The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 22, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1930
Page 12
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TWELVE. THE DAiJLY COURIER, CONNJ2L1-.SVJL ^E, PA WEDNESDAY T S N T A E Y 2?, 1'J.W. OUNT THEATRE! Today, Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday ,ove story as .hrillirig as "Lilac Time." Told with a background of music, irth, spectacle and color. ' Heai Colleen Moore sing " l f . 1 Can't Have You," "Pilly Pom Pom Plee" and "You Can't Belies My Eyes.'' You won'j. be able to forget (horn. U*J [51 [BJ [¥] IB! [Hj HO [·n IE [a [M Oil' [a fi" W a ® so c»3 0(3 DS ^4f f/ie Theatres The Paramount Some of the most popular SOUK of the past decade- were written liy (lip oompo^ois who cieated tho melodies and lyilcs foi "Fooflights and Fools," tho comedy drama in which Colleen Moore J.3 appearing at the Pai amount / Sucb old lavo-ritCG us 'IT tick Me tf j Sleep in My Old 'Tucky Homo," "Fo: I Me and My, Gal," "BiowJ Eyes, Win j Ai e You Uluo," "Sitting in a Cornoi,' "Who Paid the IlfMil for Mi-fl Vai Winkle" 1 anl "I Didn't Rnho My Bo' to Be- a Soldier" are among thp «juc cesetnl smg6 written bv Alfred Bryni and George W Meyer, w h o coilaborat ed oil the eonga foi "'Footlights an 1 Ifools " Biyan and Meyer ah* consid 01 ed as ono oE the highest i n n k i n song-wilting teams t o bo el^mxl fo motion pictures, a reputation baser solely on the number of successes (he-' lieve been i eeponsible f o i . Miss Mooi p- sings t h i e t i songs wri ten l)y Bryan and Meyxir for "Foo lights and Fools," the first being "Yo i Can't Bo-lieve My Nnugrhty Eycb," an 1 the Olivers "It I Can't Have You" in 1 "Pilly Pom Pom Plcp" Colleens chnra-cterlzttlion IB that of a faeclna - ing French actre«j iu I ho stage cp - /sodcs of t h i s entertaining scrM n story, and she singH with a charmii g Parisian accent In addition to boil g sung by Mit-e Moore, "If T Can't Ha e You" Is icndered by Enrl Burtnet 1 s Blltmoi-e Trio, ·world-famed Coluui'b a Recording nrtiflte Opposite Miss Mooio In "Kootllgb « and Pools" aie- Raymond Ifacketl a d Frederic March In p r o m l n o n t chars ,,·- Icrlzattoria, while- others of linportan e In tbo s u p p o r t i n g ua p t aro VlrgU HI Lee Corbin a n d M i c k e y Bennett An UI talking conirdj, n e w « t el and V U n p h o n e act nrc aluo bei \K show n 11) Hi HI 11 II u 51 ® 50 [i] IE [B] © II 50 You'll be bin lined by lier mav- vclous acting--charmed by the golden tones of her lovely voice. And when you SOP Ihc spectacular color sequences and w h i r l w i n d dancing choriue*, you'll k n o w t li e greater uchiovomonts of modern screen entertainment. W i t h RAYMOND HACKETT FREDERICK MARCH Virginia Lee Corbin Vitaphone Act--Born and Lawrence in "PIG SKIN TROUBLES' ^^^^ Thurs., Fri., Sal.--Last Chapter, "ACE OF SCOTLAND YARDS" ·^^^^*^^^^*^^AJ^**·*^***^^**^^ ^-^^*^^^l^^«·^^***^*J^«M'·*^^^rJ^^^*^^J^*-**^^**·*^-*^^***^^#· Admission--Matinee lOc and 35c--Nights 15c and 50c C«! r« Mon., Tues., Wed.-- Richard Barthehness in 'YOUNG NOWHERES R O O M 1,0'I'S-- W A L L A M ) B O H D K K , ;5c-SOc-75c-$1.0O BUY WALL PAPER NOW! AUNT MOLLY'S Wall Paper Store i-2. v So. Si. 1'honc 20'2. Counejlsill» TWO WOMEN SEEK DIVORCE DECREES TJMONTOWiV, Jan 2 2 -- T w o libels iji d u o i e o wcro iiled Monday afternoon M i s Bvido M Ilelnrich o£ Un.