The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 4, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1918
Page 8
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·'.·.-'·PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLB. PA. THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1918. |EWS OF THE DAY 1 AT MT. PLEASANT £ BRIEFLY RELATED ;Ked Cross Fond in Commn- I, · ntty Amounts to Over f ·'" $1O,OOO. $3,000 is PAID IN llMtaQed Beport is Submitted by Com- t msnity Fluid Committee at .Wi*t- t i*g ot J-lxecntiTC Committee; Oiiil ?'-· Fellow* Same Their Officers; Xotes. Dicker son Run. i *. . Special to Th« Courier. S:..-lCr. PLEASAJ5T, April 4.--The rOoEacauiiity Pund coEMmtt£e oi the ^»--» Cross met ie£ore'the ececative DICKERSON RUN, April 3.--Mr. and Mrs. Thomas St. John spent yesterday visiting relatives and friends at Mount Pleasant. Mrs. R. J. Moran returned to her borne at Scottdale last evening after spending a fen- days here visiting her sister-in-law, .\£rs. James Beatty. Emmet Gibbons was the guest ot TJniontbwii friends last evening.' O. R. Springer of Pittsburg was transacting business here yesterday morning. Mrs, Hattie Devers was calling on Connellsville friends yesterday. "Wanted--Girls to . tram as nurses in the new Ohio Valley Hospital, Steubenville, Ohio. No -scrubbing or cleaning. Give a three year's thorough conrsc of training. Have a nurses' home with all conveniences. --Adv.--4-21. HARLEM OIL CAPSULES . IF YOUR BACK ACHES Oo you feel tired and "worn-out?" Are you nervous .irul Irritable? Don't sleep well at night? Have a "draff- ffed out" unresteil feclinc; when you pet up In the morninp? Dizzy spells? Bilious? Bad taste in the mouth. backache, pain nr HOrr-ness in the loins, and abdomen.? Severe distress when urinating, bloody, cloudy urine or sediment? All these Indicate gravel or stone in the bladder, or that the poisonous microbes. 'Vhich are always in your system, have attacked your kidneys. You chnv'.u use OOI.D ·MEnA'L Haarlem Oil Capsules immediately. Tho oil poaka gently into the wails and Ilnine; of the kidneys, and the ^committee of the Red Cross J'ewoiag and made tie following TP- jjorl of the recent drive condticted There; Total amount pledged, }10,2SS.- ;»; total amount of cask received on. Sjledsces, $3.621.66; total amount ot Splwigee for the borough of Jit. P5eas- ?«Bt. $3,7^5; H. C. Prick Coke Co., rstudaxd none, X500; Central mine, £$1,203; Alice mine, J37.50; United ''mine, $250; Htcfo mine, £166; Moral-mood mine. »M6; Mt. PleMurt Cok* Xo_ CMpeEMTtowii iworks, *500; West : !P«m Coke Co. Artb-or Page, superrn- Jttoffit, JKS; "W. J. KBtney, Acme HpJiiiC, |S-1; Brush Sun Coke Co, $1M. riie estimated proceeds from Uxe L. ?Ev Smith. zmnstrei grrea jUJooty «vea- \iatg-ia J3QO and from the sale ol lead ?p«»cU tags on Salardaj tar lire JWend- itT- society, $85.75. £·" Tire committee,' composed ot Kirk OSruM, A, T, Collins and Jformaji SHaycs -vrtebes to axtend its sincere *tban£a to the solicitors Trho -w-aried vso earnestly and faithfully for the Success o£ the Red Cross Community iyund and to. all -who subscribed so ^generously and. for tie courteous. "treatment extended tie solicitors dur- 3ag their caavass, t ' Parsons signing pledges -will Uiie Itheir card each, month to Norman ''Hayes at the Citiezns Savings and ..Trust comjany and jay their money. £ : Hurt in Bnn»w»y. p. Abe Kevitz, meat merchant, nidle reiving along the State road ~ras *tjirown from his ivason wJien. the tors* he was driving became Irigiitea- ;ed and ran. off. He -was brought to ·the Memorial hospital at noon -whew · he is undergoing treatment, "but is ;QnJy slightly injured. 4 Odd 1'ellotrs Elect. ·i.'The' I. 0. O. F. club held its annual Selection last evening -wlven ths Col- dowing officers wera chosen: President, J. Z, Pox; vice .president, TV. C. 