The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 24, 1964 · Page 35
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 35

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1964
Page 35
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Page 35 article text (OCR)

m w'a a "are, rr A'V - ' MONDAY, AUOUST 24, 1964 the Ottawa joubnai 33 T ft - i'r ' 's'v. Appeal Dismissed (By Tl CP) -Th Tax Ap-' peal . Board bat dismissed an appeal by Hegins man who aid th revenue department .'. failed to take account of nil -f ambling losses. ' but counted hit gambling winnings. , In testing blajjuae for 1959. ' The decision, ilgned by appeal board member J. 6. Wei-don, included Quotation from the book of Proverbs: "Good , . understanding glveth favor; but Staled Tenders on forms supplied by the Department for the abov Contract wiU be received by the District Engineer, Department of Highways. 530 tremblay Road, "' Ottawa. Ontario, until 12.00 O'clock NOON E.ST. TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 22nd. 1984 J '., Sptclflcationt. InformaUon'to Bidder. Tender forms , and envelope may be obtained by calling at or by mat! addressed to the District Engineer at the above - mentioned address. ! The Lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. ' " DEPARTMENT OP HIGHWAYS, ; ' . , - . 'ONTARIO 1.3. SERVU SAYS: Thil Co,umn con,,iM 0 rtputabje, qualified busfMsst. . i,. .'. who m rtidy to strvt you. Oonl dU call today. C 3 BEAVPRE AUTOMOTTVE BIRV-tea Ltd. aarvtoa day and nlettt. 1U-SOS4. BSAVPBB ACTOMOTTVE lervtc Ltd. lit isrtaat, laM .,. OrTtN BAY. NIOKT. r all ExcHAtioE timrt avail- , able. Also foreign parts, service, ' Waldina. aaa. au. 4ccaortt TRANSISTOR ' lONTTIOM KITS, v Manotlck Motors (Sports Car . apecultetal. SU-1M9. PABTS AND SERVICE AH Baflfcm Can Enflbh Motora Ltd. tlt-tl i ' AUTHORIZED SALES AND SIRV-lea. Morris, MO, RUey and Wot-aaley ears. AIf(rtttint nan turn ALiONMENT. brake spectallats. Korfman Brake ano Alisnrnem. 39 runs sawira Avenua CES-44U. Radiator Servlci FREE TESTINO. PRE! ESTt-mataa. rraa c hacking on the ve. , ' hlcl. Hr Radiator Co.. Clean-- tn. rapairs, iweoraa. Set Wei, , linstoa. PA-taa. , J. VphoitUrt .' ' :BBPAIBIitO TRWCK BEAT . . , ; snatilsns. Comber Auto Top Up- oiaiarera. aaa tauaeei. vaa-iaaa- '.' ALL CEMENT WORK DONE BY 1 Terry Con tract orm, guarantaad to t fears. Always check with a ngistered contractor. Pre eatl-, Bialea, M months ta pay. Us-.. . StO. h ... v , - patios, mi ran tea, free WALKS. . curb link guaranlaed ss. Tas-eua. CEMEIfT WALKS. STEPS. PATIOS . -. and stissss free satunetee. lat- ta . . 'cement walks, steps. . pettoa-and stucco. Free sals- at rtae ,Mn t .WUVDC ' eral ganaraf repairs, lea WooeK . real. ?aa saw. . RECREATION ROOMS. REPAIRS. Keg, free eeumates- A- Bruce Hon Limited, BIKUTS. C A. lOffANNIBM.'i ' -A ' s .- store fronts and, additions, re-. pairs, recreation rooms, roof In t.. ana sninaie. in name it, wwr .ever tt is and we'll da it. Just 1 dial the BIO "J" and wa ll as -. tt today. TRUCKERS Please register for hire, lng aims, type, year, capacity, and rental rats ' of .trucks. Thomas G. Fuller ltd. ' IN RICHMOND ROAD . -. .729-3121 - HUGH M. GRANT ;;JS22 Catherine St 236-7103 . RENTAL SERVICE FLOAT SERVICE PILL FOR SALE FRONT END LOADERS '!,' COMPRESSORS - ' DUMP TRUCKS '; SHOVELS BULLDOZERS the way of the transgressors Is hard." r..