The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 22, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1930
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 251, 1930. DAILY CaUKIIL'K, COTWJBL/U VIL'LIS, PA. Basketball PAGE NINE. BT JAMES M. DRISCOLL, Basketball Cokers Beat .._. : , ' ' i IDolde's Team Displays Great Offensive in Fourth Quarter To Win W. P. L A. League Tilt ®- racked Gymnasium Thrilled As Orango and Black' Rallies to Win. MILLERS WILL ATfRACT MANY Couuellsville admlsJstered a crushing tlofwit to Mount Pleasant last evening at tho local gymnasium, -winning Hie game by tho decisive ecoro, 28 to 1.2. The gym was packed to Its capa- (ilty and the crowd filled tho air -with a oonttnuoue uproar of cheora. Playing u oloee game tor three entire periods ot tho fray with neither team having but c. slight advantage as the contest progressed, the locals unleashed a terrific, driving attack, raining shots .-it the basket ih tho final period with uncanny precision and at the same time holding their opponents ecore- lesfl. Miller led in this attack, scoring tour double-docfcura, but it was only through tho concerted efforts of hie* teammates. It was tho return ot that powerful team work -which upset the Greensburg quintet except that It was stronger and better. Miller chalked up a totai of 13 points, having floored twlco from the field and once from tlio foul lino iu tho first half. If the Cokers continue to play the brand of basketball exhibited Vi the tinftl stanza of lat;t night's engagement they will bo certain to distinguish themselves throughout tho remainder oC tho season. While not expecting to finish In first place It is possible for them to at. least be In a -tlo -witli the leaders of this section should they win tho remainder of tho ganins on their schedule. "Horse" Johnson banked a pretty one through tlio hoop for tlio opening score of tlio game. This lead wua short-lived a« Ab'raineon and Volklu scored in succession. Tlio Mountlps atlded anotljer to their lead when Palladino tipped the ball into, tho net for the third consecutive score. Things were, beginning to look black for Connellsville. However, Miller was not long in milking his shots register witb. the result that tho count stood at 6-U as tho quarter ended. The second quarter see-sawed back and forth and w h e n the half came to n closo the visitors hold a one point advantage- over Hie locals, 10 to 9. Shortly after tho second half got u n d e r way, Hchvum inado hia to«s from the free lUie good, tying the count, Jonn« 1'ollowed this wltb a Hold goal and Palladino immediately retaliated, scoring a long one. This wau the last score made by tho visiting aggregation. Then began tho trl- uihphunt, march to victory. Breaking up tho opposing lefenso with fast zipping passes the Cokea-B showered I liu bosket vvlth a barrage oC shots that continued to tho end of the game. The line-up: SN. M«. Plcusaiit-- 12 ...... F.... ........... Abrahainisou [{udo ........................ . .......... F....- .................. Palladino Miller ......... __________ ......... C.... ........ ................... Freed Johnson ..... ............... ...... G ...... . ....... . ....... _.... Volkln Fcroiichulti ................. G ................. _____ Benedict Substitutions --Lujack for Jouee, Schrum for Rude, Shaw for Miller, I'.radley for Johnson, Berg in for Fer- cnchula, Urlarclieck for Abrahanieon, Miller for I'allulino, Simmons for iienedlet. Field goals -- Jones 2, Schrum 2, Miller 6, Shaw, Johnson 2, Abrahamson, Paltudino a. Vilkin 2, Benedict. Foul goals -- Jonea missed 2, Schrum in ud e 1, Miller inude 1, Volklu nilsised 2. .Reforec -- Spucr. Caseys Meet Big Mtonessen Quintet Here This Evening The Casey Chrb will m«ot a real test of strength at th-o State Armory to- uiglit. Tho Kixightfi ot Pythias club of Moness-en, considered on» of tho most powerful aegrogation i in tho Mon River valley, will be opponent of (the Irish dribblers and It. will lako the greatest effort of tho Connellsville youths to compete, ^rfWl the clover artists (hi tho visiting lltio-up. Tho Monesaon quintet; grave the Scottda'lo Buleks a severe drubbing in their flrst battle, only to liavv the Buicks even the count by ekoing out a victory last Saturd iy at tliifr Scott- da -Io armory. If the Irishmen ar' able to give a good account, of theiu-solves tonight and at tho same time lKliove they will beabl-e to hreak oven, it !s tlveir 'plan to bring some -big attractions here. Jones Cokers'First Big Game Comes Friday Evening Tho first really "big" game on the Go.nnciisville High School basketball schedule will be played Friday even i n g when Scottdaie comes hers for the annual engagement on the Cokcr floor. Tho Millers have been going at about the same pace as Council tville and everything is indicative of a great battle. Many fans have' been waiting for' such a treat uiid the gym will hold its usual capacity crowd for a ^ M i l l Tov-'it clash. Many folks will lo corning here from Scottdale and they arc coming early to insure theicselves of a scat. Likewise will several h u n d r e d s of Orange and Black rooters go to the school early -enough to got Into the building. The two clubs arc members oE the W. P. I. A. League and tho contest will govern their standing in Section Ten. Looking' for Bargains ? If so, read tho adv-erUalug columns of T!K Dully Courier. Uso our "want" advorUemou.t, FAYETTE CITY WINS FROM DUNBAR FROSH WITH "PICKED" TEAM The Dunbar Township High frosh- ui-en lost a l"-lii decision to the l»'ay- c'tte City Junior Hisrli nulutet which was bolstered by the- presence of two Lulsenring seniors who aided materially, in the triumph last night In tlio preliminary game at Leisenring No. 1. Fayette City arrived at Duubar, tacking enough players to comprise a team and several of tlio D. T. upper classmen were enlisted. Tho line-up: Dunbar--12. Fnyotte City--1». llanlon }·' » McGarrlty Goodman ]«' Anderson Livingston C.I. w. Kruper Hurkey ..- G Soitis Gmlttor (! , Nicholson Substitutions--Makplce for NichoJ- son, Hart for Burkcy, Burkey for Baulon, Hanlon for Goodman, Mocks for Livingston. ' Field goals--Kan Ion 2, Burkey, Gmitter, Anderson, Kruper, Soltis 4. Fouls--Hnnlon, 1 out of 4; Livingston, 0 out of 1; Bxirkey, 3 out of 7; McGarrity, 1 o u t - o r 2; Soltis, 0 out of 1. Referee--Walker. Local Boxers to Journey To Cumberland Next Month; Good Program Is Planned A loam of a r i a t e u r boxers of Con- iic-lltivillc in expected to j o u r n e y to Ourabi'rtuU'i, .M.l,, nc-xt month to op- poi-i 1 a picked team from that city's nuikr; of simon-iMiroa in an inter-city m a l f h . N" t l a t - lias boon selected as yrf '(!lh".!!;:!