The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 4, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1918
Page 7
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THUKSDAr, APRCL 4, 191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEI.LSVIliB, PA. PAGE SEVEN. DajUgbt came at Jost to show him chan s ed - There was no longer any bia Tray. More thra once be paused. Alarmed, at voices In the woods, only to find tt-at the sounds issued from bia crwn thruEt. It had grown very hot now, so hot tb«t Iwit-waves cbscured his vision ·nil ^amed the men absurd forms to take shape. He began to hunt aimlessly Ibr water, but ttere ws s none. Evidently this heat hcit parched the land, dr-id up the streams, and set the stcaes afire. It was Incredible, but true. . Eeteban reuooed that be most be near home by this time for he had been traveling for days--for years. The country. Indeed, was altogether unfa- mluar; he could not recall ever having seen the path, he trod, but for that matter everything was strange. In the first place he knew that he was going martial spirit In him; he feared ths Spaniards, and tales of their atrocities cowed him. Then Cobo come Into the Ynmii/1. The valley, already well-nigh deserted, was fllled to the brim with smolie from | burning nelds and houses, and through j It the sun showed like a copper shield. I Refugees passed the bohlo, bound ' farther into the hills, and Asenslo told the two wpmen that he and they must also go. So the three gathered up ·what few things they could carry on I their backs and fled. They did not stop until they had ' gained the fastnesses of the Pan de j Matanzas. Here they built a shelter , and again took up the problem of living, which was now more difficult than erer. | The Pan de Matsnzas, so called be- ( west, and yet the morning sun persisted , cnuse ot lts resemblance to a mighty in beating hotly into his face! That lonf of Dread - l*sn»e a mockery to alone convinced him that things had I t h e hungry people cowering In its shel- gone awry with th*; world. He could remember a great conTulsion of some sort, ^at jnst wbct it wns he had no ter. Bread! Rosa Varona could not remember when she had last tasted | such a luiury. Raw cane, coconuts, I clear ides I Evidently, though, it had ' t h e tasteless irnita bomba, roots, the been sufficient to change the rotation I P'TM , fro TM Pf lm to P s ' tiieBe Tcre ber of the earth. Yes, that was it; the ! articles ° f dle * ana she «» n °' ttriTe earth was running backward upon its |P" them. She was always more or arte; he lonld aeto,Uly feel It whirling i 'f s h « n sry. She was ragged, too. and under his feet. No wond.-r his journey f he Sh 'TM re , a1 ,, n " s ^ lblsr thr °" Bh tto seemed «o long. He was lanorirg over ' l TM ,* m Dl * ht ?- Kosn coala measure t gigantic treadmill, balancing USe an i the , chaD ^ In he , r nppear»nce only by eqnilibrist upon a revolving sphere. I f dying her " f!ect ' ot ' fr ° m , tte sur Well, it was a simple matter to stop | ; ace ° £ , °? spri °f wle « « he . d TM'T"' walking, sit down, and allow himself ter ' b»t^he could see that ahe had bet* be nun back-ward around to the!"TM 6 TM Tf * ti - °j nd , s 3adged U ' nt place where Rosa was siting. He |' l e TM lorT( . had f 13 ^ £° ne ^ mmh 1 r tendered tbU idea for some time, un- ^f *· K »M««1 ter. for O'Retlly's Jl its abfrdity became apparent. Un- · he must be going out of his, head, he saw that it was-necessary to keep walking until the back-spin of that treadmill brought Rosa to him. sake. Time came when Asenslo spoke of giving up the struggle nnd going in. They were gradually starving, 2ie said. . I n n d Hosn was !11 : the rls!t of discovery But the time came