The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 25, 1964 · Page 14
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 14

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1964
Page 14
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A. sa -A THE OTTAWA JOURNAL i TUESDAY. AUGUST 25. 1M 14 Another Top Exacta Return Highlights Card For the third straight niht i Lurky Cy. with Harrjr ttrrm of racing an -impressive exacta I he sulky, won thrrcond price u returned at Rideau Carleton Raceway. Princess Dillon hit the wire on top in the tenth Monday night and cor-.bined with tec-od place G'i.-mi's Biv for a one-two return of 1 1 61. 30. Last Friday night the exact returned a whopping, i S67I.30 and Saturday the teuUi race firit two finisher combined for a $61 50 .payoff. Adina Direct ran hi bet mile of the year and the fastest of the night to take the featured ninth race Monday. ' The five-year-old brown gelding, owned by porn and Larrv Marr of London, OrK., and driven by Rav McLean. pacjJ the mile m 2.05 35. to better his previous best mark by 4 45 second, and paid $9.10. $8.10 and $3 60. Edgewnnld1 Key was second and paid 49.60 and $4,ft0. Rich Liner was third and paid $2.90. Long shot bettors enjoyed a big 'night with more than a couple of winners returning double figure payoff. Suburban Hockey Meeting Tonight A Suburban Minor Hockey League general meetng has been scheduled for tonight at T p.m. the RCAF Rockclife Recreation HalL . ;.'.' ; ' All coaches and managers and anyone Interested hi entering teams In the organization are asked to attend. Early returns Indicate that there will be in excess of 50 teams participating m the program this Winter. tomaoh acidity 1 iareUtrrwleafMt with . NEW IMPROVED TUMS Freih mist taite! Impraved buflerlnf action! KaT take anywhere, la the same familiar handy rolla. ecmomieal t roll box and 100 ubltt family bottle. mmjtma tk IM. ' Jt$ TVMSJtrO TVMilttJ 6 IUIIDIN6 MATERIAL CENTRES TO SERVE YOU lytown lumbar " T48U GitliMtv lumbtr v 433 $38$ ; ; Piplnaiuvilla lurnbw 437-82M iii" L lonhomm t Filt ltd. Manlwakl 131 Moot Laurier 1$ lonhomm Materials ltd. White Drees . r '1. SHIRTS Reralar SB. MOW aaT 9 I for 114 Tip Top TAIt ORS ,i lal B parka street - Wtetgalt Skapaiaa Ctelre BICYCLES 37.93 8. F. GOODRICH STORE 444 RAXK ST. tl-tl SfttUlin li.."'. wsma ma .Sli I re.1. J mil' lifl, lU rriiii win era of ft win tickets $38.90 and in the thiriTrace April's Boy finished on top for an even $20.00 return. ( The aixlh race was won by Eyler Hanover and the winner returned $32.10 and-in the seventh Rsy, McLean steered Hal's Bomb to the winner's circle for a return of $37.10. As usual there will be no racing at Rideau Carleton tonight. The next 10-race card is scheduled Wednesday night with post-time at 8 p.m. ianeron Results Retulta m barneaa racae at Rl-daau Carleton Raceway Monday elaht: 1 ., Flrel-Milt, -pact: Paper Doll C. ICtctl Cokei. 4ie. 3 4. a0: Udv Maria iGraham McMillan). 3 SO. 3 JVi man nw Wlllamal 30. Tlmt tm 4 8. Lady Lee T. LIHJr Axworthy, tun-nv Hill Fay. Irlah Jim and Tamp Directly mien alerted qvtnell ' Jt.J. i Stcend Mile, Trot: Lucky Cy (Harry Uracil. Sa ee. 13 BO. 4 JO-. Capital R I Vie Hujhe.1. 4 OS. 3 0: Kaattr Nlmlls (Graham McMillan). 