-, -is' i- : The Judgment said, that William George was convicted or aJtoelunakini charge In ItM. "' wenj,,Bug irum a gar- oage can uiuciosed that be b made a net profit of $17,620.05 from his book-making operations during the period from Sept. II. 1958 to Nov. 18. 1969. This figure was used at the ba-l sis for a taxation assessment by the revenue department DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAYS, Ontario notice to suppliers or heating oil supply contract Nfc SA-gt-MIl T EAVESTHOUOH1NO. REASON- , able prices Free estimate 1. D. 1 Garvin Plumblna and Haatina. IUT Bank. 7U-SJS3 SAVE 8TROUOHINO SUPPLIED ana mataiieai- - eo Manna joints. guaranteed workmanship, free eumates. Anytime. m-Sttl I- ROAM RUBBER AND POLTFOAM labrleatina. Baattie roam Rub- aer, s soeaeven. rAa-aeo. CAPES, JACKETS, St Dp, RE-4 pairs, iwuoaabla. Card aaa. t3t- !IV McSVOT BROTRaR ' . US Rent street , fisnt EST ABLISH EO 1SU. PARKING vr i o 1 LAIU lu FAT lor the beat m warm aw heating, call Hubert Stove and Furnace i Stove -1 art., rae-aiea. Z3 Jilt tower nonitr-r inai sparks street. 1M-S3II. closed Saturday for July sad Auguat. I! IV! GENERAL REPAIRS, FOUDA- uons, aaintuu. excavat I a a. cement work, rraa eat Una tea. . rsa-aer. CUPBOARDS. PLAYROOMS, Duplex. Hep, va rand aba. free eetl-1 meics. immeajauijf. Parent, Til-lea. DISCARDED FURNITURE. CLEAN up ralua. ramoaal ta city dump. Moacrat rata. RE. ' MANDBBLST SOD TOP QUALITY MERION BLUE FIELD SOD. Ite PER YARD, wr 100 yard. Ms-asao. . McRLHIRAN. YOUR LANDBCAP- aaraan loam, rree of aod. stone or clay. Punuit delivery. TOP QUALITY FIEL0 BOD. ISc ye. -i, inorui TOP QUALITY FIELD SOD. ISO a sq. yard delivered, p h a a ' ooiiect Komptviii asa-aiss i i . SPECIAL LIMESTONE. REGULAR sue. reauead tan. cedar trees. wmiston. son. T-iaai. a i ACRES. NURSERY SOD. ! Ky. acre or pen otter, ueorse BARN'S NURSBBV SOD TOP QUALITY MERION AND rlana s Slue. Also no. pturaery So at reduced price, pa aaa collect, ureaiey iw. M II I I SAI.SL PATIO STONBS. WHITE. red. green, black, reject. SU- ni.KM arana bod USE OUR CERTIFIED MERION Bio nursery sod and ear Glen- ewre aieno. aaa-iaaa. WEED KILUNO AND FERTIUZ-lng. Reeidential. Industrial. Oan-erai Lawn Spray Sarv tea. Phan aaa-aiTa for uiiewat huu rea. BELFAST, Northern Ireland (CP Tha largest tanker ever built in Britainthe M.OOO-toa Texaco Maracalbo has been launched at the Harland and Woin shipyards here. Tha vessel. IM feet long and 12S faet wide, will be the largest ahlp in th oil firm' lieeL . For Information on MR. SERVU call! 901 NOTICE TO CREDITORS ta the Estate el PAUL L. "tOrt-CARI. IMallha Cllv of Ottawa, In Uw County o Cerknon. m ed. Ail persona bavin claUM egalnst the buti of PAUL L RONCARI 1st ot the City of Ottawa, In In County or Carlelon. who M on or about 13th day ot May. IMS, are hereov notified to eon particulars of aama to the undersigned on or belare tha asth day of Ausuat, ItM, altar which data the but will ba dletrtbut-ad, with regard only to tha claims of which the tsndersigned ahall have nolle, and the undersigned will not ba liable to any person of whoa claim Shay shall not than have Bertie. 