The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 4, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1918
Page 5
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THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 191S. THE DAILY COUKISR, CONNElLLSvILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. FOUNDRIES 1 NEED OF COKE BUT OFFERINGS ARE SCARCE Tnrnace Contract Totals in Excess oi the Total Coke Being Shipped. LENGTH OF PRICE PERIOD mbject of Some Speculation Since the TVor Industries Board Extended -- Steel Prices Until Jalj 1; Clairton By-Product Plant early Ready. Special to The Weekly Courier. PITTSBUKG, April 3.--Rather keen JisttppoinUnent is fell ia both coke tad blast furnace circles at the poor ·ar. supplies of th£ past 30 days. The oke movement had seen such a sub- ·tantial improv em-en t, ia the first hree weeks in March, over tbe con- Mlons of January and February, that i serfse of security was ft It that traffic Conditions would continue to improve There has not be-eu a day of really fair car supplies since Monday of test week. Offeringb of coke in U e open market, which were just beginning to make,a partially respectable, appcar- ·Ince, are now a rarity again, Even foundry coke, which is more often een in the market than furnace coke, 5 found only very occasionally, and .ovever restricted the area in which he railroads permit it t j be shipptd, J buyer is readily fouaL In oiher wrds. buyers who need foundry coke a-c omnipresent. As a rule wherever ere is a foundr that is a found:: tat wants colic. It is doubtful whether all the coke I'at is hems' shipped ib go'ag out on regular contracts. Whilj the total of extracts made probablj exceeas the ttal of coke shipper!, i: is hardly like- 1; that each, operator .ias coatractb eual to his shipments, but there is fsqueat. lending of cok« by one fur- nee to auotner, and private arrange- ceats are sometimes made for the tinsfer of coke, so that the coke does nt appear in tu« open market. Once mrkei offering, in any quantity, it co, be assumed that tbe s'luation is aileat easy. There is no doubt that a! transactions made are at the set pices. Some remark, has be--n occasioned lithe past vreek by the fact that m siting iron and sieel jr'ces for the stond quarter of the -ear the \Var liusrtries Board m-clud d coke m its stiemenit. It will be r*called tiiat in ccjiection with the oripaal iron and a**l prfce fixing last. September coke ws one of the materials upon which foducers submitted prices to the ^ar Industries Board and when iron jtd gteel prices were than announced, fter review by the P.esiden-t, coke ·as included. There was some con- Poversy as to whether ihe coke price rmg at that ume represented a \ol- tntary agreement, as iho pig iron and ·teel price firing was considered, or ·epresenied. action by the President inder aumorlty of the Lever act. The jomrnon opintion was that thc latter vfam the case, for the simple reason hat tlie coXe price was really fixed yy the President, -while the Lever act, smjxwerins the President 10 fix the prree oi coke, did not specify how or through what medium, he should make his decision public. Later, when tbe Fuel Administration got into vorklng order, it formally announced -eke pnces. Now the War Industries r:oard announces them again. As long as' there is no change there is no issue, bu.c saoulii the tVar Industries Board make any important reduction in pig iron in, the future Ii COKK T2LADE SUjHMAUY. i-- - Taking: