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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, April 5, 1918
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Dall nr Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper.. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,605 VOL. 16, NO. 124. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., FRIDAY EVENING, APRIL 3, 1918. TEN PAGES. BRITISH REPULSE HEAVY THRUSTS BY THE GERMANS BETWEEN SOMME AND LUCE DONNING OVERALLS WOMAN TAKES OVER MANAGEMENT OF HER FARM OF 175 ACRES Her husband's presence at -his post as engineer on ttc Pennsylvania railroad being necessary to handling traffic during the war. .Mrs. John Beck TUB COt'RIKR .NOW OX SALE EACH DAY i\ SEW YORK crrv The Courier has been placed ·or. sale at Hotaling'a News Stand, at the corner o{ Broz.d- way and 4:'.rd street in Nev York City. Papers are sent to that agent even" day and may be secured at his stand at the north end of T-hfi Times building. Readers of The Courier ivho are in tie city may secure - their home paper at the stand at any time. · , Only in One Point Were the Enemy Forces Able to Gain Ground Says the War Office Statement; Heavy Losses Inflicted \ on the Huns; Artillery Duels Are in Pro-1 gress; Americans at Disposal of General Foch are Regulars Says London paper; Entry of American Aviators Has Re suited in Unprecedented Activity. AMERICAN FLYERS IN BRILLIANT EXPLOITS By Associated Pres*. The French line has held Below the Somme and the Germans have been defeated ·with great losses in jvhat probably constituted their most desperate efforts to cut off the. communication of this important base. Similarly to the east of Amiens the British have maintain- ud their ,steadfast defense and prevented the Germans from making any important hejidway. As a whole, the Entente line, as tie French official state- Silent puts it, maintained itt its entirety so far as the German j number of men tor the second dratt objectives south of the Somme, the railway line to Clermont, i s j will go out to the governors of the concerned. ' . .^ ·' ' j states very soon. LONDON, April 5.--the British have been pressed back a j Fifteen thousand men of the second .short distance on the front east o£ Amiens to Pons, east of Villr dr f- tt are - "° w TM oi "j ze ^°' i r '^ r f^[ crs-Brettonner, the war office announces. The Germans burIed !^ ob j b |,! 11 , Jt ,° r( , sl J 1 jan tiie'montirs'pro- ^arge bodies of troops against the British between the Luce and j p,^,,^ ,,', L - ae soo.oou, w*o, it hn.s omme rivers, making repeated assaults. been announced will 'or. called durint: For the most part the enemy was thrown back with losses, the remainder o( the year. ., The Germans concentrated troops early this morning near I The immediate need of incro-slng abert. British artillery took them under fire. In the neigh- the American forces in. France w mm the German drive in Uig-west is likely to result In calling tie men faster than first silppofied. For tiiat reason the April quota undoubtedly will es- Besides attempting tho seeding Mrs. Beck personally takes care of five horses and five cows and other stock, being aided in the latter "work by her j FIRE PREVENTION BODY FOR ' WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA TO BE FORMED HERE TOMORROW --a has "undertaken tbn operation of their! 16-year-old daughter and a son farm of 175 acres near White school house, two miles from ScdUdale. i Garbed in overalls, 3Irs, Bock is mak- j There are also two other children, hoys ot 11 and four. .The husband has a passenger run ' ing the -best of the One aprias weather i ··between PittSburg and Altoona. He ·following' the plow. She has .already had planned to quit the road and run broken u p a large area and plans to 'put out spring: wheat, corn and oals the 'farm himself, but because of the scarcity of men he yielded to the anti engage in extensive truck garden- i wishes of his amployers and will re- ing, j truan oa the engine. FOR ACTIVE SERVICE NEXT DRAFT CALL JO BE FOR 150,000 MEN IN FRANCE AT ONCE INSTEAD OF 50,000, MEN FOR NEXT DRAFT MAY SOON BE CALLED IN LARGE NUMBERS Orders to Governors For Initial JnoU ' ' Shortly, Says By Associate*! Press. WASHINGTON, April 5.