The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 6, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1918
Page 6
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s.. six. THK DA1LT COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE. PA. . AFRIU e, iei8: FORMER jfALE OARSMAN REPORTED KILLED mi _ of:.Washington, D. c,;'iuTOl s (-viator and -- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . . _ -- , woo-Is reported killed In European'waters. He i tl»hl«t«4~ri« Sheffield Scientific'yhool. Tale, in 1916. ATHLETICS F*m Hope for Continuation of Al Line* During War. l»snj«Hnjl«t» Rowing Conal Dssrf U»tt*^-YoUBtjsten Civen t» F«f*» AhMiT In Ttmls--Goll confirm** t» tw the principal attiTlty tmoag followers at »U HUM of sports u to tha outcome during the, cominf year Im states. '.' pr»c- pr. fe. OPTIMISTIC American League President Believes Season Will Be Good. Head of Junior Major League Tafcw Mm Rosy-View ·* « RssuR of Winter Developments--Aoim- «f agreed that all bnaetMs at , J, sport. »b.o«lcl be continued o« as broad | W »~s«U« «s possible flnrta* _tlw projrea* I of tie -w»r. " , i , ., -JJt,t*« -moment it would appear that I * »»TSir a* Intercolleclat* rowing Is «in- j eerned oa trw Pacific coast, It will be considered as a dead letter. WHo the "V*««rmlMflon of the Bnlverslty at Cal~ ifornla atfd Stanford university not to put crem on tie water this spring, 'varsity competition wffl be robbed of much Interest. On the other band, »mla; clubs doubtless -will continue to ' ' Baseball will be continued as nearly ·** '1*1 peerlble-. along -pre-war .-lines Al- 1 though it Is believed by many that the quality of games offered may suffer because of .the absence ot many stars through volunteering and the draft. ·jj^-ejactjilsv-both .-of --the;- Pndflc Coast "lui,»c cnil the newly- named Pacific j jCoast Intercollegiate league, formerly Settle northwestern "league, appear optimistic in this respect, however. Practically all of the California tennis stars, who are , nationally known already are enrolled In the service of ... ,. th«-«matn.. This it ls.,cont«Mled, will * "^atf6ra"a'n unusual opportunity for the ^youngsters to forge Into limelight and ' · ' ' · ' _ * Golf r ^wlth Its larger proportion of .' £· -^in abore v ibe-~ draft age, seerag to be lea.1 affected, by the war than most of the other branches of sport. Tnat yachting will continue to hold the Interest of Its devotees. Is best attested by tbe fact that reports from ; various p«rts ot the country indicate that many' asw craft, both' sail and motor, are being.'or will be bunt for tat coming season. This notwltnstand- .Ing the fact fhac many of tbe younger jumateur stars are working with the ^tjwrjouscmosquito and reserve fleets '"""felfte TJnlted States. : -'Ji; ~,"inei*C«]Hears to .be .no.question as - to the'foture of trap' shooting. " Witt the~enconragement of shooting ..begot-tea of- the war, this sport' enjoyed an' excellent year during 191",- and the consensus of opinion appears to be that this condition of affairs will be repeated during 191S. Track and field teams, like last sea-, son's football teams, will be among the heaviest sufferers as far as candidates are concerned, and while competition Is expected to be keen, a repetition of ' last year is lookeoV.for; in .the 'dearth of notable.: performances In tbe matter ·of record breaking. , ·· · . ' - ··· Resident Biia Joonsoo of lean league, who was not Inclined to be optimistic orer the baseball outlook; at toe close of the 1917 season, ^as been.'