The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 3, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1918
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, A.PRIL 3, 1918. THE DAILY QOURIER-. CONNEI-iLSYIT/r/PI, PA. PAGE SKVJfiN. "For the present yes! That Is my official message to you. Privately, however"--the speaker eyed O'Reilly with a disconcerting/ expression--"I would like to warn you. You are a bright fellow, and you huve a way with you--there's no denying it. Under other conditions it would be a pleasure to know you better. It grieves me. therefore, to warn you that your further stay In Cuba will not be--pleas- ar.t, I almost regret that there is no conclusive evidence apainst you; It would so simplify matters, Come, now, riadn't yon better acknowledge that I have guessed your secret?" O'Keilly's perplexity was changing to dismay, for it seemed to him he was being played with; nevertheless, he shook his head. "I would only be deceiving you, rir." he said. General Antuna sighed. "Then I see embarrassments ahead, for both of us." "More arrests?" "Not necessarily. Understand me, I speak as one gentleiarr. to another, but--you must have noticed that Americans are unpopular with our troops. Get at the Real Cause--Take Dr. :N Edward^'Olive Tablets · Tbafs what thousands of stomach ; sufferers are doing now. Instead of taking tomes, or trying to patch up a'. poor digestion, they are attacking the! ; real cause of tbe ailment--clogged liver | ; mod disordered bowels. · · Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets arouse the ; liver in a soothing, healing way. When j the liver and bowels aje performinfj their j natural functions, away goes indigestion i and stomach, troubles.' j If you nave a bad taste in your mouth, tongue coated, appetite poor, lazy, dorft-care feeling, no ambition or energy, troubled with undigested foods, } you.should take Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel j Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a = nuts with which General Antuna had 'purely vegetable compound mixed with, ; thoughtfully provided him. he bore It °*f* e °3; Y °5. wultnow them by Ifaeir to the rail nnd dropped it overboard. "Rheumatism vras a fool disease, *** anyhow," he muttered, "Great news!" Esteban Yarooa announced one day as "he dismounted after a foraging trip into the Ynmurl. "We met some of Lacret's men aud they told us that Spain has recalled Captain General Campos. What do you say to_thut2" "Does that mean the end of the war?" Rosa eagerly inquired. "Ob, no. They have sent a new man --he's In Havana now--a dark little old fellow who never smiles. He has a long nose and a big chin; he dresses color. gaping, cran. Take cce or two at bedtime for qmdc . relief, so yoa can cat whst you like. : t lOc and 25c per bar. AH druggists. from Havana. That smoke to the'sou'th- ward "was from flres of hia kiruEbhg: he had burned a good many crops and houses and punished a good many people, and since this was exactly the sort of task be liked be was in DO unpleasant mood. He bad demanded of Cneto lodging- for himself and bis troop, announcing that a part of his command was somewhere behind and wonld re- ·jciri him. later hi tbe night. all in block--a. very 'Jew-bird 1 in appearance, from whnt I hear. His name Is Weyler--Valeriano 'Weyler, marquis of Teneriffe." Estebnn covertly" appraised his sister's charms, but respecting her terror of Cobo he did not speak his thoughts. He was certain, however, that Rosa ·knew, ss well as he, what motive Iny behind the fellow's tireless persecn- Eh? They are impulsive, these troop- j tlons of the valley dwellers; for, in j forward to a night of undiscnrbed re- ers; accidents cannot be prevented, j spite of their isolation, stories of Cobo ! pose. Pancbo's apprehensions had fat- Suppose something should happen to