tbfe Gg-ureii oC last ·week's record of cjake s h i p m e n t s 01 t h e i r face a very large g-ain is made to appear, the a^gro^ate, by- river acd rail. beiii£ 383,703 tons, as against 333,537 tons of tile previous week. The increase of 50,171 tons thus shown, so manifestly impossible u n d e r the conditions of car supply and other factors, has its e x p l a n a t i o n in the fact that last week's rail records have Included with them a very considerable tonnage t h a t had not parsed the scale? at the close of the previous week. Further, the returns of river tonn.igo 13cluf3e almost 10,000 t o n s belonging to'the e a t i i e r week along with .in increase of G 200 t o n s ever t h « actual movement, hence the .ibnormal satn in the week** combined m o v e m e n t . Deducting Inert from the proportion properly belonging to the preceding week's production, the o u t p u t of the week w i l l be f o u n d to be about the average of the weeks .suectrdine -lip b r e n k - u p of an f.iot. it ^ively .severe w i n t e r . T h p r e is more , a c t i \ e d e m a n d f c r f o u n d r y coke b u t offerings are rare Furnace coke con- t r a c t s very probably exceed the .vnoiml of coke shipped. Furn ices l e n d c-jke to each other, and p r i v a t e c r r a n e r p m r n t s are made for transfer, hence such coke doer not a p p p f t r on the m a r k ? t The extension of the steel p-ir-P s c h e d u l e by the War I n d u y - tucr, Borfrrt to J u l y j. h n s g-ivon rise to some speculation ns to th" ^ l a t u s of t h e coke pricf. or r a t h e r n;\ ivc; the controversy that developed nt the time the price lix- Inpr a n n o u n c e m e n t w a s oricrinal- 1 made. HOD TOOK YINOL Now She is Strong and Wefl Berkeley, CaL-- "I was nervous, Irritable, no appetite, could not sleep, and was always tired, so ray housework was a great eEort, After many other medicines had failed Vinol built me up and made me strong, I have a good appetite and sleep well. Every nervous, weak,, ailing woman. should try it." -- Mrs. N. Edmunds, 2107 Dwight Way, Berkeley, CaL We ask every nervous, weak, rundown, ailing woman in this town to try this cod liver and iron tonic on our guarantee to return their money if it fails to help them. Laughrey Drug Co., Coanellsville; David C. Eason, Dunbar, and at the best drug store ia every town and city in the country. Vanderbilt. itviwviAsvvawrifwvsyiiwMiiviiti/i^^ are much better supplied through the heavier shipments of the past few weeks, and there is one case of a producer complainm? that a large customer is not tailing as murh pig iron as shou'd be expected. The recent decrease in colic hbipmcnts has rcarceiy affected blast furnace operations as yet, but an effect will probably be noticed next week. The reduced prices on basic and Bessemer went into effect this week on ail deliveries against contracts made since Decembrr 28. Basil* was reduced $1 a ton b. thc War InduMnor- Board, and th.c brought. Eeseemrr down $1.10 as it is set at 10 p^r cent alo\e basic. Prices are nov. a.s follows* j B"s YANDBRBILT, Api il 4.