The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 4, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1918
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. ·IIE] THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVli_,Ldi, fA. THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1918. "The Land of Promise." a. two act -Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Leitch and daugh- :omedy will be presented tomorrow ter, Miss Arllne, formerly o£ Cleveland. 0., wore guests o£ Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Soisson o£ West Peach street over Sunday. They were motoring to Philadelphia to reside. The engagement o£ Miss Leitch to a lieutenant in the army has just been announced. NINETY-ONE MORE MEN OFF FOR CAMP LEE evening at 8 o'clock in the First Baptist church by members of the Sunday school. A large numiber .of tickets, selling at 25 cents each have been disposed of, and the young jxople liope to realise quite a nice sum for the benefit of the church. Thj program la as follows: ''Premiss Whitfleld," a ;heological student, W. C. Percy;, - .-- ""Colonel Butler Street," lender ot the |burg- have announced ten engagement nhoir, B. W. Haviland; "Miss Soph- ; of their daughter, lUss Mars-iretia ronia Lace," secretary of lie sewing Qross to Robert Marstobank oC Jlr. ana Mrt,. E. il. Gross of Greens- jirele, -Miss Sue Percy; "Ojadiaa Mc- Puff, who looks after the establishment, S. B. Dull; "ilartha .McPuff," who looks after him, · Miss Edith ton. Md. Tile engagement will terminate in a May wedding. -Miss Gross is a niece of Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Dick of South Pittsburg street and has Evans; ".Rev. Prankiin Sunday," min-| friends here, istsr, James I. Fornwalt; "Mrs. Sun- i -day." his wife, Miss Monk-en Kerr; Edward B. Kuhos ot Donegal and Rev. Sunday's daughter, "E'oise," jliss | Lydia P. Neiderbouser of Jones -Mills; Pearl Whitman; "Paulina," Miss Thel-' Roy L. Morgan of Sutcrville and Ada ma Seese; -Indian*," .Mis, Btnogene i O'Koark o( Alvenon, were graated Rhodes; "Emeune Trimble." president | licenses to wed in Greensburg yester- of the sewing circle. Mrs. Smith du. Grimm; "Tucher Dooliltle," postmaster and storekeeper, C. L. Hat- Deli; "Mrs. Doblit'.le," his wife, Miss ! Maccabees will meet tonight at tho Rose Moore; "Leonard Dudley." his home of Mrs. Vaughn in Fourth The W. B. A. Knitting club of the head clerk, Stanley Crow; "Cyntheana .Key," music teacfrer, MJss Sarah " 'Secs'e.little tag girls, Jane Marietta, Elaice Grimm, Frances Marietta. Edne C'.nmm, GlacVs Kreger, Margaret Jean stieet. PERSONAL. Mrs. P. M. Butteimore and daughter, Mrs. John F. Torrer.ce, are tlie Lang, Sarah Williams. , guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mat- .Mitsical numbers. Par: 1--"While!thews of Uniontown. Mrs. Butter- Taefe's Love in the Heart." "Make ] more is a sister of Mrs. Matthews. Yourself at Home," "We Pin a Tag ! -Mrs. J. M. Zimmers and the -Misses on You," ''Forty Years Aso," "A Pi'- Wiley of Scottdale were shopping in low of Salt,'"' "The Land rf Promise," ' town yesterda/- "The Love Behind the Smile;" Part j Drafted? If not, let me measure you 2--"Greetings~to 1'on." "The Heart Is for that new spring suit. Dave Cohen, a Garden Fair," ''Make' My Dreams I Tailor.--Adv. Come True," "I Think I Hear the Tinkle of the Wedding Sells," "The Joy o£ Living." Business of a routrne nature, was Miss Grace Grnnm of Pittsburg, who has been -visiting relatives at Dawson and in Conaellfaville township, returned home yesterday. Mrs. G. B. Graham of near Leisen- transaeted at the re°?uia: meeting of ! ring Xo. I was at Dunbar yesterday the Woman's Guild i' the Trinity!to see her nephew, who left this af- Episeonal church held Ia_st evening a t , ternoon w:lh tie draftees for Camp the home ot Mrs. Harry Vanstono in ' Lee. Petersburg, Va. Wine street. South Conaellsvjlle. i The best place to shop after all Following the business meeting refreshments were served by. the hostess. The next meeting wilf be held Wednesday evening April 17, at the home of Mrs. Edna Johnston Brendel in South Pittsburg street. Brownell Shoe Co.