Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 6, 1972 ツキ Page 14
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 14

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 6, 1972
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

14A--Aug. 6, 1972 ^Sunday Charleston, Wテつォ* Vlrtlnlj Otl* F,om MATIOHAl WtATHテつ」K SCHVICt of Cofnmtrcテつサ PracipiMlion N*t Inditciud- Ccmulr lテつォテつォal Fortoit THE WEATHER Sunday, *ut. *, it73 Sunrise 6:33 wn. Sunset .. 8:31 p.m. FORECASTS Zones l-2-5-i-7-fl: Sunny with highs In the mid to upper 70s. Cloudy tonight. Lows Cool weather is forecast for the state as a cold front moves down from the Great Lakes region. Kain and showers are due in the a r e a stretching f r o m the Great Plains to the Gulf coast. (AP Wirephoto) highs In the 70s and low Ms. Increaslngidershowers In west. Highs In the upper cloudiness tonight. Lows in the upper 5(H!70s to low Ms. Variable cloudiness with and low to mll-05. ! chance of thundershowers tonlaht. Lows WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA: Mild with In the upper 50s and lower Ml. Review Tradition Rules 'Fiddler' Actors Increasing cloudiness. Highs In the 70s and lower 80s. Mostly cloudy and warmer with chance of showers tonight. Lows KENTUCKY: Increasing cloudiness and warmer with scattered showers and morn- ling thundershowers in west. Highs in me 'he upper 50s and low 60s. [from the mid 50s to tower テつォ0sf ..... , , ... Zones 3-4 (Charleston): Sunny with highsi VIRGINIA: Sunny and pleasant. HlohslsOs. Lows in the 40s. near 80. Increasing cloudiness tonight.;in the upper 70s and lower JOs. Increas-l Highest was 6 mph from N at 2 p.m. Lo\vテつォ in the low to mid-405, ing cloudiness tonight. Lows in the upper Zone 9 : Sunny with highs near 80. Partly 50s and 60s. cloudy tonight. Lows around 60. ; OHIO: Mostly sunny in east and In- WEST VIRGINIA: Sunny today wllh'creasing cloudiness with chance of thun- The Weather Ttmperテつサrurei Saturday's high 80 Saturday's low 63 I Recard high for this date was IK in 1916. Record low for this date was 50 in 19)2. Precipitation 54-hour precipitation as of 7 p.m. .. zero Total precipitation for the month of August 1.70 inches. By George Steele Tradition is a matchmaker arranging the lives of two persons who possibly have never met. Tradition is a father turning his back upon a daughter he loves because she married a Gentile. Tradition is the foundation of the lives of the characters of 'Fiddler on the Roof," which is playing now at the Mountaineer Dinner Theatre. But tradition isn't limited to the characters of the play. It embraces the members of the cast as well. Tradition makes a performer anxious to read symbols printed on paper and translate them into three-dimensional persons who dream their dreams and live their lives from curtain to curtain. Tradition gives a performer From Page I Alka-Seltzer's "M o m a Mia that's a - speecy spicy meat ball.' DEVEREAUX and Mrs. Lopate are strong performers in their respective roles. Tevye, understandadly enough, sounds a lot like comedian Alan King. But the similarity isn't distracting. If nothing more, it adds to the humorous way in which the dairyman faces the hardship which confront him: "Monday was no worse than Sunday," he observes at one point. Their three oldest daughters are enjoyably protrayed by Erica Sarzin, Bonnie Sylvor and Evelyn Boyd, who likes to slip among the tables just before the play for an ice cream and vanilla wafer snack. Even if you've seen different productions of Fiddler before, pride. Pride which keeps him you'll probably find it worth josed, going through a mental Moore get something done in West Virginia and one succeeded in disgracing our state . and our people, I wonder how they can now come back again as if nothing's happened and ask the From Page 1 II from people power, Laurita to put them back he exclaimed. in said in addition to Pittston N.J., angrily pointed out that (he company hadn't paid nearly in penalties under saefety legislation Shriver didate in American history to withdrsw from nomination to a national office having accepted such a nomination. That dramatic announcement came Monday night after Mc- | budget surpluses, record highway building and an efficient welfare program, Republicans had provided 3% years of state government without scandal. H e added the accom- $1 million the 1969 which he had sponsored. PITTSONTON PRESIDENT Nicholas T. Camicial first said he wasn't aware of the unpaid テつキ""テつサテつキ"テつォ iテつサテつォ.テつサ .n^u.^ m^ -ii.-_,^テつォ,i-,_ - fines, then said they were being!old first term senator that his tra 5*j " ot **'"/ * ble to jf et U P appealed. L.,,...