The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 4, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER. CONMELLSVILI,E, PA. THURSDAY, APRIL 4. 1918. fctrair. HENRY P. SKT0ER, Founder and Editor. 1S79-1316. THE COUIUER COMPACT, Pu»ll«t«x«. JAa J. DRISCOli. Sec'y and Treasurer. Business Manager.. · JOHN I» GANS. . · Managing Editor. ·WALTER S STIMMEL. City Editor. MISS L.T.VNE E. KIXCBUj. Soc.ety Kditor. ME-MEEK OF: Associated Press. Audit I:ureau of Circulation. Penni*ylvaxiia Associated Dailies. Two cents ner copv, 50c per -nonth; »5 per year by mail ft paid in advance. Entered as ·recon'i class matter at the postofflco, Connellsvillft, Pa. bee* regents there tor yo,r S and h*a H QW THE FRENCH TROOPERS APPEAR WHEN THEY n be a trustworthy -wit- 3 * vrhad hapyen-s. No atervievy printed in ai. He cited cases o-C persona who wore obliged to report to the police li-vice a day and "were nqt allowed to loavt) their alter dark. A profsss.on- al man of Dr. Davis', position one would lake to be a trustworthy witness- But HOT? see * sooner is hJs Ini American paper than the German propagandist is Informed of Uie matter and begins to get, busy Tvith a -COU.E- ter-4Last in his unnuateiblc stylo By cable from Amsterdam ciTn-j ne'.v, thit tlicNic^vc llousrdascl.e C^urri.. prints a lorg interr.av.' \vr w h ? o-er nonage \vho relumed rcconUj- iroiu r Y\eekV visrt to Berlm " And "-ciong other things tUis "personage" w is surprised to nad tliat Americans enjoy the greatest fr.ecloia, tiiat taty arc | quite s titiaCed with, the.r Lre:,tmen.., that no objections are raised fig;amrt THVESOAY ETETt, AFKTI ^191SJ ithclr speaking English, that they »u ·" ' ' "- -- -^= j living comfortably, etc., etc. O yes, Fr:U, you are a g"ent p:"r=-- Only you arc a IiLtio thi.'A As between, an. American geailc Jirr. o' ? ' raputo ami an. original "^ersDcage" in J j a Dutch newspaper office, we havt 1 no ? ) trouble in Jmwnisr which is tolling J i the trutb. Tie Courier'* Service Pin?. P. SHERMAN Hospital Unit L, U. a A.. *ort McPhcrion, Atlanta, Ga. RALPH F. SINGER, Company H, 319th InCanrry, tJ. S. Is'. A., Camp Lee, Petersburg, Ta. The Asaocteted Press IB exclusively entitled to the use for republican on ot all newg dla- patches credited to It or not .olatcwi3«"crt4i^ed,-ln;thl3 papor and also the locxl news published bereio. " STOFE35S THE HUIL OF THE -_ ^BEAST. To a certain extent proof of the hideous, atrocities committed Ty tie Ger- ioan soidirs, as strScinsry presented iy Dr. Hillis last night, is no longer Heeded, the -world at large having, through- other sonrces, come to a of the unspeakable cruelty wanton Brutality practiced under In tho 92 vigorous. nwnly la.Is v, \\f went "lit from Conncllsvillo .inti vicinity today to take upon itierifplvc* th* 1 clutifes and obligations of rfoldters in the cause of buman freedom, we have just that number added to tne reasons ·why we should multiply oar own sac- rtflccs in order to make them somewhat more nearly comparable to tho ijacri- HCPS these boys, and those who have bcToro, are makms- Press notices of the approachins peace drive of