Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 2, 1974 · Page 98
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 98

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 2, 1974
Page 98
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I FLEETWOOD MOTEL I 401 24th Ave. North i MYRTLE BEACH, S.C 29577 Phone 801/448-6315 Mrs. W. H. McCormick, Box 1 264 BEVERLY Motel |l'll I! Ml \\ MOTKlJ I I I I Ki f- Ci«-c- Fft-nt BI.B .'.-YRUE EEACH S C '.v;- Rooms and Apts. accommodate 2 to 6 persons. Cable TV. Air Cond. Elec. H e a t . P r i v a t e P a t i o o n beach. Near Amusements. Bobby I Baker, Mgr. I MRS. ERA DONKLE, Owner Phone (803) 448-6941 The Season for Whelks For your convenience t:\TR \ Unusuolly nice Heeled Poo! and Kid die Pool Cable TV 13 t l B C O \ I m O \ K I A H K % T K O l \ I T . S BOOHS. I · BKDBOOH KFF. \P\HTMKYr.S Motel and off street parking. Across street from THKBU'K III.\\TIC 'ark and walk to these: 'i Block South if Pavilion and Amusement area. Cot- tena and Bingo Vithm 2 Blocks o( Downtown Myrtle each. 1 Stop Shopping Center. I I estouronts. 3 Arcades. 10 Gilt Shops, ounges. Fishing Pier, Laundromat, arpet Golf 3 Theatres Blocks ot Bus Station and 3 Churches or information write or call: HI VKHI V 10I I I 703 N. Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach. S.C. 29577 PHONE 803/448-5231 J Among Palms and · Carolina Pines LAKESIDE MOTEL The pliuf Mm trill i'tiii\ * Rooms--Apartments * Air Conditioned if Restaurant Adjoining if Golf privileges at 4 Championship Courses * Golf--Putting Green ·A- Fresh and salt wafer fishing * Shopping Center Hear * Heated Pool * Catering to the family MR. AND MRS. JOHN SCHWARZ Phone 803-449-5848 Lakeside Motel 6 8th AVE. North "On the Ocean Hifihtrav" Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577 Modern Built in 73 ROOMS EFF. APTS. Color TV. Air Cond. Heat: Heated Pool. Sun Deck. GoK Privileges. For Brochure Rates, Write JAVA EAST MOTOR INN 1502 N. Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-2341 George Diane Wyand Owners--Managers From West Virginia. Welcome, West Virginians! f o- The most beautiful and unusual hotel in Myrtle Beach 101 DELUXE ROOMS APARTMENTS Directly on the Atlantic Ocean" 1105 SOUTH OCEAN BLVD.-MYRTLE BEACH S.C. 29577 Formly fun unlimited! Your choice of eleven 1 8-hole championship go !f cours . T ;,° u 9e iw ' mm '"9 P°°' (heated). Restaurant and Kono T,ki G,ft Gourmet tood shop ad|o,ning All rooms with Pr.vate Balconies. Color TV Meeting and banquet rooms-up to 300 people. Lounge on 5th floor Within walking distance of shopping area ond amusement pork, Reservations Suggested-Phone 803-448-8421 Inquire About Our Special GOLF PACKAGE Sept. 15 to June 1st. on:V\ i KOM AT i VIM 1.1: HI: \( ii t-.nJH\ our licnch I'nrnlitm al tin 1 VANCOUVER MOTEL 2601 South de-ran HU.I. M Y K II. I 1 I 5 K \CM. S.C. 29377 Spncioii.v ftooniv. l.'t f iVM'iH'U'.v atirf l u a r f - mi-nls air ronrfif iiii-fl irir/i Hil-ii«n I uiix. I'abli- TV. llfati-rf I'HHl and K irfdir I'onl. f;«|f J'riril«'ij«'.v. Call or u rile lo r'MT\i-: Vancouver M O T E L f . Ferry-Jones. Mgr. 2H01 S o u t h Ocean B l v d . Phone (8):i) 44,H-4:i:{i M y r t l e Beach. S.C. 29577 N a m e Phone Address ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' " " " ' ' ' " " " ' ' ' ' Tity S t a t e Zip . . . Signed : VA. By Bob Simpson MOREHEAD CITY - The whelking season is on. There aren't too many true-hearted whelkers left nowadays -easy living, poor whiskey and other signs of dwindling national morality have whittled down the numbers of us stalwarts. But, as inevitably as the migratory flight of the wild goose, the season has again rolled around for this unique pursuit. Beginning preparations for a safari into the wilderness where our quarry is known to hide out. I recalled that Franc the cook had always wanted to go on such an expedition. A back-up man w o u l d be good, I thought, so