when he could lwas ever present. It was better to go walk no farther. He tried repeatedly ,^ h ' le the y hnd thc "trench than slow- and failed, and meanwhile the earth I'? b °* TM rel r to spun even more rapidly, threatening to1 ' berc - Be Dnd hcard ^ ttere w " c tTM 1 * thousand whirl him off into space'. It was a ter- ' ^concentrados in Malagas; in such a ribte sensation; he lav do«n and CTOWd ** «"" a eas »' mam E e to hv trail; he called to her, brt she did not government was leaving its prisoners answer, and he dared not attempt to to snift for thpin»elvcs. supplying them creep forward because h!s grip was ^Itb not a pound ot food nor a square falling. He could feel his flngers slip- "··** shelter. pmg-sllpping. His last thought, as he J!!sc7T bre(i Desperation at last; , Evangelion s courage failed her, and she allowed hnrsclf to be won o-ver. t?he began her preparations by distruis- Ing Rosa Gathering herb* and berries, she made a stim with xvbich she colored the girl s face and body, then the =!ewed a bundle of leaves into the back of Rosa's waist »o that when the lat- t"*r stooped her shoulders and walked with a stlcfc her appearance of de- fnrmlty was complete. On the night before their departure Rosa Varona prayed Ions fine] earnest- Iv, asking little for herself, but much for the two black people who hnd suffered so much for her. She prayed also that O'Reilly would come before it was too late. They Bolted From the House » Fart j as They Could Go. CHAPTER X I I . A Woman With a Mission. Within a few hours after O'Reilly's return to New York he telephoned to F'elipc Alvarado, explaining briefly the disastrous failure of his Cuban trip. "I feared as much." the doctor told him. "You were lucky to escape with your life." "Well. I'm going back. Won't you Intercede for me with the junta? They're | constantly sending parties." "TJm-m! not quite so often as-that." Alvarado was silent for a moment; (hen he said: "Dine with me tonight and we'll talk It over. I'm eager for news of my brothers and--there IB some one I wish you to meet. She la Interested In our cause." "'She'? A woman?" "Yes, and an unusual woman. She has contributed liberally to onr cause. 11 would Jlke you to meet her." I "yery well; but I've only one suit of ' clothes, and it looks as if Td slept in went whirling end ove- end through ^" space, was of his sister. She wonM, '» 0 h. bother the clothes!" laughed never know how hard he had tried to | me physician. "I've given most of my reach her. ^^ to my aestitnte countrymen. * * * * * * * Don't expect t o o much t o eat, either; Late on the second day after the bat-1 every eitra dollar, you know, goes tie Asensio returned to Jus bohlo. Hosa the same way as my extra trou- and Evangellna, already frantic at the serg . Jt ^fjj be R ecrt of patriotic delay, heard him crying to them while, -poverty party.' Come at seven, he was still hidden In tne woods, and please." knew that the \\orst had happened. T nat evening O'Reilly anticipated There was little need for him to tell] hi 3 alnner engagement by a few mo- his story, for he wa-s weaponless,] ment3 | n order to nave E word ^me stained, and bloody. Ha had crossed | ^m, Alvarado. the^ hills on foot after a miraculous es-j "This lady who Is coming hero to- cape from that ravine of death. Of his nig^t has Influence with Enrtquez," Al- companions he knew nothing what- varado told him. '-Sou remember I ever; the mention of E»teban's namel to ia v(m *twt Bfle nas contributed lib- caused him to beat his breast and cry crally. She might help you." alond. He was weak ami feverish, and O'Reilly had mat women with ideals, his Incoherent story of the midnight -, T | t h pQ raojes. with avocations, and