The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 6, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 1918. founder and, Editor. g THE C04TB1RK COMFAJTT^ ' President. /, ST. .' JAa J. DRISCOI*!*-' 1 , g; »*«'y and Treasurer, Buslaeasatana ' JOHN L. '(JANS,- *-r . J Managing'Editor^"-' ' '· WALTER S. STTM^ifKU -.^ "" - , J r City Editor. - Society Editor. MEMBER OP: , ifliwoclated Pr« ·Audit /Bureau of Circulation.' Two'cents per COPT. 6*c P« r month; IS P«r T«AT by mall If paid in advanc*. Xntered as accond class matter at th« peatolQc*. ConaeL'AviU*.* Pa- s !%· C*vrt*r*s S*rrle* Fta*. "" TTTLLIAM: p. SHERMAN, Bo«»it»r.X7nu L, 0. S. A~ Ifort ,, JfcPhersOD. Atlanta. Ga, . RALPH F. SiaCEB. Company H," 319th, Infantry. TJ. S. N. A.. Camp' Lee. Petersburg, Va. i.iTln ·] Ike AModau* I-re«. Tfc» Auociated Press 1* «x- ' ·ntittod to- tne~UM for ot all r.»*» 4i»- Jf»tcb«» cr«dltejd to--it or- not othnrl3*.aredlted la thls-paper and also tKaTocal nt barela. -- IKXBDUTE PUTT OF COSGBESS. TJi»-precipitous-action of "the ibol . «t OoUinsrflle; nilnoter in lynching a - mur- Those pro-Germanism hait been aKefSdT'lrat apparently not jiroven, ' emgtnsiaes strongly the. n^essity for the «»rliest ijoeaibltenacttaenrof'laws , prescribing adequat^-'rjxinaltles tor 4is- loraitr in anyfif Its TISI'formsT' ; Bwause of the more or less uii- , restrained activities ot the-German sts the temper of. tile-loyal at the republic is -fast near* ing that state when, as the deplorable : Incident at CoPJnsrUle shows, they into tfceir oym hands the ati- f ministration ot jnstice by crude and ^ Tolem_methods. Aggravating .is the _ otteilles of the pro-Gernraas hare be- we must preser^e^our respect · for law and Justice and prifcee£ with theii punishment only'in an' orderly '· -maniieT. "We have condemned unspar- .' Germany's brutal disreg?.rd of all Iwr, both human and divine, hence lire must not take such stsps as' 5 lay our nation open to the charge that we, 'too, do not scruple to use : methods. - . '. All'sedition, treason and disloyalty inmstyje punished, but only by-la-vrtu! means waich it is the immediate duty , of Congress, to pr BOAKOTOKCr FBOJT ·fKULTfK." Tiioce- ardent and self-seeking Dem |S ocsatte partisans, who are raorr con- Deemed about .the political, advantages jj to be galned^by.tlLeTTrarthan they are I'.zealous about its eflteiexU'prosecution, i are as-unscrupulous, as-the Gentfans, p' ·whooa -tliey-Iifiitat"e t "iii the cfioico and ^use of means to accomplish their ael- £*; £ah *nds, theirjoud -pratiggs of ·*n6ri- Sr -mvti«*TveKin'* *.y ' tJS6^*-cobtraTy" not- , So. regardless ;-Jtre they of all con- jtirtoralions of, truth and fairness, and ·o'prone are-.they to wilfully pervert tods and statements to suit their pur- po««6, that any. person tvho ha the {hardihood to refuse to subscrilrc to g£th*l article ot^heir faith which holds ^Democratic partisanship to be the - - · * est form-'of-tnatriotiam, instantly, because :therebf, becomes tainted disloyalty; - / The most recent example, which to TrharextremiUes the Demo- ·partisans are willing to j;o in fV the iurtherance of their designs, is the ^·eoatoriat election in "Wisconsin. The " choice or a candidate to succeed La- L Tollette, the apch, pacifist, hingei di- Iv* xcctly upon. tl. issue of pro-German- .Irvlne I*."