The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 23, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1930
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 1830. TEACHER RATINGS CLIMB STEADILY TO HIGHER PLANE THE DAILY COURIER, CONNE .L/SVi-ULliJ, FA. Surrey of 22 Countries Shows Four Local Option Lands, Hix Itugulutod Sale. 11,900 GOJLLEGE GRADUATES LISTED JIARRISBUJIQ, Jan. 23. -- State Superintendent of Public Instruction John A. II. Kolth, in .anticipation ot the 100th anniversary ot tho common school system which will bo celebrated in 193-i, is making a Btudy of toucher preparation in Pennsylvania and has uncovered -what he considers much Interesting Information. ' "Tho most, eiartllng thing about the data," eiiM Dr. KeiUi, "ta that there ·wore 60,787 full tlrao toachera and supervisors iu Pennsylvania lap I year which means an average of '82' pupils per teacher «3 compared with ' 55 pupils per toachor In 1870." Analyzing Department etatlstlcs, Dr. Keith found that in 1920-21 only 70.5 per cent tC the State's teaching ·force had standard qualifications. In 192G-27, six years late, 8G.1 per cent ot the public school teachers held standard qualifications--an. Increase In stantard qualifications of 15.6 per cent. In 1928-23, two years later, tho percentage of teachers with standard qualifications had risen to 91.S per :ent--an increase of 5.7 per cent in these two years. "Viewed OVCT an eight-year span," ·Dr. Keith said, "the percentage of teachers with standard qualifications increased from.705 par cent to 91.8 per cent with heller figures in eight for the current and future years." The college certificate 1s the highest form o£ teacher certification. Dr. Koith discovered that last year col- lego certillcato holders teaching In tho public schools numbered 11,990, or a trlflo less than 20 per cent of the total number ot public echool teachers. The figures covering the teachers with normal tichool qualifications, the second hlghent form of certificate, showed that 28,490. teachers or 4G.5 per cent of the State's teaching force I«st year held this typo ot certificate. Rewarding this condition tho State superintendent said: "Never in our entire history have we had so many teachers w i t h college preparation in the public schools, and never before have thero been so many normal echool crttflcato holders nor such a lilKh percentage of the total number of teachers holding college and normal school certificates." --just take these harmless little! tablets. Ask druggist for Rape's Ccfld Compound; only 3Sc. Watch how quickly all that mucous discharge ends, your head clears up and,' stops throbbing and soreness all goes. Better fthan "doping!" R e m e m b e r t h e n a m e "Pape's." Any drugstore. Fashions G r e y as Accessory Projected I'Yir Up ring. DEMANDS ARREST SO HE CAN HELP POLICE GET THEIR SALARY CHICAGO, Jan. -3.-- Tho Fvls-h stick tog-ether, ' Jiornard Filzgemlri reasoned, so -when U-e saw many of his compatriots on the pollco force KO\\\C, unpaid on account of tho dly bclni; broke, ho did soim thing about it, JiHtzgeralil was making too merry in a Soutih Side ,theai r« and wna ejected liy ra-trolman Tim Dwy«r, ns Irish u policeman as m r swung a When Dwyer told him to go homo and bo quiet, Iiu-jorald answered: "It'-s your duty 10 arrest, me. I RO! money nail you h: won't because- tho. city hasn't paid you. I ought to .pay a lino to tie-l'p you out." So Dwyer took his compatriot to the. station and Fitzgerald paid a lluo of ?5 with a grin. End Bunion Pain Forever Ko Aeeil 1« Suffer Another Way ThoHO A{CnlziuK ToPturlnis 1'nliiM. STROKE ENDS CAREER OF JIM DAHLMAN / Dy T J n l i a d press. EXCELSIOR SPniNOS, Mo., Jan. 23 --Jim Dahlnmn, -who quelled Black Hlllfi cattle rustlers witli two Blx- shooters and ruled Omaha, ass mayor for 13 yours, 1st dead, mourned by tho thousands who u each election put him Into office by huge majorities. * Paralysis Tuesday night cut short Dahlnmn'H ambition for an eighth term whllo he and his wife took their yearly vacation at this health ruaort in the hills of e a a t o r n Missouri. The i stroke ended a 7:'-year career of a j man who started life on tho Texas | plains, spent several yean? ae a peace 1 officer in tho Black Hills when they were in their hey dey of outlawry and ended with IS yesirs iu the mayoralty chair of Omaha. Ualilman, chriatancd James, but Always called Jim, f.pent his early y o u t h in Texas but grew to manhood In the Black Halls, then known au the "toughest country .in the northwest." T h e r e Is o n e simple yet Inexiton.slvo ·way to r e d u c e I n f l a m e d , s w o l l e n t o u J u l i U s a n d get I l i u m d o w n t o n o r m u l , itiKt tliat Is to a p p l y MOOHO'B KiiK.