The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1930 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1930
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, .JANL'AK-1' 'SI, ' THE DAILY COTTRTBR, CONNELLSVJuUE, PA, Heads Embassy On the y o u t h f u l shoulders of Her- scho) V Johnson, of Charlotte, N. C-. 32-year-old diplomat, rests,th«j rr-sponsibility of heading the staff of the American umbassy in Mexico City. He was named charge f!' nffnir«5 upon thf.- clepnrtur« of Dwjghl W. Morrow for the London cuivaJ parley. Advice to Girls By ANNIE LAIJRIE D KAR 1 nm w r t t l n p this letter to you for a chanco to m»et that jtlrl that snys that "life ten't worth In part of hor Kstter i»h« vtatea ISuvt boyn fall «ury. Well, I cruenei Ihoy woulrt for a. ~nry attrnctr»« fne«. This Is what, made ma writ* thin letter, unrt thut )a to prov» to h«r that llfp la xvorth $v!ng. Then ehn wrltoji thnr nil boyn nre brok«. Woll. hirf'» on« thnt'a not fclwuya, broke, and I un not a million- a.lro'9 uon, but I work tor my nionoy. I am nlnfctoim j"««r« tM, eonald- «r«d fairly gooil-lookfng, enjof dancing, th«tr«n and all th« ·ports. To make It bwttur to prove It, aJJ I tuik is a chance ?o rae«t her If tt'a PONsibJe. ENJOYING? IJCITQ. W7INJOY1NO I.tTTlO: Ynirs in tadeea ·" a henlthy outlook and 1 «um sure that mioh a iwunlhlfl and bright young man an you appear to be will have no difficulty In finding: the ri«ht kind of a companion. D EAR ANNIE ^ 1 am a girl Js my »ariy twmu. I lore a fallow OP.« y«or my «enlor. He hna gone away for the Winter, I lov« him very aonch, but be doesnt 1ov« me. 1 would 1i» to wrlto to him. ShaH I write first? Would you a*riae ma to try to win him back? BABE) N. B ABE N.: Why not direct your eorriwporKl«nc« to thowe tKat wtfl ftppredato ttf It la botli wrong- and foolish to vrrlte to uomecnie ·whom yo« wra conifiucwl OOOB not earn tor yoa. I am sere* tfa»t ploajNuit time*, wttjj trice yo«r»gr peovto of your oT*Tt aji» and Inclinations, will quickly put all thoughts , cot wt your fcaad- WifePresewers To carry oui. the color scliernf; In your kitchen cupboard, buy an extra roll of cut-out wall paper border and put on shelves. iNuMSKUU. "*£m^fy^ \ jtm ^ s^^W 3$*) w^- «£^:,^L D£AV5. MOAH--»IP QUO SOU )S "THE SUH1 QP= HAT RACK, V/HE-M -IVtE.- K.tTCHti"M SINKS AMO "THE HU?A- " IJT TMG PC/\NUT OUT. o TV4E H TOOTS PAGE ELEVEN. ' -- O.-UM--.L.-.- '-. '-- - .-!.-.-_-^--IL---.-.-^ ----r^J-.-rj-L---r--* By JIMMY MUBPHY TOOTS, YOU WNCfW MRS. CLAMBY! ·3HE-5' TVlti PKJOPRIETPP.% OP _ TEA ROOM 1 . Urr"3 STEP . WE MP-. CLAMBY. we vets. EXPECTED TO -SEE n, Kinf FrMuri 1 * Synlics(f. Inf.. Great Britain rtfrM* rrnorvfd, r wo ONE. HERE. I AM MR"=, CLAM6Y= t AM MAME. 1 . Vs/HERE. MY'HUSBAND ._ \ DONT WMONN', WHEW HE BECAME.A FLU-rmVE FRoN 1 ) Uu t ="ficiH Ahtb Dl?-- APPEA«ED HE'LEPT ME PENNILESS: TO ESCAPE PROM THE DIS^V?/ I CAME METiH WHERE NOONS WvlOVJ-Sj ME. ,~TQ -START UFE. AU_ OVEfa. AirAIM = AtONei (»fi I'M :OftCrY 'OUVE. HAt JUCH A OU4-H BREAK 'IP'S. CLAN8Y! 3EAU- I AMI 4 ". 'WE BEEM 5O LONE6OME. ·HBRE: VM -iri_At)-ro see YOU AlTTHOU^-H WE NEVER WERE. FRiENKil I'M A6HAMEt OF THE WAV MY Ht=BAKlt CAU6^D YOU TO LOSE YOUR- MdNJEYl I W1-3H 1 COUUD ' MAWE AMCNr3! \VHEW IWA' RICH t WA9 HAU6-HTY AND HEARTl-feeS'. 1 CAK1 5EE M 1 ^ MlSTAI^E NOW AMD^ AM I DESERVE Vx/HAT t -ioT ®-)T FROM NCT/^pNi I'M tjO!Mi3-~l ?V TO OE REAL.. ,HOM5EST-TO I'MAVe O A^Wi A FAVOR OF ""COD =· You APE WIND N^rr TO OVEP MY COMF- ty^-JWfM-ss C5VJ i fi_c r%-^Jc- j --r"U'£ TELL NO ONE I AM HERE / jAp,, opa -vNHO \ AM! / LET THE PAS.T . ANt IF "You WNEW US BETTER. -YOU'D k^lOW "WE MEAN ETTA THE PLO'l THICKENS! By 1»A*UL KOBINSOJPT 1'GOESS I'M TO V\E'LL M '-CESSAQ-H FOK XOU MOUe, ©^L PS ^(00 COME AUOHE? HO\N DO UICE ViELL, UETS C^U- IT A DAN -" V4E U GHT'S POOR AND I CAN'T S6E TO PPKNT- VtH/kTSAS TO 'tA G-ETTIKG T\RED SlTTtKCo SO GROOND PlCTORE, CRAMPS · TIM TYLEB ftjr YOUJN'li. ·feUT.SPUD, MOU COUV.D WATCH MOU UC tJUhAP AM,TIM, \p VOU OOHH 1 ^A\MD, 10 C5S63. AS SOOM MOU -*JOUVDHT 6O U? WTU US - UU /C5jr^.iOx-:J;^^ll^^Hyfc'l^4l^·;,^f:^:^\^v.?^ BIG SISTEB. ]»EEP LAID PLANS By LES FORUltAYE. IF i SErovfERT» TME HILL ,( C'ANiSGT THffOGS R X £Q 'PORE SUTCH -COMES FROM SCHOOL . CLL ser TKAT rao^opy TOAY WOT f ve sor T COVER. (T IClfTJH 5NOt(J : (T a JONl'T Se HE 05ED A, ROPE To 6ET HUHJ WELL CLL JES'TR-V A LITTLE OF MltS OM FELIX THE CAT fey PAT SULLIVAJJf. "Cji P" STL r Ui?S J'J'S:!SU'lirBlSIN'l lilWI»A WELL, \ ST \ HOOP! 1 .- HoW H*rW Jr^ND TH' Te PEOPUE 1 .', Or-\, MOCH UOM5-t=.F8., VA r-MG-WT G-\T VOOrV G-RfM-JO you.._ WELL. V

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