The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 25, 1964 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 5

Ottawa, Canada
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Tuesday, August 25, 1964
Page 5
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two yean ago, he recounted, ha. u exposed by the Communist Party a one of lu nam-ban and appealed, unsuccessfully to the Justice Department and the RCMP lor what hi hoped would be "public recogMtmr that he u, lact, an anti-Soviet eienL WJris recognition never cane. And it waa to draw hit cUim 0 Parilament'i attention that the "stood bomb" wat thrown onto the floor of the Commons. . "I couldn't go on." be related. "Every Job I tot, 1 wai brand-ad by the Communists at one of them, and, of course, tired." Father of eight cNldres by Ua first wife, and the expectant lather of a ninth by hi second wife. Yvette. ha has lived larger on welfare -fitTorantp these past tw years, v I "A lou3t far every two weeks." hcalled it. . He wa seven weeks behind ta hit Ut-svweek rent , So ha wrote to "Underdog," far Vancouver, and to Toronto, at W okq ex pens, flew David Cowitihaw. Jt, a former Tele- - rant reporter ' who. fat recent years, nae been in the unusual busmest -of a "profesetonar rtgnter of wrongs," as he de-ecribed himself. WOVE TP OTTAWA 11 (They drove from Toronto Innday, slept tfca, are. floor" of a frrndi bouse oe Qitmour Street, and early Monday claimed to have made an- ether unsuccessful appeal for Tecognltioa" from the autbori-rJee of Mr.' MacDqnald at a former RCMP Undercover tgent. ; - - . .They got nowhere.' and la frustration, "Underdog" C o w-bahaw decided te do t meaning dramatic." 1" . P'V- r -So over to HuH and the Canada Packers ptaat-they -went and asked for a euart of blood. :" It wae 'cowt blood, and into ft. . because they ' said ithey wanted it to remaia ta mpiid fern for atJeaatJM Inure, was peored a antKoagulant. .ft was Jo be thrown on the Boor of the ' Commons : the rbd of the blood ht etartilng contrast to the grwsa carpet of the chamber - "te rivet attention," an Calvtef Wacdooald expressed" t mmsucev; . . 1n what mast have been one CMS of the more rational moments, of the mad day, they decided that to throw the Wood In a bottle they bed It in a quart Jar might be to risk injury to members of the Commons. ."We might have gashed them toUrith V'tr. i - . 9 .1. li'-. PYJAMAS ; Ptaaal collar ana pake, 4mt- tWa fftjftta iaWaJ Sai)Wr,Wl t 9aaM . Ms beck trouaar, AaaartaS , BrtaX ae ooiora. Siaas a as -rl . :...v. ' ' mri I I:. - i ! flying glsssf related Cal- Uantonaui. 1 Macdonald. vln So they poured the cow's blood' from the bottle into an empty quart milk carton. Then together, the pair of them, - Macdonald and Cowllahaw went to the Centre Block office ol Social Credit Leader Robert Thompson. GIVEN PASSES 1 '. ' They requested, and were given, passe to the Opposition Members' Gallery. . (Forehendedly, Mr. : Cowiishaw came armed to Mr. Thompson's orrke with a letter from a .Social Credit branch in Vancouver,.. nd 'so; with few questions, thai.Socred Leader's stafl xave thera she passes. With the csnonful of cow's blood-in h ileather briefcase. and raincoat- thrown over his arm. Mr. CawUshnw entered the Gallery, followed by Mr. Macdonald. T ' -'.'I He even jasked U It ware' ail rtabt that he uka the brief- case mw uw uaiwiy. mJ - that be was told there was no tbfteOtm-:-'Y-f '.,. -. v.. from that moment things moved lowlyi. .sll.' In Irtow motM, while they waited, pos-eibr'gathermg their nerve, lor the" .sudden move that cams with such a shafts ring shock. Slowly M hist feet .rosecMr-Cowiishaw, the carton in. hH right- hand, and Vobbed 1 ever the CeHery railing. ' 'V 4, HIDEOUS SPLASH ' : With a ludjeout aplasX it splattered, redfc stickily on the greets carpet i2 IrooT, of .Con-servatlve Fmof Bescher George Nowlan who at me momest, waa speaking emoUonalry of his devotion to the Red Ensign. - Mr. Nowlan ardly paused, then- said:-,. ' : - ;lt't aU right T don't thmk It's hit beart't blood;.! think It's his bramt.' .V . ,' Thf House wat thunderstruck, Quickly, Mfv Cowiishaw darted throuftk the Gallery door. Vtf. Macdooal ikti' remained eeated, and to1 II mlnntee ielt quietly with nobody the "wiser. 'wEtovi'irt.lyiGrrr! TO LIMIT QUANTITIES - I ; , a- . r . v f I . ; L 1 : SEAMLESS NY10NS. a tV t rina aaalltt Ooaaamar shear . -:' : ' A ayians m rail's aawsat and r.nt- - V " ' ' sat ahadaa. 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I I II! i m : rrast tmb m camaoa -cakaoian facitic" rot irr tiNta thi wHira larapjaa- vira rum down ltt 1 oo-TAU orr actio. ' low low micb -.