-, テつォ.,., .....,, . a full head of steam because countdown until his next Ike is due so he can deliver it on tune and make it believable. * * * THUS, there are two drama to watch while Fiddler plays at the dinner theater. One is written and performed according to script. The other is spontaneouse revealed by subtle changes in the performers' faces, stance am breathing. That's a nice thing about a dinner theater. You're close enough to see the person behind the personage. Eight of the members of the cast, who play minor roles, are from the Charleston-Huntington area. Producer Jay Gould said it's more feasible to choose the eight from each locale rather than carry the extra staff from ktinority iubbard tie aaaea me accom- place to place The locals are plishments of the Moore team n - hra v- ouak triizaheth Hav. "will exceed every expectation of every fair judge who looks at the record." He pictured Rockefeller's campaign train as traveling in Govern persuaded the 42-year-two directions on a one way When the matters came up again during a state Buffalo Creek probe, Jay Hillary Kelley, dean of the West Virginia University School of Mines and chairman of an investigatory commission, overruled other commissioners attempting to explore Pittston's safety record. In a written ruling, Kelley said "the Pittston Co. is not on trial" and its safety record wasn't germane to investigation. medical history would become a the engineer is fighting with the campaign issue in itself andjfireman and carrying a train- damage their chancs of beating President Nixon and Vice President Spiro T. Agnew for the White House. Among the first to comment was Eagleton who called Shriver an excellent choice and said "I will do everything I can to see the McGovern-Shriver ticket is elected.'' load of "broken down Dem- cratic baggage cars." "But even if they got their train running right, they still don't have anything they can bring to the people. Why if somebody opened up the Rockefeller baggage car with a can opener, the 'old-time Democrats would fall out of there like so many wet fish," he concluded. Debra Novak, Elizabeth Hay, Karl Honaker, David King, Mark Gallaher, C r i s t o p h e r Clark, Randy Haney and Walt Lewis. Two of the regular members of the troupe have performed' at the Mountaineer Dinner Theatre before. One is Justin Devereaux, who plays Tevye, the dairyman. He formerly played Ben Chambers in "Norman, Is That You?" Fran Lopate, who portrays Golde, Tevye's wife, was here before as Mabel in 'The Reluctant Debutante." If Mrs. Lopate looks familiar, it might be because you remember her as the Moma Mia in Enrich your room with the sheer drama Oriental design rugs from See our complete collection of these prized treasures of design taken from museum-selected Oriental patterns in a thrilling choice of shimmering pastels and dramatic tones as deep as jewels. All tough worsted wool face yarn, .lustre-washed to a permanent silken sheen. Your room will come alive with the color and excitement of a new Karastan Oriental design. We stock sizes from 2'x 2"x 4!.. up to 8'8"xl2'. Priced from $85. to $495. Select a small accent or a large room-size rug. We're located at 209 Washington St. West. There's plenty of parking nearby. Come in today and see our whole collection of priceless-looking Karastan Oriental designs. BOLL FURNITURE Shop Monday 'til 9 Tuesday, Saturday 'til 7 209 Washington St., West Phone 343-9527 Interior Designer your time to watch the mem- jers of this particular troupe. They're an interesting bunch. Man Sought In Shooting A 25-year-old Charleston man is in Charleston General Hospital listed in satisfactory condition after being shot in the chest Saturday. Lt. Arlie Robinson, chiet of the Charleston detective squad, said James Myers was shot b y m e n t a .25 caliber handgun at 7 p.m. in the Eagle Sandwich Shop at the corner of Morris Street and Washington Street. He is presently in the hospital where he was brought by Kan awha Valley ambulance service. Police are searching for a man in connection with the shooting. No motive for the shot has yet been established. 5. C. Man Hurt In Car Crash A South Charleston man was admitted to Charleston General Hospital Saturday following an automible accident at Elkhurst, a hospital spokesman said. Warren Walker, 51. of 5420 Ohio St., was in surgery late Saturday with a possible ruptured spleen, he spokesman said. Rights, Mine Safety Added, GOP Approves Platform By BETTY MILLS The Associated Press Amendments calling for legislative review of the Human Rights law and strict enforcement of state mine safety laws were added to the document as the 1972 West Virginia Republi proved by the state convention we Saturday. Another amendment to in stitute a severance tax on min . ,, テつォ.