The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 24, 1964 · Page 34
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 34

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1964
Page 34
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,f 52 TljE OTTAWA JOURNAL :?AY. AUGUST J4. 1964 704 OffKaSTOKBlOtm (Cont. from Preceding Co'.unr.i NEW omCE A.VD WAREHOUSE er erca-kahon eoace. H i n storage and parking . alf 11 r 1- vele mm. IU-1UI TOR. MS RIDEAU STREET HM commercial liu 134-7 Ml WESTBORO ON R1CHM 0 N O Jload, star or otncs x so plus basement, reasonable rental. ; euttable for any business Parkin Daytime 721-131 "or 333-Ills, cveninge 713-0344 , bank and heron road two . room office, approxi-mately 33S square tset elec-rrtclty included. Ira par k t a 1100 131-1141 MCKARDION AT CAPX1NQ too TO l-ioo set ft., suitable for any professional office, new building, from 17 S, healed Siit- 70S KOKiTT FOR SUE CARLSBAD SPRINGS. 191 ACRES, well operated farm. high haulage, running water. 1U-dillicd to 43.000. alio M acraa with tin a Imli nom home, two good walla, torn catu. ma-. chtnory. S3S.O00 ' CYRVILLE ROAD, LOT ISO 400. with foundation 333-5011. DOCTORS. DEfTlSTI, LAWYERS, et.. email attlce building la Sandy HlU Ctt M t l Oreenberg Ltd.. 'Realtor. 393-7SU. - FOR ANYTHING CONNECTED with Real Kauta. rail Ault Kin- nay Realty uanw. vlj-3j.j LOT. HIGHWAY 11, NEAR CITY. 130 s ITS. terme BMW M0VNTAW LAKE AND SO eras, road. 30 miles. 7.000. Term. 134-S771, S-30 PRESCOTT HIGHWAY. RESIDEN-htal bulkting lota, eome with ovar '10 It. water frontage. Priced for aatlcfc sale. 0400 to 111.000. THOMAS SKIP MAN LIMITED, "Realtor." 110 Bank Street. 713- SMALL RESTAURANT AND lunch eounver. living quarters, gag pumpe, approximately acre. land, large frontage on Highway 1 near Kemptvtilt. Slock and equipment Included tn the tuU price of 017.000. with a ..k!. rinm ui ment Good terma. Call Dave Rintoul, Almonte Ml or t0. Albert Gala Agencies Ltd.. -near VAN (CLE EX HILL. SU ACRES. well epe rated farm, cattle, ma-eMnary Included, hydro, excellent water supply, tdaally nv -WATERFROKT COTTAGE AND waterfront buudlng let. ouaaos Park. Aylmer. CEe-0410 0-UNTT DOUBLES. ALL IN Excellent condition and lacat is n . Will aaU lndi vidua Uy a 1 par-eel. TU-SS41. ' ' M ACRES .ON WESTERN Oueenawar. ISIS per acre.. Apply Bon E-444. JournaL SS CHOICE ACRE BOTLDINO Mta. sold HI BMCS, SOUtA HUU. ON THE WATER ' COTTAGE- JUST - RECENTLY madernlsed and wmtertied. on the Rldeau: Asking I14.IO0. we dawn, Mianee via per month, veraa t-ooa, a-fius. ALBERT BALE AOINCIEl LTD. -B altar" BaVs Rtateal Call Alaseata Ml er m APPROXTMATtXY SS ACRES . with large frontage an Highway T near trmtaville. Open and wound Mrraus, Lou oi t v a r- TBOA. SBtPMAN LTD. REALTOR taeestment and Cammirttsl 10 usual fe street 114-0111 Income pitopirnr. wear end. . greund floor tor bualneas. upper has S-roaia apai mm Lilted " S23 000. PENSIOH ROSTER. ACQUIRE this Income hasne. have u pay tor Haetf before you retire. W.