The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 23, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1930
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 18IIO. , CONN1!JLL JVTLLIU, PA. MOUNT PLEASANT BOY SCOUT BUGLE CORPS EQUIPPED i ~'; · ] Dozen Bugles Adiled» Making 86 Drums iiinl Buglos for the Outfit. ANNIVERSARY WEEK PLANS Special tc Tho Courier. MOUNT PLT3ASANT, .Tan. 23 -- J'roop G oC tho Boy Suollts received , 12 new bugles yeat-orclay and re- hoarsal was helil at the liiffta school last evening, with Orrny Zuck, leader, in, charge. This ninkes 36 drum? and bugles in the corps. Mount Pleasant will observe anniversary week from February 1 to 13. Plans aro now boing made for a union church service; ulso a meeting for tho parents at the high school, tho 'date to ho set later. Tho Peoples National Bank, through John U HutU, w i l l promote tho thrift part ot the program by giving out Scout calenders. Dr. D. A. Walker, Edward Aldom, J. Myej's, George Duncan, Frank Campbell, K. V.ivavis, M. R. George ·uid Dr John U. Madden have received Scout leadership papers." Lessons were taken cacti Thursday evening last year in tho Bank Building, and these men have received the papers that will ( t u a l l f j them for the leadership of boys. Missionary Program. Tho Church ot tho Brethren, at Washington and Sluips streets, will i;ivo a short missionary program Friday evening. This will be followed hy a missionary Address by Rev. B. M. Rollins, pastor ot tho Church of the Brethren at Koyser, W. Va, There j will also bo music on the guitar by his 11-year-old brother, John Mark i Rollins. Quarterly Conference. The quarter!.- conference of the United Brethren Church was held at t h e church las; evening, with Rev. W. S. Wilson, conference superintendent presiding. Reports of the church work were read. Do nut loin for Hospital. Tho Memorial Hospital Aid Society's donation day for" the hospital Tuesday broup,nt Iu cmmed goods, f r i j i t , blankets, linens, towels nnd $175 in cash. Tho regular meeting ot tho loc.loty will be held next Tuesday afternoon. Other News. Mrs Edith Sihruder was hostess to lu-r bridge club at her home in Col- kKo avenue last evening. Thy Jwwiah J u n l u r b began a series of card parties lust evening, tho flrst of which w a s ' h e l d ut the home o! Midfe Hoatrice Volkm in Church street, four tabloa weio b r o u g h t into play. Auction hale ot Wenner's warehouse f u r n i t u r e stock, stinting Friday, Jnnu- iry 21th, 2:30 and 7:30 P. M., nt Wenner'fl Htore, next to Waiting Room, ricottdalo.--Advoitifcoment.--23junlt. Farm Calendar , Timely Romlnciors From The Pennsylvania State Collogo bo' f'u Murk i'rees to be 1 Cut-- I'onnsyl- \iu1a woopland ownfi'ls find it helptul lj mark trees to bo j out before th-e actual harvesting is done instead of cutting tho tre-es n« they como to thorn. Grow (Jnality Potatoes -- Smoothness, rotundity, c loan 11 IVORS, · 'freedom from blemishes or disease within arid without, and uniformity C cooking are characteristics of qu vllty In potatoes. Spraying and tho xi i* of clonn seed old ithe development oC quality pota- tfQS. Pick Good Gurilm Site--A wll- p tanned and c'onv -ni-cntly located hom-o garden will int live a good abart, at least, toward pro .'id-Ing the family with, an adequate .supply of different k i n d s of! vetge-taulos d u r i n g tho entire year. lu ehooCng Ihe locution, pick a well-drained soil, jaollow and loamy lu toxture. Force Early Viewers--Cut branches of any early flowoiing shru'ba, such as pussy willow, golden bell, which hazel, and early