Gcrmax.5" ara' making their appearance. If Austro-Hungary has no. stronger allj* or naore dependable support than "oar moral richt," as Count Csttrm cs.lls It. the duaJ monarchi' ts in a bad way to 6nforce that peace it TVOU id not dcipn "to obtain by entreaties and lamentations," Aostro-Httnprarj- hasn't encm^-h "moral rl(?ht" or any other power left to enforce even a strong bluff. With, the very complete and systematic organization of the Third Liberty I*oan campaign in Faye-tte county, it does not seem possible that anj- cit- i izen can escape becoming a bondholder the tgnise of "militarr necessity" in wrcry eneanj ooimtry mvaded by the ! and a rrai patriot as won German armies. But,to tho extent that Americans hare itot yet awafcen- «i to a iull realization,of ,the,character of the encnny opr-fpm soldrer boys are now facing on the battle- fttilte of France, the proofs Dr. Hillis araaorolated personafly and at first land, are needed. They are also noeded for the further pnnwse of forcing upon us the compelling necessity ct standing baci of and srjiOTtrng irith all oar resources at men, means "Snd material, our own soldiers and those of England and France with whom they are now fighting rhoulfier to shoulder. Through these: proofs -we now Snow "Only too placi to have the lots utilized for war pardons," is t h e patriotic and g-encrous ofTer ot a former resident of those -who are in .starch of grround for g-ardeninj? purposes. ' "Only ton glad to utilize This photograph, "which hab just arrived m Uiis co'jntr, i!.lii;itnucs tL ^ LLUH which is cnacten wnen French, re-onforcomects approach the liattlofront to help tho British stop the great German drive. T le m f n k nvvir^. clrv sion c,fle:' division, ar,d Dveo" ona oi them is ^rlna aud oven eager to get into it. ^2sX«Xi©©»»5®S^^ o "fl A ^1 - o D -- TOUR REXDINE'S BAKBE1UXO tf TVA.NTKD--M-V1P houfaeu-ork. 1002 plrcet. KOIl G I ^ N E T l A u South P i l f b u r ^ South b, T l I I l t E A l i ' l l 1 5 l a r t f U WANTED--C1RLS work. A p p l y rni-* 1-OR FACT OilY ri; CANDY fo. 4aprttil W A N T E U -- G I H L K hou.4c" o) fi. -Vo wa-^ij A[);il T U M P L E T t j N S Xortll rittslmr^ ^-trui^t jK U K N K U V I - njr tir ironing r . A K ' l H Y , - H ".iprtM WATKD--.I-AIJT WAITEBSSEa: Also cook, ladv or Bcntloman. Inquire YOUGH HOfSK. Japrttd W A N T K b -- R O A D 1 atfc IS to 3 j A p p l j A- K Train Master, B Jtimore A. O'.!-* J i rood, ConnollHvi le. P*u 4 a p i T ' FOR S I L I -- c i X K LAP.GI-; M M t o p dcV.. lijrlit o.ik i" e x c e l l e n t L o - d i t i o n . Tne ilrtt S 1 U O ufft r w i l l t ^ k i ' it ]- m i r e DIALOG I . O M L ' K K ~~KOK SALS--0X15 I J O O ! D R I V IN * h o n e , i 100 pni,!nK. 7 ; t-a~s 0 d 'in«- ·nd o n e - h a ) ; m n p j Sr i t h oC S(*otida. I i p t o p Pirrr HK.MIY D U C T I Z H L Y I d p r 4 f WANTED--HOY TO tor aud w o r k ,11 drnn J. C. ilOOUE. ACT AS 1'OH- storo. I n q u i r e | 27nmrtfd j . or It on tilt; btu ,'o -it CTJl a-l tic.i;cL ullu f ! PnR 5ALJ---Si'AlU." -tix-l n , l.OC \T --! - - ! ^ r t or. Jot I-H;.