The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 6, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1918
Page 5
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SATURDAY, AtRIL, 6, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, 'CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. ^ AST RESOURCES OF OUR COUNTRY JUST ENTERING THE WAR isit with friends and transacting lusineas In Connellsville. A. C. Jeffreys oC Add-ison was here yesterday on his return from a .business risit to Pittsburg.' Continued from Pave One. by many as praiseworthy. -The exact details, here too, are shrouded in secrecy as a military "measure, bat 'it is well known that an emergency war' building program" has been pushed .with, such rapidity that' the United States is well on the way to a place second-only to .Great Britain" as a naval force, and that in destroyers alone--most proved and .deadly weapon of the submarine--the navy by next year will have the greatest .fleet on the seven seas. Since the Jlnited States went to war, the navy .has placed contracts for practically a thousand vessels and besides that took charge of repairing the seized German and Austrian ships damaged by V^their crews at the orders of the German government. By taking the ships and men of the Coast J Guard into its fleets, by the merging of Naval Volunteers and Naval! Militia, and with the growth of the ^arine Corps, the Xavy has expanded Its forces practically" five timesislnce the country went to war. In;Sts immense task of convoying ·flUroojs there have been some losses, notaily the Tuscania and the Antilles, but ihe losses of life have been fortunately small in comparison, with the nuobers of troops transported. At the same time the American destroyers, working with the British in the submarine zone, have made themselves a error to the undersea boats. How m»y of these craft they have- 3c- cointed for remains a military ser cnt The Treasury, concerned with, fiiuncmg the war, has raised -.from IJberty Bonds and War Savings Samp sales more than ?S,000,000,000, aid on this, the first anniversary of tie declaration of war on Germany, i launching the Third Liberty Loan treasury estimates put the expense if the first year o£ the war at about 12,000,000,000 exclusive of the ad- 'ances to the Allies. W These advances to all Ihe Allies aave- totalled, up to the close of March M,960,600,000. The United States has been secured with the bonls'or obligations of the countries to which the money was 'advanced. More than $125,000,000 of the sum went to Russia before the debacle put the country ont of the war. \Vhat return the United States will get, it any. is considered doubtful.' Chairman Hurley of the Shipping Board, in a recent speech in New York at which he outlined the shipbuilding program fully for the first time, declared the great building program which is to make the bridge of ships to France, is 28 pur cent toward completion. He pointed out the magnitude of the task by recalling tSat the Ship- 'V:fi*g*'Boord.ig building in a year, a greater organization than the United States Steel Corporation has been able to build up in more than 20 years. Besides the work of the executive departments ot the government, the year haa seen tremendous strides in the mobilization of labor, industry, science and invention with the sole aim of winning: ^? war. Hundreds of business and professional men have given up private interest's to serve the ^government at nominal /pay. Business and manufacture has given'the best ot its secrets, "Wfcat is erpected to be one of tha mightiest weapons townrd winning the war is ie War Trade Board, created for tb purpose of cutting 'off supplies to Germany throcsh the adjacent neut-als. A year o» war, all officials concede, finds shorfeomings and defects, but it is contained no more than mighl have been expected from JL peaceful nation suddenly reorganised to a war basis. . . . Presidot Wilson ir a recent declarat»n .pronounced the present year the vital one in the. winning of the war. As the resourcas of America now beag gathered, get to the battlefronts iVith a mighty rush, they are fully cpocted to carry .the Allies throup to victory. BURNS, CUTS, BRUISES San Cnra Olnt»ent Relieves Fail, Dons Oat · Poison and Heals Promptly. There is no better remedy for burns, cuts and bruises than the antiseptic and healing ointment called; San Cura. Every -person ought to have a jar on hand; it is the first and best aid :o the injured ia case of accident, and Is the ideal remedy for so many other distressing and painful ailments besides. For example, it ia guaranteed by the Laughrey Drug Co., Connellsville, and Broadway Drug Co., Scottdale, to relieve itching, bleeding and protruding piles, eczema tetter, ulcers, salt rheum, boils, carbuncles and pimples, or money .back. | In case of old running sores, no mutter how long standing, a few poultices of San Cura Ointment will draw I out the poison, and leave them In such | thoroughly aseptic condition thatj they will heal promptly. TVe advise every reader to get a jar of San Cura Ointment today, and keep it ready for an accident or emergency that may happen. 