330. Time 3 II I'm. Stormy Pan Am. Edroy. Vo'.mond, Grand Adam and Homeetrelch Sandy alto llartd Third Mile. Pat: Aprlla Boy (Georse Rockhini. 0 ". B Sf). a. GoMon Boy (Ked Kerri. 3 70, Stir: illy D iWally -Oemtral. 4 30.' Time 113 13. Commentator. Lady HarvettjC. Greek Warrior. Graea C, and t ill, alee e'ertarf. Fourth a a Mile. Pact: Lttla Cheat (Cecil Cokei. aao. 4 as. 3 to. Mr. Obanlaa (Prana Btltltcki. aaa. 4e. Poplar Kin lArt Pykt Jr SJO. Tlmt II I I Chuck's Delivery. Whirlwind Vic. Victory Direct S. Ramie's PMda and Frankfort alaa auiitd. OalnrlU patdt S1I.S. Ftlih Mile. Pact: Ballla Pick (Ray Gemmllll. 7 40, 4 10. 4 0: Wlncd Frtlfhl , (Claude Detlar-dine.. S40. S40: Dick Johnelon (Boaa Johnetont. SBO. Tlmt SJi a 8. The Lima Brown Derby. Mr. JKIPP. Marirat Harmony. Ribbon and triad Klltri alaa aiart- ed. v J Sixth 8 3 MileJ i Pace: KyleT Manovar - iWally Dmtni, 33. IB, leao. sae-. Wlllowbrook Smoky (Guy Lanuhl.' 4 50. 3 40: A. W Let 'Nell Curraai. a aa. Ttaae t IB. Hurricane Will, Superior Princeaa, Heather Direct. Blue Mlat An dee ton. Mr. Madrid. Macs H. Grat tan and Duke at Clalrmenl alaa atarted. Seventh a a Mile, paeai Hale Bomb tRay McLtam. 37. IB. ti le. 10 30; iKOtta Ren itverttt Wor-rtol. 1.7. 3 1-. Julian Jaarpa (Ktn Kerr i. 1100. Time 1.17 I I. awa temher Morn C.1 Cheater Brown. Barl't Cnaian. Hal Bars and Nib ble C alaa atarard. MatUa aald S14.4B. '- Elfhih S a Mile. Pace: tMrert M Adloa Henri Pauaei. 3BO. 3SB. 110; Freddv plcb (Don Pinwai. 3 IB. 3.30: Brown Hope (Don Cam-mom. 1 20. Ttbt I. IB . Stan Pnepa. Silver Grattan D. Bew Oay, Nibble Blue, tnaa Blue. Mlas Roy al B'enha, utcky via and Danny Boy end alao atarlad. Ninth Mile. Pko: Adiaa Direct l Ray McLeani, BIB. BIB. 3 SB: Bdttwood Key Mack Lacktl. a BO. 4 BBj Rich Uner Uvan Farrl. 3.BB Tlmt 3 0a 3 3 Waynt Brook. Mla-hty Mtdnlatit. Btothee My. Haliiday and Plaaky I alaa atartad Tenth Mile. Pare: Pfinrtaa Dil lon isten wiiiiamti. tare. aaa. B AO; Culnn'a Boy (Rd Lanalllti. 7 B0. 7. IB: Homettrtlch TamW (Mauriee. Bel fecoal. Tea. TxaM B OB I a Olnserbraad Man C. Ut ile Heel. Feme Jahruloo. Kay Harmony. Coantry . Watia and Princeaa Dillon alee atarted. Bkactat SI4I.JB, Journal Want Ada bring quick resulta. It a-l st a parki at. 814 a It a parki at. . 31S-I4SI Itckaaaad Reed 7-4(l Rideau Carleton Entries Riaeau Carleton Raceway ntrtee first Rr. pare: i nut. t, s Nea-wlaaen at fIJM Hretleat. Pares T ' Spud Rico . . a 9 . Soya K. Bt . 4 Jimmy Chief Jr. S 3 Uncle Bene Girl" S t Tulfy Johnaton 4 a a r a a l I C. 1 I O. X ' S O. TIF 9 4 A. a a F. Reddl n Caeb 4 3 Dr Adlne W, ; Patex C. Lookout . 1 SKCIIND RACK, race, I IIM. MM elnre Jnly I. FarM SIM Luaty Lynn I S S C. Cnke 1-1 S Rae Chief .8 4 8 " Demeri 4tl 1 Alice Dodse 1 a a . aeauin S-l S Northwond Ahc 8 110 Roberteon S-l 8 Tav Tftwne Dot 4 a a W. Grant S-l 1 Swift Pick 4 S 3 L Dunlnp S-l T Donald Bor . . S S 4 A OeMol S-l 1 Dean McKlyo 7 T 3 W Crou 10-1 THIRD RACt, Part, I Milt. SM elnre Joly I. Paree : 3 Adah Ethan . . . 3 3 4 K Dtrfect Fire ... 1 I a Conluacloul 1 3 1 Rovce'i R. Grattaa 3 a a Go Man Go , 1 4 3 S Loella Scot! 4 S 7 Rueljr Will 3 7 7 auaan M. , ... $ m FOURTH RACK. Trat. 4a atlle. Part SIM: 4 Good Product : a a t R 3 Onyx . 