The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 5, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1918
Page 10
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THE "DAILY COURIER, CONI^BLLSVILIJB, .PA. FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 1918. I ORDERS FOR NEXT WINTER'S COAL NOW,SAYSGARFIELD Wmy to ATOM Repetition Seuov's Skort- in Supply. CARS MUST BE KEPT BUSY lite JtMf to fkc loss 1« li BO Way ;to :M*nr]l»r«' urjir^ coaj, consumtt' do all t tt*y can to pvSvont a lei^Ution t wiuar of list seiiBona. shortage, »u«* tb« follcwing -- "Every ^bouMholder, ev^ry ·; public | 4 »ttlitj-, and evfrr iB*istri«!l .. user ;pf fft). enciced ia -wort ea«ati« to the i nuMKintlmi iV tfee \r»r.. »re. ar.ftiestl}' -gari .-to % plice witboitt their oidtu for. coal to cover tor tb*. 12- months begin-' Ajiril _1. - Durioc ' 'the". i«*t 12 ha» been . sofl«rins and a curtailment by'Jwluslries, to .obtain .aecwarr ..jtttfl afler- Jte oeclnniuc. ot .winter.. A acoLeonsoniers wa-e_le.l .to be- Brigjit eyei, clear ^onvpleiion, riin, vigor' andMtpwe, air indicate; pertoct health; Tiithont, it jpu are^ handicapped. to th.e; r«ce ojtu'ltte.rTake Hol- Ji»ter s~ 'Rocky - Mountain' Tea "each week and keep up'with the live ones. 3Sc. Tea or TablaU. . Connellrrille Drag;Co.--A*r. "' orders until latar -la the .year.: labored under the- - impression. .-·1kat_coel eouM be bought and secured fai^WeM at we time as another. Tb«T '·jgSire- fold thai Ibere' was -plenty of t f^Ml for trrerybody^ and; that there Jwoald be plenty of coal cars to move fill* coal is. also This aihico and fti ·*||pecep4*nce .by.consuoiers.was one of !*· coeiributlnj cauwa to toe coal .withits consequent suffering Dtnastic: conaumers and.lesa- .g. in. production ot .commodities iA-our 'war.actrrities.' - .'.. iM S 1 !!^) " t^tmi^yfry«rk^) ~WAS- not in di«te»ee and-did not begin ·wnk uhiU Augu* 2J. · It vac 'toeh; ajradjr too l«l»' : to oato T -he harm *^'~' - had beea*me. The Fuel Ad- be neslipint 0 ( its'i»il«id to call at- DiLat. thja.tintte to the,unfortunate .ta. ot 'the. mistaken course pur~ by the-pubUc a year ago. and to »11 consumers-in the most wn- a repeii- at Itioee rewirw can lie avoided br accepting and. acting imme- upon the Fuel Administra- Irice, ie«» KiTen: aTei7 ',coii9iim6r.-pf the claseec |neni8on»d_ascertaln.lila tual require(or the coming je«r. .Do this at Order goffloieiit eoi to meet reqoireniettii K»c» yoor or- at once.. II aomeotic consumers not ·uffleient storage space for coin they will need, they should their MM. U public utilities indtutrie* etgajred.npon goveni- ient Trork lucnitot sufficient storage :e'th*y ahonld at once provide it. ;T*» production ot eoal In this la fuJdamffntaJhr a transpor- abian. There are enough eoal i ·aoutfi.locoinO'tiTw to trans- " Him 'um«i«u quantity of. coal j it iirttj cai and every locomotive I ia«Ho"ia-nialinuun:c»3«citT ererj *. - There are enougU op- ria thVmina to pR tie coal tiiiT cn*md.~ it tnoMi o-pefativeB ^·ortc ·rary day in. tte trifc*'«uii _ca» and:loooa»tiTea are day. U the coal can lite t»r a -vwk or a month, tb* ·H S"i-lo«i.' c*::.a ATteta or a 'coal prcniactinn. jHittely ' |paee. : ; · ia"»» way to make up ttj» Joes. xWBt^r-mee* tbe '·reatwt utlli- ol tk» coal^arrriug facOtUes t week and »rrry. men*. It a»d no aypina' loeo- . to carry ^aore ecal in a 9oe- ' in . .W_ l»ake -up. lor th« tailtlr* to tkt.nUBn^ can and looomottTec I »Tme«dla« axmth. » Ii«i^nrt«i1 -ar» ·«o»ntltr of coal each day Item .tl»aa A poMBde in nvaKT to Mar'cb. to eoal traacpbrta- to «xl«t «*nr winter. w' tbe r Ja*t;i»j«*d. To an agpceeialile ifcowmer, tlwy hare. : exited rtoiar. cat it i» tie part at lot ;:.»»