The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 4, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1918
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IT Corniellsvflle's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,605 VOL, 16, NO 123 CONNELLSVILLE VA. THURSDAY EVENING APRIL 4 19] S EIGHT PAGES WORKERS IN AMERICAN RED CROSS DEFY DEATH TO GIVE AID TO WOUNDED SOLDIERS MOTION FOR NEW ' TRIAL IN LINDLEY CASE IS FILED Reports Coming to Paris Tell of Daring % Deeds of Men and Women Engaged j Back of the Lines; One Unit is Chased j by German Airmen, It Having Remain- j ed in Invaded Territory to the Last Minute; Little Activity Over Night on French ( and British Fronts. ANTI-JEWISH OUTBREAKS CLAIM HUNDREDS Bv Associated Press oOO,0»0 VTOJL T V l v t HlillS A lot of soldier bojs who go from ConnellsMlle to Franca will ma-ry Preach ^irls and re niaji there Dr I^owell Dwlght Hillis indicated m his lecture last cv(L.infr on German 'Vtro cities V. half million Sammies w 11 take F-unch wives he predicted. Dr Hillis cltd not say that Laglish ttrls will he brides of Americans but Lo indicated that thej are becoming physi ca.Uy perfect by reason ot tak ing up the manual labor the men Itud dsv?a to go to vtar NINETY-ONE MORE MEN OFF FOR CAMP LEE Great Crowd at Baltimore Ohio Station to Bid Them Godspeed. PARIS, April 4--As the excitement incident to the first few days of the German offensive dies down reports come m of the PRJSJJYTER1ANS ADD bravery in the Lice of danger ot v.orkers in the American Red _ , AA ..i-rnnnr rn TTTT Cross Women workers of the Red Crosb who ·«ere aiding civil- $400 YEARLY TO THt lans in the construction and relief work at the Illesuier near, ,, _ D i C m/»jj the river Somme left their posts just two hours before the Ger- oALrUVl Ur rAolUll mans arrived in the town \Vith their automobiles thej aided i ·-- m removing the civilians and picking up manj wounded along Repi.rts snbmiUtil nt \ n n u n l ion- the ^oorf '!*,,, «,,,,,»« ,,,« r, 0 l==t n n . i v i a n c fn l^nvp r h p town ercBatiDiial Mctlinj sboir lie tlipts 01 Nearly $2()UOO Defendant, Dpjtcted, Detlrt?^ He is Innocent n Jlurder oi ills ormcr 1'artiier Counsel for Prank M Lindley \vbo was t-onvjcLed yeatordaj Tor the mui dor in the se ond decree in connecaon \vith the death of Prank A. Burkey Med a motion in court, this afternoon · lfc -- ._-__ fc . _ -__.__for a new trial Leave is asked to Me DINNER AT THE ARMORS reasons with n 10 days JUi conscience Is c ear I dad not take the IKe of Frank A. Burfcej- and can on!} protest my innocence But I mils' ba 4 bat i am much disappoint ed at tbe "vi rdict- It is one of those misfortunes o" life over which.·we-ha-ve no control but I feet stlro thai it -will work out aJ right some day In the abo/e words did Frank \I lindlej- last night protest his inao- HOVF DFfl ARFS DR HIHK m U i J u l/JuijLftiYLiiJ i/u. lilLdLlu cnce of the ki litig oC h'ft former as social* 1 Utidlev faces a prison sen tence of 20 v cars that being the max nmm for second degree murder of which he was found guilty land-ley is 31 years old- FATHER MERZ IS LEAVING LOCAL CATHOLIC CHURCH UNDER FIRE Says Haig Has Set Trap in Which Will Be a Dead Rat of Domestic Science Depart- J ment ot School Prepare Bo* Bemonstranccs 4gainst I T Lunches For the Soldiers, Citizens ,, . . ,, , " . . ,, . Hostelnos lliere Heard in Join in the Panido to the Station. ASSAILS THE PRO-GERMANS ( the road the last cmlians to leave the town just preceding the French troops | Another Red Cross unit stationed in a hospital just back! ot the lines \vab ordered to evacuate in t\vo hours The\ left at l |rsl Presbvtcrnn ehu ch of Con iccordmg to reportb sub be annual eo igiegational aut lo Her. John f Burns is As- m d to .Pastoral in "Washingto a Count} rather Wiliam ilerz assisnant to Rev lather John T Burns of the ilate LoncopUon church for ,, o clock in thp morning and were chased for miles b a Get- ne'nsu'ie^'iccoVdmg "to" reportb sub l *ff' J * Jhe T . llj f. b -"° *iP° mted man a^ lator before reaching a point of safeu The next cto the mined at be annual eo igiega.ional ^1 VLhtnVon cou4 Pa " The unit v/ent to a tow n near the fighting line and established a soup meet ng at the ehurcU last evening j cnurca ls ° J ,, , . kitchen for the tioops and first aid stations for sick refugees Oomnbuuons including those for tbe fir , tor ,. . . - , , j hiii IH nir f n r i r i .minim 11.{\ in nrvni oTi ' *^*~ u a' and ·sso mded stragglers The tow n ^as under continuous shell fire uid the unit wered calls at all hours to gue first aid to those wounded b\ Rev ier cam, to w h i c h ua --nt e ,_ tbi he formed j build ng fund amounted to appioti ImateU $20 GOT No effort wa made t all toward the building fund Foi benevolences the membership ' "J 110 " ars a *° lfl *J the enemj shells The unit then took over complete charge of TMmr buted r CM i » n n of a b o u t i " o-tmanon the operation \vanls in a hospital the nurses working IP 12 nour j.i six over the pnncdjng - attending to a do^en soldiers \vho Here "wounded too sen- h i d ieid thp recon) J or to be carried farther back " ~ 1 "~~ Four American medical aimj officers attached to a Red Cross hospital behind the Franco-British front declared their intention o* remaining there until Hell tro-ie despite the removal of the patients to points of safetj bv automobiles m e · . .--- the pnesLb-ood. In The first -contingent of draftees Irom CunaeIlsv.Hk and vjunitj called m the second draft, left be-e today at 1 oO o dock on a special tram o\ er thc BaLtnuore Ohio railroad A treat throng eal ma^ed at 7 000 per sons twos at the station to see th* boys off lor Camp Lee the stores of Lhe city being closed between 3 and 2 o clock A ttu. long j"*tm -pu led out of the station ti augbty cheer for the departing soldiers wab given The trim loft at 2 OS o clock The draftees from bo b. Districts Nt'x ~ and o as^etni!ed at the armory tins morning md answered the roll call Ibe No _ board Is sending j- nu n. lodsv and ^Jo j 3 t int-a. The Hi cr "board is suid-mg a lolal of 13 mca three having ett \andenbiJt iyv %u omobile uarHer n ibo i\ eei. Tbe draftees -*ere ^iven ihei dm n* at Uio armor} b thc ladios of th* McJioI ^t ] piscopil church The Idnch "Vfas prepared ut Jje armory and servui u the men aboat 12 o clock- Bo h Nos 2 and o jnon \\ ere fed a i loUl of 91 nun The men \\CTL a so suppled H I ^ complete Red Cro^s knj ted outfits at use anwn. this jnoin ing. A. 1 o clock sha^p th Court Ittn ONLY FOUR ARE FILED 1 ndand Should He Irrcsfed ami bhot. A R L AG VINS1 1. S., HE S riuet, One ( cntral, Come roui Uick trbon J.uu-Da»siOii Communitj , l!ie Other is \i^iiiii^l