- iontown fifreks a divorce frora her husband Pit'l S Heimich, now of Hoch- estei, Nt'w Yoik, on grounds ot cruel t i e a t m o n t They -vseie married Jati- u a i y 21, 112G, in Tlocheatej Mia n e i m i f h alleges that d u r i n g the months of April and October in ]!)2S, ho was d ' u n k and chflstispcl her while d i n i n g 1D2S he went on a tear that lasted thi PS weeka Mis Ella L Ankney of Palinr seeks hei frc-edorn fiom John S Anlc- noy of NemacoUn on 1h ground of desertion They-were married December 2G, 192-1, 1tt Morgantown and he left May 23, 1027, ehe declaiett SALE M e M'il! ()f»r at Public And ion i»t REVERE iVIINE Vlonp StrM't Cur Lino, Thursday, January 23, 1930 A T 1 O'CLOCK T. 31,, SHAJtl' V b o u l HI* Head (»' (iood Second llaiul Jluoes; All K i t for Outside \ \ o r k . Ten» of Sale Strict)/ Cash. W. J. RAINEY, INC,, UNIONTOV^N, PA. Use Our i 'lassified Ads -They Brinrj Result*, Mutual Insurance' Companies to Meet In June at Conneaiit The Pennsylvania State Aaaoolation of, Fire Insurance Companies has ee-lected Conneaut Lake, Crav/ford county, afl the place to hold Its next annual tonvantlon on Juno 24, 25, 26 There are 265 mutual flia tnsuiance rompaniee located In Pennsylvania and this will be the first convention to be- held in tho western part of the State sln-ce 1917. . . - -- - ~---_ U Truth About Fat Science has found that excises'fat la largely due to a weakened gland. Now physicians the world over, in treating obesity, combat that major cause. Starvation is not advjsed. The chief factors they use are embodied in Muimolu prescription tablets. People have used them for 22 years-million* of boxes of them. In lute years, excess fat has been fast disappearing, as everybody knows. Themethod and formula are explained in c^very box of Martnola. As you gam new slenderncss, beauly ai?t! vim. you know why in t i y the mrthodwhich has flonernrmich Watch theamnzmR results. All druggisissupply Marmola at§l a box, The Orpheiirn T a l k i n g pictures no sooner h id co ue iii vogu tnrvix vaguo i union bog in filtering out of Hollywood f h f t t ' ho c i n e m a eUira W I M P h l r l n f Htrai go to do t h o i r speaking in ilialof ue So w h e n O'ioiia S w a n s o r p i o p a cd fo produce "Tho TIHSSP.IVOJ," n vv aliening at the Orph'»um t i i p a t i p i he determlnad thrp should IIP no do ibt that aho a c t u a l l y talks anl nines in h e r firet nil-dialogue t n i t ' d A r t ui picture "SViiile visitors a i " lnrirl nnnern. Uv fr"m sound htugea, Miaa S v t n u s o n 1 ild down n policy that accredited ne H- papor and magazine lepreec-ntati es be given o n t i e c to ' Tiie l r p s p n s * r ' bOf S In fnri, when th^ point wae r-oac itd ni the production n heroin M1«a Sw ui- son sings the songs «h!cb a i e li ;h- lights In the United Ai lists piet IP, ftrrangotnontfl wore made for a pr up of critics and w liters to attend Hie occasion. M166 Swanson, Kd«iund Gould ng, who wrote and directed 'The T es- pnfeBer," and cxocutlves oi the H( u'a company intended t h a t the ove-n 1 bo nothing more than a voriiualloi ot tho fact that eho, and siie alone vas speaking and Ringing- into the nu ro- phone Entaely unanticipated, t h e r e ( t inspired one of Ibofie- ))i))pcninsa tb it a btudio hebitales to talk about toi fear the slory will «.ound c x t i a \ a ; a n t The Bssemlilage oX n e w t p a p e r w i i O I R , calloused a« they aio t u cmcn ati suiprifie-, hi oke i n t o applause i hen Miai Swaneon had finii lied s i n g n u hei number And to preclude- iho s l i g h t e s t f iup- tielHm that it is «i)ie who porso n l l y Bpeaks and eings from the scree n in "The Trefcpnsser," M i « Swanson vent before L notaiy p u b l i and b fore