'Salley; recording secretary, Joan kbrtrfgttt; treasurer, A. S. Overholt; financial secretary, Arthur Gearhart, Out of Hospital. i ' Mr. and Urs. Steve Balik and "dauglrter Dorothy, ^who had beeu at tfca Memorial hospital for treatment for tyr/floid fever have returned borne. BBST Bee Club. ' : Miea Zella Grimm entertained the .Busy Bee Knitting Club at her Sniiib.- fleld street home. After spending a ·jew hours knitting, refreshments -ware served. little poisonous animal germs, which are causing the Inflammation, are immediately attacked and chased nut of your system without inconvenience or pain. Oo not delay a minute. Go to your druggist and insist 0:1 his- supplying: you with a box of GOI-iD MEDAL Haarlem OH Capsule. 1 ?. Jn 21 honrs you will feel renewed health an'l vig-or. ACter you havj cured yourself, continue to take one or.tlvo cn-psulen each flay so o3" to keep'ill first-class condition, and ward oft the clangor of they do not help you. ,'isk for the original imported O'OTjO MiSDAL brand, and thus he S'irp of getting" the genuine.---Adv. PATRONIZE HOME MEBCHANTS WHO ADVEBTISE IN THIS PAPER, · '.; Cmri of Thanks. V- Mrs. D. P. Girard. and family and 'Mr. H. G. Moser wish to express their thanks to aH those wno -so kiadly as- ·iited them in their late bereavement, tb» death, of daughter, wife and sister. They desire especially to extend their heart" elt thanks to the singers Jmd *11 those who sent flo-wers i ex- preewons ot their sympathy. -- A±v. ' Boy * liberty Bond Saturday. Beginning Monday April 8-9 ORPHEUM THEATRE D. W. GRIFFITH'S COLOSSAL SPECTACLE "INTOLERANCE" Or Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages See 7 Big Stars in One Show Mae Marsh Seena Owen . Constance Talmadge Robert Herron Bessie Love Marjorie Wilson Lillian Gish 125,000 People, 7,000 Horses, 1,000 Chariots Cost Two Million Dollcirs Don't Miss This Opportunity of Seeing This Astounding Creation. Here For the First Time--and at War-Time Bargain Prices. SPECIAL ORCHESTRA Three Shows Daily *j Matinees, 1.15 and 3.15 Evening, One Show Only, 8.15 Matinee, Adults 25c, Children 15. Night, Adults 50c-75c, Children 25c All seats reserved for evening performance. Advance Sale starts Friday at 10 A. ML at Theatre Box office. Looking to Spring Fashions Many quaint conceits are revealed in the new modes for , Spring 1918. Simple lines, chramingly modeled in fascinating fabrics, strike the dominant note in fashionable feminine attire both for women an clmiases. Colors are rather striking--and permit great latitude in choosing. Fashionable Spring Coats $15,$19.75,$25 to $75.00 Coats for the street. Coats for the car. Coats for the ev- .ening. Every good style that one has heard of as being in demand for Spring and Summer. Coats specially designed for the woman. Coats for the miss. Ko chance of any coat wish not being realized here. Full belted and side belted effects in Silvertone, TricoUne, Poirct Twill, Boirria, Covert, Gabardine, Serge and Poplin. Shown in every stylish color and a complete range of sbies. Inspection costs you nothing. Attractive Spring SUITS $19.75,. $25, $29.75 to Here a "woman may choose one of the now-old Eton effects, or a Suit tending slightly to tlie military," or yet again a plain tailored style. She may have her choice of Spring shades too numerous to mention of fabrics that leave nothing to be desired in beauty, style or strict serviceability. The display as a whole is one to be proud of and ono from ivhich any particular woman may choose "with entire confidence in her selection. Suits For Stout Women a Feature CREPE METEOR and CREPE de CHINE Two Most Favored Silks This Spring These beautiful, soft Silks are very fashionable now, and their popularity will be sure to increase as both are Silks which can be worn throughout the summer. We have them in black, white and a range of light and dark shades