GranUnt, ol T i- cen^t, to (xeorgt 3 iing ai JielltYtrnon .FOui remonstrances against the HorribU itrooties 01 tli« »trmans in Btliaiim aad Other Iu\ ided Jerri- ton J xpostd bi ^lord and Picture at \ m i u:«( It^iutit I fist "Sight. tiauucg oC liquor 1 cease^ ihree of tLem from tht Da^bon uommumtj the from Belle-vtrnon w e i e Hf-ard in license court in Lniontown this morn in t One general remonstrance agimst as all 1 quor licenses is signed b "o persons o[ Lhe Diwson Dicke^son, Run roinmunit\ A oibcr signed b\ G3 i per-ons j lost of then w orren op posos license to Mrs 1 II an Leil ty a"d he third si^n/'d b; i persons is Against Otto J^as The fourLh renion^t arce is against, George Lang of BeUexernon A protest aga nst hcon e it South CnnneltsMl e «: *a d lo ha\e been filed after the allot ed time had ex pj-cd A-ttornej ^ Ddwson reprisent luaded j\ the Cx?nnf 1 srvil t 1 Miljian | cd all the remon s t r i n g Aitorncv t. liand, the Crt deparinH nt, ihe Cadets ( C H ghee jppeir^d in behalf of Mrs the u i police Udjor Ji£gan and ' Leiglity A tor ic\ J R C raj for Mr T ie B m^b before the Ger man ad\incc in th dmc that now lias been stcmn ed w i l l p 01 c to he a laster ·x.rotc of stratcg jn thi? op DJOU o f Ur N e w e l l Dw yhi llillis reused n his lecture on Gei man Atrocities before a i and ence of se\eral hundred n en and uomen last eiening ID iho high «chool audi ionum und i the aj^pices of the Ed w i n b Porer bi^neh of he "Na^ of AMERICAN OFHCER IS INSULTED BY FINNISH OFFICERS IIItJTlbH HIONJ. LOiNDON April J -- T h e r e was li tie activity m the bat Ie irea la^t n ght "With the exception of hostile artillcrv fire at \anous points the war office announced tqdaj A. few prisoners uere taken b^ British part ea The statement reads During the night a. German raa chine gun post in thc neighborhood ot Helbuterne was rubbed bj oui troops and the machine gun captured \ f r w prisoners A ere brought in from otter centh uaited Gene-a parts o£ the battle foil the ^^^ ***-*'**'* *""* ·* Beyond hostile artilUry acti\it at different points on thc battle front VIoncr »HIi tn^lishmau Jle td to Iyeie Hotel Intfer Jhreat ot ^Johnce, Ei i-^^uci t*d Prcsit STOCKHOIAT Vpnl ( -The Aiaen can and British armv oitieets who re Marmerheim upon, loga also sum ing fund The eongiogition %otc 1 an Increase of $KO a jeir in the silirv of the pastor Rev ProudfU w h o will here after receive ^- oOQ annually Rov Proi dnt 1 as i een \ astor of tbe cinrch 30 vears O/fic rg for the jcar werp elected as follows Bide s "U K Kence^ J M Cecil all re-elcctr-d Tor Order- ithn.0 terms and Uilliini Pnomas re elected to fill in »ne\nrerl t^rm je hi\ ng mo\ed -\v.i\ nnd returned Doac ms D C Treher and D K Trustees T J Hoopc C "U Downs re-elected for three cara regrcttetl He rrpectb o lea^e aoout nett \VtxlnesdaT Jits MICC(.SSO- h^rc is Re\ Fa. her J J Hartie of Brad cock. t-ie coanci the £oulifa Co-onclisaine Haas and Auorue"\ Ham Bvrne fo- mense prepara it In f all!ns hac-\ belore gr^atK *-u penoi uuinbeis P eld Maishai Haig i has sc a huge rai trap n he de 'va^tated egion m \\h cli =a d he lee tujer thc^e \ i 1 in a \ e i ^boit time be a dead ra Rcgi d c»b of the on come ol Ihe hie offensive Germ am ie\pr will be able LO cru^h cither 3 ranee or i-ng and Gern ar s doomed said he OnH b\ s«i or oi numbois and JIT tro TM