-- Orders for the mobilization for the first large "Yon Can Xot Send Too !fta.ny and There Is Work for All," Says O1B- cram; Applicants M!u*t Have Richt -- Spirit and Loyalty CmiucstioDcd. jorhood of Bnquoy and in the Scarpe valley there was active rtillery fighting during the night: The statement'follows:-- "Between the Luce river and the Somme heavy fighting con- 1 inued^yesterday during the afternoon and evening and until a late hour. The enemy employed strong forces and delivered repeated assaults on our positions! The attacks were beaten off 5 might be called in much less :eed its normal average. In fact if ! need is pressing, the entire 800,000 An Urgent Ci!i Tomes From; Monthly .Rate to Continue l)nr- Paris For 3-Ui Wen . | in^r Jlemaintfer of the ' and \'i orien. - Tear. IJ, It, S M I T H HAS B0KWMV A U l i l L K L\ SXITHTOS When tlifi population ' of S.iuitliion want their paper, they order it in advance In order to be sure that it is saved for them. M'-hen B. B. Smith was visiting at his h o m e in Westmoreland county last week, he went into Smith ton to buy bis home paper, The Courier. The agent there had a doxen piled up on bis counter, but had to refuse .Mr.' Smith's request for one. saying they were all promised. The best Mr.* Smith could tio ·was 10 borrow; one and return Three Hundred Delegates Are Expected to Attend. WILSON APPROVES PLAN Units Are to Be Organized in. Kach City anil Town. ELIMINATE D A N G E R IS AIM Fropaifarida of tile Association TVill fTH'Inue Kdaoa-lion of Children to Ilt'tocf and Report Conditions Tlmf. Lead to Heavy Vint Loss. jFAYETTE SECOND IN THE NEED IS IMMEDIATE TO RUSH EXAMINATIONS STATE IN DOCTORS Is Onlor to the Local Ikmrd!*-, Con- irrossraan CYttgo Says We Will Hare an Army of .1,000,000 Within a Year Only Medical Society Dedicates of service Hag An urgent cali has come for men and women workers of the Hed Cross to register for service in France, in a k'tter receive^ by J. S-'red Kurtz, ( _ _ chairman of tbo Connell^'nlle chapter,! jaj-y service, msu'ad of At the drdicaUon linl Will i'ecd .VXKMXXI Before Euil. I at the regular meeting of tho Fayctte -- ] County .Medical Society held last ev- WASHINGTON. April 5.--Orders i enin S in Unionlown, it was stated that were issued yesterday by Provost I f'ayette county has more physicians in Marshal General C'rowder under wbicii i IOL ' wvfce of the government t h a n i 150,000 man will be called lor intli- j any olher «ma'-y in the watc, save Uie 50,000. thi-' ;OUIII 5 r °f Maw-are. . . Charloa ficntl. Jr.. manai;cr ot Lho : quota oriuiualiy decided U|»n for this | The " '' I'ennBylvanla division, nays thai "a I monli uiirii'r ttii? second driUu Sirm- i nt5 '' s [.rcmeDdoila ncefl o^iflis at tliiti niinule · ^_ r m o r t[ 3 [y calte "will bo made, the in Prance for iJn, largwi. possiila ! rapjdllj- w i t h which men can of mi-n and for Rod duou . d | I1W , h e S enice fc 1 At a meeting of delegates of the ( Western Pennsylvania Firemen's As- tsociation at the-West Side auditorium IW A D M V CCDUirE tomorrow night an a'sswciatio:: for ihu 1IN AKIllI utKVlLL i prevention of fire, to he known as the i Western Pennsylvania Fire Prevcn- Dtiawarc Comity Surpasses H; j tion Association, to be directly affiliated with the iiremcur's organization, will be organized. The plans of tho firemen have been approved by President Woodrow Wilson. Governor Martin G, Brumbaugh and the state fire marshal of Pennsylvania. About 300 delega.U'.s of tho as-socia- m^Bting will be called ahou) S.45 . o'clock. Tho board of control will go into session at 7.30 o'clock. A n u m - ber of speakers have bee:; secured C o u n t y .Medical soci- "s 25 siar.s ami was un- for the first Ume ia-st nighf. Cross Service." The vital necessity for bclp In set forth in the following cablegram received from Henry P. Davison. chairman of the War Council of the Atneri- | can Rod Cross, who is now in Paris: nnn ' in . i Nine of the stars rnprnsont physicians! f o r lbc occasion. nmor. ? ;Jn-ni prom- ·nrting i from Coanollsvillc. Thny arc: Lieu- "'TMt men from Allrgheny county and also local men. j UUOLPU upon thn spcfd with vhlch the men i tenant Colono.1 Wllio! Bard Edie, .Major : ! Uoi.