The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 25, 1964 · Page 27
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 27

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1964
Page 27
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 25, 1964 : n ANN LANDERS Dear Am L indent Our 17-year-old daughter who gradu-ltd from high school this Junt has told us the it pi eg-napu Her steady boy friend is These two want to get married. They say they are in love and are sorry they lost control ol their emotions. The boy has had three years of college. He is putting himself through by working part time and wants to continue until he gets a degree so he can teach. ! say these kids are too young to get married. If they re really in love they can wax awhile. After the baby comes my daughter will be able to think more clearly. Right now the is an emotional wreck and thoroughly confuted You have said in your column drums of times that shotgun wedding are no good. Please say i again and 1 will show it to them. CHATTANOOGA FATHER. Dear Father! What I have said la this: 1 am opposed to dragging a boy to the altar and forcing him to marry the girl. Unwllltig grooms make rat-tea husbands and wen lath-era. This bay la net unwilling, however. He wants to marry your daughter and I hope you will not try to etand in their way. i Dear Ann Landers:' Our 15-year-old son almost tore the roof off the house because I picked up one of (his hi-fi records with my bate hands. He said perspiration and natural oil from human hands ruin groove! In the record! and destroy-' the authenticity .of the sound.; When he putt record oa or takes It off he use a toft cloth. This isn't all. He now tells me that soon he will have to buy another needle for the Gives Approval To This Wedding A. Ctrl' ene-eteee wool flannel Jumper with rfrnp waist ana an "A" Line skirl. hkM packet with auttea Mm. Sippet keek clewre. I . Out1 two-piec Jumper of water arum mtstant Neekeue). An "A" machino and that it hat' to be a diamond stylus because the needle we now have) has been in use almost 1U hours. The new .needle wiQ cost SIMS. I COOKING COLUMN FREEZER Baked Veal Cutlett with Mushroom Sauce Brewa and Serve Relit " Butter Zucchini Slices Lettuce Wedges Russia Dressing . Ice Cream Jelly Roll with Fresh Peach Slices Coffee Milk Any time the weather It cool and you feel like conk i n g again, prepare baked veal leu. The cutlett are breaded and fried In bacon fat. They re then froien until needed and before baking all the homemaker hat to do with (he sauce It to add mushroom soup with milk. What could be easier? BAKED VEAL CUTLETS WITH MUSHROOM SAUCE slices bacon Vi cup chopped miens X fcs. bootless veal steak 1 !g 1 tableapeona water H cup fine dry hraad crumb t ll'.i os. cans cream el muahreem cup milk ft Air fi.98 8.98 repellent wtth an oeee pleat beck ens mat . , , mete feint wesklt with take pocket. Wevea ears sua brat button trim. I Ma 10.95 Have I gone nuts or have timet changed that much? I in, an old relic like you, Ann, born back in If IT. Please comment. DODDERING OLD FOOL : ' ... " ,v -y z) V. GIRLS' WEAR, nfIRD FLOOR, DOWNTOVFN J AND AT BILLINGS BRIDGE AND WEST END STORES Pan - fry bacon until crisp. Remove bacon. Tp fat in skillet add onion and cook until tender.' Cut veal Into six serving - size pieces. Beat egg; combine with water. Dip veal in egg (hen in crumbs. Brown veal on both sides in hot fat. Place veal in freezer utility -dish; cool; top veal with onions and bacon. Wrap dish In moisture vapor proof paper. Store in deep freer until required. Preheat oven to M degrees. Combine soup and milk. Take wrapping from utility . dish. Pour soup over veal. Bake 38 to 3J minutes or until. 'veal hot "and soup mixture bubbling. Yield: six servings. ZUCCHINI SLICES 4 cupe sliced ruccklnt , u I tabloopeon hotter I H teaapeea salt Data at pepper Wash zucchini; cut off stem ends. Slice thinly and measure. Melt butter in skillet; add zucchini sllcas. Cover. Cook over low heat for II to II. minute or until tender. Dear Doddering: Yup, Dad, timet have changed. Whet) we vera kids anybody she owned a little ei table medal phonograph was a real getb-dans It, and a II cent needle at the bee's kneea. Today II a kid deeaa'l have tleree be la considered culturally deprived. The current crop el teenagers have a healthier respect for records thaa we had, and lhat'a good. It encourages Interest la line musk. So keep year lip tipped. Dad, aad he glad yeur eea Isn't eat steal- Dinnler Out of the Freezer 1 By NORAH CHERRY Freezer owners can plan full scale meals for hot weather, preparing and cooking the foods on a cool day. When the weather Is hot or mother "has had a busy schedule and must get a meal on the table in a hurry, she Just delves Into the freezer and comes up with the meal complete with the exception of the salad. DINNER FROM THE Season. Yield: six servings. Note: This recipe It for fresh