honeysuckle, wtlll flower if placed in j ira of water lu a worm room. Later, cherry and apple can be forced, Horses Need Action-- Exercise Is o£ great Importance to both work horaea and growing stock. A few hours in a paddock or small pasture, with .protection from bad weather, is worth many pound i of food in the growth and care of horses. Lrfick ot exercise may cause stockinets of tho legs and sometimes tho disease k n o w n us oxeturda. Pl'.m for Milk House--A suitable milk house is iw-estary to care properly tor your inilk and to get tho highest market prlc \ Now is a good time to plan for a house to ivso in the spring. It need not be expensive and most of .the work can bo done by home help. Your Bounty agent can supply plaonis. Johnson Used Proverb to Drive Home Point "He wiio would bring homo the wealth of the Indies must carry tlm i wenllh of the Indies with him" is taken from an observation made by j Dr. Samuel Johnson, as recorded by James Bosvvell. Boswell says: "I saiii to him t h n t It was eei-Uilnly tnte, j as my friend Dempster had observed J in his teHer to ma upon the subject, j t h n t a great part of what was in his | Journey to the Western Islands o£ ScotlnnO had been in his mind before IIP left London Johnson: 'Why yes, sir, the topics were; any book of trav^ el.-' will be good In proportion to what *"d man has pro' iousty !ri his mind; his knowing w h a t to observe; his power of c o n t r a s t i n g one mode of life with another. As the Spunfsb proverb snja, "He who would bring home the w t - n l l h of the (nclloH must carry the w e a l t h of the Indies with him." So It Is In knowledge.' Boswell: 'The proverb, I suppose, sir, means, he must carry a large stock with him to tni!t w i t h . ' Johnson: 'Yes, sir.'"-- I'lUhiluder MH j Buried With Kin Five Wivoa In i conntr.y town not more than ten miles from Springfield, 111., is a eenvitery near the roadnkle whose an- clent stones! moss-covcied and weath- er-lienleti a t t r a c t the passerby who may he interested In.curious epitaphs. In the CL-ntor of one lot is a large m o n u m e n t on which is Inscribed: "Here lies John Jones, aged niaety- t\\ti At rest." On the side of the m o n u m e n t arc live sma!! stones ex- n e l l y nliUe, each bearing the name of n womiin and date Of death and ench h a v i n g this i n s c r i p t i o n : "Beloved wife of John Jones."--Springfield Repub- lU'/iu. Eyei Never Sleep \Vliat could be more inactive than a person's eyes while he is sleeping s o u n d l y ? But Prof. Walter R. Miles, a Stanford university psychologist, has completed ro^i arches on the state of the eyes d u r i n g sleep which Indicate thfit the e^e muscles perform definite work w h i l e the lids are closed. The pupils contract, the eyes arc rolled up In the tioad, then the muscles surrounding f l i p t y e pucker up. None of thf-st' are re u x a t i o n , ns commonly supposed. In 'act Professor Miles be- lle\t's t h a t on- entire sensory sjNtem It more or l«^s active during sleep.-P a t h f i n d e r Mi snzlne Milady Should Dress to Her Height, Writer Say*, Very often :l.e diiectious to the tail woman as to how to c'rt-HS seem all to be aimed toward m a k i n g her look shorter. The short woman Is advised to wear up and down stripes, high trimming on her hat, high heels on her shoes, skirts us long as possible--all with an effort to add a cubit to her stature. Just ns If, there was but one standard or type of beauty, and all uur efforts were to be directed toward making "Hi'selves appear as neurly an possible of that proportion. If you are a