-rt rt. .Yb-.Koe, Catrtain Alexander: Joha F - lwr? of HoracslcHd an-I Robert. Kirtd. and Lieutenants William i c - p - KooWz of Kncxviltc- will both. .1. Bailey, Don Dickinson Brooks. Ed- j nc P"--sont and W. H. Sharali of Brad- with loss to the enemy, but our troops were pressed back a Short listanee to poeitions ea« of Villers-Bretonneux, about nine .niles eaat at Amiens, wKicls they now maintain."North of the Somme the enemy artillery has been active luring the' wight in the neighborhood of Buquoy .and in the Scarpe ,Talley~ Hostile concentration early'this morning in the neighborhood of Albert were engaged by our artillery-." . ' .8- -- : IKES ARMY LIFE .HESICAX AT1ATOBS BO KSC35UEST WOBK. LONDON, April S.--A tribute to '.merican aviators with the Ilritlsh' Bntteraorc WoiUaf Hard to Catch . rmy. ia ynuice. who are "numerous nd always brflliant," Is P»1d orrespondent ot th« Daily News. He ays that American aviation me- hanics abm hare mndeTed splendid · id. DescriWig the air fighting on he front flw eorreipondant says that .lever before ta any army hare piane« ;een used. ID «nch great coneentra- ·ion. On one sector of the battle .ront as many as 300 machines are in £e atr at o«e time. The Me of mania* ema oo enemy troops, runs tid tzansyorte by low flying ma- bines, he added, ha* been carried to ; point far beyond anything in pre- ·ions experience. \KEXICA3S 09 FBOFI FBOK BECULAB AKHT. LONDOK, April 5.--Referrlitc to he active participation ot the Amer- can army on the Western front the :)afly Mail am: The American troops at tbr dis- ,'osal of General Foch are seasoned ·.eteraiM of the regular United States army. They are troops of the same hardy fibre as tbe immortal British first hundred thousand." Up Witt Advaaced Comrades. Word received from .Fred S. Buttermore who left here ou February 12 with the draftees for Camp Lee. says he was transferred to Company B, 313th Infantry immediately on bis arrival there and that he is working hard to catch up with his comrades who have been in training [or five months. He if, meeting with success on the rifle range he writes. Although Buttermore has been in the army only a short time he says he is anxious to be on the way to Prance for overseas duty. HOXE FOB FTJXEKAL; IS OROTJHED BACK TO CAIP Jesse Boniter, who waa called i than the nine months originally planned. GIVEN GREAT SENDOFF Whole Town Tnrns Ont at ML Plrnfi- ant in Honor itmflws. Specla.1 to Th«i Courtsr. MOUNT PLEASANT, April 5.-- Sixty-one selectiveH of this place and vicinity were, given a royal eendoH when they left yesterday for Camp Lee. The burgess, members of council, Uie ministerial association, the Liberty Loan committee. Boy Scouts, tho 'band and drum corps, patriotic and other organizations escorted them to the train. The United Presbyterian Red Cross unit provided lunch and most of the boys were supplied with sweaters by the Hed Cross. The boya were under comrnand of FranJc Walker. WHISTLES Wm BLOW And Bells Xing ta Start Suottdalc Liberty Loan JXriTe. to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, April 5.-- The blowing of whistles and the ringing of bells home from Camp Gordon, Chamblee, I tomorrow at noon Trill ueher in the DFFOKTS TO JWUD6I! FBESCT ASK FUTILE PAE3S, April 5.--G«rman forces . oatlnued their attacks dnrlns tte right, says lii* ofcil statenMut Issued today. In apite of OM «o?eTior- ity o£ the Geman effectives, -which .tie utatement Mtys -wer/- sytiat reck- l : «saly .they were unable to reach their objective which was the railway from Amiens to Klennond. The French regiment by their re- .