equaled by 110 other assortment in this city. Prices $1.65 to 83,00 a yard. FOULARD SILKS Fashionable and serviceable--a happy combination. Here in a really wonderful variety of new designs and colors. Especially pleasing are the. quaint French designs; 36 and 40 inches wide--$2.00 and $2.50 a yard. XJie SPORTS SILKS, too, are strongly in evidence for outdoor wear, and the wonderful Baronet. Satin for Skirts. The prices are as moderate as we can make them, 52.00 to $5.00 the yard. CEDAR BOXES to Conserve Your Winter Clothes There is no article of furniture that is more useful than the Cedar Chest or Waist Box. Such a box may be quite inexpensive, or it may be more elaborate with handsome brass bindings and inside compartments. Now is the time to provide such a box-: have it ready to receive and protect the winter clothes. A splendid showing here at moderate prices. Mothers Will Be Delighted With These BABY CLOTHES There is no more complete assortment of Infants' Clothes in Connellsville than you will find in this store's Infant Department. Pretty little Coats, cunning bonnets and cute little Dresses. And. here also are all the most practical sort of undergarments. You will be specially delighted with the next trimmings and the splendid workmanship--while their moderate prices will be a source of pleasant surprise. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. PARAMQUNTTHEATRE . JL = * -- --TODAY-- ·WORLD ITJUt COMPANY PRESENTS MADGE EVANS ANTD GEORGE MeQUARRJE IN THE STIRRING- 5 ACT DHAMA "WANTED A MOTHER" ALSO COBRENT EVENTS. -^TUBAT AND SATBHDAI-- GOLDWTN FKESEXTS TSK MOST CELEBRATED "WOMAN IN THE IN HEB FIRST APPEARANCE-MAET GARDEN IN THAIS" BY ANATOLE FBANCE THE STOBY OP A SAINT WHO BECAME A SINNER AND A SINNER WHO BECAME A SAINT. ALSO A GOOD CHRISTIE COMEDY. --CflMDfG-- NORMA TALMADGE IN "THE SECRET OF THE STOBJt COCJfTEY" TONIGHT, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY CHILDREN'S MATINEE SATURDAY 1O CENTS -Bn a New Play of Today ORPHEUM THEATRE --TODAT- Tie Romantic, Athletic. Screen Star, TVILLIAJt RUSSELL, in TEE JODyiGHT THAU" Also a Good Comedy. AXO SATURDAT-- JIMS. PETROVA in · . · "EXILE"' Mme. Petvova has never risen to'greater dramatic heights than vrben she seeks to save from death the ma« who used her as his pawn. A Comedy Drama in Four Acts An Entirely New Scenic Production Three Nights, Win f_f 17 ft m 7 ftjf O »T«t7 13* STARTING MONDAY I ITirL IVII I^i I Si I Hi JK A Comedy Drama in Four Acts; Matinees Monday, Wednesday and Saturday ; WHEN CHILDREN CRY OUT . · JhOd tov feveruti and tluu't eltep well, a.-e con«ti- £',1««4s-cd batesvnipajia* of woraw,mo he« will ·;Mdquicfcrdirrtn. MOTicrLimj'sSir«i Powders :.=*J»c Children, the etadftrd remedy for 10 Tears. ·^Jbejf.mro e*ay to Rl-* and children like them. ?^,Ei*7ci«uj»etfc««omACh,aci£;«Hy«n» '.be faww- nd brt!»!c op i-olda. Relieve headiohes and derv Wo h*vv lo,Xn) test tnonisils. t nO b« tsnre to cet Mother Cray Hair A nrep»ratlnii(or retorins nstarm! color to en? o* fJW bur. for rram-ue oiodraff . n d u .tSrdnS! Ii not dve. Ctfeurn «,, r d botfe. »t ill ' Big 15c Matinee Daily at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. ALL Tins 1VEEK. THE SHOW r 'S Featuring Comiullsrille's FaToritfl iTjrveniles--A Big Act. GUARA5TEKB ATTRACTION. Snpportcil by Kellner Kellnpr, Tony Allen, Hicks Seymour, Mlian Root and a Pep Chorus of Pretty Girls, Presenting Three Musical Comedies, Well Written, Exquisitely Gowned and Snperlily Mounted. OX TILE SCREEN:--"VKHGI5AITCK ASD THK WOJLVX." KXTKA ADDED ATTRACTION THE AXAZCfG, MTSTIFYKG wers your questions without your Amazing feats of telepathy. "ABS- asking ihem. Vaudeville's Orea:est Scientific Act. Ladies' free reception Wednesday afternoon, at which time every lady vrill be given a personal consultation.

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