The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 6, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1918
Page 7
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"Is SATURDAY.^AP'RIL 6, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. PAGE SEVER. -\ J END boat cast oft and ffie Fair Pray, with a hoarse, triumphant blast ol her whistle, faded Into the north, her part in the expedition at an end. Dawn showed the voyagers that they were Indeed fortunate, for they were upon the mainland of Cube, and as far as they could see, both e*st and we*t, the reef was unbroken. Men '··-" "My CtOtJe* end her*," Enrlqnei ex- I plained. "Major Bamos win take ·ctly a* k* direct*. A*k no questions, tut h* woot atunncr them Good-by ·and good lock." 1Vk*m k* hod cone the three Ameri- cw* Mewed their new guide through th* Iron fttw. Major BUM* proved that he knew bow to okey orders even though the other member* of hi* party did not. He mailed vtterly deaf to Miss Evens 1 ' ·etnmtles that he let her kaow ·omerhinc about the plans of the expedition.; he would not even ten her where he was taking her, where the ·ther ffiibosCora had assembled, or from what jtMt their ship would sail "When Philadelphia, Washington, then Baltimore, and finally Richmond were left behind. Miss Evans was, In truth, ready to explode, and her two companions were in a similar frame of mind. It wa* sot ondl the train was approaching Charleston that Major lla- no* finally announced.- "This is the end of oor Journey; the other- member* of the expedition are here Bnt I must uk you not to talk with them or v 1th any strangers, for our friends are b*4n» -watched by detectives In the ·nptoy of the Spanish minister at Washington and. by United States dep- Bty marshals. One little indiscretion might rain everything." Tie hotel to which Major Bamos led his guests appeared to be well fitted; there were many Cubans in the lobby, and the air was heavy with the ·roma of their strong, black cigarettes. As the major entered they turned interested and expectant faces toward Urn utd they eyed hla companions with frank curiosity. Miss Evans became the target for more than one warmly ·dmlrinc glance. A* far O'BeUly, tht familiar odor of the** Goblin cigari tte*, the snatches of $paniah conversation which he over- Beard, awoke in aim a great excitement; he realized with an odd thrill that these eager dark-visaged men were now his friends and commdes tad thai: those Americans loitering ·watchfully among them weie bis ene- m1»*--the spies of whom Bamos bad ·poken. There wt re at least a score o£ tfc* latter, and all were plainly (tanprd with the distinctive marks of tlieir calling That they, too, nere Intonated in the latest arrivals was soon Toade evident by their efforts to get ·eqnlnted. On, the next afternoon word wns quietly passed to g*t ready, and the filibusters, carrying their scant hand baggage, began to ; leave tbe hotel in froupa, followed of course, by the watchful spies As the three Americans prepared for departure Norine wliispered- "Listen 1 Everything Is all right. We're not go- Ing aboard the Imuntless at oil; she's here as a blind' "Are you sure?" OltelHy shot her · quick glance. "Major Bamo-) himself gave that story to the newvpapers, It's all a part of hi* plan. I promised not to tell, hot--I Just can t help myself. Gee' Tm having a good time " Leslie Branch shook his head mournfully. Too. may enjoy It, bat I don't," he grumbled. "We'll end It by being pinched, and that will finish me. One week In a damp cell, with my lungs--" O'Beilly, whose spirits had risen magically, clapped him heartily on the back, crying "Congratulations! Ion re feeling better " "I ne\er felt worse'" the other complained. "Nonsense 1 That's the first kick you've made since we hit cold weather. Evening came, then night, and still the party was Jerked along at the tall of the train without a hint aa to Its destination. About midnight those who were not dosing noted that they had stopped at an obscure pine-woodfi junction, and that when the train got under way once more their own carl did cot move. The rose was now ap» j parent, owing to the lateness of the hour, it was doubtful if anyone tn the forward coaches was aware that the train -was lighter by one car There was a brief delay; then a locomotive crept oat from a Biding, coupled up to the standing car, and drew it oft upon another track Soon the "excursion party" was being rushed swiftly toward the coast, some twenty miles away} Major Bamos came down the aisle, laughing, and spoke to his American proteges | "Wen, what do yon think of that, ehl Imagine tbe feelings of those good deputy marshals when they wake up I bet they'll rub their eyes." Miss Evans bounded excitedly in her seat she clapped her hands. "Ton roust have friends in high places " 0 Reilly grinned, -and the Cuban fljjreed. 