The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 3, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1939
Page 10
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rAGE TEN. ' UA1L.Y UUUKIlilt, UUIMN.WLiLSV.LLiJL,li;. PA. TUESDAY, JANUAKY 3, 1S3'J. Looking Backward FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1888 Detailed rcpoi C of the Connellsville coke trade for the week ending December 1 shows a total of 13,975 ovens in the region, of which 12,329 are in blast and 1,640 idle, with a vembor 28 shows a ovens in the legion, 'total o£ 38,020 of which 19,829 aic in blast and 18,191 idle, with a total estimated production of 229.19D tons. Shipments for the week total 8,304 cars. Woman Scientist Invents Wonder Glass total estimated pioduclion of 115,G80| Mis. Rose Mclntyrc, 83 yeais old, tons. Shipments for the week total | dies at the home of her son-m-law. 6,300 cars. Harry McGraw is in a scuous condition as the result of the accidental discharge of a revolver he was handling, the flash of the powder burning his eye so badly that it is feared he will lose his sight. David Wei thcimci .-Miss Sarah Elizabeth Long of New Haven and Leroy Weaver Guibord are (married. Miss Bertha Hetzel and Guy Brail- hcr elope to Youngstown, Ohio. While returning from an extended Frank Fce'glc, Peemicky railroad I automobile tour, Mrs. L. F. Ruth and conductor, is instantly killed at Dick- | her son, John, and nephews, H. C(. erson Run when three cars pass over , Keagy and Ray Fowler, are thrown his body. from the Ruth car near Uniontojvn, A total enrollment of 1,007 pupils in the public schools is reported by Principal Humbert. R. B. Montgomery, Baltimore Ohio agent at Dunbar, dies suddenly of heart disease. The new Catholic Church at Leisenring No. 1 is about completed and will be dedicated on December 23. Father M. J. Mclady, pastor of the Dunbar church, has it in charge. At the banquet of the Pennsylvania students of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, M. J. Hosack of Connellsville is elected vice-president. D. P. Patterson of Connellsville and Miss Edith E. Cook of Tippecanoc are married in Grecnsburg. Marriage licenses are issued in Uniontown as follows: Joseph Kcigler and Linne Bahr, both of Mount Pleasant, John P. Carter of Uniontown and Annie B. Flood of Dunbar, Johnson R. Stuck of Ferryopohs and Mary Jane Dillinger of Tyrone township and William S. Gaddis of Dunbar township and Ann Nemon of Dunbar. all escaping serious injury. Fire Chief Lawrence Arch Holliday and Miss Florence Blosser elope to Cumberland and ore married. Mrs. Elizabeth Porter Swenringcr, 47 years old, wife of Jncob Swearingen, dies at Dunbar following stroke of paralysis. While \isiting at the home of her niece, Mrs. A. E. Wagoner, in New Haven, Mrs. Ruth Henderson, aged woman of New Salem, breaks her thigh while getting out of bed. The annual lodge of sorrow of Conncllsville Elks is held In the Soisson Theatre. L. F. O'Brien of McKcesport and E. W. Clarke of La- trobc arc the speakers. Dr. Kathcrinc B. Blodcctt, scientist, is shown at work in the General Electric laboratories at Schcncctady, N. Y., shortly before slic announced her discovery of a coating that makes glass invisible, glarclcsi, and 9D per cent efficient in transmission of Ik-lit that bits it, (Central Press) FRIDAY, DECEMBER Z, 1898 Detailed report of the Connellsville coke trade for the week ending November. 26 shows a total of 18,463 ovens in the region, of which 14,730 are in blast and 3,733 idle, with total estimated production of 154,574 tons. Shipments for the week total 8,091 cars. Miss Ricca Levinson, sister of Morris Levinson, accidentally falls down the elevator shaft at the Hotel Mai i- etta and receives fatal injuries. Rev. George L. Lohman, pastor of the German Lutheran Church, suffers serious injuries' when he is thrown -from his buggy in New Haven. Marriage licenses are issued in Un- lontown as follows: Luke Owens of Vanderbilt and Mary Grasinger of Fayctte, Michael Mulvihill of Dunbar township and Jemima P. Fletcher of Springfield township, John Sherry and Jennie Glendcnning, both of Everson, William H. Smiley of Adelaide and Fannie Mills of Moyer, Harry A. Blair of New Haven and Annie Hoey of Connellsvile, David O. Kelly and Laura Robinson, both of Leisenring, Harry Baker and Lottie Smltley, both of Dunbar, and Orman Etcher of Connellsville and Ella Friend of Normalville. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1918 Detailed rcoort of the Connellsville coke trade for the week ending November 30 shows a total of 37,151 ovens in the region, of which 25,571 are in blast and 10,580 idle, with .1 total estimated production o£ 250,715 tons. John T. Landymorc is named general yardmaster of the Pittsburgh Lake Eric Railroad at Dickerson Run, succeeding C. E. Rinchard who ges to a similar capacity on MeKecspoU Division. A. E. McVicker, who has bee.n trainmaster of the Connellsville Division of Baltimore Ohio Railroad, Is named assistant superintendent, succeeding C. M. Stone. Word is received here that Corporal E. C. Layhew of Company D, 110th Infantry, was killed in action in France. Charles William Crim, 59 years old, Baltimore Ohio veteran employe, is fatally injured when run down by an automobile driven by Karl \Vidmer. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Humbert of the Summit, Dunbar township, celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. Lieutenant Kenneth Reid flics to Connellsville from Brindlcy Field, Long Island. He is forced to land nine times in order to get gasoline. Joseph A. Yahner, 24 years old, of Scottdalc, dies at the Allentown Hospital from influenza. Manufacturers Of Glass Hopeful Of Better Year "Facing 1939, glass manufacturers generally are more hopeful than a jcar ago and there i.s every promise that the first quarter of the coming year will show decided improvement (^·.vi the coiK".pondin£ three months of 193C" the American Gla-* Revuw said. "The Una! quaiU-r of 1938. takrig the glass industry as a \sholc, ua*; the most satisfactory of the car. with even.- division shou ing gains over the similar period of 1937 " THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1908 Detailed report of the Connellsville toke trade for the week ending No- THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1928 Detailed report for the Connellsville coke trade for the week ending December 1 shows a total of 25,878 ovens in the region, of which 4,790 aie in blast and 21,082 idle, with an estimated production of 59,030 tons. Mayor John Lewis Evans is married to Miss Anna M. Ford at the Berlin Trip* Gjrrclt. Beilin't. big first quarUr load enabled it to take it 29 to 25 win O\IT Garretl at the former's field. In Jimmy's Place? Simmons Goes to Hccs. Al Simmons, one of the gicotcs mtters of b.iscbnll history, was sold to the Boston Bees for a figure believed to be $3,000, a sum whicl wouldn't fetch a fair minor leaguer Simmons, who is 35, was passed up by all of the major league teams a the $7,500 waiver price. , Davldsville Team Wins. Conemaugh Township High Southmont of Johnstown at the Davidsvillc court, 32 to 26. NEWS OF TRI-TOWN COMMUNITY Jo band; John I Johnbpn, Special to The Courier. j Paul H. DAWSON, Jan. 3 --Mrs. George G. :odn;in enter!,)inert the American ..cfiion Auxiliary at a Christmas :nty at hei-iliomc- Tuesday afternoon. There were, about 25 members and cluldicn present. Several Chiis-tmab tonci \vcie lead by Mibb Vivian Yvonne Collins. Games wcic played. Rcfi cbhmcnt* weic seivcd by Mrs. Cocluan, aUiMc-d by Mrs,. Stanley Mong. Santa Cl.m.s pa.d a visit and distributed Kifu,, eandy and popcoin. Mi. and Mis. Paul H. Collins and daughter, Maiy Eluabeth, of Vandcr- jilt were recent guests o£ Mr. and Mis. Foster Bry.-m of Pittsburgh. The American Lesion Band of Vanderbilt held it* annual banquet in the East Liberty Pi obbytcnan Church Thursday evening. The large table was ccntcicd with a large popcorn cake and places were laid for 53. Candy canes for the men and popcorn corsages for the women were the favors. C. C. Collins, leader of the band, v*as toastmaster. The speaker was James G. Robinson of Uniontown. Short talks %veie given by Collins, president of the n A. Shutsy, secretary; , trcastn cr, and S. Kenneth astor of the church. Mrs. Wain Wright Sluckler sang "Just Plain' Folks" and "Just A'wcavym' foi You": a piano duet was given by Nellie Snyder and Everett Budd and a piano trio by Mis. Slucklei, Miss Snyder and Mr. Rudcl. Wives, daughters and sweethearts of the band mcmbcis weic guests. A rehearsal will be held this evening in the band loom. Wife Goes to Work. ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Jan. 3.-George Smith, 38, was discharged fiom his WPA job for alleged failure to support his family and ordered to lake hi? wife's place in their home. The wife was given a WPA sewing job at the same salary of $57 a month. Jolmsioun Triumphs. Johnstown went on a scoring spree in the second half to wallop Windber, 44 to 30. H-t January 3, 1939. First Baptist Church-with Rev. K. H. j Stevens officiating- ' ! James \vter.m tele-, phone v.orker, dies at his home m Pittsburgh. He formerly resided in Dunbar. John, 70 ;,c.ns old, former teacher at MarklcysburR .md former resident of Vandcrbilt, dte«. Star Junction Kane yv. oik Club sends, a chcik for $150 to the Con- i Arm C.niilu.Uri SK. nellsvillu HospIUil A«.vx-i,ition j LAWTON'. Okl.i. J.m. 3.