Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 13, 1976 · Page 82
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 82

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 13, 1976
Page 82
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Page 82 article text (OCR)

Jum- 15 ^CHARLESTON I WCHS-TV ' CBS i HUNTINGTON I WSAZ-TV NBC .HUNTINGTON I WOWK-TV " ABC CLARKSBURG WBOY-TV NBC PARKERSBURG WTAP-TV NBC HUNTINGTON I WMUL-TV ' PBS-EEN GRANOVIEW WSWP-TV PBS-EEN Morning 6:30 0 Sunrise Semester © Arthur Smith © On the Farm CD Artie Levin 09 Rev. Robinson 6:45 O Morning Report 7:00 O © ® © (3D Today 0 CD Network News 09® Good Morning, America 8:00 O CD Capt. Kangaroo © Sesame Street 8:30(2) Sesame Street 9:00 O A.M. © Coffee Break © OH Phil Donahue O Lucy 03 Romper Room GD Films of Today CD Dinah ODD.J. @3 Mister Rogers 9:30O Cross Wits © Romper Room S3 Children's Gospel Hour (g) Cartoons 0 Tattletales 00 Mike Douglas © Carrascolendas ® Yoga 10:00 O GD US (S) QD Sanford Son O CD Price Is Right (D Barbara Walters (S3 Bit With Knit GD Flower Show 10:30 O © © OH CD C e l e b r i t y Sweepstakes W Rev. Long ® Yoga S French Chef 11:00® Friends, Neighbors O © OS) © © Wheel of For-' tune O CD Gambit QD Farmer's Daughter S3 Lowell Thomas © Bit With Knit 11:30 O © ©) 05) © Hollywood Squares O CD Love of Life QD ® Happy Days © Biography ® Erica Afternoon 12:00 O © © 03) Fun Factory 03) O News CD Young and Restless OD ® Let's Deal © Sesame Street ® Kiln Krafts 12:30 O © d ) Gong Show OD News O CD Search for Tomorrow QD ® All My Children © Electric Co. t : O O O © Local news © Somerset © Fun Factory E) Barbara Walters O Phil Donahue CD Panorama QD ® Ryan's Hope © Electric Company ® People and Politics 1:30 O ® © © © Days of Our · : · -. -Lives ·· . . , . ; . . . . . , . . .OCD As World.Turns ' I 2 m CHAft/,g.STW.' W'VA. OD ® Rhyme and Reason @ Family Theater © Special 2:00 OD ® $20.000 Pyramid © Bi Ways 2:30 O CD Guiding Light QD ® Break the Bank O © O)© © Doctors @3 Unto the Hills 3:00 O CD All In the Family O ® © (SI GD Another World QD GD General Hospital © Catch 33 © College For Canines 3:30 QD £ One Life to Live O CD Match Game © Title X ©Yoga 4:00 O Mr. Cartoon © © © Somerset © Andy Griffith O Mickey Mouse CD Lucy CD Dinah ® Edge of Night © © Mister Rogers 4:30 ® Lassie O Bewitched Capitol Cable Channel 10 TUESDAY Morning 9:00 "County Chairman" 11:00 Journal Noon 1:00 "Copper Sky" 3:00 "Copacabana" 5:00 "Bozo" Evening 6:00 Journal 7:30 Herald of Truth 8:00 700 Club 9:30 Young Disciples 10:00 "Daisy Kenyon" Kanawha Cable Channel 2 TUESDAY Noon 1:00 Home Digest 2:00 "County Fair" 3:15 "Cassanova in Burlesque' 4:30 Spruce Variety Show Evening 6:00 Bozo 6:30 "Johnny Holiday" 8:00 700 Club/ 9:30 Testimony Time Today © 03! Family Affair ®) Batman . (H) Flintstones . O Andy Griffith CD Brady Bunch © CD Sesame Street 5:OOO Bonanza © 03) Gunsmoke O Partridge Family ©FBI 3D Ironside OD Mission Impossible ® Big Valley 5:30 O Family Affair QD Adam 12 © © Electric Company Evening 6:00 Q © © © © O CD QD ® Local news, weather, sports © © Zoom 6:30 32) Truth or Consequences Q © ® © O C D ( B ® Network News ©Yoga © Basic Banjo 7:00 O Truth or Consequences 02) News © Wild Kingdom © Ironside © Family Affair O Country Place CD Let's Deal QD Name That Tune ® Quartet © World of Animals @ West Virginia Journal 7:30© Name That Tune O Hollvwood Sauares © Wild Kingdom © Nashville O Match Game CD Dialogue QD Tell the Truth GD Animal World © Theater ® Martin Agronsky 8:00 B © © © Movin' On © T E A O CD I've Got a Secret QD ® Happy Days © Burglar Proofing © Mark of Jazz !!:30 QD'® Laverne and Shirley © Pirates vs. Houston Q CD Good Times © ® Consumer Survival 9:00 Q CD Mash O © (jo) © Police Woman QD ® SWAT © Strauss Family © Opera Theater 9:30 O CD One Day At a Time 10:00 O © © 03) Cjtv of Aneels O Bravo Julie (T) Switcn QD ® Rookies © © Dance 10:30 © Monty Python © Woman 11:00 O © © 02) (SD O CD QD ® Local news, weather, sports ©· Captioned News 11:30O © © © © Tonight OCD "Fearless Vampire Killers" CD 1) "Night Is the-Time for Killing" ©Janaki . l.-OOB © © Tomorrow Watch lor These MOVIN' ON -- (Repeat) "Living It Up." A mysterious Mr. Nash rents Sonny's rig, sends him off to a plush Georgia resort and has the lovely Mary Ellen keep him occupied." When Will learns that Moose and Benjy's "pig pen." also rented to Nash, has been blown up apparently while carrying stolen munitions, he and Sonny set out to regain their truck. E. J. Peaker and Jack Kruschen guest-star. 8 p.m. NBC-TV. O © © © *· H A P P Y DAYS ( R e p e a t ) "Howard's 45th Fiasco." Fonzie comes to the rescue when Howard Cunningham celebrates his birthday with a case of the blues and decides to run away from home. 8 p.m. ABC-TV QD ® *· LAVERNE SHIRLEY c (Repeat) "Bowling for Razzberries." It's a battle for the annual Shotz Brewery Bowling Championship when Shirley and Laverne and their all-girl team are determined to def e a t the Public Relation's Dept. team to get even with Karen, a tour guide who belittled the wisecracking Laverne. 