4 4 7 K 3 Roea C Lot ' S 3 S V B Mita Dal La Salle 3 1 a S 3 Wildwood Boy . . I 4 7 K. 7 Judy 'a Echo 3 3 4 P I Lura Morrii ... $ I 1. a Follow McKlhm - 7 4 3 M FIFTH BACR, Part. I aalle. Naa - lace Jaly I. Pane 33BB: a Rocky Senator 1 9 1 ' Lynn Johnaton .1 B 3 , Ml" trail Brook 8 3 7 Spitfire Grattan B I 4 Mr. Huahby .. 14 3 Glo On '33 3 Sundown Direct ,-' 4.4 .3 SiKCtaj Gold t ? I 4 a B a 3 a 4 -i- D. K W. R L R O. W. .R W. O. V. V.. a. Sports of the Times NEW YORK f'hit Llnr, the only recognized rival to Johnny Puleo and the Harmonica Rascala, has now retired sadder, wiser and poorer. The teapot tempest that was precipitated by his bus-p!aylng virtuosity has faded into the insignificance) it' deserves. The episode traej magnified out of all propor. Hon and all sorts of sinister interpreistions given H. About the only thing it proved . waa. that manager Yogi Berra, simmering over' a Yankee losing streak, blew his top. What trigger-., ed the explosion was the fact that Lina haltered the funereal silence on the player bus by tootling a tun on his harmonica. NO DISSENSION f , Slow to. atop svawn the kngry Yogliordered, Una later waa fined 2M for his mayor msubordlnaHim. This doesn't mean that the Yankees are - ... riddled hy dissension or lack rerpect for Yogi'a authority, Nor does it necessarily mean that the Bombers at falling apart because of the imminence of their dethronement as champions of the American League. Calling defeat affects different ball players hi different ways. Fred Hutchinson hat 'been known to tear the club house apart.' Ted' Lyons waa the same way. But Enoa Slaughter1 brooded and growl. ed as did Frank Crosettl 1" aoi nuin lir lima emotion and took everything In stride. Lint la a , blithe (Pr" bubbling over with flippancies on practically every occasion. Most of the time he can perk up morale with a bright quip. " But when he triad to do It with a newly purchased Mi Arthurlaley UK Soccer Scores LONDON I Rati tare I Bcoree ad Bntllak soorar Leaaua gamta play td Monday alfht: ' DIVISION I ' ' r Blackpool a. piackbura Rovera Weal Ham United 3. Mane heater United I. . - BIVIBION tt atlddlaakeauah 1. Rorthamptmi ' Katrraalla United t, CKarltaa Athlatlt I. .-(.'.:. tor Wteneeilae. ana yr mi SIXTH RACK. IMS dart JnIt I. 4 Hannah Dean a Danny Rronka SI Do Tell 1 Friend Mnn S' Scarlet Poppy 7 Princelike Jr. 5 Avon ' S Glory Kanover JB4t amiphant s-a Norrle S-l Coke T-S McMillan 4-8 Cameron S-l Rettltch 11-1 Gordon 1.1-1 Caraahan 1S-I Nea-wlaneri of Parte Sits: SRVBHTH RACK, , - - 4 Spirt Kins B Rud Ca.tleton 1 Colonel McGretnr 1 Dr G Chief , Grattan Diplomat 5 Coronation Brook Mr. Senator a Fleets Leeele Naa-alanert ( alnca inly Barbara'a Jamla Miahly Direct Tawncy Van Jot Hunt Jot Daree Sharon'a Ahha Atomic Carl Chria Bden Trat, mile. taylUllenaL pane Keif S-l Fine 4-1 Mormon . S-l Dentera S-l Rllliphant S-l Dunlop 3-1 Chartrend 3-1 LaRuah IS-I SMBB clalaalai. Johnaton , S-l Prltchard I 3-t Hushaa S- Wllliama - S-l fUcher B-t liae: T Seallh) D a 4 a Happy JacV Wild Indian Miaty Wick Evan Olow XUn Scott 4. Raea , 10-1 Berry IS-I Wllliama 18-1 wlaaaet el 34BB 4 a t Solely Thin Dark PotAmae TRNTM BACK, Parte sisei NINTH RACK. :is 'IM Imported Qm... so excellent, . t . you'll enjoy it 1: ; : i ice alone. - ' (!ritmoneapetkt$1m..Jm1ttwir1itJ . IMPORTED IN BOTTLE FROM ENGLAND Man - 3 Hay Jot C . 