--George Johnson of Beuua. Vista was a busd- ness caller here yesterday. · "Wanted--Girls to train as nurses ia the ne-w Ohio Valley Hospital. SLou- beffville, Ohio. No ^nibbing or cleaning-. Give a three year's thorough course of train ID£. Have a Nurses' Home -with al! conveniences. --AuV,--1-Zt. Mrs. R. J. Stoner and daughter Catherine, Mrs. Belle Newman of Scottdale. \ifflted 3Ir. and Mrs. William H. Bailey rocc'itly. Miss Eleanor v^enor of Dunbar recently. .William,andj Daniel Bailey visited at the nome of Lneir brother, I. D. Bailey of Elis-ba fust tv-eek. The Entre Nous Sunday school class of Lhe Methodist Episcopal church will fbe entertained by Miss Jiilia Wilson on Thursday erran.Ing, April 1. SAGE TEA BEAUTIFIES AND DARKENS HAIR! Don't Star Gnij-! Tt Darkens Jfftlurallj- Tliat Can Toil. mighi be di^Jposed to reduce coke also aid then there would be a eoatro\orsy unless tbe Puei Admin atralion par- _ tic pated. In some quarters lac action ' BAM, . j.i^ on of the tt'ar Industries Board last week Xn 2 tn«niry $.1 \ia ; is mierpreted as throwing some doubt ^_'J '-J 1 ^ ^ |J3 50 ' u p o n the formerly accepted idea that * "· i0rirc -- 'cok^ prices are fixed for the remain-, ThesG I" 1ces ar c *· o b. furnace, irier of the vcar. The market con-; f r e i « h t '° rittsburg in the ra*c of the t.nucs to be'quotable as follows. ,' a"^ ^ m ? 95f ccn!i . K u r n j i c p jc.oo «· I*. Snder C'ompanj r.nnr.unco K»undr ".'.'., '.'. ?7.\iu 'hat t h f ,r cr-niputafou nf average ; Ciur-Ucd *T.3u j prioe= at which p^ f ^ iron sold in I The Pcpnsjlrania s^'stcm has mi- .Marrb showed ?."o.."0 lot nr-.-eaior 1 posetl restrictions on ihe movement and ?T 00 for Uasir, tlio former set of coiiain types of its cars, requiring prices, \\1rilc sale^ made late ln_n that they be not consigned off its own j week would be at ihe reduced nr:tt»H. I rails This particularly aTfects ship- ·'ince delivery eoulrl not bo fffoctfd I m e n t ? that would go over tbe Phila- before April 1. it apn?;tr* thai any Idelphla Reading. The Pittsburg fi'lnnine^ then nndprtakon was put in (Lake Erie's restrictions are the same j the fnrrn of reservations, tn hr cnn- !as [ormerly. None can go west of | verted .nto actual salci Apr*] I. , Cle\ eland, whi'e cars of a certain -- ---type, numbered 600,000, to the number «m?ry (.f about 2,QOu. are confined lo the | |}A ' road'" own tracks, except that the; Uan go out to the extent, of tne switch- l i n g limit, which helps some. [ The Clairton by-product plant of ' | f l O ovens is neanng completion, and | Hon "Ti?" !»oes Pomfort Tin-d, Hum. may possibly produce some coke be- 1 fore tbe end of this month. Tbe plant ( is directly under control of tbe Clairton B-Product Coke company but is commonly spoken of as a Carnegie ! Steel company propcrtj It will pro- ' I tiuce about 50,000 tons of coke week- ' | ly. ConnellGville region coal mine. 0 -, ha^e been in process of improvement, and adaptation to river shipments to Ton can Uirn gray, fad-ed hair beautifully dark and lustrous almost over nisht W you 11 get a -bottle o r ' \V oth's · Sag^e and Sulpimr Coiupound" at ao;* druff store. Millions of bottle of **iis old famous Sage Tea Recipe, Improved by the addition of other.Ingredient 1 -, are fold annuaHj-, says a vreH-kuc.'w.n drug^ii't here, bocauto it dnrkens thc hair ?o aat^irally n.nd e\enly that no one can tell H has "beer, applied. Tho"^e whobf hair is turning gray or i J bceoramg faded ha\e a vurpribe await- iii'4 'heni, bocau.«e after one or two applk-ation^ the gray hjiir van-shes aad your locks \ ocomo luxuriantly dark and beatuiful This js the age of youth. Gray- haired, unartrac ive folks aren't wniiifd around, £ Ret busy ^ith \\"3*ctli's Sairi 1 and Sulphur Corapound lonitjht and jou'll be delighted with your dark, ha.ndsyne hair and ~our 5'outWul appearance ^viUiln a ftnv Th;^ pTparation is a to.let reqin- ?iLt anil LS not mt'ideil For the cure, mi:tpotion or Trevt'Dtiou of di i -i?ftF«. U » A,- i '·)M featuring an Extraordinary Purchase. lthhL Values are $25, $27.50, $30 and Vv.1 w lH \ pvCV. *\$VtV 'fe^.