\ G5 .t-orntr of M endow Y O T V G J.ine and 11 urcli EMstce. A i f a o t h r o S u 1 - ion «-*oubie imu, V»K -Hi t,i]!.t! l o t . Inqi.In. Accorflirjpr to an a n n o u n c e m e n t the Government has suspcr.'lt r; meatless days, -which have in-on estcibli.-hfd for sometimp. for a period of ihu-iy cays. \VP ilo not m e n t i o n t h i s to induce ;, on to in:\ More r.ipp.1; wo fo^l. notwithstand- i-r=; i h . ' f r i l i n g or ord'r. even body ought to con: , f , . " us! r;p-is and fats,, but our purpose is to L - . i ' ",u:r r ' f " ! i t i n n to onr a t t r a c t i v e , sanitary : KM.; i.i.Tk.-HS. -Meats aro high priced now-a- tl...v-., i - . b o d y admits t h a t ; so-irce too--admit ( J - . L :i.-o i ' - i t a comparison of pnV^s will find the U n i o n Supply Company lower t h a n most c o m p e t i t i o n , and a comparison of shops and equipment aii'l service w i l l find the U n i o n Supply Company just a l i t t l e bit better than most opposition; a comparison of stocks in the meat market, the variety, the quality, the quantity, will convince you that the Union Supply Company is just a little bit the best. The extraordinary quantities of fresh beef, fresh pork, salt and smoked meats, sausages, and all kinds of meat and meat products, is f u r t h e r evidence that the U n i o n Supply Company's meat rrtarkets are just a little bit better. These markets also are supplied semi-weekly with fresh fish, fresh eggs, butter, a. variety of cheese, schmier kaese; a complete line of salt and smoked fish, sardines and canned salmon. It is certainly to y o u r advantage to buy from our meat markets. housework. Malu otrc,t. inL FOR C to SCHM.ITi t h e m ' oug-ht to be the response. Tho AFtles have anoiher capable leader In Senator-elect 1/enroot w h o led Wisconsin back into the ranks of the loal common wealths. WANTED--iJECOND HAND TYPE- , writer. Call Btsil 13-Jt. or Tri-Slata j 98-VT, Mount Pleasant. 2 3 f - b t i W A N T K I r -- B 0 1 : 5 A X l » '/r'Rl^ o V i Z f l , fi ,,r a--- I ' m ! w l nl.- ) · irn'ni? ·UN.N'EI.I..S\ I l J j I . SiMC -MU.I. -laprGt ! W A N T E D -- G I P J j I-"OiL G F N i l 11 AT* | aiisi \vorfc, cood tv U U C P A i ' p f } J ' 1* WANTED-- AN OUC1ANT/KK. I-APY ,r cenLl.-ma.u Addr-r 1'ISTKK'T IANAG-KR, c urc Courit-r S n p r . t * i By Maaon. OUT IX UTE COU3TTKT. WANTED--i«AID KOR G K M Z H A u hourcwork. VRS KDWAP.D DrOCA.X. 201 South Eishth -street, Y,"." t ivork ry sun K O H ^ \1.K ft]*. T . U ' K -- P U I M ;.n l y u · (, l i t i ' i f a r m f o i sj k or riiiii-d .it" j.n-p. .VM( n. m - i i i ' l i r i R Smi c i u « n' . T. l '~ if WITT. B w i l pnon- ( j i - J , :c'*Uc..iIe I'A. I;ipr-'t j ' O U S\LF--I'.IJ.M TTl I- B A T 'ininti-s. Pino t l r i v r r . snotl u l ,iur- .'.- hor-r U tr'if?hb ^nU M i r t n iil-urc ·\iKt:v S'O WA . T K i l . Sr t u l . i l c M.I WANTED--1OOD STKONO TOY, J C a r h old: not afr.-iul to « t rk YOUOs CHF:MICAL co, u-i E?^t Ft,-aci\ MriM' Soutii cop,i!*=-n«\ i' -, f a WANT E H -- l O V r K U i H N C ! : l.vly. ffood *ila.r: A p p t j n:NN T R A F F 1C I PIP KTOr.I-:. 303 North Pi:u=.bur S \LTj--pnC LOTS f.'V KRA.VCIS I houbc ^ H!i 5 ruor"..