I called him. "Bring your Browning over-and-under. a good supply of No. 4 shot, and maybe that Irish setter of yours could point 'em. He's got a good n o s e . . . . a n d b r i n g your tenny runners. If you can move fast enough, we may be able to get you a few to film for your show." Franc the cook has this little TV spot for which he dresses up in a bush jacket and proceeds to cook various things, when he doesn't have anything else to do. Well, he was on his way right now. Selecting the only motor I have that still runs, I put it on the stern of the tin boat. Franc followed in my canoe, at the end of a tow line. We headed down the channel i n t o the t e e t h of a n o r ' - easter. With spray flying and wind howling, we bucked and rolled in heavy seas, and plugged on. I could see that Franc was having trouble as another sea dolloped me in the face and Mary set to bailing. Across the foam Franc yelled, "Cast me off!" In Carteret County this means, "Tie me loose!" I c o m p l i e d ' m i d s t the spray, and Franc paddled on past me. I had the motor wide open, too. I hate showoffs who pass me in canoes. Someday I guess I'll have to clean off the barnacles from the bottom of that skiff and put in new spark plugs. For those who have never gone a-whelking, a whelk is not like a nauga, which has only a hide. It's more like a big snail, and is referred to as a conch. But my literal- minded wife says that they are not conchs, that conchs live in the tropics and up here they're whelks. They must be fast, too, for they're named lightning whelks. They still look like snails, but that's not right, 'cause Frenchmen eat snails, and no self-respecting web-footed Carolinian would touch a s n a i l . I n s t e a d , t h e y e a t whelks and call 'em conchs. a n d t h e c o m p e t i t i o n f o r them is tough, as are the conchs, described as having all the tenderness of a truck tire. Now these critters prefer a mud-to-sand habitat, their favorite food is clam, and they can sometimes be found in abundance throughout the Carolina sounds. They're hard to spot when only a knob protrudes, but we found a half-dozen, which, considering that they weigh in at a pound or so of meat each, makes enough for an appetizer. · There are several versions of how to cook a w h e l k . There's this fellow who likes things that taste just like wild hickory nuts, and he calls whelks large, edible gastropods and says they open c l a m s and such by grabbing them with their f e e t . T h e w h e l k t h e n "strikes (the clam) repeated blows with the heavy knobs on its body whorl until the bivalve's shell is broken." Now I didn't know that, and it's a much .better story. T h i s c h a p c l a i m s t h a t whelks are good pickled. He recommends beating them out of the shell. I disagree there. The easy way is to throw them into a freezer, and when they're solid, thaw them and pull out the meat slowly and easily. Saves the shell for flower pots or the Bahamian use, as mittens, to keep from s k i n n i n g the knuckles in a fight. But back to the cooking: they're excellent boiled, stewed or in soup. I prefer them fried, like an abalone, only cheaper. Clean off the dark skin; scraping it will do. The "foot" is tough, and meat tenderizer will work, or it can be peeled, but I have another procedure. I slice the foot about a quarter-inch thick. And now, my secret weapon: for w h e l k s I h a v e a whelk whomper; for conchs I use a conch zonker, namely a wooden mallet with teeth. Show them no mercy, then dip the morsels first in beaten egg, next in crushed, seasoned crackers (not cracker meal) and fry in the oil of your choice. Serve hot. Yes, the t r i p was a success. However, one conclusion. Irish setters may point well on dove, quail, dimwits and towhees, but they aren't worth a d a r n for whelks. Still, I couldn't hit them on the rise anyway. KOOMS, Ef FIC. Coble Color TV. Air Com) Heal. Pool. Elevator. Cribi.RoIanayt. Wall Carpeting. Ample Parking. 