.encoimgtd to take a more rosy view u 'the result of the winter's developments. "Interest has been maintained all winter by 'the' numerous exchanges of players In both leagues and I begin to feel optimistic as to the future," said Mr." Johnson. "There will bo on abundance of playing talent and In spite of the army draft and navy enlistments, which have deprived the leagues of some splendid ball players, there will be others to fill their places. "Colonel Ruppert made anrexcellent move when he engaged Miller Huggtns to mannge the Yankees. . Huggtus is. a smart baseball man and in due time I feel. confident be will obtain sue* ·cessfni results. - Of course, be must have time to size up the players who will report to im- You must remember that be Is entirely new in the American league and has many things ; to learn. But .you can't take away from 'him his complete knowledge of ,the Inside workings of baseball. "Ed Barrow, I am sure, will prove just the sort ot man the Red Sox need to get the results of which thfit great team of players Frnzee has gathered Is capable and right here I want to say that after talking with Connie Mack I am inclined to bellevo the Athletics are not so badly, off as some of their critics have mnde it appear. /"Fielder Jones, with the changes made In his Browns, and with a Httle more luck, should prove what we all- believe him to have, the talents of a successful leader. Cleveland has been nard hit, but Jim Dunn Is gamely rebuil ding.'. "Altogether our league se«ms In good shape, and as I say, X am much more cheerful about the outlook for a good season now than I wns two months ago. It did really look bad to me then." 1 ft fe: The decision ot the club and the-Montreal-Kenael.tb unite n-!H (lT«-lioatreal one of'tbe largest kennels lit Osnsd*.- - - - · J FIVE OF OHIO STATE CAPTAINS IN SERVICE When Hap Courtney, captain of th« western conference, enlisted In the' ensign school for the navy at Chicago, he was the fifth captain of Ohio State to enter the service. Bolen, basketball ; Stelnhllber, cross-country; Hat-ley, football - captain-elect, and^ Todd*.track leader, are the other four. Captains of tennl* and baseball teams were tamed [ I- down on account of physical de, fects ^or-they wonld be gone, too. \ I tl T T T T I H T H't V I 14'T-IH-KI' WorKing for You? *****»****»****4**m»*f****»4m*4*» ·····*·+····*******+ .· No matter how small the amount, it is up to you-to increase its earning capacity as much as you should increase your earnings: · · · Millions of Dollars Have been made .by the automobile tire industries of the United States and paid to their stockholders, Here Is Your Chance 4 · The Sherman-Stiveson Tire · Rubber Go.' have taken over the plant of S, A. Black Manufacturing Company at Scottdale for the purpose of building tires with a removable tread. No inner-tube, made-entirely'of fabric and rubber, guaranteeing more, mileage with about one-fourth the expense for tires you now have; with the same ease and comfort in riding, absolutely safe from punctures and blowouts. Invest in something where the demand Is increasing.. Invest in something in which the profits are large. If you wish to see model of .our tire or know more about our proposition, you can have same without obligating yourself in any way by cutting out Coupon and mailing it to the Sherman-Stiveson Tire Company, Scottdale, Pa. · : Kindly give me full Information regarding your N a m e . Address ._ FULTON DRAWS $4,900 FOR 8 MINUTES WORK Fred Fnlton received $4,000 or a little better than S544 a , minute for knocking out Frank Moran at New Orleans. Moran drew $4,200 as his end. The gross receipts were $14,000. Fulton fought for 35 per cent of It while Moron had an agreement trtth. the club officials to get SO per cent of the money taken in. O'MARA, DODGER PLAYER, ENLISTS IN U. S. NAW What Is Your Answer The United States Government asks your support in help- lug to niake the Third Liberty lioan i a great success. Subscribe through us now for Third Liberty Loan Bonds. You can buy them for cash or ou easy payments. The seventh member of the Brooklyn National League club to join tbe nation's armed forces Is In the navy In tbe person ot OUIe O'Mara, mfielder. O'Mora has been _ with the Dodgenv off and on for several years but never bus been equal to the task of earning a steady wage.' HUGGINS HID FROM CYCLONE MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTMPWONtS OPPMAM'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONrlELLSVILLE, PA. Stay on Top Floor of Rickety Old Hotol When Subtropical Storm HiU Hostelry. Several years ago, wten Miller Hug- 5lns first managed the St. Louis Cardinals, a cyclone hit. Columbus, Ga., where the Nnllonnl leaguers were In training. The Cards we're billeted, la a rickety old hotel that threatened to yive way before the. tremendous attack of the .elements. As the building rocked In tho cyclone Lee Magee, Steve Evans, "Red" Qakes and a number ot other plnyers rushed down several flights of stnira to the hotel iobby. When the storm.had passed--It blew the root · from the hdte!