The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 25, 1964 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 13

Ottawa, Canada
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Tuesday, August 25, 1964
Page 13
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V TUESDAY, AUGUST 25, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 13 . The Sportspicl ' By EDDIE MacCABE , ThU' may not be the time . . . but. then again it may be Just the time. ... For hockey, we mean. Off-season sporfs camps for hoys 'have been coming on hard in the past decade, and they probably got their start with baseball in United States. I Enterprising former msjor leaguers, with one eye on that Little League operation, decided to soup-up the programs at boys' camps with some hard instruction. There is evert one camp out in Colorado designed to make men out of boys. This one is aimed at the porky kids '. . . ihe retiring, no-confidence kids who couldn't do anything and couldn't even bring themselves to try. , They have an arduous program of obstacle courses and nerve Heats and when the course is finished, the boy is supposed to be lean and hard and just verging on the point of objectionable cockiness. , It's been tried with some measure of success in football, but the big move in Canada is hockey. COULD BE THE BEST And it might very well be that the comer stones were fitted in the past two weeks for the best hockey operation of this' kind in the world. And right here in Ottawa . , '. or Hull. . . ' ' Ross Tyrell and Johnny Wilson decided to uke a little flyer. Tyrell played hockey all over Canada and in England, and has been associated with the Monties for years ss a coach. Johnny Wilson, of course, waa'a National Leaguer since the-. days when they wore peaked csps until the day before yesterday.'. .i"'? They made some mistakes, organizational miscue. They admit that But they ran about 200 boys through the mill arid the progress of some of the kids' has been really remarkable. ' ' ' . The boys were divided into three groups, gold,, red and blue . . . according to ages. i "f One group would be on the Ice with "name" instructor while the others were having a chalk talk or in the film room- '. ,; " ' :-"' -'V'. And cast an eyeball over the teaching staff . .. .. Bobby ! Hull. Kenny Wharram. Gump Woraley, Marcel Pronovo, Leo Boivin, Red Sullivan and Johnny Wilson, aided and abetted by Tyrell, Mike Donaldson who played at Rochester and Portland, and Bill Collins, who figured In that Bathgate trade last Winter..' , h ViW CAME FROM EAST AND WEST ' The kids came from Chicago -and -Boston, from upper -New York State, from Toronto and Kingston and Moncton, from aU over the Ottawa area". . . and they went at it every day from 8 to 5 with at least 2Vi hour Ice time daily. : These school have a bulge on the regular team tryout for boy, because while It may be a fact that the suburban coach may know the fundamentals just a well as the National Leaguer, the boy will take Instruction quicker from a name 'he know. ' t. The instructional, films were made back in 1956 with Ross Tyrell, Hughi Riopeti and Below the Hill's Gordie Lomer demonstrating, and while these film gained wide circulation and acceptance in Europe, they haven't been used much on this id. - .'. The films have been a major hit at the camp. In addition, the boys have been shown Stanley Cup film for the past few year. ,'..