1 -Data t Ottawa this aa day or ft miiti . ism. - BEAHEN and COOUOAN. SO Sparks Straot. . Ottawa 4, Ontario, felicitate lor tha Administrator with will annexed. NOTICE TO CREDITORS In tha Estate of ' LILLIAN MARIE McKEMNA. lata of City of Ottawa, ba tha County i Cerleton, Widow, dacoaeail All Eroona having claims against tha tat. of LILLIAN MARIE Me. KENNA. lal of the City of Ottawa. In tha County of, Carletoa, who dlad on or sbouT 17ti Tday of April. IBM. ara hereby twtlrlad to aand nartieulara of aama So tha undersigned on or bafora tha Mth day of August, lata, attar which data tha Estate will ba distributed with raiard only to tha claims of which tha undersigned shall have nolle and tha undersigned will not Da uabM) to any paraon of whose claim they shall ant (baa have notice Dated at Ottawa this eth day of Auguat, leas. EAMEIt an COOUGAN. SO parks Street. ottaM a rvia4n Belicllora tor tha Administratrix , wita wiu YOUt r 1 MM AN HOUR UP. VETERAN. ruei ou, moving. Tta-ssso. . ALL PAVING JOBS DONS BY Tarrv Uontractora auarantaad s to years. Always check with a registered contractor. Free -time tea. I,4,monlh ta pay. att- PAVING DRIVEWAYS. PARKING arena, patching, work euaren- teed. Thibaeult Paving. Tja- asaa. , PAVING. SPECIAL RATES A Muse. Contractors. apeclallsU in Aspnail Driveways, retches. t-ennsranarai. rear gusrantae. -''j'.lli'- ABSO DTE SATISFACTION. papemanging: Inaide. eartalda painttrut. reaaonab as. MrTallaa btos t-sita .-' ' -: . P. MaeKAT ' INTERIOR. EXTERIOR PAINTING. papernangin. rree estunatea. workmanatup guaranteed. j- laai. .. ..... , , P. rORRRStWtoTi PLUMBINO and heattna. rraa wore guarantees. Time payments. Rape ire ur Sfasctalty. NUihtuid day orders Invited " NATIONAL PR-NTERS UM1TED. fine quality eommercial aran- ns- ewi leenai vat-iMi. LO-MOR PRINTERS SOC1AL. wucnmarcial ajrsntl il printing, photo, ilnf Invitations. , CM-e0. , off. set. weoai REFRIGERATION, SAL AND - all brenche Mor 7 Prestos Street. SM raona, iil aua. ALL ROOFING AND REPAIRS done by Terry -onlraelors. ur- anteed 1 to I years Always check with a ret latere a n--araet. FT' eatlmate. a anontne so pay. avu-iewa. QUINN INSULATION COMPLETB ROOFING SERVICES. all work guaranteed. Fre eaU-anatas. Tela phone day r v e-ninga, PAS-i-U. SHAM QiAMIKG MOBILE ITSAM CLfcANINO ANO preeaur . waehlns: ear engines. , basemen bj cleaned and waterproofed, iseeonsble. TSS-SSaa. CANADIAN CRYSTAL POOLS BY -A Brae Bsaesai. Limited, REa- - iwaa. , WELLMAN CONCRETE LTD, , for reinforced pools. Bale an Service. TSS SIS. aas-lTB. BLUE ' LINE . TAXI. M - TtOTJR prompt servie. Call CM-Z341. RED LINR TAXI LTD.. S4-HOOR servioa. can saa-osii. TCa SlAMNUffi TOOLS' tTHARPENED, CIRCULAR and nana saws. ia OTacbnoa work. G f ao. ELECTRIC, STANDARD AND , portable Remington typewriters. for save c rental, g. as. Hill end Bon. ill O'CasuMr. CU- naa. . . 236-7511 102 AUTOS WAm iCont. from Praoadlng Cciumnl WE BUY LATE MODEL GM AMD Tor a proauote. tss-eiM. WILL SELL YOUR CAB ON CON-ngnmenl lor top price, ist-tai. PALMER'S' AUTO WRBCKERS CARS AND TRUCKS WANTED lor vrrecain. au-JUia a I a I e a U3 isuaa im mm Chevrolet halt-ton pick-up. rnccnansraiiji aouna, catnap. a-AB- FUEL OIL TANK TRUCK. 