- on I* a\ " L i t "i'-' % t, iou- o ami lot on I ' i u s b u K and y r i t i i c l i and npar Slip-o m u l I M - qai- nl CJIAS. WK1HK, ^ 2 3 J o h n s t o n 3 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. I. 'what we may before hare but -vaguely imagined would have been th: const?- 1 l POSITION OF STEEL MARKET UNCHANGED Let's sefk the rural r«g p iona, in pastures let us .stray, where costly calves, in legions*, and hljrh-pr.Ciid ' .h^'Tfnd.Si'S j Rv PRIfF FXTFNSION gueaces of the failure of the heroic e^e^^«·ho^o. C.-KJ iht-rc-s no charcc for All 1 1UWU liAli^iiJlun ^^ i broathini; the wholesome cou-itry air. armies of Belgium, France and Bag-, The oc.untry is enchantinc upon a' Sli g.i, t inf.reasc In Shljimento of Fin"""corn* iihed I'rodncts; lY:tj,'e Adiance a thouehts I cannot utter, as T ·srere makiii^ ttward Paris and the drtlhnt,'round, where wives are W A N T E D -- S I X MICS-1 chinlst^. and -ri\ . Uor round hous^- worU. i K o r i i n n . i l . P t C I- K. Dlc C1.AKS M A - ilots* honors , Call O f i e i i! .c-r-oti H u n . 3'Jniar7l FOR V V.i \\JII- 1 J \ L K -- J O ACl'.E F A R M ON i y t'rtt k". Mojio/j^raJia Cc, . / i l v , J i H i c j L - r l u i d w i - h 3 t UK! f , f o o t · j.i h i ^ M t . i i r - h cit ir^d. Oil , rvi l i t p u n t qai.i i - r l v Pricr r f u n h i . - ir ' i i n u i ' i n n -ATIU ' ' \ \ l S . i- F !j 5.J nx 1, l-.-ir- , land to check and hurl baci ihe Hun | «- tonics in the onward sweeps they j my butter that brines six bits a pound, The nig-hts aro Krowing' shorter, the ' once worth a quarter, now bring a ' buck a throw. "Where crystal streams ' are flowlTig-. I Fee the cattle browse ! the la-usrhtn^ maids are soinp. t o milk Edgnr Al Ou«sL "When Mrs. Malone got Pat. you much. THE CESS OB. letter from Channel ports in the early months of the -war. Had the first German, tfrive amcceeded. and the En^isli navy been captured or destroyed as the Kaiser liad planned, the -war -wou'd "have been fought to its final conclasion in -the United States and our vwn soil dyed as crimson "with the blood of our sons as the soH of France has been by the "blood ot its countless heroes. Then "would we have Tritaessed, with fb« same agonizing anxi sickening horror, the same revolting scenes of murder, rapine and arson the bapless and helpless iathera, another;;, -wives, and children of Belglimj «wj Prance have -witnessed. Is not the mere contemplation o! the possibility ot litese thicgs hap- i our loved ones, aside from the vivid portrayal and the convincing proof of them, as presented by Dr. SHifficient to awaken -is all to an understanding that Tvar, s waged by the Hans, -would mean, to us the that it nas meant to France, Poland, Serbia, or in -whatever country the foul, venomous Beast of PnissianJam'has trailed, or may yet trail, ita black ea§d_ path of desola- " tion, -d-eata and despair? Tnat the Beast may forever be shorn of its power to in this or any other country on earth, tre scenes Dr A Hillis descrabed, are you not Tvfll- Ing to serve, to sacrifice and to save as you never before dreamed possible to do? Unless" T^e ,dO".tnese things., and do them