-I*nroot, the loyal Ke, woiv |fie "nomination against .te's protege. Joseph E. Iavis £,,resigned from;tfae Council of National ?Defense, to become the Democratic no^-to/redeem the Badger from prep-Germanism, as the ;rs ot hisriaanpaign piously and £ patriotically 'asserted to be his inis- L, bui to prevent the election of n : loyal Republican as successor to La- £vull4tte. the disloyalist. In a Tain effort -to defeat LCD root %rery political 'jtrick and expedient called intoMrfsy. Vice President p'atai'shall and 'other federal olucer folders neglected-^fheir duties at the tonal capitaTto tate part in thr against the candJ date [chosen squarely - on the iusue [eC loyaitj; t« ^ government as loppOBCd to pro^-ennanlsiSi. Dav.s, the *" raocratic nominee-having .no, La 7 illette canditteSe^^rcontest his^nom,-, lunation. In hisfsspeeches in the in- £tere3ts of the dstgai of Lenroat, ''/ice ·evident MarSttalt Tjranded as ; dis- JloyaT* all ihos*'citizens of Wisconsin 10 irouM vote-tor the Republican .caadidate. " The employment oi these tactics 15 very justly .been charactcriz-jt. as tae of the dirtiest-pieces of politics or generation^ * It .will be rccaile;! jlong after the vice^presidential nonen- is retired to.'pliViUe life forever. is, however, not^the first instaneo in Srhich the samoVae£picabIe methods ]^ave4wen employed.,"* It has its coun- liarpart in the denunciation voiced by Senator "Jim Hanx^ Lewis when Stera Burroughs Tfon the ConsressionaJ flection in New j Ha;nrrishlre on the So- : "~ lican ticket^ and;those who voted" hhn were d?*^* "agents of the ,iser," The timgs Tvere not so tte as now an^ the charge of lis- alty was uotj'ao seriously taken, : -was the autlwar of that untruth so mia«nt in, theV-public eye as Ute irimtruth respecting . but the t s . and u _ -_ ,. . · the-dtazhe- la either case. These Incidents are somewhat removed from each other in point of 'time and.'place but" they,thus all the more plainly show thaf'falsehoods, insults, jerverted statements and trickery are to be employed by the partisans, camouflaged £t patriots, whenever or wherever th^re is necessity to secnre a few Votes to perpetuate Democratic ^control. "Thus f»r"tiese meth- odsvhave accomplished nothing more^ tian to serre notice on the people of tjie United States that the partisans have IxJiTowed at least one leaf from the ritual of "Kultur," namely, that the means, be they ever so vile, are justified by the end. Those who are disposed to be critical "of tho work 'of the Fuol Administra- tion-rnlgrht-'very "easily direct Dr. Gar- 'fleld's .attention to" his reversal" of opinion. When he assumed control last Augut he urcfed the people to delay buying coal, promising- both a plentiful supply, artd arlow.- price. Now he urges prpmpt" buyine," but makes no predictions as^ to~prlces.-~ All of which shows'" ho^w .much rocLK-be learned of the coal ,business 1 .after a strenuous Dignt month's real close contact with the job of controlling the Industry. Did you do all that you could yesterday to help win the war? Congress is enacting laws to suppress pro-Germanism It' QUKht to frame a real stiff one. to reach those hidebound partisans who are altogether too free in assigning to the pro-German c'ass those who are actually,better ^patriots than their de- famera," With a-Jch a law in force several newspapers would very probably be edited from the ctfunty jail, and some federal* offices relieved of their present incumbents. There is a significance' In th'e urgent call for Ked Cross workers'.