The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 5, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE TOTJK. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNBLLSVILLE, PA. x-HTDAT, APRIL 5, 1518. ig (tarier. HEXB.-S- P. SXYDER, / Founder_and Editor. 1879-191S. THE COUJUER COMPANY, PnblUber*. K. 1C. SJfTDEB. President. JAS. J, DRISCOIX.* Sec'y ana Treasurer. Business Managw. JOHN L, CANS. Managing Editor. WAI/TER s, SIIMMEU City Editor. MISS LTN'XE B, KTNCELL, Society Editor. 31EMB2JK OF: Associated Press. Audit Bureau of Circulation. ~ Pannsylvanta Associated Dallies"Two cants per copV* 50c p«r month; »**»« P year by psall it paid In advance. Entered, xs ^cond class matter at th* postofnce. Connetlsvllle. ( Fa- FRIDAY ETEXDiG, AHRIL 5, 101S; Tfce Coorlex'* Service Flap. WILTJAM P. 3HETIMAN. Hospital Unit U U. S. A., Fort McPherson, Atlanta. Ga. · RAJLFH F. SLIGEB. Company H, Siath Infantry. U. 3. N. A., Camp Lee. Petersburg, Va. their addresses the occasion [for ooost- the perpetuation of Democrats in office. For Stole. "What did you do yesterday to help ·win the war? FOR SAI..C--SODA FOUNTAIN', S foot counter s?ervice .tjootl condition. __ k .,, .Bargain Lo quick tmser. J- W. The spring carpet bombardment will BKO OKS Scoudate. Va r,npr2t toon be rasing- on aJt the backyard .__ fronts. FOIl SA.LK--10 i LA) t . cloak wall ciblneU', 3 hal case, 52 f^n plate top oak tloor etcs and J. complete meat shop ecjalpment. GKO. C. McGILL, Dawaon, Pa. 3anr4t* FOR SA.L.1--12% ACKES Of 1 SOLID eo.,1, 9 to 11 f e e t ; 31 .icres of rlhlied and stump, on P i j 12 railroad u n j river; $25.000 13. F. DeWITT, Bel 1 299-J, Scott dale. Pa rinprlt WANTED -- YOUR business, REiVDINE'S. FOR SALT-:--103 ACHE FARM ONI:, mile from Yount^wood, ideal dab :· farm. P in g;j*."e irm^eiliatc pob x?b?'ion B'UaBBIUNGl for SS.ISO on tew E. P Do WITT, i Bell phone 23S-J, ScottcirJo, Pa . | O. RBSTAUJljOST. AT E 5apr3t WANTED--GIRLS FOR FACTORY wort. Applj TRI-TATI3 CAXDY CU. taprtfd WANTED--LADY WAITKESSES: Also cuok, lady or gent!em,in. I n q u i r e YOLTGH HOUSE, 3api tfd WANTED--WASHING INQUIRE 250 Saat Fair view avenJO or 10S1-W. Bell. 5aprlt* WANTED--EOT TO ACT AS POK- ter and work in 3rue btore. Inquire J C. 11OORE. STroort/il WANTED--GIRL. FOR GENERAL housework. MRS. SCHM1TZ, 166 Went Main street JOmartf Nemker ot The Awclaled Press. The Associated Presra Is exclusively entitled to the uso for - republican on of all new* dls- . patches credited to It or not - otherwise credited in this paper I and also the local n«ws publlshe/J ~ herein. * · WANTJLJD--SECOND JIAND TTi'E- wrltei'. Call Bell U-R, or Tn-State 9S-W. Mount Pleasant, 23febtr FOR SAL.12--OXB l.AUC'.n TXH'BrJ-: Hat top desk, light o.ilc in ctct-llcfH condition. The first $100 offer %v II take it. Inquire DEUCO L V M B K R COMPAXY. 