The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 22, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR, /THE DAILY COCmrnTR, OONNEJU SVlXrLIB, FA. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 1930. THBl COUHIER CO., I'ubllMhera. HKNRY P. S President and Editor, 1870-1016, w.ns. K. M. SM rroauioiit, 1010-1022., J A M V S J. DKISOOJUU PrenlflcnL and Ueucral Manager. p. O ED.MUNDSON, V'oo-riesldont. MUSH H. A. UONKOAN, and TrcJ-surcr. JOHN U OANS. Ma mstnff Editor. WALTER S. STUIMEU ·jlty Hdltor. MISS J/'NNK B- KINCELJ... Society lOditor. A m e r i c a n M E M IJJi OK r r 1'ubliahcrs r ! ' ) o c : i " , A u d i t I t t t i - n - . i o£ Circulation Pcruu-lvuniii N e w h p u p o r 1'ubUsheis Association, Two cents -.-.or copy: COc p«r " lont! ? : $5.00 ner year by mall U Pal ll1 ' ltl " vunrfi. 3 Jo per -week by carrier. K n t M - r d as rfoncl class matter at the e, Coi neUsvlllo. WTOWXKSDAV I'.VK'fl, JAN. 22, 1«30. T H E I,OM)(»' Tho o p o u i t z ot tho 'Naval Center- cm. r in ixmuoa has 'boon as auspicious u s President 3 loov-c-r and Premier Mac- j0iiald could havo wished. The spccoli ot King C.eo'pe oxii res £od a splendid sentiment a n d iloubtlcsv ixMlefted tlw iUUtmlo o£ th- people ot Great, Britain, for whom ho hiioko. It was a stirring jippoal tor a new -M-a ot' world peaces jind to tho do!\iraten to tho conterenc-o that they so direct Ui«ir deliberations t h a t "uoUiin.; would bo .left undone to prevent anotlio-r i:rim rtl.-«'ster." Tho addresses by tii-o leaders of tho several delegations \va« in tho sumo tone, indicating life existence of a very profound vl di that dollnito results iiwmring- greater focm-lly and peace ·will follow the* conference. IE this a t t i t u d e can bt preserved throushwit tho conference, and present tho obtrusion oi selfish nationalistic motives, and each delegation manifests a villingtic-scs to make somo sacrifice of their special needs or desirca, tho common ool of m a n k i n d tho world around ought to bo materially promote-d. The -world never lifts been (inlle- o much dispose d as now to bo urgent in its d e m a n d that cvory agency for the l.ronmUoa of peaco bhall bo employed t o tho lu'eonipKhUmont ot that end. Tbr people an a whole arc more UWKc-mindei and thoso in autliority e v i n c e 41 m o i e univor.ja.1 desire to ox- hll. t tho \ v i l ' to aid iu bringing about tli'.b h a p p y late. It would bo truly \a:i e u t a b l o i ' tho present gathering in l-rtiudon f a U f to t a K o a f o r w a r d Ktep t h a t v, 11 me in a definite and decisive ino\tment toward the reduction ot na-. al armaironts. It cannot be oxpcct- n,I t h a t tho c r\sMit oE all govwiumniis can bt secured to a complete abandonment of · IIP!] n a v k s as a means of defense, bitch an extreme cannot now ho oxpecte-'l, but there Is a stronger and moro generally shared sentimont th'at tho competition o£ navy-lniildlug .sh:t.U erase and t h a t tho subjects o£ I5)e g o v e r n m e n t s bo relieved of the Uml« n that reulU therefrom. The. most Unit can bo oxp-ected oC tho conference %s-ill be that the world bo aHBiiro'l o£ tho of a .-.iiicoro feoliui: among all nations that relief of th!r kind will henceforth bo prosro.^-lvolr u n d e r t a k e n to tho ex- tc-nt com-.lsh'-nt with national s a f e t y iitul tho saiV'truardinf; o£ tho world against a:^gic.ive warfare in the fu- tti re. K3YLAKGil.\{. MAKKKTS VOR 1MIHY PKOUUCTS. As a r c s u l , of information uceiuhvd by . tho d a i r y advisory commodity committee, I hai. body bus issued to l ho l i i r m o r r f oi Iho country a warn- iiiK t h a t t h e r e is a t e m p o r a r y ever p r o d u c t i o n of buttei- and other d a i r y prexlnctH. 