-f T3 '·$ Even Higher. --!?** #$ . --f^-lef. i "m n J r. - *· f 1 A MJ ^V-i 'I'K' ·' S 1 -. ^s^'";! / : ^ *'"".""* f "^ ! 'I ?/ ·; / r »»-m{ w ; a ,; ' i.-'iTM\ £·.? ;i ;· U:|*:|j '| Silly \ 8- $; vs*3p \ '" ff « */.' TR 1 "? Mill These Dresses oame through the factor}- too late for Easter delivery and have been secured by our New York buyer al a great concession in .·rice, which we pass on to you. Indeed a whole ja?o couldn't convey to you a more important news item. ¥T QWftJ J ffe ?AJ?P «" ULiljtiil, JUilii Inir, { Corns, I'ect nml feet sore fo*t, hur'iin? 'ef-:. tendtr feel, tirc-d fop-r. ri~h'.f corr.*. ca]Iou r o? L'm.on- iw spo«.j!. No -moip afcoe t.qh'- co imrc haiplns U i i h pain or " ,- i.p our face in agon;. Pi/.' take care of the new operation, as all I i s Ina ,f "'· acls "S |n off - " Tlz ' draws the coal is to go by water. Tbe fol- oulwa " Jc I""-""""'' «t,.!ation- Wiich " "" b-v "fiz" and 'A ear TU" and fors-M the coal is to go by water. Tne fol- '"' " i---"»«»··- i lowing plants of the H. C. Frick Coke ' puff up the feeu b ^ I company will ship coal to Clairton: smal "- r shoes. Use "' ipany will ship Palmer. Dilworth. Maxwell, Gates, Lambert. Edenborn. Le-krone. Ronco, your foot mi=ory. Ah! how comfort- ; able your fet?t feel. Bridgeport and Ralph. | The local coal situation is now 'relatively easy. shipments have ' n o t increaped materially in the past '^^ r * l tha * never swell. DCVOI hjri. iweek or two but domestic 'require- never ? et lirec! - A y 63 *'-* · fr lL com- Gct a 25-uont box of 'Ti? ' now at any fiTUSgi c t or rifpartment sto-*e, , Don't sruifer. Have good fo"t. r,\'i'i lnrnaM'd 'N Per Cent tn QtmMty ami ~M I'cr (.Vnt in Value in 1917. Tl'e output of f lei bnnucts in the I'nitcd Stales in 1'ilT wm» 40C.S5* net tons, valued a' 52.ij3.iHS, an mcrtn^-e over J016 of 111.701 tor.b, or 3S per cent in qi/antily. and o/ $7SS.22fi, or 50 per cent 111 vahi**. again breaking the record of the prev ou« year. According ;o C. L. l.ctbrr. of tin \ nitcd States Gcflopiral bun ey, thr (h-m.ind for fuel in 1917 was so strong thronghom tho wlmlc year that thr-n- \v:u DO lark of i larUet to limit thf [ r iuciion of tlie oriqi'Pi mannfai-uir (···*-. IV-»pi'c the increase! rnj-t nj 'nude*-.' :-n'] of n.anufai-'jinnt'. nir a* the t . l a n t i oper.ited to fu! 1 capir.' And r* 1 ! 10 "' 1 ^ a piospcrous year. KILLS DEADLY GERMS (K ; PYORRHOL i*toni*;hinK Uisoovory that Titnnrlh SEE THEM ().\ OIMMj.VY I Ol'R SHOW " W I N D O W T(H)AY TRY THEM OX A'D 'OTE THEIR CORRECT STYLE A T I» FIT ments are now light and there has been a plentiful supply of river coal. The pig iron market has remained quiet, in general, although there is slightly more activity. Consumers I fort ; Ah ; or money rcif'Hidc*1. Had Lumbago for 25 fears--Took Bliss Native Herb Tablets and Struck Oil "William S C r u m r . Bridf,'f-port. 111., not only bcnef ted by us:ns Bliss Native Herb T.tbletfa, but the £Ood healtli o b t a i n t U helped h i m to profit financially. This is* w h a t he writes: "I v. as bothered w i L h what the doctors' said VTOJS Liumba- Co lor JS years, m bad I could harrilv t u r n , but t«da I don t know what a pain is.. BHjs N a t i v e Herb Tablets' fixed m** up fine and sirce then I have struck oil, and I'm now on easy street in KOOU