The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 3, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1918
Page 6
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«TT!5 TJATLTr CDUKIBrR CONVEIJLSVTL'L'E PA WEDNESDAY, APKIL 3, 1915. HOME GARDEN PUN SAVES TIME, MONEY, AND LABOR FOR GARDENER PLAN AND PREPARE -£r£r£rfreren!rfrir£r£r£ ^ r ^ rfrKmnnr ^ if ^ j beans are planted between the rown of parsnips after the radishes and let tuce have been gathered. to do your part in *£?""*"' K_lncrea»irg America's food sup- pfy by raising your own vegetables In your home garden Plan your garden on paper. Map out your campaign. You will profit through time, labor, and money saved. * Planning f» preparing she eld be allotted, to each than is needed to furnish a sufficient quantity j of the vegetable for family consumption or foi other known needs Make the garden "work all summer Make your plans so that v,hen oue crop is readj for the table or for canning another vegetable can be planted between the old rows and aew plantings can take the space vacated. Plan your home garden In adrame (Many home gardeners seem content Make a diagram of the a^ailallej to raise a single crop on each plot of space; allot the ground to the vet,e- land at their disposal, but it is quite tables yon want to grow Prepare to | possible to grow two or three crops ; your garden wort until frost of some vegetables In one season *"~ next fall That is advice to home, A primary consideration In arrang- *' **garJener by horticulturists of tfaej ing the garden Is the kind of cultiva- \ 3 - United States Department of Agrtcal- 1 tion to be employed ^here the work LITTLE OF 5POBT 'Wrestling magnates are said to be In Cm or of on« fall One fall for wresting Is enough to cure the average UtUen ( isow that the writers h n \ e sold'Tj Cobb the s oe league season Is a euc . . , . l a r d ? Ob,, yes some sort o* a cbauipion ot something or othe-, isn't he? 1 toT*-. * Interest In the planning all raem- -., bcr? of the family, especially the cMl- drea who, by being given a partner^ ££*nlp now, will know their duties when * Z^Se "time comes. Bead such garden- *· r£flng -^publications as are available. f. ^Writa, to the Department of Agncul- for" a home gardening bulletin la leaking" a diagram of. the garden £ TT^t. Is well, to nse tough paper, such as £" *!3$Ki«y. wrapping paper, which will ent, as the garden may be laid out in 3Kand repeated handling out of doors. l sections with transverse walks and 191S biseball contracts are us popular \vith the playerfa as the Bolshevik! In Rufabia * · * Jack Deinpsej is f he greatest heavy weight ID the cot ntr For proof ap pl5 to Jack Dfcrtif»5( * * * * Kaiser mide the greatest trnde o* the winter Hot Ur for a chunk of Russia nnd a bundle oC Indemnity * * · U ord from Cle* eland has It that Smoky Joe Wood Is to have another trial next season us u hurler for the End tans * * * Suffering In Belgium becomes a me-e horse-drawn tools the arrangement ( trifle «hea ou -eniember that Tom should be such as to give the longest possible ro\vs and a straight outline j should be followed. The garden | should be free from paths across the raws and turning spaces should be ! provided at the ends For hand cultivation (the method that probably ·will be used by most home gardeners) the arrangement can be qjnte dlffer- is to be done mainly by means ot LACK OF HARD PUNCH BARS ST. PAUL BOXER \- "X fairly large scale should, be adopt- e3 «o that fall notes can be kept In tiu spaces representing rows. If the { garden is fairly large or abnormally * Jdng-jthe diagram may be made In sep- t Mate -sections for the sake ot con- L Sentence. ? - " *lan for Home Need*. A" typical plan of { this character Is the rows can be much closer for most crops. Remember Early Vegetables, It Is also important to consider the location at permanent crops such as asparagus and rhubarb. If any ot the small fruits