'Ter'., I purposely drew attention to us In Charleston, while our ship wae loading She's ready and waiting tot us now; and by daylight we ought to be safely out to sea. Meanwhile the Dauntless has weighed anchor and Is steaming north, followed, I hope, by all 'Jne revenue cotters hereabouts." It was the darkest time of tbe night when the special train came to a stop at a bridge spanning one of the deep Southern rivers. In the stream below, dinl} outlined in the gloom, lay the Pair Play, a small tramp steamer; her crew ^ ere up and awake The .jw ar* rivals were hurried aboard, and within a half hour she was feeling her waj seaward. With daylight, caution gave way tc haste, and the rusty little tramp began to drive forward for all she was irtorth. She cleared the three-mil* limit safely and then turned south. Not T«n MlnuU* Later He Found Hirnnlf at tht Steering Oar. lolling about, exhausted, but Major Bamos allowed them no time for rest, be roused them, and kept them on the go until the priceless supplies had been collected within the shelter of the brush. Then be broke open certain package* and distributed arms among his followers. The three Americans, who were munching a tasteless breakfast of pilot bread, were joined by Major r roos "I am dispatching a message to General Gomez' headquarters asking him to Bend a pack train and an escort for these supplies. There I* danger here;.perhaps yon would like to go on with the couriers." O'Beilly accepted eagerly; then thinking of the girl, he said doubtfully · "I'm afraid Miss Evans Isn't equal to the trip." "Nonsense' Tm ejBiU to anything." JTorinc declared And Indeed she looked capable enough as she stood there In her short wfslking mlt and utout boots. Branch nlone declined the invitation, a craft w as in sight, not a smudge ol i vowing that he was too weak to budge smoke discolored the skyline. It had been a trying night for the filibusters, and when the low coastline was dropped astern they began to think of sleep Breakfast of a sort was served on deck, after which tho^e It there was the faintest prospect of riding to the Interior be infinitely preferred to await the opportunity, ha said, even at the risk of an attack by Spanish soldiers in the meantime. It took O'Beilly but a short time to collect the few articles necessary for favored ones who had berths sought, them while their less fortunate cob the trip, Indeed, his bundle was so panlons stretched out wherever they could find a place. i Johnnie Oftellly was elated. Al { ready he could see the hills of Cuba j dozing behind their purple veils, ta ' fancy he felt the fierce white heat from close-walled streets, and sceited the odors of "mnngly" swamps. He heard amall that Korlnc was dismayed. "Cnn't I take any clothes?' she Inquired In a pnnlc. "I can't live without a change." "It Is something yon'H have to learn," he told her "An Insnrrecto with two shirts Is wealthy Some of them haven't any " i the cea-ieless Blghlng of the royal! "Isn't ILUfcely to rain on usr palms How be had hungered for It " It ' a almost 8nre to - _ _ I all; how he bad raged at his delays!I Mta» ETM 18 pondered this prospect; It had seemed so small a matter to' then she laughed. 'It must feel fun- return ; It had swmed so eusy to seek out Rosa and to save her' Yet the days had grown Into weeks ; the week: had aged into months. Well, he had done his best, he had never rested from the moment of Rosa's first appeal. Her enemies had foiled him once but there would be no turning ny," she said There were three other members of the traveling part} men who knew something of the country round about , they were good fighters, doubtless, but In spite of their shiny .new weapons they resembled soldiers even leas than did their major. All were dressed as back this time--rather a firing squad j they had been when they left Hew or a dungeon In Cabanas than that CHAPTER XIII. The City Among the Leaves and tht Tork, one even wore a derby hat and pointed patent-leather shoes Nevertheless Noriue Evans thought the HtUe cavalcade presented quite a martial appearance as It Died away into the City of Beggar*. {jungle The night was moonless and warm, I The first few miles were trying for An Impalpable haze dimmed the star* the coast was swampy and thickly glow only the diffused tllurolnatloi of' grown up to underbrush, bat In time the open sea enabled the passengers the Jungle ga%e place to higher timber of the Fair Play to Identify thai and to open savannas deep In guinea ' grass Soon after noon the travelers blacker darkness on the hortron ahead of them as land. Major Barnes was on the bridge with the captain. Two men were taking soundings In a blind search for that steep wall which forms' the side of- the old 'Bahama channel. When the lead finally gave them warning, the Fair Play lost her headway and cam* to a stop, rolling lazily, Major Kamos spoke In a low tone from tbe darkness above, calling for · volunteer boat's crew to reconnolter and to look for an opening through, the reef. Before the words were out of his month O'Reilly hail offered him sett. Ten minutes later he found himself at the steering oar of on* of the ship's lifeboats, heading shoreward. There was a long night's work ahead; time passed, and so O°Bellly altered his course and cruised along outside the came to a farm the owner of which was known to one