health." Lumbaso, rheumatism, impoverished blood, kidney disorders, eczema, skin blemishes all d i s a p p e a r a f t e r taklnjr BU93 Native Herb Tablets according 1 to dirpctinns. K v e r j mail brings testimonials of. the beneficia.! results obtained by i h e regular USP of the^-e t a b l e t ^ Thoy are r^cofrnized a- tli^ p i o n p c r h e r b r e m e d y for the w t t J i n - ach, liver and hidne ·*, and are fo consistent in their a c t i o n that e'Nery b«x c o n t a i n s a g-uarante** tn r e f u n d the purchase price if they fail to benefit. Bach box c o n t a i n s 200 tablets The genuine bears ihe Vlonzo O. Bliss on the cov- /^^. er, and every tah'et Is C/nl p i c t u r e of the founder, ^^/ ,st a.mped w i t h our e trade mark ( A B ) Price 51 por box. Sold by A. A. C l a r k e a n d local agrrnts j very where. Confluence. CONTUJENCE, April S - Percy rritnd of Friend.s\il!e, Jld., has takeu a ptKition with the Union Molnr coni- iranr. George Pra7pp ia visiting a few d-jy-'j in ConiieHsvillo. -Mias Leah Show has relurnpd Lo IIPI Markleion home where she i cache, school after visiting her parent-* here se-veial days. Daisy \Vatfann, htlle dau^bter of .Mr. and Mrs. Harry "Watson, Is im- provns !ou!y from a siege of typhoid fever Gorge Cramer of near Unamia was p. busincr.- cal'cr here yesterday. Harry ^'atson has 'C'.urucd to his work :n East P l t t h b u r s aftor visiting his family here several daj.i. I Is. Ha)! has rnurnpti from a visit with friends in Connellsville and | Uniontown. C L. Yeagley wIH open his new- motion picture house Lh;= evening. Tliousands Have Discovered Dr. Edwards* Olive Tablets are a Harmless Substitute. Dr. Edwardc* Olive Tabbts--the substitute for calomd -- prc n mild but sure laxatives, end their effect en the liver 1*3 almost instantaneous. They are the result of Dr. Edward /determination not to treat liver and bowel coraplcinta \vlJi calo-nsl. ILs efforts to banish it brought out thccs little olive-colored t£b!ci3. These pleasant litUe tabl^t3 do th^good that calomel tlcs^ but havs no bad after effects. Theydo-i't injure te teeth Itlze etroae liquics cr calomel They tal;e hold of thc troubla Ptid quickly correct i-:. Why cure tbe liver at the expense of the teeth? Calomel sometimes plays havoc with the nunw. So do ctrong liquids. It is best not to tel-c cclorod, but to Isi Dr. EdTV-arcls' Olive Tablets take its place. Mcr*i heac!^ch:s, "duliiwss" and that hzyfeclins come from constipation and a disordered liver. Take Dr. Edwards' Olr'e Tablets when you feel "loggv" and "heavy." Note how they "clear" clouded brain and how they "perk up" the spirits, 1 lOc and 25c a box. Ail druggibts. Make Ciinns Health; nml Lou«moil Toefh Kimi* pnrrli'j«(i or Ft'KM' til if.uw arc c iUi«M by ii p o w t r f u l (jrcrni .*nd can -nilj h- I'iinf'jtTed b; i!:e «."·· of A jxw*-rfill ( t h.irnilt *n r "i ' 0 A row f u r n u i l a , plen^.inl t n usr sni ·v'nch g t \ e-s immediate hcnt-fit 1: k n o w n a-* (Jincmoi «.rnl ilenilflty .int T^"^^^TM^^; Patonize Home Merchants d! nc^ c rinr tn n , .,, p -rb.-a ..if i *^° Advertise in This Paper rpro"- in 'li'-4 \ l t - i n i t y the opporiiiiillj j ' lo a^.Un ha\ e firm teeth a.nd titialthy R-iuns, in" chemist w ho co impound r (iinsTnol ha« put (t up in" t n i a t j , c-rfsln.ii b o t t l e s w i i c h c^n be pro.jnretl at an fir-t cla-is dru^r stoio. He a*to puh'icly . uihorii**" (""nr- nclls-vHl" PTUR- (,'T an'i a'I drusrpri-UJ' ·A ho tiiflpcnKt 1 G y i K l n o l Lo r » t i i r n t b t i (mrphn^y f ) r i c c i' n r . v n n p w ho not notice a decided lrnpnvem*'nt LIFE SAVES Dunbar. 