( ;n agrpeuiont. jia.s beeii readied to put on the program. The Joo Sephus Culling^ column of t i i c - C t i m b o r h i n 1 Times tjuys thus of [lie H u t i i - i.'in.-ijU'Hers: " W i t h t l u - CcumMlsville I!. 0. Y. M. C. A. a m a t c . i r bo.vcrH .ichediileci to come- lit'ro next month t^i oppose a! icain j i i c k f x l f r o m thfr local rauk« i t ) l'.Mik v ? l i k f th- Himon-piirt'?4 :iro xoing t i w i n U - u j ) w i t h a Ixinnr-r »«H«on. | H i l l y Cartor. c-lorcd w c l v i - r w o i i i h t o f j a i i u r h r - r iay, w-io is well U n o w n hero, j ;»i i i i i r i d l i n K the- ConnoH'svillo elouters \ K i i v l i-.iss anuniB his hoys Jimmic- Puiiu. ; - - ' . . - ,i IP. : ·-, I r» n- r IK' ' i i ' ! ! i ( i I »o\ i E I K . Tournament last June. "Carter's Connellsvlllo stable includes all ciassoa from flyweights to inlddleweights and eeven or eight boye who performed in !,ist week's card he-re will get, a chance to show their wares against oiil.-ddo conipotition. J a c k Rorick and Ft anew Smith, local flywoights. rttid 11. Sttjidei-s, colored lightweight from Pl.-dmont, are s u r e '.o show their wore* agulnnt ConnoH«- vllle cloutord. Sanders will nioe-t H*nuk Duncan, liui poniutor. whlft) Sniitli and Uorlck v i l l Uixk up with Teddy ManciiHo niui Johiinto JueketU, 112 poundors. Tlii- Cawoy C l u b IH going to i r y and Kt-' s O l i v n r Crowe or JVesternport. Kd K » n n e y ot' Koyflor and Honry Kfthotikj , J i m m y O'Rourka, Buc!; Hrady and f;«ori?o Simnions of I ' u n t t i r r h t i n l l i n n ' s v | t | i ! n v i s i t i n g I'M XT'--- " oun .P. I, A, League Summary 'SECTION Yesterday's -Uniontown 32; .Toannotto 20. Soottdalo it); 14. 'aS; Mount I'Jciusant 1-2. Uivlonto-wa STANDINGS W. _ 4 ConnellsvUle ..... -------- L/nlYoba ..... .............. -Scottdale ........... ------ ....... ClreortBburg .......... -.» Mount Pheasant ...... Pet. 1000 .GOO ,roo .500 .500 .333 ,200 Games FrUlny, 'Uniontown »t Lafrohc. CJrecnsburg at Joannotito. Scoftdoio at Conii-oLls'V.IH'6. SECTiOX THIRTEEN. Yesterday's Results Browniivillo 30; Georges 20. .Redatono 20; -South Union 15. North Union 22; Gorman 10. 1'oint Marlon 30; Ca-milctiaols 23. STANDINGS W. \.. North Union ------- ................. 5 0 Brownavillo ------------ ........ -4 1 Point Mar ion ______________________ 4 1 Redstone __________________ ........ 2, '2 German ------------------ ..... _ .......... 2 ;' Cartnichaels _ .............................. 1 " Georges . ____ .......... .'. ......... ..-.-..-.I 4 · South Union ..... ..... . ......... TM...0 !'. . Games Friday. RoriHlono at BrowiiHvillo. Soiitli Union at Gorman. G-c-org« at North Union nt Point Marion. SECTlOiX FIVE. J'ct. 1000 .KOO .SOO .500 .400 .2^30 .200 .000 "West, Newton 20; Monongahela 10. Monosson 3G; South Brovvn.svlllo 11. Cluirkroi 31; California 13. T" STANDINGS W. L. Pet, Monossen ..... ..... ---------------- ..... .4 0 1-000 ('harl-ero! -------------------- ,...'A 1 .800 West Newton ---------- ........ - ..... ,1 2 .000 Monong.iheJ'a ..... __________________ z 'i ,0t) Don-am ..... ..... .......... . ................. 2 2 ,500 -South Brownsville ..... - ..... 1 :', .250 California .................................... 