--the players were returning upstairs when they met Hugging. , "Where was you?" asked Stove Bvonfl- "HidJng In tbe clothes closet," replied Hngglns. Be had stayed on the top floor during the entire subtropical storm. National Taxi and Transfer Go. 206 K. Faycttc Street GOOD TOEKriTG CABS AND TKUCKS TO AIJ. FOISTS. Quick service. Moderate charge. Careful drivers. Moving and hauling. BcU Phone 507. OOOOOOOOOOCOOOOCOCOOCKXXXXi g J. B. KURTZ, O N O T A R Y PLiei.iC § AND REAL ESTATE. 9 Ha. i South Meadow ^ Connsllivll)* Pa 3OO3OGOOOOGOQGGOOCXXX: OOOOO PILLS BHAI»I,C yea;ikim*tiul ' somnv wc^sTSEvaywjEME Want Ads--1 Cent a Word. WATC H YOUR S T E P ! HOW THE UNSCRUPULOUS LEAD THE BLIND The home merchant stands as a silent guardian of your well-being in a commercial way. He presents a solid footing to you as a patron. On the other hand the "order by mail scavenger lays pitfalls into which, you are led blindly by alluring presentations of lav- ishiy designed and colored photogravures. It is into these designs and their accompanying "bait" prices that you fall to loss. It is to protect you against these pitfalls that the home merchant stands with honorable reputation and a willingness to make right anything that may displease you. He will not misrepresent for he knows that your ability to judge for yourself will predominate. MORAL:--As you pass through the crowded p'ages of. mail order bait, look out for the pitfalls; see the home merchant and avoid the fall from which there is no recovery. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. ZO13IERSUJ!«'-"VVUL» COJffPASY .Fnmitnre, KORS, Stoves 154-153 Vi. Crawford Ave. W. V. LECHE Dry Goods 12,'i IV. Crawford Are. THE HOBSEE COKPAN! Men's Wear 1M W. Crawford ATC. COJDONUl IfATIOKAIi BASK Corner, Pitt«bor(! Street and Crawford Avenue. McDOSALD MUSIC A'D JELECTRIC CO. Koyal Hotel Block X. I'ittsbnrg St H. KOBACKEK SO.XS "The Btg Store" S. Httslmrs St. C. W. DOWNS Footwear for Everybody 127 \. Tittsburg St. COXNELLSTIXLE MAKKET AM) SORTH BSD aLVItKET Leading Grocery Stores 136 uiid 318 N. 1'ittsbnrf? St. ASDEHSOS-IODCKS JIABDWABE CO. Hardware 110 W. Crawford Ave. CHARLES T. GILES Jeweler . . HI West Crawford Ave. B'BOWIHSIX SHOE coarrASY Shoes West Crawford Ave. COSJfELLSVIHE DRUG COMPASY Drogs ISO West Crawford Ave. PETEli K. WEDMOEK Pianos and Phonographs , 12i-129East Crawford Ave. ' A. W. BISHOP Jewelry 107 West Crawford Ave. THE AAB05 CO. "Home Bander" MS N. Pittsbnrg St CROWLEY-SIESTREZAT CO. Shoes for the; Whole Family 113 V. Crawford Ave. ABTMAS WORS ClUna anil Wall Paper 147-151 W. Crawford Ave. THE CENTRAL STORE l)ry Goods 211 IV. Crawford Ave. ELPEUN'S Ladies' Suits and Coats . ISO 3T. Pittjuarg St. FIVE AND TEK CENT WALL PAPER CO. Wall Toiler 103 IV. Jt? v l K St. 1VELLS-3IILLS 3IOTOK CAB CO. Agents for Willrs-Kniglit, Overland Cars, Accessories ^ WEBTHEI3IER BROS. Men's Store 124 S. Piitstorg St CONNELLSV1LLE LAUKDEY "Snow White Work" · 120 Baldwii Ave. COLUMBIA HOTEL Johu Duft-an West Side FKISBEE HARDWARE CO. Hardware ^v. Crawford tv». WBIGHT-J1ETZLEB CO. Department Store W. Crawford bn. LAOGHBE5T DETJG C03TPA?TE 112 S. Pittsbnrg if. RAPPOBT-FEATHEBSrAJT CO. Ton Can Vo Better Here. J. N. Trump WHITE LI WW TRANSFER MOTOIt TRUCK Md WAGOSII MOVIHO AlfJt. H.OIST1WQ PIANOS A IPSC1ALTV, niflo* t03 B. Orap« AllcT, Opp-- ·lt« P. n. H. Depot. 'B»tb Pi»w»»». B Tiiat GviHzatioo May Be "Safe The United States oE America took the sword in the defense of democracy and freedom--that civilization may be safe that America may be safe. ·^ You are invited to lend your surmort 'CONNELlSVlLLE.PA,by subscribing to Third Liberty Loan (WESTSIDE) . Bonds--for sale by us. UNION NATIONAL BANK B.T C. A. VOIGHX,

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