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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, April 6, 1918
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urteit ConnellsvifleV Biggest arid Bert Newspaper. Sworn Average! Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,605 VOL 16, NO- 125. CONNELLSVILLE; PA., SATURDAY EVENING, APRIL 6, i9is. TEN PAGES.. SEAPLANE DIVING AT RATE OF 90 MILES AN HOUR SENDS HUGE U-BOAT TO THE BOTTOM German Sea Pirate Is in Direct Path of '* Conroy SHE ATTEMPTS TO ESCAPE But Sp««d of Aerial ^ QnJeklj Ow-~* whelms It. Craft SUTE OTHERS DESTROYED ii' tin JrlHsJi !rapra-» FosiHwis Somne' Begin Dwpte Efforts of'Germiuu to Break Units; Tie Straggle Goes on Yioleitlj. By Associated Press. WITH THE BRITISH ASSIES IS FRANCE, Api« i-Anotter heary' attack by the Gtsmaas Iu the drive for Amiens appeared to be nndrr way mt an nrlj komr today. At *30 o'clock rtU» morm- ing the Germans we» mfnici Ato be advaaeiig in W»T« »ear the Taire wood wUca -lies in tte Somme valley east ·! C-orrle. The early advleerr-' on today's -flighting mike It Meat likely the operation woald ke aa Uaortaat one. The advance aap*an to kare a* Its object the- AlKart-AniMis road which rJM tt UJ» sector JBst to the aoTtkwest ·! Corrle. "LONDON. April 6.-- Details con- · cerning the destruction ot 10 German submarines by n*val aircraft, eight by aeroplanes and others by dirigbles ' has been obtained by the Associated Press from admiralty report*. One ". is described as fo(low«:- : ''" While on patrol, ta the English ;'. channel a seaplane sighted a submarine eight miles away .directly In the path of a convoy of merchant ships, The plane dived »t 90 miles an hour. The submarine attempted to escape hy submerging, but was jnst . awash as the seaplane released two tombs, one of which . exploded on the conning tower. ., The seaplane dropped two more bombs in the midst ot the air bubbles from the collapsed submarine which was ot the largest type, carrying two guu. '^ In another instance two seaplanes attacked a large' submarine traveling 'on the surface at 14 knots. A bomb was exploded clone to the conning tower and the submarine began to sink stem first. A bomb from a sea- ond plane completed the work. BRITISH POSEHOJC ox SOUSE. ·JLONDON, April 6.--The British po- - i tion. % south of the Soiome . was improved to some extent by a counter attack delivered in the neighborhood of Hamgaid late yesterday, according to today's war office announcement. Along the whole front below Ixay- ette in the sector north of the Somme the struggle continued with violence until late yesterday evening. Although the Germans made incessant attacks they met with no further success than attended their efforts in the morning. COULDNT KEEP ONE Vnil Xot tk« Other So Mother Lets Both $«ns War. Mrs. Norah .P. Rau'kin of JDuiibar has given her ohlj-- two. .sons to the service. T.he jroun^ men, Bueli and Robert Kaakii),' left here" Thursday with toe draftee? Irom District No. 5 bound lor Camp Lee. . . ' The -boys,', who .were the only support of their motliwv "who is crippled »Sita rheuinatisni'tso ..that she. is unable to help herself. The draft board ottered to exempt; one of the young men to remain-'at. : home, .hut the mother eoiilii ,nbt' chpiose between them. - -·' · · . · . . . ' - · ' : . ' . ··. · TO CQKKA1TD AXEBICA5 TBOOPS Df BBIT.UF. INDUSTRIAL SUCKERS WILL BE COMBED OUT OF DEFERRED LISTS Those Gaining a living Through Undesirable or Bmrmfnl Pursuits to Be Fnt to Useful Wort. ·WASHINGTON, Ajlrtl 6.--Drastic modfflcaUon of the draft classification lists Trtiich would affect the status of «v«T7 oa« ot the millions at ngis^ tered men is proposed In a plan .'submitted to President Wilson by the provost marshal general's office and the Department of Labor. 'While the .primary "purpose is the "purification" of the second, third and fourth classes ·of registrants who are not engaged in any productive industry, attention also ·would be given to lower section of Class 1, and the effect it» framers *e- lier« would le to solve the nation's labor problem. '· Tie ·proposal would utilize the draft machinery for putting industrial slackers to woric. Every -registered man who has been granted deferred classification would be given to under- 'stand that such deferinent. is not a legal right, but a privilege and that if unfair advantage is taken it will be summarily revoked. It.ts proposed to make a most careful survey of the lower sections of Class 1 and of other classes to iden- | tifythosc men who are idlers or who I