-iatance and counter attack* maintained the lint In Its entirety. Tbe French troop* conquered to* part of liplnette wood, north the town ot Orvlil«n-or«I. All i efforts to dislodge th« Ifrench- ·r, -ere la Tain, Ga., by the death at hia Toother, Mrs. Anthony Bonner of LoVer Tyrone tawn^iip, retarned to catnp this morning. Yesterday morning Fracfc Has- gerty of D»wson, an. uncle, of Bonner, died. This morning -while at ttue Baltimore Ohio station here he received a telegram instructing him to report at camp at 'once. GIRLSAVESTROOPS |«wlier Give* of 1'luk Spiked to B. * 0. Tnefc. By A*soetst«d COLEDO, O.. April 5--- Discovering BEST MEETING I* Serl«« Held by Farette Conntr JTen and lUlllont Team. The meeting of the Tayette county Men and Millions team held In the Christian church last night, which concluded the campaign, was declared by the members of the team to have been the best of the neries in point of Interest and attendance. It was in charge of Hev. Cloyd Goodnight of Unlontown, county chairman. He, together with Rev. R. G. Manley, .coke region missionary, Rev. G. W. Buckner. Btnton Boyd and J, i Melvin Grey, presented the needs of j the several organized activities of the j church in meeting the / emergency i created by the war. At tbe conclusion of the addresses a meeting ot the canvassing committee was held and as- Isig-nmants made. Preceding the third Liberty Loan canrpaign here. Request has been made tat every whistle be Wown and every bell rung. Promptly at noon committees will start on the canvass lor subscribers to the loan in an effort to close the work tap at the earliest possible time. Walter F. Stauffer Is in command of the drive. Situation Is nnn such that every Tairlr iiiWllecnt Vnuiriniui nuin or rroman with Lbe ri^ht jpirit and nnqiiesUoned loyalty ran be utilized at thlf critirai time... VOi; CA?f.N'OT SK-SD TOO JIAJTV, A.VT THKUt IS WOKK KOK Ai,r, inio COM*;. The Conneilsville chapter Is ashed to take immediate action tn niwit this call through urf^inK men and women who aro able to serve to immediately register their names ftt the chapter headquarters. now in the cjiiiirps a...I cantonments can be moved overseas. At the ratf of 150,000 tnen pe-r month during the I remainder of the year. 1JJSO.OOO wll been called. iRral C dwk shape to stippJy ... _ Work Douglas, Paul Gowlcy -. awK *''" also s ! Ka *- 1 * 1 - B - ?W , Dick and Jainrs Basil Carroll, and i ? n? " f | h f '^f 3 ' mcn s 13 1 -" 1 Io: ' *··» Ktawd yesicrflay [Captain Janww Jxater JnnJt. j linery now is in i Dr '* p - Mc''ormick presided at the ) as fast as needed. is - .lohn 1 and Attorney John Duggan, U is holleved that in arriving at the, for April, the general vhlch this numiior of tnen can be tran^ported- tr Kurope caclt month. In order thaX there may be nn hitch in sending men to training camps, local drait boards are rustling Uie phy- sicaJ eraminaiions of regist-rant-5 placed In claae one. Word aJso has gone and Dr. J. S. Hackney pre- seated the fiag to the soviet^-. He r- Jr., will make *Jio opening address. ' Ported that Ac cominUtce recommend- od that ,hr,o flag, -be placed in the The purpose of t.he new orsrinizs- I tion will be to present fire haiiards ms will he formed throBgb- "Dn;e the necessity for sacrifice." torttl to 5»«1 «5 all appeal caaeB. Rays Manager Scott, "l^rge firms In. an. interrlcv on tb« sltua- should be can-rassed j.nrt all possible | a ° n Consresamun T. S. Crago, mem- employes who may be released a n d j b f f , o ( the Committe« on Military their home expenses carried by the firm should be registered for this ser- "Add all available particulars to affairs, said yesterday: ."I expect that th'e appropriations for the armr vlll reach $10,000.000,000. Wa will vote readily any amount. One applications ajid forward lists I o£ money that Secretary Baker asks. daily to division headquarters. Quick! W e are I" 61 waiting for him to come word should be passed to the chapter i bact and teJl us what be waats. officials Immediately :n receipt of | 'The mectbers of our committee ei- thie notice and through them to all i pect that over a million additional chapter members ?jid workers, every avenue of quick publicity Use b, pUnJc tcrou tba B»ltimor« Ohio track. 