19 b.viL-. new motor. X eamparv mania, io gauons. gla-JVU. IHC I Je GALLON TANKER. ME- chanlcany A-l. licenced until January. H.OOO. S2S-M11 or 722- a7 at aKhmond Road. NEW AND USED SCHOOL BUSES. Lars stock oa hand. Fao- lara afaBUrUuitnM i fe SlluAKi' Bua Co, BranUord. OnL See us bafora you buy. tors. Alessandria. Phone n. filW ANb USED SCHOOL B'JSLt aiiioit Motors i Belleville l Ltd-BellevtU. Ont. Phone WOS-4M4 TRUCKS, PICK-UPS, ALL KINDS ana niaace. can Ken a e y mour moior Bsies. nacnpivuie. a USED SCHOOL BUSES JUST RB- eeivad-riaaa GMC. a-psngr: 1M1 OMC, la passenger. Both Ilk new, i 1 .000 actual mile age. Shepherd Motors, Alexan dria, paone T7. IBM DODGE I. -TON PANEL completely reconditioned, new paint, beet otter. Apply US M Aniw, Itsa INTERNATIONAL 'i-TON pick-up. fair condition. Sxs-UFT. KEN SEYMOUR MOTORS KEMPTV1LLE, ONTARIO 258-23M 258-3020 SPEOAL ON DEMONSTRATORS : 14 OLDSMOBILE M 4-door . hardtop, power brakes, power steering, while-walls, tinted glaaa. HI-FI radio and many other ex-traa 7.000 mllee. Ust SPECIAL $3895 ItM INTERNATIONAL t.-toa pickup, yt, custom radio, all extras. S.SOO mllee. sacsr $2495 ltaj METEOR Custom eedan. . -power steering, power brake,, radio. VI. excel- condition $1795 IBM FORD F-TO0. eompleta . . with Tail BranUord 'I durnp unit, new truck riSldltlon. List new r"$4995 IBM FORD l. -ton e cylinder pickup long box, 22 000 Sr'" $1495 ISSS INTERNATIONAL 1,-too pickup. 17.0O miles. Uke " $1395 13 INTERNATIONAL cab and chassis. 1S7" WB. sea . engine. IB 000 pound rear axle, good S 00x20 tires, completely 140; reconditioned ' J ItM MERCURY M-O0. . IM I?." $395 IBS DODGE 3-ton cab and chassis. VI engine, f apeed transnuwUon. good tires. A reel tQQC buy st OrJ . IM FORD F-700 with 7x11 $795 SERVICE STATION SPECIAL WILLYS Jeep, complete with cab and plow, excel- 70C lent condition 'J' Eastern Ontario's Ijtrjrest IrrtsrnstJonsl Dealer. tos HOTOSOCID Yl.B AND CO. WB SRI.L AND SERVICE RON. da DBA, and RartovDaaMlenn ' Bvvrnreyelee: also . Veep and NSV ecootere so an tor Bant I. Ml IKil TENDERS 1 Sealed tenders will be roccUc try the undersigned untu t o'clock R m, Thursday, September a, IBM. the construction of a four- classioum an ganarel psrssiel rem oonuion to S.CJ.S ISO. a, Mepenn. Crystal Reach. Ontario. General Can tractors only may obtam plan and specs-cat tons from Roger Thtbauit. Architect, 30S Kendall Avenue. Eastview. Ontario, upon deooelt at to ba ratmbureod whan documeate are roturnea at goo eonditloa wlthta on week iallovrang closarej data at tewder. All sab-conttwrtors mast enter, apy at uvea- Vender at Architect Of Mew nnt tatar then B o'clock in, Scpacmboi s, laa. unroot or any tenner not uocao sniily acxwpto. Undervtened. t ROGER THIBAULT. Architect, u Kenriail ".venue. EASTVIEW. Ontario. loads MONDAY TO THURSDAY choict of CHEVROLET PONTIAC s.,7" V r . , RENT-A-CAR SYSTEM -ATT GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES U COREN ANSWERS TO BRIDGE QUIZ Q. t As South you bold: AKQItI 9ii 0AJTHJ Tot uajdlng ba pfteeeded; gMtk Wast , Nertti East 10 Pas I Pass t -vPaa ls " t9 t . What do you bid now? A Psss. Merely t arevlde partner the opportunity ta take appropriate adiea, la light of Ms original tstc ewt ta the tw level an year strea rebM, the pais csa be ussKsrs ferclag. Q. a As SmitTyou hold: AAKSIf 9KU 0U eVAQ4 Tha bidding bat proceeded:) NrU j East Bta 1 0 r- Pass t What do you bid! A. Six a tramp. Fer a preempt at tMt level partner ess ba assume te aawaaes a sell salt et at leaat eight en cuite peaalbly Bine J cards at length. Yeu eneoqusntly have tha reeulre It tricks for a slant, but H aught be vital te prelect year king of kearts from being led Ikra la earn partner ass s small aeublctoa Is tast saH. - Q. I As South" you bold: AK4HT4 ?AI4 OKI it Tbt bidding ba fneimki: East Batk I T Whatdoyoubld? ' A-Tms ban has saienl ffa-slv