encounter was so highly colored thut ij a Sptn'.on of them was low. Women Rosa ur rly swooned with horror. wno uad "missions" were always tlre- The girl stood swaying while he told some, ht had discovered. This one, it hbw the night bad betrayed them, how appeared, was unusual only in that she he had wrought incredible feats o f , had adopted a partlra'arly anctlng valor before the shifting,tide of battle i form of charitable work. Nursing, had spewed him out the end of the j even as a rich woman's diversion, sunken road and left him half dead in I must be anything but agreeable, the grass. Asenslo had lain there un-! O'Reilly pictured thii Evans person In til. finding himself growing stronger, his mind--a large, nlaln, elderly crea- he bad burrowed into a tangle of vines tore, obsessed with impractical Idoaa at the foot of a wall, whore he had re- of uplifting tho masses I She would msined until the fighting ceased. When | undoubtedly bore him stilt with otorlea of her work; she would reproach him with neglect of his dutlei to the «uf- fcring. Johnnie was too poor to ba I One More Chance To Get This Big Aluminum Cereal Cooker for One Dollar To Any Housewife Who Missed It Once more we make this offer, but f jr one week only. A million homes have been supplied with the idea! Mother's Cookers But countless new homes in the past year have adopted Mother'stDats A wave of economy, plus wiieatless meals, have multiplied oat-food users. And millions of them -- to get this match- !?·:·; fla"or---are ns'up- Mother's Oats. We want those new users to have Cookers too. So we repeat this remarkable offer. ' The cost of aluminum has doubled. Cooker prices have enormously advanced. But we make new users the same offer that we made to old We will send this big aluminum Cooker for only $1, all charges prepaid, und~r offer made below. This offer is for one week only. It applies only to those who have no Mother's Cooker now. If you are one of them we urge you to accept it. For Mother's Oats Users Extra Large and Heavy Cereal Capacity 2 # Qts Made to Last a Lifetime A Million Homes Supplied We have supplied over a million users of Mother's Oats with an ideal way to cook them. The purpose is to have Mother's Oats cooked rightly. Mother's Oats -- flaked from queen grains only -- has a wealth of flavor. Right cooking keeps that flavor intact. It makes the oat dish doubly drlig-htf"! -makes it »asy to digest So we had this Cooker made to our order -- an ideal double cooker. It is extra large, so little or much can be cooked in it. It is extra heavy, made to last a lifetime. That is the Cooker--made of pure aluminum -- which we offer this week for one dollar, under the conditions below. If you are serving Mother's Oats, or if you will, we want yon to have this Cooker. $1 Brings It This Week Buy from your grocer five packages of Mother's Oats, or of Quaker Best Corn Meal, or five package of the two combined. Send us your grocer's sales slip for the purchase and send SI with it. We will This offer is good for one week only, and it then send this cooker to you, all charges prepaid. applies to this vicinity alone. Address, Mother's Oats, 1708 Railway Exchange, Chicago The Two Chief War-Time Foods Mother's; Oats At % the Cost of Meat Mother's Oats, measured by food unit-s is twice as nutritions as round steak. It supplies nutrition at a cost of five cents per 1000 calories. Meats, on the average, cost eight t i m e s as much for the same food value. Eggs cost ten times as much. You can serve six dishes of Mother's Oats for the cost of a single egg. T h e oat stands supreme among grain food?, in nutrition and i» Savor. It far exceeds wheat in food uqits. It is the energy food and the forvl f or growth. It supplies every needed clement in just the right proportion. It .