IS04. Specification, ettabluhod by th School Board will be avail able at the Becrelary't olllc. The School Board does not bind tteelf to aoeopt the lowest a any lenders reoMved. . t. DANIS. 4 r.- - ACROSS 1 Frifg e spoote. i Mouuia f llassrrk Irgrad. ' Yeuag do, ,, 1 Paw's rrm. IS ray woes! 1 Roeawi Ut . 17 Ofierr i aula, 19 ( rcalure, eftea "poor." 30 Karrr aftrniooB, 21 Merchaadiie: Abbr. S Sosinoleat sUU. 23 Mrlaacsolr. 25 Rodia raitrpiece. " 2d Skipi'aca. 28 Huntiaa trip. 29 Dkkaa? kooki 1 word. SI Sargesat: AUf. M Muaicipalirf. S3 Rkoa UibuUrv. S6 bourot ol energy. 37 Chinas oHploatil. M Ally. 42 BarbKo. 43 Climbing palm. 44 America tradition. 47 One of the 41 tSuau ckara-ter. 4$ WwaaeWk item. SO Suiiaa: Abbr. S3 F sneer dictator. 34 Feast efkbfair4 Fearasry 2. 56 Motion cae. 57 Rivar el Normaadr. &S 100.000 rupees. , S9 fiVrnhardl. 40 Old tisM carl. 61 PaicUs rrgiox. DOWN I Tsbscc kiln. -t AtUacled. S L'adar a suuasd aaai. 4 Hide kau. 5 Opcs-air. ' Spurt el activity . 7 Distressed, t One r another. Loyal sobioet, 10 U. N. ruder: 2 words. II Dress wilt pec ial car. - 12 a. 13 German rilemaa. 18 Overplay a role: " J" 22 ;? T :" T 7" " " 2 u "T 30 "" ST" ST M T "" "" 36 . "" 37 "3S 3 T tO l """" " 7 aavaWawaaw - rawj-J - 44 45 46 T 47 "" 7 T " "" 49 "T "T " " " 3 51 SI "" " " "" s7" T" 5P "" T" Solution of this pume wtll 901 UGil COUNTY OF CARLETON TENDERS HOT MIX PAVING rnder. plainly marked as to aontont will be received by Uw undersigned until 10.00 ajn . EDST. Tbarsday. September X 1M4. for the nsyina ol County Road No. IS from Highway No. IS (North Gower) to County Rood No. 11 IKsrsl a distance of approximately 0 mile. Estimated ouanUty S.000 ton HI. g In accordance with DHO aoecirtraUons Soeclllcatlona and tender forma may b obutned at the office of the undersigned. Lowest or any tender not nac eerily (cesped a T. WETHERALL, P.Eruj. county Engineer. Court Houae, Ottawa 3. Ontario THE ST. LAWRENCE V ADIRONDACK RAILWAY COMPANY S. Ottawa, Ontario, -' Angust 18th, 1984. NfTTrCR IS tTEREBV GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the aharehold.ra at The St Lawrene and Adirondack Railway Company will be held at the UmmA rwfieo of the Comoanv. tat the Cltx of Ottawa. Province of Ontario, oa the third Tuesday of September. 1M4 I being Uv 18th day of that montal. at 1 JO o'clock In the afternoon, for the purpose rJ alaetlna e new Board oa uirec- tor for th enautng year and for the tranaaotlen of such other busl- nee aa may be lawfully rougnt bet ore tn meeting. R W. CARROLL. TOWNSHIP OF ? GOTJLBOURN TENDER FOR BRIDGE Sealed tenders, plainly marked -Tender for King's creaa nogs, Townahln at Goul bourn." will b received by th undersigned unUI 4 paw. (EDST) Sep torn oer a. sews. The work - Include excevalion tor and oooatructlon of concrete right n-ame onoa with wtngwalla and steel brtag rail. Th alt Is sscakMI between lots I end . Coocaaalea a. Ooul- boura Townaklp. plan, aontraet docummto and form of tender may be obtained from the office of . .. M. M. DILLON LTD.. ' Consulting SSI Bank Street. ' Ottawa. . unen Use dcooeti af a Certified cheoue for $3$. mad payable so the Township at ooulboum. Do-peett cheques will be rafundabla to bone fid bidders Bpn the return of contract A aertlllad cheoue for ten cent 1) of th total tender will be required to be submitted with assr. Tn lowosi. wr any will aot neceeaarily be ORVUXI E. DO WD ALL, Clark Treasurer. . Township af Ooul bourn, P O Box 1M. . Btlttsvllle. Onb -lOfflc at Stanley Comers. Ont.l IMPORTANT ESTATE AUCTION AMBASSADOR BALL. Ml BICBMOND BOAB. WSSTBOSO THURSDAY. AUGUST lit. MABTINsJ AT 1 A.M. , This will be, Ml worthwhile attending. The quality and condition of th furnishings sr really excellent, and w Invite your inspection on WEDNESDAY, AUG. 16th. FROM NOON TO P.M. v ... . v Hereunder are eome of the srtlclee - A klagnlflcent California , Redwood) Drawing Room Table. Lady's and Gentleman's Easy Chairs. Sets of Victorian Occasional Chairs. Walnut Davoa port Desk. Spoon Beck Easy Chair, trench Mareuetrte Plant . Stand Tables, wslnut Display Cabinet, Mahogany Inlaid Win Chair, Circular Maftogeny tilt Top Table. Pair af Sharatoa Man, Matching Comer Cablnela. SmaU Mahogany Sideboard. Kidney Shaped Desk. Bet ol Four Old Canadian Cane Seated Chairs, Inlaid Runs wood Oca. Tablet Maretuetrt Commode, Pr. of Mahogany Highboys. Music Canterbury. Sutherland Drop-Leal Table, Mah. Bervlfuj Table. Pr. of Single Beds. Mah. Desk Pitted Pigeon Holes. PmeOld Brsaa Fir Dog and Irons. Spinet Deek. Small Bheeatnrt Three-Tier Tsbts. Antique Bofaa. Ormolu nd Sevres Comport. Crown Derby. Baxter Prlnta, Ivory Miniature, oils and Water Colors. Print, Oriental . twiners ana Man, uryssai. 232-2394 CsUoa, 22 Tboraaai Abbr. 24 Roraaa bistorua. 2o Pselic aroaoaa. 14 Spriag brew. 27 Hodgepodge 2B Sooty4wowa sir. 30 Roadside plaai. 31 Sr 10 Down. S2 lasporuat Swediab clnaL ' 3S Agcau ol a sort. 3b Academic subject. 31 City of aacieat 'Oreece. 39 Misneaota crop. 40 City oa Ik Use. 41 Artist's purckae. 42 Suckiag ash. 44 lann. Ma gem.' 4S Ireland prrvoaiaed. 46 Men dsaol 47 Demea i Arabia lore, 49 Meesare, 32 43 iachea, 51 Sciac &2 North CanaUaa 54 Inilmm!. 55 Cam uuataL be published toruorrow. Novd Scotia Neglected -Eaton TRURO (CPy-Nova Scotia bora rndua trial 1st Cyrus Eaton says Ottawa Is engaged in "fu tile sxploits abroad" while ne- glecting one of Ha own prov IncM. . . .- ' In a weekend interview her before departing for hi home ia Cleveland, be ssid "our etates ttien la Ottawa art hot and bothered over th people In The Congo, Southeast Asia. ' sad other section of the world. I wish some of IhcM statesmen might become more Interested in Nova Scotia. 'W send troop and spend countless millions on Deo Quix ote adventures la ether tries, whila la Nova Scotia, Canada's oldest and moat beautiful province, there is unemploy ment . . . and a lower standard of living than ought to exist.' MCWtl TO fKY10S Wmi tomliiE R Ml A 1 G E 0 F flalrfl is ! l!v !j riii-inrii 901 UGil TENDERS Sealed sanrlere will b received by lb undersigned until $ o'clock p.tok, Thursday. September $. 