-avm«n they will not be en- l-Btxt winter. . . . . . . . i ia pl«oly ol coal . in-the i » KMt emry-nead. Tnte coal ; £rm Ilie ground only rof. ovta3 placed with : -oariltnra._. M tboee ordem are wai Manaini waere nature :' Cial- o««ttoni. haf» no ,-iup*C» *f*c* -tor their-.eoal. If l«r itnmtr apace- existed it ' a«-of little bWitflt The coal i a» well remain in the mioee as l-at.-tbe.nK«th ot-the mine*. "·'tiff, to'bemused-tt mnBt-be ?Ul«ipnrt«J.'-to -'the points wiere need- Conaequently, it mast be loaded icoaIcar»»aVd tbisi*«- r-^wlether the coal Is taken direct- Ma the mine to tHa car or taken a storage -pile at the mine's uti to toe car. UBlees the operators »»- orders -tor their coal they cin -load'the-coal carK nor-will-the -cars be placed at- their mines, litiiout x)pd«rs-for coal-the operators rait ship-it,: for th^y can give no irhere it shi'uld be taken., uel problem is to get the coal £ the first place ot deposjit to the ·"place of deposit iritii as little' r a'poaBible and ia as steady and iaiious a stream a:;-circumstances · permit Tie railroads -may be F to a water pipe, which needs r full all the time to carry tie ·amount of -jrater to its 3.-^ .11'that water is shut c any awreciabln time, it means a;sborta».: The pipe can ·Dte 'taaa.'iis maxornxn car- o paying .for eoa] taiprftMT orxinnaTier, wfaen it will ' VaiMia.Trjtfautoarn or winter. sbbu'.d not influence aBT consumer to delay'placing hi* order and »»curlDC hie supply. It Js 1 ar wiaer to borrow money in ihe B»«ng;to : paT;fOT qoe's- coal than to wait- inUI Mrtnnii;, -or winter. Trite, If the coal haa not been mined and.shipped."money can not jprocnre;it ;". ,:.:. : . . .- ,-.,.,,. ,; v *The Fuel.:AUnntiii»tnrtloB..throogh.- the state, -fuel- adtoloi«ratora aad.:lcs: cal coamitteem,-: IsZpjeiialM ifc ererr; reasonabl* wiay:ito~. aid--public^utilities, ecaentixl induatriw,. retail dealers,' and dome*Uc connmen in plac- Inc their order*. «nd in securing as- Hlrance erf a aufBdant supply of fuel! Ali tlieae go^'ramental agenciea, how- ersr, 'are":poweile«s if the corisomers themselves fadl to act. -- "-'" VAgain, therefore, the Fuel .AdinJii- istratipn. urgt* svery "consumer' to" phuce^hls order* tamediattly. This should ordinarily b» done .through the medium of supply upon:-which, the- consumer has relied in the pasr. If this course- is followed, ."it'5may. be hoped that the goffering.and loss of the.·past winter 'will not be repeated. is^not done..consumers will hare themselves to blame.'' ·'"-'_. If T*n Are Hnttef ·argalu -~ the airerUselng eolninns ot Th* Daily Courier. You -wifl-flnd then. Dme a Nail Here--Now. · In 'erery healthy body there icre fifty srainioC iron, about as modi as is^ontiuned in an ordinary "tenpenny" nail. - Bsr' reason olf lack of iron in the blood imany penoni r are' mrSMnic, pale jthin, emacjatea, their blood oorpuscka are nneven, instead of being round and fall of good red blood, and the nerves - are laek- ing-in strength. Feed the nerves on food, rich, · red blood, and tine feels fug of yi(pjr.·"·-' _ - " · ' · :-,Hpw can.jfe-acjfoiiBB 'jrqod-ied blood? It is easily, answered. For many years Dr. Pierce and his staff of physicians at the Surgical Inati- :tute, ii^BoffalOi N.-Ti, experimented .with irpn^and other tonka, and finally .found a ? soluble' iron which, when combined with, native herbal extracts, made; a wopderfcl blood and nerve tonic. This thay named "Iron- tic." It can now be had at most .drug- stores, and comes in 6Cw»nt jials-.^If.*TM! fed:worn oat before the day ts half over, if your blool« poor, if your are pile, or pimpUB or boils appear on the face or neck, go to the nearest drag store and get " irontic " tablet*. Take them nf- ularly f or thirty days, and you will notice the wonderful energizing effect. Ton will feel full of vim, vigor, and vitality, instead of doll, tired and weak. If yon wish to make a tot aenflO cent* to Dr. Pierce'i la- valias' Hotel and Sorgieal Institute, Buffalo; N. Y., and obtain « trial package. Do it now! . Doctor said, "BSo-feren had d o n e wonders n. Cu« 17»4--School Hasher: llUldanc*--Kta* tucky; 'Mv«r« opwatfoa: I«*t h«* weak, ana*- . rale. BMVOM: tow riteJJtr.' Phnletan raeom- ntnttad Bto-fmn.. Two, mW tmtmra*, .