The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 25, 1964 · Page 17
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 17

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1964
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY. AUOU3T . 1064 1 . i. J Television J M Obeervar. The young Mush satirists Chri Bryant ftd Allan Scott lit Toronto 7J - Mobile. Program about ' this' year' Central; Canada Exhibition. Collin Parktr ia th halt ... t ' f J The Patty Duka Shew. The Friendship Bit." Problem, develop in the lane household when Patty diaooven that ahe U allergic to her eouiin Cathy. L-SM Bea Caaey. "Justice .to Microbe.' Dr. Caaey puts the entire staff oa emergency aervlo when be discovers thai a worker has a radioactive sub-taace In hi apioe.: Featuring Jlobert Loggia. . . aJeTfce Ptaaamaker. "Co. ligan's Rocket." Every factory has Its Mr. Fia-H. Coatigan it the man at the Scott Furlong factory., and, h immensely popular. But even hit unflap. Mble armor it somewhat dent ed when hit daughter arrange get married In three months time. How can he meet the expense of a big wedding? Costi- (an mis oa pun w some easy money by training a greyhound for racing. But bis plaa runs into tome unexpected snags. , .UJe- OU Heme Week, prince Edward Island's biggest reejebration will be even bigger hhlyear due to -the Island's ScaatenniaT 'festivities, and thai Jbregram attempts to . capture om of IU sighU and sounds, boring the week, horse , racing outweigh" n ' other activities sad the program teoka at the nu tor race of the week and interviews some of the racing drivers. Also featured are Island handicrafts, livestock Judging, farm baking and Hie midway atmosphere. Host i .Paddy Gregg- i '.'; " 11.14 View paint, Com men-- try by 4 U-S. Journalist about the Democratic National Con- fatitinA " ' - -r ' 11.17 -'- British Mevie Night. 'i . See , A . Dark Stranger." (1M7). Deborah Kerr. Ray. mead Huntley and. Trevor How ardV Tells, of an Irish girl who meets up with a British officer and be in turn convinces her to atop aiding the Nazis. (M aauv utes). -. . -v v .-. , . . : , CJOH " J Rente at. 'Hey Moth, Come Eat she Flame." Employed in a quarry. Tod and Buz find lodgings in St Louis. Mo., and are located across: a ball from aa alcoholic. Muddy Mul-tins, and his lS-year-old eon jlraie. who has lost all respect or his father. Martin Mllner and George Maharts stir, with fiiests Hirry Cuardlrto, Mickey holdar. Mike Kellla and. Jennifer Billingstey., 1 t The Uuket Hebe. "Cry Wolf?' A s( rangier hu Bees terrorizing- the city and a pretty night-club singer, tired of waiting for a break in show business, - attempts to - gain publicity by claiming that she was a near victim of his attack, t r Taeaday Night Mevle. "The Lost Moment." A publish-er.' looking for tost love letters, i fines a young girl who has a ,attange ' and eerie illusion. Based oa Henry James -story. ' 5 :'t Let Deneficlal put hie gvMovenMHt e-ar a aariod of 3 f The Aspern Papers." Stars Robert Cam'mJ.ags." Agnes Moorehead and Susan Hayward. M Jeey Blsbep Skew. "Andy Williams, ' visit , Joey .7 Trouble flares when Andy Wif-Hams and his wife Claudlne call on Joey and Eltie Barnes.. The girt arrange for their husbands to be "surprise" guest entertainers at their Ladies' Club dinner for the fifth consecutive year, but Joey and Andy decide oa a sit-down strike. The Eleventh Hour. "Is Mr. Martian Coming Back?" Little Barry Stewart becomes,, the means by which Bruno "Go-Go" Garrity, aging but world-famous clown, , gains the love and acceptance be so desperately craves. The child, Buffering from a disease which requires surgery, refutes to eat: he believes that his dead father, a test pilot whom he worshipped, has gone to Mars and his sole aim Is to Join his father there. . ..jsisx , ,'.. - CBOPT: ' I.N Geadaraterie Ray ale. "Grand'mere," the story of an old lady and her elderly spouse who Just can't resist steal lag things. .... ' S.M