'I his U a condition Unit. ha:s bocn brouplit a b o u t , tho commit- too Mali"-, Urmily by tbo farmers thcniHolvvs n ho havo failed to bo moro litH-r.i! consumers of tho:,o products in t l i w r own home.-!. In tbolr oarjorii':^;; to increase the salos tit inlllc man." proiltiuorst seem to htu e economised too i l o s e l y on t h e supply ;et asido Io · borne I'ojiuuiipt'.em. H also is in p u t duo to tho, measures dairy lu-ul e wnerti iuivo been t a k i n g to inorouhu t h e production, of their herdn t l i r o i ich improved broediii}-; and by advanced t e n d i n g practlcf^. Tho s i t i i a i i o n is not regardo'l as alarmiiu: b u t is one to w h i c h l a r h , i , i s arr- asked to j?lve a t t e n t i o n . Tho .«IIK- ;;6btiou is n.ulo that tho present ' v i l l bo an o p p i ' i u m o time to get rid of a l l l o w - p r c d i t c i n g uuei u n p r o t i t a b i o cows. Tlrs eloiio the up-kecj) ol' berda will be correspondingly re- due:ed and ' h o rn^i. ol' proiliicint? n l l k will be U i ' v c i ^ d . In .shoit. it will moan ( h o cir'tiloynieiit .»i" methods which i t i b u r » R r c a t t - r economy uul more p r u f i t a j o i c t i t i n n . v The d a u y c o m p i ' i i i ^, creameries and o t h i ' i - ' - i . n i i / a t i o n s \ \ l i i c h hutielle the proeluct of the m i l k p r o d u c e r d arid prepare it for m a r k e t , w i l l iiocd to give I n t e l l i g e n t t h o i m h t atiel euro to the ox I on :oti of t h e i r consuming markets. Tl e"e s h o u l d be. no rt-d'i' 1 - tlon i.i prod tc'ioi,, \ \ h h h i i i i m s cue ol' t h rove nt. tho re. Of tllo- roafl-btrilditiK pTO^am for northern Fayette county, thf) most recent mention hnviug been but a £ew months ago. Mr. Hail notes that, this road will provide, au o u t k t to ConnonBvillo from a secUou ot country which now does its trading a 1 (Jhnrlorol. To tlio latter place three milca o£ very bad -road has to bo traveled, wirilc-t-o.coins to Connellsvith) i h o I'OiiHtructioH of two miles bcgini iiiK ;it tlio Jacobs Crook bridge w i r connect w i t h llio improved road at Dawson and provide a modern highway nil the wiy to ConneUsvlllu. Now that, tlics rush work on tho Yougfli River Inipi-ivemeut program Ja over for tho Unv being at least, U would not bo amiss tor our town boosters to give i orno thought io tho uomplotiou ot Llii . road, also to ( h o vwa.ugertown .roan contract wlilch was once let. but subs q u c n t l y ca-ncollort. The initiative iti both instances should come- from Counc-llsvlllo people. They will 1» tlu- direct beneficiaries, honco tliej should make- a display of tbirtr inteivst in these- projects in time Io havo a c i i o u hiriu« tho .:om- s construction ;eason. rwvtj%n0wnmfti%AfW*AfV(iW^ PKOWKESS iJT EAILBOAD CONSOLIDATION. 1C the surmise, emanating from Washington, t h a i two or perhaps three of !/ho major eastern trunk lino railroads are ready to accept la principle tho Interstate Corn-memo Commission's allotments of linea forming augmented systems, the solution of some of the problems associated therewith Is nearer than' may bo apparent. Tho roads so named are the Baltimore Ohio, the Chesapeake Ohio and the New York Central. The first and last of those ihreo lines will have considerable local interest because of the fact that Cou noilsville is a point on both. The Baltimore Ohio lias lost out on its claim to the \VcBlern Maryland as part of its revised syn- tem, that ruad h tving been given to tho Wabai,h. I t i- now c o n t e n d i n g for the right to a c q u i r e control o£ Iho Buffalo, Rochebt" r Pitlsburg, in Which it has been glvou certain rights by tho allocation of t h a t lino to tli" Baltimore Ohio b-ystem. The Delaware Hudson e'lsputes the. claim in an action,which r·maims to bo decided by tho Interstate Commerce Commission. The llaal decision iu thit