The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 25, 1964 · Page 15
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 15

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1964
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

4 I I TUESDAY. AUGUST 25. 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL II Entertainment Directory ;r j MOVIE TIME S(3lOUtK "Tom Janes: -A Woman Like hUn". Box offlot open pjn haw ataru et dusk. ' Aata "Br. Straneeleve": The Comndy of Terrors". Bos offica op ana at ' f -m- Show starts at dusk. Britannia "Wonderful to Ba Youna": "Blua Hawaii". Bos .off lea ooana at pjis, anow starts at dusk. Capital - ' HoM and tha T Hooda". 12 la-ISO - U 100 30 Laat ahaw .OB. . J. t . . CartKr , ' The Tnrror-. l.o. S-SO -011-( ts. ''Damentla". ID . U MS. . Centre J "Bikini Baaeh-. tin - s al -a 40 - 1 40. "Hl(h School Hcll-,eata". I JO I OS - S-JO. Last snow .JO., . 1 . Clnraaa da Parle x ' "Traftqusnts da Blanches", 40 (111. -enm Million! Comp-tanf til. Lest aomplata show, at ..OS. v ' Etsadale -Bedtime Story". 1 JO-J 14-S W-1M-t4. Last anow (Ja. BWn "Tha New Intama". U4J -t SS - (.10 - IH - S.40. ' Uttla (lata -Tha Illanoa". 1 .an IB - ISO. TJ - MO. ..... , J , Linden . . - "lady and tha Tramp". 1 06. 0-$ Id: "Donovan JUaf', aJS-.00-JO. Last abow . , J I '$ (tartan -Mouaa an tha Moon". 1 5S-S - IS; "Almoat Ansals", SiO.JO- ; A i. laat anow a.lS. - j' .' 1 ' "Tha Pan at tha Itooua Bm-plra". 1 00 - lli - I. SO. Last show (.00, fWve Honer- a m. isway : "Badtime atorr": "Coma 'lam bar". Bos office opana at t pan. Show ataru at dusk. r-i " I IK lii - a OS. !f: . alalia ( "rtphtlnc Baa Baas". 1.00 15; Towards tha Unknown, a ss .: . "Tart at Sara", M .00. -last anew, U.. ,";' '-Biaa.'.- 1 "Way There It's VofLBaar"; ""Mr Oof Buddy". Ma tinea only Tonight Preview ol tha Beetles. Ticket Solders Only, "r ' - tar Tap L w'li "Twtllaht of Box office opana , -Badtime Btonr". 1J0 S.S4 ti 4a. Ust show . 5 Oanetai noBrSbow l-MATKAO LAtmrBB OancWS T nllhtly, anlartainmant et a pm. J." end 10 pjn. . BEIX : CLAtBB Enlsrtelnssct from t rm. , , CHEZ RTintU MneM la Ike Baknt -T dOf. entertainment. : ' ATmtAT CUJB Danrtn and , two flene ahawe soanttr. "BCrm. PUVBMIAT Paaolna and . entertatnmant nlfhtlp In Rieha-i Mae Lounf end Bxacatlre Paal-hooaa. ..M;. v . .rKrWrtOVWCIAI, MOTEL ', Mnla( ana dancing nightly. . "OTTAWA BOUSg Ma-la m the , Grill. , . . ( . , BT. LOtJM BOTH. panetna- : BT ANDtSR ALL Dandng sa . antartammant sughtlp. , 7 v. TALISMAN E a t e r I e I m e , nlfhtly. Dancing Ertday and : iaturdap nlghla. . ' ! TOWN HOUSE MOTEL Bntar-. ,. tolnient alshtly troaa BOO. , printvtN vh)(oiuisTeT A BBOtnUaB PSATtrkB . (TBAMaO 1HKIMP . . - -All Yoai Can Eat" aaafra" Parkaaa 4.11 INCLUIIM PAaKINO A OOURMIT ninnan to Chatcea) and TICREf rOB NkLSON THBATBB 41.. !,,- OANCB TO ., , TONY DANGE10 ORCH. RAlNfJOW ROOM -. f ENTERTAINMENT ;..