--Adv. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mclntyrc ot Dearth, Mr. and Mrs. John Mclntyrc of Seanght. were here last evening to see Thomas Mclntyre, a brother of John and'Charles Mclntyre, who en{lined in tho mechanics' department. Eleven local ladies attended a ' ° ff ° r Washington. D. C., last night, tear held yesterday afternoon! VTM Robert Felly of Springfield, by Mrs I. W. Myers at Her home . °- is "siting at Che home of her uro- in Green street. The ie.u was one o£ , ««"· F. W. Wright and Warren L. a series planned by -tae Women's , ^ "ght. Guild of the Trinity Episcopal oburch I or- and Mrs. J. S. Garrison and lor the benefit of the building lund of daughter, and son, Sbermer, of Balti- the church The afternoon was, spent, morc ' aro sucsts of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. atknittins. Light retre-hmenu were Wcidemann. Phermer Garrison has sen.-ed, Mrs. T. G. Klncaid wiis also', enhsted i- the aviation service and hostess at one of the sei ics yesterday i «Pects to ·.fternoon at her home i.i West Cedar soon - se called into service George S. Cavanaugb of Elizabeth and Winifred V. Kaley o; Meyersdalc; William Humphries a:,d Clara J. Smith ot Uniontown, v, ere granted .icenses to wed in Pittsb'jrg yesterday. E%"eryifa:Qg is in reauness for the Easier dance and reception of the Unity Fraternity to be held this evening at tiie Colonial Inn. Nothing has Detn left undone by the committees in charge towards making tte affair a greater success ttian. the annual reception given ia January. The ballroom is being prettily decorated for the occasion. Kiferle's orchestra will play. Meaibers ot the younger social set, including a number of out of lown guests, will attend. The committee is composed of Paul B. Soisson, D. Kirk Dilworth, Junior Marshall, C. Ed- wjn Keajry and G. Carr Sheets. The Busy Twelve club will be entertained tomorrow · aight by Mrs. Frank Zanchi at her l.pme in Aetna street. The women of the First Baptist church will form a "Battalion ot Prayer," with Mrs. J. JJisel as leader, then joining~-an interaa^onal interde- nomonational league o'-' the Christian women, who have pledged themselves to pray at least once a day for the s*oldlers and sailors during the period of. the war. The quarterly business meeting of the First Baptist church was held last evening-at the cloie of the regular prayer services. Reports of the church work were rei.d and other routine business transacted. The regular weekly meeting oC the Business Women's Christian association will be held tonight in Ofld Fellows' temple, South Pittsburg street. All business women are invited. On account~of numerous benefits ^iven for tae Red Cross toe benefit for a similar cause, which was to have been given by the Tuesday Music clnb has been postponed to sometime in May._ Persons holding tickets for the concert, which was to have been held on April 9th, art- asked to hold them as they will be gaod for the performance whenever it is fiven. The date will be announced Irter. The regular meeting of the dab will be held on Tuesday evening. April 30. Miss Marion Deal, a primary teacher in the Second \\-ird school, has tendered her resignation to take effect Friday. Miss Deal's marriage to John J. Stearman of Grove City, will be an event of tb.s month. Miss Deal is a daughter of Mr and Mrs. Levi Deal of Grove City, and has taught in the city schools two months. Her fiance, who Is one oJ the owners of the Dawson Bronze factory at Grove City, aas enlisted in ibe aviation service and eipects to b; called into active service soon, 3li«s Deal is the third teacher in the local schools to resign recently to marry CAMPBELL SEEING WORLD Continued from Pazo One. Washington, D. C., where he will go into training with the mechanics' regiment. VAXDEKBJXT BOTS AI5E .SAJrK IX FH.VSCr. Relatives and fnendri of