1S4, for the conetruction of a fotrr claaarrinm and general ssrssit room addition to R.CSJ. No. s. Nepean. Cryatal Bases. Ontario. . r..,M,l CflMtrvM-Sor only my obtain plana and epecMlcat I e a s rrom Roger Thlbeult. Architect, $03 Kendall Avenue. Eastvtew. Ontario, upon deposit of SIMM to b nsmburnsd wtien docu-r. ants are returned to good eondttloa within an week following closing data of tenders AU sub-eon tractors msvat ,ntr eonv af htr tonaer at . r e - r tocta office wot later than o'clock aa, September 3. ISM. Leer or any tender aot asyota aarily accepveo 1 laaavalened. ROGER THIBAULT. Architect, 303 rtenosil airit , BA8TVIEW, Ontario. as. w. s. AactM WALBSB. 5 IT S ejalG KOJl T NT6" fTl ED ON STsTjIrta Zcll Mt S What Is Capital Punishment? Win the lS-volume Britannlca Junior Mncvclopedia lor school and home. Send your questions, name, age, addrcts to "Tell He Why" care of The Ottawa Journal. In case ol duplicate queitiotu. the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Karine Nesting, U, Ueriden. Conn. Capital punishment is the in tlicting, of the death Penalty i iui a uimt. wnerc capital p - in - ishment exists. It is carried out by the government in accord-! ance with us laws regarding I crime. -' "" ! It it of course possible to say that the death penally is the most effective form of punish ment since It makes sure; that the offender will never com mit another crime. It is also considered to be a way of preventing crime, sine the threat capital punishment may frighten people who would other-win do wrong. But Were are a great many people who believe that capital punishment is. wrong. They say man has no right to take an other person's life, and they claim that it doesn't even help prevent crime. Such people be lieve . that capital punishment will eventually disappear in ad civiliMd lands. In ancient times, when peo ple had aot ret learned how to behave in a disciplined way tn assise SERYU SAYS .-----.----.-i---.---..----. BEAUPRE AUTOMOTIVE ERV. Ire ua. 33S-SM4. Acrortej TRANSISTOR IONTTIOW KJTS Car atanoticB asorors Specialists l. $3S-SM$. MtCHELIN X TIRES, MG MD! gets, aprltaa, S3) TO web. Maao Uck Moeors (Sports Car Pclal- asUI. SSe-SMS. . ; PABTS ANB SERVICE . , AB Sastlsh can aetbai Meaara Lid. I17-M10 AUTHORtEED SALES AND SERV-. k. Morris. MG. RUay and Wot- eeley can. lllntCTtl ranirr tan A L I O N M I NT. . brake speciellsts. Koffmaa Brake and Alignment, 33S auras aawara ATenu. vai-wia Radiator Service nrt TvjrrrNG. pan rnaiea, tree cn ecxing o m m hlcle. Hy a Radiator Co.. Clean ing, rausiia. niia-, wes lington. PAS-SSM Upholstery ItllllSO TRUCK SEAT cuanHMsa. t;omoer nuio iop up- Boisierwra, sag teueen- t.aa-isa. ALL' CBMENT WORK DONE BY Terry conuactor. guaranseeo a to $ year. Always chock with a rttered contractor. Pro estimates. $4 sxoralhe ta-pay. $39- $40$. .... PATIOS. WALKS. curTmauarws CEMENT WALKS. STEPS patios d stucco, free aatt- $il V. p. ttyST, AND LAWrTMOW- ira. general repair, las off. 733-440. II' RECREATION ROOMS. REPAIRS, garage, free estimates. A. Bruce Beneoa Lamtted. Rgi-niTg . " i 1 '. C. A. JOBANNSBN ' aad Seeu Ltd. 113-44 J V E R A N DAHS. ALTERATION, tore front Mid addition. pair, recreation room, roof trig and rnmgtss. To