j had reached the refusees-^-stortes that j tened upou'^hemselvt-B. and he and you? There is the trouble. Ton came j had rendered botli the boy and the girl j been living of late In a nightmare of Cneto had welcomed his visitor in all humility; be put up the soldiers In the bate of the sugar mill, and then In-stalled Cobo in ni» best room, after which he ransacked tbe house for food and drink and tobacco. When Cobo finally took himself off to bed Cneto followed In better spirits than he had enjoyed for «ome time. For one thing. It was agreeable to look to Cuba to enjoy its clinfite: you cannot be expected to remain indoors. Of course not. Well! Among our soldiers are many new recruits, pairiotic, enthusiastic younif fellows, but--careless. They are. wretchedly unproficlent marksmen, and they haven't learned the danger of promiscuous rifle fire. They are forever shoo; Ing at things, merely to score a hit. Would you believe It? Oh, I have to Discipline them frequently. To think of yuu being abroad through the struts, therefore, sick with apprehension. The colonel, It seemed, had nearly died of his machete wound, nnd on recovering he had sworn to exterminate the wasps that had stuns him. He had sworn other oaths, too, oaths that robbed Esteban of his sleep, Esteban idolized his sister; her loy- terror, But It seerntd to him that he bad barely closed hla eyes -when be wns awakenwl by a tremendous vibration and found himself Ui the ccratvr of the floor, undecided whether he bad been hurled from his bed or whether he had leaped thither. SOU In » doze, be heard alty to him was the most, precious thing j a shout from the direction of Cobo's of his life. Therefore, the thought of ! room, then a din of other voices, followed by a roah of foot; the next tn- stant his door was flung back and he that swarthy ruffian hunting her down as a hound hangs to tbe trail of a doe awoke In him a terrible anger. Sec- \ saw, by the light of high-held torches, ·worries me intensely. Suppose you ! ond only to his hatred for the guerrilla · Esteban Yarona and a ragged rabble i should be found dcs4l some day. Im- chief was his bitterness against the j of black men. Coeto knew that he! traitor, Pnncho Cueto. who. hnd capped j faced death. Ke dodged a blow from | his villainy by setting this new peril! Estebnn's clubbed rifle only to behold aglne .ray feelings." The speaker's tone anil expression wtre eloquent of concern. ·siblHty?" "By having me folio-red, as uspal. I dure say." O'lleilly said bitterly. . "Oh, you will of course be shadowed day and night ; in fact, to be quite sure of your -- or -- safety, I shall ask you to permit one of ray mea to accompany you everywhere asd even to share your j boy was now planning to launch h\s | other shouting. He found the chamber rood. \Ve shall try never to lose sight I Qrst blow. * j whence it issued and tried to Kinash ofVou, depend upou it. I you j The thought of the hated Cobo had ] the door; but at the Rocond blow ho couhl find nnothc-r cJim^re equally ben- ; momentarily distracted Esteban*^ ' heard a gunshot from within and the efk-tal In your rheuisat'sm. It would j thoughts. Now he collocted them and : wood s-rillntf?rei outward almost Into lift' ft great lo::d fr:;rj r. 7 niirul." The . sahl : i his face. Simultaneously, from "corae- spesker paused hopefully; that same : "Wnltl I am forgetting something. |*where outside the honwe, uroae tbe sartlnriic llickrr was ou his lips. ! See what Lacret's men handed mo; ! notes of a Spanish bugle-call. Johnnie could net s^rr.mon an an- i they fire posted from nne end of the I ^oong Vnrona waited to hear no RweriBs: srcilp. for his Jicart vas- like \ island to the other." He displayed c ' irfbre. Nor did hi? men; realising the lead. He realized con* the utter f u t i i - ; printed bnntln, or proclamation, signed j P cr il Into which they hnd been led, Ity of resistance; he knew thr.t to ; by tbe new cnptnln general, and read j the r bolted from rne house as fast as remain in Tuerto Pnn-ripe after this l a s follows: i th(a . v cimld po. There wns no need for thinly, "veiled warning would be to ] "AH inhabitants of the country dis- ;QU-'StIuns; from the direction of thf court destruction -- and destruction of t trlcts, or those who reside outside the ; snpnr mil! came, bellowed orders and a shocking character' r.;:atnst v.