aaialSIUUee an tasy well pre-duce fame la the beet suit, the partner stay save t be lew ever age hand. The best way te yertray taJs strength le by g taks eut doable. A mere en spade avereall will set do Jusuos te rear balding partner saay faU to set wllk hist eaeeg . Q. 4-As South yon bold: aKMTIl 9AIUTI 0 A AI Tr bidding ha proryjed: oath West North East 1 Pass ' INT , Pats ' . - What do you bid nowT f A. Deeptte ertaef!t anaeaac tvent of a aaaallecra asldtng ws wauM be Incline te laatet span a Sams centred. 11 partner has a pcatsisme for one at the aieier seuis there shoal be a read chance, because at the highly taverabl Ok trtbuUea. The suggeste kM. ihere-feea, is ihree hearts. A M at aaly tw aeant wiu by MINERS' MASK WIGAN. England (CP) A tw ga mask bat been ap proved for use to coat mine after being tested for 17 months TENDERS - The Catholic Bchool Bear at Reptoe-Deachenea will receive aaa la lenders merka "Teevaera for Clsaning ot -Bchoole" st the otflea at tb aatralary-traasurar. Venter Averme, until t ot pa. aeptember 1st. ItM. apeciflcaUons. aeUbllehed by the Bchool Roar wui be available at the Secretary office. Tb Bchool Board does aat bind Itaelf to accept the lowest or any tender received. J. DAKIB, da NOTICE TO CREDITORS la tb Batata et Oar a Atcbltsa. a All having claln state of Oord Alchlean. Ut of the Towaehlp at Oousboum. County at Cerleion. tamvar. who Bled on or about the sard day et July. lasa. hereby noUfla to aand parUcaUrs at earn to the andereigned en or be lore September 1Mb. ia4. sftar which data the Estate wui be ea tributo. with regsr only to claims et which the shall hav nolle, end the staned anil not be liaM to any person t whose claim they ahall not than have notice. Dated st Ottawa this 14th Say at August, leas. MARGARET ATCHIBONi Administrator. . by: SCOTT and AYLEN. TT Metcalfe Street, j Ottawa, , Mer Bolicltors barata. - COUNTY OF CARLETON TENDERS HOT MTX PAV1NO Seal toftdera. pUlnry saatrked as to nHita win a recaivee by the undersigned until 10.00 BJn, EDST. . Tharedey, Beptembel s, ISM. for the aevlng ot Couaty Re No. 1 from Highway No. 1 i North oowert to County aoa IS. 11 IKarsi a dwtonca ot sporaxlmetely mils. Estimate ajuenuty JI0 ton ML, 4 tn accordance with OHO eaaiclftcatloaa. Specification an tender mrme may a atouined st the etrica et UgVet lameXa7JSaV0atfAB9aae 1 Lowest r sny Isalsi as aseea- aaruy acceoeo. O F. WETHERALL. P Eng Cownty Engineer. Court ttouae. - Ottawa a. ontarla. again! Cat, OB and tntursnoa Major Credit Cards Hotrottrad n . - ...... BV SaiMBVa ITO " I ; t). -Ai Soulb, vuUfierabte, youMd: KltlvJI0J4lAQS The bidding bag procaeoad: East gasjtfc West Nerth 1 . 1 Pas SO Pass f What do you bid now? . A. Peapite year leak et a heart lIHM'i a ei et tares a tramp Is There is netiuaf te be falae ky rebieaung spades. . Q. -As South you bold: AQI4 7JI KJ4J Qtt Tb bidding bw preceefJed. North East Saatb West 1 . Pass 10 Pasa 1 Past tap Pitt 1 0 Pass T What action do you take? A. Twe epetaa farther baa cea-Itaued the kidding st a Uaxa aahea ha caul ceavenleatty pan Hta ban therefer nuiat have ' certain eaertt. Yea have year values where' they fit beat sa yea shoal give partner one more ckaace. lie will reanse that yoa have aaly .three spadss bee suae at your first eppor a r-At you bold: A ATI VUM10JMet.KQt The bidding btl proceeded; leerth East Saatb West 14 ' Pass 19 : Pot 1 Paaa ? What