0 ." .000 (juntos Fridsiy. Oonorti at West K-ewton. Monoiigahela at ATono»sMi. South Browns-vllto at Cliarleroi. SECTIOX TWELTK. STANDINGS \V. I Dunbar .;... ................ . ..... ..... ..... 3 0 Sewickfey ...... _ ......... ,, ......... 2 1 Perry ....... _ ......................... .....2 I Bollo Vo-rnon ' ..... ........... ...... 2 I Bast Huntingdon ............... 0 " Hurst -------------------- .......... ......... 0 ;-; Giunes Friday. Hurst at Sowickley. ' Dunbar at Be/Mo Venion. Porry at East Iluntingdon. Pet. 1000 .667 .fiG? .«G7 .000 ,000 Art Shires conferred yesterday with Donie Hush, new Whitesox manager, concoriiing a 1030 contract. It waa tho first move toward the lii'ting of a siiHpe-nsion which was placed over tho [ast-slinging baseman lust year, ft. * * It is rather hard to tell just w h a t might happen when any of the Section Ton clubs clash. It is certain that comparative scores tell nothing;. Show Tuesday Evening Will Revive Boxing Enthusiasm In City;- Good Card Slated PERRY TOWNSHIP BASKETEERS SPLIT AT BENTLEYVILLE Boys Go Three Extra Periods Before Vunf/uishcfl Ity Two Points. GIRLS TALLY ANOTHER V IN The, Perry Township High S -boo! bask-eteers broke oven with Bei lley- vllle High at. the hitter's floor last night, tho boys lolriK a'n 1S-1G ounl ·while the girls chalked up a 20 o 23 decision. A desperate fight was put up t .· the DlckHon (iiimtet arid the battle aged (hiring three extra periods befor ; the homo c o m b i n a t i o n managed to 'urge into tlio lend to ;;et a thrco p o i n t margin. W h e n the r e g u l a t i o n lime expired t l i o c o u n t was deadlock :d at l'~, WlH'u tho first overtime · rame dosed each outfit had rirgistere 1 bill. n single point, each and then the ;erap continued with renewed vigor. .Vhctt each squad hud marked up tltvee points each, t h e second overtime period closed, the c o u n t tied : t I'.i. J-lowe-ver Perry was held, scorol' SB in tlio U n a ! fttanza aa Bontlisyvllie- ' h u l k ed up two points. Ttio boys eowMnatious aro. f veniy matched. In the recent cont.f st at Porryopoliti, tho Ulckson boys 'loacd out tho' Monongaheln Valley f| ilntet with, a garrison llnlsh, tho do i d i n g field goui going t h r o u g h tho haw ;et at the saiiio time the gun w o n t off i_ ____ _^ __ _ ___ _ _ BENTLEYVILLE CAGE STAR IS INJURED III PECULIAR ACCII ENT T w e l v e ' T V ' i J I n i f r Scrappers to .Appear on Frogrnm at Slavish Hall. PRINCIPALS IN TRAINING Officials of the ConnellKville Athletic Club are d-eterimn-ed that, the boxing Bairre esli-all not be a thing of the past In this eilty and another big- effort w i l l lio mudo to rovivo some of -tho old- timo Jn tores t and cni.lmstamn in the a m a t e u r fistic program w h i c h willl 'bo presented on Tuesday ovonlng at the Slavish Hall, Con ucl lav-ill* was, time ago, regarded as one of the be«,t prizefighting clMos In. tho Western Pe-iin- wj'lvanla area. This .stains for a tlrti-e seemed to falter and now tho euthus- iii.s-ts are waking up 'for rt-al treats o£ classy boxing exhibHions. I.«arge i:row-dj5 t.-hat have 'attended previous performances u n d e r the' auspices o.