-bkh It ; linns of fortiflcatlons of the towns, j tne sound of mno shouting to thdr would be Impossible t,-, fiuiirtl. After i shall", within « period of eight days, en- j hor?es. Evidently those were troops-a moment of thought h-- raid gravely: | ter the towns which ore occupied by | nnd tni!ned*troops. too. for they took appreciate the deiicacy of your j J K ( J tronpf*. '..Vi?y indlvldnnl found out- no tlmD to saddle; they were up and ' side the lines In the country at the ex- mounted nlmosi before the marauders ; pirntlon of this period shall be consld- hnd e ' ered r. rebel imd shall be dealt with as ! nials. . : suck" i InsrnnMy there becmn a blind battle ! It WHS that I n h u m a n order of con- j *- desperately cramped quarters. jccntrntlon. the result o/ which proved i Itlotrs foupht stirrup to *rt!min with '.to be without parallel'ln military his- ! clubbed rifles and machetps; middles ! ^ e . cm f ed an , d * he ^"^ hoiww ' - S m C ** How could I 8s the respon- j upon t h p m ; and- since Rosa's safety j the flash of a machete. Crying out j and his own honor called for the death ! again, he'trled to guard himself from I of both men, he had sworn that some- ; the descending 1 blade, but too late; the j i how he would effect it. It was, of j sound of hts hoarse terror died In hla ! ! course, a difficult matter to get at the I throat, half bom. ; colonel of volunteers, but Cueto still i "Quick! Soak (ho bed with oil and i lived In the midst of his blackened ( fire It," Esteban directed; then he ran I fields, and It was against him that the j out Into the hall to Investigate that consideration, sir, and--I shall go." the backs of their own nni- tory-an order which gave Us savage nnrhor the name of bein the ifloml of a nation repnred peculiarly cruel. Four hundred thousand Cubans t onl j t tO lt *T - 'lr«*!n S limbs and .harp-shod driven from their homes Into shelter- ! less prison camps; more than two hun- i drod thousand dead from hunger and i disease; n fruitful land luid b:ire of all i hoofs ivorkinp more havoc than blows : Crom old-time battle-hummora. Of course, nfter the first moment of cnnflict, Esteban had not I teen able to ine i'rom Oritmte to Pinar dnl Rio-: tli.Tt was the sequel to those printed words of "Weyler the Butcher" which Estolxm read. I «"K!ght days! When is the time upV j SOPH inquired.. ! "Bless you, this is already two weeks i ; 1 old !" her brother told her. j ; "Why, then, it means That well bo shot if we're caught." 1 "Exactly: But we shn'n't be caught, . ch? Let tho timid ones take fright fit.; tho squeaks of this old blackbird. Let' them go into the cities: we shall have : tiio more to oat!" Estebnn crumpled i hpiird. Nor coultl hft spare the breath ; to shout; lie wns too drsperatply en_ ... His rifle was ( ^ ,, hot barrel in his hands"; he dimly clisi tlcgutshed Asensio .wielding his ma eh j etc. Then he found blmsnlf dowii and hnlf stunned. Something smotil ; h l m littavlly, at lust--whether a boo: 1 --rthat's how we start our groat Spring Sale of Rugs. _ Come and see them. They're the newest patterns in "fibre rever- sibles. 