·-liould be your basic food. Mother's Oats is flaked from queer, grains only -- just the big, rich, fla- vory oats. We get but ten pounds from a bushel. ?o in this brand ott get a \\-nndrous flavor without any extra price. All oat foods are doubly delightful ;f made with Mother's Oats. Quaker Best Corn Meal The Best 60% of the Corn - Next to oats in economy comes Corn Meal. We make an exquisite corn meal, and put it up in sealed round packages. In Quaker Cora Meal -\Ve use the cream of the^corn -- about 60 per cent of the kernel. The fibrous outer coat is removed, because it makes corn meal coarse. The oily germ is removed, because the oil grows rancid. Just the hominv part -- yellow or white -- is ground to make Quaker Corn Meal. The result is superlative corn meal, yellow or white. The yellow looks like grains of gold -- the white like marble dust. It makes bread and muffins, porridge, puddings and pancakes vastly better than any crude corn meal. Get the Yellow or White in round packages with tops. See how good corn meal can be. These Grocers Will Feature the Cooker Offer Next Week Anchor Grocery . ,'!18 X J'rfi. St., C'onncllsvillp. Ta. Kdwnril liaer, SIM! .Main St., Cniiiirllsullf.Fft. H. F. Bailer CdniiMKvilli', Pn. Jtcnclilcj- Snpplr Co. Iien"hlcT, Pa. A. G. Itlack Sons Co. f nntliirnrr, TIL J. F. Rlnrk . Dicktrson linn, I'a. Jos. Bowt7 s _ 1002 Stain St., V. S, ConnoMnillo, Pa. (Jen. H. BroiTn _ "ionth ConnelNTille, Pa. Burdette Snllor Olilopvle, Pa. S. T. Downs Conllndirc, To. s. n. Jinn 1S1 E. Fair-view ^ire., ConndlnvIHe, Fn. East End Grocery , 802 E. Falrviow Arc.. rnnnnllnvillp, Fa. Florence Supply Co. Florcnrn. Fa. A. GlgJiotto. So. Puh. St., rnnncIHilllo, Fa. IV. A. Gray Dirkor«on Knn, Fa. Grofl Son , ,, Confluence, Fa. \. Haw- 3 IT S. PRU. SU S. 1!. H a m i l t o n _______ Holt's (.ructrj -- : ---n. ('. Hyatt ____ Sonih Jos. \. hulmnn ---.s. r. Knip ___ JT. Kiiroleik -Uros. _ YimduruUt, Fa. { on»cllsillc. Fa. .,._ LnUon, Fa. Olno».lc. Fa. ( onncllsiilli-, Pa. . Prrriopolih. Fa. Indian trc*!,, Fa. - Ferryopolis, l?a. Conflacncc, Pa, Councils-rule, Pa, . (ill So. Fph. St., n". T. Krmlik . TL Knrt/ . WcOormiek -Went Mark«t_ C. j. McGill n. Jfean 1 ; fill! St. nr So. Main, IV. S.. IV. T. Miller . ,Ios. H. Mnlnc . _ James ralladlno, York St, Coiinollbiill! 1 , Pa. . Forrjopolis, Pn, ,, Continence, Fn. . . .liill «i!n, Fa. Connpllirllle, Fn. Uanson, Pa. Conncllsillic, Fn. KoiirliiR Ron, Fiu . Vandcrbllt, Pa. Connellsvlllc, Pa, Psncoafit Bakery · H, L. Piersol Henry Rhodes--West Side. ConncllsTille, Pa. Tony Robert* ConiiellsTille, Pa. .lacob Suplskt Connellsville, Pa- H. 1(. Scott 302 X. Pph. St, Connpll8Taie,Ptt. .1. if. SembOTTcr ronneHsmlle. p«. .1. S. Shaffer : CounelNi ille. Pa. Cyrus Show Ohiopyle, Pa. 3Irs. I- T. Showman Sinclair ___ Sonth Connensvlllp, Pa. ____ 324 .V. Pgh. St, Connellsrillc, Pa. Sparks Supply Co --- Indian Head, Pa. Star Supply Co, Ltd. _ Peiryopolis, Pa. Star Supply Co, Ltd. _ Star Junction, Pa. The CnnTiriisTille Market- Connellsvillo, Pa. C. S. 1Vorthht(rton _ Da-irson, Pa VTright-Mottler Co. . J. M. Tonns . Connel)8Tllle, Pa. Pa. the Spaniards had finally discovered their mistake and had ceased riding one another down, when lights came and he heard Colonel Cobo cursing j charitable and too deeply engrossed theta like one Insane, he had wriggled away, crossed the calzada. and hidden In the woods until dawn. He had been wxllting ever since; he hnd come Iiome to die. Asens-'o recovered, bnt be was sadly ' at the moment with his own troubles to caro anything whatever about the "masses." And ahe was a "miss." That meant that sb* wore thick