-in France which no thoughtful, serious minded patriot will not not fa.ll to understand. The firemen have set an excellent example to some other organizations and bodies by the completeness and dispatch vrttn. which they have \vorfcet out the details of their fire prevention association. They are accustomed to wasting no time in the work of fighting fires and they have acquired the habit of"-applylng the same rules to tKeir business-transactions; · The doctors of Faj-ette" are patriotically doing t h e i r part' to keep the county well up toward the top of the* honor list in ita contributions to the agencies that Will w i n the war -The loyalists in different sections of the country are holding little gatherings and performing certain ceremonies, at which the pro-Germans would ,ver£ much prefer to not bo included "among those present." Compulsory military tramiiiK in this _countr' *9 approaching_ nearer every time it becomes rieceraa-y to Increase the size or number of draft call* WANTED--CHAMBERMAID AT B. , O. EESTADBANT. Saprtt "WANTED--MAID FOR GENERAL housework. MRS. EDWARD DUCGAN. 201 South Eighth street. West Side. - 4aprtt WANTED--THREE UNFURNISHED rooms after A p r i l 15. Address 11G South Secoi-tl atreev. 29martfd FOR SALE--ONE GOOD SECOND hand r o l l top desk. S G. ZIMMERMAN 6aiirlt FOR SALE--STABLE E 6 x l 9 , LOCAT- cd on lot 106x165 .corner of Meadow Lane and Church Place. Also three double houses on same lot. Inquire JOS. L. STADBR 23martM WANTED--LABORERS APPLY Foreman CONNELLSVILLE WATER COMPANY. Sapr2t WANTED--YQUN'G MAN, WELL AC- quainted with the city. Apply CONNELLSVILLE WATEIl COMPANY. ' | 5apr2t WANTED--CIIRL FOR SENERAL housework. No washing or ironing Apply TEMPLETON'S BArfCRY, 114 North Pittaburg street. 2aprtCd WANTED -- ROAD B R A K K M EN, age 18 to 3C. Apply A. E. McYICKlSIl, Train Master, Baltimore Ohio railroad, Connellpville, Pa. 4apr7t, WANTED--BOYS AND GIRLS OVER 16 years of age. Paid while learning. CONNCLLSVILLE SILK MILL. 2aprGt WANTED--GIRL FOR GENERAL housework, good wages. Apply H. L. CARPENTER.' 810 South Pittsburg street. laprtld WANTED--GOOD GIRL FOR GEN- eral work In restaurant and confectionery store. Apply O." F. THOMAS. South Connellsvllle. Pa. Saprtfd SALES- lady; reference required. Apply PICKS' DEPARTMENT STORE. 5apr3t WANTED--LABORERS FOR WEST Penn work car, 30c per hour. Apply to F. W. RIVERS, Supervisor. · Caprlt' WANTED--TO BORROW 5500 ON my diamonds Cor 35 days from good reliable party; will pay J75 for use of money. Answer immediately. "LOAX." care Courier. 8apr2t* WANTED--SIX FIRST CLASS MA- cUinists-, and six machinists' helpers Cor round house work. Call General ; d Foreman, P. 5: L. E., Dickeraon Run. SOmarTt WANTED--SEVERAL CAP.FENTERS or apprentices for repairing care; 0 hour day; steady work. Apply" MASTER MECHANIC. West Penn Shops. 2apr4t WANTED--SEVERAL . MEN FOR overhauling and repairing cars. Good o p p o r t u n i t y ; 4-hour shift- Appli" MASTE RMECHANIC. West Penn Railways shop. GaprSt WNTED--KO BACKERS' UEQCLRE the services ot a thoroughly experienced and aectira.t« stenographer. Resident of Conne'Iavillo preferrfd. Apply in person to itR, A. J. KOBACKBH. \ "SmtircfU Former President Taft's c o n t e n t i o n that an army of 5.000.000 Americans will be needed to bring the war to an end don't appear nearly as unreasonable to many persons as it did some time ago. By Walt Mason. FRA3CIS JOE. Old Francis Joseph's Blecplnc, removed from Rrricf and woe, w h i ' e nations, worn and w eepinsr, through war's Brim motions ·sro; ha'«i slrtpin^ ·with his fathers, who kicked up all the pothers; no more he f r e t s or bothers.