now-and willingly and .TCitb all our might, the "war-worn Allies, even .with ihe help of our own eager, brave and willing boys, may not be able, except through a long continued Strug- I'm sorry f leave gle. to force the authors of t a j world's But * the ° best T can present cnguifmg woe to an abjct tcoth it? gone, and unconditional'sarrcndcr. and for- Thc wch T C h° rOI1 i voatl let over render impotent tlie B-^ast that ' T m(:l a io^'iR 1 I'cllo'w who it now s ye Surprise to Uio Tnule. SptscUl to The Wee lily C o u r i e r NEW YORK, April 3.--The Ajiien- h o u r day. stt, ul TI1R MKCUANK", . WXTF-;I--KOTJ \ c K K r s the s* rLc",s of o. Ihoi i ie-ccd un' accurate f - L c n ^ j ld-nt of Connoll s v l l l o p- plv In pei mm to MK A. J - \ I t L L ANT) rr. ^(]. A p - f ' ' U r J / n . H s . f'J'-^f .-ii'l I ;;hi.inK. r.ulro..d -uid 0 h p - l l - l l t S t n n ( f f hlfitl, | fousins Shoes Both slat* 1 rr if-;. t r o l l e y , on---)uilf ml IP\ f = ' n i ^ n ! for .tn ilrm, Pux 24. Al'. or- 30mn.rfit · ^ p made zr^/ tor women Steel Roxwrt ftiii review liie steel and iron trade tomorrow as follows: The rcafiSrinatiou 01 iimshed and owt I'll "have 'Tome miifc 1 " ""l "niinisbcd stt*! prices by goveniniQt They say, "All you cin swal- l sanction for tlio second quarter of r» low, at twenty cents? a d r i n k " 'Where j the year has not changed the position ^j. _^- ·WAN rKI--A' i - i l N I UF i'Kl.S i'- t ( nyr. \ \ h - t h o r I t i-i a ea- In T c^rtl. ».tlo · b i l l or ilio Ih.e« cm -av*-rt w u d t i i i . r i t i v i i r t l i o n or .inuourwo . n t %\ e p r l n * ' a n y t h i n g - f v c r ; - i h l K.---J It p r o i ' i T L ' y and do i l r!(,nt. f , v l ttu* nin-"- uf 'CH._ "COL" It IKK. offici". Bolh p , i o n » 27-tI 'AU'lH TO PC) H ;.M- -u j M p e wr.rk n h,i\ i our n v . f i mi- tTo in. i c - . T l v n-icl r m r k K i l H I N ' O MAI.-H1X'. i « f . . r d i . i - n u c river--there is no chanre for that. Th* ' 1S confirmed rhat tbe'dullnesb prcced- slKhinp zeptyrs b r m p me the song of j ing the price uzlag of a week ago babbling nil; the bees c^me up a n d , Wa3 no t duo to lincenamtics .15 to ESS -eicTh" ^, S e . ntlh e ,a"' e P** "« «"» «= ""«"»» « W and lonesome pike, some t h m p F ^rc on basic iron and $1.10 on Bessemer cheap as bjnaes--the climate, nnd ihe jron sensibl? altered the pis tron t markcL Tho reduction of §1 a ton on all grades of scrap for ( prices bad b^en fixed has not loosened Uie market, though it constituted plain notice to anyone who nnyfat be ( I boarding scrap that he was merely ' marked to lose money if be did so. ' Dealers are peeking fresh arguments to show that the government should ' KOR I J .I:NT q u i r e 707 \ ln STOUAGE ROOM IN *-tr ot. ^ i p r 3 i FOR quir« I RMNT-- A P A R T M h M S . I N - unnKNCr. S M n z r.s.prtfd roa IU;NT--L L u.M m a t e f a m i l y . 11L venue K l K.*aSHlID ituure KOR R. encourage scrap transactions through ! \v e s E sidt- dealers. \ -Shipments of finished steel products She started to rea-d it aloud in er flat, j bave increased a trifle in tbo past " Dc y r .... M ^ r ?j" Jt startcd - ' f l p a n 't tell ^^ through a furtbei improvement railroad conditions, but tho more ^HRi:!