The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 5, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1918
Page 9
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FRIDAY, AflL 5, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILl^!' PA- WCNB. OSFHEITI TKE.II1E. INTOLERANCE;"-- D. ! : WJ Grtt-' fita's fr«£tMt sp«:t»ci»,-.-i»id to nave cost two million doHars, .to utilise the service at 125,000 popple, and to take three years IE tie making will commence Its engagement of two days, matinee ind nifct, at ,th* Orpheum theatre,' Xonday, April 3. It» theme, that of love'j itniif li tarough- ont the age*,, is told by .the novel means of lour parallel ..Mortem. ,TJ»; scenes of these stories are: Bibjlon of 539 B. C., 'Jcnualeii :of 2 JL'a.; : France of 1572 .*; D., an* AmVie» : o th» present The , TM*^ "celebrated , screen stars of tnis coaotrjiftaye .la-: terpreted.the leadlni'JrolSi ftt'tS* : dlf-' fertnt episodes. For 'sheer splendor and magnitude of. settings; ..for · tense a«d thrilling- action, .the r Babylonian scenes are' saidiTpjlw.UiVTnost striking. Here the ·': ieadtn»-^niurK-, are Belshazzar. his griBcpw iBelbved, and the Mountain Qfrf; r who'!i)T«8 htr king In sccre"t."'/86;-ttt!pricaiiy!'coTr«ct 'is Mr. Crifflth'»'reprba»ctuiB of this ancient woritUcitjtJ'aii* \ vjja 1 Jife that ·tamous BabylooiaiV'anthoi'ities . have publicly 'commfeided' it JThe: attack of Cyrus, the PenalTM. '.'who spiight to conquer B«l«haiMir,: and ;hj» -raptilse, a migthy. cla3h~,flt;meH' on'and nboat the toirering. wiiis^I '· Babylon has been atfcltimedj :ti«- ami Ycallstle conflict ever staged? '·prer 40,000 men, 7,500 horses and iijWfcf chariots took part in ihis Kjittli^wliicli.,iras waged with 'siege toveri and Naming engines; battering jrami, catapults, giant cross-bows, and; ' THA%-In' . . ·wjfichr Vafcrtilwyn. presents Mary Gar*eii.-th«i»»t : f elObrat- cd woman^wirld '·Ypr-W/first screen appearani^'iis'jbeing: showii to4ay. .'"Thais" frotn-Uutfiampiui ipy- el by Aiurtole France,'jai;t4e story' of. a saint; wo .·became-; a-'iitr aid tn* sinner who ibecaore 'a- Ulilt,,- a story of passion that has been translated iajjb IS languages. iVc«OT4ing to the acti»a of the photopliy, 'Thaia',' is aVcelefrrated Jjeiuty .in the clty^ot Alexandria* whose Innumerable'' tare. aHaits have scandalized the ciViliiefr world. Tie'tinoe is just when Qi*t+- tlanity . is.jeginning.. .to supersede pagan belief*. From among her many lovers the fancy of - ."Tnails" Js" engaged by Fahnutiua, a wealthy young man who is noted for his learning. Toe young philosopher at once fall* in lore with the beauty, wbtreuiia a jealous- riral .plans 'his death... Just as he Is emerging from* : the house, Thai* sets upon him, but in self defense Paaimtlus kills- him. The outcome of this situation: f*. one of the most thrilling portion* "ot the nW. The production will aisojbe shown tomorrow. : · . ' · · - ' ' THE ABCAVE. Zarrow's 1318 Follies at tni Arcade resterday pleased th» biggeit ciiiatinee ConmtilsyiUe has' had 'for years. It wai eompOMd mo«tly at ladtea aad ldTMi and tt'w« th« ktad of a*ow that pltaM* )tk«n. The big feature, tli* I4m* Trio, wai 1 ceinpined to take five ncoirM and two bows,, and even then the audience let them go reluctantly. ;'»l4«a:! do ''.?p«rfdrniri so', endear tfenwiinlr wJUf-'theaUV goers of a c«M««k» : : All ifce oOM» acts are topMntri; top; and it scans a little iinfair that it Uneteinary to place on^ nnmber ahead of th« otaer on' the program, as 'they · art all of real mirit.: The bill for today Ui "A Nlghton a Boot Oarden," and the plc- OareVis liouirlaa Fairbankt in the only reel subject he ever made, 'The Mys- tery^of.the'riying Fish." Tb/e entire proceeds will be tot 'the beneflt of the .war-fiutd of the local Printing Pr»*t- inaB's.'OBlon.;. Tl^e tnraai; j.rk«i of admission will prevail.: By a coincidence .it was learned-, ye«erd»r,.taat Lew Kellaer of the. team bt.Kellner aid Keliner, is a member * of "this union, and'naturally ne and'his fellow perforinn wilCp^t ap-a great show.