such as raspberries, cnr- rants and gooseberries are to be ( planted within the garden inclosure ·Sown in the Illustration This plan, ( they should be Included with the per- «f course, is of use chiefly as an ex- j manent crop* ·» The location and area ample, and in most cases a different arrangement will be necessary to meet tbfr^condltions surrounding Indlvidnal x .spaces. On the plan the gar- tent place outside the garden, dener- may Indicate the approximate! Where there is great variety In the date when each of his projected crops j composition of the soil in different Is to be planted. No more space parts of the garden It will be advls- jable to note tb's tthen arranging for 1 the location of the various crops. i Such" crops as celery, onions and late cabbage should be planted In land that is not too low and moist. If part of the soil is high warm and dry, that Is thp proper location for early crops and those that need a quick, warm soil. Points to Consider. Remember these points in planning your garden: A gentle slope toward the south or i southeast Is most desirable for the for the hotbed cold-frame or seedbed should be decided upon, although these may be shjfted to some conven- Connolly has been an umpire twenty four years * * * Tommy Mnrphv, the Kansas City bo\e*r who won UK 145 pound nationti 1 imatear championship last year it, no^ stationed Bt 1 on Sill Nel Coogim the weJterweight box er, now at the (\\port CTL I) na\al station has been sunning 18-k good'; m his recent bouts in Newport Tost \vhy the war tar on bnsebal ducats should prove so troublesome . HJ iic ^^ . 1M1 to the mognls is bird to understand | ifona. Carl Morrii and othtrs But The fans will ha\e *o pti the tax .^^ o \^ s i ce p producing wallop v i n s n t All that stands bet\\eea Billv Miske t h e St Puul battler w h o plutted big svads ot presume from the classic bro-n of Fred Pulton rtcenth and n bout with Jess 'Wiliartl despite the d'vergence in size In t\\ ecu them la Miske's lack of a k n u c U oilt pun(.h It Is not esaggeruting to =iate that the- St Paul mujler stnuri 1 - htmd and shoulders o\c- eve*-} light heavyweight curapaiRninR today anil that he ex eels ererj hea%wcl r t r lit nxcept Fulton nnd Willard Had Mmk* posbea"cd something nkin to a knockout \\nllop ivhPJj be root Tulton hi, uiit;h.t huve matle thp Rochester Ctiint s eliralnn tion as a contender for the world a title complete MJske lilt the big fel lo^. repeatedly He stung him often he has ^Umg Trick Dillon Hob H«rry Harper TVnsbington pitcher toot J5ck Henrv o\er to his home town to HackenMick to show Mm a good tl me He showed Henry the town clock. * * * A good many bovs sns likelv to pasa up the running ff-ime since the mill Uirr eiaralnlng bonnli hove turned 1 down so many runners becnuie of athletic heart , - ... | Pat Connor fornerlv a catcher rrfth the Pittsburgh Plratea and of lat* 1 rears a pa«timer In thp Eastern League has b^ea appointed coach of f the ew TJork \ankees. * * * Tom Jone=i dethroned manager of t. Jess Willard hoists lie his made more monej out of fighting than any other manager And he never bfid to putl on a glove to get the kale, either there. WHAT »T IS TO 00 HOUSEWORK V NOW A DAYS WITH TH6/ USE OF EtEPTRlCtTY/j AND HOW GLAO /I I AM THAT { BOUGHT/ J MY WASH MACHINEVJ OUR M E R C H A N T The Exclusive Cook "I see tho n r m j is uU'-rtislng for cooki, with n pwKo that tho\ need not enJist for iiny ^ipuJ/titd time "Shows thev un 1 -^tand tl^e nature of cooks all richt ti ot i;hi"* The late John L SallHan recplred production of early crops It Is an j^ 553 for deRating Tohn Donaldson advantage to have protection on the ln 1SSO Compircd with the big coin north and northeast by either a hill, C0 pppi by present dav scrappers the a group of trees or hedge, buUdlogs, O id time boxers nnst have owed thfjm n tight board fence or a stone wall se j ve s money aftfr a ngli to break the force of the