-,,:. WGHTiY , - " CafflM loungt ... STOISHALL iilNTERPROVlNCIAt v HOTEL . J, Dancing; Nightly to ' " ROBBY nd THE HAWKS I h . Alaa Baaiy Bnndap ''A- THE PARASITES 'Banana Banctng aad BntartatanMal ; , Irasa 140 In paa. iVV- 1h . - TEA WAGON HIS CNlNCtt Tf - MOIttiSON UhHITMrt RmnWWT nil TOT S0L8IEI W I VMT tOTIOwTi IWWKCt N0 BJNtMT ' ays IS T nBnesnwawaBnaw w MwfKTT 9t& eMfMajr . MOROASBOMO nMMal.l,a, an. II Ns.w. MSani. . RManil Bt. ?t M1 B'BH Fort; Henry 'Redcoats' Invade Washingtori ' WASHINGTON AP) - th Redcoat trera back ta Wash- togtoa b d y; exactly ISO yean after thejrtttlo captured and burn$ jhe Capllol of the united SUtes. . .' It wa on the bight of Aug. 24. UU. during the War of 1812. that torch bearing British troop (wanned into the Cap! tol building. Otittrt set fire to thvWbite House. This time the Redcoats came in friendship They are. IT members of the ceremonial Fort Henry Guard of Kingston and are guests of the U.S. Marine Corp. you'U Spttt Laughing at GENE ALLAN mumout Lomeoy star arc HELD OVER! . ZABETHE WILDE Eutttas and Dynamic Slaelae ..... Innim, ' - SPaClAL ATTENTION w Baaanata, Weadlaia, Partial, ate. Olnaara fram P.M. Natal Accammaaaiiae Avallaale, -, BcaarvaUons FREE-FREE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 2 DRAWS NIGHTLY ELECTRICAL COHTRACTORS ASSOCIATION BOOTH J MANUFACTURERS' AIWEX STARTING TOMORROW - SEE ' at rTVltji BXTlCCOiOEs . . ' mwy!ifait)uuD(Ba IMPOtSS! X lit Children - 33c 41 e r f wmmdSm i" .arr' .27ie - -trltole tsorld , loves,1; i?f airauni.B"'yriiit.Of0r XLj jstlMI v Kaa llisaas unm nuu iiaiui. TO Ltd Ctttslett 9v 1 LOO bank and sparks w-oui &"CLEOPATRAV;ADr The atnrv nf this amllv be'eanl in enmity 153 yean ago when ' detachment of IT.S. marines from i Commodore Perry'i fleet tried to enter Kingston during the War of 1812. The' marines didn't make H. partly because of a battery of guns on Point Henry. 'i FIRST VISIT IN 1144 . In August, KM, headquarters units of the U.S. Marine Corps marched across the drawbridge at Fort Henry aa invited guests of the Fort Henry Guard. Thft marine s, furthermore, were r en a set of key to the fort's rs and powder magazines. .The Redcoats, from Fort I CHEI HENRI HOTEL ) Salon ' a'Or, ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY OTTAWA' HOUSE ntmoMU ... AIM THIS- WtKKI NEAL JACKSON and HIS QUARTET ROCK . TWIST and ' INSTRUMENTAL 92 VMS! lit MANAGEMENT is JOHM vrarrjn is 1 FORCED BY LAW to REFUSE admittance to anyone under 18 this program I 6173 jimm TAROST ISTRD BNSaTaWasirrararHrig BwaM gSBI bbbv Kirf r I bps get tDfethsr! toami past re nai tasitst T.wiwurtnna FIRST DRIVE-IN SHOWING IN CANADA! 4W . rrv a acx . u j . ah. lt m -f Wl-K?' ALBERT FINNEY viiSrW " ' S&Tffr VrV SUSANNAH YORK rwSSPnyt; a T "ij M C I id'v "' ' ' .: II I' p Jn&i8!it" .'i'i1!;,;; ;r''"T " 'i11.""" -' ", '""gg7; , Mll .it 7 - 'f , , - . "f .- . . ". ' i '; - '; . ; - , ) ) , - ty -:;t : H e n r y, Canadian university students carrying on tradition in the summertime, are here on a return visit, They put on their colorful British uniforms -and marched at the old marine barracks here Monday night, and will do rs-B 0 NOW HATING BANK and QUEEN STS.- . FEATURES AT 12.15 - XM a. "'TsW " 1 " Including Sunday at U0.134 T I 9.46 p.m. I the same tonight at the Iwo Jima marine corps statue in nearby Arlington, -Vs. ' Fwnag3ry SMar p Monday afternoon, most of them wearing the ' navy blue blazer of the Fort Henry Guard. they took a quiet walk up the Arlington Cemetery hill to leave a red and white carna tion wreath at the grave of the late president Kennedy. 