-000 down one fnortgage. YOU DONT NEED A CAR. THIS Centre Town duplex wllhla walking distance to everything ' 13 000 down, one mortgage. LOWER TOWN. S UNITS. LOW aoirattng ispiaasi WS.OOO to lSrACW?rirtES ROAD. S00 per acre, light Industrial CONCMYRllAL LAND. RICHMOND Bead with cabins, twe storsy Kouee. Here. 141.000. oaay terms. THOMAS SHIP MAN LtMITED. -P-ealtor." Open evenings nil I. SM-llll. RIOEAU STREET LOT M n SS. OPPOSITE JTELSON Tneawe. 141 000. Mr. Slows. U-1111. evenlnga tll-dSM. Regional Realty Ltd. TROS. SBIPMAM LTD. REALTOR 1411 Bank street ' lle-MIt Open Svasungs Tin S pjm. FANTASTIC RXOUCTION BANK Ssraat. commercial lot With good low. Wua 00 X 100 rwu- dentkal building lot. entire parrel naw only an ,000. excellent BASTVDJwTvACAIt LOT. 40 FT. frentase. iiauniiilsl seeing tdaal Ucation Haw reduced 1 I74O0. Ineutrc today. 7051 KYUTKai ItOfaTID CUSTOW BUTLT bOUBLI NEAR-Ing eempletlon. extra powder rflWAi ona ame rmwa wor I. Other sioe evaluate ror new amor, West End. alaia ta ashaota and-bus. Varna Cook. Re alter." 1H-SSU. Mrs. rss-Tios. UNIT FOR SALE. Ua-SM MOO. T4M441. VKIT CONVERSION. WEST Centre Town, all 1 bedroom s ' bet water, baseboard h a t a d. '. milt tsurnbing. aleewieally equipped, all linrd, excellent Income, net M 331 TalaphoM owner at TM-iioi. . WBLUNOTON STREET I STORES WITH SAP I IT-mania above, sued rentsng are, parkins at rear, law down payment onatderd. M c K e w Reeltie LU.. SM-MM. ) , 7M MOPOTT WilTD: ITYTNOt CALL THOMAS SHTP man Limned, -Realtor." 131- SMt, m ini , ,: - tot eoT towi mmm . D. 'at. CAMPBELL. "REALTOR out t town propertiaa farms - Taicpnano Almonte eeo. 1. B. PATTERSON. -REALTOR.' now hemes, farms and village imp arty, nomptvuio lag-xxu. KEW HOMES AND OLD; 'ALSO tarma, Somervilla and Sesner. . vUle, Brokers. Kempf KVUI SIS- RURAL PROPERTIES. H. poapat. Broker. Dan Dawar, Ken- ' mora. Metcaiie isne. SI-ROOM PROPERTY ON CALA- bogle Lsae, Rnow as Leagu - Rouse, t-oer cement block ga-raee: near - Mountain Chute Hydro prajavt. Priced cheap 'to Utah gala. Write calahagie Bex ii r phan s-R-1. tVMBKBLAND ACRES OVERLOOKINO OT- taw River, measm s-bed room treme heue and double garage, IS miaata cram nananal ns- eaarah. EeUbllehed Irall trees and amall trull. Aaking ligjvg Phan Ceenberland MJW 707 OUT-OF-IQWI WOPOIB Com irons lrMd'jii Ciim, MAC1NTTRB ftKALTIEt lt-ll OT1 UT-wtlf AN CXTIUMKLY ATTRACT I V t wu puUnntM hom. compMUly utd comfortably furnlahcd. For all yeax living. School bu low tAXot 4 bedrooms. fup 1 e . oil bMli&g Lrg lot with tootf waUrfrotit on Ottawa livir at 4utn Park 701 MMS F0I SUE iU KM DAIRY FARMS. BUD-DINO LOTS. Gerald Morn Real Estate Broker. Telephone Matcalfa 11. EMBRU.N 1J0 ACRES loO UN aer cultivation. 