glasses i and probably kenf cats. TO BC CONTlMJ-EDu THE KITCHEN CABINET From the map'o a voic« from th« willow a st£n, From tlie marsb«a soft odora that brlni To the eycn that can BM, to the cara tltat can hear The news of the coming of Bpring. WAYS WITH MEAT. A filsh which will take the plica of meat and Is most nourishing Is Philadelphia scrapple. Take · cleaned pic's head and boil until the flesh slips cosily from tho bones. Remove all tho bone* and chop the mont. Set Bride the liquor In which the head was cooked until cold, then take oft the fnt. Hernrn the liquor to the heat and boll, add cornmcal to make a mush and cook until well done, then stir in th« chopped meat and any soa* sonlngs desired. Some like R IHtls sage with the pepper and salt Pour tije rnnsh Into a mold which will form iilcc-ehuped slices and Ret away to become firm. Slice and fry for any menl. This mokea a very popular Southern breakfast ^Isn. One may Ufce any bits of chopped, er pork scraps left from trying out pork ratii- er than tlio pig's head If preferred. Chapped Steak.--Put two pounds of round steak- t»ice through tuo meat chopper, season with pepper and onion juice, form into a flat cake and place in a greased baking pan over a hot fire, Brnwn and then salt well the bro\vned side and quickly bcewn the oil er Set to a hot oven to finish cooking cod serve with, a brown sauce marie from the liquor !n the pan Lej of Mutton Cooked In Cider. -Buy the log of mutton several dnjs before UMng it Wipp and rub with the following mixture of spices: A half teaepoonful of cinnamon, the same of auspice and cloves, pepper, nutmeg anil ginger. Hub these Into the meat w^ll, making pockets to hold them under the skin in places. Let stand two days. When wanted to roast place in a large pan with four chopped onions and a cupful of eced- less raisins. Pour ove'r It two quarts of sweet elder and cover with oiled paper or another pno. Tut Into a hot oven and when the moat is well browned reduce the heat, basting and cooltlnff slowly for two hours. Add salt a tcaspoonfal to tho pound ns It goes into tho pan to roast. Be euro It is woll rubbed In. Serve with tho aauce bo'led down until thick Strain, remove the fat and turn into a fiance- boat. P R I M I T I V E n H f l h l l l V t R M R P P n HUbbtU Roal Troubles, The klelter spent now we find, He Hoems to lose Ilia mcli He has so much noon MS mind He hasn't time to kick. Driven to It. "How did yon hiippea te go In for aviation?" "I was driven to it- Throe 3ears ago an heiress turned me down, and I've been «p ia the n!r ever since." Suiting Hie Occasion. "YFhen I culled on Hiss Maud yesterday, tiiv.i "\vprc ail so cold to me." "Why, didn't J^OD KOOW yebterday *as one sf their iieaUe^s daj-s?" Scenes on Bosom of Russia's Mighty River Cannot Be Duplicated Anywhere on Earth. Tho days on thf» Volga are ns alike ae the wliito towns strung on the VolRa chain, and aK laden with a sense of life, slu^gl^h and primal and potential. Tho scent of pines, of new-mown buy, of clrjlng nets, and the fragrance of Hl'es; brawny red-shirtpd sailors shouting' and splashing each other with water as thoy scrub the decks; the whistling of grain steamers; the eoand of hammers from barges building along the shore; anchor chains raiding na we drop Into tho wharf where fishermen nre unloading their shining catch. It is a robust river life, not familiar, but transposed Into strange koya and staged largely The rnfts eeomcd the moat esaen- tlallv Russian part of tho Voltra. Wo had seen them before. Gargnntuun yellow logs, as delicious looking as taffy, drag d from a forpet In Tver and bound Aether with «spl!n£8, wen raft bearing 1 a tiny hut for tho faro- IllPH who ronlte tho