ol the guides, and here a stop was made In order to secure horses and food. Johnnie, who was badly fagged from the previous night's work, found a shady spot and stretched himself ont for a nip. The shade was grateful O'Bellly enjoyed hi* sleep Tbe party had penetrated to the foothills of the Sierra de Cubltas, and a* they ascended, the scenery changed. Barely Is the Cuban landscape anything but pleasing It Is a emiling Island It bas been said, too that everything in It is friendly to man the people are amiable, warm-hearted, the very annuals and insect* are harmless. Bnt here In tbe Cubltas range all wal different. The hind was stern and for- r "Wop*,' or Greek*, or Something." By ttM time we reach Cuba yooll be nice and meUmcholy and your cough wl0 be ail gone." Barnes red his three charges to the railroad station and Into the rear coach of a south-bound .train, where tb* other members of the expedition had already found sestSL As they dinted aboard a secret service agent ****yed to foUow them, bnt he wa* ·topped by a brakeman, who said' s "Ion can't ride In here; thli Is a «p«cial car. Some sort of. a, picnic , put?. They're "wops' or Greeks or white water, urging his crew to lustier I bidding canyons deep and damp strokes. i raised dripping walls to the sky; bridle A-mile--two miles--|t Kerned like paths skirted ledge* that were hold ten to the taut- oarsmen, and then a ' and fearsome or lost themselves in black hiatus of still water showed in phosphorescent foam O'BeUly 'explored it briefly, then he turned back toward the ship Soon he and his crew were aboard and the ship was groping her way toward the break In the reef. Meanwhile, her deck became a scene of feverish activity; ont from her hold came case* cit ammunition and medical supplies, the fieldpiece on the bow was hurriedly dismounted; the small boats, owhlcii there waft an extra number, were swong"ont with the result that when the Fair Pray had maneuvered as close as she dared everything was In readiness O'Bellty took the first load through, and discharged It upon n sandy beach. Every man rambled overboard and waded ashore with a j packing case; he dropped this in the sand above blgh- tide mark, and then ran back for another It was swift, hot work. From die darka«*8 oa each side came the sounds of other boat crews similarly engaged. Daylight was comln*_whtn the last gloojny jungles as noisome as Spanish dungeons. Hidden away In these fastnesses, the rebel government had established its capital Here, safe from surprise, the soldiers of Gomez and Maceo and Garcia rested between attacks, nursing their wounded and re- crnlUntr their strength for further sal- He*. r It was a strange seat of government--no nabon ever had a stranger-for the itate buildings were huts of bark and leaves, tfie army was uniformed In rags. Cook fires smoldered In tbe open glades, cavalry horses grazed In the grassy streets, and wood smoki drifted over them The second evenins brought O'BeUly and Miss Evans safe~y through and at news of the expeditions success a peck train was made ready to go to its assistance. Norlne a letter from the New York junta was read, and the young woman was warmly welcomed One of tbe better huts was vacated for her use, and the officers of the provisional government called to pay their S4HJRDAY THIS IS THE DAY Just one year ago TODAY America declared war on Germany and entered the struggle to uphold civilization and to make the world safe for democracy. TODAY in every part of the country the Third issue of LIBERTY BONDS is placed on sale. 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There were other Americans in Cu- bltas, as O'Reilly soon discovered Inning his first Inspection ol the village he heard himself hailed In his own language, and a young man in dirty white trousers and jacket strode toward him. "TV elcome to our city'" the stranger cried. Tm Judson, captatn of artillery, departmento _del Orlente, and you're the fellow who came with the quinine lady, aren't you? O'Eeilly acknowledged his identity and Judson grinned "Have you met the old man " he inquired--"General Gomez?" "No; Td like to meet him." "Come along, then, I'll Introduce you." Gen Maximo Gomez -father of patriots, bulwark of the Cuban causo, was seated In a hammock rending some letters.., 0 EeUly recognized Wm nstantly fiom the man} pictures re had seen, He looked up at Jndson'= ·salute and then turned a pair of brilliant eyes as hard as glass, upon O'Keilly His -was an irascible; brooding face It had in It something of the sternness, the exalted detachment, of the ea^'le, and O'nellly gained a hint of tbe personality behind it Maximo Gomez was counted one of the world's ablest guerrilla leaders; and Indeed the qjieochiess enthu- siasm of a real military e»nln* t« ft Into a homogeneous fighting ton* 1 Ill-assorted rabble of neMtaejtj wttom Qomex led. to Khool t«« prtvutJon and to render them naeta ly mobile to defy KKewrany \ times tholr matdMT at This, however, m* BMttK old Porto Bleu had fem, it ht had -won tfc* «^-iintlt« * · 10 BH

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