1 , bedrooms, bathroom, heating aysieai. good barn, new milk cooler, pure bred Helatein 443-10M. call collect 4. 100 ACRE FARM. GOOD Un.D-Inge and machinery. II 7. SOS. S7.-000 cash, balance mortgage. Lars .Oabcrg, Broker. 711-SS04. 11 500 DOWN. COMFORT A RLE S- bedroom farm borne and o lit-buildings with hydro, pressure ayalem and 10 acres, within SS miles of , Ottawa. 17.SO0 full price, extra land available If re quired: North Gowar IS-sua arter a. ALBERT SALE' AGENCIES LTD. Realtors" Dies Rtateal Call Almonte III IN 100 ACRES ON HIGHWAY 7 AT inniavuie siona noma, aaooern. Oil furnace. Large frame barn. Pressure and hydro throughout. Attractive sett lag Dnvo out and see It. 7(0 C0TU6B FOI Ulf COTTAGES. TEN ACRES. ON Largo Lake, good fishing. Viva vuia. asaiwouua island. J' COTTAGES ON MISSISSIPPI Lake Park, for sale or to rent, furnished, inside plumbing. Telephone Carleton Place 19H. GATINEAO RIVER. 15 MILES Hull S acres. 1 bedrooms, fully furnished, equipped Private. 4t-Ul. NEW 1 - BEDROOM COTTAGE, waterfront, as miles lrom Ottawa, fis-isai SUMMER ' COTTAGE. SAFE waterfront, completely . furnished. 10 miles from Srmtne rails, on Baas Lake Writ PO Sox 114, Smitae Palla. Ont. WATERIHONT COTTAGE AND waterfront building lot. Queen's Park. Aylmer C - SOO-rOOT' FRONTAGE ON PIKE Lake, lovely view, good swimming. Apply Ron Brouaaaau. RRX Stanleyville. Phone Perth 147-314 or 117-1471. For CottsgM snd Homes . Wi,th s Differcacs Visit CEDARWOOD HOMES UMITEO '3735 Richmond Rosd iBell'a Corners i Oitawa- tUS12 M Models $899 trua . All With beautifully muehd lntarton in cedar pane; ins end 23c In cola tar Cattail and Horn Book ,"l "SEE YOU AT THE EX" 710A COmGOfOISEIT AT CONSTANCE BAY. FVB. nianaa. S3 3 weeuy. izs-siie AVAILABLE NOW. CONSTANCE Bay aettage. real ar aaU. IM aiia. CONSTANCE BAY. WEEKLY 133 uactrieaiiy equipped- Re CROWS NEST COTTAGES. SHAR- bot Lake area, fumlabed. in door laclllttoa, lafe good fishing W weekly. 123-2401 EOUIPPED NEWLY FURNISHED. 3 bedrooms- Iskefroat, aata tor cniraren. iTT-aaes. OUSRXEEPrNO COTTAGES. aare aand beech. Ideal for families, swimming, Ashing, huaung, Mamwakl area. 1IS-1M1. Ottawa. LAKE CLEAR. FURNISHED. hydra, not water, bested, hunting, fishing aria. , EgeavtUe 21-1311 MISSIsatPPT LAKE. WATER- rront cottage, sleeps 4 Indoor plumbing, hail ad Carleton Place ais REDUCED. LAKXSHORE. OTTY Lake, ami si hasting cottages, all conveniences. Perth M7-S3M. - BEDROOM COTTAGE ON Rl deau near Osgood; city coo-veniencee. fireplace. Winterised. Sate beach. Beautiful surrouad-tngs. Phan MatcaUe 1SRS. 7101 (0TT1K UTS FOt lilE AVAILABLE ON LITTLE BITOBI Lake. M x 330, ISIS each. Surveyed, aata sandy beach, hydro, paved