The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 5, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, APRIL 6, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTTJ.K PA. PAGE SEVEN* NOT SORRY NOW, IT COSTS MORE A ringing lamb from the cramped hallway 'Interrupted then reflections; then moment later Doctor Afrrarado warn InrrodBdns O'Keilly to a young woman so completely out of the picture, BO utterly the opposite of Ills preconceived notions that he wis momentarily at^ a loes Johnnie found himself leaking Into a pair of frank gray eyea, and felt his Hand seized b a ten,'·almost masculine gra»p Miss Brans, according to his first dazzling ing creator* be had ever seen and ·bout the last person by whom an; young man could be bored. The girl and called a number * "Shes after Enriquez," groaned the physician. "He's -weak; ha can't refuse her anything" "I don't want a woman on mr hands" O'Reilly whispered, fiercely. Good Lord! Ha- wiped a "Suppose she got sick? Fd hare to nurse tor." sudden moisture from his brow. "Oh, she won't get sick. She'll probably nurse you--and all the other men. Sou 11 like it, too, and you will ail fall Impression, -was about the most fetch- i n ] OTe with her--everybody doe*--and start fighting among yoaneln There' She has Em-lone*. Listen." Johnnie shivered apprehensively at and she'was a girl--had brought Into j the directness with which Miss Brans the room an electric \italitj a breezl- \ pn t her request "Too understand, I ~ ~ ' want to go and see for myself," she was saying "If yon need medicines 111 give them--bushels of the nastiest nesa hard to describe Altogether she was such a vision of healthy, unaffected and smartlv gotten up young womanhood that O'Reilly could only stammer his acknowledgment of the Introduction, Inwardly berating himself for his awkwardness Alvarado placed an affectionate hand upon Miss Evans' shoulder "O Kelllv, this girl has done more, for stuff I can buy. hofprial 111 organ!** a field Oh, very well, call This convincing Tanlac story was told by C J Swires, ot 1819 Eighth Ave, Altoona, a signal fitter "I have been a great sufferer from catarrh In an advanced state, Mr Swires began ' I have used evei- thing I ever theard of I believe he continued, "but nothing I used helped me one particle There were mucous discharges from my nose that affected my throat, violent coughing, ol- Teusive breath, unpaired appetite, dizzy spells, and altogether, I was In a nen ous, run-dowu condition and contracted colds "I heard oJ the wonderful work of this uew medicine Tanlac and I immediately got me some ot the medicine I am certainlj glad that I purchased the medicine and began taking it when I did, as it has dono me a world of good. Uiave taken tmo bottles of Tanlac and am. now on my third This statement of mine is therefore not hasty, but is based on ample proof. All the symptoms from which 1 have suffered ,ha^ o disap- peaied and I belieVo Tanlac has cured me. I am, however, going to keep on taking the medidne as 1 believe I wul get better than I qver was In my life Tanlac is now sold here tor the Con- ncllsville Drug Co , Tanlac can also be secured in Bunbar at D C Easons Drug Store. --Adv it a bribe, if you like. Anyhow, I've Cully determined to go, and Mr. r O'HeU- ly has volunteered to take care of me. He's charmed with the idea." Mlas' Evans giggled "That me you'll have to take him along, too There followed a pause during which men exchanged dUmayad Cnba than any of u? She has spent a small fortune for medical supplies," said he I the two "Those poor men must live on qul- glances nine, the girl eic'almed. "Anyone j "She doesn't seem, to care what she who can bear to tnl e the stuff ought i says," O Beilly murmured. "But--m to have all he wants I've a perfect put a flea in Eariquez' ear." passion for giving pi Is O Eeilly liked this girl. He had liked her the Instant