llttie woman, says a writer in the Washington Star, don't try to look tall. There if need enough for pretty little women In ta« world. The tall woman, too, hab her tpecinl chnrrn, and she Is for more apt to look charming If she dresses to her typo, accentuating the long graceful linej, than if she wears stilpes running round and round, perfectly tint hats and heelless shoes. These things make her looli shorter, but at best only a little shorter. / If she put as much though', and time into an effort to look genuinely pretty she would be spending her time to better advantage. Hemeraber, too, that plumpness, abort of excessive obesity, is not abnormal n n d is therefore not unattractive. Likewise alenderness, abort of emaciation, Is nn u sign of disease and Is therefore'consistent with beauty. It is undoubtedly wise for the woman or excessive leanness or fatness to camouflage her proportions according to certain weli established principles of de sign. Certain color» are In themselves "large" and certain others diminish the apparent size of the one who wears them. Black and navy blue are among the Jatter, while tan and gray are the "largest" shades on the list. The excessively stout or excessively thin woman--in fa''t, any woman of abnormal appearance---has to depend more on her personality than women of more regular and hence more beautiful proportions. Struggle as she may the very stout woman can never charm any one by l,er figure. But she can charm by her f.iee. Her face may n p p u n r so beautin I that yon forget her disproportionate figure, her personality can radiate so much good cheer and magnetic m that she is the dominant person lu a u y gathering. Often In an e f f o i t to m i n i m i z e her stoutness the fat woman arranges tier hair unbecomingly nnd selects hats that make her lool; old. She wears small toques because ahe tins been told that these g l \ e height, whereas brimmed hats f;iu- width. She arranges her hair hi} h because It takes a little from t h u e'Tect of dumpiness Yet with a lint t h n t shaded lier face with a little b r i m , and with hair arranged in a youth fill manner, nlbelt low on her ears nnd forehead, her face would be far pretUci than In the severe manner tluit seems consistent w i t h her effort to appear less broad. i m p u r i t l i " , iu y o u r blood by 1» PAGE SEVEN. Reptile Skin Now Used With Coetume Jewelry To see just how far we hnve progressed since tlie dnys when Eve feared the serpent, ono bus only to tool, at one of tin ninny fascinating new displays of cotume jewelry. One nec'ilticQ that is fcure to charm nny | sport enthusiast '-s, made of large i round bends covered w t l h reptile skin. I Sometimes smaller beads of the some fcUin or painted gill are Interspersed. Worn with shoes of llznrd or snalso skin nail w i t h m a t c h i n g bags the effect Is enough to c a p t h n t e the most fastidious of the lemliilue sex. iuU on Stilu The Kuyiiibl! hop vim's grow 18 or "0 ft-t't high. I oitig trained on strings, and in orflor to t;*-c the ix^t i - s u i t s the \iuea imi'l be c a r e f u l l y wii.«'hta iitui {rained ulons these supports Thld ttf.rfc H do«e It.v men who m u s e about on stilt* in of U-r t h a t U^y moy rend- · i , reach U' \ l r . f * tops. The still-i arc r a - U i i c f i to tlit-Sr fccf and Mini to I ' l . i in a' f l u - "'i^'. " b i t l i I P » N C H their h ,, ,(, f , p ( . I'll*- n u n In onus v e r v , ,,] . i - · I f i t " ' 'I!H" '1 Kllo'l' M!»