road. Open year-round Lake la connected with aver M miles nt waterway Eaay term, no tntsrest- S3-lg BEAirrrrvL cottage lots Lake Croaby, 721-0400 attar 1. CANADA. THE RIDEAU CANAL. i . exciusiva waterriont lota. Twin VaJieys-on-tha-Rideau Coa eervatioa Reeerv. Band Lake between J ansa rails and Charley's Lock. Elgin. Ont. 200-ecre state. Raterencea raauiraa. nereiuri, BOX s-sl I. journal CHOICE LAKEFRONT LOTS ON Missusrawi um. ill year-round. 40 miles tram Ottawa oil High way T. Hydro, terms. Col bar norea. Tza-asil. - COTTAGE LOT ON OTTAWA River, SI miles north at city an nignway s. approximately 10 x tog, well wooded. SIJOI IIS-. i , - COTTAGES AND LOTS. NEW DE veiopasent. Lake Mcuiaaban uooa road. HMH9. COTTAGE LOTS. PRIEST LAKE. 10 miles. Electricity, with rot. Uses tram SIS monthly. Til-014. ' ' s LAKESHORE LOTS, INCLUDING larg prlvaupotnt on Pike Lake near rertn. weu rreea with tall plnea and birch. Wonderful view with good roads, deed and survey supplied. Frontage from SO lost to 300 tost and priced from 30 up. Also, choice cottage plana available. Josephine Koayi. Broker, ioi-itoz, rmi LARGE LOTS, LAKES OR rtvsra. lis monthly up. Literature. Keith Devalopaaenta, 711- 1007- " , OTTAWA RIVER. 10 MILES EAST at Pembroke, at bead of Cou-longe Lake. Part of 400-iero asuta. , mile of clean., wide, est sand beach. 10 lota 131 ft. beach frontaea. 130 ft. ar nor deep. Wall breed Hydro lad rood roads. Excellent hunting, ftkhlag. swimming and boating. Price 111 ta tig per toot fronts te O. E. Heeper, PO Boxi IT. Wesuneaih. Onv Ana Cod 11, taiapaoaa MI44S. SMALL PRIVATE LAKE. 14 mile past Th una. ;l 000. kail sun. eee-eeej. lourriil Want Ads Bring quick results. . -i KSOIB CONSTANCE LAKE LODGE COT- tagea tor rent, boats- Tale phone carp aeu-n-se LAKE CLEAR VACANCIES housekeeping cottage, boats. If 000 ft safe swimming beech, enartoiil lawn, picnic tables, outdoor ftreplacea, tenting grounds. Reasonable Write Feraa'e Ledge. , RR S. EganviUe. Ill lUSINESS 0NMUIItia BEAUTY SALON FOR RENT. OO- ing concern. Gatlnosu point. Raaaonabla. TTI-HIS evenings. CAPITAL REQUIRES FOR rapidly expanding bus litem, stockholder basis Box 1-310 Journal. - COFFEE SHOP FOR LEASE. ES- tsnilahea bustness. gooa location, modern equipment law real Atsr 7 m . 71S-S120. HOTEL FOR SALE CURRAN, Ont. Ucensed hotel, causa daslh Inquire on the premlsas to Mrs. J. C. Duchasns. O T E L AND RESTAURANT eqiiipaaeai hh auppues v i Rsr and Fixtures. I0S Somerset Wast, CE3-3I43 HULL, HARDWARE. GOING CON- cern aetaoiisneo recenuy. excellent location, parking. Reason for aelllng ill health. 777-MM. 777-1110 MACHINE SHOP. SS I R V.I NO Avenue, building, machinery, stock and tools, health reasons. 