The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1930
Page 7
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TUESDAY, J A N U A R Y Ul, 1.030.. THE DALLY COURIER, CONNELLY-VILJLE, PA. PACK Sur :ieeision in the B. O.-W. Md., Slock Holding's Clarifies Consolidation Air. EXECUTIVES CLASH IN A CONFERENCE WASHINGTON, Jan. 21--- Two and perha'ps Ihrc-o of the major Eastern* t r u n k lines are ready to accept in p r i n c i p l e , but presumably with reser- v a t i o n s t h e rail consolidation plan of the I n t e r s t a t e C.'ornmerce Commission, H'icordlnK to ttnofllciiil information reaching members of the commission. The Baltimore i'i Ohio and CheGu- pealco Ohio, according to this Inform a t i o n , will w i t h i n u few weeks gtvo ti'ilico t h a t they w i l l accept tho com- niisalon'ti program for grouping rail II uos In tho East, w i t h cortuin reservations. The Webash was reported ready to do likewise. j Thero are also reports that the Now Y o r k Central te preparing to accept lit p r i n c i p l e the commission's m-orger p l a n . Thore are no intimations as to t l i o attitude of tho Pennsylvania Hall- mad towards the commission's consolidation plan, Those developments came rapidly following the cornmiseion'o action in ordering the Baltimore Ohio to dl- vnsl itself of its heavy stock holdings, a m o u n t i n g to virtual control of the Western Maryland, a coal road, which under tho commission's consolidation plan, is allotted to tho Watmsh-Sea- Ix ml System. It was considered ^ significant that the attitude of. the rail systems was permitted to become" k n o w n on tho evo of tho argument scheduled beforo tho f u l l commission on the application or the Baltimore Ohio for authority to acquire Bi,ock control p f t h t s Buffalo, KeportS jreaching lioro that the 'Baltimore 'oitlo and New York Central have virtually reached an agreement as to the tonno for transfer of tho latlcr'6 holdings in tin Reiuling tind Central Road of New ,iei»ey lines allocated to the former by the commission p l a n , were interpreted'as meaning that eome action may bo expected very soon. It IB represented here- that most ot the systems have mat 1 bed tho conclusion that f u r t h e r a l i o m p t s to stave off the proposal for a fifth system In the Kaat are futile. This veiw was s t r e n g t h e n e d by the commission's action in the Western Maryland case which doflnHely sup- portB its own plan for the lifth system. In ordering the B a l t i m o r e O h i o to divert Itself of it* AVe; torn M a r y l a n d stock, the commission held t h a t t h e action of the carrier in b u y i n g practical stock control of tho smaller road had been In violation of the Clayton a n t i - t r u s t act; The Plttsburg West V i r g i n i a Kail- way Company, tho Wiibash Railway Company, to w h i c h tlio Western Maryland had been assigned in the conimis-'i sloii's rail consolidation plan, had tho city and business interests of Baltimore, the seaboard terminus of the road, as Intorvenors beforo the commission, opposing the Baltimore Ohio control. A BABY REMEDY APPROVED BY DOCTORS FOR COUCCONBTlfWriON, DIARRHEA N ff* fl Wi BS^Hf WS V* A C 1 ft BiTT 1 EAR Ml PLEASANT Allege*!' to Hnvo TuluMi 750 1'eet of Steel Cable From Painter Mine. Sore Throats And Coughs Quickly .Kollovod »y this Sni'o Proscription H ore's a doctor's ·prescription t h a t !g really throat insurun-ce.. or Koehester PI Us burp", "another "icoai llTlJtaitcd throats are relloved and carrier, allocated to tho Baltimore B00lh «i alnvfrat Instantly with tho very first swallow. About 90 per cent of all Ohio under both tho commission five- system and the 1'orter four-eynteni plans. \ There wore also indti-iitlons t h a t the p r i n c i p a l officials of the major eastern t r u n k lluea havo boon exchanging viws sltico tho holidays on the cdni- mission'H - r a i l consolidation plan and t h a t pome of them havo approached members of tho commission seeking a Ix-nLs for resumption of the I n f o r m a l (::) f erenow condut-tod w i t h mem'bore of t h e c o m m i s s i o n , u n t i l tho fi^l, of 