--It's well for Francis Joe. The tool of Bill, the fcaisfr, he let war's bloodhounds loose; ho vras no ^aner, wiser, than thus to r«.ii-e the tlcuce: but now he's all un worried; he's? refl- Ins, calm, unflurrio,d. hte sideboards neatly curried," he's found the final truce. Oh. lucky, lucky ruler! Forgotten is the foe: enjoying, in your cooler, the sleep t h a t dead ones k n o w ; how meny monarchs, .lighinf?. and sick of death and dying 1 , arc you with envy eyeing 1 , O foxy Francis Joe? How- many kmes w o u l d barter thctr finest motor car. equipped w i t h patent itart- eT, to ?1 amber where y ou arc** Me thinks that Car! and Billy whom blood has rendered Hilly, would love our cha-raber chilly, with rrxarble pates ajar Oh. still on France's meadows t h e crimson ware^eta* flow; and still, like steal thy* shadows, men 3* ghosts move to and fro; the fiphtinj? men are 1-eancr, war's stratearems jjrows meaner; you do not care a winner, or pretael, Francis Joe. DO TOUR BIT; BUT A B02TD. By Thos. W, Scott. U. 3. Navy. It was iust a year aeo this morn. That freedom for the world -was born; And. with money, shot and shell, JTell.'or.ce'more r i n g - t h e .Liberty boll. "Aa everj nation shall have new b i r t h We'U Tins' t h l i time for the enfth. "We can't ·all'-go acrOHS the pond, So do your bit""iind buy a bond. The German people "grow weaker but, not wiser. Therefore we've got to whip the Kaiser;" And we can't hesitate too 'one; Nor win a battle with a patriotic song 1 . The situation iff anything 1 but f u n n y . To build more ships we must' have If of your Country you are fond. Do your b i t and buy a bend. Protect the boy who le.£t a good home. To go into that helljsh war zone. To sacrifice both life and health; Share with him a little of your wealth, And hr-Jp to end a blopdy" war Before it reaches our own beloved shores. Cheer up the boys across the pond By buying: another Liberty Bond. WANTED--WOMEN "WANTED FULL, Unix. sulj.ry $24 selling 1 f^uuraniet i3 hosiery to wearer, 50o an h o u r spare time. Bitf spring business. Experience unnecessary. I N T K l l X A T I O X A L MULS. Norrlstmvn, Fa, (t.iprlt* KIND OF PRJ.'.'. Ing:, whether it Is a calling cord, sat bill or the llnc«t engraved weddir.j I n v i t a t i o n or announccmpnt. Wo pr.n anythine--everythlnK--do it prom'.i'r and do it right. Call the roan at TiJ--- COUJUER office Both phone-B 27-ti Vor HcMt. FOR RENT--APARTMENTS, IN- q u l r e FLORENC'R SMUTZ. Saprtfd FOR HENT--TWO UNFURN1SHKI! rooms. Call 221 Kaet P*ach Btreet, FOR SALE OR TRAD33--FARM Ninety acre Irult f a r m for sale or trade for town property f an g-ive Immediate possi."-aicr, i n u l t i d i n g ' I m - plements. K. F. DoTV'lTT, iJell p h o n e 299-J. Scottdale, Pa. 4 a p r 3 t FOR HALE--11* TON flEPUBMC truck, good coal bod, s p l e n d i d r u n - ning condition, 570(1 J3..3 Slud^ba-ktir Roadster, Rood r j u n n i n j j c o r d i t i o h , good Urea, $100. sic SCHillTZ W«$l Side Garage. I ' 6:ipr3t FOR SAL-U--BEALJTlFin.j BAV horse, 9 years old, w e i g h s 1,135 pounds. Flne^drivcr, good ii.ll purpose horse. Harness and M i f f l e n b u r B buggy. See A. S. WALTER. Scottdale, Pa. -ta-prSt-eod-wed FOR SALE--SIX LOTS ON FRANCIS avenue; 1 house with 3 rooms un Fii- ette street; houao anil lot on Pittaburg and Franclis and near Sligo mill. Inquire of CHAS. "WK1HE, 423 Johnaton avonuft. 26marGt-eod FOR SALB--40 ACRES LvVND, S room new house-, (house could not bo b u i l t to,, S3,OOQ), b a r n , 40 p«ach trees, SO p l u m trees, 40 apple trees, G pear Hues; S2.400. 1 !£ m i l e from city. See A. E. Wagonee Ai CO., Tri-State S26-X. FOR SALE--aO ACHE FARM ON White Day Creek, Monongalla County, "W*. Va., undorla-ld with 3, 4 and 6 foot voins coal. Kight acres clea-red. Oil and gas rental paid quarterly. Price 5800. For f u r t h e r information -write F L. TRAVIS, R. F. D. 5, Box 1, Fairmont, West Virginia. 