29na.rtfd FOR SALE--STAHLR SfixJS "LOCAT ed on lot 106x165 .corner of Meadow l*ane and Church Place. Also th-« double 'houses on nAme lot I n q u i r e j Jos TJ ST-iDER. ssmartfd TO CVRS TILK JlSW).IiL. Every ioyal ought to arse ius Coagressman and Senator LO support those measures now before Congress which make provision for the iiaposition of drastic j*?na!Ucs £01 disloyal acts and utterances. Not that tnere is doubt of the attiude of most members of Congress with respect to tne proposed laws, 'but that they may know haw earnest,' is the conviction of tae people th'at the tune has come when there must be a stem and un- compro raising suppression of enemy i.cUviUe-s throughout the country. Both as a peplo and as a ration ve have been loolishly tolerant or ·he friends, secret and open, oJ Gf^r- nany here at home. "Wo haTe been -iiuch given lo long-raijgo ^erbal -astigatioa of .Emperor William and war-lords, but we have app^rent- I our eyes to the raachin.ttions, NE S.TKA.M HOISTINO engine, 15 to 25 H. P. J. X. TIU'MP, Grape aJlc, Bell 571-J oaprtit ·W^^VTKI-TUMD FOR GK honsnwork MRS. EDWARD PI 201 South Eighth street, \Vcat WANTED--THHEE UXFL HN'ISHKU rooms aft* r April 15. Address 116 South Second street. iOmartfd Foreman CUNNKLLSVILLK! W A T K H Hour h, M i t c l - i n f f and I'icot Kdpe wfi-k in chin' np^ratrd bi -in expert r-pt rater Work n e a t l y :\nd i - i c k l don" S J N « J - r;R SKIVING M A C H I N E CO., in? P.TU rr.i-wfn-d n,\onuc "aprflt ITED--YOfXG MAN", WKL.L A ; C- teri iviih the city A u p ' y t'ON- IjLR WATER COMPANY 5?.pr2t WANTED--CIRL- KOJt GENKRAU housework. No wa-«hine or irnninp: Apply TKMPLETONS BAKERY, 111 "North Fittsbtirs - treat. 2aprtfd t»*-erllo "*ATYTMwjFiw MIIS W A H N B \ V A K - rick, IIT.\ in^ l"fi r-i.. b**d nntl bo ir wHKoiii. JUAI prrn oc.uirm, S htrcb X'*notice that, I Vb ill not he rospontlh! for any d»=bt" "f b f r finrnctir^ TVAP.NK WAP.P.VK, Dtinhar. P.i ape 18 t«5 3G Apply A. BRAKKMEX. Tram ilistsr. lialtimt re Ohio r a i l - | A d m l n l x ·WANTKD--TM'O STR'^NU Y'M'Nr. men tr work oyi the "-tripe at S 'i.-,^oii Tncatre. Call at ticket oIHce. LHTTRl'-S Ol' A P M I N I R T R A T J O X ' on thf tML.ttc o* J.TI*.T Thnm^s. lat * I o( Dunbar to\\ nah'p. t'a -Me c H i n t ; . . , t Pa.. ^ttc^.iSfd b*»^n t r s J i N 0 t'-] - rif rMfc"i!»'rl n o t j r - ' i" In rcby WANTKD--BOYS AND GUU-S OVKK 16 year* of a^e. Paid whilp learning. CONXKLLSVtLLK SILK MILL. 2apr5: WANTCD--GIRL FOU G K N E R A I , ,"·. ,. . . , [jT.ous*-\*. ork, good wagt-s. A p p l v II L plots and^ outrages, of the paiJ anJ C'ARPKXTKK,' sio south volunteer Germaa agents id tibia o u r ' borders. Taking advaatr.go of -, { \ i to 1 a u 'hen r if. 1 1 I J C TH«»MAs?. , irop"r! t;Kint.;E i ^ur apathy and seeming Indifference -hese enemtes of America ha/e ex- their Insidious prorABaada in ·very conceivable direction, sol sly for i-he purpose oC strengthening ai d sus- aining the German cause t-irough vcakeaing our ovm. -Efforts in tbis direction are natural- y_ to be expected of alien German WANTED--GOOD GEitL FOR GKX- eral work in restaurant and onfnc- tioncrj- s:ore. Appl O. P. THOM VS, Soiitn Connolls\ illo, PA. 3nyrt(d WANTED--EXFEFilENVED HALKS- lady; r*firence required A p p j j KICKS" DEPARTMENT STORK WAITED--SIX FIRST CLASH MA- chims,L», and sir machinists* helpers for round houae work. Call General Foreman, F A, I*. E , Dlc'.crs«n Jlu:i H'A .VTE L--TO BORROW . 15(^0 ON residents, but they are not a oce in ! ^olfey 1 .