1U2.S at which unsuccessful attempts Were made to h a r m o n i z e tho confllct- l)i -j; :"iv,])irr.tiori8 of t':u various systems i;i an effort to reach a basis for agree- m e n t on a consolidation plan, U wa« learuel that some members n' the ( x i n i m t s K l o n had rosiuised theeo mi ejuesl Ions. One member is known t o haw- mlvlwed one of the p r i n c i p a l r a i l thiolV, that tho period of such in- t u i ' i n a ! tMinferenues in now considered at. .in fii.l and that tho commission hi of UK; view t h a t w h a t e v e r further pro- jio-als tho r a i l sys^c-ma luive to pre- soiii. rmtrit be laid V e f o r e tho commiK- tiion in formal n p p l i c a t l o i M . The last of these conferences wnfi hold in tho office of Commissioner Porter, author ot lite loutatlvo four- syalom p l a n presonled to the commission last spring and upon which tho consolidation p l a n announced just liei'oro Chrlfttniaii was bacd. At this conference* Patrick B. Crowley, president of the New York Cent r a l ; W. W. A t t o r l ' i s r y , president of tlio Pennsylvania, and O. P. Van SwcrlriRon, of the Chesapeake Ohio group, clashed, "breaking up tho con- forenco. Thero were repot t:s t h a t t h e Baltimore* Ohio and possibly tho Chesa-,' ]ietlco Ohio may lay the- f o u n d a t i o n for a general consideration of (he rail consolidation p r o b l e m by advising the coinmlsHioti f o r m r i l l y of t h e i r accept- 1 a n - o in p r i n c i p l e of ( h e commission's, program. Koine officials will not be surprised if this occur.-*. coughs are ca*used by an irritated troat; conseqii-e-nlly for moat coughs too there is nothing better than this famous prescription -- It goes direct to the- internal cause. It i i put up under the name Thoxin-o and is g-uaranteetl to stop coughs and relievo sore throats in 15 minutes or your money will bo refunded. Singers and speakers find Tboxino very valuable. The remarkaiUle thing about Thoxlno Is that while U relieves almost Instantly, it contains nothing h a r m f u l , is plea-stint ta.-iting and safe for the whole family. At -k for Thoxlne S5c, 60c and $1.00 bottle/;. Sold by all- e!r nggists. -- Advortlsonwnt. Wife Beat Husband \ To It in Divorce \ * My U n i t e d Pr.'«3. CHICAGO, Jan. 21 -- Among Ihcwo who wond-er why a. woman's mlnil workfi like It doos is Hi.lgor Feltman. Hte wife got u divorce w i t h o u t telling h i m nbout it and w o n t 0:1 washing the dishes and kissing him food bye in tho morning! j u s t llko always. Feltman learned of hie wife's action when ehe left suddenly and he decided to get a dlvorco on grounds of desertion. "Yon can't do that," t h e Judge nd- montfihcd him. "Your wife got a divorce n long tlrao ago." "Then why--" began F«Hm;m but, ilce Is ted when he realize! tho j u d g e cou.d not answer that oiie, PerryopoHa I'ERRYOPOLIS, Jan. ::i -- Mr, autl Mr-s. "Doc" Pasco of Fayette City, spent Sunday hero with t h e lattei-'e parents, Mr. and Mrs. E P.'Luce. Miss Stella Moore of Unlontown, spent t h e week-end w i t h her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Aliorc«, of Star j u n c t i o n . Mr. and Mrs. George Gobi-Ins of St«r Junction,' spen-t Friday with Mr. a n i l .Mrs. Thomas Hollb of Washington. 1'a. Mildred Carr of Akron, Ohio, who is t h e guost of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W i l l i a m Carr of Junction, visited at Perry High School. Miss Carr Is a ·{rudiui-te of this school. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wilkes of GIas«- l o r t and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Wllkea' of Moneusen spent Sunday w i t h Mra. J o h n Wllkcs, Dale and Chads Martin of Swissvale, .spent the week-end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Martin. Ida Pearl McKlucky of 'Unlontown, ·spent the wcek-ond with her parents, .Mr. find Mrs. Jam-os McKlucky of Star J u n c t i o n . Smithton "Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, puts new life into me and makes my work in she store and in the house caster. I took several bottles before my baby came and am always singing its praises to my triends. 