25c, 60c and ?1 at Laughrey Drug Co., Connellsville, and Broadway Drug Co, Scottdale, on the money-back plan. Confluence. x ONFLUENCE, April · a.--Russell Bu»worth of Johnson Chapel was amPS those who left for a training caip yesterday. Jr. and Mrs. Harry Brown of De'- Wit. Mich., who have been her sev- eil months, expect to return home sin. E. J. McDonald .of Addisdn'was in fwn yesterday on business. fj.jlrs. ·*· w - Wil'on of Elm Grove is (siting her brothers, J. I*, Will and jrvllle Burnworth of the West Side !. The school board met the other jight and elected the same teachers for the er.suing term that have taught the past term as follows: Pri- -Imary, Miss.Allie Dull; room 2, Edith fShow; room 3, Susan Bowlin; room ; 4, Nettie Marat; room 5. Prof. Thomas; ·'jroyni 6, Prof. C. E. Koontz; principal / Prof. B. T. Frazee. I W. H. Zufall of Harnedsville was ' here yesterday on his way to Connells- vllle on business. Mrs. Frank Anderson of Somerset in visiting her^mother. Mrs. H. Leydig. Harry Lawver of near- Pittsburg, formerly of this place, is here on business at present. s Mrs. Alfred Younkin of Pittsburg is here visiting her parents, Mr. arid Mrs. John Fick. Mr. and Mrs. 'Orville Jiurnworth have returned from a visit with friends at Conneltsville. Mount Pleasant and Pennsvil!e. . George Frazee has returned from a GEJTERAL C'OUSSEL OF EXEBGEXCI FLEET BOOT i"TIZ" GLADDENS SORE, TIRED FEET So Puffed-lip, Burning, Tcinler, Aching Feet--No L'-orna or Callouses. Chester \V. Ctithell, 34 years old, general counsel of the Emeri5«ncy Fleet corporation, is the youngest man who holds a similar position for the government. He succeeded Judge John Barton Payne, who has been made legal adviser to the director general of railroads- SOAP FOH THE SCAM'. San Cura Soap is deliehtllul for shampooing, because it is full of antiseptic properties that .banish the germs of'liandruff and other impurities from the scalp. It removes pimples and .blackheads, too. 25 cents a cake at th« Langhrey Drug Co., Connellsville, and Broadway Drug Co., Scottdale. If your druggist doesnt keep it send to the Thompson Medical Co., Titusville. Pa.--Ady. Dickerson Run. DICKERSON RUN, April 5.--Miss Lillian Strickler, who resigned her position with J. F. Black Company to accept a position in Pittsburg last month, has taken her old position with Black's. Mrs. Emma Beatty spent yesterday with her daughter, Mrs. Knlseley at Uniontown. Mrs. J. C. Jacobs and daughter. Miss Grace,- Mrs. Richard Sidow and Mm. James Beatty.~were shopping in Connellsville yesterday. Patronize those who advertise. TOO WEAK TO FIGHT WRESTLING IN FRISCO t MAY BE REVIVED AGAIN | Anutlu-r etfort hns beun innde * In Frisco to revive ^resiling, J which a I'ew months ago received j a setback due to clmrges thnt I the athletes were not playing J fair \vit)i tlie public. A rycent + match which was stmicd drew j£ a fair-sized ermvil, notwith- 4- stnuding the iDclonu-nt weather. J Encouraged by this showing, ne- · · ffotlailons nre In progress to |; briny; some of the better per- · formers tORfther. . '. \ "Tiz" makes sore, burning, tired feet fairly dance with delight. A-way go the aches and jwiins, tbe corns, callouses, blisters, (bunions and chilblains. "TIz" draws out the acids and ·pois- ons that puff up your Icet. ,No matter how bard you work, how*long you ! dance, how far you walk, or how long I you remain on your feet, "Tiz" brings restful Tool comfort. "Tiz" is -magical, grand, wonderful for tired, aching, swollen, smarting feet. All! .how coirvforta,ble. horn* nappy you feel. Your feet just tingle for joy; shoes never hurt or seam tight. · Get a 25-cent box of "Tiz" IMW from any druggist or department slore. End foot torture tflorovar-- wear smaller shoes, keep your feet fresh, sweet and happy. Just think! a j^whole year's foot comfort for only 26 · cents.--Adv. Pennsville. Mr* JNO when you bake. No ruin ^ poorlydonebread,nowastedmal^r- -- no worry, because of wroc* ofeo The "Come-back" man was really never down-and-out, Hi« weakened condition because of overwork, lack of exercise, Improper eating and living demands stimulation to sat'iafy the cry for a health-giving appetite and the rufreshinf* sleep essential'to strength. GOJVD MEDAL, Haarlem Oil Capsules, tae National Remedy of Holland, will do the work. They are wonderful. Three of these capsules each day will put a man on his feet before he known it; whether his trouble come* from uric .acid poisoning: .the kidney 5. gravel or stone in the bladder. «tom- ach derang-emenf or other ailment.* that befall the over-zealous American, Don't wait until you' ar* entirely j down-and-out, but taku them today.' Your drus-g-ist will grlad'Jy refund your money It they do not help you. Accept no substitute. Look for the name GOLD MEDAL on every box .three sizes. They are the pure, original, imported Haarlem Oil Capsules.--Adv. / Dunbar. D. C. Eason-'for wall-paper.--Adv.- 26mar27t Get A Direct Action Oven Thermostat ·nd measure the h«ic as easily as you measure milk in a pint cup. You simply set: the Temperature Wheel luid obtain any deflree of oren beat that the receipt calls for. April S.