The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 25, 1964 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 4

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1964
Page 4
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in the future. Do not overtax yourself, however. April It to May (Taurus) The right start will be Important now. Disturbing factors may tend to upset you and your routine. Don't let them. Keep your -eyes focussed on worth- artiltA lmn 'nliittalna -- - r I -. ahead. s . . - May 1 to June Jl -(Gemini) .Chart your course carefully, not leaving but details which could later prove more tant than you think. If you need advice, seek it-from experts. Don't take anyone's say-so. ' i 11 19 29 FREE PARKING 24 ing reasonable and gracious in persuasion will result in en thusiastic support for your Ideas. September 24 to October a (Libra) Be careful of your Goren on Bridie BY rHARLES H. GOREN Neither vulnerable. West NORTH' 4JI O'Jti 0,A K M 1 4 1 . AO, ; . WEST v , EAST A Q 11 1 1 4 K , S?T K1MJ! r da 1 o ill 14II SOUTH - . .Milt :, ' v j;-: " t 414 v , i - KJH ' The bidding: - West Nana ' East Saath i Paw 10 ? INT ' t INT Pats . Pate .4 Opening Wad: Seven of V A plan which was boldly con- ceived and fearlessly executed ; by South, the declarer to three " ao trump, resulted In e com- pleto rout of the opposition. Concerning East's one heart i evercall, perhsps the lest said - the better. Such indulgences will never be completely weed-; ad out North' jump to three ?. ao trump u basea on the ) expecUtion that hi excellent six card suit would provide the y backbone of ,-declarer' trick ; requirement. West opened the seven of ! kearts covered by North's nine, f and East' tern waa taken by - South' queen. Declarer had eight top tricks two heart. two diamonds, and four clubs. SeVeral additional tricks could be developed hi diamonds, but U appeared that toe lead must be surrendered one, and South feared that the indicated spado shift would prove fatal to him. Declarer reasoned that West must have a broken holding In spades, else he would surety have bid hit own suit originally. Menially consigning high spade honor to East, -South devised a bold plan to disrupt his opponent' line of communication before they could or-ganixe themselves. At trick two. South led too deuce of spade. Had West guessed to put up the ace, he would have dropped hi part ner's king, and the cashing .out of si trick in the wit would have become quit routine. Not having the benefit of .extrasensory perception, however, Wet made the natural play of the queen of spades which East was obliged to overtake with . the king. East could not safely lud heart, so be shitted to a dub. Tb ace was played from dummy, followed by the queen. South i overtook with his king ; and cashed two more) clubs, as , North discarded a spade and diamond. A diamond was led and pasted into East' hand. There wat no damaging return that the latter could make and South was able to tear sufficient number of diamonds to bring hi trick total up to m , W. hV SMITH & SON Books Btatttawrr Cbts ouvnlr Toys 61 SPARKS ST. f? BIRKS . "Caudais t eaittn einis t 101 SPARKS ST. i DAVIS CAMERALAND Lars torttnfi o Bran Name Csnntea. Projector, and rilm J "Ofn mtty UntU f 147 SPARKS ST. 0m, THE DAVIS AGENCY 2 OrMttn Cants M aoctai uuony 203 SPARKS ST. 9 ',' ' " , By FRANCES DRAKE