are gaining their living through unde- ! sirable or "harmful" pursuits. Under the latter head, officials sutgar.t, might be listed gamblers, .bookmakers, lor races, pool room touts and others. The plan is not designed to interfere In the slightest with the so-called non-eeaen- tSal Industries. Subscribe to .Liberty Loan ' And Beat tie Wolfish Hun You are called on to .subscribe to the Third Liberty. Loan at good Interest as the best investment in the world. This is a patriotic duty yon should accept cheerfully and perform to the uttermost. V7e have sent from this, community several hun,- dred of our sons and brothers, tbe vrory flower of American manhood, to flght for and maintain all the. rights and liberties we hold most dear from- the. hordes of wolfish Huns who threaten the very existence of civilization to satisfy the insatiable ambir tion of the most slimy, blasphemous monster that ever disgraced God's green earth. Now I, by virtue of my office as Mayor of the City of Connellsville. do call on this community to subscribe liberally to. thjs third Joan and make it a complete success In Fayeite county. ·The necessity for financing and taking care of our boys in the trenches needs no argument and I feel satisfied that no apology . will be necessary for Connellsville In doing her full duty to make this loan a success. . . JOHN DTJGGAN. Mayor. LAUNCHING OF THIRD LIBERTY LOAN MARKS ANNIVERSARY OF , FIRST YEAR OF U. S. IN THE WAR' KISS MLDEBD COX, 1VBO SIGNS 25,000 CHECKS DAffiT. It is reported that Major General John Biddle, who recently relinquish- his post as assistant chief of staff, is going 'to Great Britain to command our troops there. He i will succeed Major General Bartlett. who is at present the commander of the various American .forces in the British Isles. General Biddle was assistant to General Blias as chief of staff and when General Bliss went to Europe to attend the supreme V»r council at Versailles became acting chief of staff Be has been succeeded in that position by Major General Peyton C. March. SHERMAN IN FRANCE Former City Editor · of Ike Courier in Witt Hospital Uolt W. P. Sherman, former city editor of. The Courier, has arrived safely in France, according: to a post card received yesterday afternoon by his wife. Mr. Sherman ia with Hospital Unit L. i MUXSOX IS HOME OJf FUMOUGH Attorney Fred D. Munson, who ia in tbe 'ordinance department stationed in^ "Washington, D. C., is home on a-furlough. He was--given a two weeks' leave of absence on account of sickness. WITH SIGXAI, . . SERTICK IS TEASCE. "W. C. Michaels, who is with the sig- anl service, is somewhere in France. Previous to enlisting Mr. Michaels was a Wtestern Union lineman. . CAST HAXCOCK BOSS GBEKT FIUJKXDS. Edward Sudziak, Waiter Rogers- and John Cuneo of the 110th Regiment Hospital Corps, at Camp HancocX Augusta, Ga., are home on furloughs. HAS3PT HA1) LETTEE SDiCE, EEACHDiXi FRANCE "Writing to his parents, Mr. and-Mrs.. F. C. Rose,. Albert Rose who is in Fxance, says that he has not received- a letter from home 'since 'his arrival there on' January 6. Recently he was moved from the vicinity of :Paris into the-country. The place .he is not allowed to state.. SHIPMENT HEAVY rint.h*» Sent to Brigians Weight More '.'·'* TkM SW TOM. The recent^ shipment of 'clothing t« (tie B.tlglan war unfferars made from this city weighed 4,6*0 pounds, or approximately Z'A, tons. The Belgian Relief .Committee asked that 5,000 tons he contributed in the United States. DELEGATES ARRIVE Sercral Hundred I'iremca Expected U be at Auditorium Tonight. Delegates from .'different parts ot the state began. arriving in tie , city this morning and afternoon to attend the meeting of the Western PennsyU vania.Pirenien'B Association to he foeld in the ; West Side anditofium tonight at which the Western. Pennsylvania Firifl "Prevention Association will .be i organized. It ifas estimated that at least 300 delegates wonld be present. William P. Morgan, chief clerk of the state flre marshal, arrived in the city'last-night for the. meeting. He ·will represent Governor .Brumbaugh and the state'marshal tonight. HEADS'MEET. Added to Honor Roll. Arrangements 3f»dc for TT«stinore)ud Comity W. C. T. Hi Convention. ; Special to' Th« Courier. SCOTTDALE, April 8.HMf». H. .B. Tee following .jumras have bten ad- i^bb. of Alverton, Mrs. P.. E. Anderson ded to the honor roll of the First Baptist church: James Blsel, E. S. Crowe, Edgar Evans, F. Bajr M«tzgar *nd TV". P. Sullivan. ThV young men expect to be called Into «ervl!C soon. Jemuiette San to lev. Alpha K. Kline ot Jcannatta, etired rnlni»ter of.