* A^-w'^lminoUiaie*! "'LOANV* ihe commi^ion of overt acts or the euro courier, ^.pread of pro-Germanism and evexy- '.jing that is anti-American. I~\ many Gommunlties there are persons, some native-bom and others naturalized citizens, vho have been, persistent and ·iitfen outspoken m their praist,- o£ the Kaiser and the denunciation of America. Such persoijs nxus-t no longer be'permitted to enjoy imiiuinHy fioru puniatoient for their pernicious behavior. SxisUcg' laws do not prov de ale- tenc^tl and accurate ' i : uate means of readiing offenders of id^nt uf Cunuclisvii: WANTED--SEVERAJ CAltPIINTERS or apprentices for repairing^, 3 hour day; «teady worjc. Apply IIAS- TER MKCJIAXIC, W«st Penn Shops. ' \ H. D. I oonard, Athtorncy KPT A TK O.'' M« R/;.\ K KT ANN Kern, fU-cc-iacfl. lal of t"* b o r o u g h of ! To met the silnaUoa aiew iaws are proposed among which is one providing for iniprisonatent for -'0 years and ?lo,000 fine for "wbo- o/cr shall by word or act support or W.VTBD--KOBACKKRS 1 R*"QUJKR th* services of u thorouehl ^xpcr- r.iiil.or Itct- rerru'l AP- WANTED--ANT KIND OF PRl.i. ins", whether it is a calling ctird. sale bill or the finest engraved wedding- Invitation or .innonncejD B nt- We prln; '.'.vor the cause of the German Em- · anything--everj-thlnij- ,nre or its allies in the present war, j r-ot'R?ER ri fii hC ^BoVh ,-r by word or act oppose t!ie cause ., ^^.^..^..-: - .. '. ..._-_. -i the tjnited Slates therein." The r«r K* O ame penalties.apply in the case of it FOR RENT--AF.VRTMT: T TS quire Fl^OUHNCf: SMt TZ Srtp . by'-rnaU^or other wise of "any master published in the languass of any.nation ·wiLh. which tne United State*/ is at war an offense punishable by a fine of 55,0*-0 and imprisonment for five years. Neither-of-these measuies is too Drastic. In fact no law can be made Loo, 'mcel"Uie qituaUon which needs a corrective that wil 1 pro\e effective. Congress should not 'de)a a day longer'than is jieces^ary in enacting the "proposed laws, first providing proper" pucushmfciU for officers who do not enforce them rigidly and with-out favor to the most zjajSueDiial or m fra-t of Ihe- most desjierate pro- German of thorn all. private family, avenue, Coir age iaprfit persons obstructing government war oond issues and for -wilfully "attempt- ' ing" as well as actual attempts, to ob- ^OK RBNT--KritxisHUD F.OOM i.\ =?truct recruiting or enlistmer.'s in the army;'also lor acts Vhlcu actually, or are intended, or "which 'there Is reason to believe," are iatenlod to injury or destroy wa.r-- material and utilities. Aaothet proposed .measu-e makes FOR HENT--TJillKJS L"Ni-*LUXlSH- crl n-oms. 40S Souili KliJhili street. "\Vcst Side iapr.1t KOK HUNT-- 8 JloOM I in frond loc Ltu»n. Possts-sio Call .it 70-1 .Aetna street, FOR rili.NT---TWO -VJCC'jY i.shf d rooms for li^nt liou **-kf 'ith use "f 1 s.t 1217 Kyc FOR ' RENT--ONE D1-,S1UABLE store room formerly uccupicrl by Mean*Murphy Intiuirc KLOJlBNCB SMUTX South (Jonnfell- v i i l e , I'a I,^tt*T- inln:-ttrJition n n tin e tat** »f aho% e nimf.rt dpcedcm li.iv tnj; ti^^n Br.inted \ft the undcrht'cned, not ft:- (« J*»rfli ^rlvpa to t)ie penrons in'Kbtfd to the .