2506 S. Ocean Blvd. MYRTtE BEACH S.C. 29577 PHONE 803/448-8632 Overlooking Ocean S I X C0\1 IO 11 I 305 N. Ocean Blvd. v MYRTLE BEACH,S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-3242 New, modern Motel. Luxurious Rooms. Wall-to-Wall Carpeting. Double Beds. Effic. Apts. Private Balconies. Cable Color TV. Individ. Heat Air Cond. Ceramic Baths, Halfway between Amuse. Centers. HAPPY HOLIDAY 507 North Ocean Blvd MYRTLE BEACH. S.C 29582 Pliont?803 448-5426 Rooms. Effic Apts. Color Cable TV. Air Cond. Heat. Heated Swimming Pool. Room phones ^ B l o c k s f r o m A m u s e m e n t s . Cribs and Rollaways. Ample Paved Parking. Q Sea c Nymph Motel 601 N. Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-6665 E f f i c i e n c y Apartments- Room T V -- A i r Cond. Full B a t h s -- A l l Electric Kitche n s -- H e a t e d S w i m m i n g Pool. a APACHE MOTEL Directly on the Blue Atlantic 2709 S. Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH, S. C. 29577 72 Modern Motel Rooms and 1, 2 ond 3 Room Apts. Some Private Balconies. 9 TV Channels on Coble. Heated Pool and Kiddie Pool. SHERWOOD AND BETTY HOLMES Owners and Managers PHONE 803/448-5409 SOUTH SEAS MOTEL 'Dirtctlf on the Ocean front" * Ultra Modern * Rooms--Efficiencies * 4 Bedroom Penthouse · A i r Cond. S Kent * Automatic Dial Phones ·Coble Color TV " Reasonable Rales * Calf Prt¥.-7 Counes ·Healed Pool S Kiddie Pool ' Reservations Advisable Mr. Mrs. Bobby Watts. Mgrs.- Phone 803/448-5187 1007 South Ocean Blvd.. Dept. 4 ^rd-Beich S.C 79577 A Rooms Apartments 405 Hogg S'. * Pho"e 803-.US.3857 MYRTLE BEACH, S.C ' j Block from Ocean 3-Block; from Pavilion !00 c o Air CondJlicritd . . ..oom CobV TV. . . Pool ond Kidd.t Pool. MYRTLE BEACH. S C. 29577 On the South Carolina Sands St VIMKK WIND \IOKM INN Air Conditioned, Cable TV, Efficiencies Rooms, Elevator, Swimming Pool Golf and Tennis pri». Cabanas. REFRIGERATORS AU ROOMS (/SiW Directly On Ocean ^·-^19015. Ocean Blvd. Phone(803)448-4361 POGfS AN" BEBNiCE *ii,^IQN MYRTLE BEACH. S.C. 29577 i ····················· 181 OS. Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-2614 ,, ( .,. h,,.T * Mrs. Doris Mucks, Mgr T" OCEAN FRONT Brand New in 73 OCEAN HOLIDAY 1701 S. Ocean Blvd. MVRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-3016 44 UNITS. Rooms-2 3 Room Apts.- Family tfficiencies.-- Air Cond. Heat-Cable TV-Pool and Kiddie Pool. Popular rates. Reservations advised. Wayne Wright, Owner MOTEL 304 5th Ave., North MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-3542 Roorm-Effic, Apts.-All Elcc. Kited- ens -- 1 Block to Beach. Heated Pool-Kiddie Pool-Carpeted-Cable T V -- A i r Cond. -- C e r a m i c Bothi--j Blocks to Amuse. Pork Mr.SMrs.NJ.Hucks,Otiiers-M(rs. Ocean Front I U I I I C . I I I S I Itl 1 7 i : f S Ocean Blvd. M Y K T I . K K K A r H . S.r. j!i;,77 Phone S():i/44,S-l:«4 O I ' K N A L L Y K A K F A M I L Y RATKS · HoiMii.s *'2 Hi mm Api.s. · AirCond. Hral«Heatcd Pooh iiiflii(jjii» Kitidit* I'mil I U - IKS. it. v IIOMH;.S Owners and M.iii;if;i'r S I - \ B \ I K MOTI-I. O\ crliiukin;; lc':tii I niillslriK-ti-tl \ii-\\ 2:t«7V Oi,.;uiltl 1 l. M M t l l l H i : \ II.S.I .2M.-.77 ROOMS KKK1C. I'rivfili.Biil- coint's irunt units. Ciihle TV Hi'ated Pool. AirCond. All oler K i t c h e n s . Wall carpels. Tile lubsiSc showers. MR. MRS. I). M. \VICCI\S (Kviiers and Operators rH()XKsin/-i-)S-(;o7i) Orcrfooktiii; Ocean o llol«-l-\|Hs TOO South Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH. S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-381 2 100 Ft. from Ocean · Air Cond| Heat · Heated Pool · Cable [ Color TV · Wall to Wall Carpet I Neat Amusements, Pier, Restaurants," f Churchs, Shopping Centers and Golf I ^Courses. LOW FAMILY RATES. MR. MRS. N.A. LEWIS ,, . Owners and Managers 2.-]-974Sund(i\ Gte

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