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Comparisons Always Prove You'll Do Better at Connellsville's Most Dependable Furniture Store. %^£-ttp?yz^j^^Ma^# PENNSYLVANIA WOMEN |l'OM.MAAI)S U K l t M A N i S OX" i U N I T E D STATUS l-'HO.N'T "His Name Is Weyler." . General Antuna leaped to his feet, his ?rim face aliplit; striili,ng to ·O'ReEIJy, he pressed Ids hands--he seemcl upon the point of embracing him. "I thank you!" hn cried. "You render me a supreme service. See, I the paper'In his hand ' n n d dropped it. j "Meanwhile I shall .proceed toward my I settlement with Pancho Cuetn." His confidence gave Rosa very careless courage. breathe easy. Permit me to offer you refreshment--one of our famous Spanish wines. "o? Then the best cigar In all Cuba !" O'Reilly wns escorted to the railway station at daylight. Ho and Branch took their seats and their guards filed In behind them. H? cursed savagely;, the memory of these- -wasted weeks. the narrow margin of his failure, filled him with a sick feeling of'dlsmay and ^ Impotence. In marked contrast to the difficulties of entering Cnba was the ease of leaving it. A ship was sailing from Neuvl- tas on tbe very afternoon when the two Americans arrived, find they were himself out of this rat-pit But h l i j SHOULD READ THIS \ limbs were queenly rebellions, nnd IK! i^ Tf!l]r ,,t:, nH of a marr ; ? a w n m n n ; ; he had never experienced j are not plva.-,*..t if she is delicate, run- anything quite like this and he thought) down, or orrr-workud. She "played ,cs her bus- ' he must be wounded. It greatly snr-j out." Her ainilo and her good spirits prised him to find that he couldstr gle upward through the brambles, though It was hard work. Men were fighting all aromnd and below him, meanwhile, and he wondered vaguely tig, i have taken flight. It -\vorrii m ,; band as Trail aa liorsel?. what made them kill one another when | TLis ia tho time to build up her strength and cure tiio.«c weaknesses or aihuents wluph arst tho Beat o" lier | j trouble. Dr. Piorcr's l^avorite Prp?crip- · tSon r ^u] atcs n;,«l promotes tho p r o p e r : he and his negroes were, all dead or j j unctions rf wmaaobood . enricbea tho i dying. It seemed very strange -- of a j blond, clispflto auhea nnd pains, meian- j piece 'with the general unreality of | choly and nervousness, brings refreshing ' CHAPTER XI. When the World Ran Backward. Esteban went about Iris plan of destroying Pancho Cueto with youthful f -- -- -- -- -- . ., energy and zest. First he secured, at j discovered, and hs realized with a curi-! luouta 3Dciden t- to things -- and It troubled him not a lit-! sleep, and relorea health tie. One of his arms was useless, he. ! t t curea tQ ose disorders strcagLh. · deraogu- . , some r-'i'ns. a halC-stick of dynamite, a ) OBS snock tbat it was broken. He WDSI cap nnd fuse, and a gallon or more of kerosene; then he assembled IiEs followers aud led them once again into the San Juan. La .Toys was still tenanted when early in the evening Its rightful owner arrived ; the house and some* of Its outbuildings showed lights. Esteban concealed his men. While the horses I and tbe negroes rested he fitted, fuse and cap to his precious piece of dynamite. Now while Esteban ws thus busted. Pancbo Cneio was entertaining an im- weJcome guest/ In the late afternoon he had been surprised by. the visit of a hurried aboard. Not until the'anchor ! was up did their military escort de- [ part froiu them. With angry,, brooding eyes O'Reilly watched tbe -white houses along tho water front dwindle away,.the mangrove swamps Blip past, and the hills rise out of their purple haze. When the salt breath rf the trades came to hia nostrils he turned Into Ms stateroom, end, Utktnff the crate of coco- doren much as nel had been none more volunteers, and Inas- with their colo- sinco that ill-starred expedition into the Tumuri, he had felt a chill of a] prehension on fleeing the redoubtable Cobo himself at their head. . The colonel had explained that he was returning £rora a trip rap the San Juan, taken for the purposo of rounding up