-ruM i l n l g t i l and mornlnK 1 , mid people who · lifter from .· uch enlargement.-* would fco wlso to r e d u c e thoiii b e f o r e t h e y jrcfioli a moro or less c h r o n i c stage. A?k any t l r s t class druggist for an c r i K l o A l t w o - o u n c e b o t t l e o f Moone'a Knuirald CHI ( f u l l s t r e n g t h ) and refuse to acocpt u n y U i l i i f f in It3 pluue. It la s u c h , n h i g h l y c o n c e n t r a t e d prepara- t i o n that two o u n c e s list a loiip time, sun! f u r t h e r m o r e If t h i s w o n d e r f u l dls- o»v«ry does not K l v o you complete sat- S s f s c t l o n y o u c a n ' h a v e your m o n e y r e - f u n d e d . .Special Mote: People who w a n t to r e d u c e s w o l l e n or varicose veins saould get a b o t t l p ol' Kmenild Oil at once. By a p p l y i n g ntftht. and niorri- I n K as directed t h e y w i l l quickly notice an I m p r o v e m e n t which w i l l c o n t i n u e i i i l l l tho. v e l n a n d h u n o h c n a r e roduco'l t« normal, t ' n l o t i J j r u g r Store.--Advert i s e l U O t l t . Sunflower Seed Used As Fattener in Hog Feed Bridgeport BRIDGEPORT, Jan. 23--Mr. and Mrs. ISnianuol Baker were vinitlng their daughter, Mits. M. P. McClelland and family ol' Younprn'ood on Wednesday. Mrs. George Cicero o£ Washington, To.., was visiting her parents, Mr. and JVlrs. C. S. Hobonthal. Mrs, Charles Rhomo, Jr., is ill at lior home. Mrs. Mary Brunei 1 who has been ve^ry 111 at her Ilatnmoiulvllle home is etlll sick. Mrs. Charlcti Rhomo, Sr., who han been confined to her home suffering from an injured hip received in a fall /our weeks ago is slowly Improving. Franklin E-:kels and Ronald Morgan attended tho performance of a inagl- ^Uiu at llurec High school on Thursday ovonisiR. Mlsacvj D o t t y and Mary Mn'rgarot Wendell, students, at Seton liill Academy wore vijiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Whittuker. Mrs. O. J. Morgan spent Thursday visitins Mrs. IIok« and daughter, Mary oi' near Mud school. SULLIVAN, 111., Jan. 23--Mixing ot Hiinfiower seed w i t h corn asj feed for hoge will utllmatoly help farmers o£ Moultrle county to realize a profit which they sufferd when they planted large quantities of sunflower for boed value only. From the concoction, fanjiers have declared, hogs have acquired considerable weight OVT fie»h taken on when fed seel only. They declared that heat results were obtained when an equal portion of corn and seed woro used in tho feeding. By. FRANCES FACET' : (Copyright, 1330, by Style Source's) NEW YORK, Jan. 2S-f-)Vhile tho outlook for mrli»R 'glovcti'jta by no moans u gray one, s t i l l MJii.s 1s ono color that may bs watched! since it 1« receiving more lluvn, tho usual casual attention, Tho remark will probably be made Unit "it is always talked about at this time o£ tho y«ir," but this season reasons aro being given for possible acceptance. The grayed influence in hoeloi'y lia« boon stronp;; gray is talked oC for footwear and (lie domlnaaee of beige, tho other light neutral, « deflniteiy passing. In tho contrast ot colors, at least OHO neutral shado is deeirablo, and this irt deemed an a r g u m e n t in favor ot grny. With black, it is particularly ·smart and iinsual. Tho navy blue und gray combination is mentioned in the same manner. Allied with purple, which is also considered for spring, it produces a particularly softening eC- toct, tho lighter shades of gray Invariably absorbing ami dissipating a certain a m o u n t of tho iiarshnosn of other ionee. I t ' i s also interesting to note, that whila eonio niaiuifactHrow have in) confidence In gray in solid .effect, they acknowledge its influence by I n t r o - ducing on many ol' t h e i r w h i t e gloves a delicate trim of gray combined with black, or a black glovo with gruy and white trimming. It is a color with a certuiir demure q u a l i t y which might he associated with the fominnie trend of tho costume mode. However, tho fact that it will be p u r e l y a stylo item is continually emphasized, duo to its perishability and iiieo because it is flattering to no few. Guard yottr BEAUTY RAILROADS MUST HELP TO PROTECT WANDERING COWS WASHINGTON, Jan. 211--Rail roads must give more consideration to the vagaries of wandering cows, u n d e r a Supreme Court decision. TU« Texas Pacific Railroad was held negligent in allowing a yearling to wreck a train at Melville, Ja., resulting in tho death of Wallace Guldry, brak(?ninn. A jury aworded his widow $30,000. Tho court affirmed decision despite the railroad's contention that Guldry, rldin? on a gondola car in