she favored him \\ith her friendly smile, and so, trusting *i fatuously to his masculine powers of observation, he tried to analyze her He could not guess her age, for an expensive ladies' tailor cin baffle the most discriminating eve Certainly, however, she was not old--he had an idea that she would tell him her exact age If he asked her While he could not call her beauUfi 1 she was smne- thing immenselv bett human, interesting The fact that she did not take her "mission' over-serionsly proved that ehe was also sensible beyond most women Yes, that was it. Jllbs No- rlne Evans was a i»«rfectry sensible, unspoiled young person who showed the admirable eltecta of clean living and clean thinking o upled with a normal, sturdy constitution O'Reillj told himself that here was a girl who conlS pour ten nurse a sick man, or throw a baseball. And she was as goi d as her promt Put It In writing, pleas*." There was a watt. "Now read It to me . . . Good'' Miss Evans fairly purred ver the telephone "Send it to me by She did not interrcpt when, during messenger right away; that's a dear I'm at Doctor Alvarado's house, and he's beside himself with joy Thanks, awfully You're so nice" A moment, and she was back in the dining room facing her two friends--a picture of triumph. "You have nothing more to say about It," she gloated. " The provisional government of Cuba, through ·she was alive, Its New York representatives, extends and interested. {to Miss Nbrine Evans an Invitation to visit its temporary headquarters In the Sierra de -- something or other, and deems It an honor to have her as its guest so long as she wishes to remain there Now then, let's celebrate.' She executed a dance step, pirouetted around the room, then plumped herself down Into her chair She rattled her cup, and saucer noisily, cry- Ing, "Fill them up, Doctor Gloom. Let 1 ? drink to Cuba Libre" Johnnie managed to smile a he raised his demi tassi^ "Here's to my dinnci, Alvarado ied Johnnie to talk about his, latest experience in Cubn, success as a chaperon " said he "I'm ·I'm Going Might to th« Imumcto* · With You." but, on the contrary, licr unflagging interest Induced O'KeUIy to address bis talk more often to her than to the doctor He soon dlscovtred that she understood the Cuban situation as well as or better than he, imd that her sym pathies were keen. She was genuinely moved by the gallant struggle of the Cuban people, and when the dinner was over she explide^l a surprise which left both men speechless. "This settles It with me," she announced. I'm going right to the lusur- gectos with you." j r f "With me 1 ' CTReilliF could not conceal his l»ck of enthusiasm. "I don't knoiv that the Junta will take me." "They will If I ask them. You say the rebels hare no hospitals, no DUl'SCS ' "We do the beat we on, with our equipment." ''"Well, m nrppty betUt equipment, and 111 handle It myself I'm in earnest. Yon sha'n't stop me." The physician stirred uneasily "If s utterly absurd," ha expostulated. "Sorn« women might do It, but you're disliked by the Spaniards, and now the Cubans will hate me. I can see j happy days ahead' O R»I11^ (irose early the next mom- Ing and hurried down to thf olhce of the junta, hoping that he could con-i vlnce \fr Enriquez of the folly of allotting Nortne Evans to have her way But his respect for Miss Evans* energj and initiative deepened when, on arrlT- Ing at 5G New street, he discovered that she hud forc=*iiled him and was even then closet.* i with the man he had crme to see Johnnie waited un .easily, he was dism lyed when the girl finally nppeared, with Enriquez In tow, fur the man a face was radiant "It's all settled," she announced, at sight o£ O'Kellly ' I've speeded them °P" . "You're an early nser" the latter re- maiked "I hardly expected--" Enriqnez broke In "Such enthusiasm' Such ardor' She whirls a per son off his feet." 