The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 25, 1964 · Page 22
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 22

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1964
Page 22
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1 1 others, and haven't don so for over 20 years. . - v -Cured Nail Biter. So we have two ideas that have worked: th scapegoat,' and the one day at a-time technique: neither as costly a psycho - analysis! I'm sure other desperate chronics will bite on your bait! Confidential t Lata Fifties: I'll do nothing but egg you on. This interesting widower probably needs you! When you have your party, make him feel at home by putting a plate of sandwiches in his hand to pass. Let him run the record player. Etcetera. - DEAR DORIS: I am frantic to know what to do. The doctor says I must have a serious operation, which will mean being in hospital for two or three weeks. Ordinarily --my mother could come and take car of my five youngsters, but she broke her leg and can't move for a while. Where on earth can I find help? Dismayed. Relax. There are those who can take th plac of mother, right where you are: capable women who can step in and carry on. In Ottawa, this is th Visit-. ing Homamakers'. Association of Ottawa, 3M Somerset West , . , i'.f ; (Could Doris give you the nerve to do something about what' troubling you? Write her and see remembering to enclose a five . cent tumped, self ' addressed envelop.) ' r LEAVE FOR HOME . BRIDGETOWN. Barbados (AP) Twenty cadets from Canada and 11 from Jamaica left for home Monday .after a six-week camp in Barbados as part of an exchange program among the three countries. Twenty Barbadian cadets who were in camp at " Famham., Que., returned to Barbados Saturday. STATE'S GAME ALBUQUERQUE The most popular big gam spec la bunted in New Mexico are deer and bear. . - - ' H.R.'sE the Finest Furt Live up the H.R. no C.O.D.' 112 QtstMD SrrMt :-' r.s.'f v Mr. ft Parking at Car Parfc, Qun SrrtW f 22 THE OrAW JOURNAL' TUESDAY. AUGUST 25, 1964 mSuazssful Living . by DORIS CLARK A Canadian Social Worker Helps With Human Problems . DEAR DORIS: Being nail biter for 43 year I have tried all the remedies, with poor results. Somewhere I read that "once a nlil biter, always one," and I think there i tome truth in Chi rather negative and discouraging ilatemenL At pree-ent I have tight decent naili which really mean I hav two tcapegoau. However. I have one eug-gestion which hat helped me. It it kind oi "Naili Anonymous" idea. One hat to accept the fact that, one it a aail biter. Then one says "1 really 'don't want to bile them" and then tries to go through ea day without doing so. The motivation comes from withia.' ' . After on, day. one tries a second day. Even a day makes a difference, and I find cuticle remover, nail fit and clear polish a help. The first day is the worst. If one fails, one doesn't give up in despair but Myl "Well, I reaily do want to grow them, so I will try tomorrow. This may not be the whole answer. I'm sure it isn't, but root causes are very hard to find without help from a psy-, chlatriit. and this is rather an extreme cure for such an ailment. Mot Prand at Habit. ; n- ! y , , ., DEAR DORIS: , ' t bit and chewed my nails until I was a' married woman with children: I decided perhaps if. I would let some of them grow I could cur it, so I Just bit the-tittle finger tudla and the ring finger nails and let the other six grow. V la a short time, they war . tough and hard 'and I didn't want to chew' them. Then I let the ring finger nails grow and Just, bit th little ones. I stiH bit the little ones at times but never any of the Stop HAY FEVER SUMMER ASTHMA 1m. fromfr, Hrity.tltty ry, TrwuaMMfc mf other mttrmt Ttmptm' AZ HAH CUMtHft for tttl. MM Kitarf. YJt , cw iitip