-the Reformed ;ch. will .preach- hi Trinity He- ·ed church tomorrow morataK at Iclc-cav. · · ' - . . · · ! . tdaJ«, Ksjoiiti.el » rMidcsea OB te Mr. tat of Jnirlii, Mrs. Georse .W. Stoner of Mount Pleasant, Mrs. V.'Vf. Eicher and Mrs. Lucy A.-Pools of ScpWalo, the county executive' board .at : Westmoreland county W. C. T. TJ., met Jn Scottdala on Thur«daj - '»fterhooh and arranged for a county convention at iWtst Newton. . ·. ·-.' ·... . They also arruifd to place itre«t car cards in the local cars 30 days before the primary election In behalf of candidate* opposed to liquor., Twtk Child Ban. A ion WEB bora .Tuesday to Mr. and Mrs; T. D. Maxwall of Sooth. Con- v an* nellsyilla.'.It wai the 10th.child, nine wa» lot whom ..are. living,:,. The father is a Baitlnura A Ohio e«gin«er, - ·'.: -.-' ' VAST RESOURCES OF OUR COUNTRY JUST ENTERING THEWAR i A COMMUNITY FUND PLAN IS SUGGESTED FOR WM ACTIVITIES First Anniversary Shows HOTT Poo) Foods tor Red Cross, T. SI. We Have Progressed in Onr Preparation. C. A., SaYy I/eag-ne and H. 'of C. Is Suggestion. Great Rush in Many Towns and Cities is Reported COMPLETE ALLOTMENTS PROBE OF DRAFT BOARDS to Be Hsde Into' Methods of Listing Men IB Class One. ' HAHH.ISB0BG, April 6.-- Steps, Jor an inquiry Into the' methodc of listing men In the first class under the draft law practiced toy .every local draft board iir Pennsylvania have been ordered. According to telegrams received here, there is wide variance between the numbers classified by hoards, some -being very low. high and some Acting on instructions from Washington,, the average number of men ARMY, NAVY AND DOLLARSiONE CANVASS, NOT MANY Have Been the lush-meats in the Big Task of Trangformfag Onr Peaceful Ration Into a Big Factor In the IForld Struggle for Human Liberty. By Ajwoclated Pr*c ·WASHINGTON, April 6.- The first Would Lessen Work of Committees and Seduce dumber of Contribi- tion» by Cltiiens; Total to be Kept Up to Needs, Then Apportioned. Tentative plans are being made by the War Fund Committee oJ the Con- annivaremry of the entrance of the j nellsvtUe Chapter of the Red Cross to United Suites into the war finds the I have one subscription catnpaign in tbe great resources of the country just coming Into the struggle but rapidly being prepared. The achievements of the first year are chiefly dlvfded among the Army, which has been supplying and training fighting forces; tho Navy which has been hunting the 'submarines and con- placed in' the first class by each board i voylng troops and supplies to Europe, will be ascertained and the .state will then be districted and inspectors sent out to find out reasons for .differences. Special lnq-uiries'..wlll,be made into conditions involving agriculture and aliens. This work IB to be done within the next two weeks. MORE SEED CORN the Shipping Board which has -been building a merchant marine and_ the Treasury which has been advancing credits to the Allies. For military reasons it Is not per- city thfa year, during which money will be asked for the different war needs, instead of having a separate campaign for each fund. In this way It is expected that the canvassing by aeporate committees of the Red Cross, the Navy League, the Knights of Columbus, Y. M. C. A., and other'organi- zations, which in 1917 held separate drives, will be eliminated, there-by reducing the work for canvassers as well as mating separate contributions by citizens to each fund unnecessary. It is thought that the public 'would" Miss Mildred Cos is the "M, Co-c.- wbose nwne is aigned to thousands of allotment checks which the families of Uncle Sam's soldiers receive. She is deputy director of the bureau of war risfe insurance, and one of her duties is to sign 25,00ff checks per day. AMERICAN CITIZENS OF FOREIGN BIRTH WILL BOOST LIBERTY LOAN Italian, Polish and Slavish Residents to Organise as Part of tie County Committee. The Liberty Loan committee of Fayette county announces the formation of a number of councils representing the American, citizens of foreign birth. Jerry Barber of Unicntown has been appointed chairman of the Italian council. Rev. B. Powlowski chairman of the Polish council, and fiev. Chas. Janda of N*w Salem, Rev. F. G. Se- 2ik. Tony Kovaclc and John Kaxnen- American France with General Pershlng's expedition, but Secrc- iary Baker, in recent testimony before the Senate Military Committee . predicted half a million men would Farm Bnrean Will Order Supply i' j be there early ttlls vear and ^ an _ There igDemaai missiblo to state the exact number ot | pre fer to give In bulk at one time, sky members of the Slovak council. , ,,,... , ,, ,_ T*,,,.,TM »uh noTM. ra!ier y,.