3 Attorney Gen c. 4 - Blaat Havan B Lord Volo. , 1 Coronation Darby ,3 Iva B Rnaa 4 Roberta Tata 7 .Scrapper Chief Duford Johnatna Pykt it. Knight Laroat a-t -a 4-1 B-3 a-1 Pettlf raw laTI LaHuen Deajardina' 13-1 -TT. By- ARTHUR DALEY .. (Cl ISB4 Rt Tark Tlaea Rawa Btnlee harmonica. Yogi"s frayed nerves couldn't stand it. To him it was like a guy Intrud-' ing noisily at wake. ' It's probably too late hy now lor anything to save the) Yankees, and yet the bkiw-up by the normally over-consid-arat4 Berra could prove bene- flcial to the club aa a whola lor the) futurei It waa a blowup by Casey Stengel that shocked the Yankees mto a successful pennant drive', about a dorett years ago. The slumping Bombers had just dropped another tough one and were on their way to" Washington by train. Most of the players had finished their -dinners when ol' Case; walked Into the car. He found them Joyously engaged in a game of Twenty Questions. The ringleader was another blithe spirit, Phil Rinuto. The ol perfeor went clean through the roof. GOOD QUESTION "I gotta question for you, be bellowed. "It's: what team la in first place? I'll give you the answer, too. It ain't the Yankees." He laced Into them until their hair curled. trick he'd ifhh noil vmi im, s tiii-n nr 1 tesrnej from John McGraw, It waa a captive audience because Stengel had all culprits trapped at the end of the din-big car. McGraw used to lock his Giants in the clubhouse and raise everyone's blood-pressure. Including his own. i If Yogi carl turn the mats music ol Lhti to his advantage, he also will be follow, ing the lead of the doughty little Napoleon. Late in the 1121 season the carefree Pitts- ' burgh Pirates came Into the ron gTOUTnJS Willi the pen- nam apparently In their grasp. Charlie Grimm, the best left handed bano player ever to ! reach the Majors, brought j ukelele Into the dugout with j him. He strummed away i srhlle RabbitrMaraoville and 1 Cotton Tierney. two other gay j spirits, sang merrily. j j ' nmsioN m - k ' Carllale trailed -1. Port Valt I. Manafltld Town 4. ' Brentford I Petervorauak United 4. Oldham Athletic 4. . I Outen'a Park Ranaora a, Bautb-end United e v . i DIVISION r. . ' 1 Barrow 3. Lincoln City i f . Chaelarfttld 4. Wrox ham a. - Hartlepoola United 3. York City a.- Mlllwalt 3. Torauay United f. Hipaatta raea aao bane VG0U3, , amTa7 Trot. I milt Naa-wtaatra of Pares Site: 1 I I It McUu S-l J 4 1 V Huihe. T-t 3 ,1 J Bleaonttte - I ISO UHu.h S-l a a Turcolle Jr. a-i i T a h Pue a-i S a a W Pvke Jr. 10-1 1 a B J Datrnala 11 Pact. S aalle. SStt rlalalnf, 3 4 3 O'UJ Sri' IS A Pe.e 4-1 S I S A McDousall ,4-1 ' -i..J .1 H fceron S-l ! .14 3 Turcolle Jr S-I S 7 I R. Gemmlll S-l) S 7 3 L Rivera IIMj 4 7 3 H. Brunei 13-1 1 i RIOHTM RACK, Pare. I aalle. Nm-wlMtn of I. parte BtM: M. Curran W Duford 7-1 t-l O MrMiUM i-3 M. Coliton a-i W. Pykf. Jr. B-t O. Lalluan V. Urott S-l . .. I S 1 D. Dully 3-1 G bluth 7-3 W Pyke t. A. St. Amour B-3 K. Prltchard 4-1 F. Brllllch 4-1 L. Chartrand is-l G. McMillan 13-1 3 3 4 I 4 3 I 8 T 3 TBS 4 3 3 s a t i- Pact. I mile. 1 1. ISO claiming. 3 D Dufly 3-1 B rharhonncau 4-1 3 R Sllllphant 4-3 1 I Farr 4-1 3 4 Wllliama ' a-t 3 41 Amour 10-1 7 9tephrnaon 1 1-1 3 : Cokt I S-l McGraw -watched in smoldering silence.