2Cmarfit-eod* FOR SALE-~MACHINERV. ONE 15 H. P motor, one 4 H. P. motor, oils 8-ton l^e machine, one tx-t double t p e condensers, ammonia pipe, from -4 inch to 1 inches, p u t i e v a s h a f t i n g an d belting. Address + ilACHI^ERY," care Courier. G a p r 2 t J-'OR SALE--A TRACT OK TIMBER ami eoa! land situate ,.n Wharton t o w n s h i p . Tayetto county, Pennsylvania. The ooa.1 is the Freeport vein. I n q u i r e of the -indfr-iigncd an to terms, price, otc. CHAH7.ES C MITCHELL, Admioi.stra.tor A n n i e Adams Estate, C o n n e l l s v i l l e . Pa. 6upr6t Don WE" ARE PR E ; p .\ .ii rarro stitchtnR and Plcot Edpc w o i k In ConetlBvllle \Vo ha\ e our own ma- china operated by an expert o p e r a t o r Work ne.ttly ,md q u i c k l y cltuu- S1NG- F.U SEWlNt; M A C H I N E CO, 103 Kust Crawford a v e n u e 2 a p r G t to if ran »rA. SEALKL) PROPOSAUS W I L L BK KK- ceiv ed by t h e C o j n t C . - n t r n J i * r of Payotte county, J' Iviuil.a. j.t hr-- utfli:* In the Court Uoujw. l'-nlontow n. 1'c nn sylvan in, t i n t i 1 , 2 o'clock P. M , Monday. A p r i l 29, I ' J l S . Mr t!:e c c n - -ttrtu-tion i - f n d o u b l e 20 foot t.pj.n rein forced cuncrctc liri'lge over O i ' o r g f s 'ret; It in F a i r o h a n r e 'borons i Plans, projinjialji aiul spec ideation r frtr the above Ijr'irtp** can b ^ rti-cureil at the n / f i c c nf the Count;, Tio.^l am! i i t t h t u m n \ c dollars t K S P p E.irh prripns-i! ni Jit hf nccomp-inif il by a cerlifiod chock dr^wi, nn ,L bank in Pt i nn. n t% ajjia e q u a l t t j 10 per c«ns 10--J,) of i h e .immini of lh" p r o j i n « a l The r t f f h t to r e j r r t a n y f.r .il! prop o n t N ii ptpre-i"'j re^ervr-l H A R R Y K I t i l X G E R County Contr'.llar FOR REKT--rURNlSHED ROOM I private family. Ill North CoLtnjc 1 avenue. l a p r C t FOR RENT--TWO KU 11.V J SlI i-1 room-* for light housekeeping. I m i u f n . 34fi N o r t h Arch, 6 a p r J t * FOR RENT--THREE U N K U R N i y i l ed rooms. 405 South Eighth ain-ui. est Side 4apr3t FOR RE3XT--TWO NICELY FL'R- njflhed rooms for light hnusekrepine, with use of bath. 1217 Sj cam ore FOR RHNT--O.VE DESIRABLE ·rtore room formerly occupied by Mean" Mu'-TJliy. Inquire FL.ORSNCE SMUTZ SSfebtfd FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES ON .second floor ol lunn Kvana build. Inquire of HARRY DUNN. Sjan-tfd Kur FOR SALE--TOP WAGON. FRANK DcPAUL, 121 Third street. We«t Sfdt ·tuprfit* FOR SALE-- PARAMOUNT NEWS Stand. Inquire B. L, UnGGS or a: sla nil. / SOmartf FOR SALE -- FORD T O U R I N G CAR. 1917 model; w i l l sell for 532ft. 00. Apply 230 East Apple street. 5apr2t" FOR SAUS -- CARLOAD OF 3. 1 A N " ) 6 inch sewer pip.' just received. W. I. FOR SALE-- WHITE W Y Y A N D O TT FI chicka Sat-urdaj . Ord-r now. O. R HI3RW3CK, 1012 . South Pitlsburp- atreot. Saprtf FOR SAL!-:--MY DIAMOND KINO cheap; am in rlraCt and ncud iht, money. Answer immediately. "RING." care Courier. 5apr2t* FOR SAL'E-MO. H. P. OAKLAND, 5300. 438 East Crawford a v e n u e 5apr6t» FOR SALE--TWO SNUG SKAT display top tables at very low figure. Call Tri-State 23, Ring 2. Dunbar. Pa. 6apr-t£-sats FOR SALK--ONE GOLDKN O A K bedroom su te, pood ju( new; ivill ±rU cheap. '2'2'J N i n t h street, W f n t Side, Tri-State 53-1-W. Rapr3t* FOR SAL-IS --MODERN BRICK dwelling on Smitli Side. Seven rooms, reception hall^ batli, hot w..ter heat. P. O. Box 27t3. City. O . i p r J t S K A L K D PliOPdSAUS W I L L DC P.K- . - f i \ f i l by tlit* ("nu u cvj i t n i i : - r ".' ,'.iyittJ» c n u n i y . ("· r i | j \ h a n i j . -U hi.