wind *** * The land should have sufficient drainage for surplus water to run off I during heavy rains, but the fall should ! cot be so great that the soil will be washed Fill up holes In which water will accumulate. Avoid banks of a creek or stream liable to overflow, A good fence around the garden plot Is almost Indispensable to keep out * j eur S [ nB | C sru damaging animals. ' The garden should be as near the kitchen as possible so that the work Should the cor*»rnment decide to Inaugurate a dajllclu s.nlus carnpnign thH summer It will be a boom to those who delight to partal^p of outdoor tith letlcs whether It he H w n tennis golf baseball, rowing or other sports. of caring for the crops may be done at odd times and so that tbe vegetables are quietly available to tbe housewife. |n this plan all the vegetables named planted In rows across from the inside lateral rows of strawber- rfec. A» rapidly a* each kind of peas 7*attture« and the crop Is over, kale it planted In its place. The ground to IM u»ed for tomatoes i* first planted with onion sets, and the»e onions are used a* rapidly as needed. When the tlmo come« to set out the tomatoes, of th» onions are dug to make for the tomato plants When th« tomato crop U over, the ground ^·^occupied by spinach as the third ^rofx. Spinach I« also planted aa soon as th* bulb onion* from the side are ,fl«thcr«L Ths beans, carrots, and p«as are succe«d«d by late cabbage, 7ahf between tha rows of late cabbage ·"potato-onion" ueta are planted. Late Garden Space Valuable. Jnst what vegetables are to be grown depends, of course, upon the Individual tastes of tbe family. In general the aim of tbe home ga~dener should be to raise vegetables in which freshness is an important quality Peas, string beans, Lima beans asparagus and sweet corn, for example Jose much if they are not cooked almost Immediately alter they are picked In the case of potatoes com, cucumbers, squashes and melons. It should be remembered that these vegetables occupy a large area In proportion to their yfeld and In a small garden consume valuable space which. In most cases, could be used more profitably. In the case of potatoes, however, it also should be noted that they are easily stored and are an extremely good staple crop, and many gardeners will find It to advantage to plant as much ground to potatoes as possible after snfflcicnt space has been allotted to the other garden crops. P(*n Your Garden Early. Diagrn n your ground allot the space to the -vegetable*: -ou want to grow, buy your seeds ^e yonr tools at hand, prepare for the opening of the growing season, I'entennnt Bob Dibblf foner araa- champlon of Cnrida aid tat United St.ite n b o was in jured with the Canatlna troops In France has b« v en appofnud i^istint ro Captain Thomns Danapan w h o w-is recently appointed Inspector of mill tary police of Toronto Is Your The United States Government asks vour support in helping to make the Third Liberty Loan a great success Subscribe through tis now loi Third Liberty Loan Bonds You can buy them* for cash or on easj p a \ - ments CONCERN ABOUT SMALL BOYS What Is to Be Done About War Tax for Youngster Who Retrieves Ball Over Fence? Bob Alien president of the Little Rock Southern League club has raised a new point In connection with colkc tion of the government nnr tar on ud missions What shall be done In cast of a small bo who Is Rhen a pass when he retrieves a ball that ffoes over the fence'' He cant very \vell be made to die up for the tat. jet ih- govemmprt sujs the patron shall p^n it SWIMMER OFFERS TO TEACH Champion GoodwH Woufd Give HJs Services to Uncle Sam--Is Beyond Military AQC Bod Goodwtn American svrlniming champion *or 17 years ha=: offered to serve as a swimming Instructor wh n r ever Uncle Sa n can use him Ho w i l l probably he assigned to a na\al train Ing station Goodwin Is beyond mill tnnr age. He has represented tho New York Athletic