720-1104 741-7741. ROOMING ANDOR BOARDING house, sals or rant: MOO per month handles Box E-S0S, Journal. SERVICE STATION FOR RENT. on Ottawa buburnan noa. Woodlawn near Constance Bay, Carp 043P.I1 SHOE REPAIR SHOP FOR SALE. after . tti-. SOFT ICE CREAM MACHINES. electric freeze, new ana usee. v. Marcoux. J7;-e01t. STORE. RIDEAU STREET. BE- tweea Cumberland-King Edward. 131-4204. evenings 113-143 WANTED Weil rtputod DEALER WiUi s wetl esublished suft ss sol distributar ia Ontario for high-speed sbrssiv snd cut-off wheels, ftirchase on own iccouiw. Pleasl writs to ' MESSRS. WALTER RIESS Scleifmittelftbiik 7443 rTickenhsuMn West Ggrtnmy 713 niiKiu CONSTRUCTION AND CONVSN- ttanal leans. Qualirled apprais ers. c;rawlora naelty. unutag. CE1-0441 CURRENT MARKET RATES ON tat and 2nd mortgagee, residential, commercial, city or out at town. Private tun. Bex E-410. Journal. FIRST CONVENTIONAL MORT- mans arsuso.' naargue ortgxge Plsoamsnt Agency, 711 Cork Avenue. ISS-SMS. 11J-14M evenings. WILL BUY AND LEND SECOND mortgagee, a. d. ounna. 7ae- . 1ST AND SND MORTGAOE loans, i will say martgaga or lend money an ihm. Moritere. Ill Uagar , SB-eet, 13S-MT7 ar iKroiai. MORTGABR LOANS ONE Set MORTOAOB. ONB sought, lee a en all tjrpee at properties at lew arrant ratal. 711-3741; evening 732- M34. Nattanaj Capital LOOK Bare II! CHOOSE YOUR OWN MONTHLY repay mama an rirst ana axcona anortgegea at na extra cost to van. u mia auegaota a nntuiion for your money problema, give yourself a w si corns break. Call CI4-06II. Jamaa William First, Second and Discount MORTGAGE LOANS FROM $2,000 TO $25,000 ftp ta SSfe aipralsad valait TO HELP YOr BUILD BUY SELL OR RETIKANCB YOUR HOME FULL PREPAYMENT PRIVILEOES ALSO , Royal Trust-Niagara combined mortgage loans cp toss's, op appraised valcs at 7 w interest. NIAGARA REALTY LIMITED t METCALFE ST-BUTTS in PHONE 235-1426 ' ' Member at OMB A. MONEY TO LOAN On Improved elty Ireportial . at aurrant cite. Guaranty frost Co.- ! of Canada lOt RANK ST. 232-26.1 ' FIRST MORTGAGE , : FUNDS ' AVAILABLE ' ON ALL CLASSES OF IMPtlOVEO REAL ISTAT - ' ProtrtM Advances - THE ONTARIO LOAN & DEBENTURE CO. . Suits 100a 77 Metcalfe Tllephoae 233-774t 7U wuuiouy tfia. AUG. IS OR SEPT I. I.SwO SQ. ft. S intrancas. loedtng aril Tee-eise. iso-wiie IM tO UM SQUARE FEET AVAILABLE CITY ',-ENTRS. LO-. sated leas then one mil rram ParMameat . HIIL aerth f Oueeneway. posturing railway siding, sprlnklarad. watetunia, - free parking. . Cleeraiic 1 u . IT feet, with Four awa trant ,- dowr and lieatutoiaea. Rental rrara SM not. City Centra Da-. velopment tottawa) Ltd., Saa- Bea, sTvoninga Lewrenre nsil- Ttli man TZe-eaeS. Jsrval TM-4WH. ..1. : 714 wutMiK ma I Cent, from Prinedlag Cnlumal BANK STREET. OTTAWA SOUTH. a.SOO square (aat. 14 ft. aUu Days. 71U J113. ' 101 1UT0S FOR SALE ALLSTATE UFE. AUTOMOBILE, Some insuraaoa. month rt pay ' menu. Charles MeSrido. CEJ- AUSTIN WESTMINSTER. 