2 NIGHTS ONLY Tuesday and Wednesday Sept. 1 and 2 Prior to Broadway Following One Week st O'Keefe Centre From Vienna! ( Johann Strauss . Immortal Operetta , i . Company of 63 VIENNA LIFE (WEINER BLUT) CAPITOL THEATRE TlcktU: t s -1 M - 4.IS - tas Naw aa Sale si all S Dana Aeancy (lam ' Carllnswaad 142 Sparka (I BUIInsa Plata wmar liaa. rkdda snawfMiamarankW alt Mia (ml aaa llaMSaBeat 1 I B Vaf daaxa as - - -.ww. ntnniimi 4.45 1 inot I s,?ssL ihuh Ban . a3MS7t 7.ft - 9M Na SWrtey Jones k5 EDGAR. ALLAN POE'S TILL WED. ONLY! 14 4 srrf.v : . ai Jll JJJ I ,J ST IWSt TSIIf IWIIItf I f PAID OUT I I TO DATI NASTf RfttCf It tHt MSCUK THEMaSQUE ''anwm . ASM anBsn) - R W '4ltt . EDDEaTH fcPaTHECOlOtt . . , ( "SV ii. i f vi TKMINSHIUMD I BBsJ , twtoroiiM r lentMiKj , I J 1 . 1-1. A444 rMtirt Rock Hudson in 'COME SEPTEMBER" teeter! ' V DRIYl-H 0POS730 440,72000 ... i nr TQasXuiTiiiiTTr -J 3,40t" CONSISTING OF $1,900.00 IN CASH . . dprsvaMfif sHjBO&si tw iiisMbboiji Wftei sM oaHt and count If you can r the orgies A r t?r?. VINCENT PRICE ITHIS IS THE HAND ' OF TERROR! I9v:..irsrwarwn i i savmss fury mmsm-itmmi 33 lotwi mar mi mm school kuutt sm:j.-i..4M ,. Ind MM! JOHN SrATNS la -DONOVAN S BBBT . . . catse HI BEATLE FANS! ' ' ' C,T foun raaa pbqto op tub beatles todat v TODAY TUX WEDNESDAY - Boys will be Boys m Msrgaret Rutherford : "Mbuia on tHJMoon" FUEL SUPP't'v . i7 HARRISBURG - There is enougri recoverable coal in enouih Pennsyl vania to last 2S0 year. CTfflAJiits, a RldeaaSl BINGO Ottaera Braach Na I ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION MCartlerSt. EVERY WEDNESDAY ' tPJrt Jackpotlaow $240 PIB lap aad and kattaaa Han iraan IS aasaaara Admission M cents . mu m j i k i v 1 Mallnaa: tad: -lie AdaMt SI Evanlast .,. tad. St. Adalla SI.1S ChlMna Sea AnyUnw TONIGHT SHOW STARTS AT DUSK riinrft . es txjf io VV PRESLEY -3 iMARBRET V VfC2S y w w A. T f is51" I WTDFRID brambell BWaMJArMlSOH . CI - to if iwjtar 'Arts' aiaVfiu.Mr 1 Adatt Batanaiaaiant ALWAYS A COLOR CARTQON X WAOEltSHENSOIf ALUrTOWEN firCHARO USTIR M NO RESERVED SEATS ma , 4.4S.S.W .IS IS.St , , LAST RIDEAU DAY! last DATI nTTANNIA oaiva-iN itecCNeoiTioeiaio'T- lllll'HilllH A L'AFFICHE CE SOIR A MAJUH (En Technicolor) "THE TERROR" avec Boris KARLOFT at Saridra KNIGHT Beaxieme Mm Excitant "9EMENIA 13" tree William CAMPBELL at Luna ANDERS Salle CilmaUse ' ' Pour Votre Con fort TeL 777-2322 ENDS WEDNESDAY!! unrcn ecense a CDcrTRM c ive humi uu uithnwi lumuu. unsians.. In SAMtia BRQNSTON HTPII tTa7 color (aasvr j gasfj IfffAasfs) oUrtllA LUKUI oltrHtN BOYD LEC6lflNNfcS5 f- Ik'-J tfcl JAMtS UASON p"ri r t,t J DWSTOPHER PLUUMER C.ti..Xl Dally IncL Sunday DaUy (IncL Sunday) at 1.30 3.30. 5.30 7.35 9.40 n I a? l-i t'lt h i (' 1 i'l Fiji V f : manousacficxi.pcrCkedti.r J ! "She. "1 r Ci(-d FREt LIST ' SUSPENDED 6 rlrand Naw Song plus your Baatlea favorite I Plm en Oinii. aa na I nat aacli anwa fcwMMWS , Siiiii ail 1 fima CUM FlCHTaa aOO .(A nxfaVV y "HEY THERE ITS YOGI BEAR" Abo "MY DOM BUDDY" y . ' 7 BLCsTrlAwAffr' , ' ' ' ' ' Alaa -IT S WONDkBrVL TO BE TOtjNO" SECOND EXPLOSIVE WEEK ! ! 7 Mpv 1 I i..f 1,1 t. f Lju ...afm fe not lovtst ADULT ENTERTAINMENT il Zf I "" dm Saturday ti 11.4 2.SI a . di r

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