^ w guj^j-ijjj (0 Bact di . f . j These councils are already at wori fcrent fund as it comes up. Tho i organizing the Liberty Loan campaign among the cit'ixens of alien irfrth and lineage throughout tiie county. ICach organization will consist of sub-councils iu every city, vil- i other million would be ready to go Efforts will be made by the Fayettt (during the year.. county farm bureau to secure another * American troops have taken up sev- supply of seed corn if the demand lirtt l positions on tbe fighting line in from Fujgtte county farmers warrants Inch action. · Farm Agent P. E. Franco, have occupied -a- sector of their own northwest of Toul, and have Dougherty announced last evening had numerous encounters with the that he would receive orders for the j Germans. Official statements from second supply, at his office in the First i British and German army headtiuar- National Bank building, Unlontown, 'tera have shown that certain Ameri- until noon "Wednesday. If sufficient j can fighting forces were thrown into orders are placed by that time the [the battle brought on by the great farm bureau believes it can locate [German offensive this spring, tiie another supply of good seed corn. 'British war office flrst reporting them -The first supply of 600 bushels was | as fighting shoulder to shoulder with quickly exhausted. The seed corn j tne British and French troops in the situation in Fayette county is said to be serious. POLICE RETURNS BIG ? Twc Bring* Total of Moor's Bcjwrt Up te'$3.13tf.7tf. The receipts, of Mayor Duggan's ol- flce. for tbe month of March totaled $2,139,75, according to a report iiled today. The biggest item on tbe report Roye, and later brigaded with the French. By referring to the combined forces ot the Regular Army and .National Guard a year ago. and" comparing the strength of the Regular Army now, the National Guard mustered into federal service, and the men of the first draft in canlonmenis. It is apparent that the total, number of ready fighting men has been increased from a meager 200,000 to something like is |1,6ST collected through license: 1,500,000, with about 10,000,000 raen taxes, 'Priioners paid fines amounting t registered under die draCt still avail- to $427.25 and $16 was collected I a blo Cor calls to the colors. through Ucenses. 'Constables paid $9.50 for the detaining oC prisoners. nzoney collected will be put in "what is called the "War Chest." The division of 'the amount collected will be determined by a committee belore the campaign is made, each organization toeulng given a certain percentage of the amounts, according to ,its importance and the amount thai would lage and township and l bring the message of the government home to every family in the several groups. Father Powlowski has called a meet- probably be subscribed were the can- j ing of his lieutenants from other dis- vass madfi seiuirateiy. tricts of the county ;o meet in Unioa- When a donation to the community town on Tuesdaj- April 9. for the pur- fund is made, the subscriber would { pose oi consultation and cojspleting not be expected to cut down the i the details of the organization of the amount because only one conirJfcuUoD i Polish council, is being- made, but tbe committee's plan is for tbe contributor to give what probably would be the total of The other chairmen are proceeding along similar lines and it is expected that as a result of the activities of all contributions for war purposes and these several councils, tbe Liberty make the donation accordingly. The! Bond campaign in this county will be subscription will not he collected at one time, but can be mad* in payments. Nothing definite has yet been done on this plan, but many persons are in ! supported by our Italian, Polisti and Slavok citizens in a manner which, -will reflect great honor u-pon them. favor of It. It beea submitted 10 ! -experts have estimated | that should the war be prolonged and j Ihe War Fund commiUee of the Bed i Cross chapter, of which P. B. Jlar- kell is chairman. Permission from the- National Headquarters of the Red Cross for the chapter to go into the community fund u-ill pro-bobly have to be secured, if ihe canvass is made at all it will likely be conducted in the week -of May 20. PHILO SOCIETY WINS During the month 17S prisoners j it become necessary for the U n i t e d ; were arrested ot which only 17 were discharged.. Miss 111 With rneumoimi Iva Clawson of South Con- States to assume the burden of carry- Ins on' Uia conflict an army o£ 5,000,000 men ^vould not be Improbable. Tbe expansion, of the naval forces has nellsvitle, is at the Cottage State hospital for treatment of pneumonia. Miss Clawson was taken 111 over Wo ·weeks ago and her condition for a | time was serious, but is much im-j proved now. · been characterized T?