The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 6, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, April 6, 1918
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THE DAILY COUfUiJK, CUNNELLSVILLB. PA. SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 1918. ·~"A crowded Siou*ifteSJ6y3d~tlrt-;.t.iiro act musical ' : 1 ' act musical . .» ·*t»£:'SuiJUy lield£;iluirS"dar;.'."afterpoo!y; '~^'~''^""~'~'""~^~ i ~ f ''' ^. 1 :tofe'.:s^^fiiy7-;5ras::,'*'::.gueEt;.,'iMr«. ijt-,;.W^-'W.' i ;Kef'%a*\leaaer. .".'.The.^ulr H:. "'' " " " ' ' ' slcknew, hia ptac«:;b,eiBg.7nost: t; Jkblyrfllltd OB ,TeTr:^it:-.-u«i^e.' ; bi.-.BV; :vir»ai. s ineluded;**-nViniber ·solos" and o t h e r ' njelodiona tunes;"-J. sided »t the pliho. . . humorous f eaturw^lhat' excited- -.real - merriment. ThtTpiipgisim, ilo«ed»YrJUii ' 1 ' ' s i i n i f t a _.._ i 3tar i r Einice Grimm; dess i representing Uj X_ceeds; o£ the i -.iipn.'.thc i .-·'-ih'iirch debt fund;; ·-.:.,. -The and iSe Unity - oniaUInn ',Ne*rly\-'2W-.-persbri3. were .[giiests .of .'^jjlchard as qrphestra of 12^ di- byj' E^. ··· Caster, "played. enterliinment Alice . Cr»SC':aiid: : :MaT-''liobbins ' sounded trurop«fs rherilding tic approach ol .tia^:'iu«n-of"tBe affair, Miss ; Eva ' ' a: pobrrjiftje-gypsy boy;'-played a se- ctlon^jn-aie violibj "PoBr ; 3riii girls - tb» jouager set, jKtemJSJ. DeeoraUons -- ot'parple and-goM..,"th«-'Hrat";rS6Ioi:ai; prevailed, long' atreuaarj^Ains-'drapV ei (ran tie q«H^ ; ~jg»t»15*eM? CHIEF OF THE GEITEBA1 STAFF 01' SWIXZIiBI/AXfi. .New photograph of Gen. Th. T: Sprecher von Bernegc, chief of the Swiss general staff. . JSUJI:3Jimb*ttson:-conlributed.a [lute. 34|fe:sS6m-iwt^r»".y6ice. li~Cairing.'' cbeatra was excel.l*ri' ConMll nang.'.'-jViaoug.Ui' ·Cn«cti were..^'.";Charlcs.- tcd 'Col-; rera(~yiHing.',folk"s.'aipear- r 'ai'moldiers 1 , 1 'sailors . and" ^^wdrkera^'-recVlVuig . the "/ 3*3ilii(^Bke ppacdiMiiw^Bease fcswik:ih«bMmk.:or;tii»t^eitW' ie~S,hadqw.'of..tne'.Mooii;" jrhlle cfose.T'-.-." '".".?- ^-' ' . . " . " , - - ' Bon Bureau ot Southeastern Railways; L. K. Sheppard, vice president 'ot.the'.Conductors'.Birotiierhood; F. A. 'Burgess, assistant chief of the Engineers; Albert Phillips, vice president Dot"Reed"*V L M-! care o£ her'siater-in-law." Mrs'." William -of the firemen, and W. N. Doak, vice ASV\, JlVdi, ma. T , ^ _ . ^ _ . - _ . .,, f,. -_ , _ |. nmefrltmf nf tht* tralnmfiT) President's edict leave him"'in. a position where he will be able to- deal with the railroad interests without any hampering influence ttpon him. They have the effect of putting into Mcdoo's hands the authority to ex- .rcise to the full all of the powers which Congrres has seen fit to grant. The legislation carries the decision that the compensation to be paid the railroads shall be based upon the earnings of the past three rears. Under the President's proclamation H is- left'in McAdoo's bands to-'flb- termine'-whether. the national* system of .which he Is the director, -will be able to'Operate under such an agreement.' BOARD TO ADJUST RAILROAD LABOR ^ mjES NAMED ·Traiiineii and Eraplojprs ITa»c Stjui Rcjrt'»enl»tl»D on Body Whose .·;-;:·; JJecWe»i A» : \ Final. - -MeiSb'ers'ioE-Oie 'railroad adoninistra- tion'i-'.Beard^of r ':Adjustment Ko.. 1, which^-wiU' pus : on disputes over rules of -_ contract's and employment condition*,; arising ^between · railroad man- agemarits and-tlie four leading/railway bcotherhoods. ^rere . announced on Monday aSToliows: E. T. Whiter, aa- ktstant general manager of the Pennsylvania Une*. West; John G. Waiber, secretary- of 'the Bureau, ot Information.- of"'Baiferii Ratiwars; J; W. Hig- ·gins, eiacutivo. secrataVT of the As- sociatioiu. of.