1137. automatic transmission, original owner, ts.000 miles, excel! aat condition. HOP, 711-1104 BARGAIN. ISSd CHEVROLET hardtop, I. automatic, power steering. 1141 or beat altar, ill 1174, evenings. BOUGHT NEW CAR. MUST SELL toys Renault . gooa oonait t o n. 1137 Chevrolet I. standard 7M-isal CHEVROLET last REL AIR. V-S. automatic. 4 -floor sedan, raoio. ahada-Ufht, discs. 11.100. 713- CITROEN DS'lS. 1 100. I ' OWNER. good condition. Tea-das. COMPARE PRICES. 1140 MOA ' red hardtop with radio, food condition, muss , sou. ise-wv after -S. ENVOY WAGON. 1M0. TOP CON-. anion, exirae wuww M -oners Private. . 713-MS3, 72a- ain. ENVOY. IMS. GOOD CONDITION, 1311 Call after m-aiss. FOB THE BEST DODGE DEAL IN tows esu Lan saoii. ije-eeis INSURE YOUR CAR Wm F TL ui..i.u rea lata JAGUAR, l-DOOR SPORT SEDAN. 4-Bpeed stanuara iransmission. Bucket seats. Excellent condition, M7S. PA1-27M- LATE 1137 MODEL DESOTO, all squippad. tor flat llil. Beat er. 711 77-0701. LINCOLN SEDAN. IM7. SSM, term CB4-ze. MO 141. MIDGET CONVERT- ible. radio. xeiiein 723-1477. MOVING TO NEWFOUNDLAND. Must tacrine' iee iwe w-v.., rutTmat. radio, seat belts. MOO ass-eon MG MAGNETTE 0-OOOR SEDAN. 1131. gooa conanwwi, mm twee. IS7S. 71S-7SM. MUST SELL IIM HILLMAN CON- vortibia, soon sor. MUST SELL MY IM4 OALAX1R SO0 FOrooT oenronacrai. a anna mllae. Mark ThoTasl-1443: enings. 121-7141 . . . i ianHf RELEC- tloa f Enalith ear and sports convertibles U choose tram. All recondition so m T..V1', ttaa throughout, from IMS and uTrrcy Csrrlsre. 43 Montreal Road. T4I-IIM l PONTTAC O-fXI!11:,. ?l u raitia. nartact uundit 1 a a aia-OMj. PONTIAC ISM SEDAN. S CYL-IndeeCiutomatl. heats. iio' tires, new vaiven "".w. rUSt. . weJei PRIVATE SALE. JlSSd OODGE 4- door twin, iwwm "wv": , ;ichrralUble trjnwortat I o J. . Herberts BA Service Slit tan. SpadWa at Wellington. P h e a e 711-01 SJ. SACRIFICE TO BUY A H OM R. 5ki Foid oiSxti , SOJ, law ul- aao.-!, STATION WAGON. 1M1 POt. 1071. TED SUCKER MOW BALES. Beet eaiuea. si 711-S41S. VOLKSWAGEN VAX W;. aawetinivOTj"v alar VOT8-'?-:. 'ba-l all. ii"?". 7...,. QTIWT. Ile-ee'e VOLVO SPORTS. IMlB-ll. 1 HetWIlM .UBIMtiaaa. GUARANTEED USED CARS Tska Over iymst. 6 FINANCE PLAN AVAILABLE al Chevrolet i wa Envoy sedan M Pen tie o. a enema tl M Pontine eedaa SSM M Cbevreiet wagon . MM M Bttlck corivertieU -- SSM -91 Eephyr sedao , ... MM -it Chevrolet. S cyhnder MM 'SI Chevrolet Impale eon. SMS 17 Chevrolet e-doer HT SSM Many Mar Id Choose From as Low SIS All Can - IABEUE -" AlJT0M0PUES! Humo et Ouirentsed Cart m RIDEAU ST. (st Frill) . 23S-IS4J FOUR ; POPULAR CARS' AT POPULAR PRICES BE SURE AMD SEE GUEST MOTORS LTD. Authorised Chevrolet, Corvee?, , Oldsmlblll Bnvov and -'; Clnrrelerl Truet Dealer 73 LEDUC STREET HULL - TTT-rM 101 AUTOSrUllli 1 (Cant from P.eceding esauiaial VOLVO 444. SPORT 4 SPEED transmission, aaat belta. radio, Al meehajlically. body excel-, lent, M7S. CB4-MI4. WRECKINO S VOLKSWAGENS, part far eel 771-0711. after t RJB. 1M4 FURY CONVERTIBLE. 