*:^*I=^ on hi Congress "Five. RECORD Snes for Dirorcc. Alleging that her hnaband, Andrew Brulch. of Vestaburg, had made life unbearable for her, Mrs. Julia Bruicli filed an action for divorce this morn- Ing in Uniontown. They were married in CbnneHsvllle February 3, 1917. Dinner For Draftees. * John Clark of Parker avenue, Scottdale, on Wednesday evening gave a dinner- at his home here for Percy Pinch and Paul Fretts. two ot the draftees who left on T-hursday. Deport of Tear in Scottdale Cross Will be Head, Sunday. Special to Th« Courier. In Annual Literary Contest- in 3Lt Pleasant High School. ' Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, April 6.--Toe Bhilo Literary society of the Mounl Pleasant High school again defeated the Eiuelian society last night in the | annual contest. j Participating in the contest were ; declamation, .Mervin Coy, Philo. and jSuuirt Dillon, Euzelian; recitation, Co\van, Philo, and ^fargue- RAILROALVWORKERS Called for Service "With Kail- , rite wuy t'nils Abroad. i Geor; The War Department has requested i Gregory, Euzalian; debate, Ralph the United Stales Public- Service He- Pox and Elizabeth King, Philo, afflrm- Harmon, Kuzalian; ' oration, e Benforci. PhiJo, and .Lillian should be between SCOTTDALE, April 6.--Tomorrow [ a e e - Those over 31 will he enlisted afternoon at 2.30 the. annual meeting j alul thosc of Ar3Si a Ee will be mduct- serve to make further records of men qualified for railway service and lo be attached to railway units under j organization for service abroad. T h e 1 number required is 3,000. Some or j them will be uken immediately and j, some at a later rtale. These men I Boys of Tmlay and Ifie Sixties Share 0. and 40 y e a r s - o f ! ' lUivc. and Mary Neider and Benjamin Levine, Euzallar.; negative. Ta DEDICATE FLAGS Bays Oltisiaoblles. An item appearing in Tho Courier recently elating that tho Connellsvllle Oarago company had purchased 55 Eutckg should, havo read "Oldamo- blles." - ' ' . Arrives In France. " J. E. Nlcklow of Ferinsville has re-' calved word of the safe arrival in France of his son, Private Frank Nicklovr of the' 27th Field Hospital corps. Promoted to Corporal. . Patrick/ Houston, Pennsville- boy. ' ' of tho Red Cross auxiliary will be held in the Scottdale theatre. One year tomorrow the campaign here was launched for membership and tomorrow that campaign will be renewed, Bvety man, woman and child ot Scottdale is asked to be present and hear, the reports read, {or the work of the Red Cross units iu Scottdale has beftn wonderful It has been ste.ted that for its size no auxiliary in the whoto United States has done more or bettor work. ed j n t o service. The men wanted take in practically every department of railway operation, both clerical snd mechanical, including englnemen, firemen and trainmen, storekeepers, telegraph operators, 'electricians, draftsman, bridge and car carpenters, ear inspectors. car and engine repairmen, section men, laborers, ate. Engine Again in Service. One of the' Indian Creek Valley Railway company's engines, tvluch j was in the Connellsville Baltimore . j i Ohio shops for two months; · Probably rain tonight and Sunday; warmer tonight, Is the nooa weather .forecast for Western Pennsylvania. , Tempertitnre Record. 1918 1917 Maximum 55 53 Minimum 30 35 Mean '--^- 43 ' ' « placed in service again yesterday. Candidates File Petitions. Congressman E. E. Bobbins, candidate for re-election; J. B. Goldsmith of Mount Pleasant, candidate for reelection as state legislator from the first district of Westmoreland county, and Reuben Howard, Democrat, of Unloniown, have filed tbeir nomina- Concerted Drire in Connclls- vj'ile is to Be Stade Xatcr. PI.AHS AJSE NOT TTT KEADT Bunks, Howerei, Exported Stnuetoos Suterriptions, Mostly Small; Great Din of TVMsties and B«Us Amronn- oes Opening of the SationiU Kriie. By Axaociatad Presa. April 6.