-Western Railways;. Dr. THE BY-PRODUCT COKE TONNAGE LESS, BUT RATIO WAS UNCHANGED Ootput H9« Tons, or 81.8 Fer Cent!im Plant* Representing 52S,S3« loot: I'rodcctag Capacity. According to the report of the United States Geological Survey the ratio of production, to capacity of by-product coke plants during the week ended March 23, .87.8 per cent, was the same as in the previous .week. The losses on account\of lack^of coal represented 6.4 per cent at capacity, the same as the previous week. The production for the week was 461,264 tons by plants Saving'capacity of 528.586 tons as compared 'with- 466,307 tons by plants having a capacitT of 63},263 tous,. accive during the .preceding week. Kentucky, Maryland. Tennessee and Washington. increaaed their production to maximum .capacity; The low- .est ratio reported--in. New Jersey- was 79.6 por cent, an. Improvement over 76.5 per cent in the previous week. Indiana was the only state reporting decrease in production during the wee*, ended March 23 due to lack of coal. The total production of beehive coke in the United -States, including the-.ConnellsviUe and Lower ConnellB- Confirmation presses We are showing special today and Saturday 50 Confirmation Dresses in high grade Voiles, Nets and Lawns--lace and embroidery trimmed, at very special prices. These Dresses were purchased some tune ago at the low market prices and will save you 10% to 25% compared with the pres. ent prices. If you are in need of a Confirmation Dress do not fail to see ours as we will save you money. Announcing Knox Sailors For the Spring of 1918 Do not fail to see our Window Display of the World Famous Knox Hats for ladies Saturday. We will put on display Saturday 75 Knox Hate--the very latest styles and colors shown by them this season. These Hats are very popular priced compared with what you have been used to paying. .Every one bears a Knox lable and are all guaranteed. Do not fail to see these Hats. -THE STOEE AHEAD." t . C.-H.-Nciii, manager: of the Infortna- j v -j|] c regions as The Cour- B._Soi3.son, D. Kirk Dil- --Juniorri'Marsholl, . G. Carl Shesu. Ed-win ^ Attorney .and MirB.~E.tR~ Scott ...ot Somerset, have announced tie jcar- TWS»-ot their daughfsi. Misi~Mlriam S. Nc effect, solemnized Rockv'ille, Md., while^the hriHJMras a student at a Washlngtc-H college, and ;thej rbridegroora in training with' an ayiatipn corps at Princeton. to .be absent one or two weeks. Mrs. Reshetfberg before her marriage was Miss Anna Colemin of Trotter. Did-you see-the clock in Andcrson- Lou4ks window.?. Guess the -time this clock'stops and win'-' enough floor ·stain-to : paint sis rooms. There will meats were appointed by the three regional directors of the Railroad Administration, and the chief of each brotherhood named his representative. Waiber, Biggins, N'eill and Sheppard were members of the old commission. t*o prizes-given for tie-two best of eight which settled disputes under " " ~ ' · · 2 at j guesses.: Take a guess, you may be' the Adamson. act. This commission 'the lucky one.--Adv.--5-2L i has gone out ot existence and its Miss Marion Deal, who resigned as Ui'-ctrer in'the'Second Ward schools to become a bride, left this morning 1 tor, her. home at Grove City. functions are assumed by the nerr adjustment board.. The board's decisions will be final except in case, of a tio vote, when ih 'Everett c-ntertziacd tfiel -"-So" tailor withfn a. thousand miles W. S. Carter, labor director for the ired'club ol Dunbar last I has ever given better material or .Railroad AdminiEtration, will decide - . - . · aa i3 Su e. Wage questions will not be considered directly by the board, and the oniy questions ;o reach the _ board will be on disputes which cau- '"· elected churcfi clVrl- bt%kiTFir.:£a£i terday,.afjer a visit with the former's i not be settled between the labor or- tist church to nil the vacancy caused i sisters, the Hisses Mclntyrc of Leis-1 ganizations^ chief and the general Jr the-absence_pf Harpld_Boyd, -wlio ! enring; ·Miss Sarah Poor Hundi. _ _ . ._ , night at her .home, in aibson ; avenue, ( »'orkroan3hip than we put in our gar- J^uncheon was served, ' · · · · ' · · - ] ments.. , Dave 'Cohen, Tailor.