tions v ere insulted w uh. personal \ lolcnc .cned WIN-WAR DAY Vpnl f^rtber to report JKOT. PAJlIb April 4 --He ivj arti lerj fiprhtmg occurred last mgnt on the THont north of Montaid er the war offlee announce^ Jn ia]ds in Cham pagne and on the \erdun f r ont the [according to a i c i o r t irom the war » C JTial Jhbipnntion 'correspondent m Finland o£ i swed- Governor Brumbaugh hat, endorsed'J^° n ^ ° n I'-h rewspaper ' t h e plaji to moke \pn| 6 a national """"'·" The correspondent w h o oce ipieil an \vin the-war dav and haa rrquestcd FUEL AIDES_NAMED i N. L. R^trs ol CoionloHna Keprcscats, LotuI District "U 1 I B^crs of Uuioatov.a and Ju'- lan B Eiuff of Grt^n»bu\g true been najied district rcDrusenUuvcs ol ihe, * net Vdm njstrii (. n Mr Di rs w i l l ser.e ID ,Jh( district roEnposmc; I alette rounU south ind west fro u i line from Banning bta- Uon through \V hil'sett Junction to Bro*nwilio except ope"atlons on t h e ! Baltirno'-B . Ohio railroad at and east [ of and CDJ nee ting it Indian Creek and a-l^o ope i *afiO7is n AVesLmore and i co inty on the Penn^vlvan i railroad; at the south of Huffhdftle a"d opeH lions on t ir Softicklcj I ranch con necting it Youngwood also op**ra the Bait more £. Ohio in ind c o u n b on the ^fou^t easant hi inch cnnpction a Broad George W h i r on Pepper chairman of adjoining able saja that hi. tv\o MS iting officers v\ho figured m the inci dent T.earing Lht uniform of their lie Soft v to assist m promotmg r*xnk entered the restaurant at a time j vvirtcs-pr ad cbserv Lnce \ hen it was crowded w i t h Finnish officers mimb irora a unu w h i c h had the Penpsjlvania Committee or Puh is French took prisoners and also cap- scne a m Gerniam The visitors had tured two ~nachme guns PiLL»OMV ' SIOLKW 01 VR31T. Win the u a i da plin is not to have a hohrfdv but to s L ipart i few minutes in c\ei factor! mine store scarcel had ume to order their raeils school and nice ing place in. the coun before a Finnish officer approached rv when pdMoUsrn. will oe Jie the table and told them that their thought of everyone and a pledge of presence · not desired He with A\ ASHING TON April health of the arm* in the States continues good tie TVar Department announced todnj although chestra to 4--Thc drew however w h e n he was sho^n United a pass f r om General Mannerheim Later another Finn asked the or- %\icbt Am plav Die bronchitis and nfluenza complicated Rbein i-\erbod arose the Amen with, pneii'nonia in manv northern | t-an and the J nglishman plainlj decamps increased the months death firing to aioid iiolence also arising rate over the preceding week The Another Finnish officer continues the total number oC deaths rpj»orted was j correspondent 237 of which 00 were imong the and said regulars 29 in ^ie Natioa Guard a r j d j It is our principle not to s t m the IIS a the National -Vnnv same room w i t h Lngiishmen The Amencan replied that he was al egionce to the nation and its cause in the w ir shall be made As A jTorm of observance it has been suggested that e\er person be asked to s gn Jie following plefc' On tte anni\ersarj of Americas entrj int Uie g-eat war I affirm my um'nided lo Uty to the ciuse for v.hich w e light-- the cause of justice Daggered to the table j and human Hbertv I gladlj lay upon tie altar of the Nation s reed jny material possessions, no