-: I Vl Smith Jiig"* · I'm somewhere in France, and I'm fig-htin' the Dutch. I'm clioktn* relate, news thot I'd like to But It's- little a soldier's permitted McPhoe--well, ho Do f state, ve mind Red Cell m a ditch An' ibustod an arrm, but I can't tell yo which. "An* Paddy O'Hara was cauprht in a flame An,' rescufd by--Faith, I can't tell yo his name. Last night I woke up wtd ii terrible pain, I thojferht for awhile it would drive me insane. Oh, the suffrin' I had was most d r e a d f u l t' hpar! sorry, my l«i.r, but I can' tell ·yr where. The doctor he grave me a pill, hut I find It's conrhrary to rules t' disclose "here the hind. t h e d f n t i s t "I've been t' tooth out. I'm .11' had a you so shrouded say Is that one me inform yo would drive Christ and civilization out ot :hc world. 0\ TILE JOB. i U GUecn iloo | G^nijtia iucp..sasdit s always' a«, aHvays Las a now o£ - cimrinins fiction, to offset'cr»' ry birof i ' it's trutb tbat comes out about the Kaisfir ' aad bis eoLtntrycofiii. Dr. t)i-\ie3, the Kaiser's Jaiierfeau., re aimed to P this country recently and 11 several ! interviews detailed many of the un! A pleasantnesses and hardship* put up- y on Amofieatis In Cerruany iincc tae j fonyin' war began, not mcroly diMourtc-sIeH ·' We "/ V ie . but actual police retrainCA upin tbelr! lt . B " L _,' houtm many ot thmi h a d ! An' ye knov- him, too. but his name I can't tell. He's I r f a h , rod-headed. an' there w i t h th' blarney, His folks one* Itnew your folks back home Jn Killarnoy." Malone tn her oui av as he A-1th her ·By sorr*-." B al1 Itrs, Jiard t" make slnbi v. rll n 1 i l k e t h n i . B u t I'll frive h l n i as good st-nd, that I will." Po xho v. «-nt right to work I n k w e l l mi 1 quill, A n ' bhe w r o t e . "J smppose e'ra deart tft-r ti T ne\*F. now when y o u 5 e f t we wer* the tthotiut haby h m come, an' we'rf i n ' w u l l . Oh. but thiit a n m e i h f n ' wori'i let mo tell " FOR KI£NT~ONn DKSUlABLi; store room r »rnn'r!y m.c*ipn.'fl bj M- ans Murphy. Jiifiiurc !°LuJ.K:,CJ: fclUJTX I'OIl rooms, it i.d : oom. R I : N T -- T W O K i p r U ' ron K E N T -- T W O r i b if furnish* 1 *! i out 1 !*, j ki-^pliiijr. All o u n v u n h important iLom is tho cumulative influence, now "being fejt, of five or six weeks of improving .shipping conditions, whorliy commercial consumers of steel are greatly relie\ed and those working on wai bufainesb still better supplied Tho increased j 1 l l t ^ h u _ r ^! J''_ P A^L L _ shipments have not entirely relieved j FOR RENT--VRONT OITICHS ON j the situatioii and have not thus far "second door oe D u n n £*a°s b u i l d 1 caused any buyers to request mills | l n f f ' I n £ l l l i r o ° f U A U E i DUN ^ J . Ln . t , d ; to curtail their rate of shipmcn*, the trend t s distinctly m that d tion. Charter .Nut ice. S HIjRTCliY G I V 1 I N TI.A P ui a ( j « i i c . t ( n w j t l lie rn.tdi n\ A O H t l c k u l . u.Ui C M l c k r l and U.u' ano 1 'orr.i. to to UH- Ji\ t-rnoi i ' }'"nj,, ; \ j- \ r , n i ^ , on rrii'..t\ A ; i n l !'