those-inhabitants who faafi been diUitorjr in obeyin* » 8«W Of4«V bleeding, too, from more thnn one ··wound, but he could walk, after a fashion, He was Inclined to stay and finish the fight, but he recollected thnt Rosa It is co'.v put up in tablet form. ' Write poafielfinT.Lilly jihr.iit your ca?.o or . aond 30c. for trbl p'^'f;. of "Favorites . Preacripinon Tal.le'-^''' to Dr. Piereo, j President Invalids' Ilnicl. Buffalo, N, Y. = would be, waiting for him and that he .vised me to talio !IJr. BunrnAM, PA-had a general y«ars ago I . A friend act- . arce 'c Favorite . go to her, and so he set out j Prcacriptidji. I toon *.hrrc bottles, then the fields, staggering through i 1 folt »* I was P^^^T «*cd and must acr the charred cane stubbie, T'ue was not so this puzzled him until ho saw plantation house was ablaze. wuro belching from its windows, casting abroad a InrJd racUance; and re- S Pancho Oneto, Eateban have hncn CRJoyiap the boat of health i Bincy. My plomawi is in firo sliapc, nij ' en, anu i ^gpyg^ STC a j] right, and I am feeling , hat the! better Mian I ha-/o fr.r many- yoara. \ IHataeg ;'^avonto Press rinti on ; ia a wonderful. and la tfce best o£ health. Eale and hearty, with good, red blood, sootl appetite and good digestion. Grandpa's nerves are steady, ux. Ke takes care of himself. He'keeps hlmsw-lf fit. He sues to It that his nerve!' and blcou are in pood shape. \Vhen he iinos that he is eatintf trlthaut relish, fec:- · Jnff a liltla depressed and crus?, sleepy aJl day yol con not sleep at ·niffht. he begins h3s treatment of Blo-Ier«tt, the nerve anxl blood ionic. BSo-feren. a compound of Lecithin, tonic elemtiGts Jr. tablet forrr.. ia j'-."t exactly vrhat tl;e a^erajje tirc-d busi- T.esa man. the a.Tentpi ho^y'-iecycr ceedfl at tliia aeaaon of : . : -.:-r. 11 VPS ar.d puts vlffor aad energy into the system. There is "o mystery alioiit Bip- fcrcn. Kvcrv p;Lrl;.is shows just rtwctiy the contnnt- .\slc your doc- ·tor n.tout Cto-fcrcn. or."!? you 'wish; send UP his mime and w*? will for- \\-KVil him the conipl:;t! lonnula. G ; v e liio-fvron a f:ur '.riai. . If It don't rttiUie C=oO your money writ b« ijji.-asu.ntly reiurned tu you. Jnter- cpting booldet will bo mailed you on o u n ' t liandlo edits Co., C. S M.vK) at ecr: If yuur Tho .fpnt^ ni^iil, Ohio. Inughsd. By and by, cfter he wns well awn-y, mitnbnoaB pesscf: nnd tie to suffer crcrn i:Ia ting pnln." Tho pain had been there all tho time, so It seemed; he was simply gaining the capacity to faol it He was retdy to die aow, ho woe so 111 ; marqovar, Kla left arm dangled and got .in hla way. Only that subconscious realization of the necessity to keep going for Rosa's s»lce sns- taljicd Wm. . TO BE CONTINUED- * N. S,, PA- -- pui to' go flow Sonic few in healtb. i G-eneral Von Gall wits; tlio Gonnau ! loader who devastated Serbia. IP now ; '. in coTrunnnri o? tho Teuton foreo= t h a i ! · nrc directly opposod to the AniorJemi I 'i.raopw-in France. tonic, arid I ran (jU'p.ssc! to give this. --Mne. V.'ILUAM: SV.M.CHKH, Box 227. PITTSn year.i a^t was very much discouraged. It wns all caused by motliorhoorl. I did uot pjct along ivcll. Instead of growing strong I ; Bright evnfi, clear complexion, vkn, grew weaker. 1 be S nn taking Lr. ; ^ an(I fo all In(!icato p0 rre:t Piorce's Favonto rro^nptmnj it gav^i mo stronctiu built mo up, ana 1 could ' - ; oat and sleep well, in-fast, I was in ! capped In the ra*;e ot Ilia, 'Jake Hoi- better health ovary way thin I had been Hstor's Koc-liy Mountain Tea each for some "timo. Jt 13 o porfootly.,\von(lor- vveejc iuul keep up u'ltii the Hvs unea, iul tonic for vioraoa who ore ailing."-- 35c. Tea or T iliis. H. A. EETHT, 1105 Shormau ,iTO, Dni.£ Co,--Aijv, LLAVES NO AFTER-EFFECTS EXCEPT HEALTH J, B, KURTZ, .'...·iAIlV AND REAL ESTATE. South Meadow

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