bodil} strength ind m5 mental powers, lo SBi.e and save America and T ord but not i n r l u d m g operationt, on Lhe Baltimore fi Ohio along the "iou#Mo£l on) n \ e i oi r ver mines or the Youghmghenx riicr The tf riiorv m whicl Mr Hurt w ill serve includes TVes-tmorolcLnd rountv on u e Pcnns^lrin i railioad main li*~o ind orinches north of Rufisdale excepting faou cklev branch connecting it onngwonrf )cLw_en Pttca rn an I fllair*rv t l l o intersection This doos not include mines on thc Pittsburp division of the Baltimore Ohio or river mines on. ihe Yough- loshenj river BROWNSVILLESCORCHED Fire Does SJO.OOO Damage m tin. I!ii«Iness DNtrlet. tire breaJt ng out in the basement of the Sim e Furniture compary Brownsville at 10 46 oclock ^Vertnes fire deDai-aneai, the Ci*U »ir ve erans nd Lhe rifle club left Uw armor) and ma ched to uh BaiUmore Ohio station At tho tram Jie local canteon commit ee of the American Red Cross supplied them with, boxes containing su-}manUal lunches In he boxes w-ere two sandwiches a cake of choco ate uwo a-pples t,*o pofatx ar^is a pencil and cigars ard ci^ar Ls Tl e saadfA^-ch-Oo were prepared b; the aximestie. scicace clas-s it LIi L i a h school m charge of M ss Mar Oais and Mvss Rath Moland Those of Ihs net No 2 arc RoUeit bw allop Co"^iiIs\iHe L-hrJ^tian Ixiutierfield uonnel sville Paul G^ddis Vi, agoner Oonncllb \illc Dom nae Aqail i P Usburg. Terrenec Murpln Lonnellsville, 1 Irfhvard L Kerner soulh Coorells jville Ka,rrj b Cocbraji ConneUsvjlie I I u gi G-regori beottdiie Ctnner r o Dibella Connel svnlle Geoige Arthui Cabbrnore Daw son Davj /avoi eEH ScotLdalc John Ojczenas^ I- v e'-son I od ·=: MeClelland ComellsvJlc Giocondo Sensi ^ cst Scottclale RaoTaile Napoli Scottdale Jlobcrt btruthers Kcrr \aiderbilt Joseph D Hood ConnellsMjle Dorsoy D Lrbaek Daw son John A Harr Connel ^xtlle totaniov "% Mong Davs^on Isaac Bush Connells\il e Jolm KilpatricI Connells\i Ic Daniil Henkal It D 2 Connells- v i l l e Ralph Tissue Mill Run Charles ~ohn Black Connrllsvllo John E rank Chcnock Dav,son Milton Bailcv ConneUs-viUe Joseph Pcllto Cornellsvil e Domciico Pecor \ro Scottdale Harr. I dv.ard Ritiner McKees Rocks Joseph G i r j i d Connellsvilie South Connellsville on I afire T w o ) , non applicant CAMPBELL SEEING WORLD Cruiviu^ Vbont in IncJe Sitm ·; Strrict Urcaf Pxptnence, JJt Sii\s Serving iuib L ncle Sanaa n ^ \ % is giving Ben Camtijbel of this «"i % in st-e he \\orl-d a d be s been \ iu ''ar ajlc French and British man sold or j^ no has. thr Kai^or to ma nta n hi" ri c on T^nn the solnier the Gcr ^oldlei al all Le O aid This has been demons rated in the raanucr in ^hich the smaller n\imlje of j rtnch nen and English men have held at haj and beaien back tbe Huns T ie j o on r or boliev ng that Oer tJ-KjDjj ad.-v-uitj.pv, of it according o a mim eannot a h Trance he saic letter f"oux Soaaev, acre u furopt. is tint even t i o n c h ^oldjer count^ o ta siitur "Hiss Katliarvre of Green himself dead None o\pects o «ur vjve the \\ai The T"ench perple ha%p aken firm hold on belief in the immortal life They h a v e 1 een it deemed r rom the feai (f doalh and will ight urti 1 the last inn is dead Semitic agitation m Kie\ it acids assuming acute fo'm ^ heT that city \\as captured bj the bkranians most of the inhabitants thej shot w e r e J f i v s * MEN IN CLASS 2 AND 3 A BOND HONOR ROLL Bnnrs' um on; JIa\ ;s tn f!i Tnscnliul Ihcrc- VKo Dl-plnt a Has O.n Jon lnl!