Journey with the rafts to tbo sea. Now we met thom on the river, peopled with roIHckJng fig-tires, who hahmced themsHlves with long poles and laughed ond shouted unintelligible er!es to us as the surge Of the steamer threatened their foot- bold. Thc traefeera, barUakl, we nev«r say; debused men of lieraulean strength, musolea knotting; in their hairy throats, thews straining like horses aguinst the dead weight of the barges as Riepin had pnmted them. Tliey litfve pasi-ed with the sails Bnt the other fibres-on the rnfts, in the fishing boats--are their brothers. Aod nevei* hnyo I fait life emerging so freshly from the black mold.--Olive Gllbrea'th in tho Yale Review. FIRST THOUGHT IS ISOLATION Aviator Longs for Sound of Human Voices When He Is Souring Far Above the Earth. I became conscious of a feeling of loneliness, writes James N. Hall, in the i Atlantic. I remembered what J. B. hud sold that morning. There was something unpleasant in that isolation, i Bomethlnff to make one look longingly ' down to earth; to make one wonder I whether -we shall ever feel really Bt home In the nlr. I. too, longed for the ! sound of hnmnn voices, and all that I , Jiuard was the roar of the motor und tho swish of the wind thrc sh wires . nnd BtrutH--BoanflB which have no ho- mnn quality in them, and are no more i oompnaionable than the lapping of tho tvmes. would be to n adrift on a raft In niidocenn. Underlying thH feeling, and, no doubt, in part responsible for It, tnm tho Imowlodco of the fallibility of that Beamingly perfect mechanism which rode BO stondlly through tho air; of Ihe quick response which that JngBnloiifc urraiigurnent of Jrinniipate imutrr \\ould malio to an eternal and inexorable law, if a few frail wires should part; of 1ho equally quick, but less phlegmatic respoae of. · another fallible mechuniam, capable of ' registering horror, capable, It is said, ! of passing Its paat life in review in the | space of u few seconds, and then-capable of becoming equally inanimate matter. "My sot. iv ants to marrjr yonr ·laushter. Can she cooL a dinner?" | -Tes, if your son can give her an, I Ihmg ca cosk it vtOi." RHEUMATISM LEAVES YOU FOREVER Beep S«t*d trie Acid Ie»o«*t* Ar« St-art* to Lenre tbr Sywtcm WttMa 'Pvrcnry-foor Ilonm. The Connellsville Drag Co^ whom you all knov. is aulhorlz«d to Bay to every rheumatic sufferer in this Tlein- ftj- rhat If two bottles ot AJlenrfaa. th« ^ure conqueror of rh«amatiffm ( doetf not atop all apronv, reduce swoll«n joints and do awa^ with even the slightest twlnce of rheumatic pain, h« will gladl]. return your money without conunant. Allenrhu hn.'i been tried and te«ted for yoar*., and raall marvelous r«- ·niltfl have been accomplished In ths most sfVfire rn'C'' ^ hero the sufterinir and affon j w ai« in t PIISC and piteous and u h r i o the p a t l t n t wa« helpless. .\llenrhu ^oHo^cs .it once Immediately n f i e r you start to tak« it ths h-ood work bc K ln.* 1: searches out ths uric aold depoHltH rtifmnlvea the secre- tlonp und drKes rhouinittc poison out of the bodj -hrouprh the kidneys and bo welt l i t marvt-lnuH lu»w qulekly It acts. Blessed relief often CUIIIOK In two day*. and e\*n in CKseyr v her** the sufferine If. must p a i n f u l all tr-icen disappear In Mr Jamt.1 II Allt-n ihe dlneoverfir of Allbitrhu. \\hft fur njaiiy joara suf- f t r f t d ttie torn enti* of acute rheum*- tltn-i. 4lesi-6« ill buffererH to know that h«* (loB,t not \\a-u a c^nt of anyone'* mi*nt*j unleit, Allenrhu deoiBK-eJy oon- quers this w »r»t of all dinajtses, and ht- ha« insti ucted the Connellaville lrug: Compass to aruurantee it In every 1-iatance --'.Adv aooooooooooooooooooooaoapci

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