- Then he turned : to his Giants in the dugout. "Look at those clowns!" he snarled. ''Nobody ever had a ' softer touch than you fellows had today." i The Giants atjrred. The ! words sank in. - They beat 1 the Pirates. They beat them ; the next day, and there was no I music played in thai Pitta- ; burgh dugout again. The , Giants caught fire and swept 'a five-game series. Nor did they stop until they had won the pennant. If the crackdown on Lint eventually proves to be the making of Yogi as a manager, tt will be worth it. The un- j fortunate part of it is that i Phil, although not a regular, j has been outhittlng the other i Varsity Intielders and .. has been doing a smashing Job aa a fill-in. It would be a pity If this Incident either dampened Phil's natural ebullience or led to hie being deemed expendable at trading time. i One of the secrets of Stengel's success has - been ' a certain ruthtessnem in hie handling of his players. He never was soft-hearted. Yogi always has Men too tender, ton considerate lust as was Mel OtL And Ottie was a bad manager. "There are times when a' manager has to be a bit of a louse," once said Frank Frisch, It won't come easily to Yogi but It's something he has to learn. The severity . of his crackdown on Lint for a relatively harmless incident may Indicate that he's getting the' Idea. TREMENDOUS DEALS Arc Now Being Offered On r BRANID) NEW' 19S4 roYA !r...-..'.r ' -I A Americans rirel-lMilt. Pace." puree 41.840: Rue Cratna (Gtllea Lachanrtl. T no. a so. j oer sty-Beei-eDinnne iDuncan MacTavlehl. 444. S 7B; Royal Spttdeter iJCan Jodoim, 3 70 Time 3 03 4 S Alice Llnd. Archie Mon. Clark Harveater. Titan Galnphont. Maplewood'a Prtdt alas aUrttd. Second Mlle. Pace, puree "31.000: paladin Pick I Keith Wap-leai. 11 30. 3 10, 3 30; Chockit I Ken McElroyl. 3.40. 3 10; Rlllaa Bona tFlarent Brachui. g 30. Time 3 01 1.1. The Saint, Teddy Air craft, The' Tippler, Our Chance aio ataried. out Direct waai ecraicned tally Doahlal Hi ts. ! Third Mile. Pace, puree SUO0:l Sea Duty iGlllaa Lachancal. 4 30.; 3 10. 3 90: Melody Brook A. tElden ' Turcotlei. IT 40 7.70, Sugar Pnnct iReraan Jolyi, 4-IB. Tuna 3 07 3 3. Bankroll. Mlaty Mayea. C. B Sal. Danny T, Volo Tide alaa atarted.' Fourth Milt. Trot, punt Saoo: i '.! Ph'PPa Latram. 8 70; Marty'a Laat B . (Ptm Caldwell!. B SO. Tlmt a 0B 4 5 Newport Kty. Scoty Otka. Jamet Vance. Prince Way. Cool chick alao alarttd. ta!ae!la: SJS.S4. Filth Mile. Pace, puna 41.404: Adloa Mont (Claude St. Jarqutai. 40. 3 40. 3 SO, Le MantrtaleT (Franrola Ltbotuf), 3 34. 3 84; Admiral Herbert l Leo Ptilellorl, 3 04. Time 3 04. Jonalra. Mlaa I ma. Duckya Bratta, Dale Dlijact alaa atarted. f .. f Sixth Milt. Pact, puree 41.400: Key Dele (Jean-Guy Broaaeaui. 8 30. a so. s ax); Baron Dale (Albert Hannal, 3 34. 3 40: Succaaa Night. Guy Content!. 3 34; Time 3 04 3 3. O SI, Se. King Exprtaa. Melody Adam.' Holiday Jinx. Eaty Abe alao atarlad. Seventh MHe. Pace, purae 3404: DticheaB Day C . iGlllaa Lachanctl, ISO. 3 70. 3 40; Swamp Fever Olllea Krrouacl. J.BOASO: Roy; i wci i..ii,,kiun an arunaau. 4 30.. Time S.OB.r Pranehlat. Ben-gall. Brnnlt Norrla. Wllllne Way Shpdydalt Colonel alto tuned. Eighth Mile. Pact. 000: Andy Johnaton puree 81.- C (Percy RoblUardi, 3 14. 3 70. 3 44; Quick Prime lAlbert Hannai. 3 B0. 310: Vpal Red I Won -IPIoufttl. 