t Look In the section In which j your birthday comet and find , what your outlook it, according to the star, for Wednesday, August March 11 to April M (Ariet) Focus on euentialt and the benefits immediately available but, at the tame time, plan for muar inn Deuer mcniovemem June S to July 21 (Cancer) manner and approach now. If Better planetary Influences than for many others. You can make good headway in familiar matters, but don't trip yourself up by being too batty. Keep your mind open to the viewpoints and tactics of others, but do not necessarily follow in their wake. July M to August a (Leo) A day for making improvements all along the tine. You may face some controversy, but lit ton carefully: it could prove more enlightening than annoying'. Maintain your dignity and forbearance, August 14 to September a (Virgo) . In all situations. study the angles carefully before voicing your opinions. Be unmindful, you could be misjudged, lose out on getting the co-operation ol others. October 14 to November a (Scorpio) Your highest goals may not be as remote as you think. You can accomplish far more than you may imagine; surely get a better footing on the success ladder. November a to December II (Sagittarius) You can run an efficient, flexible program, geared tfi even unexpected situations U you keep your normally logt- cal mind well ordered and free of Irrelevant things. Avoid excitability, extremism. December a to January (Capricorn) If in rut or In the doldrums, pull yourself out pronto. Some projects require lot of patience and perseverance to succeed, ao don't fret- Instead, try a new tack.; new method to speed things, along January ZI tel February 11 (Aquarius) A "(good day for calling meetings to iron out mis understandings, for devis I n g new methods, capitalizing on unusual ideas. Take possible de lays in stride. February W to March M (Pisces) Do not Jn the "gift of gab" mislead you. or depend upon high sounding promises Study persons and situations with your usual keen perception. Then act- as your best Judg. ment dictates. ' u ' . YOU BORN TODAY: Like the "good life"; are extremely en ergetic and willing to work hard for the things you want. You are Independent generous with .your, time on the behalf of others, but are sometimes too technical about their errors. You can recoup losses quickly and, if necaesary, try new ways to achieve your ends, though. JnxOtrt o Integrity usnr wxa ; ,v fWaTATlYI tt-as, Jar ml t tM MIVr trtmtiatt Sttrtlac a I lv m oetei 1J 21 31 ntn fatl M Mil. 1 .VJ ' ... c.N.u WSIrfe fmn.toTt Om Loeattoa Only 101 lank fir! (t JAtrl 7- THE OTTAWA JOtJRNAlJ TUESDAY. AUGUST .25. 196 normally, you strive to hold on WHITE COLLAR WORKERS Fifty . five per cent of U.S. EARLY DELICACY ; Charles I. of England Intro-'ucel 'a type of Ice cream to his subject! in the 17th century and paid his French chef a FAIR ATTRACTION Included among the attractions at Britain's Food Fair n September will be demonstrations of meal in- preparation, from the grand dinner party to a farmhouse high tea. ': - GREATEST OCEAN SAN FRANCISCO - the Pacific Ocean has an area of U.s8S,Q00 1 square miles, mora than twice the sit of the Atlantic with aa area of ILMJ.MO square mile. '."" ('. are sensitive to others' like and dislikes; therefore make an women workers during the decade 1950-60 were employed In ideal companion. You could win great success as a stylist, de signer , fashion promoter, pub to-called white collar' occupations, compared to 17 per cent of working msn. ' j :Cr lic speaker, politician, chemist handsome ra to keep the or nurte. recipe secret. ' I The full-bodied flavour of REDCAP' ALE' PHOTOGRAPHIC STORES LTD. - rt awnrtaa oa fZLSJ OCVtXOPMCNT. . ' KOOACOLOR J Hours. BLACK an , , , WHITE. Iiim rM rvtoe. K. f ? 