action do you Uke? A. A etrength-ahowtng temporizing bl ta U erder: Well there U Be doubt that yea have game, the bead aiay save greater petentiaU-" ties, lor partner's exact stiaagtk baa act yet been determine. A lamp la be arte Is sat suitable because the snR itself has act the proper texture. Sea aa sheuM Bet be sup-perte vigorously with three u-uatpe. Lack of a Stamen stepper bars s Kimp la a tramp, ta, by the process el elimination, we chosse three clubs, lBtenaing t Uke tunber scUe en the next reaod. Q. e-Both tides vulnarabla and as SoUfli you bold: I9J4J0AKIJiI.W Tb bidding bat proceeded: West Nerth East Saatb 1 tV 19 Pass T - What action do you take? A. Faui hearts.' Partner! vol. tesrskla won, all aheal be approximately em tricks sa year hen re tee te ncai)s at least few. A single rales t beret ere weal aat ba te. . : 4 by 400 miners at tha Albert Col liery here In Lancaahlr. Th six-ounc mask convert deadly carbon-monoxide ga into carbon 1 dioxide and allows the wearer Urns to leave the danger area. Each mask will coat 1. Journal Want quick results. .. Adt bring Somcthi oVrwother by farl BtitdisUrwUv. Melrowsd to a rip old eroo in th pct-distillino air of Nova Scotia's Annapofit r"ACADIAN UK Potholers Still Trapped After Three Days GRENOBLE, Franc (Reut- rs) A four man reconnais sance party emerged Irom tbt flooded Berger pothole Sunday night, leaving 17 members of a British potaoling team still trapped underground. . ' The ra conn (stance party, led by Peter Rothwelf. relurnad to ihenurfat alter a struggle through streams of water pouring in alter coBtinuous rauv ttormt her'. The trapped potholing team. ' 1 Alviays there NIAGARA FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED Room , Ceurmsawaealth BUg. TT Metealfe ttt. gM-aaOt 1J' Sparks St. m-07M Tt William BL m-M7 IMS WeUlrjttoo 8L W. T-I0T' RA8TVIZW: LafonUln Rotal Wag, Montreal Rd. at Man St ' : TglKT , HULL: 107 Hotel de Vtlle, ear. Mate I ' TM-on OATQOCAU: K Motr Dame St. gM! Valfoy. - PISTILLERS-Bridgetown.Nova Scotia O O - ( been cut of! for Utrsa days. The flooding has tarred Paarca, U year - a4d Maacbastar engl-seer, ta sbaadoa a bid is break the world sorgrouad dee cent, record of SrvSl feet. . CAR FERRY GLASGOW, S0tlaad (CP-A .OMoa ship that wb (arry cats lirrm Europe ! North ' America for only C4f retarB It to ba built at tha end of tha year by laraaU shra-awasr Mey er Halevy. The imp will operate between SuthamptM aad U.S. sorts. Mrrytag mors tbaa LtM paiaenger and let cars. - with ready cash... For "BACK TO SCHOOL" XDtMVSM Porsonal Loans from COO to$S.OOOOO for any good reasons Guaranteed Prompt, Courteous Service. Of course our bank likes to say Yes. lYoti tee, we ncsol die money. ' Some of the revenue we earn comes Crom loans art) anitke to people. So it's to our uAnutttgt to give every request for money muck note itaight. A little ssors Unerttandirtg, too. It could be money ta The Bank, so to apeak. Another consioeration s If we tpprovt your lota you'B probably feel more Inclinerj to do all your Wildng witk us. Then we can really show you bow truly helpful our ' somplete banking tervices can bet, . So do ut botb this one big Ikvour. ? ' Next time, tee ut for your aaonej. lad by Keesbtth Peatxs, .:: I TOROMTO-DOMITIICri Whm aeapl aaa Ai iigumm 12 B1UNCHES TO SERVE Y OU IN GREATER OTTAWA '., i

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