nam It. whatever It I and we'll do It. Juet dial th BIG "J" and we'll aa a "AMI:. TRUCKERS ; ' Plaas register for hire, stating name, type, year, capacity, aad rental rates of bucks. Thorna$ 6. Fuller Ltd. 199 RICHMOND ROAD r ' '729-3121 . V ) i f; EAVl TTtOUOHtNO, REASON-able price. Free eettmetr. J. D. fjervui Plumbing snd Maattn. saai ana .sj. A V B STROUOHINO SUPPLIED and sneUlled soldering Jomts. sieranftsoa worxma Anyunss- ROAM RUBBER AND POLrPOAM fabricating Seattle room Rub its $fm$U ber. $3$ Roosavalt. PA rM-tolw H avaa nrahahlv tn h tjxnected that rani la I mini in-' iment ejii.'led. In Egypt and Babylonia, death might be 'he penalty lor any actioo that the ruler didn't like. The ancient Hebrews ibowed advance in humanity by limiting the crimes punishable by death to murder, blasphemy. Sabbath breaking, snd various social crimes. Both the Greeks and the Ro mans had well organized criminal laws which inflicted the death penalty lor crimes against the slate. In Athens, some of those condemned to death, among them Socrates, were forced to drink a poison made from hemlock. In Rome. criminals who were not citiiens were executed by crucifixion During the Middle Ages the death penalty was -Inflicted for even minor offences, such as stealing a sheep or cutting down someone else's tree. It wasn't until, early la the 19th century that civilization had advanced to the point wher capital pun- f iahment was linjited to raa)or crimes ol murder said high trea- a a :C mt Column "rt,in f rPutbl. qualified buslnttm 1 who art ready to $tm you. DWtdelay call today. I ;l.'4'Hl' CAPES, JACKET. $3$ tn. RB-Csraaah, $34- pairs. 1133 bit. W McEVOT BBOTflKBS , $3$ Kern Street . . titSllt ESTABLISHED 103$. . PABKINO r IP TO I YEARS TO PAY foe th beet In warm air heating, call Hubert Stove and Furnace 1.U1-. 1U-47B. j5l tii-iii TOWER PRODUCTIOHS, $7$ Spark Street. 1M-3L Closed Mturaay lor euly aad August. GENERAL BEPAIBS. POtlNDA- tiona. painting, axcavat l a g. -ajrnem wora. tra T4S-374T. CUPBOARDS, PLAYROOMS, Du plex, steps, verandahs, free eetl mala, knmditely. Parent. T7. ie. - . . DISCARDED FURNITURE, CLEAN up riuss. removal te city dump. . Moderate rats. SJU- ais. , L W - MANDEBLEY SOB TOP QUALITY MERION BLUB graaa aaa mtxM oiua grass, a Field sod. iac per yard. -ear lev yaroa. aaa-ause. McKLHERAN. YOUR LANDSCAP or. garden loam, rree of i ton or clay. Prompt delivery aae-ajaa. i - e . TOP QUALITY FIELD SOD. ISC per aq. yd. as sua, Bonn Gower. collect- TOP QUALITY tTELO BOD. ISe a a, yard delivered p h a a a collect KernptvUI 3M-aiU. SOO. CEDAR TREES. cTLACK , arta. pail. fUgatonea. MU 4-443 a SPECIAL LIMESTONE. REGULAR 30c. reduced i$r. Cedar tras. wallstone, sods. T4S-I331. a BASIN'S NUB8SBY SOO TOP QUALITY MERION AND Hahn Blue. Alo No. $ Nurisry Bod at reduced price, pkaae . collect. Ores ley 100. -SALE. PATIO STONES. WHITE. i. e i " . fil.aM ACRES SOD imtt OUR CERTIFIED MERION Blue nursery sod and our Glen-, acres Blend. S1S-1M. - a WEED KIIXINO AND FERTTLTE-j tn. RosMontlsl. Industrial, Gen- eral Lwa spray aervire. rnone ggg sire lor Ottawa, rtuu sna, MM AN HOUR