-.'.I... Z2z 'giving himself up" later to a.l cameraman. ,- T Old parliamentary hand. Ser geant BUI Kirk.' veteran of the Commons Protective Staff had m it an happen and fa a sprint down the corridor behind the Gallery, easily captured the unresisting Mr. Cowiishaw. "you tnrow tnat7" ne asaeo. '"Yes," came the answer. '"You alone in this?" ?"Ye , ";. "Coma with me." "Where?'' " ' '. ''Never mind; fust coma." They took him to the office of Commons Protective Staff Chief Georga Jones where tbey held htm from 3.13 p.m. until lust after T.M ' p.m.- while Speaker Alan MacNaughtoa and his advisers pondered the prob- m of what to do with him. USE THE 'HST: UY4-WAt.fURCrlASE.-; A Sana Deposit Win rr t Hold Any Purchase 7 ;1 TUESD AY, AUGUST 25, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Authorised as ewnd rlem mall. Port Olftre Lepertmenl endlor payment pcatese in ua FTl ' from Page On e : p vl ''''wswawaa 'Ti Hill Staff When they took him out of the Centre Block for detention and charging at police head quarters, he wae -unabashed, . NO REGRETS "Sorry you did . H now?" somebody asked. ' "No. I'd do h again." "But why?? .."They were railroading him." ; (Presumably, be meant, Mr. Macdonald.) v !- 1 Tbey bad tat together In the Gallery rust behind Miss Laura Mann, former : Carleton . Cause rvstiva Constituency secre tary-treasurer, land, now a past president of the organization. and Mrs. , Percy Noble, wife of ' the ' Conservative -MP . tor Grey Norths.' - Mist Mand waa tplasbed with the cow's blood leaking from the carton at it flew, with what she described as an "audible whim" over her head. MPs SPATTERED ' Several .MPs; including Soli citor General MacN aught ' and Perry . Ryan, '..Toronto - Liberal, were slightly spattered. ' Almost automatically,' every body Immediately jumped to the conclusion that this wat tome kind of a wild flag -war demonstration. . t J'vf -'- U' wat ordy when House of Commons attendanu picked up the Moody carton and found a note that the truth emerged that this was. certainly., a . de monstration, .but of f wildly weird kind. ' vv- : i " ', The note, typed, and quite long, started out: "This it the blood of Calvin Macdonald . bled white.. .' .then dis credited." In interviews later, a slightly different version wat related of how the blood-filled milk carton wat smuggled into the Gallery. . Mr. Cowiishaw told Com mons police he bad carried the briefcase in with him, but that it wat empty, except for a shirt, and the carton waa -concealed In the back of hit trousers at the belt line, hidden by hit Jacket. . ' I His idea had been to tnrow It in the general direction of Justice Minister Favreau. But Mr. Favreau wat not in the Commons, and as be wait- led there in the Gallery for the Justice Minister to enter tne House, the milk carton be gan dripping blood down .his legs. ' Delaying no longer, he rose. plucked the carton from Its hiding place and lobbed it in an arc on to the floor of the Commons below in front ol the startled Mr. Nowlan. rom Page One! SrYietNam The boisy, -milling demonstra tors, however, demanoe - tnai the powerful military Junta be replaced by a mixed mlliury end . civilian council. ' '. ' The Junta also decided to dls-j solve itself after election of, a new chief of state, an official communique said. , - inesa oecisions appearea u be a virtually complete conces sion to demands formulated ty Buddhist leaders who were threatening to start a new religious crisis similar to that which ousted the Diem regime last November. The communique issued by the council said the present) government would continue in a caretaker capacity lor the time being. 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Rouge wasn't the only place doing big business. FIRST AID FOR SM ,' St John Ambulance bnr gade gave first aid to 536 persons in what Divisional Super intendent Peter Griffin called the "biggest night to far." He counted treatment for at least M bee stings in a quick thumb-through of files and said this was uncommon. Most fori previous years he could recall wat five tr tlx. . LOST TWICE ' Boy Scouts were hopping all over the park picking up stray children. It was an average children's day with 489 getting lost CHOOSE OFFICERS PETERBOROUGH (CP) - Chief H. S. Knight of Saint John. N.B.. Monday was elected president of the Cana dian Association of Fire Chiefs at the annual convention. Elected first vice president was Cecil Upper of Wei land. Al Ian-Clark of Lakefield. Ont., waa elected secretary - treas urer. Nine of the national parkt are in New Mexico. 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