action will indicate tho itUtiulo of the commission with ro; poot to making effective its own ss ggestions as to consolidations, lionet it will tend to advance at least so us of tho consolidations to a stage hat will make them operative. r enK ciiQVf AS rARaiKirs VHIKXI). A tew years a; o a drive, promoted chiefly by th .immualtlou makers, was started to eiadlcato the crow as an enemy of the iariner. Much literature was broadcast to show that, as the result ot examinations by exports, tho crow was destructive of f a r m crops, hence she aid bo destroyed, in which activity th ammunition makers were anxious : nd willing to aid through tho sa o of the means oE destruction. More recent Investigations havo shown that inst« ad of being a persistent raider on Earni crops, tho crow is in reality a f r i o n d of tho farmer iu that it feeds on i ijurious insects, rats and mice, u n h o a l ' h t a l carvion and distributes tho seed; of beneficial plants. As a result is developing a disttoclly friendly fe-aling for tho crow as a more useful than a destructive bird. Radio a Powerful Factor in Working For Peace at London Enables Peoples at .Home to Understanding 1 of Spirit und Atmosphere There. I N i .'l m l t h . i ' Miin ci '· 11 iii'-tcad, f l l l t i v a ' i n ' l in ii'!.' ' .\ i l - l - I 1 V 1)1" I j · a p p l b ii n u n ' i | i r u i ' M - , n r o - . t . i l v ! in Id df w\ · a, s l a p t f i n - bu d r \ i OH t h . i t ,ec, a h (iu; ll . pr^fita now · l rM o M i ' i . i i ri i;ou» j'ltoji t rs. M r . J J U U M I t . l i . i i ; o f l - a i u n l i . u d ! 1 | rsral 'I ' · ( , - n :. t ' ; a ' . ' f - u ' i n - i in t ' i o j '·if '.' - i ' t''. 'i : i \ \ a \ !( ui.nj i r o m j P t',',·?.':·. '.i t!i,- .liU'i'bj t'rook at ' h o , I t a n n l n c !-: I - " . ' s i - :-n' r'( f t i ' l v boon j w i v o n !).'. i ' : - I ' J c a . V: J l . i ' i ,tn - i ,!rr" I 'i ' ·,, ·- j , i,!- ," r.ia'. i I'i - f. · i ' , . ) , r '.'^ By DAVI1' f C o p y r l y h t -I'Jo i by Tlio t u u r l e r . ) WASIItNOTON, Jan. U2.--.V powerful factor has b en adelod to the influences working for an agreement at London- -tho a u u o interest which the radio will give l the Armament Conference. Oflicials here 1 btcsned w l h a thrill to tho pi-oceodmi lolMho oneuing ses- eion for it meant that the American delegation is m t detached and the work of tho con eronco is not something remote. One of the things whiich mado the Paris Peaco Coi'feronco dlihcull to manage was 'the feeling that the peoples back harno were not sufficiently alive to tho matt -ra under discussion, Today world-vie o broadcastin-g has given an entire!:, now complexion to national and int-trnatioual gather! ugs. Although the difference u, time makes it dlfllcult for evening audiences in America to hear the proceedings, it is belio\ ul that many of tho addresaes (from | /ondon over ;.he air w i l l bo given at hours convenient to American listene -s. Thu bitccess ol the I/ondoii Conference depends on I rely on .tho pressure from tbe people . Hitherto international coaforeue-p -, have been hold in utmost secrecy a id l i t t l e oppo"tunity hu- been given f-r the ipreus and the public to see woi kings or observe tho negotiations. Sim o tho war there has IK; on a steady im reaso in the a m o u n t of news mado a v a i l a b l e at international roiiiProiu'T^. Xow with tlio r a d i o [ ( . v f l i i i ^ f"r direct personal e o u t i c t b«- I I w f i i tho- pri 10 pain ,iu an Int-enui- l i o n a l ooiu^ro, ic a n d peoples geuc'r- i a l l ' , , U i ^ belie v 1 t i n t tho te'iiU'n.-y j \ \ i i l lie io t'oree i n t o HIP ope 1 : m o r o ! ri".l i n o i r t f ih'i p r o b l e m , t h a t h a \ u , p u n iotifaly tjouu a!ki.'it ov'i' I ' t ' h i r d i !o.;od door.s, N a t i o n a l p o l i t t al i m \ e n ! l o n r have : l\\\\\'- h ·· i l i i t e t'-t'i.i.:, but it i" K--'!