-,(.? '.' v'vi '. . "'',' . Out of town boy were housed at the. YMCA, under supervision. They were ferried over to the Hull Arena every day, and back, by taxis. They were given hot meal at noon. All for $50 a week. M ' With tome organizational wrinkles to iron out, nobody will make any money out of the project (hi year. But the foundation is in. The camp has been successful beyond all hopes,' and with a more streamlined office operation next year to ahate expenses, they figure to turn buck noef time around. ; 'v -i . .v.', J;,,.... ,. . A PSYCHOLOGICAL BULGE . The advantage, too. Is more than physical.' The, whole concept of positional hockey and the grasp of individual skill Is a tangible value . . . aomething you can see. : But a by-product is the psychological advantage . , . the mental edge boy will carry with him into his team tryout this Fall. Having been given this Summer saturation treatment, his confidence has to grow. ,." A hi confidence grows, his skills and various abilities grow, because he attacks hi game with a more .positive attitude , . . certain in the knowledge that he's doing thing, or st least trying to. the right Way. Next year, to attain break-even point, Tyrell and Wilson are figuring they'll have to. boost the price. They bleed a little when they talk about this, and you get the first impression that Hit take a financial overhaul s . . Tin afraid." Rom Tyrell said, "we won't be able to operate next year at 150 a week. --) , -We'll probably have to go to $55." . Which make it the most economical camp of its kind in Canada, and off first returns, the biggest bargain, s ' , And all accomplished with a minimum of .whoop-de-doo ..... , They II be running for the the Hull Arena if you with to slide by and see a first class project in operation. ;..; '.' And since Tyrell and Wilson have an option on the Hull rink for the next five year for Summertime hockey . : . if you've missed it this time around . . . there'll be another chance. Ted Watlcins Top Scorer Stewart Leads Rushing 1." TORONTO CP) When . quarterback--' Vernon Cole reported to the , Montreal 'Alouette training camp last ; Summer, be wa juit another untried ball toner who had been, bypassed by Win nlpeg Blue Bomber. ..-- ! ii He went to Montreal from Winnipeg to an imsensation-al mid-Winter trade after a ! three-year stint In the UnK-. d State army. r-: But ' Montreal needed a quarterback and,: a . thing '"i turned out, they got exactly what they were looking for. Col ha a 12.8-yard pulsing average and the Alou tttei are undefeated in three ': games In the EFC. He has -. picked op 281 yard In pa- tag. Has a 491 average m 13 passe completed of 22 at' , tempt and ha thrown X 'three for touchdown- , Figure released by the sutistlclan today and which include games flayed up to Aug. 23, showed Ruts Jack- , on of Ottawa Rough Rider with a 9.7 avenge per com-., pletlon.; H lead the Con- "ferenc with five touchdown i pasej Jackie Parker of To- . ronto. Argonauts 1 third in the quarterback rank and lead the completion .department with 37, of 61 attempt with a .607 average. i , . remainder of the week aHsowom - - . s f t RON STEWART Ted Watkin of OtUwa U the top scorer with four touchdown for 24 point. Don Sutherin of Hamilton Tiger -Cats follow with ( three convert and is field foa'1 and 21 point.-' . , . OtUwa' Ron Stewart leads the Conference in ; rushing with 212 yards ' ahead on Montreal' George ,,' Dixon with 210 yards, and Jackson with 171 ; " The Argos' Dick Shattp is i'tha top receiver 'with" 14 catches foe 174 yard. Tom my Grant or Hamilton i second with jiin catches for 133 yard and Watkin M third with eight grab for 109 yard; . . . , v' V " Braves9 By GEORGE C, LANG FORD DPI Sport Writer The turtiftilei art beginning to spin again at County Stadium in Milwaukee and the reaaon is Rico Cany. . Carty (pronounced Car-dee) easily is the most popu-lar player in the beer capital and his growing