··«·* nraaikaMa IxvnmaMiit Doctor ra- ported,' "Bio-faraii aad dan* wawdaiw lor hae/? eu«~-p«ijujrlTasiaii, raporu: "I hair* takaa akcut ona-kalf of tk Bto-fu«B p«U«t and mu«t'»E(M tbat'I fMl^Uk* ««r.- r ; A Xcotucklan worosjp »aya: "I bave tafc«n Btft-feMn nculariy and ffl*» smach kwwBCAd. I can -U» my arm* »ucb bittar. Bow«T«n ca not B*t my. liaada to my hW a«flicl«rtly'to eonfc ia? hair, but I f*al taat I will loon b* aMa.ta a-tk*V ! · - . 7 - ' . . . _ " ' ' · ' · - · . . . , ' . ,, tern wait tha TKoroua haaith a«4 raair t**aiy tfcat !* atvtnawt on atzwnrth, »«r»«a and-r«d blood. Evarrbody d*«a. Read tnoce .reporta atona, You. too, K you ··!· dratted dawn.tai h«aHh aad-itnatt* btcaai* ol worry. nrv.M,- and alailar CUM* oan nbulld aronr fcaalth UM|. ·trauth with, Blo-farea.-It 1» net a attaulamt It to a bandar--a kuOdar al · batter'htiilth ' ' - · ' . - " \ ' · · Mo-farm cantatai aatna of tb« bwt latr4lu knave to the artlea) warld, and la 'indicated-- for the tr«atra«t. ol rmll-down ooatfltloaa du« to ·i.r»«i*. WOTIT. anaemia. melaachoUa. ntnrou. 4*tiUltr. ^Wlty Mfenrln* ftafacitou Jljinn; conval««e«jc« from menu fann, *lc. Th«r« U no Kent nor myatery abcrot Sla-tena,:. Mmr iwckaxe «liow« -.taa «]ero*ai»'Jt contalna.*: A«r your phyatelan. about It, or ftav* him writ% aX IM WTO Mad bfan eooicKU·formula; · . ', '.::. ,. -JUul ttmt ta*»t that BlO'firan la aold-oaly »· o»B«M*n tka.t To* wUI ntara ft. empty packan and aBov ua to rrfua* »·» wnhaw prlea n. for a«- rauon, wi an not InUy aaOrted. Flaaaa baar'Uult te mind for It 1» 'lUM for a )ai». iwckan. Toarjcruntat "»" MB»I»-. ' : It dlraot upon ncdpt at W.H; afai m£«oa for tt.M,. tax aay treobla In.aMBrtai It, Tn« laattaal ZUmadtai Coml, ' '' TOBAI A5B TOM01EOW GOLDWTN PRESE3fTS THE MOST .CEIJSBHATED WOMAN IN THE WORLD IN HEJ* FIRST APPEARANCE-GARDEN IK . ."THAIS'* . . . BT ANATOLE FRANCE THE OTOHT OF A SAINT.WHO BBCAME A SINNER ANC A SDWER WHO BBCAME A SAINT. · '. ALSO A GOOD CBBI3TIE COMKDT: --COHCTft-- NOK»!A TAU«ADGE-IN^ "The Secret of the Storm Country" ORPHEUM THEATRE ^un) TOMO'BBOW-- MMB. PETR.OVA IN . "EXILB* · : A tremendous soal-sUrrteg drama laid in icenes of wild Oriental splendor. Mme. Fetrava,'s nnrlvaled histrionic ability has nercr so fully answered her call as vhen she vainly seeks to aave troni death the brutal, unscrupulous husband who wronged her. A Good Comedy Will Also Be Shown, UIHIHIM Monday April a 9 D. W. GRIFFITH'S COLOSSAL SPECTACLE Or Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages Robert Hocran BOMM Loye mf.' '_* ' · ·'· VYV*I atorjone Wikon- 7,000 Howes, 1 V 000 Chariots MillionDoUars Wt M»« Thi. Opportunity of Seeing Ttw A.totj^Eny Creation. Here Shows Daily · . . ·; · v , . . · - . . . - . . i^F All l.I5ind 3.15 Enmc, One Sbcw Only, 8.15 ?5c, Ckifcfe«, 15. Night, Adttk, SOcS^c, Chfldben 25c for emauos performance. Atftraace S»Ie starts Box Office. One Year at War . , The first anniversary of our entry into tKe World War should be fittingly recognized and · .;.' honored by an unsurpassed display of patriotism and loyalty. ' 'April 6, 1918--Anniversary Day . The National Council of Defense has sent broadcast a request that every American Tiome display an American flag on this day. The Hag Store of Connellsville Every home and public building should display the United State Flag. If you need new Flags for the occasion this store can supply you with the satisfactory size and quality. There'll be many occasions for displaying Flags this Summer. Have yours ready. · . FLAGS! --3x5 ft. Fast Color Flags urith printed stars and stripes,--S1.2o each. .