The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 5, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1918
Page 6
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FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 191S. THE DAILY'COURIER, CONNBLLSVTLLB, PA. IOME GARDEN SHOULD PRODUCE , SURPLUS FOR WINTER STORAGE Boyi Gathering the Product of Th*)r Work, and Th«y Arc Pleased. ! ,.^4. half-acre garden. If cared for propr- ' eriy, ytin produce far more vegetables ' tha»-*itie, average family 'can consume during the "maturing perlcHl of the j crops. Only a small portion of a gar- I «feh"df tbls size * 'should be^ devoted, to| tbose vegetables that moat be used as | soon .as thej reach maturity. It Is | advisable to devote the major portion. ( of the space to those crops which It , ; nse. in fact,- If The* spacV-ift ; ava^bVejhe -garden; shoBU be'plnned J witl£tbe deflnil^.parpose"' of growing ; cropaffor storage for winter use, _ * [ t*te beets, fate- cabbage, carrots, cel- ; *eryv£ onions,, parsnips, late potatoes, \, sweet potatoes, salsify,, "and/ late toS t : ntpgr,may be stored in- their -natural [' cootjitiojx and tf-.rossible shoafd" be \ grojpi.ito the rartenV of tbe~family ^ nertb' for : storage for, winter use,- '"^ i . ;£: : 'Work (Urdert.Xll. Season. ""·-·· « i- P" toil im In .'norlj all sections 'of -the Country to grow late beets, late cabbage, late potntoea «nd turnips on groDBt?.' that" has _; already produced .a wop -of lettuce., radishes, beans,, early pe«££ early, potatoes; or snroe crop re-. quiring a relatively short period for* Its vzbttnrfty. Gardeoera are inclined to neglect the opportittities for crop production In the garden after the flr$t of "t?ie" seasbb bas'passed «nd frequently space Is allowed to lie idle that ihonld b'e producing a-crnp of late po- 'tatoes. cabbage or turnJps. In sections where the season Is short It Is possi- bl* to. p lent the late crops between the . rowf of early crops before the early: crops. are removed, thus gaining two or three weeks' time. mfm Lute potatoes may be planted on ground from which "early peas or string beans have been removed. Late cabbage may 1 be .plnnted between the rows of early potatoes be-., fore this crop is mature, 'Turnips may be .sown between the rows of late corn and late bush beans, l.ate.beets may be planted between the rows of late beans and'will grow long after frost has killed the beans. Storage In. the' Homt. By utilizing every square foot of space In the garden a considerable quantity of vegetables may be grown for storage for winter use. If no storage facilities exist in the home all the crops suitable .for iceeplng may be stored in -outdoor tianks/or pits. However, tt Is-not at ail difficult to provide storage facilities En~most homes. It being oniy-necessary, to make use of the cellar, the attic, a large, closet, or other, parts of the dwelling, depending upon the character of the product to be stored. Beans,- Including tbe Limns, may be stored dry, and It is advisable to grow them" greattaa^extent us possible for winter use. 1 LI mas and other pole heans may be planted around the fence, It being possible in this way to produce 'considerable quantities of dried beans for winter use. The pods should be allowed to remain on the .vines until dry .enough to rattle, should then be gathered/spread on the attic floor or In ".some other; dry place, and when dry, shelled, and'stored In bags. tScleSam'sS Food Lessons (Speelal/lafonnatlon Service U. S. o? Agriculture.) - ' ·§C?a·» .« JHOOSEYOUR FOOD WISELY. X^'a».» ·, -f ~. - . II-J liludy These Five Food Groups. " f£-* \ Erery f ood you eat niay be put into S^M · one °*. t* 1886 groups. Each group 'se,tyes ft^v^.jf a special .purpose in nourishing yottr iK:-:^.^-': body, "You should choose^ some food j^'^.i £?om each ^roup doily. '·Jv* ? 1. Vegetables and f ruiti. ^SJ-Sj-j 2-i Milk, egs»,. fish,'. : meirt, cheeao, |jTM · r '"»"»· .pe»»,-peanuts. ' " : !y-"3 ; 3..Cefeili--cornme»I,'Vatrrieal, rice, ^?:.S..:-bread/etc,-.; " . \ : ' j ~ . ' . · ' ' · I f v S i *· Sugar/jirupW jelly;:-honeyi etc. PSai-g.; 5. Fats^utter, maraarine; cotton|i" : ;'|j( j seed oil; ollvi oil, drippings, suet. KS-'S: ^ on · ! ? n l ex !^* I !S.«l 0 ! 1 ? food $$K J '; Jther in.tho same;gr6u].' For example, j|';g:! oatmeal mayie used.instead of wbeat, II5 fand eggs, or. sometimes/beans', instead |??;S i of meat;.'