-^ ·lllcf 1 in the Court llnusx 1 , I ' r . i o n t o v n. P c n n f f y l v n n u . u n t i l L' o'clock P. M., Moirliiy. A p r i l 23. I31S, f o r t 1 f Von- « f u r t l o n of a 30 fr.ot *p;in r e l n f u r e c f l '·oncrete hrid?r« a\ cr Meadow Run ·if-nr F f t r m i r i R t r i n 0:1 ihp ro.-id l e a d i n g f r o m Farm! n e t on t o Ohio^iyl**. Plans, proposals and er/'cUU'a.tloii!* Tor tin" n h o \ » b r M w cnn he scc-irfii a: t h e offlrc of - t i n ' otinty Romi nml Flridpe KntrmcT. Cfniri Hone 1 *;, 1 ' n f o n - tov. n, IVnTi» . for t'lp num ol ( l \ e f j s a n ) yo" eel. Kach propos'il miiHt b* n:compan!e'« h i c f l r t l f i f d chfclt f l i a w n on ,L b a n h 'a Penn«j'H uila ei lal to 1Q prr cent t l f l ^ J . ' °f l ^ c a m o u n t "C th« propo«! il The r l j f h t l o reje-H any i~ all p r r - po^alu i" o T p r p s ^ I y P( sei . f 1 H A K f l \ K I S I N G K K C o u n l y CM.iroIVr WANTED -- YOUR BARBERING busi D ess. R72NDLNE'S. tf WANTED--GIRLS FOR FACTORY u-o:fc. Appjy TRI-STATE CANDY CO. . ' , 4aprtfd ~L,A-DY WAITRESSES; AJao cook, lady or gentlema:., IiiQUire YOUGH Of.OKSE. " ' ' Suprtfd WANTED--TO BUY SECOND HAND piano, must be in good*ccmd 1 ,tion. Apply "C,'* care Courier . WANTED-7-FIVE. SIX OR SEVEN room modern house. Address MRS L.EO C. ' Gapr2t WANTED--BOY TO ACT AS POK- ter and work In drug store. Inquire 3. C. MOORE. STmartfd WANTED -- GIRL housework. MRS. Main street. 16C West aOmartC WANTED--SECOND HAMD TYPE- writer. Call Bell 13-R. or Tri-State M-W, ilount Pleasant. 23febtf FOR SALE--SODA* FOUNTAIN, B foot c o u n t e r service ,g"ood condition Bargain to quick buyer. J. W. BROOKS. Scottdale, Pa. SaprSt FOR SALE--O3SK SPC YEAR OLD covr, gives 3 gallon m i l k cln-y. Alo three months' old h e i f e r calf Call 1301 West Crawrfcrd, 5apr2t* FOR SALE--20 LAYING FULL blooded S. C. W h i t e X^fi-horn pullcti- a.nd one cock. A bargrain. Bell phone 1G9. 5apr2t . FOR SALE--10 CLOTHING AND cloak wall cabinets*, 1 hat case, 52 foet plate gl.iss top oak floor cases and 1 complete meat shop equipment, G15O. C. McGILL, Dawson, Pa. 3apr4t* FOR SALE--12l« ACRES OF SOLID coal, fl to 11 feet; 3S seres of ribbC'l and stump, on P, L. E. railroad and river; $25,000. E. F. DeWITT. Bell 293-J, Scottdale, Pa. 3apr4t Notice to Contrnrtorn. SEALED PliOl'OSALS W I L L DE"RI"i eived 1J t h e C o u n t y COL'.roller ot l-'aj i tte c o u n t y P « n n « v ! v j.ria, ut hi . 4»tilce li the C o u r t ilusss-e. ,'n ion t o w n Pefiiu'ylv»n.i:i. .ind by ilie C o u n t y Con- '.-olltr ot V, --.tinorclund c o u t i t i . at lilt office in the Court House, O r f c - n s b u i r P e n n s y l v a n i a , u n t i l 'J o'clock P. ?i .Monday, A p r i l t'O 3 9 1 S , itnl t o Itc u p e n - t! in the «ftire «*f ihi B o u n t y C n m - 't^is^lone^.*^ of ['ayetti- ( v i u n t y , L ' m o n - f f t w n . P ^ n n « y f v a n i . i . .it J o'clock p M riit»-*'!ay. A p r i l I.", 101S. for Uu- con- -Jtrtietmn nf t d o u b l e 2ti f n o t |.tn r'-- i n f o r i - c d concrete t l o n r «y-,tcm w i t h pier for the hrids*" over Jacobs Creek k n o w n a«- \VInt-' Hridgre, and the c o n - · i t r i i u t i o T nf Un* ncd-'-xary a p p r n a c l i e s , b u t ween K a c t t e and \Vestmorelnml ,-oiJ-itl(*s a b o u t one nr.d o n e - h a l f miSon -rn thcavt i t f r *.rI-h^oport on t h e T.Voun- uun Kiwd Ic.ifl nt; f r o m C o n n e l l s v i I K L o it o n n t Pi eiu'.t n t. Plans, proposals -nntl spoci.'ication^ f u r the nbovc bridpis can bu secured at the ofUce of t h e C o u n t y Road ^nd Brldpe Engineer. Court House, U n i o n - t o w n , P e n n s y l v a n i a , r, r at t h e oiricc of t h e C o u n t y "Road Un Kin cur. C o u r t House, G*-*»enRlurK, P e n n s y l v a n i a .for t h r s u m o f f i v e d o l l a r n ( ? 