club during his period as chinvDlon HOW LONG COULD YOD EXIST COMFORTABLY WITHOUT Don t ^ou need it a most everj Uou- m tbe dij" Isn c H ah*,oi- utelj o-vSPutial lo "vour own happiness and the vrtlf irr of our family Don t you think it \voald be %ise to save a Hitlo r c t u l a r l j in order to maice sure of not being \v th- out monej ' This strong bank pajs liberal ia- i terest on savings $1 starts aa acoun(. MAKING WASHDAY A HOLIDAY NOWADAYS The modern woman, the woman who thinks before she acts is daily acquiring more rest and comfort through the great service of electricity What could be more appealing to any \voinan thin the corafott this sister enjoys through her wisdom and foresight' She has visited the local merchant, -who m turn has co-operated with the puolic service corporation in supplying electricity and has told her of the value of the electrically operated washing machine The advice of the business sage has been followed and each day has brought more jo\ and greater comfort The drudgerv of the past is forgotten in the pleasure of the living present and all because the home merchant gave consideration to the happiness of his pat- roi. Do you imagine that any mail order concern cares anything for your comfort or do you realize that they seek your money rather than anything else" 1 MORAi. --Home-buying is tie basis of satisfaction and community prosperity. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. C03TPAAT tornltnre, EMITS, Slopes , 1W-1SS 1J. Crawford ATC, THE . ". LECIIE Urj Goods IKt TF. Cnnrford Are. THE IDC "tt. Cranford Are. Men's Vi-ar COLOMAL ATIOXAL torncr I'lttaburf Street anil Crawford J.renne. McDONALI) Ml'SJC AM) £LECTJiIC CO. Uujul Hotel Bluk Ji. I'lttsbnrg bt. H. KOBACKEK SOS The flip Store" i. Plttsbnrg St. "Home Bo\der" " CO. 143 S. rittsbttrg St. CROWLEY-MESTREZAT CO. Shoes for tlie Whole ianulv 113 W. Crawford Are. ARTHA3V WORK China and 'ftsll i'aper 147-151 ». CrSTrfurd AT*. THE CENTRAL STOBE Dry Goofis 211 T. Crawford AT*. ELPERJfS Ladies' Snits and Coats 150 X. Pttobnrg St FH E AM) TEJ. CEJT TVAiL PAPER CO. C. W. DOflTSS rootiTtur for rer.Tbw3v 127 Ji. Pjttebnrg St COSJLiLSMLLE MARKET AI) jSOBTH EM) M_VKhJET Lcndinp Grocery Skirts 186 nnd 31S N. Pittshurg St. ADbKbO-LOTjCKb HARDWARE CO. 11C 1. CrawforU Are. WaU Fairer 103 TV. Apple St CHARLES T. GELES HI West Crawford ATB. SHOL COMPANY flest Crawford ATC, Hardware J( ni'lrr Shoen CO'ItEIJLS\TLIiLE DRUG COMPAST Ji!0 West Crairfonl Are- I'ETER R. TTEISIER i'lanus and Fhunii;raphs 127-120Fast Crawford Arc. A. W. BISHOP ,kwiln 107 »est Crawford Vre. WELLS-3DCLLS MOTOR CAR CO. Agents for M HIvs-Knight, Overland Cars, Accessories WERTKEiaOER BROS. Tfea's Store 124 .V PJttsbnrs St COJWELLSVELEE I/AtTT)RY "Snow Tnute Work" 129 Baldwin Vre. John Dngpan COLtHffBLV HOTEL TTcst Sid« FBISBEE HARDWARE CO. Hardware fl. Crairiord AT*. Department Store WRISHT-METZLER CO. IV. Crawford AT LAU6HREY DRUG COMPAY Drugs. 112 S. ritlbb RAPPORT-FEATHERMAX CO. You Can Do Better Here. rs- SU 129 1\. Crawford ATC., ConneHsTtllc. "The Danlv that Does Thing's for You" Checking Accounts Invited. RT01'--LOOK--READ BENNETT BROTHERS Automobile Wreckers Highest Pi-ccs Paid for All IJaltPs Tars "We sell second hand parts and ncces- BO'lcs for a.11 tnnlios of corb at lowes* piicti, G I T Tin "HFNM r r iiutrr A\D Open Son dm JO i. Jl. to 1 !'· w Cornel ROBS and WBUT St eets. TIirSDURGH P V Bell Pbone Couit 3252 Just Over the Bridge ConnellsTillc Cflnst Side) Carroll Battery Co. V Factory TraJned llttiterj Alan, . Trump PHITE LIN TRANSFER THUCK and WAOO.NV DESK--Probably Also a Grand Keeper of the Bone By C. A. VOIGHt --- on POWT\ OWCL.-) \ VUOM T BE I Aw^ TkouT3(.e. , To IS SewolWiT OVEI2 ) HEK TUjeuTV i DOLLAR. ) IXJii Toruxv 1 DOS HAS A VALET AWD ^\ A WURSfe C To " S.F- 1W I M I S WOUSH--OP- OU~r HE GOES 'J I N , MOT STftOWS FOR OUBLES Ok! l GOT;

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