--Quite a ! number of Pennsvilio folks went to Sconnellsville Thursday afternoon to I b i d goodby to the soldier boys. Aus- j,Un B. Miller, one ot the most popular I young men of Pcnnsville, went with | District No, ~'s quota. Pennsvllle I no-*- has 16 hoys in tbe service. i Miss Minnie Coughenour of Unlon,- ! town iipent the week-end visiting | friends. Miss Mary Houston and brother, larles, spent trora Friday imtH I Sunday evening visiting friends in iCarrick, uear Pittsburg. ; Joseph Htxon moved from the ! Sherrick farm Wednesday to Owens; dale where he will farm for Jackson | Sutor. I Mrs. Ralph Ixsasure and two cbU- j d r e n of South ConnellsviHe spent Wednesday afternoon visiting at the I home of Mrs. Ijcasurp'fi parents. Mr. ' a n d Mrs. Daniel Miller. JL-ST OL'T. First XnUoiiar* Jfonlhly Trade Eei vlcw Is Beady. Every business man should read ft ! It gives facts and flures that havis a j vital bearing on conditions existing i in many line*. It Is reliable and help' fa! and it's fr^e. Send rour address | to the First National Bank, Connells' ville, ]?a---Adv. Bui-son's 75c Boot Silk Hose $1.25 Silk Camisoles Washable Satins, Silk Crepe and Wash Silks, lace trimmed and hand embroidered, 9Sc. Seamless Hose in h^ack and white only -rSaturday special 59c. Regular $25 and $27.50 Values Youthful Pony Styles Plain Tailored Suits Embroidered Eff cts These are really stunning Suits--having all the individual little style touches of the much higher priced models. New Tuxedo Collars--double tiered ^ephirns-- flaring hacks--slit pockets--rows oC buttons and .braid trimmings. New Flare Styles B-raicd. Beyond Suits New Sport Styles Here are fine Sr.ts that any woman would be proud to wear; as distinctive as the expensive models of which they are eract .counterparts. Dressy styles and severe tailored kinds in many different models--all colors--sizes for wo- raen, misses and juniors. s^. · '--V Stunning New Suits $22.50 and $35 Values Many styles to choose Jroin, including stunning flare effects, new picated models, yotthful styles and braid trimmed s ills. Stylish Coats Smart Dresses Specially featured. at this popular price, · the style leaves nothing to be desired. Colors are the most popular -for the new season. A neglected cold in 8 child's h of Ceo leads to chronic catarrh and catarrhal deafness--stunting child- vea** mental rrowtii, making Uicm appear stupid. TryKondon's for ihe" |babycold (at no charge io you) remedy.' for chronic i«ry can, or tiny tuhe at -. It wij! bwnaGt yon POCK time* ciora than it iX"t*. or wo p*/ man03- bck. Kor trial run free *nui to-- MIKff KF1. CO., MUIUKU1. Mm. I Try our classified advertisements, F. T. EVAIS'S ESTATE, Agents, Both 1'hunes. WEST PENN SERVICE Mr. Business Man: YOU would not think of renting any office that was not lighted by elec- tricity, as it would not be modern. Why then will you have your wife work in a home that is not modern? Think this over and call our nearest office for our house-wiring proposi- tion. JUPOLEOR ONCE SAID · «A Toouore Amy I* An Army Half Defeated." Men ia Tiaming Cunpfl, in CMtoammU, In tbe Array *nd Navy ·oner from btUten and ion fpot*m tbcirfrtt. XTdT^ComfoxtKit"should eoctabvone ormoreboxetof Allen 1 ! Foot--Ease, lb« aottMptic powdM- to *bak» irtolheeho**. It frMtMiMthe tir*d» tchioc, wnantoffeet and' « IIM!* Wntcra and *or* spots. Th* Flsttalmrs Camp ptfaanal ·drlM*.Kcnmtratitlazto mak« JUlj MI of Frrt fur' dokt ewywJKr* t S*c! WEST PENN POWER COMPANY. OXY-ACETYLENE WELDING Anything Made of Metal / STEEL CUTTING ANYWHERE J. H- CRAFT BELL. PHONE 52 51 Arch Street, Uniontown, Pa. fpatronizo Those I Who Advertise. -. Classified Advertisements Ic a Word. -r :^\ 4- EFFICIENCY--that ia the watch-word of today. It * means speed. It means the elimination of all waste in time and effort. It means the co-relation of brain and muscle in making each minute a productive minute. If we are to win the Great War, we must introduce this doctrine into every phase of our daily life. /is a nation, we must learn to challenge each tjck of the clock and insist that it register Action. In this connection, please remember that the auto- · mobile is [one of the most efficient Time and Labor saving devices that has ever been developed It has become the pace-maker of modem progress and to eliminate it would mean to turn back the calendar a quarter of a century. In 'every profession and every field of business you will find the motor car performing its work with economy and dispatch. It carries thousands of executives to and from their offices each day. It permits them to keep ap- ; pointments on the dot. It multiplies their usefulness and broadens their scope of activities like no other form of transportation. So, by all means, buy a motor car -- but get a good one while you are about it. Look'for a manufacturer's reputation rather than four wheels and a painted body. Look for enduring quality--' that is all we ask -- and you will be led irresistibly to the Paige. PAIGE-DETROIT MOTOR CAR COMPANY. DETROIT. MICHIGAN JOHN RHODES AGENT, WEST SIDE CONNELLSVILLE LSMk.

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