5 0 J ) per ^ot. The proposals to lie n u b ' t i l t ted in duplicate 1 f o n e enpv lo e.ich office) w i t h a certified check d r a w n on a Nat i o n a l B a n k or T r u t t Company In g-'ood t r t d - t in P e n n s y l v a n l L ecjua-l to 10 per- u e n t ( l O r ^ , ) of the a m o u n t of the proposal, to i5G depositor! w ' t l i e i t h e r of Ihe proposals, the «nme made p n v a b l e to the Treasurer oC the county " The right to reject any or all pro- poials Is expressly rpservcd. H A R R Y K. SINGER County Controller. ' 30ma-it-sat AT ONCE TWO LINOTYPE j AT TIIB DAILY COURIER OFFICE HOMES 3 Room House South Con* N. Pros- N. Pros- (IOO T«» T50 1,050 11,200 '1,250 1.35U ·LXM . Ip^N) 1,050 3,700 IJRW 2,000 nellsviHe 5 Room HoUbe, pect Street. 5 Koom House, i pect Street S Room Double House, Wheeler 7 Room Kouse.Brlck Road « Vtoom House, Snydtr- lo'vn C Room ?lousc, N 10th St. G Rocm House.Brick Road B Room Cottafirc, Franklin Street I ROUT: House, S JStgfch St a Room Cottage, W Crawfurd A v e n u e ·I Hoom House, 12th St... I Room House, S 9th St. G Room House, E, Gibaon, G Room Double House, VT. ,Crav. ford A v e n u e . . JO R o o m Double House, N. Prospect Stre-ot 5 Room Double House, H y n d m a n Street 6 Room itodern House, Sout*: Street 6 Room Modern House, Sixth Street 10 R o o m House, Hyud- man Street 8 Room Bouse. S. N i n t h Street 5 Room Modern House, JeWerson Street G Room Modern House, N 8th Sert-et C Room Modern House, 3th Street, W. S.. . B Rocir. Flat, Franklin ' Avon a e S,fiOO 1C Room Modern House, Morrel A v e n u e 2.8WJ S Room Modern House, 12th Street 2^00 5 Room Modern Hoiuie, E. Kairview Av*»nue 2.SOO 10 Room Double House F r a n k l i n Avenue 2.SSO 7 Room Modern House, W. Crawford Aveiuo - · . 2,8150 8 Room Modern House, N. Sixth Street S»WM 7 Room Modern House, E, Peach St rcet S,OOO G Room Modern Houre, K. Jefferson 3,000 IS Room Double House, W. Cratvford Avenue .. 3.OOO 6 Room Modern House, E. Crawford Avenue. .. 3.0OO G Room Modern House Jefferson Stiect - i 3,000 7 Room Houae, mil Atna Street, South Sio 3,000 8 Room Modern House, Eliza Street 3JOO 5 Room Modern House, S. 8Ui Street 3.200 12 Room Double House, Sycamore Street 3,3005 Room Modern Houae. E. M u r p h y Avenue 3,SOO 5 Room M o d e r n Blouse E. Oihnon A v f l n u e 3T.{KJ G Itoom ilodern House, Arch Sirect, above B. . f). Depot .3,500 6 Room Houae, Hictt- land Avenue 3.5OO 12 Room Double House, S. 9th Slrcict 3,BOfl 8 Room Modern House. S S ' h Htreet - , . . - . . , 4.OOO S F'. .om M o d e r n House, S. S J ! u o m I-fodern HOJSC, S, C Room Modern Ho'JBe. X. !_' Room Double Ht us*. S 4 t h Street -I.OOfi T Room M o d e r n Hnuse E. l-'nirview A ^ n u c . ... -1,200 10 Knoni Ilouhlo House,. S ituonr Modern Houi-e, S. Sth Slrt^ot -I^HKJ S Room Modern Hoiife. S f i t h S t T f f i Lincoln / rcnuf . . . . . 34 R o n m Drttjhlp House.E. 4.500 4,050 **,7OO 5,ooo R R o n m M o d e r n l l n M B f . W. Peach K r e f t 8 Itoon Modern Housr-, S. Sth Strec-. 10 Room Modern House. H T Kooni toclern Hou«e, E Crawfn-d Ave 10 Room Modern MOUBP S 3rd Strop' 10 Room Modern House. 3.\ncoln A venue . 17 Room Modern House. Rnce Street 10 U n n m M o d e r n House. S P l t l H b u r R Srrpot ,.. 10.000 IlltK'K HO^IKS. G R^om MiMlern Brick. Chestnut Street . . .. ( 12 Room Modern Brick, X Third Sirpet KJfOO S R o o m Modern Bungalow. 13 Cr in f o r d A v o . . 