1.100 miles. Trade). . M Cola dee Nilgai noaa. . 1M4 CHEV. IMP ALA t DOOR hardtop, fully equipped, miles. Private. 111-4100. IM FORD SEDAN: IMS PON tlac a -door hardtop: IMS Rambler sodas: lis Bulck a-door birdtap. SI IS: 1 IS-Pon tile itauoa wagon. 1103. aia uvai at., nun. 771-jiis 1M4 MORRIS COOPER "S". Excellent condition, aunt blue and white, seat belts, tachom iter. Wlllard Duncan. 144 Elisabeth Drive, Iroquois, Oat. Phone 431- 4010 FmS IMPALA V-S HARDTOP. Fully equipped. 7M-SM4.. 1M1 PONTIAC LAURSNTIAN sedan. 10.000 miles. M Cats das Keigee Road. IMS FORD GALAX1E XL. 1- - aoor narsriap, bucxet gain. Best tier for Ruick aaie 711-1471. lids rAlrr.v etmiwa ir.iv fi mllaags. SacrUka, 11. 70S. 721- J 143 GALAXIE. AUTOMATIC. I. is.otn. miles, custom radio, alec, trie wlDOra and washers, white. walli. seat belta. immaculate. 10 montns- guarantee remains. 711-01 IS IMS GALAXIE CONVERTIBLE. power equipped perfect condition 13S-07I3 or 131-0441, Mr. Young, cash or terms. 141 PONTIAC LAURENTTAN. 1- door hardtop, good condition 7 It-1060 after I THE HOME OF "GOODWILL" USED CARS 1SU MERCURY Monterey sedan. AT. R. PS. PB. Turnpike rear . window. rET" $2895 111 PONTIAC station waon AT and radio fully re- conditioned, "educed mo NOW i . $1895 IM 1-ONTIAC ittratB) ChM S-4oor, tullr rmailttonti. uO0 $1095 NOW JIM TUBVIAN MOTORS LIMITED Poattas. Balek. radian. Tloxhall lal tjMC Truckl 1770 BANK STREET st AlU Vtita 7S3-40S0 NEED CASH FOR A NEW CAR , ' OR ANY OTHER MAJOR PURCHASE? SEE ROYAL BANK V' FIRST AND FINANCE IN ADVANCE WITH A LOW COST, LIFE INSURED termPlan LOAN WHOLESALE TO THE PUBLIC , " FULL 90-DAY WRITTEN GUARANTEE WE GIVE GOLD BOND STAMI'S : RICHARD AUTO SALES ' 452 Rideau St 233-S7M MORE TO 1 xhoose' FROM IMS FORD Pilrlani 100 tuto-. r.: $1995. lME CHEVROLET 4-door jets-Uon wagon, autamnic whltawalls. i b e o Itiuty . , lib new . tOOOC . fa.4,rj 1IM MRTEOR 1-door euto---, , malic, radio, whltawalli. iowm: $J995 IMS COMET Curtem sedan. ' , white with red and black Interior, low mtleag. very ,$ 1795 INI FORD Fstrlsns IM. VI, , standard ,- transmission. Whltawalli, ' 1 -C.QC vary sharp , I W7 J t K .' 'A CANADA MOTOR SALES (Ottawa) Ud. 'AUl CARDINAL , I,. Umits list WcJIinston St 72V1I36 lasti p H tM M leag m M tasathl so pay al I east tie far leal then yen may pay elrawaeee, N htllaa ' shargea. N "eatrair. Lafe m eared, per details see tow aeirsst , Beyal Bank Iraach. - . AustirvRambler Dealers lOf AUTOS FOI Jill iCoat from PracMiag. Calumai IMS OLSSMOBILS. OUN METAL Bray, automatic i tearing, brakes, transraiislea, radio: excellent condlllaa. M1-OOS7; 111 -14 14 Iter I. 141 CHEVROLET IMPALA I-dew hardtop, I cylinder, automatic with power steering, radio, wtiitewalla. wheel discs, etc Only 11.130 at United Cer Market, Ml Bank Street. SM-MM IMS . PONTIAC PARISIENNp: 4-door hardtop, power steering and brakea. automatic, excellent condition gag becoad Avenue CE4-0437. 