in tmmUHXi nt4 of y r 9yMt0Wt& IstJI wMtll 90 saT)as1Ta9tBtTBTBTi ahafltts mm toy. hi Smmt. t fcaiw, tatm. cm raz-maH Omrt 15 II J ,Ai j yj trt'J fif'" v MR. AND MRS. ERCEL JOHN BAKER A honeymoon in Bermuda followed the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Ercel John Baker In Fourth Avenue Baptist Church on Saturday, Aug. 8. Rev. Samuel M. Holmes performed the ceremony and wedding music was provided by Mr. Deane Downey with Mr. Melvin Yeo, organist. The bride, formerly Sylvia Anne Black, is i daughter of Mr. and Mr. Robert Black. Picton, and the bridegroom's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Orval Baker, Ottawa. The reception was held at the Golden Totem Dining -Room, Uplands." N ft Why G Tips for Single Woman I hav received snalty let- hamburger made of lean tert from women complaining that all reducing diets seem to be planned for women with families. One letter before m says: "All the diets seem to be for women who cook for families. For instance, they cook things like roasts, slices of which they csn use on luncheon menus. How about us women who live alone and. seldom if ever, cook a roast? How can we figure out how much four ounces of ham is without kitchen scales of some tort? Can substitutions be made? Please help us out!" Yet, you may substitute so long as you substitute in th tame food classification. Substitute fruit for fruit, protein for protein and to on. Any meat which it boiled or baked ran be used in place of the slice of roast. Remove visible fat and leave off gravy. You can buy inexpensive kitchen . scales, but this, is not necessary. A slice of meat approximately five Inch long by three inches wide, end only moderately - tatck, won't- be far wrong. ,! , . You can buy two -' pound precooked hams which keep indefinitely In toe refrigerator. You can buy individual veal , cutlets. You can substitute a ' ' . ' . ' ' ' ' '-- .'" t'- "'. . ' " ALTERATION SALE. EXTENDED FOR QUE WEEK ONLY! . " . , r r . Stock off Furs: Coats, Capes, Jackets; DISCOUNTS OF UP TO Vi TO : 'If your heart says. "Now" but your budgeV says 7 come : . in and check these unprecedented reductions on Fall-and-Winter v : furs designed by Dior, Lanviri, Ritter and our own superb stylists. We .musf clear our entire the interior of r we're sorry obtain one of forty, w eppfpvttlt, J- y Only our store. Business about the debris, .the extraordinary HOLT stock before modernization of will continue during alterations but it's "worth la. scramble to' fur values featured row Old ? s ground meat, and broiled, for the, prescribed slice of meat. It is much easier to cook for one person today than it ever has been before. All sorts of packaged foods ar available in small amounts. The frozen vegetables and fruits art helpful even if you hav only a very small f resting compartment Chop off just enough for one meal and keep the rest frozen for future use. Powdered fat-free milk is a - boom. I take a. small bra of it with m on business trips. I usually have lunch and dinner with someone and am usually la a hurry In tot morning. I Just whip up a glass in the bathroom in the morning before 1 start out I hope these suggestions will be helpful to you. Don't fail to lot extra pounds because you feel that reducing diets ar not adaptable to you. ' If any of you missed my Nine-Day Reducing Diet because you flt H wasn't foe you, perhaps you might like to have It. keeping in mind the suggestions yl hav given you today. If to, send 10 cents and a stamped; self-address- , ed envelope with your request far ft to Josephine Low man in car of Th '.