Captain Otis Porter of Vanderbilt have received word of his safe arrival m France. Captain Porter'is the son of Druggist and Mrs. S. .E. Porter. Word has been received from Lieutenant Earl Lyon of his safe arrival in France. Lieutenant Lyon was formerly doctor for the W. J. Ramey company at Fort Hill and Elm Grove. Continued from FAEP One. James Lonkej, Acme. Ray K. Livergood, Dawson. Austin B. Miller, Fennsville. Kdward. Harold Lepley, Con no! Is- ville. Andrew Oppman, (jjonnelisville. Lewis E. Killinge'r, Everson. John Elmer Anell, Owen.sdale. Biagio Magnifo, Connellsv.Ile. George Richter, Connellsville. "Walter Murphy, Connellbville. Jaraes McGinley, Dawson. Clarence F, O'Donovan, Coimells- ville. Edward Herring, Cniontowm Abram Clark, Freed. Fonorchiot Santo, Dawson, James S. Minnis, Connellsville. John Basile, jNew York CiO\ N. V. Clarence Ilecknor, Stauffer, Harry Kinger, Connellsville R, D, 35. Irl Palmer, Conncilsnlle. The canteen committee ib coovposed of .Mj-b. T. R. Francis, Mrs. J. R. Me- treza,'., Mrs. Aiex Hood, S£r«. W. D. McGinn-is, Mrs. S. P. Ashe, Mrs. E. B. Smith,. .Mrs. W. J. Bailey, Airs. J. Al. Young, Mrs. Clyde "Wnvtcly, fi. P. Ashe and W. 0. Adrian. The draftees who loft from District No. 5 today .follow; Altonco YisconU. Jack Morrison. John I. BartletU Charles Bernard Lee. James \. Berkley. Ben Klluk. Thurman J. Coughenour. Russell C. Buraworth. Jacob IvOwerj'. Daniel W. Bailey. Clarenco Taylor. Jonah F. Dennis, liarry G Coughenour. Charles B. Raakm. Robert J. Dolan. Joha T Safchock. John L Basmger. Edward v*". ComstorL William R. Rankia. I^eii G. King. William S Dickey. Joseph M. Holiday. IZwmg D, Mmerd. Harry Jordon. Ray Cavanaugh. V'mcen: M. Yoswick. David N Shovr. Raymond E. Addis. Gaetano Donta. Randall W. LeapUnc. Harry Ambrose. "Walter McCune. J-lerbcrt R. Baker. William N. Bundof. Harmon Domimck Marr. Will lain G. Connell. William 0. Bailey. Walter E Muir. The Xo. 5 -were in charge of Daniei W. Bailey, captain; Ewmg D. Minerd, i lieutenant; Etlnvard W. fo'rnslon, ' lieutenant: William 0. Bailey, Ircu- tonant; and Vincent M. Yoawick, lieutenant- Charles Schanzc of Ibe Baltimore Ohio passenger department, with head- 1 quarterr in Baltimore, and \v. A. Pick- i ing, traveling passenger agent, located in Cumberland, will accompany the draftees to Camp Lcc, MRS. KLIZA HARDY. Following an illness of pneumonia Sirs. Eliza Hardy, SZ years old, widow oE Henry Hardy, died Tuesday morning at her home at Dunbar, Funeral from the house tomorrow afteAoon at 3 o'clock and from the Methodist Protestant church at 2 o'clock. Rev. j Theodore Darnell, the pastor, and j Rev. T. M. Gltid'den ot T u r t l e Crock, , a former pastor, will oficlato Inter- ' ment in Franklin township Mrs Hardy had resided at Dunbar for a , number of years and was widely and favorably known m -.hat commumtj. Her husband died about 12 years agr. The following children survive: Mrs. Emma Devaul of Hazlowood, Charles Hardy and Alra. Ella Myers of D u n - j bar; John A. Hardy of Pean station,! j and Mrs. Henry Doz cr nf St, Louis. I ! Twenty-two grandchildren and ]0 i great grandchildren also survive, AfRS JANE AffcMANUS. ; ,\Ers. Janii AfcManus, 26 year* old. | wife of Joseph jMoMannfa, djed Monday ! morning a; bur home at Uledi. Fun-! era-1 services were held yesterday from j the Lutheran church at Mount Pleas- ' ! ant. Deceased spent all her kfe in that | community, where ahe was widely and favorably known. Mrs. MiONianus's death is the sucond to occur tn the family in, the past two months!. Her* facher, John H. AliJlor died Januarj" I 2-1. Mrs. M^^fanus is survived by her husband, who today left with the draftees for Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va,, one child, LirlHe, and a broth or, Isaac Mill or, who is with the 32tu In- f a n t r y , stationed at Atlanta, Ga., and a broLiiej-in-law. John VmceuL of Star i Juacton. BRITISH RETREAT A MASTER MOVE DECLARES HILLIS CK FLAG AT FAYtTTE ttAS OFFIfK. * The Conaellsville ofRce of the Fayette