\'l' l l h i ^ H ( t ile ! l ,a' mo l i i : i » ] i l e look , i m i e ' i c l In I Hi u \ \ t i e i t I ! K -,*ieich''^ w i . e l - r .ii'i a*- 1 i i n a t a n s l i m e h e l i ' « ' T'i" , , i i u i n i ' v In- i .,w tru-iv l i t i ' . t " r n a i i - i : a l ' f ' - r e a i " ; tvaneclaliv '! ivv \vi1li t ' » » IK v»-!tv i:' l U t M i l i i i ; f n DISCRETION IS THE BETTER PART OF VALOR WERE you HlRTlHCt WITH THAT HUSSY? i The figures submit! i healthy growth of d below reflect the the oldest bank in Connellsville, for the past eleven years, without the benefit of any merger, wHch shows the confidence the people of tr is community have in this institution, for which the officers and directors are very grateful. ' 1919--$1,188,514.06 1920-31,379,581.26 1921 -$1,425,989.22 1922--1,525,767.55 -1,679,091.67 -1,721,780.93 VWmW.i/WWftfWfMWWW^ hor-e for instance feelii he JH in close touch w i t h tho American delegation. Ilo receives instantly by radio or by cable mesagps o u t l i n i n g -\\hat is happening. It bo d-esircb ho ca.ii bilk on t h e telophouc privately to a r i j of the Am-ericait liolo-sfntion. This- probii'bly w i l l be tin* Jut-or- nattonal conEor-oriro In w h i c h the A m e r i c a n g o v e r n m e n l will use t h n anUe tele-pliono. Already 'the n of Kiiropo are in tel-ephonlc c o m m u n i c a t i o n with homton from the!" le-spectlve r a p l f a l s . Comirmiuication. in other words, 16 p l a j u i t r a seusiiLional role. N'ot only is i' e x p w l l t ng t h u hupln^BS of tho coulorence because t h e dek'gati 1 !! a f t e r a l l Imd i t nec-esHury at Uill txuferonci,-s to l"-fer back c o s t s t a n t S y to tholr lumie governments for approval of each stop the} take, but it. IK ilt,o enublitig the t,'ov-rnment edicialo in thf c a p i t a l s of the would to u n d e r s t a n d t h o s p i r i t and the a t m o s p h e r o of what th going on at Ijon Ion. Then years ago It was pre- dicti.'-d that inteinational c o m m u n i c a - tion would 1« a controlling iiilliiene-e Iti TreserYing tho peace of the w o r l d and that quick interchange of news through improved radio ami cable methods would tend io d i m i n i s h the opportunities for InlhuniiiB national passion, and developing friction. In a silngle dec ado communication has gone far boyoncl tlio more exchange of m-essages around tho world In a few minuter--it. has aeleled a personal touch tlirough tlio fact, that audie-nces can a c t u a l l y hear the words oi theilr chosen re])rasontatives in govern men t. GERMAN POLICE DOGS BANNED IN AUSTRALIA i ~ ' Ixvor« of dogs, and particularly ao- callcd P h o p h o r d dog-s, w h i c h iuclmle the German police !OKI-, have bocn chocked because I b i s breed has IJ-IHSII officially banned in Australia. The blamo if! laid on tho dingo, w h i c h ifi tho n a t i v e n a m e , of a "wild dog f o u n d in Australia, but supposed Io havo heeit Introduced hy man at n very earl/ period. It hue 41 w o l f - l i k e face, bnsliy t a i l , and i m u a l l y a reeldifih brown color. It j« very d e s t r u c t i v e to SllM'p." Ceju.sins of Hiii-Tlii-Tin m i n g l e w i t h the dingoij, producing ofC-«jprlng t h a t are intelligent and ferocious, a combination deaelly to valuable flocks oC sheep. Because of this feared development, the shepherd dog line become tabu in the hiriallest of the world's continent. Czech Actress Objects To Nudity in Sculpture PllAOUE, J a n . 22--Anna Scdlacok, the noted Czech actresr-.. dootj not rellth appearing partly uncovered In piiblic, even in the form of a, statue. The sculptor, Foit, hokln a contrary opinion, and because of this muut anev.'er a court suit that IUiF« Scdlacok has brought against h i m . The actress was present at an art exhibition at which* a work by Foil, for whom aho sat as a. modol, was to be unveiled. As Misti Scdlacek ap- perii.