fan club in the leftfreld bleachers will be bitterly disappointed if th enthusiastic , Dominican is not named .rookie of the year in the National League.' The ' 24-year-old "Sc-boxer vaulted into fourth ' place among the league's leading hitters last night when he belted three doubles, a home run and a single, raising his batting average to .323. Carty's pyrotechnics were too (much for the first-place Phillies, who crumpled under the Braves' 16;hlt attack Baseball AMERICAN LEAGUE Monday's .Game Minnesota, 4;' Chicago, 3 (night). i W L Pet. GB 77 48 .616 76 51 .598 2 71 52 .377 5 63 63 .508 13V, 63 62 ,504 14 Baltimore Chicago . . New York Detroit ... Minnesota Angeles 63 66 .488 16 Cleveland .. 60 66 .476 17U Boston .... 58 68 .460 19'X Washington SO 78 491 28 Vj Kansas City 48 77 484 29 NATIONAL LEAGUE Mondays Remits SLLouis, 5; Pittsburgh, 1. ; ' Houston, 2-. Chicago, 0. ' San Frnclco, 4; Lo Angela, 2. -;. :" Milwaukee, 12; Philadelphia.. B. (Only game scheduled) W L Pet GB Philadelphia - 76 48 .613 San Francisco 70 55 .560 6V4 Cincinnati ,. 69 55 .556 7 St. Louis .. 66 58 432 10 Pittsburgh .. 64 61 412 Vi Milwaukee .. 63 $0 412 12V Lo Angeles 60 63 .488 15ft Chicago ,...;S7 68 .456 19'4 Houston .... 55 71 .437 22 New York 42 71 436 34V liiiscores ' : AMMICAN UU6DB MlnnOU 0JJOOO 4 Cklcua loo 10010 e ' Kill, Worlhlneton ( Kd Zliw-flifrmuu Buzhmntt. Mamt '41. ruber ) SBS McNntnty. wr Kui it-i. U Buahortft (10-TI. NATIONAL LaAOVB rittrtmrcti . . ooo too 0001 s : 1 at. inu oom . e rrtand. McBwn 111 and McFef Um; OUaon 1 1-101 and McCar-w LP rrimd 4l-ii. HIW While l mm, Boyer (ITlhl. Philadelphia 0I so ! I II I auiwauk asesossox I 1 i Mahaffur. IkwlMKk (1). Bennett 11, Cwla 14k. Boomt fl and Dal- rympK: Badowiki (Ml and Tom. LP Bannatt (t-lSI. HlU Carty llltkl. Corlntan (I Oth and llth), chte MO OOO 000 1 Aanin izanai. lamwa faint. I L. Burtfattt s-7) Bruoa .Woadeahlek (t) and Orota. wp Bruce 1 1-7. aa rraneUee 40000eon a S Loa Anealai JOOOOOOOO 1 S OnffaVa (S-ll and Italian Mealier, H. Millar ID and Boaatwra. LP Moallar (T-131. HR Hart (Slat W. Daval (tUil. . Toronto' Don Fuell .lead the Conference lit interceptions with three. ' Jim Reynold -of Montreal and Ken Lehmarar of Ottawa each has ,wa V , . l 5 . ' Ed Ulmerof OtUwa b top in the punting department with a total distance of 866 yards In 19 kick for an average of 45.8. Ted Page of Montreal lead In punt return with 103 yard-. George Hughley of Toronto, leads in kickoff returnsfour for 122 yard. tdcni n T. Watklna. O . 4 D autharln. H.. x V. Cola. M e e e H. Hatehan T.. B. Stawart, O .. S O. Tnalan, O O. Dixon. M. O. Henlay. H .. S M, Racina, O . ; et"e e e e e e e a ait PICNIC TABLES .CALIFORNIA REDWOOD r lat. Sap, Plaatla Varathana flalak. CaUaaalkM If r arfJPraeT - ' WBSTKBN CBDAB $10.50 Red Cedar UK COD UWI OU33 W00DR0FFE ' " HOBBY 8H0P . t BICBMOND BOAO ttS-tlS ' tl-IS4 onaa Satardayi a aa. The Ottawa Roolcie 12-9 and lost a full game lo the second-place San Francisco Giants. FANS' FAVORITE Carty' bubbling ' spirit,! powerful bat4 and throwing arm, plu hi unpredictable antic in the outfield (be' a converted catcher) have helped the Braves to push their attendance more than 225,000. above the corresponding period a year ago. - Considering that Carty didn't nail down the Brave' left field post until' late June and didn't play a fun game until mid-May, it is amazing the -competition he la giving the Phillies' ' brilliant third baseman, Richie Allen,, for the rookie title. Carty is hitting nine point more than Allen, trail him by only a handful of RBI's and ha hit 13 homeis in 94 game to 22 in 124 games for Alien. Records INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Monday's Rendu Rochester. 