---Adv. ,.-..,.; _-- - - jjrs. Thomas Adams and two chil- ""Mfss Eaima Jean Rhodes has been j d ren of Somerset, returned home yes- ier, was 035,000 tons,' or-106,000 tons; a decline'in a.vcrai;e daily prod-uction ot 1,000;tons'compiired with the we?k of March 16. The proportion produced by the Connellsvllle region v-a? 53.5 per cent of the total. (Infill Entertained. iliss Florence Fitzgerald entertained the Fidelity Chapter of the Westminster Gtiiid of the First Presbyterian church at her home at Scottdale Thursday evening. .Hiss Hlttckburn Hostess. SCOTTBALE, April 6.--Miss Sadie Blackburn entertained the Olterbotn Guild ot ihe United Brethren church at her Vest Plttaburg street home on Thursday evening. Tke HOME of QUALITY. fe9tol.33 N PlTTSBURG Sti CONNELLSVILLE'; BC^TEEICK PAT1EOXS. To Re-Opcn Shop. Frank Candilorea will re-open his shoo repair shop on the West Side next week after being out A the buisi- no3s for some time. Sarah Helen ·i» now in military servide. '· ^;^ The following are new members re"~ ceiYcd last Sunday ipto "lie First Baptist church: : 4byliss T Bryner, " ·Williams, Herbert 'Williams, -.Atitchell, Ba!rh Black, .Tfeomae Mrs. .Cora B. ' J 'Colborn," -Mrs; ' Jane . 'moore, .Miss Bessie -Moore, Mr: and : "'Mrs.' M. F. Cadden. .Mr- and Mrs.ia ·WV'Heavener.- Lenah Heavenerrand May Heavener. . "'· .ITr^' and , Mrs. Thomas B. Semans . of Unlontown, will give an informal r '"receptton MoncJay night at the Uniontown Country club In honor ot their son and daughter-in-law, I/ieutenant 'aad^Mrs. 'Wllllani R. Semans. whose marriage was an event of last Mon- · Group one. Led by Mist Alma. Tennant. will have charge of -jie young '·peopled meeting at the First ^Baptist church tomorrow niglit. '^2. '"· ·The monthly meeting of the's Missionary society of the Triaicy Reformed church will be held Thurs-da? evening at the - h o m e - o f ' : Mrs., ·-.- · v We1)reck;VUjBOili. Rhodes. 129 North SixtbTntreet,'Wek] The marriage ot Miss Mary Alice .Side..- The monthly meeting, ot. the I Webreck,.'daughter.of Mr. and Mrs. The .best place to shop after all. Browhell Shoe Co.--Ad». W. H. Serwright, formerly teacher of Senior English in'the Connellsville high sViool, is "Visiting In the city over Sunday. . ; There; will -be a special demonstration- -on --IJiwrence'a Art- Graining floor stains all next week at Anderson 7 L,o,ucks store.. Now is the time to clean ; up~ and .paint up.--Adv.--S-2U Two children of Mr. and Jlrs. James Haw-kins of Poplar Grove are ill with pneumonia. Mrs. Ellen Sherrick went to Beaver today to visit over Sunday with Beaver college -friends. Dr. "W. N. Goldsmith went to Pittsburg this morning to join Mrs. Goldsmith and their daughter, Sarah Jaffa',' who are visiting there. The doctor ·will attend the meeting of the Odon- tologlcal7soci.ety. Tuesday.^ and Wednesday.;;.' ;i. ··;: .1 jj ;_ .:.JIrs_ Dawrence r,5Vi,nkler,.. and five children o£ Morrell avenue. Greenwood, left Wednesday for Santa Rosa, New Meiico, to visit the former's sister. Young tattles' Guild -has; been-post-[F. .W. poned from April 12 to April 17. . [Alfred ^ Announcement "has" e"eu made of . the marriage of Miss Ethel Weaver,' djaHghUr of Mr.~and Mrs." 'M.-N.-tVem- - ver of Latrobe, and Lieutenant . ·The bridegroom, who Is with the 113th j The attendants were. .Mi9s_- Elizabeth ammuniilon train, stationed at Camp Meide, Annapolis Junction. Md., is a nephew of Mrs. Rate Sbov/aiter this city. "Webreck · of Glenboe^ Wilmoth, son ot "and Mrs. manager or a railroad. · · Similar boards probably vttl Son Arrives. SCOTTDALE, April 6.