£ that, organization Indicate that the , city fans; sHH wantH to keep tlie sport i alive. A capnelty is anticipated tor tho entertainment next Tuesday Johnny nicha.r-d.son, nM Eorw t-Ue Bwitloyvlllo High School tt-a-in, dtd not get to play ; P-t-rry Township Hi;;h last nigi it is d o u b t f u l if he will play ii eral weeks following a most jv and p a i n f u l acddont, which 'bcf wb.Uo " w a r m i n g up" prior to ih ot a recent game at. E'llswortl lUehards-on had gono ou.t. floor for -the- u s u a l suasion, tofts ball at the hoop and limbering general before the- start, of the Aa has. always be-on his oust was wearing a ring. In. on« of the ba.trk boards EllsworMi -court, a nail head .pr slightly from .tlio surluco aiw atran-g'O freak o£ i'ato Kiclia ring caught ihis n a i l .as he Ui "take tho 'hall" from thn hoard the .practice. The quick suspeii'dtHl tlio uji-fortu-nato yoi some moiiKmtH, tho ring slicing ly Into the (insh of tho linger, ly partiing it. to I ho- bone betw lower joints. KllBsvorth offered to jiostpo game but Bentloyviile woinld -n aen.t and played without tho K of the 'elongated star, i.rcl of . floor jaiust t an-d r sev- c-uliar 11 him , start High n the ig tho up In game. m ho : tt the truded by a rlson's pod to luring lurch th for cvne-1- iteral- en the 10 tho t con- rvlces Twoh'-o fisdctiffora, a.!! veterans of (be ranks, of almon-.purcs, are whipping themselves- into s-liapo for .the olaborftto .progrim and indications are that, there will bo. thrills and aotiion galore throughout. tho - evenin.g's "iKM-formancf!." Somo of tho bfrst scrappers In tiiis section oC tho State hav-o been secured for the cari.1.1 Tlso complete program follows: J o h n n y .lackelte, Uniontown, vs. Toddy M.UJCUSO, Cojiuellsvlllc, 1L2 pounds. Sammy As to, Uniontown, vs. Pete Sherman, ConnelKsv-ille, IIS pounds. Eddie Mc.Cafferty, Uniontown, VB. Johnny Rock, ComioMsviIlte, 150. Russ Sickles, West N-owton, vs, Ike Hull 1 !, ConneMfivitle, 12G pounds. riexl Vlalta, \Vetit Newton, vs. Oiarles Oravnttn, Uniontown. Kid Crawley, West Newton, S's. Joe Vargoskj', Youn-gwood, PERRY BOWLERS Donfoar Fayette City Basketeers; Losers Get One Field Goal Uniontowii Holds Grip on Sectic n X With Another Win Defeating Joannette, 32 10 20, lar.t n l r f l i t at its liomo /ioor, i j n i o n l o w n Higli School increased i t : hold on first, place in Section X, V. 1. f. A. League. It was a rough n n d t u n - h l o b a i l i e as the Fayetto countyBeatcrs steadily increased the margin. Mowover in the fourth quarter the .lays w i r e able to outscoro t!te Everhart boys but the lead was too great to be overcome. Scottdaie defeated Latrobo, -19 to 14, and this servod tj drop !he inlter club In l.ha chaao, 'Conuellsvillo upset Mouiu Pleasant, 28 to ..12, a f o u r t h quarter rally din'mxing the hectic conteit. In Section XIII, North Union defeated German Township, 22 to Ifi. Brownsville won over (ieorgcs, i'O to 20. Point Marion scored -11 30-23 t r i - u m p h over Carmichaels. Redstone Township took a ,fO-\.o decision over South Union BEAT SMITHTON The Perry bowl*rs went to Smithton Momlay and trimmed the Smithton cu.tflt by the score of 57 pins. The l i n e - u p : Smith ton V-i( 151 OS 150 40S Orockcy 150 166 11 (T -1K2 Christ - 130 124 155 409 Baldy _ - 150 1.1.4 ' 117 300 Chink - 131 183 1GO 474. Totals ....::. 721 CS5 707 2.1-13 » Porrjopolis Flanag-an 17-1 122 121 41.7 Blasco .