County Gas company will shovr a sen*ice flag with two stars after today. Assistant Superintendent Correll J- Poole leaves Scottdalo this evening for Camp Lee. As Mr. Poole's residence is in Ruffsdale, he is a selective from District Xo. 7, "West- 1 moreland county. T. V. Murphy of 1 ConnellsviUe, leaves this afternoon I with the boys from District No. 2, Fayette county. Mr. .Murphy was a meteririan for the gas company. SEVER "WASTED SINCE JOLTO'G rVCIE SA3TS AIUIT Sergeant Major Arnold D. Camp-bell writes his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Fred Campbell, of Unionto-wn, of his safe arrival in Fran-ce, tlie letter arriving at the Campbell home Monday. Sergeant Major Campbell, -who ^as formerly of Scottdale and Mount Pleasant, has leen stationed at New York, and Cainp Merritt, N. J.. leaving the latter camp March 15 for overseas. He writes that he has enjo3'ed the best of health sin-ce he enlisted, in August, 19]7, and has ne-ver. wanted for anything since joining "Uncle Sam's" army. DK. CAHROLI 501V IN BALLOON SERVICE Lieutenant J. B. Carroll, who Uas been in training ca-mp at Fort Og'e- thorpo, Augusta, Ga., is -now -with the balloon service stationed at San Antonio, Tex. Mrs. Carrall, who was with her husband at Fort Oglethorpe, has returned here and is at the home of her parents, .Mr, and Mrs. George B. Freed. SIMPLE WASH REMOVES RINGS UNDER EYES Counellsville people* will be surprised how quickly pure Lavopttk eye wash relieves blood shot eyes and dark rings. One young man. -who bad eye* trouble anti very unsightly dark rings -w-as relieved by ONE WASH with Lavoptik. His sister also re-' moved a bad eye strain in three days. A small bottle of La\optik is guaranteed to benefit EVERY CASE weak, strained or inflamed *yos. Aluminum eye cup FREE. A. A. Ctarke,--Adv. Continued from Pace One. dead, he said. The litroc'Uies, said Dr. Hiilis, were not the- work of degenerates but all a pan of the German plan of war to terrori/e the people of opposing nations. Quoting from General \on Hoffman's work on "Law of Gorman War ou Land," he proved that arson, rapine acd murder and mutilation oC J boys and girls was a part of the Ger- ' man science of military operations. Age did not Sguro with the Germans. Babes m the cradle and men and women nearing the century mark aljke suffered in 01 (ier that the inhabitants might be terrorized. Producing what is known as a soldiers' token, a small disk carried by each man in bis vest pocket, Dr.'Hillis pronounced it the "most,damnable thing that has come out of fiell." This bears an inscription insuring the soldier that in the day of judgment he shall not be questioned as to the atrocities IHJ commits in the name of tlio fatherland. Following this up Dr, Hillis declared "the German kaiser's God is my Dev;l." The kaiser has had God and the Devil mixed for four years, he said. M"ucb evidence has been pres-erved to prove the atrocities of the Germans, said Dr. Hillis. Besides hundreds of photographs there are 100 mutilated bodies held at tnorgues, including the one ot the woman with | her husband's head inserted in the ] abdomen. I FRANK HAGGKRTY. [ Frank M. Haggerly, 49 years old, j a well known, resident of Dawsou, died yesterday afternoon at 3 30 o'clock it the residence of his parents, Mr and Mrs, John Uaggerly at Dawson, following a lingering iPness. '\ Fuacral from the- house Saturdu followed by requieci high ! mass at thr Sacred Heart Catholic church at Dawson Mr. Haggeny is j survived by hi? parents and. bevcral brothers and sisters. ELIJAH P. STKYKR. Kluab P. '3tcyer, 73 years old, a well known firmer of Spnnjyield township, d u t l yesterday at bis home at Clay Run f o l l o w i n g an illness of dropsy. Deceased is survived by b:s widow and .1 family of children. No arrangement for the funeral will be t made until word is received from a son, who is at Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va. STITVK I3ALED0VSXKY. Sttne BaJfdovHxky, IS years, ol3. oi ToungHtown, died y^tcrdsiy morn- j ing. Funeral tomorrow from St. _ 1 John's Slaush church in the West I Side, with miernwru in St. John's I cemetery. ALfcURT IIARVKY. j Albott ll.i.r\t?y, 73 jLEtrs old, a wpll Kaovai re^idoTt O'" SjinnghLH (o-,m- j ahtp, di*?d 1 ui*s*Jay nuojning of drop.s-.'