Jeuaesae oblige. Thlt week from Riviere-du-Loup, the. subject is "Animals." . Jean-Pierre Ferland Is Joined' by Marie Claude as this week's guest, ' 11 M - Cine-Club. "La Cri" or "La remme at sa vie. a psychological drama directed by Michelangelo Antonkmi wKa Alida ValU, Steve Cochrane, Betty Blair and Dorian Gray. Radio ,. M CBO Winnipeg Pope 'Concert.' Conducted by Eric Wild. Soloist It Dale Bart-lett, winner of the 1964 Jeu-neases Musicales piano competition, ; Annida Overture In B flat, Haydn; - Hungarian Fantasia, LisxU Music of Spheres, Josef Strauss: Sleeping Beauty ballet music. Tchaikowsky. aUS CFMO-FM Concert HaO. Brass Suite, Berezowaki; Violin 'Concerto,' Bloch; The Planets, Hoist, . i . , M CBO .m Chapel RoyaL A aeries of programs featuring the works of composers who were at one time members of Britain'! Chapel RoyaL Tonight the i-Ambroeian Singers, the Goldsbrough Orchestra and organist Geralnt Jones art heard in music by John Blow (1649- 1708). ; : . '. - 1111 CBO Democratic Coanrentloa. Report from the U.S. Democratic Convention in Atlantic City.- ee 'cbo Aetiea Theetrar Roger Sodden, Part I. ny i nomas Raadsll, i jcj . ; t, . - ?f V' FIRST; WHISTLE if. NEW VORK The f ir k I steam whittle for a railway locofhotive was made m about 733 6961 .CEntral frO81A .CEnWal24A64v Highlights r In vour Docket today WeiieiPafj veoevtiee et the eeedif to the BwwHeMJ . 0f : ; Or. ineyba e Ma as the Worira ratrf wWi eastt f - i freifi SetieftclelL yee cee eee eeVeflieee ef todsys eeciitnf vecetpM epeetuetttee pliene new ef j'1 'i4. 'taw mi Oet your cash ens est ft fast pi G H E Fl C I A L '";- FINANCE CO. OP CANADA t. ' m - leans to tsoo Your toaa can be Me-fettured . , : 42 montn contracts on kwit tlSOO i e) ' T ' 1 convanient ofKcea wMch Is naafeat vou? asjr. ieuBBafjUii A Ottawa ioi meaaa sc m ri. (ovf wnt ... .ctmrai hjij ill WM t lunar turn., tat ft tCjtr Bankl. v.CEntnt r.v "s, torn wm k. imm itciim nsg. 1 ' 140 Walton It. . 111 lprt Sir, ltl fl...s, - -w AaCV llUPiaum ige, a HAWKlSBUrtY J31 Mani CtrwH, tait..i,..., nIEtrooe 2 2731 e) NULL . . . . . . . 63 Mm atraat. 2nd floor . . . .fWownea y-M6t KMBftOKC : .... 92 Pwnbraka v SMITH rAlii. .BA ikwttfc - -r i :"'! St, 8t. Announce New".rj j - x Healing Substance 1 . j shniiki piys; oi3ck8 itcK KlUaMive eejaMfl MfcetSHsCe Heweat to Hra. VnMt 2nd a, . .REgant 2-354 NorM. 2ml PI. , . ,1 . 213-2811 0 if-- nr "I i, This was ajoaaapliihad with a has wig aahataaBS (sao-pyaa) which OMckJr haips haal sajDnd Ola) and H aiadtlai jrowth of saw Ilia, Bte-DyM oOanMl ia cr- and aypeoaaory pormosatd la addMoa as actually shrinking haa I In iii li. Piaparatioa H twhocntM aad makes tarniaaalna kws paamd. It haips pravaat kf . foKtioe which at e efhicipel mm ,' 'Just ask your erueajat far Pi paratioa H aufponrtm't or Pa. paratioa H Ointmaat (wHfc a ' ' t 4a(AatayrLatatLa J --j., 4.41iBtfclt tataaa. BarapBaajmri ejaTejBBJBa - . gejBJJBH leaajajajaar gajBajjajjajajaBBjajB ImTsiaTafnaaV Awnrimil inn a awiaaaibas -I aaaar' aajaiaa. toand a PW alint iw was the abihrv as aarinat hanwr ' IraoMs painkwsrr . It aahaves koV taaiiakcrTMortlaaiiuslaiawi poxii ap Iwaiios of dw ifvurad. Oaa anorihoMal oats hiaiory' after another iwaortad "vary stra ing Miprovmont.' Psra was. aetaai rodoctioa or rawaetioa ekf)tcplaoa, ' Aatoas thaas eaas hwMriat ware vanty of Iwawjtiliiiplal eawat-tkwa,teafaaaowBmd ia case. of Ian tundrnt. and am aa-aortaat'af aft. raaahs war se WMey AtWT. BROTHER V , 13.00 . $2.50 . HORSE SHOW NOW COLISEUM EACH EVENING AT 7.30 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 17 T" I, " - - ' " " - a "We sure NEEDED the rata." YOUR HEALTH By Lester L. Coleman, MD PAINS ARE REAL ." t Whenever I compain of any twin or discomfort, my husband and my J4-year-old daughter think 1 am a hypo-ctondriae and always say it ia "psychosomatic." Aren't there any real pains any more? ' - Mrs. E.'P Quebec Dear Mr. P.r Tbe term "psychosomadc has unfortunately beeh bandied about and misused by many who do not know its real, meaning and its aignificance. 