competent \utncse«, h w o i e ta «nd slg-ned an afl]da\it that hor own otce was recorded ' in the- dialogue and songe of the victuie The piogiam also includes a f uind news reel, movietone act and ta Icing comedy. Thmsday, Friday and Salt rday "Woman Tiap.'i will be- s h o w n FAMOUS SCIENTISTS STUDY HEALTH OF MINE WORKERS "·U,T, MflVl UK SAVS. S TO \11V.I U \ ," JMHTICUI A1U,\ 'J'JIli , MJPFim v IIII.K GKITtlSG U61SD TO N I . W W* ' OP MVIJVli AND NEW .IOIJS." scien- unce- Some ot the wnilcVs famous tl.sts have j u s t fjlvan out HII a n n m p n t oC a m a z l n e Importance say, "We have g i v e n e,u n ot and ^pent u n t o l d sums of mon the study of the stckn 'Bt, ot cornets to .Ameilcii., '1 IC^G im women ottcn begin t h o l i I l \ o 5 1 o u t c o u n t i y w i t h s p l e n d i d hcivll to f u l l h i c k afto! n few ^ i v i i a " C a t a n h stomach luni'blc"! a e h r and c o n s t i p a t i o n in 0 somi' w o i s t r n e n j i c s oil) n e w c i t i z e n s t o fijht, h e i o i n o u i ( O i i n t i j I M I . A m c i t c n n mcdU I I I C B ai o of uto I n I m t t l l n g - w i t h ficse d oru e thes- ha\ e t ikon t o o t in U i e ot the arood pcopie wiio i u i v p L ui t i o m f o i t l g n 1 ind-i 1 ich i people it d l r f c i i n t . I torn e v e i \ ittie 'J'hlnkliiK \ i I ils pla l^d us Lo out nt\\ d i t j c o \ e i \ i L i n p i l \ imift (it tlu n i n r i " -" Tonic is o o m p o u m t e d ol H e \ e i . t l ( n t nu l i f t lues l n o u p h l f i o m n u I t i p n t p u t s n) Hi* \\ t»i !ti T})ul i t h 1 "!^ I t s u i u i / i n M JK\\ t lo h 1 sU K of i l l i n 11 .1 nu i.-. is « -\ nu I ii a t i i M i n i \\ n U i ^ t ^ [ i r t * | L I l i t u l a i U ill · I I u u s e U o i l J i Conn in -JiUnt, L a t 111! i -Mi H a i M 0 Mo, P I of C J i c e i s h u i , , F'a " i i - j I J i a t l t . i t t i n h -jj liad I f t d i ^ d 1 \\ a 1 ? n i n n l n i . I n t o i"insu n p t i n n l\ i c r o n i n i P ! dpd ^\ 01 i i i Tonl i i w - hr 11 u s t h · la \\ Ic n K , o n i l I 1 * f t nu " '1 (Jini i= on .i p i t ' iii- r 1 H II ,, I n i l i '1 ' I K " -I llr-V \ ~l ) labor ·v In now- n an d -·IP in i only senses b o d i c s . 111L III I co ol o t l i c i I i f.xi I Tin Ip Hit U i s THE Phono 881). A J'Yiemily Hloro for TJiril'iy hi)o. It f s the Rumble Seat and Chinchilla $18.50 Values A Sport Coat Opportunity ( h o t is out-of-thc-ordhiary for sr\ 1 and prire. Materials of the finest quality anil the Coats are rcdured to Vj price and less An mveM mcnF worth your careful conoid eration. The Rumble Seat Coats ar made of fur woven fabric. Timm" Tuft, Sport Roadslcr Cloth, and Alpaca Pile. Colcn's of brown, tan, and grey with a sport belt to match. Navy blue Chinchilla Coats w i i h plaid lining, and belts to mate i are included In this group of ox- Iraordlnary values Women's and Misses' Sizes Other Coats, $28 value $13.50 (Troudmut's--Second 1 loor) TROUTMAN'S Friday and Saturday SPO Tim relay's Papers, Colored Ruffled Curtains 78c pr. Tf ou're winter-weary and long tor s p r i n g - -- b u y your bedroom a pair of these colored R u f f l e d Curtains' The c u r - t a i n s in y o u r lioiibc w i l l make it seem like H p n n g is present. The curtains are 2 J /j. yards long, colored with valance to match An excol- tailored curtain value. (Troalmnn'H--Second I'loor) Flat Crepe Special at W i t h our Dressmaking Contest going a( f u l l s t r e n g t h , we again offer to those \i'bo would much r a t h e r work with crepe matei ial an excellent Special. An all r a j oil