-- Mr. and be j Mrs. Jesse Cook ot Mulberry street created later foY other b'ranchcs of railway employes. STOP THE VALUATION OF RAILROAD PROPERTY BEING STRONGLY URGED are the proud parents of a son born Thursday. Chas. C. Mitchell FUNERAL DIRECTOR 1 119 South PltUJbnric Street. Both Phones. I employ no agenta or sol!c!tor Am doltiK business stricUy on my own merits. 18 years practical experience. Motor Funeral Service if Desired. NIGHT ANSWERED AT OFFICE. One 1'risoner Sentenced. Mayor Joha Duggan sontcnced one j prisoner this morning at police court, j A $3.50 fine was paid. Home on Fnrlongli. SCOTTDAUx April 6.--Tom Mollison of Camp Cusidr, Michigan, is homo IVill Save $aO,lXJO,000 uiid Eeiciisu an | on a furiough. Army of -Tien IVliicli Afe Keeilcd in Other- Departments. Resolutions adopted by the Philadelphia .Bourse, favoring the passage 'of a.bill introduced in. Congress to discontinue the physical valuation ot railroads have been forwarded to \V. G-. McAdoo, Director General of Railroads, and also to the Pennsylvania members of Congress. It is urged, that to pursue this work would cost more than 550,000,- j,. 000 at a time when the money could j!! be employed for much, more important j , purposes, and that the men doing it could also be used iu other branches of railroad service where their labors would directly help toward winning the war. Moreover, it is remarked that even if the valuation was corn- Complete Vruporty Bass. The ladies of the Dawso'n brancli of the Red Cross completed 50 property bags last week. Measles Closes Roporteil. j Three cases ot measles were re-) ported to the Board of Health this morning. 'pleted it could never be a just basis upon which to establish railroad rates Maurice A. Showaltei : , son of Mr. and Mrs." W. A. Showal'ter 'of" La'trobe. solemnized Thursday at 9 o'clock Jn\ t^ae^Hplr Family^ parsonage; ·Latrbbe, 1 with.. ;Morisi»nor Klttel officiating, i and pearls, a gift of the bridegroom. .Jennie, Wilmoth. . of .\feyersdale, j because of the different construction solemnized Wednesday evening in-the and operating conditions on lines in home of Mr. and Airs. .E. R. ."Wynn in '-Plttsburg." Rev: C. 'C. Shupe of Coch- rantoirn, officiated. The bride wore ;her'ir»veHng-Euit oj blue wlth-h'at to match arid" a "corsage of brides" roses .and. maiden' hair fern. Her only 'ornament was a brooch-'set with" diamonds of ,'The'.T. C. 'TT'FaZHgarorfc'clutyill " be-, ei't'erined "Tiiesday~ ereafag"-bT Misa' Ruby Dull at her home in South Pittsburj street. . _ "· '.Tbe..'iJnlted-for-Service Unit to the Chartestown' Comforts Branch of the iJJasjr:;1jigue will inee't tonight at.the home of Mrs. S. R. Cox in North Sixth street, Wert Side.. '·.-Business of a routine nature was ·transacted at the* regular meeting- of Wynn and Charlea "Webreck, a brother of the bride. . Mr. "Wilmoth has extensive interests in lumber and coal near Meyeradale. At the conclusion of a ·wedding trip .to the south Mr. and ilrs. -Wilmoth-Vill'-be at home after-, June 'i5th at'Giencoe. ^Ise-jjhrlstian Endeavor society of the Christian churcS held last evening at the home of Rev. and Mrs. G. : W. Buck- ncr in Race street. "At the regular meeting of thesiCVJV^ v ,.B,:Siai£siliary ot tho CBristian chufcf cepte'd ·a- : poslti6ni ; as»st6nographer"at · A T A R R H \. For " . . " · . Infant Bios. · '·. '-·'"· Hennyson Martin, infant son ot Itr. and Mrs. Elijah Martin of Srelthflold, died Thursday afternoon': of. -pneu.- mouia. Funeral Services'-were"held yesterday afternoon, with, interment in tbo White Rock cemetery- llome From Camp. 'SCOTTDALE. . April 6.