'c'J^r After everything else fails Peterson's Ointment Cures Olcl nnd Running Sores, Eczema and Piles* . T Tns : Diy k- r for : f Your Money Kindly give me full information regarding your Xame ..,, ... Address -. D. P. Hason r 0 r wall paper.--Adv-- riL mi; i 1 'l;i^ utn V' 1 i' l 'ViHt nt tiK 2Gmai27t " " l A ' ' 3,1C- L tO GEORGETTE DRESSES, SILK TAFFETA DRESSES, FOULARD DRESSES, SERGE DRESSES, CREPE DE CHINE DRESSES, AND SERGE DRESSES COMBINED WITH FOUL ARDS TAFFTTAOR GEORGETTE These Dressis were produced by one of the highest class and most exclusive manufacturers in the country who c-aters only to the finest trade. So if you want an unusually clever Spring Dress \uili style individuality that classes it among the most expensive, come here and see these wonderful Dresses. Every color, Every Style, Every Size, for Women, Misses and Juniors. . W or King for You? No matter how small the amount, it is up to you to increase its earning capacitj as much as you should increase your earnings. Millions of Dollars Have been made by the automobile tire industries of the United and paid to their stockholders. 'Here Is Your Chance The Sherman-Stiveson Tire Rubber Co. have taken, over the plane of S. A. Black Manufacturing Company at Sc-ottdnie for the purpose of building tires -with a. removable tread. Xo inner-tube, made entirely of fabric and rubber, guaranteeing more mileage with about one-fourth the expense for tires you now have; with the same ease and comfort in riding, absolutely safe from punctures and blowouts. Invest in something where the demand is increasing. Invest in something in which the profits are large. If you wish to see model of our tire or know more about our proposition, you can have same without obligating yourself in any way by cutting out Coupon and mailing it to the Sherman-Stiveson Tire Company, Scottdale. Pa. Who to Fatnmlre. Merobauts who adrerri;e their good? fnc Dally Courier. Grants! Murrfju;? Lh'pnsos. Fred A Davis and Evelyn 1C. \ lire mf. 1 t o u l d n t p'(*f j i from pnin. JioHors -said 1 rnnld not hrc for more tliau t w o joir-,. riniJJj Pc-ter! POII'S Otiitmcnt 'nr.s rci;o umpndc'I to mo' ' n-id bv its use tlif sari 1 ws entirely honied, i A "" Tliankf.illy yours. WlLil in l!annp ._\V«t braugh of Moiganlown. M' Va,. Ed-[I'arii, Ohio, i i n - i 1 i;. Jt.j',-. r.r.x ]m. vard P. Arch.baW o£ PitUburg and prtir^^'SV^^hiwS"*^ SK Jennio ZKka D-f Dimbar, svpre Erranted Imndi-'ds of ntlu-rs tint tdt oi wondcrfu Jennie ZKka tf Dunbar, WPJ-C marr.affp licenses m Unlontown. Road the advertisements. , tint tell oi u'oniiorful i, of HI'TIUH. Piles ayd KM'i Dispnifs, plefl, Bilickhi'nils and II3h bie-i'jKhep" KVFOC'M Ointment f, .1(1 IVMS at nil · ri]£r;:M'' :nu] H "rt 1 1 in't n l r o n ] ·uf.Mied I clruj;£ipc ID America that *\ ' i t jir i he it. TiJO newspaper can Gucceed without advertising, therefore we solicit the patronage of our readers for those who by their advertising help to make this paper possible. aaaoooooocooaQOGoaoGsaoaooa Homer's I aotiQgi WE A R IVEJUV OOC30SCOOOCJOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOO "CAP"STCBBS "FAE-OFF HILLS" By EDMUf A HIE, LftNB, ALX. THESE BUILQIN'S-- -- O8i TO VOU-- TI-iAT'i i niwr NOVM: O6H, VJON'T IT : 3E GREAT WHEN \ W E OWN ALL THSP fE Fl* TW FENCE I'U UK6. TO SfftDE TH 1 . A BIT'.

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