--One year from the day the United States entered The war the nation started today collecting $3.00WOO.iX0 from, its citizens as the third Liberty loan to finance the £ghii£g. It was a day of patriotic celebrations, of-parades of soldiers, sailers and civilians marching together to trjanbolize the. important parts e*r*h must play 3n -winning the war. Batore 9JO this morning, or within a half hour after the campaign opened three towns resorted by telegraph to loan headquarters that they bad subscribed their full quota. The name of the communities were wittiheld until tbe precise time the messages were fited Lad been determined. One ot them was SouiUborough, Mass, whose oomimttee Sled its teleA- gram on the minute of 9 o'clock, say- ' ing $109,350 had foeen subscribed, exceeding it» Quota by $26,350. Twelve iper cent o£ the town's population- subscribed aad 50 .per. cent of- the voting list By 10 o'clock more than 20 towns » ; had wired headquarters claiming the distinction of being the first to subscribe their quotas and it began to appear an impossible task to determine which iras entitled to the honor. Since the campaign opened' at S o'clock local time communities in the west still had from one to three hours in which to file their reports. · The third Uiberty' Loan campaign ·will last four weeks, ending May .-i. Banks will be given five days after the campaign closes to tabulate and report subscriptions. The opening of the Third Liberty Loan campaign in Connellsville as a concerted move has been held in abeyance until next week. Announcement of the plans win be made early in the week. The opening of the nation wide campaign was signalized by a din ot whistles and the ringing of bells. Engines in the Baltimore Ohio yards let loose with deafening sounds. Some persons not in touch with the significance of them thought.the whistles were blown to announce, the sudden ending of the irar. Local bants reported a ntrmbcr ot subscriptions, mostly small, hot some large, among tnem one for 510,000. At Scottdale the drive started at noon with the ringing of bells and the tooting of whistles at which time committees started out to secure-subscriptions. DAVIS IS To Present Yfir Stamp Seeds at Donbar Schools. - John Davis has been invited by the school board of Dunbar borough to' present to the students of the town (lie matter of buying "War Savings Stumps. He will do so next week.' The board wishes it to be understood it had no part in refusing Mr. Davis this privilege last week. Through Mr. Davis Boone Castle of the Knights of the Mystic Chain at Yanderbilt lias taken about fl.OQO worth of stamp's and Monarch Castla at .Mover $300 worth. Honors at Vandcrbtlt. Service flags for veterans of ( h c j Civil war and the boys now in I h e ] service will Ix* dedicated at the Prcs- 1 byterian church at Vanderbilt tomorrow evening al 7.30. o'clock. There will be 1", stars for the veterans and 22 for the young men. A special invitation been issued to veterans and relatives and friends of the boys to altenct Rev. D.'C. White will deliver the address of the occasion. Becomes Stenographer. Miss Nclle Martin of Dunbar has ; tion petitiows at Harrisburg accepted a position as stenographer at the plant of the American. Manganese company at that place. with'the'coaBt gnard service in lionis- | The Tough river fell during t h B ( . _ . , ,, _ . _. . iana, has bean prbjnoted"to corporal. I night from .1.85 teet to.1.80 feet. who If) in training there. Visiting Camp toe, Mrs. B. B. Braillcr of Dawson, left yesterday for Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va.,' to visit her son, Leroy Bralller, Home Camps Sot Affected. The recent ruling of the post office department prohibiting the sending of boxes and packages to soldiers in France without request and permission by the commanding officer does not affect such shipments to .army camps In the United States. PAVING MOUNTAIN ALLEY FcnusylTania Company Has Vnrk IVell Under Way. · Contractor Malachi Duggan is engaged in the paving-of Mountain alley between Apple street and North alley for the Pennsylvania Railroad company. The work is well under way, between Apple and Peacii streets, li'ts being done under agreement between tht city and Hie raiiroad company in return for concessions made by ih« city at the lime tbe freight bouse fa.s erected and the yards enlarged, To Hepott Monday, Poster Critchfield will leave Monday morning for .\ewport News. Va_ where he will report at the medical supply depot. Crhchfleld will be accompanied as far as Washington bj Aaron Goodman, who will -report at Fort Monroe. Community Service. The 10th of the Dawson Sunday evening community services will be held tomorrow evening at 7;30 o'clock in lie Baptist church, with Rev! G. M, JSley as pastor deliveries the sermon,

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