'It seems that the Junta lacks money for another expedition so Tvo made up the deficit Well be off In a week " "Really? Then you're actually-going'" "Of course. Dca't be hateful, and argumentative, or IH1 begin to think you're a 1 born chaperon," Miss Evans exclaimed. "Come" Make up your mind to endure me. And now you're going to help me buy my tropical outfit" With a smile and a nod at Enriqnez she took OlCelHy*! arm and bore him away. The days of Idle waiting that followed were trying, eren to one of O'Eellly's philosophical habit of mind. Ee could lenrn nothing about the junta's plans, and, Owing to his' complete uncertainty, he was xuuible to get work At last there came a me-jraj-e which brought them great joy Enriquez dl retted them to be in resdlnegg to lean* Jersey City at seven o'clock the following morning Neither Johnnie nor L««- Ue Branch slept much that night Ag they waited In (he,hnf«, bamllkc station Knrlqu«s appeared with Korlne Evan* upon his arm Th« glri'a color was high, she was tremulous with excitement. Leslie Branch, who «aw her for the first time, emitted a low whistle of surprise. "Glorj be 1 not UM tort. Yon aru--pardon BMCt attractive yoatu; person. Toa'd be thrown »mone roaxh mcta." "Hr. CTBellly will look out ior m«. Bat. for that matter, I can tak* esw ;* mywif. Ob. it'* vt no aa* ttytac V, dLKoarma* ». I «lw»y« bar* fay Wn way; Tm cocaplrierr ·poded." i"Toor xamllr will oarer eaatat," Does Not Bcgret His Bath More Ixpensrre Doe to Tanlac. , , Is SCHMIDT, WHO RETIRED, MAY RETURN TO GAME Charity Schmidt wno a* first baseman foe the world s champion Eobton Braves of 3915 was one of thy few big league basubtU! plaer«i :o actually enter retirement in the height of their prime may come bock. But, should the players who rose from the Baltimore sand lota to a regular position with the tpnm that won baseballs premier honors after one of the greatest spurts in the game's history, reall decide to again don a uniform It v, ill bo merely through un act of patriotism HlK business Is thriving and baae- ball could nerer call him back unless he thought he were needed to help fill the ranks of those who may be called off to war. TO ALL STOMACH SUFFERERS I use this means to reach all tbosc who have been suffering ivitii stomach trouble I have been cured and I want to give ou the benefit of my experience, I suffered with stomach troubles lor seven years, during that time I doctored wiDfa some of Uic best stomach s-pecialties, trice" Christian Science physical culture a hundred odd family remedies ail the patent medicines I savr advertised to cure indigestion and took everything anv- body would suggest' but with no relief At last I found a cure thf first dose gave me instant relief, I could hardly believe it would continue to give me relief, but it has now been two years since I have been cured ot stomach trouble, all my friends who have used the medicine have been cured, if yon have Bad my exper ence or know of any of \our friends who are suffering vnte me inclosing stamped envelope and T will tell you how to get this ·medicine, this is no'iit medicine advertisement, but Is the only way I can reach those who want to be relieved of the terrible stomach miser} F D 2^5 N Craig | St, Pittsburg, Penna.--Adv 3TBW COAL PRICES. That goddess'' he cried When Norine tool, his bony bloodless hand in her warm grasp and flashed him her frank, friendly smile, he capitulated instantly - t Enriquez was Introducing a newcomer now, one Major Ramos a square-Jan ed forceful Cuban who, lt| eeeraed, was to be In command of the expedition | TO BE CONTINUED EBT!BW of Them }ieurl) Completed by tic JFucl Administration. ^ The review of coal prices for the coal year beginning April 1 1918, has nearly been completed by the United States Fuel Administration, aud officials are now at work on tHos,e that have not beeu announced 9 Prices for Tennessee, Kentucky, parts of Virginia, and West Virginia, except Pocahontas, wjll be made public before the end o f this week ^^ ECKMAN3 _ Calcerbs ^^^B23EEQS38V^^^ FIR WEAK LUKES a Liberty Bond Tomorrow! 