!ng I'ombrnndts ft Is not generally known t h n t there nro no fewer than '0 lost ncmbrnntlts, some of them posulbty In the possession of very poor people. If they only knew, they might possess the where- w i t h a l to maintain themselves not only In comfort but eve'i in l u x u r y for llfo. All 70 nro desc-rll ed In ancient records ns hnrlne bt en painted iiy the rcuiMor. One 1 onilon u r t dealer tins nlroady Ue\oted mi ny years to a queht for thes lott mrts erplpf»«. Some of t h e m I m i c been m s^lnc; ccnturU'h Tho p r i n c i p a l reiM 'i w h v t h e v arc .""til! n i l ' - l i i c I 1 - thnt t) "'r n« ncr«. rl" rv! their td^nt t"" Hare's a simple way to get rid oC t h a i corporation jua q u l c l s i y f f o l In Ijoth body and wind Ilia joy ot l i v i n g . Start tnklngf JCruschcn Halts--that's tho com moil-sen so w a j ' to i e d u c e -- b u t don't tako tlicm \\lt\i tho Iden, mat they pos.sesH r a d u c I n K M i i a l M l o s ii t h p i n - bclves. It's ll.e .'-ale \\.iv loo--101- r v c r v flay yon c o n t i n u e tills casi- nuHliod »(' losins unw-antod mid u u i i p c ' l c t l llfHli you'll g i l n l u onciu.\, v i g o r and cn- ilurnncc. XIno ( l i i i o i In ten obiisity i n o n r i K inactivity'--K nioiins t h a t y o u r blood l.s s t a r v i n g for the blx vital balt^ your I n - tornal o" npccl to Itocp y u u y o u t h - f u l , n c l n o , ambitious anil keen In mind. "Whan you tulco ono h a l f t P E i B p o o n f u l of K r n s « ' l i p n Stilts e v e r y m o r n l n g r In "· g]nsa nl hoi or eo!d water yot' fret tlieno F I X \ l t a l s n l l t w h i c h m o d e r n foods and cook'tnc do riot i u p p l \ . Start tnkiiiR K r u a c h c n i-inlth---llui I'M t)io oommou-sfins!! way to recline -- b u t (loh't taUo t h e m w i t h the Idea t h a t t h n y posaoss rocluclnR (iualitl?b in thern- aolvca. Thin Is what thoj' do--they clean out Lite did Itoucls, kidneys « w o r k i n g,ipr a and UrolO',,s c forKOtton Iiad uxlslei The urge for aotl m u r k c d t h a t oven a t ,! liver In fill you i'Ky you't y will K o end or i ready to 'opine; s p f e n v l t h «», moat dav 1 "* AMU It you'll ft I ready to any siirlril a i ' l l v l t y or r f o i o a l l o n -- y u can pl.iy .is h a u l ,\a vtm wo'ilc. And a l t e r two weeks y o u r excess s t n r t H to p;n--you'll k n o w :--fool It--see I t -- t h e -.(.'ales will tell t i n Btory. As one, once coi'iuilonl mn i remarked--"I f e e l so onergatlc hat I w a n t to pet up w i t h Ihti lark a id I'm J\isL aa l i v e l y us n, c t l t l c c t " K i u ' j c h o n H n l t s is not a intrfra Ivc or a nitharcio, but a real system c o n d i - t i o n e r «nd for thoan who arp t e vic- t i m s of o o n s t l p a t j o u or toxerr In. Its d a l l y use boon n i r a n a b l l M a C u l i m i l a i I t j Got mi "!," emit b o l l l f of K t i i s r l i c n P u l t s -- l a s t s f o u r i v c o k a -- a t U n t o \ Drug: H t o r o . K r o t t c l n l c A g n n t a , Hoffina i D r u g Storo, Broudwav, o i n n y d r u g g l a t In t h u v. orlrt. Got That "Kmsclicn l-'cclij g" It's tlic Little DnJJr Do?,e tliat oes it. West 1000-02 W. Crawford Ave. Fruits aad Vegetables Stayrnan's Y/ln'esap and Baldwin C o o k i n g Apples, -1 Ibs , Calif. Oranges, per-dozen. California Celery, 2 stalks Celery Hearts, large 25c 35c 5c 2 , Wet Chief Will Enf ore Dry La Head Lettuce, 3 heads Somerset Potatoes, peck Fresh Spinach, 2 pounds New Parsnips, 4 Ibs. New Turnips, 4 Ibs New Carrots, ;? bunches Cooking Onions , 6 pounds Cauliflower, Kale, Cabbage, Crape Fruit. 