10 mllM sooth of Toledo, Grace Doyte, a country teacher, a.: Boachtown. ran down th« track, removed her coat aod »iti it nigged 3, train aoproachro^ rapidly. It was freight followed cJosdv a haary TCP train. t toot the freight «ew K micntta eatovc tiie plank. Several troop s teve poaaed tare wttfcin a t meeting a supper. prepared by th£ ladlee of the ehurch, was Borved under the auspices ol the Men's Bible class. COT COAL JO BREWERIES Owmptton ta lie fmHalied SO Per Cert) OntjvBt Halneed Aceafiiisij. Sttti Fuel Potter has [issued an order cnttittg the s POOLE IN CHARGE Former local Han Commands Praf. tees From Scettdale. A street car load of draftees from ScottdaU arrived in this city over the TVest'Paoo list night about 8:30 o'clocX and boarded a special train at the Baltimore fc Ohio station, bound for Camp Lee. Correll J. .Poolo, former assistant general miDerintendent ot the Fayetto County 'Gas company, was in charge of the contingent · numbering 28 men. The boys were escorted from the Y. M. C. JL. at Bcottdale to the station by tho Grand Army band. SOLDIER IS HELD John FoUx, Churged With 'ratin B Lmvc From Camp, In City JnlL John Felix of Scottdale has been cause this is a situation that must he met with swift action. Write us at once that you have begun action. "Every man and woman registered who fits In with the simple requirements can be at once'utilized in some form or other. After the crisis is met classification of abilities and placement in fitting activities can be brought about" There is a wide variety of work offered 'in Hed Cross service abroad. In enlisting men and women it is particularly desired that thosu who are so situated that they can pay tieir own expenses, apply for this service. Persons desiring to register should get in touch with the Headquarters of the local chapter. GUESS THEY WENT TO HELL Snys Jffjnjfttcr of Troops: .XorT He's Sorry for Talk. By Associated Pren9, IfENOanNEB. Mich.. April 5.--The Rer. C. H. Auerswald, pastor of the German Lutheran church, IB mider arrest charged with making seditious remarks. He Is allp?r concerning the sinkiij: to have said of m«n Trill be drafted for the army before the end of tie year 19] S, and that liie United States wiH have an army of 3,000,000 mon within the neit ]2 anonths. "There is no doubt" the colonel ed, "that so long as this ,-arar lasts t±ic United States will have to ke;p In training in this country a force even larger than that abroad. "That reserve force must be available at all times TO make up the heavy wantage that is bound to come during the remaining months of the war. The greatly increased appropriations this year will be due to an ex.- of to? county. ou« in the Cot^ lage State boftp.ital, one in thp Union- hospital, and one in tbo Browns- out this pan of Uic stale, eac-h large com IP u n i t y bpingmade a central jioint for so many units, which will be under villa hospiUJ. Drs. T. B. Bc-hard, H. ^P^-ision of the central chief. J. Coll uid K. C. Sherrick were ap- \ HepresentaUvcs from each of the uniis w i l l be uasned on a Fire Prt'vcn- Uon Board of i-hat district. In each district or unit where there is a fire company, Uie members of tho fire department in thai company shall be made fire inspectors, being assigned to certain territory, which must he gone over once each \veek. and a report fUed -with the chief inspector, noting all fireia^ardts and unsanitary conditions. A copy of the re-port will ap- i pointed a committee to make arrange*- 1 ments for the unveiling of the flag at the local hospital. Dr. H- J. Beil of Da-wson, and Major G. W, Neff ol Masontown .were lhe KILLED BY