1 recommend it for tjirls and women of all ages. It makes me feel like life is worth living, my nerves are better and I have gained pep and feel well and strong."--Mrs. A. R. Nmirh, 808 ,S. Lansing Street, St. 7u/in.v, Midu'^ui. -ssen was a I SMITHTON, Jan. 21--George Broolcn i of Charlerol was a buaine. a cnllar hero Friday, ; Frank Wilson of Mon j caller hero Friday. j Francis Douglas spent Friday in ' Greenaburg. | Hoy Trimmer of M o u n t Pleasant ;' was a guest at the homo of friends at | thin place Friday. ; Wilfred Crllloy was ; Moncesun visitor Thursday. Mr. anil Mrs. Homer l.ymm of Arnold City, were guests at the homo oi'j relatives; o.t thitf'phH-o F r i l a y o v e r l i n g . ' K o b o r t C a t - p o u t e r of '.viij u buoineti.M caller h e r - Friday K u l ; i h Malcuhn oi 1 Clia; leroi -.\ ; i-- li.T hci\- Friday. . . ' i t t k t n v for WOMEN PAY $500 TO CLOCK FUND Special t o T h e C o u r i e r . MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 21.-H a r r y Stout, 31 years old, Howard C. Heese, 2 0 , ' a m i Jjeo Slsumaker, 24, were givdu a heorhiK bo-fore Justice of tho Peace P. P. Kicher yentord-ay afternoon, charged with l a r c e n y ot 750 feet of steel cable f r o m the- mine of V. 10. Painter near Bridgeport. Sc.luitnaknr ^'as hold unclor $1,000 b a l l ami Stout and Reese, in default, of bail, wore committed to jail. Tho cable was supposed to havo bei'ii concealed on the MeU mining property a short distance f r o m tho Painter mine. They were held for court. Women Aid Clock Tumi. The Woman's Aid Society ot the United Brethren Church last wenk pale! $550 toward the repairs of tho church tower. The tower Is being repaired to install tho town clock. Women to Servo Dinner. The women ot the- Mount Joy Church of tho Brethren will serve the d i n n e r to the guests at the farmers' Institute to be held at the Grand Theatre on Thursday, January 30. The R o t a r y and KiwtiulH clubs w i l l also be guosts at the dinner, sponsored by the chamber o£ commerce. It will be served at noon in the Banlt Building. Donation Day at Hospital. Donation day, sponsored by the Ladles' Aid Society of the Memorial Hospital, ivlll be held at the hospital this afternoon and evening. Hoys Reprimanded. Jerry Farina, .17 years old, and D o m i n t c k dross, 10, were beforo Burgess S. P. Stevens last evning, after a L'uaeo by Chief of Police Joseph W h i t e - a u d Constable Gerald Shumar, on complaint ot Charles Springer of H i t c h m a n direct. Tho boys had come up the street, going around about way, and finally into tha alley along- the Springer house, t h r o u g h the coal house and out again to tlio alley, Mr. Springer helped,round np the one boy and they waited on tha other loy to come up tho street, Burcess Stevens eravo tho b-oys a severe lecture find told them what w o u l d happen 'if 1. lifr.v were caught in this sawploiou;; «vn ine-v again. The boys sckl. the riirf*-.," Sictd sounded and they w e r e i.s^ius i.. "quiclt way home." PersuuulH. Mrs. M. W. l-lor«;.cr ;t; a, 1 . Obeiain Ccillego visiting her Ui'iU.-r-Htcr Mar- gare-t Jane, a student. Air. and Mrs. W i l m e r SUvimar ot Pontiac, 111;., arc- v/jjliiu; ai Mr, S ! u mar's homo in C':)iiegr? Rveuuo IhlK i week. Mr. Sliumat 1 Is, attevdinK Bthool at McICeesport. Ho is ruana^oV °t "· s-tore at Pontiao. Oso our ::hissifl6d af',1 erUJaiuonts., FARMERS ARE flMCi CROW IS USEFUL BIB LANCASTER, Jan. 21'.-Peoplo in county se-om to havo heeded a recent bulletin of tho United States Department of Agrclullurc to the effect that lh! crow should be urotoctod, not extermlnatod, «rid are f e e d i n g the 'birds, who are having a hard time to find n a t u r a l food this w i n t e r . Tho success of f a r m e r s In g e t t i n g their corn Husked early, hue brought hard times for the crows who usually llr.U a quantity of curs which have been abandoned in the fields. "Extermination of tho species would have u l t i m a t e eonseciueucfri no less serious than its over-abundance," says tho bulletin of the government. The crow doos a service In destroying pc«t« which weighs