- H erals was defeated by a close savmgl Gl Pテつサn said. voice vote of the convention delegates. Tax relief for the Mountain State's elderly and "economic ally disadvantaged" citizens liighlights the 17-plank platform adopted by the convention. OTHER KEY planks call for the establishment of a state Environmental Protection Agency a separte state office of consumer protection, and the pubic defender system. The amendment dealing with civil rights, offered by the Ca- テつォIl County delegation, was ini ially opposed by the platform committee chairmen, Senate Leader Chester R. and House Minority Leader George Seibert, both R- Ohio. But Seibert hastily withdrew foe committee's objection to he amendment when, a black delegate from Logan County ose to urge its passage. Seibert later called the "hange offered by the amend- emantics" 'an exercise m- and said the issue was not' worth a convention loor fight. The original language of the latfarm called for "full fund- ng of the West Virginia Human lights commission to insure adequate implementation and enforcement of existing state law, thereby eliminating all f o r m s of unlawful discriminatory practices." The three-point amendment adopted in place of that plank recommended: legislative review of the Human Rights statute with the aim of supplying the commission with the necessahy funds for an adequate full-time staff. ^テつキAnnual legislative examination of the departmental requirements necessary for implementation and enforcement f the law. ^テつキEnacting such amendments to the assembled 2,200 delegates. Keynote speaker Joseph A. Laurita Jr., Republican candidate for attorney general, called the platform "a fantastic document to run on that reflects a progressive posture for the state of West Virginia." The Monongalia County prosecuting attorney said he was pleased at the recommendations for a consumer protection agency and a public defender system in the state. are n e c e s s a r y to totally eliminate all abuses of a discriminatory nature. A Huntington lawyer who helped draft the amendment, James Gipson, said it was essential "because I think this minority a behind Arch Moore." The original platform plank on civil rights was just "face- The mine safety amendment to the platform calls for "strict compliance and enforcement of present mine safety laws and II further study with coal miners! for the enactment of laws that|! will protect their health and lives." It was proposed b; Monongalia County delegate Hermit Mason. * * * A N O T H E R AMENDMENT proposed by Mason, to establisl a deletion tax on "minerals as they are extracted from the earth" lost by what seemed to be a close voice vote. State Republican Chairman Thomas Potter ruled the "nays" in majority and proceeded to the next order 01 Business before a roll call coulc be called for. The document points to a arge surplus in state coffers in calling for tax breaks for West Virginia citizens. Specific provisions call for exempting food from the consumers sales tax and exempting retirement in- from the state income comes ax. In the area of environmental rotection, the platform calls 'or "stringent control of sur 'ace mining and reclamation", he document's only mention of hat controversial issue. A controversial feature of the platform is the plank on penal reform which supports family visitation for prisoners, including conjugal rights. In the welfare plank, the party said it would "provide every eligible recipient of public assistance with his total basic minimum human needs for such period of time as he must necessarily remain dependent upon his state for support." In a show of party unity for the platform, Del. Orton A. Jones. R-Roane, one of the most liberal Republicans in the legislature, read the prologue from P(i"t I Pirate paigned hard for his re-election with the i n s p i r i n g slogan "Rumpsey-dumpsey, rumpsey- dumpsey, Colonel Johnson killed Tecumseh." The democrats lost the election. ANOTHER JOHNSON-Att- drew--became a household word on his inauguration day when he stumbled in drunk. The poor man, who actually drank less than most of his contemporaries, had b e e n stricken with typhoid fever fol- owing the 1864 election. Before the ceremonies began, A doctor suggested that Johnson drink some whisky for his weakened condition. But Johnson took too much of the medicine. Just as he was about to be sworn in, he launched into a r a m b l i n g , extemporaneous speech, in which he berated limself as well as some cabinet officers and Supreme Court jus- ices. He ended" his talk, accord- ng to witnesses, by giving the Bible a noisy kiss. However, barely more than a month after the inauguration, Johnson inherited bigger prob- ems. Lincoln had been assassinated. Johnson was president. Perhaps the most unusual epi- ode of all when Vice occurred in 1912 President John Schpolcraft Sherman died after laving been nominated to run igain with William Howard 'aft. It was too late to remove herman's name from the ballot, ie became the only dead man n history to receive 3 million otes for vice president. Color you can Count on! \gofiet State Circuitry Pesigned for Extended Life! XL-1OO[テつァ) 10 o%SoWStateAccuCotor_f Come see XL-100 --great viewing, great styling! Our Lowest Price Ever! Kll'lel G Q - b 7 7 25' diaKOnrfl picture Colonial styling, superb viewing-- RCA'sXL-100 ' XL-100 is more than just great color. It's 100% solid state color with circuitry designed to perform longer with fewer repairs. AccuMatiacolor monitor locks . color and tint within a normal range. Ultra-bright black matrix picture tube for bright, sparkling color. 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