tucchini. Frozen zucchini slices purchased Hi two pound bags may be treated the tame way, but may have to be drained after cooking. RUSSIAN DRESSING Vi cup mayonnaise cua chill sauce -1 teaapeea prepared horseradish ' I tsaspaoa finely snioced greea onion 1 teaapeea minced green iwPPtr Combine mayonnaise.' chili sauce and horseradish. Prepare pepper and onion. Fold into mayonnaise mixture. Chill. Serve on lettuce hearts. ICE CREAM JELLY ROLL I bakery Jelly roll I pint vanilla Ice cream I fresh peaches I tahltspeea lemon Juice -S tables pooao king eagar Unroll Jelly roll. Let Ice cream soften at room temperature for five to IS minutes. Spread on Jelly roll. Rerott. Wrap in moisture-vapor proof paper. Place in deep freer until day to be served. , At serving time pare poaches; sprinkle with lemon Juice and king sugar. When veal goet into oven remove Jelly roll from freezer; place on shelf In refrigerator. Slice Jelly roll and top with peaches. Yield: six servings. ' Make Ogilvy's Your First Stop on the Way Back to School . , . 1 and 2 Piece JUMPERS I -V Colourful - jV mm I . I 'l. - . It ear wie at. I ' ; iVt'c- ' J ' sl lortssoatotaiw I . I J , . - . 1 so ssplaMOt I 11. I r-' I 'A I veer. I T ' ' I -.". I ? - a prtcr tr J 1 j' 1 i -,'JJ '.- I, 2-50 I 1 398 m i """"" ' . sav :. '. , igaln this' year the popular Jumper la a hit on the back-to-schoot parade. Avalltble now in exciting new colours end ; fabrics . , . uch at Cherry Berrl and Alice - Blue to nam only two . . and those big and bold Tartans art back too. Only four from our large atlection are illustrated here . . . coma in and see them at any of our throe tores. ,. - TARTANS . PLAIDS-PLAINS . WASHABLE WOOLS . . WOOLS "HEEKSUEDE" CORDUROY KNITS - . Otris- ene-pMee Wool putd ta'thlrt style. One latie pleat la front wtth two patrk packet " roatplsmsnlsd wtth beta kuttea wuv ' ' Twe-plee autnanbe Tsiian Set nnrtin of a b pleated iktrt WIUl All MUMl .IMUI -.- w bane wttk matehlne kraa button . , n no rT"1.. kkit. rartiotiM of ' s.98 lrm waahabK, aermananllr alaal- ' V'UJ ' SIM 7.98 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 1 to U 12-95 rown. Black and Antelope. Sixes n s 1-98 . , . full rang of stripe and clMcka In Cotton and Acrilan fabric. Manufactured by one of Canada's leading maker. Machine wastiable. Sice I to IS. (zianlu Oqituy JLUiUteet lor -10 .00 Navy Blue BLAZERS usually n.95 mporteO Otractly tram EnHanel eno I an uatve to osllvy s item, oiyiea SlyleO button front and three patch pockets. check these features. Heave Welsh! Saillth ruaacl I aetoterceS Araibele with three AIM jun 12-98 0 Kipper Itia.r packet iHrakl Rlkaws o kttta Tarn-He aa sleeves ttse t te IS Orion and Lambswool CARDIGANS ... perfect Item or back to achool. .A button front Card if n in vertical ttripet. ' V QQ Available in- Red, Black, Blue or Green. e O completely macnine wamanie too. smaii. m Medium, Large and Extra Large. Usually DOWNTOWN 9.00 to 5.30 336-4511 WEST END 9 uO to 5.30 338-4662 BILLINGS BRIDGE - 9.30 to 6.00 .236-3681 X "It Is Our Painful Duty School Starts September 8th" but here' the bright side of the picture . . you can go back looking real sharp for Ogilvy's Boys' Wear' department is chucked full pf the smartest back-to-school clothes you have ever seen . . . better still, they're on sale right now . . . just look. P.S. Don't forget to join the TIM CLUB when you are in Ogilvy's Boys' Department. fC $ lN '' ' ,. , I i - . - 1 Illustrated: Continental Styled Corduroy aLAvjfVLV Reg. LtS ... a thirkaet Crompt Cnnlurojr smartly tylee bx our tartest supplier of 4ms ane casual waar. Self aupaorHne extension walat- banal anO slim eufflras lass. Charcoal. Lnmrn, Back To School SALE! Long Sleeve Cotton SHIRTS ... a srnartly sty If d shirt bv one of ou'tlsttnlty 2.98 leaning manuieciurera. n wiae iMmimnn of ttripet, checks and neat patterns. Buttondown or lab collar styles, sizes 8 to 18. Thickset Corduroy PANTS . . . snug fitting, top quality corduroy trousers in the popular half boxer style for the younger boy. Charcoal, Loden, Brown or Navy. Sizes 6 to 12. Cotton Chino SLACKS Sine t to IS Reg. J.SS Kf. 1.00 pr. ANKLE SOCKS paws 000 np roR fa vl 75V. ... top quality cotton, wool and nylon blend In shade of Brown, Green, Grey or Blue. Complete U range. SUea II to IS 2-98 :s2.-r7.oo 1.98 Reg. 4.94 3.75 Cntton Rib UNDERWEAR Rej. 89c FOR ps.,69' 1 .-. . a plain cotton eateen styled for the smaller lade with Vi boxer waist and larger tize with self-supporting, waist. Both model! in the tlim pleatless and cufflets leg model. Assorted colours. OTHER SPECIALS DURING THIS EVENT! Long Sleeve KNIT JERSEYS Be,. 19 ea. ... a good quality cotton rib. Briefs with double teat for longer, wear and Una reinforced lg openings. Ing vesta alto available. Small, medium and large. . . THE BOYS' SHOPS, THIRD FLOOR, DOVNTOWN. AND AT BILLINGS BRIDGE AND WEST END STORES

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