-Ottawa ' Journal. Stoles OFF :Vv'.v fh this sale. Label EN FREW Flavorful Glaze Used On Spareribs This in a new and Interesting version of sweet and sour spareribs. I can (It as.) pineapple' V4 cup tey sauce iM cup temate ketchup -1 tableaDoaoa vinegar t tablatpeana sherry t tables peea brewa augar I clave garlic, crushed I tahhipeaa finery chapped eaadied ar preaerved ginger 4 peuada pork apareribe H taaapeaa salt IH table pesos tea sled Drain cup syrup from the pineapple. Combine with toy sauce. . ketchup, vinegar, sherry, sugsr, garlic nd ginger. .. Wipe spareribs with a, damp cloth and place in large, shallow non-metal pan. Pour on soy sauce mixture and place in refrigerator for several hours or overnight. Drain well, saving the marinade. Sprinkle both sides of ribs with salt Piece on rack in broiler pan and bake in a. rather slow oven, lli degrees, for il minutes, turning one after the1 first minute. (A small amount of water may be poured Into the pan. If desired, to prevent fat from burning.) Drain off and discard drippings. Remove rack and place ribs in bottom of pan. Pour on reserved marinade.,-Bake Jt minutes longer, spooning marinade frequently o v e r meat. Add pineapple chunks and th remaining pineapple syrup. Bake until tender about 20 or W minutes longer. Cut in pieces of serving six. Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds. Make four main-court servings eight servings if used as appetiser. , Engagements Hamblen Black Mr. S. H. Gooday announce th engagement of her daughter. Alice Hamblen, to Mr. Harold Black, Ottawa, ton of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Black of Oxford Station. Ont. Wedding to be solemnized in Dominion-Chalmers Church. Sept 19. Hopson Robinson Mr. and Mr. G. Edward Hopson announce the engagement of their daughter. Melodie Lynn, to William Frederick Robinson, ton of Mrs. Clifford H. Robinson and the 1st Mr. Robinson. Marriage -to take place Saturday, Sept Ml In Rideaa Park.lmited Churchy ; WgieLi Th engagement it announced of Angela Louisa, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hortley of Montreal, to Francis Owen Kelly of Montr, ton of Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Mack) Kelly of Ottawa. The marriage will take plac In St Thomas Mora Church, Montreal, Saturday, Sept IX 1M4, at U o'clock. Poapa Glrvan Mr. and Mrs. Walter Poapa announct th ngage-ment of their daughter. Barbara Ruth, to Mr. Robert Glrvan. ton of Mr. and Mr. Bruct Girvan all of Ottawa. Wedding to take place at St Thomas Apostle Church, Sept 19, at a o'clock. - - . Baunuy-Satuideri V'-: Mr. and Mrs. Russell K. Ramsay wish to snnounc th engagement of their daughter. Janet Anna, to Mr.. -Kenneth Saunders, son of Mr. and -Mr. Harry Saunders of Ma no tick. Ont The marriage will tak plac on Saturday, Sept 19. at 11 a.m. at All Saints Anglican Church, wastbora. Weddings Budarick WoofI . - . V On Saturday, Aug. 22, In Metropolitan Bible Church . by Rev. Arthur Larson, Audrey Phyllis Wooff. daughter t of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wooff, to Melvin Willard Budarick, ' . ton of Mr. and Mr. Willard Budarick, ; . : Following a reception m St Timothy's Presbyterian Church Hall, th eoupt left on a wadding trip to Niagara , Fall. - Monro Affleck Th marriage of Mitt Ana Louis Affleck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Donald Affleck of Ottawa and Mr. Donald Martin Monro of Toronto, ton of Dr. and Mrs. Hector A. U. Monro of London, Ontv took place in Kingsway United Church. Ottawa, Aug. 22, at 2 p.m. . with Rev. F. R. Harbeck officiating. ', " ' , . ," Th bride was' given In marriage by her father and wat attended by Mist France Smith at maid of honor. Miss Elizabeth Monro and Mitt Elizabeth Affleck were bridesmaidt and little Jane Forrest was flowergirL Mr. H. Alec B. Monro was best man and th guests were ushered by Mtjt Bill Kenyon, Mr. Grant Davidson and Mr. Donald S. Affleck. . . A reception wat held at the Lauren tian Club. Mr. and Mrs. Monro will reside in Toronto, , - -f- tf anfaSMMats aa rslt aait ysnwt sat t. f , .: srt W wlis aur k pis Mm Sadat ruH '... 