8:30 p. m. ABC-TV QD POLICE WOMAN - ( R e p e a t ) " I n c i d e n t N e a r a B l a c k a n d White." Pepper and Bill have their painstaking investigative work undermined by a glory-seeking lieutenant (Don Galloway) in the case of a young policeman's sniper slaying during a gang rumble. 9 p.m. NBC-TV O © © © »· GOOD TIMES ( R e p e a t ) W h i l e researching the family tree, Thelma finds James' father, long believed dead, and invites him home as a surprise for her dad's birthday party-- but James' strange reaction takes everyone by surprise. 8:30 p.m. CBS-TV O CD SWAT -- (Repeat) "Murder by Fire." Hondo and his team go after a gang of arsonist-killers who pose as firemen, evacuate posh homes. shoot at actual firemen and escape with a fortune in jewels, paintings, and antiques. Peter Breck guest stars as Marco, ruthless leader of the gang. 9 p.m. ABC-TV QD ® *· MASH eThree stories-- a colonel with a fetish for recovering battlefield casualties. Frank Burns' concern with GI garbage, and Hawkeye's f a l t e r i n g love l i f e -- come together. 9 p.m. CBS-TV O CD »- STRAUSS FAMILY - (Conclusion) -- Johann. now 58. changes his religion from Catholic to Protestant a n d h i s n a t i o n a l i t y f r o m Austrian to German so he can divorce Lili and marry a pretty widow. Adele Deutsch. The marriage is a success. He writes The 6'i/sy Huron and returns to Vienna to become once a g a i n the idol of the Viennese. 9 p.m. PBS-TV © ONE DAY AT A TIME i Repeat i Ed, Ann's ex-husband, drops in with a bombshell t h a t Barbara hopes will spark a reconciliation. Ann's mixed emotions and hospitality lend some credence to Barbara's dream. 9:30 p.m. CBS-TV Q © ROOKIES ( R e p e a t ) The Code Five Affair." Cris Owens falls for a b e a u t i f u l girl planted by a big time dealer to gather information on the location of a million dollars worth of heroin confiscated by Cris in a narcotics bust. Jaclyn SMITH guest stars as the double-dealing beauty. 10 p.m. ABC-TV B ® CITY OF ANGELS - (Repeat) "The House on Orange Grove Avenue."' Hired by two wealthy sisters to solve an eight-year-old hom- i c i d e . J a k e A x m i n s t e r i s manhandled by police during his investigation. He also encounters opposition from a group of supposedly solid citizens and the prime suspect in the sensational slaying of a phi- l a n d e r i n g h u s b a n d and his g i r l f - riend in a Pasadena orange grove. 10 p.m. NBC-TV O OS 0® (3D DANCE FOR CAMERA - Two b e a u t i f u l arid u n u s u a l original dances. "District One," and "Pale Cool Pale Warm" are featured in the premiere of a series of three choreographed-for-television dance specials to be aired. 10 p.m. PBS- TV @ ® MYSTERY OF THE WEEK (Repeat) "Night is the Time for Killing." The story of a y o u n g woman, recovering from a breakdown, who is traveling alone on a long journey by train and who is drawn into an intricate web of intrigue and espionage by a number of her fellow passengers who are anything but what they seem lo be. 11:30 p.m. ABC-TV CD® Movies Tuesdav "THE FEARLESS V A M P I R E KILLERS" (1Q67) * ".' 11:30 p.m . O CD Roman Polanski. who scored with Kast-mnry's ll(ili\ a couple of years after this film, not only directed this meandering comedy- horror story, but also plays one ol the leads. He is the familiar assis!- a n t t o t h e e q u a l l y f a m i l i a r m a d professor who comes to Transylvania to obliterate the local vampires. Shron Tate ( t h e late Mrs. Pol a n s k i ) is the sexy lass who has been kidnapped by the bloodthirsty throng, and she supplies the only diverting moments in the film. Don't expect much. Better Than 5000 Homes Water Proofed Since 1972 SEAL-TITE BASEMENT WATERPROOFING co. I OldPitantfLcrfji-itWalerrwootingCompo' fi WiM Virg.rt-o and Vi.g-ma No Damage To Lawn y A Local Bonded Insured Co. --USING ALL PROVEN METHOD5- FOR FREE ESTIMATE CALL 343-4122 3914 MacCORKLE AVE. S. E, CHARLESTON, W. VA. 25304 DAY OR MGHT-INSURED and BONDED CO. In Beckley Area-Phone 253-3030 InHuntinston in Bluefield Area-Phone 325-9558 area Phone 523-7447 June i:i. /.97ft Sunday Gazrt

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