more heavily than do Jtn n u m e r o u s slnfl. The department spent m a n y years in Investigation of the life OL tho crow. Examination ot the crops oj 2,100 of tho birde, observation by experta, anv the gathering o£ testimony of many farmers, preceded the announcement that, crows must b- protected for tho good of agriculture. The crow feeds on Ina-ectH, rodents, unheal'thful carrion and orus- tacc-ons, and disperaes tlK seedu of beneficial planta. Praises Home Treatment For Bladder Weakness, Backache, Irritation N o m a t t e r i v l i n t y o u r agrn n m y b e , how l o t i B y o u l i n v t ; been t r o n l i l a i l in' ) h o w m a n y : i e l l e l n e s y o u h a v e L r l o i l | w i t h o u t a u c r f l s s -- i f you a n a. v i c t i m } i of I ' u t i c l l o n u l B l i K l d c i ' \ V c a U u o a a a n i l ! I h - r i t a t l i i n , ca i.slnjr d a y s of t r o u l i l e M O i n c ' | : u u i o a n c « a n d n l t r l i t s of H r o U c n .Itc-Ht, | 1 ii'.? a i n a ' / . i i i K · l : i v i v a l u e at I'!'. \\ !i i u i ! ' r i s k v, i'. :i · i .in l i ^. .M:i'iH t r - u m Lilt.. i J ' j i i t ' U - i'ij a r r iU--.sii-ti(i.l M i n i m i s e r y o ' l o n ^ . Huckfu.' a n r i ^ a n d ti' ( eil t o t r y Sou ill \v 'M' i : t l !-'! D a i l y Courier. Uia 1'ou M'nuf, S C.U.s.'a.Qad Adv.. :'lUeuiau:Ltt. rick H p o s 1 I t ^ e :· l u u r -I'.' 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S»OW E 8PV CO BETTER LIGHT means LESS 1-YK STRAIN I'll SPY IT'5 FUNNY WJLL PRINT A GMlC HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELD i -AT PERRY TO HONOR MISS ALICE K. FULLER A ( i e l i K l i l l ' t i l i n u - t y i n ..; i.\- t y - i M f i lull i i n n i vc ran i-y lit' .\lisK - A l i i : i.' K. F u l l i: i lliiit r the- Storm H i t s M o u n t a i n Sdilcs, H K N V E K . J a n , 21. -- Aiiollior by the hostess, was g i v e n : Address of woh.'omc, Mra. P e r c y A. · Davis; response, Mrs. .)'. A. l ' o i - g i t v ; | Lord's Prayer, in uulison, w i t h Mrs. ! Emma ("arson l o a d i n g ; h y m n , "Blent I be the Tin T h a t Binds," by n i l . j A d e l i g h t f u l social hour t'o l o w e d . ! ( l i i m i - i i \vei-i! played, ai'Uri- whic!: I t i n c h j W U H l i t - r v c i l hy M i s s i''l!lli.T (in i h e r i a.sriisiaut, Mni, (Jtol'K/j (!Lijp(;r. Hire \va» a h o a t i t i f u l b i r t h d a y o r i i a t n e i i l o d v.-RlL r-;ixty-e-lxhL i maii A t«a- In I. oil) PL- rut tiros, e n v e l o p e d t!u tna. ponjon of the U o e k y M o u n t a i n rcgln i l a t o l a s t n l p l i t . Y c s t o n t a y was t l ) itii d».i r 'it iii UK; lato Altorimy J o h n and K a t h e r i i i o H p r i i i R e r F u l l u r , was hold S a t u r d a y · n i g h t i n the F u l l e r honi^ a t P e r r y - j w h i c h w l u - n l i g h t e d \va« t h e center o f S U O V i opoli^. Mis-is F u l l e r lias resided a t ; a t t r a c t i o n . Thu p a r t y i:losel w i l l llu: ,! | P e r r y o p o l i s a l l h o r l i f e a n d is hold in | h y m n , "Gol l.!c W i t h Von Till \V-i M e o t i ' i i a l ' , Air«. eKtceni by her m a n y fripndr-. S h o j A g a i n , " and p r a y e r by M r a . I r a B l a i r , j Gnu'r- j ' i c i h a p p y b i r t h d a y s , the gue-.Ht.:; de it a l a t e h o u r f o r t h e i r honitn. F u l l e r v.'as Uit rec:i|iieni. ot |)ret.t.y gift,;. Giici-its present wero: Mrn. S t e w a r t of D e a r t h , cousin of Mlns Fiil- li'.r, .Mrs. liello Vat t u n , M r s . Percy A. Davi.;. M:v,. .1. A. Ftjrgii.'. Mrs. H, p. Kyiin.-n-i;. .Mis. J. li. M a r t i n . .Mr,-;. |. n. Mailfi'h. '.\il-5, I r a Hkiir, Mi,-,; .\h u -y K. McKei 1 , Miss A n n a !'ii-iv;n!, M r s . A l v a l i l u i r , .Miti. j-:iiiina Carson \Vadv, .Mrs. Ooor^e Duff, Mrs, K. P. S t i c k o l . L i l l i a n S ' l - w a r Mrs. Ji. ;\i. Mrs. L i u a t a Mra. 13. s. a n l MjV,; is k n o w n for h e r h o s p i t a l i t y . The t ' o l l o w i t i g progvani, urransetl Aftr.r spending u most onjoyabl j h o u r 1 and \vi3hiujr .Mlse Fullw nuutj m o r a j .I?;U-roniie Lhasa tt'.io advs»}«.

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