3; Syracuse. 3. Toronto, 13; Buffalo, 4. Columbus, 4; Atlanta, I. Jacksonville. 4; Richmond, 3. Standing - W L Pet GB Syracuse ... 78 54 494 - Jacksonville 78 54 491 Vi Buffalo .... 68 58 440 7Vi Rochetr .. 70 61 434 8 Toronto .... 69 62 427 9 - Richmond .. 57 74 .435 21 Columbu .. 56 77 .421 23 Atlanta .... 47 64 459 3 Today's Pitchers By United Press IniematiSTiaJ (Won-ktst records in parentheses.) AMERICAN LEAGUE -Minnesota at Chicago (night) Stigman (s-II) vs: Piiarro (IM). Detroit at Boston (night) Mc-Uin (W) or Wickersham (IM) vs. Morehead (8-12). Cleveland at Baltimore (night) McDowell (M) ' or Stange (5-11) vs. Pappas (11-J). 1 Washington at New York (nlght Oiteen (12-1) vs. Ford (11-5). Los Angeles st Kansas City (night) Chance (144) vs. Mey-er(l-4). NATIONAL LEAGUE Phiiade!Dhia at Milwaukee (night) Short (134) vs. Clon-inger (12-12). Pittsburgh at SL Louis (night) Veale (13-10) vs. Simmons (IM). New York at Cincinnati (night) Jackson (7-12) vs. Maloney (ll-). San Francisco at Los Angeles (nJght)-Marichal (IM) vs. L Miller (2-5). Chicago at Houston (night) Slaughter (2-4) vs. Owens (7-7). Hunter Course Starts Wednesday A hunter safety course will be held at the Clark Memorial Cen tre by the RA Rod and Gun Club, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings starting at 7.31 p.m. each evening. Toe fee for the course is I I.JO per person. Under the Ontario Department of Lands and Forests law. H is now Impossible to obtain a new hunting licence without at- tenoing a nunter safety course and passing their examinations. The course I open to all hunter in the Ottawa area and will be conducted by the Land and Forests accredited Instructor with Fred Christie et Chief Instructor. ' ', : i Mrs. Maxwell j Wins Singles Mrs. W. A. Msxwell won the Conger Cup singles competition played at the OtUwa Lawn Bowling Club Monday night, , Mrs. Maxwell defeated Mrs. A. R. Austin. - ; MID-SEASON SPECIALS Traveller Boat ' . Johnson Outboard Wboot Trailers Vied BaaU Oetkaarda : ' LaaraaMwen v Tcy & Lefebvre I'1' J. UMTTED V V " 4U Bank St. at Argyle - ZM-9711 OPBNt Maa. Tlrara, S rm. : Prlday, t-S aJB. ' Sataraay, S -1 aaa. t RNAlTi Journal West Covington, a former Brave, drove in six runs to tie the league high this sea- : son. He powered two homers and a pair of doubles for the losing Phils. Hank Aaron added a single, borne run and three RBI' to the Brave attack against five Philadelphia hurler. Bob Sadowski (8-8) wss the winner. The Minnesota Twins pushed ' the second-place Chicago White' Sox two games behind the idle Baltimore Orioles with , a 4-3 ' trimming in the only Ameri-' can League game scheduled. The- Giants , measured the ' Dodger 4-2 to move within 6M game of the Phillies; Mara la aaaikar aatrk at racnt trada-hu arhlra wa waal u darlas Um aaxt, law days. Wkaa ran daal wlik u wa da nat 'art aaU ran a car and its a yaa w, and taaa tarsat a kaat yaa. Na Ir. Tarala'i wa want yaa ta tan kack asaln and acala aack ttnw yaa daclda Sa ckam a er trade yaar ear. Wall. It Sallawt Ikal Ika only way wa are satns ta eat yaa kack dealing wttfe at ' la la tlra yaa a lair eeaara daaL That's exactly wfcat wa da slvt yaa at Tarpla'i . . . a lair, lajnan daal ... a car al yar cketce " at tka lawaM paeaUHe price and aulnn faltaw-ay eervtce wltkln tka UnUu at Ike eaatrect. caene an In and tea na yaa will aaraly keeeeae aaetkar Taryta'i kaapy" caateaaar. 