- - -104 153 190 4 4 G Lefty !)ti 03 Turkosh _ 123 146 174 443 Winterhalter 140 18J. 17.1 501 Cooper 140 124 270 Totals 04 H 747 780 2170 On Thursday evening tho Snitthlon bowlers w i l l appear on the L. A. Brown alleys for a return game. Duquesno University defeated .Bethany College at basketball last night in a red-hot thriller, 32-31. I'U.SfiY IT'S FUNNY/ WERTHE1MER MATAD rlU IUK Wl LL P J?INT A G M S C T W IAFF1N' AT, USTEfe EDJTOE -JONT OF THEM/ TELL US~SQ U3E CRN North Union Wins From German Team To Increase Lead North Union Township High strengthened Its grip on 11-st place in Section XIII, W. P. I. A. League, laet night by defeating Gorniai- Township, 22 to 10, at North Union. The protege.s of Ray %Vt leb, former focal iiigh school star, t ok tho ad- ventage in tho firet, period and maintained a comfortable margin throughout tho battle. Tho Une-uj): -North Union--22. (icrhmn--16. Lewie . F... Ilout Croesland '. F Pisula Shiffbauer C- Donnelly Belong ......G _ Papuaga Uhazie- .L G Crackovttch Substitutions--Newman for Papuga, Deitiko for Plsule, Koeciteraki for Lewis, Fisher for Crosslaad, Goodieh :!or Fisher. Field goale--Lewis 3, fhiffbauer 4, Belong 2, Ubazie 2, Hout, Pisula, Donnelly 2. Foul goals--North 'Union, 0 out ot 7; German, S out of 8. Scorfl by poriode: · North Union S 4 German _ 4 4 Referee--Wall. Coach B. ,tt.' Shearer Uses Rc- Sorvcs Most of (x'nmo to Chalk Uji SixtJi Win. FINAL SCORE IS 33 TO 7 TIGERS TAKE ODD GAME IN CIRCUIT; PANTHERS BEATEN The- Tigers the Panthers more Ohio at Elkfi alleys a total of '424 The 6 co res: won tho odd game from last night in the Balti- Depot Duckpin I/eiguo Mullen w;is high w i t h for the frays. M u l l e n Quinn Zinima Falco . Panthers 144 1S4 146-- -124 ._. 1(!S SS 123-- r»SO 9G 11 n 141-- 356 i'24 102 97-- 323 Totals B32 6M5S 507 Shaw Catt Percy Panzella 'J'/g-crs. 122 134 02 13!) Coach Bruce M. Shearer used of b i n reserves d u r i n g tho major part of the game against Fayett-e City last n i g h t at Lie is on ring No. 1 and tho Dunbar Towncuhip High School hatiketiirGre chalkod up a 33 to 7 decision, h o l d i n g the invaders to a lone Hold goal which came in the third quarter. Wlifio Fayette City apparently boasted the moEt formidable contingent in Its hls.tory, the-quintet was unable to cope with the scrappy Dun- barite.'i who rang- up the sixth consecutive triumph of the season. The Leteturing mentor took bis regulars, w i t h the exception ot Acting Captain Rc-llly, out of tho ganwi and I ho second etring: combination alK« proved out of tho class of tho Monongahela Vflllcy club. The foul shooting oE Reilly was the big feature of the fray, tho youngster sinking Beven out of nlno tries from. the free line. Tho acting captain, also- got throo doublo-deckow while Joo Tulioy, aco fonvani, dropped four field goale and chalked up three from the f o u l zone in as many attempt*. Friday night will Jlnd the Red ami Black oncounterlflg Belle- Vernort at t h a t placo in another fray In. Section XII, W, P. I. A, 1-ogue, The l i n e - u p : ' JiniJwir--38. Fayetto City--7 0 Tulley F T, Miller Mllle-r F. Morayek Worth ington ...... .C Johnson. Bailey ,,--G ... Burgna He'illy G Rica Substitutions--Nero for Miller, Bur- koy for Nerc, Miller for Tulley, Behrena for Worihington, Wortliing- tin for Behrens, ReelvanberK for Worthington, Ogicthorpo