9x12 Ft. 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April showers wash and clean old mother Earth of "Winter's terms and i gQ cents ImpurtUso HolUrter's Bocky Mountain Tea dow UM Mine thine for your stomach, boweU, blood--purifies, ol«uu roil thromga ind through, a ttorougtly Bpriag r«n*ry, 16o, Tea or Tablets. CoondtavUle Drug Co -- Ton »iil Hud Hum la our ad columns. INDIAN CHEEK ^pnl 4--The Indian Creel. Valley Railway had a derailment at Mill Run Junction Derailed thiee cais Councils^ ille tool cars ^veie reeded to 10 a'l cars This caused a delay to the* Ca-uuou Ball tram foi several hours Second train No 'J of the Ba timnre £. Ohio with IS coaches oocapied b 600 colored draftees for a. western slopped hero todaj and fed all from the dining car which. attached Delay here was due to a Jreigh* train ahead with s. disabled engine ! r W DcoarvO and son Ho evert S TSr tooFuaar* """"j ' spoilt a da,} among CounellsviLo i box, including war tax I f 'wnds sale br AH OnKKM* \ BcfclMB Labontory. BIG 6 will not itricttin 5n 1 to 5 a»;i o mie- , o t e , me evAhs CHEMICAL Co.. CINCINNATI, o Mr and Mrs William Ohlcr of ilill Kun ar'' spending today among Con- ceilsvulo fiiends and shopjiing AI"s Sauduskey of Connelteville spent a day here, the guest of "Mr and Ura H TV' M'ller "\Iiss Gene^a Cole left foi her home In Leiseuriits today Try oui classified advertisements JSJi« (.-r'i^ i STOMACH MISERY Confluence. · ^ Get EJd of That Sourness, Gas and iHdlgesbon. i TVheu "v our etonuich Is out of order or run do^\ n 3 otn food doesn t digest It ferments in 3 our stomach and -forms Bitt. uhlcn causes aourness heartburn Ml-o-na stomach tablets will gl\e J o j f u ! relief In five minutes C trf.ken rcuularl\ for fwo \veeka tfae will tuTMn your flabby sour tired out stomach into a sweet, energetic perfect work inp one _ _ l O J can* be \ e n Btronft i l-d visor- | 7 " h " v._. ous it your food only hill digests j ier home here I c u r appetite will -- --·' CONFUIDiNCE, Apnl 5 -- Harry Kregar son of Mr and Mrs Jauies Kregar s among those who left yesterday for training camp to enter the service of Uncle Sam Leslie "Wilson of Bernard, Kansas i and Mrs A. P Wilson, and otior relatives here for several weeks, has re-' turned to his home Xisb Plorence Cummins a nejl known Baltrmoie Ohio operator, of bmontowii, is spending a few da-\s at i,DOM- When the Children Cough, Rub Musterole on Throats and Chests No telling how soon the symptoms mi» develop into croup or worse. -- ,,-- prompt; sure relief It does not blister As first aid and a cer*am remeoV ,,,=r«TMi» ,= TMTMii._. Thonsands oJ Musterole is excellent Mi-o na stomacii and oa'ij to Bwall: . teetl to banish indigestion anfl any or all of Uio above H3 mpcoma or mon«3 loading: druf,giE fc -- Aj mothers know it You should keep a jar in the house, ready for instant use. It is the remedy for adults, too. Re- and naus. du j Mr and Mrs P^ ^^^t^^lSS^^SAS^St ,UOT P 7 mm household goods ache, congestion, pleurisy, rnTumaham. mbiets are s-nall 'from Unioniowu and will occupj the i lumbago, pains and aches of backer and are euaran- j-T B Dean residence lately vacated jJ 0111 * 8 , sprains, sore muscles^ chilblain^ --· - frosted feet and colds of the chest (it often prevents pneumonia). 30c and 60c jars, hospital size $250 Bajs "How Car. Mrs George L Armstrong of the "Weht Side has purchased a Hudson Super-Six from tho AVells-Mills Motor Cai vompanj s Iw George Mickey Mra W R. Jones of the West Side visited frienda in ifarkleton yesterday George Mickey yesterday moved Into his new home lately purchased irwnAIre ilcWilliams Patronize those who advertise,

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