-*nid estate tn I m n i p u r^ - ruPtit, anO Uio.e bavin tj claims against thti Mime to present th*m p r o p e r l y nu- thcnticaterl 'or = c t r ) f m*nt C K o n CI VNXA KKHN" SHIPLKY, A i J m j n i s - tr^trn, C T. A.. I'DS-tolOf S-.uth f^on- neil."''. ille, Pa, tn.prGt-mon ^ \vjiyj. PI: - ·f'd ' j n t j l 7.00 1' M M,t fi. 19JS. for furnishing: all the labor tools *iml m;i- i c r l d l nccc»sir to construct the fdi- tower, and 1 -13S C«ot o£ ; nn Vine and P.ilntpr miUcly l.i'OO feet of at ti.nittry s wer. and J.7l!f f. u t of · t o r m SV*A er on P i t t f b n r j j « - i r ^ ' i , til*"-. -ipproximate'y 3,JiOD cubic ynrds. ^.~-.ii- riLT. 7,yOft square j ards pavinjr, i ,''ij feet curljing 1 . and 2 !7 in«aJ fee ? !j i(,kn)«-, to be ii*trd tn pai ing- H ci- inoro *!tret f r o m Woodlnivn ,i\. nuo to Aileghfeny, In the Burough of Soutli Conjielli*\ ille PCHIT-J Ivani.i, in accordance w i t h plain aticl bpccifications o- file in the oiMce of J. Howard H'-nMcr- «-DII, Borough KnBineer, Sccotirt N'H- tionnl Bank B u i l d i n g OonncMi*\ ille, PensyHaiiia P.tvtnsr and f wcrafrp I id.i ^luaiM 1/c ·^^la ral £? The ripht In rt-ier\-tMj to reject. n n iinrt all hldi, GU-XN A. i'ADXVA1.LA- DTR, Clr-rk of C/mnci', South ronnells- vilic-. Pa. apr-5-i::-jr--6-mv-.. FOR r.ENT--FliONT OB'Z-'ICKS ON ·ccoiid rtoor of Dunn E\ans build- tiff Inquire ol HARRY DUNN. FOP. SAI-E--TOP WAGOX. FI1AVK DcE'ACJIj, 1-^ Third strcei. West S ·laprG 0'ntcs.s- they have a Cun b^rland or TOR SALE-- PAH.UrOL.VT XEM Staad, - Inauire K, L. B?:GGS or . stand" SOmartf I AT ONCE TWO LINOTYPE OPERATORS AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE two in-Jeraaca-lLUs. dittlcu l^la^sxirfi ^TE9 lt 1*^ IjE --FORD -TOLIltlN'G CAR, out Jflnr Pr.-HUtty^irrCTHgbiTn-that- h-slf -"wr;""moSbl: -\v41I" sell for 5*25.00 Ap- 'a mHhon American soldiers will r^arry ply 230 L'ast Apple street. 3apr»t* girls before 'tlgyj come h,oTmrr __^ can;comc true. The l u l l on the western front do n*t iouml arood. PAStor t'roudlit w as not the only Prosby Lonan t,i reccl\ " di\ Iden-i3. He Himself lias? been deck-rmcr them ripht ^Ir-pg" through the churcr year, hut paylnpr llu-ni in n d i f f o r t T t medium tha'S^li* 1 hiis received ,TFOU SAX-i^--CARLOAD OF 3, 4 AND ·S"inch ewer pipe just" rec'-fved W. Ij ' FOK SA1.E--FORD TOURING CAR Call corner Market and Broadvay, Scottdalo. Fa. · 3-3mar3t-cod F OR SALE--BABY Will s f \ \ cheap if taken at once. Inquire 1214 Vine street, 2ipr3t With t,e deoapture yeaiirday from Coivnollsv lie and vle,iryty .of _the last continfreiit of »elec£lV'?. i tJ ere are now 9J more reason. 1 * why Kill m,ust sooner or later so out of the ka.i-.-er business FOR SALE--WHITE WYYAXDOTTE I chickfi Saturdav Order now O. K HIjIVWJCK:. 1012 South Pittsburg street. Sa.prtf Ha^rinp brought 14 baD'c" to one home- nobody can accuse :hc Ohlopyle StorR of bt'lnq- a slacker. Are you be^Innintr lt real's* hotv the ca-lls to service are t h i n n i n g the ranks of the young mer in the city »nd vicinity? lit the estfraa.t(Ofl of certajfi parti.