30-day warranty on all "Coodwlll" Cars. 1962 PONTIAC LAURENTIAN 4 Door Station Wagon with Automatic Transmission and 6 Cylinder Motor. Crocus Cream, Green interior 1961 CHRYSLER WINDSOR 2 Door Hardtop coupe with Automatic Tranunission, PowerSteering. Power. Brake. Radio, etc Powder Blue tlOQC with matching interior 1 093 J962 BU1CK LNYTCTA 4 Door Hardtop sedan with Automatic Transmission. Power Steering, Power Brakes, Radio and many other extras. Moss Green 'with tan top and spotless . A JFA Brown interior.. aC'lwU 1962 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 4 Door Sedan, .6 Cylinder and Automatic Transmission. ef J? Dover White with Red interior. I l 1 3 Ml HUHAI conranBu .. ....... $775 mnvmnassik . . .. $475 1962 VOUSWaCa CQACI w..v $1075 s oidhi cowi v;..i $195 I 195S lUKtt COUPE ' ltiatatsgMIIOaU , v KaUTtteTITnai M 424 niClOND ROAD, - - - 4 -af- Joins Top The Cardinals defeated, the Pirates 5-1, and the Colts' stopped the Cubs 2-0, in the only NL action. -Jim Kaat (14(6) received relief help from Al Worth-ington In the but two inning to deal the White Sox their fourth loss In the last five games. Kaat gave up Ave hit during his stint to record hi third straight triumph over Chicago. The Twin scored two runs each in the second snd third innings on run-scoring singles by Jerry Zimmerman and Zoilo Versalles, and a sacrifice fly by Kaat. John Buz hardt (10-7) wa' the loser. Bob Gibson hurled his first complete game in more than $2175 AS IS SPECIALS i the Dodger stadium partisans when he stabbed tommy Davis' blt to right center. Jim Dufialo allowed only sixrhits, including a two-run first inning homer to Willie Davis, en route to his third victory in four decisions. Joe Moeller (7-13) absorbed the defeat Walt Bond broke up a scoreless pitching duel between Bob Bruce of the Colts and U Burdette of the Cubs with a two-out jingle in the eighth inning. His hit followed a single y Bruce, a fielders' choirejsnd a walk. Bruce (12-7jriil6wed only two hits in ejgh innings snd Burdette (9-7), seven hits. with Red $2375 $2975 Custom 2 Door Hard Transmission and radio. interior. $2375 $650 $650 $595 $225 CMC Tracks ;.' . 728-1717 1962 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 4 Door Sution Wagon. 6 cyl. and Automatic Transmission in Sun-fire Mist and tan SlQQ two tone i ." I V 161 CHEVROLET IMPALA Convertible witii Auto matic Transmission and Radio. 8 Cylinder motor. Very sharp .in Coronna Cream Trim and interior., 1962 CHRYSLER WINDSOR 4 Door Sedan with .Automatic Transmission, Radio, Power Steering. Power Brake and many other , extras. Honduras Pontiac - Maroon with matching interior. Top condition. 1962 MERCURY MONTEREY top Coupe with Automatic Desert Beige with matching Very Sharp. i 1959 RUMBQ UWI SOII m MMIt HDM 1951 010SH0BU SEDAN 195S RASH MntOMUTM $695 Bukk Acadian VauxhaO - ' ' ! r OTTAWA . l ' I, .1 !-! , . - . , ,)), , J r . g a' w ... ,a 4'. .- ' 1 Sluaa t month and received home fun support from Ken Boy-er and Bill White in the Cardinals victory. Gibson (11-10) had been kayoed. seven times since he beat the Met July 19. He struck out 12 including five io a row in the sixth and seventh innings. White and Boyer also sdded run-producing singles off loser Bob Friend (10-14). LEADS GIANTS Jim Ray Hart, another rookie of the year candidate, capped -a four-run tint inning for the Giants with a twq-run homer. Willie Mays contributed two spectacular catches, the second drawing a standing ovation from ers JOHN CLIFFORD INVITES YOU w' : . .i?. . . WORLD OF, SKIING N. While at the Exhibition, visit bur booth in the, Curl-O-Drome building, and see our ' ; - Ski Display Including Cafnp Fortune proposed C&rlingtdn Parkatnd also a scale model of. the Mont 8te-Marle Ski area. Building open It a.m. to 10.30 p.m. f ,. '. P'lZi J ' 1 V 1 i II' i . V I 4 ' . if' i-a-a. ixialil.La.''

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