1 - Unquestionably, there are some psychosomatic aspects lb all disease, because the mind (psyche)' and the body (soma) are a unity and cannot be separated from each other. Therefore physical illness, pain or discomfort often affecta ahe emotional state of patients, to varying deferees. It is unfair, however to disparagingly label your complaints as having no basis in fact ; The ' diagnosis of real psychosomatic illness is .a complex -one. -it requires as much expert knowledge as the diagnosis of a heart or tung condition. . -v . . . "Piychosomatk" la an adjective that must not be used carelessly to suggest fraud- JUNIPER lence. fakink or maliueriiui of disease. - ' ' ' While Dr. Coleman cannot undertake to answer individual letters, be will use readers' questions in hi column whenever possible and when they are of general interest Address your letters to Dr. Coleman in car ef The Ottawa Journal, . TOLL RISES ' HOUSTON. Ten. (AP) - The number of suspected encephalitis cases spurted to. 179 Monday as the geographical spread of the'disease widened over this ' city of more than l.sOO.MS resi-' dents.. Free insecticides are to do aisuiDutea to an citizens at' the city's fire stations begin-! nlng today. A U.S. Coast Guard I helicopter dumped thousands oft pounds of insecticide dust along city bayous Monday ia an ef fort to eradicate encephalitis,' bearing mosquitoes. ..EXPORT VALUE ' ' RIO DE JANEIRO Brwil It the leading producer of beryllium -and exports upward of f million worth a year CENTRAL CANADA , EXHIBITION NOW. UNTIL AUG. 29th THE ANDY imuAns snorj (.--v;..'.-:''-';""' with OSMOND i: V, ' .- j . :.. , .' " Andy WHUamsl famoui Ham TV show la equally tender love aong- or belUnr Hi th "'- .- itax BROTHERS "tnuig ' ua . um ven u i veinaaa EJUUDIllon Grandstand ahow appearance, ' Andy brinrs with him the famous OSMOND BROTHERS and a parade of otner great entertainer Including... . .,. ... THE BROOK SISTERS . THE AMANDIS a ' HAL SANDS DANCERS JOHNNY MATSON, MC RICHARD HAYMAN - EVENINGS ONLY ., V AdrnteionT Reserved eaU:l t TRUDY TRUDY " " ' mm f 1 MR.TWra)Y byNecfMala I 1 I M I I if I I I i HI AND LOIS "I'l meet you there, but don't look for me any time toon. Jan says I'm to go in her yendmother't car." . I I 1. 1 Itucvdjbc minvs " I luca anr tuat cnrrAiM ) 1 1 tl II Vrv . . f HIM 1 WONOBt WHAT J SOMaTTHMcl THAT iiFat I I ,J ( Mlt THWSTyle )V Hi'S50Ty- y APPEALS TO CHIlPfWI I fTUK J& 1 - -i ARCHIE 1 i teKAO AND aaTRWRjt..l gaiilVliSPn I zr. nnr - n e 1 "'''. , - - iWT&sssssti fffroi fftrrte&nrhses A 1 r'mobouVn, liib t- ". - --s " U.:UV .1 'V ' '; 4-ri.- .- .--'' ?''.' " :.,....' ..'' ..' ','.'""' ' . .. !" , . a r- iim 1 j : i '." t 1 m r. t x-i ' ; I ' P Vr-k- Rt NOTTCtABa CVVtYOU A WIKTIOaj ) f0LtfJ ONLYJ WTTOt ( S2S? J 1 am - . m mrwv sanajT uaajaa jaw . m ru a a i v a b aw a - awaa.aBt -- r na - a u "SS.!'; JULIET JONES . ' ' " ""' ' ' ' ' ' ' . ' 1 -' tb;, ! I C JV1?5 ;F " -"1 rwaiav'nasnavaw. J a- aee-M3rrwiww A ' 1 1 Ifl " j rti rrbhoTHiNa. juot it I 6t evcfreo about. V- fill C ' ' vLmutuA rZl swiMVuwM I sroaacoJ I Nowrrs sack to I 111 - V SEr) fSK"' w? S CAR AWARD EACH EVENING One each night of the Exhibition. Every admlaaioa ticket makes yoa allglbla u win. Car Award anoowacad from the Beadshen M each evening. Tkfcat holdar mast daba ear aot later thap 1I-M same vwalng. Yoa must he on th ground to win, . . 1 "l aal I . " a -agajgn - - fa , , ,1 ggaaja. ,. agjl r . BahasaaaaaHsBTaMsam.. - . t V1AA 1 1 S I ' - . - ...... ........ : r- ' .. : - : - ! ( of the And WliJ at mm sinrinr oat show stopper. AT 8.30 P.M. $2.00 $1.50 UNTa AUG. 28 APARTMENT 3-G ' 1 ' . " . . ., '.' I pi ir-TTll rDUWTK,l ifl aO,' I'M 0046 POSl I 1 f7U LOOK UPStT.l "7 J Y X CXTT 3 ! ! i AHT AD WITH - YZr 1: I , A''('(4.V- TWt" if W- Ui AnW Ant I v I STEVE ROPER - - ' "

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