front of thcv locomotive, himself was negligent in not warning the crew fo the danger. Iron Bridge, Diekerson Run DIOKERSOX RUN, Jan. 23-- Notice wa« posted from the office of Assistant Master Car Bulldtfr P. PI. KtchlHon it McKcea Uucks Tuesday m o r n i n g , statins t h a t the car shops would clofie down Irom J a n u a r y 23 to Fuhniary :!. This will affect nbout 100 men. William Hartmugh Wiiu a Pltlshurg bUHlnees caller Monday. W. H. Snyder of Piitsburgr wa« callliiK on friends horo last ovening. W. A. Cosgrove, Vanderbilt banker, Is moving from tho Bute property Into the Dr. .1. H. Hazlctt rteidenco at Vanderbilt. ' UEO our classified advertisements. W. II. Simmons was a Connollsvlllo hiwlness caller Tuesday aCternoou. Mrs. Clarence Lint wa« the guest of friends at Unlonto'wn Monday. IRON BRIDGE. Jan. 23~Mra. Mary Ponrbaugh ami son, Homer of Wooddale, were hero Sunday with Mrs. Poorbaugh's brother, Martin P h i U i p l and family. Homor Davle E Evorson wa/3 a business visitor hore on Monday. Mrs. O. S, Weaver and «on, A. Waide Weaver, of Scotti'.ale, woro hero Monday with Mrs. Weaver's son, Glenn J, Weaver and family. Miss Agnert Titmonek and niece, Mise R u t h Miller, were In Mount Ple««ant Sunday with thn family of Miss Tamonek's brother, Albert Tamo- nok. Albort Baiidamsr of Scottdale was here Sunday wllli his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Albert Bamlnmer, Sr. Mies Beatrice Miller was in Con- neHsville Monday shopping and call- in ij 011 frlonds. . John Cramer if- able to bo out after a^veek's illness. Mr. and Mr«. Harry Ritenour and young daughter t-t Soutli Connellsville wore Ivre Sunday with Mrs. lUtenonr's parents, Mr. und Mr«. David Eutey. Mr. and Mrs. Je^so Vance, Jr., o£| Scottdalo, woro hero Sunday with their , Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Vuuce, irir. P NEUMONIA Call a phyaldnn. Tb«n begin "emergency" treatment with OVEfft? MILLION JARS USED YEARLY Unanimously Deemed ' Great Air Hero of 1929, Classified ^dverUseinont.N Bring roaulita whon placod in tho columns of Th* DaJly Courier. A THREE DAYS' COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL Couglw from colds may lead to serious irouble. You ca'i slop them now with Crcomulsion, an umulsificd crcossole that is plensant to tf.fce. Creomulsion is a tnrclical discovery with two-fold action; it ,«ootl)c» and lv;als the iiilluined infita- Irancs ami inhibit* germ growth. Of -ill known drugs, creosote is iccog- ni«'ii 1'V iiU'' niflical authorities us ono »{ the grcatf ?t he ding agencies for cuuglta iVom coliU aim broncliial irritation*, rmmuilsioti coiilains, in addition to creo- wte, oilier h?allii|! r.lement* which (soothe and heal tho inflamed mom'hrancs and atop tho irritation, while the creosote goes on to iho stomach, is absorlx:d into the hlood, attacks the seat of tho troublo and checks tho giowlh of the germs. Creotuulaion is guaranteed jsalisfac- tory in thti treat mutit of coughs from eoldu, bronchitis md minor form* of bronchial irritatlmis, and is excellent for building up the system afteir eulda or flu. Money refunded if nut lelievecl iifler taking uc ordiag to directions. Ask your jruggi? t. (adv.) fOft TH£ COUGH FROM COLDS THt\ THANG ON S«:co»d-Li«utenant William A. 'Wutheuy received the Cheney avrard for the yen? 1929 for "jierforniing nn act of valor and s'tlf-sacrifica worthy of the hig-h- ett commendation." Matheny's 'vulorouB act occurred nt Manag-ua, N-icnragrua, when, after bravely Undinjr his burning plane in a junjlc, h« risked his life and suffered severe burns in effectW* the ic*.*cue cd (.P YOU would lookyour la eliest alf day long, and at the same rime p occcr. the delicate texture of your skin frort harmful exposure, always asc one of Dorcit' yGray's special /hushing preparations bcfc re going out-of-doors and before appiyin; powder or rouge. Dorothy Gray's Asti-ht£cttt O -am is * fluffy, finishing preparation for d; y or normal skins. It gives your Comj icadon a. smooth, fine-grained appearance i ad holds inskcsup softly i?.nd subtly for lo: g hours. Dorothy Gray's stttringtnt L*ti n is die ideal finishing preparation forskin inclined to be oily. It leaves 3. light film o fragrant powder on face and throat, chci king the bothersome stuntness of an oily j tin. Dorothy Gray's e.tqiv'titi pref aratimu may be obtained of oitr Toil, t Goods Department. C O N J V K M / N V U J M B W l l t ; « COWI'AJWY l'£t \V. C'rniviortl Av- . JOB PBIWTINJ OF ALL KINDS DO] IE AT THIS OFPIOI. OANS If You Need Money. f r Any Einorgency SKE US Fayette Loan Company Title Trust Bldg 5th Floor. CdQnellsv He, Pa. 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