COG Sixteen Year Old Boy is Caught on i go to the city officials and if no action Tipple ut Lfsisenring-. Frank. Souaiiiches, about 16 years ; j old, was fatal-ly injured yesterday af- j wil 7\ ben , ook into tbo maLtcr The duty of the fire inspector . . . lernoon when be was caught by a cog wheoi at the tipple of Uie H. C. Frick Coke company at Ixjisenring No. 1 and badly crushed. The injured young each unit is to ascertain if ihc ordinances ol that ciiy, town or borough, are sufficient to eliminate fire hazards, don'i exis-t or are man was admitted to the Cottage State hospital about 4 o'clock yesterday " afteraoon and died about 15 minutes n " slron s enou ? h - lhe nrc companies ·will present new ones to the councils afterwards. The body was removed to Funeral Director J. L. Stader's parlors and this morning taken to the family home at Leisenring No. 1. FIVE PER CENT Added io Price of Coke Made in East and Sold to Western Consnmers. A change in coke prices, covering ed conditions on the western front" | a n increase of five per csnt on tie ex- Representative Crago said thai the sting fixed prices, has been author- irrepresaion has become general in thei i z c d by the Fuel Administration. The HOMO as well as in the Senate ttat! i n r r c a a e "PP"« S onl J" to co ^ e manu - tlie United States must have an army j f ^Wred east, of tho Mississippi river of 5,000,000 men before the end of. the ' irar. Ca " ia: , , UC.O, C "The soldiers on that boat said tbey | j? O rty-fi were going to get the Kaiser or go to Hell, and I guess they went to Hell.'" PENNSVILLE KNITTING CnJt Tarns' in Xumeroos Articles to the Local ZeA Cross Chapter. Tho Hed Cross unit at Pennaville has completed and turned in u tae the Tus- | Conaellsvllle chapter the following ax- tlclee covering the month o£ March: 'our ho*pltaJ Hhlrta, four sweat- NEW SYSTEM IN EFFECT West Tenn Jfon- Collect's for Thronph Trip Instoftd of JTickfil nt n Tim*. Th^ · through £aro systeiri on the plaaid under an-est by Pennsylvania.-\vest Penn Kallwaye company went Railroad Deteeti?a DeTempie anrt a | I n t o e ff ect yesterday. The fares are Wastmoreland county officer, charged | noslr bolng collected through from one with taking extended leave from Camp Gordon. He--was arrealiaj yaslerday while the drailfoaB were being entrained at the Dsltimore A Ohio station. liolnt in anoLlter, Ina^rul of the cent faro every three mJlftH, Connelisvlllo Is the 'of through far« system. was eridMt tie p«r«ml eoal te **««*** 38 por eaat and hot- yOcsd tbe flank to tbe track bad that aaoxiier w«s IRmatt, Ike dr»n for tit* tiUter manti, shot biai»«!f hnrt thi» magsimf A'ttat bosses 58 per «mt. Plans are being coasid«rel ta curtail ces! consumption At street railvay powar tumses. The Pood Admin iairatlon reCBQtly ordarBd a radnotiDB at 39 psr cent in the onfcmt of fa«H»wles. Th« plan to redoes coal consumption fey the same per-eentage vas TaianUrily agreed ' to k«r UM tmveries bafec* the «(J«r TTILS NEW MANAGER 1 NAMED Otto Koeiilei 4ssnmes Oiiarge of Vent Side Ice Ptonl, Cite Kcc-. .-, .-.tanager pi tiie ¥ough Brewing ccimjiany, has been earned manager of lie You^b Ice Storage company on the VTesl fflcia. ^nccee^- teg G. D. Williams, who rasigneS la go to Pillsburg. Air, Koefaler- retains the management of the .Yough plant. J. C. Herwicfc irtli be assistant to air. Eoebler. Pair Friday and Satarday- warmer Saturday is the neon ra*eat.her forecast for Western Pennsylvania, Temnfiratimi Record. « JS18 1917 Stamuvra ----- 55 63 Minimum ------------ 23 -lij Mean _______________ 43 51 bwo pa i r , oi wriBtl«ts · and one hotwater total of 52 pieces. : one pair Ol bottle for approval. Immediately after a fire, will make an investigation to determine the cause. If incendiarism is suspected the state fire marshal shall be notified. If not, a re;wrt will go to council and a copy to the central body. Measures will then be taken that another fire Ti'il! not be started from similar causes. In case