. j LOCAI, All I GCORGH OOftXKLU , Goorg^ Go*mcll nropiK-d dfiid Tuw*- , day evening tt th'- borje of hih HPII- how, Atbert Poim Is-tonc, near Lotk- I roac. " -NERS. ILfcllJrlX TOLHVi;R AI rs. !ieJ en To I i i vo r. co lo rod yciirs old, wuioiv nl William Tollivcr, died tl!i. mornLiig at the home o! bor father. George Robinson, at Dmvba:. She leaves three cbjldren, a b r o t h e r , Howard, of Johnjiovm. and a sister, Mrs. Lucy H u n t , of ConncllsU'le. So many new blouses are coming in tKat we can mention in a descriptive way, only a few at a time. There are lots of copies of French blouses, ranging in price from $3.75 to $15.00 from the gorgeous georgette model at the latter price, to the many styles in dainty lingerie or hand embroidery, or many rows of pin tucks, at $3.75. And at $1.00, $1.25 and $2.25 there are scores of fresh new waists--all white or in smart novelty stripes or checks. "THE STOKH A U K AD." TflEl ; HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE \?.9 tot53 N PITTSBURG St. CONNELLSVILLE;". BUTTKRICK PATTKBXS. Cloarwator and daugbler, -Jio world champion niavers will play at 7 3 0 Friday ovenmg in chc up-to-date Royal Billiard Room, 2"9 North Pittsburg street.- -AI'.Y, EYURYTHI.NQ COOKED LIKE AT 110M.B, Strictly Probh, Cleau acd Pure. ASK FOR OCR SPUC1AL CLUB BRIilFAST ,VND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." NUXT DOOR TO WEST PE.N'N WAITING ROOM. Fre-sh From Pittsburgh Every Day. TAKE A HOME Served With Many Delicious Dressings at Collins' Drug Store, 117 S. PUTS BURG STREET. Z' J(H3ck«v in n Year. Th-e Coiinolts-vilte Garage company received this week the 55ih Bmck Fold by them during the past year. .-dtronize Those Who Advertise I - a f e - l . - . - L J . u r l t n K - l - l i W ^ L ,',J ';: i -.'"!»TM»»'ft'.i.4/^ t^-i^ ;,',.'·"-"-':'*·*'* IMnmuna Craa4, '^^" ' " '" '"? '5t *"~ M unMS ~-^^ ^ T ' " a ·"·' * !!l 1I1l ' e R lbon. ^H,J ,W'« "·'."": B,.T,r«.; - 'M-Cinis-TEB^' VI» HLl.LS.teS5 j . - _,,._... 'i-.-.3«icsi.Ai».y*Kei»Dic SStB 0V DRyGGISTS EVERTOERE RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION FOR THE KIDNEYS For many yearb druggists have watched \\ith much interesit the remarkable racor-d niaiatamed by Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kjdney, liver and bladder meeticrae. It is a physician's prescription. Swamp-Hoot is a strengthening medicine. It helps the kidneys, liver and bladder d-o the "work nature intended they should do. Swainfp-Root has stood the test oi ' years It is sold by all druggists on lib merit and it should uelp you- No other kidney medicine has so many friends. Be sure to get Swamp-Root and srtart treatment at once. However, if you \visn first to test this great preparation end 10 cents to Di. Kilmer Co., Binghampton, N. Y., for a sain-pl^ 1 bottle. Tft'hen -writ- Ing be sure and mention The Con.- aellsville Daily Courier.--Adv. It shows that Swift Company sells the meat from a steer for less money- then the live steer cost! Proceeds from the sale of the hide, fat, and other by-products covered all expense of .dressing, refrigeration, freight, selling expense and the profit of $1.29 per steer as shown by Swift Company's 1917 figures as follows: Average price paid for live cattle persteor |84.45 Average price received far meat . . 68.97 Average price received for by-products 24.09 Total received 93.06 This leaves for expenses and profit 8.61 Of which the profit per steer was . 1.29 There are many other interesting and instructive facts and figures in the Year Book We want to send our 1918 Year Book, to anyone, anywhere freo for the asking. Address Swift Company, Union Stock Yards, Chicago. Swift Company, U. S. A.

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