*t In Comp! n } (., JUitia ,~/ y ' " "" '"" , un a , ^e; l * « ^ac.U^.aio. |S *-« ^Te^ ^.U bach purchaser cf a bond in the third Libert loan campaign which starts 4pril 6 w i l l ha\e his name m COT3 be allowed to displa} an honor flag The honor flag \%iLl be similar m Captain Frank Cov of Company G Third Regiment Penn^lvaaia Reserve Milllia has tcceived mbtruc l deslgn w t h e smice flag wlth a bro [d tions autborumg the enlist nent of I red bOTder surromKilns a w h l t e fle i d registrants » b o have been assigned d on th(J shield threc , erllcal bluc to Class Two and Class Th ee under bars Slgn f, m s t hc Third Ubertv Lower JVioni, Jtcd (ro-,s Has Hundred 1'er tent TTtialjership Thc Hul town school ib he first m Lo^er T\rtme township to organise a Jt nior Rei C toss Tbe organization was or*ect=d jes,teid,i\ \uth d Tiem- bership of ICO per cent Oficers we're electe 1 is follows P-esident VUert Huffine \ico presi dt.nt StLad Herbert secretarv Alice foreman treat irer \era Pat i rson The teachers a-e Miss tthcl IVirter and Misi Ldna Corwai ing's occtip tid by Jic jhure Furni ure compdnj aad Geoige S M o f r a c i d s jowelrj btore w e e U t, pnicipii los ers but sonic lobs ivu cnutiled to virtually even fclo c in the ucm tv of that co-gested portion of Brown-- viiles busines 1 ; section James I May (Ctntinued btrc^ He sa5"i in part This iureK 1= a great climate ho (ia\s ind t.o.d nigms but L ne-vCT ~aw a place wLere L rams so i-a^-lT Jt v. 11 Isxi nice aad clear and in A few minutes railing to beat the ba^d Tbe he said If France is defeated there ^e.·!:l irunxue ue bitn ·»!]! bo shining will not be an able bodied man alne again. I had 1 btrtj yeste-daj for i h e , to tell about it he added In the first t-me since 1 rejched this port women s Ihe same spirit. There suruy lire some great sights, I Americans haie not been g \mg EiveryCIijng is cheap but tlic, tats and Tngland a square deal -aid the speak tbe are bum. I iurely will b ( glad er This country hai, Allowed pro when I ge back uo ti-e Suites and get 'Germans he said to vi'lif\ Great a good ^menc^in meal 1 rea/1 uie'Bntam while onh the intervention o r first mail on he 9th of March and was tho English bulldog its ua\v has g ad to get it I had 42 letters and held this naton safe fro-n attack the las one-was dated rcbnia-y 3 so | Eelatng the stor\ of a man in suppose I will bo getting some more Grant's arm\ -who found delight in a boforc yng I also go^ The Courier defeat for Phil Sheridan and was ei- up to the saroe date. ecu ed Dr Hillis aroused a storm or I hate been in Jie Bermuda Is- applause to declaring hat tbe man lands. Arores Islands Ireland des "es the defeat of Faig s and a few other pljcch that I csnno..' army o~ the French armv is wishing mention, a thi^ tune I liJLed Ber for Jie fall of Pcrshipgs armv and imido. It is a gieat place. I sa^v the should be arrested a* night and shot spot-where Neptune s Daugbter was in the moving staged. The Azores were no so bad. In recognition of the power of the Durrthmg is cbeap The town in Br tish na\al forces be said there Ireland at which I shopped was only a should be placed on the reverse side sma.ll place I got some shamrock of the Amencan dollar -Vnd in the and then