--Six mih- B. J. Hooper is flitted of the 11 try police, t'ic "M. P.'s" v,lio en- Board of Education, imd Dr. J. L j foice .irmy l.iw. were Rr.idu.i'.ed from Junk vice-pre-iidi.'nt. Li spcii.*! -;thool ,it Fort Sill rvcvntly. Joseph B. K«nan (above), assistant nttomcy general, may b* nnmcd by President Roosevelt as his iwcre- tnry. to nuccce*! his son James. Kccnnn. »n "original Roosevelt man." from Clfxclanci, O., hi\* been the President's chief contact man on Capitol Hi!) for the lost two yeara. SAVE THE MOST ON THE BEST Hugh Hnndford, center on the Connells\ illc High School foothill toitn, is selected as the "most valuable" player and will receive the trophy offered by Mrs. J, E Angle. spot. The si\ ' loursc \\.is tlu- first . of its kind ever held at the post, Musics Documents Gone. NEW YORK. Jan. T -- The Dally onerca oy .urs. j, r. /\nj;iu. iNt,\v iuictv, Jan. j -- m e uauy D. P. Rhea is- elected president of I News said in a copyrighted story thit the Scottdale Board of Trade. j 100 documents in the- Musicn H nr The chculation of books at the Library for the month of November is 10,0-15. Company swindle of 1913 have appcared fiom a Federal building \.tult. Last year, the people of Fayette County made 23,400,000 Bell telephone calls! Some of these were .just neighborly calls to the folks across the street.. Some were emergency calls where seconds counted. Other calls carried messages of friendship or business across the continent. What some of these calls were worth, no man can say. You can't put a price on minutes saved when you need a doctor quickly. Sometimes the sound of a. certain voice can bring more happiness than words cm express. And who can say how many smiles begin with the ring of a bell? It is easy sometimes to count the hours or miles or dollars saved by a telephone call. But the telephone does more than that. It lifts the load of worry and brings new hope. It can cheer the lonely" and keep old friendships alive! We in the telephone business never forget that behind every telephone number there are people-people who depend on us for swift, accurate, reliable service. In 1939, as in the past, we shall keep that service as courteous, as friendly and as helpful as we can make it. Mutual understanding and cooperation between the people o! this company and the people we serve are essential to the high quaJity and low cost of your telephone service. The 13,700 Bell telephones in Faycetc County are served by an organisation of 185 local men and women. They have aa average of 12 years' experience in telephone ·work. Some of them have been in this business more than 30 vcar. Led by men and women who have learned and earned their jobs by serving in the ranks, these people have an annual payroll of about $230,000. Telephones and switchboards make up only a part of the complex telephone system. This company has aa investment of more thuu $3,300,000 in telephone plant in Fayctte County. More than 600 drivers of Bell cars and trucks in Pennsylvania have 1OO,OOO miles or more of safe driving to their credit. There arc 20 Bell Telephone motor vehicles in operation in Taycttc County. It takes money to buitd! a telephone plane and to keep it growing. Nearly three-quarters of a million people have invested part of their savings in Belt System securities. Right here in Fayctte County there arc some 450 people who own stock of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. And some 12,000 Pcnos}lvanians own Cell Telephone bonds. THE BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF PENNSYLVANIA TO SHOP AND SAVE THE ACME WAY! Quality Foods at Rock Bottom Prices-- GIBE'S PORK BEANS 6 1G-07. tans TOMAOES-Solid Pack EARLY JUNE PEAS BEETS OR GREEN BEANS FANCY TOMATO CATSUP A No. 2 ^ cans car 4. Xo. 2 TM cans n NO. 2 ~ cans 3 14 oz. bots. 23c 23c 23c 25c {?,, Del Monte Coffee -- Vacuum Packed Chase and Sanborn Dated Coffee n.. Golden Bantam Corn-- Whole Kernel £ 0n3 Fancy Calif. Peach and Pear Mix 2^ 25c 21 c 10c 25c Fancy Quality SOUP B E A N S Ibs. " OVEN TKESH ' Golden Krust Bread Quaker Puffed Wheat 2 Crisp Rice or Wheat Puffs Spry or Crisco Shortening 3 Sliced loaf Fine Quality 2 ffls, 19c .15 Fine * 5 ' b Granulated "? pcr bag Pastry Flour Soap---" 10 s«r s? 15c 5c 48c 45c 37c EXTRA SPECIAL IN OUR MEAT DEPARTMENTS ft- 23%e Freshly Prepared Ib. 15C Lamb Breast--to Stew 2 Ibs. 15c Lean Sliced Bacon 2 pU b 25c Wieners, Ring or Jumbo Bologna Ib. 15c Assorted Luncheon Meat ^-Ib. 5c Fancy Quality Fish Fillets 2 Ibs. 15c FANCY FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES! pv Sweet 7ftforlOr C5 S e e d l e s s Z U i / t ;;: 20^190 Juicy Grapefruit 3 for 10c Fancy Beets or Carrots Su 5c Solid Slicing Tomatoes 2 Ibs. 23c 3 ? stalk-, for f;'

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