delu^ter Flat Crepe, ex- c e l l e n t weight, w i t h soft finish and is wash iblc 39 inches wide (Troi((jnan''--PJrst Floor) Champion CHAMI'IOX, Jan. 22--Mrb .lolin Bo«nidn and M i b John Beahni ^ere calling nL the homo of Mis K J. Hornet of Donegal on Monday, where [ Ui-ey helpptl complete a quilt which j ·was etaited by t h e Ixidieb' Aid Society o{ the County Lino Chinch Rev. Virgil C Flnnell of Indlnim nil) de-lher a lecture ou "Why G h l d Knioke" on Sunday oveniiiK, Januaiy 20, nl the C o u n t y liinr C h i n c h ot the Brethren air BIK! Airs f Oscai l.ohr ainl Ploi cute Lohr T V C I O visiting Pi of unii Mi* J Howard Barltle-y of Dolmont o \ c i tho wcpk-cutl Smith Bundort has IPCOVPUH! f i o m tile infasltvi .laincn Boahm w a s ill at his homo the i h f c t p.ut of tho week M i a William Haikcom of Donegal calkd at (he home ot Mr and Mrs. J P. Barkley last Monday William Nickel shows much improvement He h.iB been sulCormg f i o m a seveie attack of g:Jp ISo am classified advertisemonta Joseph Pf^anttfy ptvsenfs Perryopoiis PEUIU'OPOUS, Jan 22 -- Hairy S o t h r l u t , principal of tho Whitsett g i a d a school te still very 111 at hie home near VlctoiIA Mis ManHn Glot- lelty has bee-u feiibatituliiiB lor him for the past week Miss Ada ,Bnttei'moi e ot Moncfiseu spent the ^v|ek-eiid. here. Robert Jenkins and John WolCe were biought home from the Monongah^U Hospital on Monday The boye aio getting; along nicely but if will bo some time- before cither M ill be able to i eeumo work. Mr. and M I B Ruesell Ilutchhifeon spent Sunday with tholatter's parents, Mr and Mrs Charles James of Banning Mlldiod Can, who had been visiting with her parenlt,, Mr and Mrs. William Cai r oE Star Junction, has is- tuivned lo hei woik in Akron, Ohio Martin GlotClty ot Periyopolis ami Charlcfi Thrafcher of Stai Junction were called to servo cs juroi-s in TJn- ioiitown this week %K biul uid n i t \N or 1({ H \ 1 i - I Foley's Honey and Tar stops teasing, harassing coughs, throat irritations, that tire out and prevent sleep. Puts a soothing coating on an irritated throat, raises p h l e g m easily. Sedative without opiates, mildly laxative. Ideal for elderly persons. Ask for it. \ V o O l W 0 1 Cl Also All-Talking Comedy, Earl Bellin Movietone Act and Sound News. Time of Shows: 1, 3, 5, 7 arid 9. Summit ! S( Summit i' Jail L'2 '1 MethodJfel 1 ' x i t t t t a n t S u n t l ly nihotil ( mud o u t a \ c i nuo- ,110^1.1111 on Sunday .uicinoon at tho i h u u h 11 ,\aa iu ( c k I l l a t i o n at tli llHh a n n ) i ( i s ot j u o l i i b i l o j i and \ v a s made ii! ol aoiif, and n-ading 1 * It M, ih In t l i a i B ^ ol I h o u i i p t n i n t e K i c n 1 , .Mih ( u m m u d o i o FIK-o M ,md Ads l . u o l i J J , n f i i d ,'uil l U ^ l i l f l " S l n l d J a i l ' ) M i s N i - l l o n . i i K ill t h i s ])l,n o « i i '' i l i i n j on K ) b H , | AU I j l i n p h l n i .it I n ! ( ) i ' l r « i l l , p n . i l ] K . I Q j tMl j n l M i l 'I F M ' a i i h of ( - H I U',d n p l l ' j \ i l l e \ \ e i c M s i l o r a at the home ot ?ili and M I H John Jlaruhart Mi and MIH I J - u i j he'se anl chili l t t n t i n t )j)in Si5(.' of Kuffadflle and { 1,11,1 SliamloH ot K v t i n o n , bj)ent .Sunday iMlh M i and M i s Sebastian SLH se l l i l a i \Voi Uiiiu,lon liiii, been iib- ( h u f c - i ! i i o m U i o \ s n ^ v i l l p Hospital .mi! IMS i (.'tinned to hH lioino iieai bltit 5 ou w i l l fiuit lioniss and al\orli6»d in our elasal- -- jcad them,

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