--William Telly . and Charles Titterington Camp Hancock are visiting friends here. competition with one another. . The repeal at the physical valuation law -would release engineers, clerks and others whose efforts are seriously needed in the regular departments of railroad work so that .their aid 'could be felt immediately in the grav« transportation problems which are up before the men now charged with the effective administration of the .lines, and it is a pity that this realization of the futility of the valuation plan was not attained long ago. . . Ail Over Body. Also Head. Itched and Scratched. Face Very Sore. Was Treated But Did No Good, Cuticura Soap and Ointment Healed In Two Weeks. "I broke out with small white pimples all over my body, the upper part being the worst. The blisters itched, and I would scratch until I was nearly crazy, when they broke. My face was very sore, and ·the eruption also broke out ' on my head. I was treated but it did no good. A friend told me to g-rt Cuticura Soap and Ointment so I did, and after using them two weeks they healed me." (Signed) H. P, Trump, 5 Alexander St., Sharon, Pa., Oct. 12, 1917. When us.ed for every-day toilet purposes Cuticura Soap not only cleanses, purifies and beautifies but it prevents many little skin, troubles if assisted by occasional use of Cuticura Ointment to soothe and heal the first signs of skin troubles. SiBpleEftohFrecbrMai!. Ad dress postcard: "Cutliouro.Dcpt, K.Boitoa." Sold cve.-yn-lierc, Soap25e- Ointment35 and 50c, M'ADOOISNOWTHE ABSOLUTE HEAD OF ALLTHERAILROADS The Director General Vested »UIi Mnprerae Control, With '« Superior E-Vpecj tho President. President. "Wilson on Monday made LADIES "When Vrro^ular or delayfid use T r i u m p h Pilla. Safe and aHvays do- pond:tble. Not told at drug stores. t)o not experiment witli others; aavo disappointment. TPrite for "HoUef" and particulars: It's £rae. Address NATION-i 4L MBDICAi INSTITUTE, Milwaukee, 'Wisconsin. tna i public a proclamation of oE which he vested iu (iet« Court Position. i Ruth-.-^emOn of .-Dunbar has ac- the courthouse, Uniontovrn. On "Visit Horn*.. S. L. Hanawalt, prinicpal of the Dunbar, .schools, left yesterday .on a visit to his home ic Philadelphia. Special Dance at Jacques. Monday night. Kiferle'a Jazz Band. Director General of Railroads McAdoo authority under the new railroad legislation to arrive at agreements concerning compensation to be. paid during tlib .period of- government control ahrt to direct and decide ail other negotiations which may be carried on. The Presidential proclamation places Director General McAdoo in a ^: .. = MRS. .MAHY .Mrs. Slary Dulancy, 00 years old, one ot the oldest residents o£ Payette county, died yesterday afternoon at her home at Smithfleld. Funeral services will be held at the Duiaaey home i tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, with Rev. Ralph Bel], pastor of Hie -Methodist church, ofliciiLting. Interment will be in the SmiUifleld Baptist cemetery. Mrs. EHilaney, who before her marriage was Miss Mary Zearley, was Iborn near SmithQeld March 30, 1819. In 1845 she was united in marriage to Joseph Dulaney. Following JU-. Dulaney's death in 1877 his widow resided with her son, Aliinous Dulaney. In 1845 deceased united with the First ·Methodist flpiscopal church and for 73 years o£ her life had been a^naember of that congi-e^atjon. In addition to two children Mrs. Dulancy is- survived by 12 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. _ MilS. SUSAN B. MARTIN. J[rs. Susan 11..Martin, 82 years old, | = -^= vile ol James Martin, and a former Qrcliard alley. Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from the A. M. E. church. In addition to her husband she is survived by one brother, Wilson Stephens of Elm Grove, and her father, B. M. Stephens of Wortliington, W. Va. .TOHiV LANKBV. Joan Lankey, aged 57 yes,rs, a well Jcnown farmer, is dead nt his home noar Bear Hocks, Bullskin township. Kunera] services wel'G held this morning at 11 o'clock at the Dunkard j cemetery near Mount Pleasant a n d j ir-terment was .made in the Dunk- j ard cemetery. .resident. oC Lower Tyrone township, died last night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. WUUani C. Crowell, in Cleveland, frfcere she had been- living for 30 years. The body will arrive at Daivson tomorrow afternoon on Baltimore Ohio train No. 16 and will be by the terras ! removed to the Methodist Episcopal i church where it will lie in state until 10.30 Monday morning when funeral service will be hold. Burial %vill be in Dickerson Run Union cemetery. Mrs. Martin'is survived by her husband, two children, Mvs. Crowell, and a son, William,' of Cleveland, a sister. Mrs. Lydia Cunningham in Cleveland, and a brother, William, in Montana. She was the grandmother -of Mrs. George position of- supreme authority where K. Moore o£ Davrson. Mr. Martin is the conduct of the railroads single system, is couceraed.. His de-1 cisions and · agreements will- be ; sub-. iect tb:review only the President. The sweeping .powers granted to Director General McAdoo under the years .old. MRS. BERTHA. BETTERS Mrs- Bertha Betters, 25 years old, colored, wife of George Betters, died yesterday, afternoon at her home in RAYMOND Raymond Quinn, one year old, son of · Hugh and Marie Quinn, died this morning at the family residence at . Adelaide. Funeral from the house j Monday morning, with interment in j St. Josenh's cemetery. , The Phonograph Triumph Let your ear decide what phonograph you really prefer. Hear them all--test and compare them. We feel your choice will be The Brunswick. You will marvel at its tone and how faithfully it reproduces even the mellowest tones. Tones that other phonographs lose. Then remember this, The Brunswick plays all records. You are not limited to one make with, the Brunswick. It plays all records--all makeo^-eq-ually well. This includes the famous Pathe Records. The whole world of music is at your command with The Brunswick. Come and hear your favorite selections played on The Brunswick. There's a musical treat in store for you here. Peter R. Weimer Old Reliable Piano Dealer. 127-129E. Crawford Are, COJiXELLSVILLE, PA. IT IS ALMOST GARDEN TIME A few days ego there -WBS a touch of Spring in the air--how about the garden? This year, more than ever, it must be a . ·war garden. The crops from the' big forms must go to feed the boys ' 'over there'' - the home garden, must do ita bit in a big ·way. Itmust be planted efficiently, economically, and expertly. It must be planted vith a certainty as to results. Pakro Seed'ape -will help you to have a bstter, a more efficient garden. It is the odentiii-: -way of planting. The seeds are evenly and accurately spaced in a thin paper tape. And a whole row is planted at a time. resulting in fctraig'tit rows of evenly spaced plants. Thinning out is practically eliminated. Pakro loose seeds ere the same Quality Seeds that are in the tape. These seeds are thoroughly tested and selected from the very beat stoch. A Fohro Grtien, either Faltro Seedtape or Pakro LooseSeeds, is a successful garden. Your dealer has over 11B varieties of Pafcro Seedtape and Seeds. Order your Bstda to-day. This HomeGsT-den Booli is -written fay Mr. E. L. D. Seymour. Maoct- oteooiiorof the "Garden Mngrainc" und "Country Life in America." It is bound in board, 48 pigcfi. end profusely illustrated in color. It i Q text-book of the garden. It tells in simple Icraia how to rfan you conien nrtd fcav end whe-n to pUnl. w'Write to-day to the Americt Soodtnpe Coropnny, S65 Ogden Street, Newtnt, Ncv Jersey for a oojty of tfu» boo. Prico 30 cents »Lan«y or money order. AnderRon-Iioucks Hardware Co.. .Artroan "Work. Connellsville Dnu Co., Ccr.-nellsville -Market. J. R. Davidson Co., Frisbec Hardware Co., Alex H'affar. TVrleht-Mctzlcr Co., Connellsrlllc. Central Drue« * Store. Contra.1 Supply Co.. Bunbar Supply Co., Du"nbar. s

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