· i 'if.. HL 10 - i o c k A :.!,. u n d t r i!ie p n i v [ « - t o n i ^1 of \ s v v n L l ) l \ L - n i i l ' . - d " \n Act klo j'fi- t ' i c ] ico: jio rat ion and r- KiiK'itton of c e r t a i n corporation*., ' Approvr-d t ; 19fh tl:iy of April. A P " 1 h 7 J. ,TK] the s u p p l e m e n t ^ t h e r e i r . fur n. .-hiLrt.-r f o r a n i ^ t c n i i c d corpr.r.t- I t i n n 1-1 lir- i l t o d ['r.t.'.vMllt. ( ? a s Coal ; CVirnii inv. fin., i-h.i-.ii'li r i n c l ohjnn of w h i f f !· U , n t n l . i f T of p ' U . n--: t i n - m.iniif i f ' u r t - of ih" s , m e J n u t i k e and the «alo ,,f C " i ! and roke tnd for t h f ^ j p u r r i -·«" t o h.n L., ho'flios'. a r d ( i i j D y n i l ilif r'u-hf-. bc!ioiii,s ii'id pru ilepros hy Art of A « s c m h l v , a m ! 'lie s u p i ' n m e n t ^ t l * - r r t c confi r - ro I S T K K M X G , IMrBI-.TJ tfc M \ T T I I I ^ W S . f c - i h c I l n r K m i r 2 3 - a r : I ! 4 11 but I C'C- AT ONCE TWO LINOTYPE OPERATORS AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE MICKIE SAYS PR.E-TTV UUCVCV PEP. N\£ t i CLMM TW^T B-MEUfBOOT iON'-f KMOW Yd HAT CLASSV pRiN-fiNS- \WE Tuaw OUT 1W -TH\S SHOP , Eft Vo BE 4 N I M * THIS HER.E JO ' PR.ESS DA^ FOU S VI,E--TOP WAGON. FRANTC erAUL.. 124 T h i r d street. Wej,t Side. ·UprGt- FOR SALE-- P A R A M O U N T X10W Stand. I n q u i r e IS. -L. BCGt'-y or a stand. l O m a r l l FOR SALE--FOR I) TOURING CAR. Call corner M a r k e t a n r i Bruaduay, Scott.lalf. Pa. 30mir31-.jO(l FOR SAM!--B\BY C W i l l sol! c ie^p if t a k e n at quire 1211 Vim htreot FOR SALT: -- WH.TE W S T ^ chicks Srttarda\ Onh i no\^ HKRWTCK, 1012 South street. O. R itthhui'K Ud.pi It , FOR SALK--10 OT.OrTJi-N'O A N D [ 1 c^oak wail c.tblnetw, i ' ,tl cnt.**, 5^ fpet I nlate glass top oj-k florr cus^a jind 1 ! complete meat shop ( M . M ' p m e n t . GKO C. McGIL-Tj, Dawson. Pa. a a p r - l t * i FOR SALE--SEVEN ROOSF HOUSE w i t h bnth, in fln« c o n d l ' i o i . Oedur ave-| n u c . ?a,000; ?100 d o w n a-nd $^7 a ; month pay~.pnti. JOSIH'H A MASON. Second N a t i o n a l Ban.^ 3apr2t Fon S.VLT:--12 Va Acass OF SOI-ID ' coal, ^ to 11 f e e t ; 3,T ?cres of ribbed \ and stump, on ? L. H rai'rnud and i r i v e r ; S25.00n E. r. TXjWJTT. EC 1 j 2119-J, Srottna.1*?, Pa ?.'ipr4t FOR SAl^E--L03 ACHE F^ RM O N " ' mile f rum Yoi rip wood dairj' f a r m Can s\vn I m m e d i a t e possession 55 150 on terms E F. De'WITT, } Coll ;}E!one 290-.I, Scot dale, Fa . \ 3apr j t G3NTLKMAN BOOKKEEP- ER. MUST BK EXPERIENC- ED AXD COMK V'DLL RH- CO.MMENDED TRI - STATE CANDY COMPANY. FOUR LOTS FRONTING ON FIRST STREET, SOUTH CON- NBLLSVILLE, N E A R HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING. THESE LOTS VILL BE SOLD RB.4- SONABLE TO CLOSE ESTATE. MHS. MARY R. PHILLIPS, DUlSoiS, PA. SAVE and INVEST IX TUB SAFEST SIMPLEST --BUY-- War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY United States Government MUCH, 101S. .TAX. 1, 1923. L14 WILL COUNT $5.00 ' CONNELLSVILLE, PA. BBSS Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Results. is:

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