UP. VETtRAN'S Fuel Oil. moving. T-g9M. , ALL PAVING iOBS. DONE BY Terry Contrectors. guaranteed to s years. Alway check with . a reglstsro contractor. Fro ee-tjimatsa. $4 ssoaUuj to say. $35 PAVINO DRIVEWAYS, PARKING areas, palchlng. Work gusrsn- TBIPMI art Psvtag, t$ PAVINa SPBClAt, BATES A Muse. Contractors. Spectsltsla la Aephalt Drlvewera, psirnes. Lendacaplng. Yeer saaraataa. i For Information on MR. SERVU call 4' i The RlaVBe Bag 1. yhy should we pity turtVei . What ha a head but can' think? J. A dog was tied to a IS r loot rope, but he walked 10 feet How did h do. it? An war 1. Because theirs Is a hard case. 2. A hammer. 1. The rope wasn't tied to anything. " a a a EXTRA PRIZEI YOU FINISH IT You may win a . Britannlca World Atlas plus a Britarniica Yearbook for finishing this drswing. Uw this drawing, or copy tl any Size. Orlgaiality and imagination count. Important: entries must be addressed Drswing. Tell M Why,. nd give your name, age. and ad dress. e i e " Answer to yesterday's Puul Box: LuKoia. Vicksburg. Win the Britannic World Atlas or Yearbook of tvenls. Send four riddles, joke to: Riddles, Joke. 'Tell Me Why!" Todaft winner it: Kathy Cangello, Oakland, Colli. AT rout 1 ABSO DTE ATISfACTlOK. paoemanglng; painting real Bra-. CE$-U1$. CONNOR PA1NTTNO AND DEC orating, interior, axtertor spa-clallzed aad equipped In houae repainting. Quick, efficient serv-tc. Free estimate. PAS-OSM. 4. P. ataeSAT INTERIOR. EXTERIOR PAINTING. swpernanging. rrs estimate, workmanship guaraateed. 23- J37. .r- ; ,,. ,.. .. . ... . C JLLu FORREST BROS, PLUMBING and beating, rr . estisxats. work guaranteed. Time pay merit. Repair our specialty. Mght and day orders rant. Night CE3-3Z NATIONAL PR-'NTgRS LIMITED.- rtn quality commercial psiat-kuj 401 Preetom. CES-7441. LO-MOSI PRTNTTRS SOCIAI, wommerrlal printing, photo, offset, wadding mvTuuooa. SM Gloucester. CES-0$. ...... REFRIGERATION. SAIafS AND srvs-a ail aeanche Mar r:on a, sM Preston street. S3S ILL BOOTINC AND REPAIRS don by Tarry Contractors, guaranteed 3 to $ years. A I w a y a check with a registered sea tract. Free . estimate. 34 ' aaontha to py7 $33-$40$. - qDINN INSULATION COMPLETE ROOFINO SERVICES, n wont guarantaea. rree ts- nat, Te lap now Telephone day or nlnga, iaj-i 3-3XJ- . . STEAM CLEANING MOBILE fTEAM CIXANINO AND pressure washla: ear aag'nos. cleaned art CANADIAN CRYSTAL POOLS BY A. Bruce Benson Umrlad, RU- 033$. ...... WELLMAN CONCRETE LTD, for reinforced pools. Sate and Berrtca. T$$-4S$, $23-174. BLUE LINE TAXI sd.HOirB CE-$333. . CsjS RED LfNE TAXI LTD., S4-H0UB call sa-MU. TOOt SHABPStlKG: TOOL .SHARPENED,' CIRCULAR nd hand saw. , lawntnawer. preclsloei wort. Guaranteed- $34- 70. . ,; if Isssss aa-a-wiaUaiai-aaaaaa-J ' ELECTRIC, ' STANDARD' AND portable Remington typewriters, , tor set or rental, i. M. HlIU and San. Ill O'Connor, CES ' T7S3 ! HIRES CIRLS ; Th London Tourist Board t hiring pretty. mulU-Knfual girl to guide tourtst to sfVjpping centres and sightseeing lours. West Virginia has about 17 dinerent coal aanis. , ' 236-7511 .Ob CJ m at 9YM

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