-? to l u i s o underftciod I t , tho work was to h a v e i)e«u a "head';' instead it l u r n o d out to bs a "bu.«ti," ind completely unclothed at t h a t , She ( I o - nian Ind Itvi removal, but Poit r o f u s r l . Tho t ourt action rcfaiilied. S n o t 1 ! ' ' '',11 .1 ' l l 1 1 I ' K ·· ! 1 ! iluuiii.0 uti a o v i i M illit l a f t t i ) ' u i i | i ji-i'i"/!' a 1 " ) - | T h o r i i i i i l m u ] MJk us J''lrc Y O R K , Neib., J a n . :!'J - Alorrls C u l p plac 'il n h i n a l l ,i! w l o v o iic-iR'ttth tho m o t d i u' iila ; a i t o m o b l I ( V to m a k e iittiri - litif .-aHler. \\ r !il!c* tho Btovo wa;i w a r m - liig 'he m o t o r , C u l p w u i i l t o t h barn to m i l k , At lie pa^e.d his girago latin- w Hi ,1 bin in ( ni i i i l t l j , }\^ · ,i\v hinoke and u i u i i ' l ilu« iti'dt-ii-f oi 1 t i n ' i i u t o m n h l l n i - i 'I i u i i x , ( u ! | ( . j . i ' . h r d ' ' I ' | ) , i i l i i i ! of ou tin. Hrq (UK) vxiiiiaiiiishyd U, Self-Protection As Incentive Respect The c r y i n g n^uil -tf this I n M i l l i n t o e v e r y m a n , \v child in Ihi-K laud :ui into) prociatlon of Jaw. Komr-people rispcct. tho 1; (liny have to Tho memun reRpoct la tho four tboy I 1 penalties. But t i i o t Is not 1 reaped wo miiKt Imvf, wr' A. Van tw'ol, c h a i r m a n of Coiiimis.rilon of I n d i a n a , in Slalus J")nily. I f our Uovonimcnt in to t d o m i n a n t portion oi! our Inubt on lor lain « re.ncet fo comes from an intelligent u ing of tho part law plaj scheme of go\ eminent, "\Vo boast that o u r » is a G of iav,« when; l i f e , lilwty e-rty are prolcclo-d by law. m a n y o£ us i n d i i l g o that, IK l i t t l e if any t h o u g h t to win me.inti. Wi nitwit leani to r for i h o law's sain;. AVi! refer to law g e n e r a l l y any p a r t i c u l a r law w h e n w- la tho law v o r t h y of you Is it. romlcrinj; you any sor\ .Suppose each one of yoi room could bo abfsolutely t h a t at this very moment, in c o m m u n i t y , lew observance enforcement bad c^'Hod to · your courts and n i l your 1: iiif, m a c h i n e r y Lao suddenly deri'd i m p o l e n t ; that no one longer c n t f M ' l a i i n d any resj)' or any fear off its p e n u l t And siippobo yem It now I ' r l m l n a l and every ovil-m -.on in your c o m m u n i t y bin c'onditlon. What wotiid you You w o u l d not remain in another m i n u t e . Kach of haoleu home to m a k e sure tl lifo ho Ida lonr!hl was ft! arm yourisclf, and bar j a g a i n s t p o w f i i h l e inv;i.sion. I'ou don't do t h a i , t j i m p yon k n o w that Die J a w is you and yours this very m y o u r over-prcnent g u n r r i l u n What, heivo wo ol" man'i I h u l Is iso fl'wntkil to oui well-bt'tng as our ucunitry's w h a t aro Dipy worth it not a n d enforced? 11 tliM'o IH evidence or of Law lour is to iman and igont ap- X w because ; of their ivo of ite 113 kind of .·M .lames the Crime ho United , the 'Hlzenehip · law that iderst-and- i in our ivornmont .uul prcip- Uoub(letfi ISt g i V l l l R . it really tpect law ind not Io ask y o u : respect? ico today? in this convinced your own and Jaw x i s t ; that w onforc- bce-n ren- thero any ct for law s. hat ovory id-=d per- vv of that do? Ih Is room on would at a 11 that 'e. You'd )iir door v bocaiiso protect] 'ig 'Hitc. IL's Croat lou temporul laws? Yot rep pec led t h a t o u r country'fi laws are not respected and not enforced a i they 'ohnulfl be, Jhon whotiP d u t y le It to HCO t h a t such « c o n d i t i o n itj remedied? A r ou may answer, that, such in tho- duty of every good citix.on; and