--Past Color Flags with printed stars, sewed stripes, double seams, canvas .heading and grommets~Hlx6 ft. at 13*0; 5xS ft at $5.00; 6x10 ft. at SrC.OO. , --Fast Color Flags with sewed stars and stripes, double stitched seams, canvas heading and grommets--5x8 ft at 17.00; 6x9 ft at $8.00 and $8.50; 6x12 ft at $10. --Standard all-wool Bunting Flags with' sewed stars and stripes, double stitched seains. canvas heading and grammets,--5x8 ft. at $15; Ox ft. at $18; Sx20 ft. at $20; telS ft at SSO; OxlS ft. at 835. -^3x5 It._Cotton Flags on StaB,--at SL50 each. --32x48 inch S'llk .Flags on staffs,--at SW» each. -rSinaUer Silk Flags--American, French', British, Belgium-- at .i0c and »c cacb. , ' --Small Cotton Flags on staffs,--at lOc, 20c, oOc each. · --Union .Wool Bunting, sewed stars and stripes--5x8 ft, at SS-00: 6x9 ft. at $10. BUY A LIBERTY BOND TODAY! Well Dressed Men Are t Among the Tirst to Respond to a Good Cause--- Leaders in every movement, whether it be the defense of the Nation's honor or the development of its industries and commerce, realize what good cio'Jies can do. They know how a good appearance jnakes their own characteristics the more noticeable, Spring Suits $15 to $45 Topcoats $20 to $35 Styles and fabrics that will appeal instantly and forcibly to the best dressed men of this community. The handsomest garments made in America today and tailored to hold their shape and appearance. The price range is very wide, with a liberal showing of latest models at every price. Come see why our Clothing Department is known as style headquarters in Connellsville for men and young men. Now and Then Boys Will Need --Soys' Play Suits, Slip-Overs, Overalls, Rompers and one- piece Suits, 65c to 81.50. --Dress and School Suits, all neat styles and colors, -- $4.00 to $18. --Extra Pants, $1.00 to $2.50. --Wash Suits, various styles and colors in sizes 2 to 10 years, $1.00 to $6.50. --Straw Hats, including Panamas, 75c to $3,50. 24 Men's Sweater Coats Regular $10 Values $7.50 An extra special lot of these good Sweaters at an actual saving ot $2.50 on every purchase! They come in a light -weight heather mix-' tare made up in V-neck coat style. Excellent for wearing under coat. All sizes. Men's Working Clothes --Serviceable, good quality Working Pants in khaki and other materials, S1.50 to $3-00. --Full Crew Overalls, standard denim, union made, best in Goanellsville, at $2.00 the garment. Street, Afternoon and Sport DRESSES . Charming Models for Women and Misses $14.95, $19.75, $25, $29.75, $35 to $49.75 Our Dress Department has been busily preparing for the after- Easter call for dresses and has assembled a collection so positively charming that we hardly know how to tell about it. . · Of every-day'Silk Dresses there are aplenty, taffetas and crepes de chine ·with graceful georgette sleeves--many colors represented. Street'Dresses are oftea of Serge, used alone or in delightful combinations with silk. ' Afternoon Dresses are sometimes of Taffetas or Poulards and sometimes of Georg'ette Crepe and beads. Betty Wales Dresses at $19.75 to $35 A representative showing of these exceedingly popular Dresses, representing a satisfactory range of the new season's materials, styles and colors.! An inspection will^prove very interesting and does not obligate you in, the least. " . Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save" Them. FATBOKIZE H03EE M E R C H A T S WHO AJYEBTISE DO YOU NEED JOB PRINTING? . We do all kinds of Job Printing at our office froin the vlsltlnz card to the finest commercial work. Tty our printing. THE COURIER COMPANY, 127^ W. Main St., Connellsviiie, Pa

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