of a serious communities may be called but u-ith only part of the apparatus may ba had, as the other communities cannot be left -without protection. Companies with membership of less than 30 men -irill be instructed to immediately recruit themselves to that number. and sold to consumers west of the Rocky mountains. It was announced that the increas- ! A big feature of the new fire prevcn- ed price is intended to facilitate move- i tion work will be taken up through the merit and distribution of coke in tlie ; schools by the Fire Prevention Boards western sections ot the country by . in their districts. Ten percent ol the meeting the additional expense in- ; school children will be divided into curred in shipments. i units, covering the territory in which ' they live. These children will he tau S ht what a 8l " e hazard is and when ^ CUCDV LVClVl CIIDCrDIDCC i OUDOl/IUDljO they find a place in bad condition they i will make a report to the deputy chief, Each Scholar in Room So. C, Fonrtli who will be in charge of the children's TVard, Member of Jr. Ited Cross, Room No. 6 in xhe Fourth ward school Is the first in the city to enroll overj' scholar In the Junior Red Cross. division. The deputy chief in turn will make a report \o lhe unit chief. and tbe matter will be looked into. At intervaJs the children will meet coyflr, , Airs. '/. ft'. JEUsheberger, Arise ElioJThe fee, which '.s 25 cents, has been i in a body and hear talks by the fire Baker, Ailss Ada Miller and Alias SUB paid by every boy and girl In the ! chiefs. They will be trained in the art AJeans each loiitted a sweater. Mias Means also made'two pairs of socks, a pair of wristlets and u, bot water i bottle cover, T.he rport is submitted by iflss \tary Houston, secretary. ROCKWOOD DOES BIT room. Meaiberships are being taken j of fire prevention and when they grow- In evory other grade in tbe city. ! older it is expected lhat results will The Ked Cross work done by lhe | be shown by h a v i n g fire hazards re- boys and girls will now be recognized duced to a minimum. The aid of the aa the product ol the Junior Red CrosK, koiini No. G in the Fourth school children In lessening the flre hazard Is expected to develop into one Roil Cross (fathers 2i'Sll Pounds of Cialliig for JieJg'iti. \ T.iie Ited Cross af Eodivood, thi.r- I IBIS the rVrivo for oln cio:'uing, sucreuii- j ed :n gainering iogeiir-ei 3^5i) .pounds.; ward !» iiuiRht by Miss M y r l l o Durst, m t n e biggest advances towards ellm- | There are 41 Miio'.iirt In lhe room. ] (nation of fire iosse liiat has ever been · ·· ' i taken by a firemen's a--isuciaiiun STAMP ^41K^ $fi5ftfl I Il! " ddill °" 10 organizing to stop ; OIHIUI ariL-Lw ^!U,JUU i coiumim fire hazards and lessen Jiro Coming Crttas It TS5 S£il?pG(l ters in £S faoi-e* The sowers of tho branen d-tiring Lbe raooth of March completed 335 hospital robes, in addition to oiher werk that was accompliiipd. OvtT ?v«)i!*- ir. {· : niS'.\ re-pur: it; ,MaOi Joitii Duggan. *^~ I frorc the- 1 Con-ifUsvilJi- ix-'Iioo! district, relative io the -a't of ihrift ;at:iraip.5 in t^e Hcnooifi. ^faoiff^ ihav a tota\ of $6,551.35 lias been Hold. T!it aiAjn.^s Iia^e been on salf for ahnnt seven loss, the iiramcn's organ] place ivs services \vlih the s t a l f t for · work along any other similar Jmcs. The. Yougli plver" fell dirruis night from 3.18 to 1.9B feet. the d fTas .Pnnnmonia. Earl W. Haviland, a member of the high school Jaccilty, is ill at his" haroe of licoiicaial pawimonia. . _ , The fact t h a t Uie wliool' students ! iu toe higli Hcliooi and grades of fhp city hare purdiaseij such a large amount of stamps Is' ftensidered aiceJ- lUtwntl Up COLUMBUS, 0., Guve-3«r Cox tC- riay i.=;s«ed a prociamalion orderlBfR all state officials io begin a round-tni of all v a g r a n i p and iratups aud »a* ihai they were pui io work. Killed in France. CbARKSBUBG, April 6.-- John Mclntere has sees tilled, la ffraae*

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