that anower ie good ap, far as it gcen. fiut it ie not the whole answer. Don't you t h . n l c t h a t o, special duly in this regard rootu on tho lo-gal frat e r n i t y ? When the public mind begins to dwell upon tho question of law and law -enforcement H jufit naturally t h i n k B of the courts and Iho lawyers. Tho conviction now in i h o uilnd of tho general p u b l l r thiit tho criminal lawa of the- country are- not properly enforced is a c h a l l e n g e to th-e- legal profession to do i t s p a r t toward (hiding' a remedy. Jt' our profession falls to m a k e an honest effort in this behalf it w i l l .Hrilly deserve the penalty w h i c h w i l l follow, in lo.s.s of public confidence. INDIAN CHILDREN SURPASS WHITES IN WASHINGTON SCHOOLS Abe Martin f l i m y rio f i x i s j , - u ! l t v U K r , e n i u i ' n ' I h i - !(. H · tli » b l!ir» hMU'i' I'-'I CH ^vln.i i v p r II.M t 'I! IIP Tho oll I n d i a n prejudice against public He.hools It; rapidly broaking down and m a n y full-blooded ImHann now realliTe that tho p u b l i c achoola are the best schools for their children, according to lOviin W. Kstop, superiu- t o n d c n l of t h e Valdma Indian rosorvit- lion in the Stato of Wachinglon, in a statement JUB), made public by the D e p a r t m e n t of Interior. I n d i a n children, it was pointed out, on the average make better grades than w h i t e children in the Toppenish district public schools of the reservation. "India)! children on t h e average make batter grades t h a n while- children in the Toppeni'ili district public schools of tlie Yaliima Indian reservation in the Stato of Washington, uhere members of the two races iiiler- minglp," says Superintendent Estop. "The figures are based on the number of representatives o£ each race who, by making gradca abovo 85 during a given period, were placed on the honor roll. "There -wore 1 ! Indian children," Mr. Kstep states, "and 11(J wliitea on the honor roll. The total enrollment oE white children in the fichoola covered by the report "was (iSO. The number of Indian children enrolled was 7o. .This makes a higher per cent of Indian children on the honor roll than of white children. "Wo do not claim t h a t (he Indian children arc always ahead of the whites on the honor roll Iu y.iis or any other, school, but there are always a number of them on tlio honor roll and ah a class they tiro doing good work iu ' the p u b l i c hchools. "The olrl prejudice against the public bchooltj ia rapidly breaking down and many full-blooded Indians now realize that the public schools arc the beet schools for t h e i r c h i l d r e n . Tho p a r e n t s are proud of tho work t h e i r | chihlren do, not in all caoos but in a rapidly increasing n u m b e r of families. "Wa s t i l l liave parents wishing to; r-iOiid tlioir c h i l d r e n Io homo hort o£ b o n r d l n g school Tor various reasons. In feome eases the distance from public school:-, is a l e g i t i m a t e reason. In o t h e r cases poverty or other home coiulitioiiR r e q u i r e tlhat c h i l d r e n bo You arrive at your shopping engagements on time, for traffic and parking evils don't make you late. Tr)' the electric cars and see hov/ quickly and conveniently you can arrive for your appointments. Rail away to school. " At no time would tho car owner more appreciate good, dependable tiros than in winter with its severe cold, snow, and slush. Freedom from "tire trouble" is then most co-nforting. You cannot buy better tires than those of Uie largest a,nd best known nianufactin'- ers. At our stores you will find only the best known brands of tirts--no unknown brands, at ridiculous prices, which are high-priced no matter what price you pay. 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