5.8OO S Room M'idern Brick, V i i n S:rret 1C K o r m Do'ibl« Brick. W Wnc^inBton A v e n u e .. S Ronr. .Modern Brick, "W HP R n n d S Uoom Modern Brick. E. F u i - v i e w A V P H U P 1 ( Room Mortem Brick. U. Kiurvic-.i- A V O H I I P . . 1-1.0(H I O M K S FOR f \M3 ON .1IO.VP1I1.V I * A 1 M K N T M . 13 Modern JTOUACH !n ConneUs- \ ilie: *:ttt» do^ii f i n d tbalanci' pftrnc ni r e n t 7'o run for jjprioci oC 200 m o n t h s 4 Double nou-seff on R. Crawford :iven«»* .?t^;oo *!onn and balance name ILS rcrt. To run 200 monthfi F.VR.WS I'Oll SAIiK. GO-Acre P:irm 1H m i l e f r o m CiLy, ]icr acre. . 9 1-5 27 Ares of Pasture Tjiind 1^4 miloB from City ... a,BW 150-Acre Farm at Con flu encc. Pa., per an Q. ... 50 2P-Acrc J r r u i t Farm near Scottilftle. Pa 2'50o 50-Aero F a r m near Xor- malvllle. Pa 3TSOO 10 Acres ol l.r-nd on Brick Road 1.000 10 A c r e s "Land near Leisenrtnp: N'o 1 3,«00 10-Acrc F r u i t and Toultry Farm, best In couniry, near City K,50fi C.OOO BJOfl B.BOO 5.0KO 7.5OO 3,-tOD fl,000 C,500 D.OOQ JS.OOO A.LWAGOKERCO. COX^CjLLH'V 1LLK, PA. Tjl-Stnte S25-X. Vest Side. . . «nelae.,lj to ,25 H. Grape ailoy. Bell 571-J. FOR SAX.E--103 ACRE FARM OXE mile from Tonngrwood; ideal dairj' farm. Can give immediate possesfnott for ?5,150 on terms. 13. F. De"WITT. | Bell phone '239-J, Scottdale, Pa . ! m SaprU I FOR SA1.E--ONE LARGE DOUBLBI . flat top desk, ll^ht oak. in excellent j .STEAM HOISTINGS condition-.- 'The first SIOR offer will .- P. J. X TRtJMP, I take" It. Inauire BEI^CO LTTMBBK« SaorCt '-CO.MPAXT. GENTLEMAN BOOKKEEP- . ER. MUST BE EXPERIENC- ED AND COMB WELL RE- ?OMMENDSD. TH.I - STATE CANDY COMPANY. POUR LOTS FRONTING ON -FIRST STREET, SOUTH CON- NELiSVILLE, NEAR HIGH SCHOOL .BUILDING. THESE LOTS TOLL ED SOLD REASONABLE TO CLOSE ESTATE. MRS. MARY R. PHILLIPS, DUBOIS, PA. According to an announcement the Government has suspended meatless days, -which have been established for sometime, for a period of thirty days. We do not mention this to induce you to buy more meat; we feel, notwithstanding that ruling or order, everybody ought to conserve pn meats and fats, but our purpose is to call your attention to our attractive, sanitary meat markets. Meats are high priced now-a- days, everybody admits that; scarce too--admit that also, but a. comparison of prices will find the Union Supply Company lower than . most competition, and a comparison of shops and equipment and service will find the Union Supply Company just a little bit better than most opposition; a. comparison' of stocks in the meat market, the variety, the quality, the quantity, will convince you that-the Union Supply Company is just a little bit the best. The extraordinary quantities of fresh beef, fresh pork, salt and smoked meats, sausages, and all kinds of meat and meat products, is further evidence that the Union Supply Company's meat markets are just a little bit better. These markets also, are supplied semi-weekly with fresh fish, fresh eggs, butter, a variety of cheese, schmier kaese; a complete line of salt and smoked fish, sardines and canned salmon. It is certainly to your advantage to buy from our meat markets. 63 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. fousins Shoes ^·--» / ' made ir f m a e i r i n r , lor women SAVE and INVEST THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUY-W. S. S. 9 War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY United States Government MARCH, 191S. JAX. j, 1903. $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 CONNELLSVILLE, PA. f - Want Ads. Ic a Word. IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Results. "

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