65 SPARKS ST. ' t R. FISHER 1X0. pmllm to Qulltr lmt aad Boys' Wai 34 j 32 1 30 1 28 1 26 1 24 1 1 20 . -l' a awree iaaae rlvWoa 58 SPARKS ST. REITMAIfS Otftwan ly MURPHY-GAMBLE LIMITED 1fi 14 Th Smart Dapartmant Stort wi tht Mall , 1(3 aMtawant e Patfctaie 'v " I ' ' 180 SPARKS STREET "On tht MUIT S a f otkor knack am ' ; tREE PARKING ' , Aik tht m!m dark to f amp your tkket ' 26 32 i ISO 113 -115 SPARKS ST. . Earoe. lets the Trm ... . MARY HARRISON ' - SALON USA tirtrrprats ht Mom InUnMIn Hrtr Stytas SPARKS at O'CONNOR .... 232 1717 CAMERA HOUSE LTD. .Tor All Yaar Fbotocraphie Mas: : 1 207 SPARKS ST. BATA SHOE STORES "Quality footwear for the whole ramMy" 142 SPARKS ST. For men with a taste for the great outdoors 15 25 -i.tatr wflwT: '?; Hav. OM IiuIIm only .1 68 SPARKS STREET "On tht Mall" READ'S DRESS SHOP r 1 Varattm Boto Mow tn hroi ' JLaSaJSittata PE0PUS CREDIT JEWEUERS ;: - 190 SPARKS ST. " ' ' Bla JUDY-JAY hose at thai SHOES aaM RaMRaaMel ePrtOBal 206 SPARXS ST. 6 18 - 1 28 34 IE a. A 17 ' ' aw : T I f I T"---JJ A.i, M'lA. , jV. , ,f ,T"rTT" ft ' ??' 'V..- t'9mT!'mi ''rTlT!SaSiatal r RED CAPKi i ,M M a . H A 1 I urn SIMAPPA CAPPA RED CAP-CARLNG!RED QAP.ALE4 OTTAWA LEATHER GOODS LartMt lMloa af iMti tothw Goods and Oil is 131 SPARKS ST. AIYEA'S JEWEUERS Vv-,ti- i'Vwvtr..; - vrf. --!.. -"'( ' ijw-,jieiiiEfc MtttommtMim ttmtmtiUtn miuimmimmik-Mt. U m&iiimwi,,fftt tmtth m. . 1 ttmmmmm wiW 31 1 29 1 27 1 25 1 I I I j 21 1 19 1 17 1 15 1 13 1 11 iimited r 0mB Tr ura Olfts Watrb aa MORGAN'S . - ' rtrat tn Ottawel " - ' 74 SPARKS ST. "On tht Mall" ' " - 00LCIS SHOES Canadian roetwear - - m tmporte Ouallty I lotteoctloa Ouaranloa 146 SPARKS ST. an tmporte Quality attraction Ouaranloa GAINSB0RO SH0PPE ITD. ' - ruhiww en aeerlewea' " " 1 ' 200 SPARKS St 0n U MilT s v- MIDDLEMAN'S - Houm of Fashion ' taiiaar Clsaraass Wow Oa : 1 - 208 SPARKS ST.','',';. "5 .,, ; , tw-j- -s.-r.iMw ia rr - M -it . j ' -r- 7 Armstrong & Richardson Ltd. 77.79 SPARKS ST. 17 27 GILLAN'S DRUG STORE OILLBTTB STAINI.EII STEEL BLADE ; - Bs Se BpKta) 'res Btodes . 'J'- v V 1 SPARKS ST. ."..H AYANT' GARDE SPORTSWEAR . SiKtiMtM Kntw an Sweaters Atr-Condittom4 137V4 SPARKS ST. Middleman's Bride and Gown Shop I Bridal Gown. KxdMt. taahtnna 189 SPARKS ST. ? ; . . ; Ch I ii 1 l1 v i ; FREE PARKING - Ask the sales clerk to stamp your ticket '. I V " - - .- - .' '-- f : 9 I- ! 7,1 - 3 I 1 I I: I64 1.2 1 12 v CHATEAU'.. I jv- UURK"'. ' BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaBBl BBBBaBBBBBBBBBBaBlEBBtat . 'mmmmm , .... : ; 8 b 18 1 16 1 14 1 12 I I 1 A CN. HOTEL en i " Confadtration JACK SNOW JEWELLERS? . fXaaaads 1- erawJMt - a fine jeweimt .uv ' , a-. 112 SPARKS ST. v v. 1 ;,it 11. ZELLER'S - l'' J- II ', '''t 1 Itotaliers leTbrWs CaBaitana k i-'' .-Twy- i56:SPARKs'SK--!4);i;.;;. 30 tip top tailors ;:'; . ' : ;;Uw.f - 202 SPARKS ST...- FREE PARKING Ask tht Sls Otrfc to Stamp Vour Tlclctt' I

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