- Co«Ug.iieH-»r«ek,' r is vlieHi sereau Submarine Girls,.'which -is playing at the Dbtl«'tl«*tre/ ; Uniontown, this week.'.'. ?7-T;. ..V.':..?..' Y S019SOH " "A SBCfiBT MAERIAGE"--If ap- plausc.jiaughter and "uiiling lac«» are indications of enjoyment th«:,»Bliea«« at the Chester. Bisliop. : 'PI^«-s: per-,. formaate at "A SecretiMarriac*" '!··* Bight DIM* have iujoyMI£»*Kh»- menseiy. The perto»roa1)c«'-»««t,wlth- a daeh and'go snu»u»J'iw(th: flret f«r^ fonnaucM. Tne au41enb«k : s,»«tned,1n an especially good humor" an*, laughed and .applauded g«uin«ly.;,,,While to* play may,not be cU«»ed;.with '"Th« Island of Lore"--the: fim . . this excellent compaa^-r-it.i»-one-.ol the kind of plays that , : Snd a warm. ·pot la the .hearts of ; ta»" peopi*. Th» heart interest--the ^ory' oi ' ' of a gpoB'wite and.mother to.. pr»-; tact her name and child'is not', only strong and compelling, bat. real.' .The 'comedy is infectious and kept .the audience ia-almost':xmaMBt lanjfc- tef. Xr. Blrtop.gave a powertul and manly' j)erfonnance ai* WlkBr Dean, while Virginia Duncan's p«rtoTmmnc» of liauiae Beajamln was ataost per- feel, and : a real, live h*by about six .months old'was brought into the play jhihe-Iaat «ct, much to the amusement "otf;ihe_andie««e. \ Tie entire company was.cast in congenial roles and all gave good account of theraelves. The acenic oquipmenti* all,that could «e desired and is painted n«w, for each piay. - . ' OKFBECX · TKEATBE. --Me. Petrora in Noted for her exotic, almost Oriental beauty and style, Madame. Fetrova, wbo-i* appearing in a screened version of "Exile" today anil tomorrow, i« wearug gowna'of even more than her usual splendor and daring. Among them is one especially aumptnou* affair of Btlffent dull bine brocade heavily embroidered in silver. Many of the qumr habits aad rauinerinu of the Arab people of a little colony in Asia are shown in this drama, BOWYTZ MARKET WEST SIDE. Down Go the Prices is YOtr WILL yori BT THE GROCERY DEPARTMENT ,l»-ib. au Corn 3 I -Potatoes, per peck. Boiled Oats, box ' Uma POT****, -i Navy Beans, paund . Pure Preserve^ Mrce iixeiJBe Good Laundiy Soap, S cakes_K« Jell-O. per boot. '. JOe Jiffy-Jell, per box--. · lie Prunes, S, pounds- ac- Ketchup, .bottle-- l_.lie Tomatoea, can-Hominy, 2. cana Raisins. 2 boieBi Octogmo Soap, rat Irory Soap, elit Alice Baked; Becai, 2 e*nB_2Sc Fancy 'iOc Coffee, 1 Ib - 2*e Tomato Soup, can - Ite Gas ' Mixed Vegetable*, 2 eana -- *Se Fancy Andes, MEAT ? DEPARTMENT We Handle t»« Best of Ments at Lowest JPrfees. Lard..-per -pota'd- Steak*' : -i 3Se . .*« Pork Shoulder St*ak Pork Chops i__Mc ml- M« 'Pork .Shoulder.. : :(»n61e). - He-, Sugar Cored 'gain ' '·'·'·"'--JSe' Boiling MeaU__--18e,Me, S*e Smoked aide '' ; tic r Bologna --3tf, Ke. · Cr«»ia»fy.B«tter,.Per Ponnil, : IVe H»«cUe the B»nt Oleom»rf «ri»« »i ike Ixmetrt " ''' ' COB. CBAWFOBD ' ' AM) EIGHTH STBEET, sans. · .-.- ·;·· · · · -, Special--$3.50 Crepe de Chine Waisto, $1,95 V The.neweMvSprinfe.iWaists in good quai- ; tl^s Givpe'o Chine?with -pretty; large "'col- lari, fancy -Jacc. trimmed, in all- the new, colon such" as maize, peach, flesh, white, Nile and black. ·All Sizes, for ---__^__.