lost it The people ol "Wales English Ships ail certainly do treat the American OTb ~\ oil CampjUl is K-iti Eockn ell Dull They enlisted a Lhe same tune m the As further evidence thit the Germans ir II never be able to break down tbe English nation he po nted to he vast amount of work tbe women. to loan 1 UUf III I'OETS C ILLED. the drafth regu ations ^ few \acancies exist wb ch it is desired to flll tomorrovv night when I drl Tfiil beheld in the irmorv lmitte*snot^ca^ledtowrucc^ana lsnperln{endcnt farrol , uks Tcach . e" to Make Returns Superintendent John S Carroll has issued a call for the reports of the fa-*m survey recettLv made under his Scoots* lit CUT e TluliJs Following his lecture last n ght at toe higb sehoil hall on German At r ocitiei Dr Newell t*wight Hillis called 3J Bo\ -scouts to the stage and presented them ivitli med£ s w 3n m selling L bertj Bonds WOMAN NAMED AGENT J l i s s l i i a h l . i T l » r t w Wosttni Marjr- lunil Oilioial il Olnopjk'. Miss I elah 1 u lo hah succeeded r I We tj as t cktt ag^nt at tht Ohiops o oflice ot the \\ebtern Mai) land railroad Thc formei jgent icsgned lo go back to the far i Me -will be lo cated at Rocky Ridge Md ADVANCE INPAYMENTS To J)t Irffirt Vltr (lip Jii)(.itj I,oun Lampai^n is O u r By \nsoci ucd P-*-s* TVASHINGTO\ April 4 --Aglt?l on loi ImmiHiialc p a i n c n t of mcon o I LaxGG instead of wilting u r t i l J u n e Jo wlicn Ihej ue due will bo starLed by ffoveroment cic-uc. odcials T- sooa ai tbe Libeih loan caiipaign ij, oiei Taxpayers n i l ! be told I'm b\ id lante pa^inents tiioy can be ci edited w i l h 'S oti cent m crest on the sum bctuecr Ule time of p^-ment and June jo ind n addi ion bev \M!I bolp -cle\c conges ion in col ectors ofl CL» Fax pavjientb b deferred nstill nien^s proposed by JL \\\ inivodueed in ^he House ib uot favored b-\ Sec ieta.i-\ Me Vdoo "\nd iuierual Revenue Comn isoioner Ropo al rese-vt and were tnuiiJerred I are doing in the munitions factories be regular na\aj service. 'and on the farms There are now - - 3000000 vomen and gir's in the ILUOv tT (munitions factories he said. HXerv I yut UIK 1T10 113U. 1 24 honrs thej turn oot more small Dick Clark son 01 James, Uark of sieils and e«r\ IS hours more large Leisennnt No 1 who has been s a- I ones than England did the ^.hole first uoied it Tort Doutlas Douglas vear of i^ «» r Lverv 24 hoars the \ri/ is now at ai _-ubarkation camp English factories turn out a thousand awaiting orders to OJAC r or Ovei machine guns Ministers ha\e all There ^ artillery I M S JONK.lll t O R ( i\U3H !(.·- Thomas ^ clntyrc of 1 eibennng INO 1 left Hsi righ for Lann Me gs at tCont nlleil on I a 0 c TV.O J 14TH CHILD BOM Baljv 1 Of tbe Conne'lSMlle Rifle ub are in\ ted to take pare m the ils of Companv G one ot w h cb be held this evening labor "TTar Speakers." The Department of Labo~ has es tablished a Speakers Bureau which Is sending a corps of speakers into the war industrial distric s of the to u:go patriotic L | direction b PaeUe conntj teauhers tor Camp Lee. jand acl'.ancei' pupils -Vbout a thou . cauntrj Gillan formerlv ot Cinaells sand eomprebensivo reports of Ta- of production bi workmen low of New Castle passed ette county farms na^e alreadj been · i town last evening f o- Cani tiled but at least another inous-md 10- lieliirns to Camn, tcrsburi; Va He was \ ith the main ui be turned in i Lieutenant Dana Wright will le^e from New Castle and \\ood buperinnudent Carrol Is anxioiio touitht for Camp Meade \nnapolia GeneialU fair and continued cool tonight and Pnda-i s the noon weath peeding up ler forecast foi \\estein Pennsv ^oung Gillan is a son ot Mrs i tbat the survey be completed and ihe j llan of Eighth streei West!results forwarded to the Denartirent i of Agriculture Junction Md after spend ng a fur lough vith kis -parents M and Mrs. Wright of soad ^aIlla Temperature 2icord. 3918 1917 Maximum __--,-- ol 58 Mmirmm uS !T Mean jO 47 Tbe lough rher rose during the night from 1 80 feet to 2 CO feet ONLYJ68.000 Mas \allie oi 1 btat* Lelf Bv iohn L luS lulled, Killed Itv His M i i Charles V ti DtiSaulles hab oeec namec 1 eo adni mistiato w i t h th Nas sail Tnis-l Con pany of Neu "ioiK of the estate of Jis biothei Joan I ongei DtiSaulles Billed bv li ^ vvift iaat. v eu at his home ou Long Island The e tate t-stimated at |6S ^SO ss to O o to little Jicsk Dn'-aulle'- j jPiis old He is now in ]dp*in wit 1 ! his notjei M i s Bia-ci D iSaulIes the yomig f hdean w o w as acquitted of ' the miii-der of hei husband. 1 -anl pan r 's Clark is with, the field bul foresiken tlicir calling to aid m war work, and two thirds of the schools are closed wbue teachers and pupils work foi the caute of the nation he continued Prmcip.ill the address of Dr Hillis vvis c"evoted to the C'mes of Gcr I miiiv-- dtroeitics such as thc Amen- ci i Indians never thought of Many of them we-e so terriole ho said, as ro le bevon-i description before a m \ed audience "\\Tiat were dcscnb ert caused gasps of horror One be lescr bed the ev dence ot which is was he slashing open of a woman about to become a mother removal o' lnr uUiorn babe and substitution of the lead o' her husband who h i d been si mi before her eves \not ici v d b the imoiietniL, ot a twr v e rs old bale whidi w i s carried on naide w h !e ns life blood ebbed aw iv oihei s » e r e tin roping of v o t r g \vonifn UK girl even ch 1 ( u i n nid t i n olat on bv the Geri n oM cr ui ti t n o v wc'e dead-- h ! i i ol ' o i I n w i not t ie onl\ sufferer Sun lar a rootle^ were perpetrated .on the ltih"ne w L e n he Germans m- vadei I^a.1% l o r nstanee he told of " rhouifcriph of Italian soldi-rs car nod into bucbershops and impaled l 11 tl e neit Looks bv the most dell- leale coidb in the human svstem " 4 hundred thousand Belgian girls - we earned off into captlvjtr by tha furlough at his bone in | Germans Most of them are long ago (Contimiod on Pi^e Two.) .art Vrnvcb at Home 01 Mr j nil Mrs W ilium Mcrarhmd nil m n his rouncb at Obiopvie prebf v pd Tjesd ( . tLe tork left the IHh ch Id at the home o Mi anf 1 M i s ^ j l l i i m M c t a r l a n d T i e new a i n v a ] was a ha iv ; i! \ sjT was born to Mi aud V r- Morgnn Peck and i daugrtei irnvcd it t^e home of Mi i l l M i b B V j Sho v T n e e Dnsonerb anes ed Ji t n ght w el e each sen cnerd to two d a V b on the streetb b ^ a 01 Johj Du^,^an it police court t'Hb morn nfe Two .Dti eh Bottom vouthb airebted r or catibjng i distuibance in the North ( T u d each left a ?o forfeit Hiiini nu tnrUin B « /acavic i moi oer of C o n HOth roym nt, «tat ored at Camp FaiKock A.ugu c ux Ga is bperd mg h l r {.niontow-n

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