- sans, ·who posa as £hs on y real Sfmon "purfr^itrlots, the only" pLblic speakers »njraired in informing the people as to war-coTidltlons, from either the Wash- FOR SAL.E--MY DlAilOXD 11INO cheap- am In d r n f t and need the money. Ajtswcr 1 minedla-ttly. "RING," care Courier, 5apr2t* l-'OK SALE--ONE SIX YEAR OLD cow,. (riven 3 gallon milk day. Also tbre« monvhR' old h el for cal*. Calt 13HI We4: Crawford. 5apr2t* GENTLEMAN BOOKKEEP- ER. MUST BE EXPERIENC- ED AND COME %rELL RE- COMMENDED. TRI - STATE CANDY COMPANY. FOK iALK--itt L,AYIxa FULL j blooiU-d H. C. White Ixi^horn pullettj nrid one ccvck. A bargain B?!L uhane FOR SA1-E OR TRADE -- FARM. Xlnoty ucre Cruft farm for sals or for town property. Can .. - , .... or European point of v/ew, w h o Jinroedlate porfheselon, ircludlngr to restwctfnJ attention .or [plementa. B. I* 1 .. DeWITT, Bell i; art thow who" ihatc*.-S39-X Bcottdn. 1 ^. !»,' 4a give I 1m- ) FOUR uOTS FRONTING ON FIRST STREET. SOUTH CON- NELLSV1LLE, NEAR HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING. THESE LOTS M'ILL BE SOLD REASONABLE TO CLOSE ESTATE. MRS. MARY R. RHILLIPS. DUBOIS, PA. FOn SALD--1'- TON KKPL'RU' j t r u c k , Kood coal bed pp leu did r u n n i n p condition. 57m 1013* Loiter ' Itoadirt-e", Rufii! I'unnlng" I'oiulil lin. fi-ood tirf*. 31(^0 8re SCHM1TX, W.*st . Side Oiir.ure F»apt-3t POR RAl.K--40 H. P. O A K U A N D , | S200. -133 ln r t Cra« forti a \ r n u t \ o a p ' G t * 1 KOU SAMC--MH.I, A N P F O f N I l R T mill SOxSO feet, 3 Uorics. S i=;t« b u r r s , j 50 h p boiler, ff 1 l\. p. encine Fnundrj- ·12-«i0 feet, on*-half ? siorlfj hifih n^oofl ciipt'la*:. f n r p o , ftc. Oa*t for corf oven and hjrhti"c;. Bf»th ilatr "oof^ near railroad ma i r o l l ^ j ; or^-hali* acre ground. Oootl in*, en' for fi.'i active luiflinef-^ firm. Ho^ 2 f . A H r - r i on-* Pa. SOmarSt' A d m i n l - rrnio IIPTATK OK O I O V A X N I HATTIKTA | Di P t-rro. laic of U u n b ir t u w n a h t p . FPJ · t i e couriy rvnno Ii .infs, d^cc f - ed tn the unocr-ipi.* d. noUc«- IH hereby ptven IQ all P' r. on* i n d ^ b l e i l to ^a.! i. slat *· to rTin.k( ifnni**dific* pa j rni n and to t h t v ^ f h.M IHK clriJ-D*. ,i«ain*-t I h - j to pr-^tf-i't xhem. p-opcrlj itu- , t»* cut'Cited ,f(r F**ttH'm»* T it, AJjPf |k "«- , SO U V^tl/lNI . \*!i l i n l H t r a t o r . On- j no'1*vtEte. Pa. J K I I i K UKN.VRR. A t - torney. 5.ipr6t-fr' j nvoa'l f^r A. IX. v -;cJif"it-r Co* E CONOMY, by all means! Let this be every man's clothesbuying watchword for Spring and Summer . . . . Only first remember that economy resides--not in the cheapness of the price, but in the excellence of the goods In our Kirschbaurn Clothes you will find true economy, the economy of all-wool quality and durable service ' - - - $20, $25, $30 5 $35, $40 X (j ^*-^ ousns r, made i lor women SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST --BUY-- War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY United States Government 3IA11CH, MIS. j.Uf. i, Ma. $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 CONNEUiVILLE, PA. Coal Loading. Coke and Coal for Sale. FAST SERVICE DAY AND NIGHT. Get Rates. Work Carefully Done. 613 McCoraiick Ave. Call Bell Phone 234 i^KEEP YOUR SHOES NEAT

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