1 u II pi war, rtetam at SSM mm ealasH mm la rartfa far raaaun m.(t.r SIS. aar Oaakla-Mlaaia 1" to SS warai at raaeia aurur aatar awtara. telarais-ttaa ea ratas far aeainoaal erplk mi wares. mVmmt can asm erey ar raws . tie. - , WOMEN tH ROMANIA. In Romania, women outnumber men by M.tot in a tout population of 10.000.000. on&Riii r TMrifM ' W Ontr! hr M to ta rift far mrt arsst MrrM Sartat (MS. lari M la aaa akula r SwS. arw ya raarrtata, mmi mmw at a..l.f raiH.ll - ar Itar aa laa aSftaSal wka arr- farwat UM !- T to to ra rta. om aa SarrtiT Oas, as laaaMrtol OtSaaa. a-arte. HaSit yaar ai.rrli a.aM. kaa wrttrae. .Mrs. LBJ Considers Herself. .1 - 1-V - , . V'.'" . ' V." . As 'Sounding Board' op Trips By FRANCES LEWINE . ATt ANTIC CITT (AP) -A president needs someone to level with him, Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson says, and she does it for her husband. "In this Job." the first lady said, "and for the last good many years, one finds oneself caught between adulation, which Is unhealthy, and th acid bath of-venomous criticism. , "Somewhere, in between, tber ought to be the level view, and that I try to give him." ( The Johnsons have found that "th bucks stops here." as President Harry Truman' put it, she said. ' The first lady said her husband accords her "the fine compliment of thinking I have good Judgment and he also knows that I will tell him as I see It." LIVING ROOM Mrs. Johnson g v t her comments in a television interview. "A conversation with the First Lady;"- that was taped last week in tb upstairs yellow ovat room of the White House living quarter and broadcast In advance of Bp HELOISE CRUSE ' Dear Heleiae: I always had trouble Remembering which beater (square or round) goes into which socket in the electric mixer. 1 solved this by painting a one-fourth-inch ring of red nail polish near the top . of on of tb beaters and an- la Stalk wllk aa la s aatar tfca elrtara aa.. aa to V la eatk wllk vawa, i-tbii, aauaaiaa . . It next week's Democratic national convention- Asked by interviewer Howard K. Smith if she is frank in her criticism, knowing Johnson is; a sensit i v e men; she said with a laugh: "It wouldn't be useful If I weren't." Pausing to consider her replies carefully, Mrs. Johnson told of her own role. "I am aimply another set of hands and another brain and heart to work for him." From her trips. M said "I bring back the feel 'of tb country, impressions about how our government programs ar working, and then he uses me as a sounding board about m speeches and about plans." Conceding she felt like top-toeing at first in the historic White House, she said now "you live witjt It and you walk with it and you want to measure up to it." TEMPORARY LEASE ' She has always tried to Imbue her two daughters with respect for their father's Jobs and for working for th,' country, Mrs.e Johnson. said.' but, th also points out to them A-- other ring on its corresponding socket Teenage Reader. ,T Dear Hakrise: Before ! cut out any garment to sew, I measure the pattern with a dress that I know fits well. Sine th current fashion sixes ar, mor a stat of mind than an actual dimension (as well as the fact that different pattern brands hav different proportions for the same site pattern), this is the only method I have found to be sure the bodice is not too long or too short the sleeves too full or too skimpy, etc. Pauline. . - Dear Htioiset I think I have a better household hint than the woman who wrote that she shined her husband's shoes with an old nylon stocking ... I let my husband and th children do their own shoes! Earth Avers. e Dear Hellst . ' I keep sugsr in a large plastic pitcher with a lid. It is to. easy to