4.44. Time 347. Steady Flaah. Canla- For Reservation -.' Coif Louis US-llll ". ? ! - f - :;. ". v- '. f - 'NIGHTLY eTSRTAIflMSHT . LE CHATEAUBRIAND ' 331 MONTREAL ROAD, EASTVIEW . OTTAWA'S NEWEST AND FINEST RESTAURANT ' Vntxc tiled Vtrirtj Ckinttt Dithtt . Slemkt, I.mbster. Chit ktn -1 Btiutmtn'i l.anckron . WONDERfUL "TAKE OUT SERVICE Cxceflenf . banquet roonu for tceddlngt, ' parties and aU locial functtont rnro) ilMraft' fH T5alw Classics Ambassadors All models to choose 'frorti. - Excellent selection of colours and ' : ..- : ' '"'.) options, j: ; .' J WE NEED TRADE-INS y v Higher.Than High Trade-in Allowancea. Come in today for the . ' f' V' 'y.'. ( Deal ot Your Life. i " v5 , WE'RE OVERSTOCKED IN NEW CARS SO : ' v " make us an offer, youll be surprised at our answer. v Richelieu f 'oajp Ottawa Rambler Dealer CAIIADA , MOTOR SALES OTTAWA, LTD- '"' f, , '- SOISfMn... . . 232-7J54 1 . PAUL CARDINAL LTD. - list Wintajisi OPEN ING8 i- Results r . ur. Shrmtina Bxeig. Capital City. Incitatue' alaa .tlartad. Nlnlh Mile Part, punt 43 JOB Flying BUid iRoger WhIMi. 1140. 7 10.14 40. The Dreamer I Henri niton i. 41 B0, B 10: KJmalh Song Claude Pelletleri, 3 70. Time (04 I S Tony Clap. Loater Hanover. Novae Scoll. Irian Honor, Ted Hanover alao atarted. Tenth Mile. Pact, purae 31.304: Imperial I Time tJeen Jodmni. IS 00. 440. J 30: Dreadnaught1 iRiwa Currani.'liao. 744; Bueky Niirin 1 Richard Snydcri, 3 SO. Time 3 04 3 S. Key Command. 1 Clelue Hanovar. Fiery Jamie, Adloa Watts. Damon Rainbow alao alarled kxerla: 3I1S.SB. Every (light A Party JACK'S LAST WEEK V Com Earfy B Surg of a Siatl NO t'OVKR CBAROR Nltrly I U Cloalns Sam Redman. Vaat Heat Jack McPartlin ' mil u 1 SPECIALTY OF THE WEEK No, I Pale 4e Fate 43raa Celd Varhyaalie Small striata Bleak Mane Baked Peiateee 1 Uetta 4aeed' f , . Make Cake ..Ma. t '' Pale de Fate Siraa Caaaoaimt aa Cherre eyr Bole Pravlaclalt pariaieaae poialaea I Aiparakaa Tip Freak Frail Cap CaRee TU 2 AX $ i i now , i.a tiS LEm i 72S-1 Ul ; -f . Open Tourney At .Thurso All golfers ' with approved handicapa In class "A". "B" "C are invited to take part in an Invitation tournament at the Thurso Coir Club. Aug. 29 and 30. ' for further information see posters In the various cluhe or call Marc B ron at 9U-23I3. 98 J 2019 or call Jules Biron at 98J 2241. 985 2790. Journal Want Ada bring quick results. - BINGO ir by the CANADIAN LEGION CATINEAU MILLS Every WEDNESDAY Night. I .p. aa. 20 regular ames 3 fr sanies 5 special games THIS WEEK'S x Jackpot $1,300-00 CASH Legion Hall. Hwy. 1 Minutes from Otuwa ADMISSION SI.N Baa avallaWe at Soar tor Matt YOLAND GUERARD International reputation Jeadtne- male voice in "Soeifri Pacilc- on Sroaattcay . , , 4 She art a aad 14 pin. -'learepl mmmmy O Caanaaaaa dinner 4aarta treat I p m. ta the aaa.le ol Lea Wetket aad kta e TaMe reatrvatraaa It-S41l comino arrRsmoN ANITA 0RTEZ Tht ! T 1 ... n ROW STARRING FRANK (FUarskew) J CULLEY .:- ; ':.' '. Fealnrinf , ,. . USA YORK V " 1 . IN TjHI . Beaclsccmber ' Rocn torr nrn 019 UlUKDAY liTOIOOl JANSCSRI . 1 ,, ' Carllna Avenue - let ttv ICirkwood by-paea NO COVER ' NO MINIMUM J for mervationt call 722-7801 uaini,.iia3iM 1 4BiBajnastaiaiiiispn wMrii wmi"-' j w 1 1JL. 1

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