.bnt.oabneal cannot be used S^S } Instead of milt. TJse both oatmeal and fel.-} milt " - ' -.-. . -~^ -^ -s Yon need some food from each group |t?:;£ 3 every day-J3O3S"T SKIP AST. '" ^ifX* ^ Here are tho reasons why you need ^·^ i « the five groups: . - . . ": !i-*--^i '"Friiris'arxl vegetables furnish some 8^S^°* the roaterlal * rom which-the body ^- f ^ I iy--made and keep its jnony parts worR- : ;;.~;«lDS.sniooOily. They Jielp prevent con-, g.rf^**.* stip*atioc-«'whjch ^iye? .you-headucties £.-£i'l and makes you stupid. The-klnds you f;£ j-i I ehoosc'depeafl upon't'ab season", trat rn- ^|i-Cjv remember that tbe cheaper ones are jlgi'-'j;; Soften as yalnable-as the more expea- '' * ~tZl sire. ^J'.' Milk, eggs, fish, meat, peas, beans- it.; These help^btdljj up the growing body iS" ind renewr.-aaedrnp'pErts. Tbnt Is their |rfi' S'S main 'basinets. Dried peas, and ·beahs- ^jiS-imake gSoa;i3tsnes;;tn ,«s_e " S;!ment part of^tnB"*lme, birt don't leave S'iout the'other foods entirely. Milk Is .JS,""the most Important Buy at least » J' ; £(plnt a day for every member of your -'**-'*-- -* ...jfo.-other food 'can take Its ;SaVe on,'iaeki" If' :,-but don't sldznp on milk. C«re»l«_--Bread and breakfast foods. iese"fooia» act an fuel to lot yo« do ybnr'work^niuch as the gasoline burning in an automobile-engine makes the cnr go. This you can think of- as their chief .business. And they are usually your cheapest fuel. Besides, they sire your body some building material. Don't think that wheat -bread is the only Mnd of cereal -food. The government asks us to save wheat to send abroad to our soldiers and the allies. j.Let the North try the Southern corn j'bread and the South the oatmeal of I the North. Half the ftra of cooking is ! in trying new things. An oatmeal pud- I dinfi Is delicious. . | Sugar and Sirups are fuel, too, and they give flavor to other foods. They ] are valuable food, but many people ent 1 more of them than they. need. Sweet | fruits, of course, contain much sugar i and are .better for the children than candy. · ' Fat--Fat is'fnel. Some Is needed especially by hard-working people. Be- member that 'expensive* fats are no- better fuel than-cheap ones. Use drip- jlnga-·· Don't:let .yonr-butcher keep the trimmings from your meat They: belong to you. Children need some butler fat. Give It to them-ln,plenty ot whole milk or In "butter. .;,;'. . Remember the Five Groups. According to an announcement the Government has suspended meatless days, which .have been established for sometime, Jor a period of thirty'days. We do not mention this to induce you to:buy more meat; we feel!" notwithstanding that ruiing or "order, everybody ought to conserve on meats and fats, hut our purpose is to call your attention to our attractive, sanitary meat markets. Meats are liigh priced r.ow-a- days, everybody admits that; scarce too--admit that also, but a-comparison of prices will find the ; Union Supply Company lower than most competition, and a comparison of shops and equipment and service will find the Union Supply Company just a little bit better than most opposition; a comparison of stocks in tbe meat market, the variety, the quality, the quantity, will convince you' that the Union Supply Company is just a little bit the best. The extraordinary quantities o£ fresh beef, fresh pork, salt and smoked meats, sausages, and all kinds of. meat and meat proclucts. is further evidence that the Union -Supply Company's meat markets are just a little 'bit better. These markets also are supplied semi-weekly with fresh fish, fresh eggs, butter,.a variety of cheese, schmier kaese; a complete line of salt and smoked fish, sardines and canned salmon.- It is certainly to your advantage to buy from our meat markets. 1 03 Large Deportment Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. 'DMPANY Oepth for Planting Beans. " Deans of any fcind slionld not ba planted Rny deeper than Is necessarr to 'secure good germination. This shouWnever be more than 2 Inches and on heavy soil it should not be mora than 1% to 1% Inches. Many Gardens Neglected. - Mauy gardens which start very favorably In the spring grndnally decline in productivity as the season advances, and-become-weed patches long before full arrives. . . Great Nitrogen User. .:.;;..Cprn;U-.u 1 -great--nser7 of. nltrpgen,- ,w,b,ile "jjotatoes^ anil ;root crops need :plenty~ol"potassium."