25c 25c 49c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c Shop hy phone at (lie West Side Market, f u l l (2(l for 'Hry(hi!ir.,* you winy require in l h e vay oi* groceries, inputs and pi-otiuro. Phone orders reecho I h o i ar.M' coiirteou*- i i i t o n t i o i i :is ^ h o u you call In person. (iiv our S«MM i«-e «, trial. 24/2 Jt Sack Miohael P. McLaugrklin, newly appointed police oommiasitsner of Providence, R. I., at work in hi» metal ah op, wher« he lian wttrl ed for many yjfBrs and haa become an expert among his fellr w i craftamen. The new commiwsloner aaya h« fa opposed to prohibit! n, but will do his best to enforce it. Moreover, he ·will promote h« police officer who "bawled him out" the day ho waa appoint :d. Int«*a»Ui.u»rH»vri ·*!) Open Monday, Wednes- daj and Suturdu) Jflyhts E ON Exn ninod a id mes VI ted rLICEMSED 1 "OMET 109 Worth 1'ittsburK Street- Very few people inherit fortunes-the percentage is too small to mention. Do not Sj be disappointed because you did not inherit a large sum. The saving habit is often a greater asset than an inheritance. Start now to save--open an account with us. 4% Interest Paid ou Sayings Account!). CaNNELLSYlLLE, PA. W E S T , S I D E I to find the nearest laundry . . . carpenter . . . or plumber. Look iii the Classified Telephone Dir e c t o r y . I t t e l l s WHERE lo Buy J i ! Veribest Blackberries, No. 2 cans 19c Lily of Valley Kidney Beams, 2 cans 25c Hunt's Supreme Asparagus Tips, 2 cans 63c American Beauty Baked Beans, 3 cans 25c Snowflake Powdered Sugar, 2 pkgs. 23c Neighbor Milk, 10 tall cans !'. 98c Light Brown Sugar, 3 Ibs 25c Young and Tender Green Beans, 2 cans ...25c Wisconsin Early June Peas, 2 cans 25c Fancy Sugar Corn, 2 cans ,.,.25c Sandwich Loaf iiml Potato BREAD 3 Loaves 25c Cloverbloom and High Grade BUTTER Per lb. 45c Van Camp's Horniny, can .... Diced Carrots, 2 cans Neighbor Raiains, 15 oz. pkg. Our Own Brand Coffee, lb ,, Mueller's Spaghetti, 2 pkgs. Palmolive Soap 4 cakes _ Pox Jelly Powder, 4 boxes lOc 25c lOc 33c 25c 29c 29c Safety Matches, 2 doz. boxes ...... Powdered Bort Ami, 2 cans Matches, 6 large boxes .. Floor Mops, No. 1(5 size Salt, 3 lb. baga, 3 for Oil Sardines, 4 cans .... Fancy Rice, loose, 4 Ibs _.. 15c 25c 19c 35c 25c 25c 25 c Lake Herring 8 lb. pail $1.15 Friendsville Ekickwheat Flour 5 lb. sack 25c,ck50c Carpet Brooms Made of best broom corn 39c Adds Enjoyment to Every Meal! White House Coffee per lb. 45c Finest Quality Government Inspected Beef Liver, · per pound ,.... -Fresh Hamburg, ground, per lb ... Pork Loin Roast, pound Veal, Pork and Beef, for meat loaf, 3 pounds Veal Breast, per pound Zoller's Sliced Bacon, per pound ,, Chuck Roast, per pound ,,,. Rump Roast,, per pound ._ 20c 25c 25c ground 85 c 25c 35c 27c 35c Tender. Deliciou.-j j Full Dressed Chickens Ducks, dressed, per pound ,, Neck Bones and Fresh Pigs Feet, 3 Ibs Pork Chops, per pound Pork Butts, per pound ,, S k i n n e d Fresh Hams, lb, average, whole or 'half, per pound .. Lamb Chops, per pound Pork Sausage, loose or link, per pound Pork Shoulders, whoic, per pound 42c 25c 30c 23c 8 to 10 25c 45c 25c 16c l : Sirloin, Tenderloin and Round C lb. 20c 35c Fresh Spare Ribs, per pound Veal Roast, home dressed, per lb Leg oi Lamb, per Ib ,, Breakfast Bacon, 4 to 5 pound pieces, per pound ,, Zoller's or Armo ir's S t a r Sliced Kara, pound Rib Roast, per pound 80e Armour's Star and Zoller's HAMS Whole or Half Plenty of Parking Space at the West Side Market WtfWffWffVWftfVW^^ That is the expression we hear t'rcm hundreds who use our Classified Columns. The cost is moderate and the results big. Use nur Classified Columns, Be ono of our Customers

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