-- I2 NPIlSBURGSr.216 CONNEIL$VIIIE;IA. for Boy*' Suits--$7.50 Values $3.95. . Boys; Suits in a dozen" different styles --the-ne-w Trench models, fancy slash pockets, best of all-wool materials,, light and dark colors. All sizes, (PQ QK 6 to 18 years, Special fof __..:; "«DO.»/eJ . OUR NEW SPRING sjtfvjiiic 1 ^fifpc 1 AM ^i f\i^fc a ^ i r i c COATS. SUITS and DRESSES $20,$2^50« f25 Values for / ! · V- · ·- · ". .--· · · ' · · · - · ' · These garments should have been here for Easter" but have been delayed in transit.; Hereithey are put on sale at the popular price of $15. Such ; garments as these have nerer been skown at such a low-price. Co'me and' see them anjd then you will be convinced of the .great values. The Stilts are the smartest of the season. 1 The Goats- will be admired by everyone. And , the Dresses arethe prettiest ;erer produced, in "all the latest' colorings, and all sizes, on.saie for $15. Other Coats and Suite at $18.75 to $27.50 Exclusive in style, superior qualities, strictly tailored' garments, ripple,effects. PosltiVely-'the finest garments on the market at these prioes..' . ' ' - . , Special Silt Taffetta Dresses $15yaitcsfor$9.75 In all the latest (tries .and prettiest c»lorings, mad* of tb* best quality Silk Tafleta, Crepe da Chines, with OMrgeMc Cnf* itonw. On sale lor.-. Purchased Pattern Hats up to $7.50 Value for $3.95 Large Hats and small Hats of all kinds in Llseres, Fancy Straws, Hemps and Georgette combination-- in all colors, fashionably trimmed with flowers and fancies, ribbons and wings. Wonderful values for. (j»O WOMEN HIGH GRADE KID SHOES and OXFORDS $7.50 Values for $4.95 In Dark Brown--high top shoes in grey, 'tan and fancy cloth tops. The Oxfords in patent colt, tan, winged tipped lace styles with the new low and high military heels. Sale of New Silk Skirts Regular $7.50 Values for $4.95 In all the popular shades, pleated models and 'shirred, styles with belts and pockets, in all kinds of fancy Silk and Satin stripes and plaids. All sites-Special- for' --: . : ; la Addition to these great values we give "S H" Green Raiding Stamps--you get them and save them as they are valuable MEN! Here is'a great S«it Sate. Here you will save from |5 to ¥10 on. evexy .garment purchased. .All onr garments repr»~ sent style, duality and workmanship. Made by the best makers in the cotmtry. Come in and see them. On sale tomorrow : 'at these.-- 'prices. : -.. $lo.M to $20.00 Hen's and Tonng Hen's Suite for $1195 $25.00 to W0.00 Men's and Toong Hen's Suits for . $18.45 In the newest Spring colors, soft and stiff cuffs, all beautiful patterns,- Special .at 95c, DO YOUR BIT BY PURCHASING A LIBERTY BOND TOMORROV/! Big 15c Matinee Daily at 2:80. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Pamily." ML THIS THE r» 6UABASTEED ATTEACmOJT. ZARROW'S FOLLIES OF Featnrlng CoanellsTfflo's Paroritc Juveniles--A lilg Act The Cleverest (Mdreii d the American Stage^ S t Kellner, Tenr £ Allen, Hicks ,t'Scrmour, Lillian Root and u Pep Chorus of Pretty Girls,- Presenting Tliree Mnsieri . 'CoMOdit's, IVcll Written, Eninlsltcly Gowned and Snpcrbly Monnlcd. '--" .-- . ; . OK !rtlE,SCEEElft-iyE3fG15AirCE AJO) THE IVOXAJf." . ;: -~ -V. EK3FEA ADDED THE- AJLIJZ15G, wers .Amazing 'feat». ; of- aafcrng Oieinv-"-";".-'-~" ; Vaod«Tilie"'s ; GirMtest"; "Sd.enttBc Aet -Jtidiee' tree reception '..Wednesday afternoon, at which. tim« every lady · .siYea'a peraonal coMmltatlon. ·HJAP" STtEBBS TfELL--IT ALMOST WORKED. By EttWUTA I L M 1 C O SEE Xern.E BOYS to rwx THCIR. VJI36OE5, ·-30MEBUBDT 5 TiORN-ur TM* LETTUCE AM' IN VER

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