--'-Has · your soil enough of these? : :. - Don't" Experiment. Do not exoeriment w "h .crops obout .which you know.npthlug. . There easy way of. beating the crop proiiuc- tlon ganie. Titteand Trust Companraf t Wesfernfimnstfvanti ., What Is Your Answer The United States Governmeat asks your support in helping, to make the Third Liberty Loan a great success. Subscribe through, us now for Third Liberty Jxiaii Bonds. You can buy them for cash or on easy payments. URGES MEN AND WOMEN TO REDUCE DANGEROUS VARICOSE VEINS A F*tr yUmvtrm EnckTJuT With Sl Home Tr«Mtmcnt AVlll Help \Voudcrfnlly. HOW LONG COULD YOU EXIST COMFORTABLY WITHOUT MONEY-? Don't you need it almost every hour in the day'! Isn't It absolutely essential tci your own happiness and the wulfare of your family? Don't you ttiinlc it w-ould be wise to save a.little regularly in order to make sure ot no'- bfcing Vith- out money? This strong bank pays liberal interest on savings, 51 starts aa account, I MM 129 W. CrnTrford Are., ConnellSTiJle, "Die Bank that locs Things for Ton" Accounts Invited, People who have swollen veins or bunches should not wait until they reach the bursting' point, which means imiclx Buffering: and JOBS of time, b u t ·should at once socuro from any reliable drugpist a two-ounce orltjlnnl bottle of Mooiw's'.. Emerald Oil {full slrtsnKUO. -By ualnt; this powerful unU KUFC, yet harmless treat men L, Improvement Is ndtteed- in -it- few days' and by its rc- 'S-uliir use aw'olVon "veins will return to t;hcir normal «s'ise and sufTerora will j ucuvc to worry. · f Gently rub It on the enlarged veins-- ! always upward. TliJs method sots the ! qithskest reaultH and Emerald OH 'is guaranteed to succeed. Get IL at tlie Connellavtlle Drug Store.--Atlv. Classified AdT'»m--rnorte Briag results. Cost only Ic a word. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSV1LLE, PA. STOVES "The Big Store Near The Bridge." 154-15S West Crawford Avenue.Suecessors Leonard Furniture Co. loves The logical store to buy your HEW Furniture, Rugs and Stoves is the New Store. Everything for the home here is spic span new, representing the latest styles from the world's best factories. Our prices are in plain figures for all to read and your credit is good for anything you need. . ' . ' A tf Bench Bectric ·Wasber Wringer Special $79.50 THE BEST ELECTHIC WASHEB VALUE IN THE CITV. The 0. K. Electric Bench Wasber and "Wringer above pictured is one of the most ·widely used machines on the market. It is guaranteed in every respect by both, the manufacturer and ourselves. Come in and see it Floor Covering \ Your floors will look better, stay cleaner, make home more pleasant and housework easier, with A dull, depressing room is made warm and inviting the moment its floor is covered with Neponset Floor Covering. Grease won't soak in and spread. Refreshing to the eye and highly sanitary. Thick and tough. Wonderfully resilient to the step. Easy to keep clean. Enduring. Lies flat without tacking. Artistic color designs specially suitable for kitchen, bed-room, bath-room, play-room, porch, sewing-room, halls and closets. Makes a neglected room look like new. Come in and examine our many new designs today. Extra Special Values in Dining Tables, ' Buffets and Chairs This Week A. Sjec:al Purchase of Bin- ing Furniture just arrived-- enables us to give some ex- traordinary values in Buffets, Tables and Chairs. May we have the pleasure o£ showing them to yon. Made by BIRD . SON (Est 1735) E*«t Wolpole, SEE WINDOW DISPLAY BELL-ANS ]\JO newspaper can succeed with., . . . -- ' out advertising, therefore we AuSOlUtely KemOVeS solicit the patronage of our readers Tnr1ifTp'3t-inr\ Drnrrrriata for those who by their advertising indigestion. Druggists hej to make ^ pcssi!j | a refund money if it fails. 25e ,, _ . . . . OCTSOOOOOOGOOOCCOOCXXSOOOOOO EKFZYBiSK-- It "Wasn't the lord--It "Was His Friend IfT^FP B.T C. A. VOI6HT I M 50R«Y SIR , 6uT ' M \D~TVlE D O6 FoRTMIS ROOW ;Slfe-- : Hpw 'TO TAKE. CAKE OF- M»S5"Pe.TBiu.vow'i" ' »»»M'T KNOW \T : . WAP A VAt.ET AWD HDfeSE. AMD OH-- . So THIS is "CORD MAS TMAT ROOM, ooT ue --'TH V/ltL AWWOV IM - AMD 15' ROOM SHOULD 'l3 MURSfe COWDESCSWD . SVR.-- COMES HIS ROOM ow

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