pour sugar Into' my measuring cups when 1 am cooking. The spout can bt closed to keep the sugar dry, and I don't hav any spilled sugar on th counter top. . C E. E. Brrhday Club '' AUGUST II Barry Llewelyn Hodgint, age 5 Michel PaquMta, age 11 - Nancy Simpson, ag 10 ' n Jcmrntt, BtrtMaf tutor, OtUtm, Oat , i - i: !'''' Plaas enroO me m m Journal ttrtMai Club. I Dill bt J.t. JTMH old on ....I ft .... Address ... PLEASE PRINT NAME ' (H. ttsesi timm ami wtr not auhaaaUcaJlr wrrlad forward yaar by wr. Thar win b esrrlad abMi omasa k stat k waU h ad-mn. t Uauna an raMrlcta t ckiiaiaa u aa . AUGUST FUR SALE Now in Full IfJTir Swing- ? mi ii it u fl wm'S v Taaiarv stmaita) BUY YOUR " ' BACK-TO-SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND v "CHARCE-ir 3 CREDIT PLANS!' SHOPPINC IS A PLEASURE AT U .lit -V mm - W r tJ k ' -- 232-427 rras Castoawr Parkta as) ear Oaaatoaa Let 147; BJJDEAU ST. . "their dad will still be their daddy and that big black car is going to turn into a pumpkin Just any day. This is s 1 temporary lease.",? Noting that th president has had great political success in his pin months in office, Mrs. Johnson was asked what will liappen if the honeymoon' ends and adversity sts in. "You can only Judge the future by the past." she replied, ' "There have been plenty of hard times in our past, too. I think Lyndon has reacted better when th going is' rough." She paused a bit and added "and w will alwayt have each other." ,j Mrs. Johnson said she'd be glad if her daughters' married into politics. Asked If she'd be tempted to go into it if she were starting over, the first lady said ''no, no, I wouldn't." adding: - "I spent 30 years learning the particular role of helper. I do not see myself at the one in the front although I do not pass lightfy over my contribution!;" . ' SAVE MORE Daring Onr a . AUGUST FUR SALE 171 Rldeau Street 233-5506 It'a Back-to-School Tim And el Motfie beck-to-echool tarae ffs ssso ttme to oat beck to into September mora art dared days. In fact, one of your deity ehelienoee m making eure that your children (and their parants) begin each day with good breakfasts . . . to carry tham through to lunch with no irad-morning slump I So we hope these new ideas for "what to sem" at break-feat wit be helpful, end we I saute vou aa you begin an. l!Mbet4chool I I rtutrrBbnist at your house I SIPY-Hadt at -Braakfaat? .. One novel way to tjreek-th-feet and get thoee sfsepy-heeds bounding to the tabfe le to raeture Chaeee Planch Toast on me snenu. Ussy, when you dip cheeee sand- Toast miatura of egg and milk, before pen-frying In plenty of butter. Easier atil If you meat the sandwich up at night atortng than) in your trig, trghtty wrapped Serve hot with eyrup along wrth vnaminitarJ aopie uioe end gleosec of miML A fine first meel of tne day end t nice change from the orange Juice, carMi, toast and mttt routina that'e eur ut'uel brklt Pattern, Cottag Scramblad Egg . , :, For another variation on the breekfeat theme, ay adding cottage eheese to scrsmWed eggs, lust before they finish cooking. Dandy in farm of th extre protain provided. ' you'll find they taste so good you I b sdooting th tdaa tor lunch of aupper, on days whan breekfeat faaturea oar-eel, hot or cotd. wrth milk. Cht for Braakfaat? .r Vss definitely ehetet far' breekfaet i i . for tt grwst ' flavor turns up well with eggs, bacon and toast And. helps carry folk through long mornings, with nary hunger pang. Try serving-some of our good Canadian Cheddar with fresh peers and bunwed toeet . . . wr round out t breakfast of cereal and mikvery nlcefyl ;- ' ' ' - "J rMlM kytrta Hem. tcoromlta a TMI,' CANADIAN ' OAI0V aooot navict tuatau 147 Dinan M.TnM L OM. -.l-i'.'. :'" ' .-!. i,' :.i- Magie "'.v ' . ... v - i - ;

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