for Reshen- berg, Uesheiiberg for Bailey, Farquhar for JMoravok, Brown for Burgan, Grnl.z for Brown, Burgan for Rice Field goals--Tulley 4, Reilly 3, Nere 2, Bur key, Johnson. Individual fouls--Tit Hey, 3 out of 3; Miller 0 out of 2; Reilly, 7 out of f); Nero, 2 out of S; Bu-hrene, 0 out of 3; Reehonbe-rg, 0 out of 1; Oglethorpc, 1 out of 1; T. Miller, 4 out of 7; Johneon, 0 out of 8; Rice, 0 out oC 1; Brown, 0 out of 1; Gratz, 1 out of 1. Team foulfi--Dunbar, 13 out of 24;' Fayette City, 5 out of 14. ·Scoring by quarters: Punbar 5 12 5 Fayette City - _.l 0 .4 Referee--Lewis. 11--33 2-- 7 BEARCATS SWEEP WILDCATS MATCH IN B. 0. GROUP Tlu; Benrcats won throe games from t h o \Vildcats in the Baltimoro Ohio Depot Lcnguo at the Elks alleys, Welsh was high scorer with a total o£ ·100 tor three games. The scores: Uvarciits McLellanci .Ufl 122 1G7-- Jte-id 122 140 11!)-Baldwin We tell .... 124 141 4 OS SSL 106-- 7.1-- 30.'{ 144 124-- 403 J.'iS 1C-1 131--- iU 10V-- :!49 I 150-- 3SO lit)-- 4 1C Totals _ 4S7 5:.'2 52-1 15-13 Use OUT "want" aidvortlscmiMit. Totalfi ..._, 50fi 512 4SH--1501 "VYHilwits Fierpchmiljer 180 lit. 120-- SOS M. Lohau i 113 107 99--- 313 Sikora RS US 118-- 32-1 l l r i n k o r 113 HG 113-- 342 ·HI 457 450--1,151 I ' n i u n l o w n serr.icii Io perched r a l h i ' t - .sfciiroly tn toji of (ho locol .-HH'l.iun of i h p NV. P. I. A. T^eague, b u U it ia novel' (ou l a t e to slip. Scottdaie ' High Quintet Defeats Latrote and Ties For Third Place in Group SCOT'I'DAUK. J;in. 22.-- -My v i r t u e of Us t r i u m p h over Luti'obt; l a n t iiti;ht by a score of lit to I I at the S l a t e A r m o r y , tho Scottdaie Uu,h Sciiuu! v.'ciit. i i i U ;i t l o for t h i n l post.inn hi Swtion X, \V. 1. 1. A. I.i-iit'up. A F l o n o w n M dofonsiv was prosontod ly iho K i r k t n i i n iiiiic.hluo nnd o n l y on three ocwisioiiH was th" .'^itrobo i-oin- b l i u i l i o u able to p t i n e t r a l ; it. ( l o t t i n g : 0 out ol' ! ti'lt-H f r o m the. freo l i n o , t h o vlsltoi'ij wero a h l n 10 ere- p n e a r e r tuo M i l l T o w n t o t a l t a l l y . \ V h l l s d i H p l u y i i i K u B r i l l i a n t do- frii.sivo, ttn .MiU(-i'n optu?d up a neat n i T c n s i v o t h a i , wan r e s p o u K i b k ; Tor K J X ( l o u b l o - d c i ' l s o r s . Kirlu'v, SuiuiTcr mid Citx c;ir!i L - r l t i i i i ; ,-i p a i r of U K - i n . i r k - »ra. 'I'lu: ^ L - o l l i c s i h c n ; ; i n k 7 o u i o[ i 1- (.-lianccH from (be foul zone. Kriduy night the Hhit and W h i l e i r a v c l s I o C o n n o l l K V i l l o f o r t h e biggest ;.:;uni' of t h e Reason. The l i n e - u p : ScoHdalc --lil. Latrobe--- 14, J-ifhiM- ......... _ ...................... V ............. Guckiewlcz Stautt'er ........................... F ............................... A kin '·" x ............ ............ - .............. " ................... Goldirtna Waido ................................. (.', ....... : .......... , CaniDbeil H u a h ..................... - ............. G ............. ............... ... Kort S u b s t i t u t i o n s ....... Moody f u r Uuskio- \vit-z, Doherty for A k i n , MuHey ioi' fidi for iCcirt. PMeUl K o i i l s -- K i c h o r L'. Stauffer JT, C'"ix L', ({olditian, Akin, Crunpboll.

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