111 CHEVY II. CONVERTIBLE white black top. red Interior, good condition 741-4301 IMS CHEVROLET.' I. 8TANDARD. sedan, radio, perfect condliloa. It .SIS. SS1-7I04. IMS AUSTIN 130, IX NEW CAR condition, fitted with seat be He Full pries SS7I- Pnvst 134- aoe. IMS! PLYMOUTH SEDAN. SPOT-less condition, new tires, private, ssi-aasi. IMS COMET CUSTOM COACH, H T. S.IM aula, spot leas, prlvsi ISJSil. 111 CUSTOM VOLKSWAGEN, 11.000 miles, excellent condition. 1130 113-1411 eecnlngs 1M1 ENVOY STATION WAGON, 14.000 original miles, ana owner Will acccp: trade 7M-431I 1M1 AUSTIN ttEALEY 1000, must cell 324-W-l Cumberland 1M1 OLDSMOBiLE. 4-DOOR hardtop low mileage, terms arranged, bank Interest. 7SS-M71. IM' FALCON DELUXE. A U T O- malic, rauio ajtcotiant conauica. 711-441 1M1 KARMANN GHIA. CON- vertibla 7314347. T la S eve- 1M1 PORSCHE. MUST SELL, leaving country to study. B I otter. I44-3S30. IM1 PONTIAC LAURENTtAN SE- dan. automatic very wen cared lor. Black with rod upholt-atery, 33.000 miles 731-331. y 1M1 ANGLIA. OOOD CONDITION. rnone isa-azi aiter a- YOU TRADE FOR LESS r - i . AT JIM BROWN'S Ottawa Motor Sales ISM FAMOUS FORD Econelme van, ten condttion. Arctic blue ClOOtZ f igti 1M0 FRONTENAC sedan, auto- malic tranamueton, redie, t whttewtlla. Wua ceior, aherp . $1045 ,i, ipss NASH Amheasador sedan. VS. radio, power steering, power brakes, belie in-tenor, avion green ex- urw - $895 YOUR FORD DEALER, 1850 BANK ST. , (at iValkley Rood l 733-6931 COME VISIT OUR ANNEX ; For the Best Deal .;, in Town , LARGE SELECTION OF VOLKSWAGENS ; FROM 1956 TO 1962 , MOST CARS CARRY OUR 100 60-DAY WARRANTY ' ;;'AS'IS SPECIALS" , IMI BUICK Special hardtop - convertible, metallic grey original patnt flnkm. low . , mileage., new whltewall . ', tire, indlo, rtar apeakar ' .A r1,.". $895 IM BTUDEBAJCESI Lark, blue ' iSteKr. $500 ISM METEOR, blue, lutomatlc. blue matching ,7$1095 Interior MANY OTHER MAKES AND MODULE TO CHOOSE FROM. MORTON MOTORS UsetJ Car Annss '- 684 'Bank Stiwat ' 237-2442 ': 'i--' MYERS AUGUST. SELL-A-; RAMA ' ALL UNITS REDUCED ' , 1963 CHEVROLET" " , " , - "i 2-door stdan, . boiler, auto-sjiatic tratismiMlon, euitom rsdro. Waa COIQC 71 NOW ..' ' 'f MYERS EL0IN at CATHERINE , " 233-06532334411 . : 101 AUIOSfCIUU ("Cant tram Preceding Column) 141 HILLMAN RANCH WAGON, excellent condition. 1-ton 741- sesa. 1 1M6 PONTIAC 3TATION WAOON. 4 cylinder, automatic radio. 11 430 731-0103 1 10 PONTIAC SPORTS. HAItO-top. axcallent eondluon. 33.000 miles, never wlnhw driven. 731-4131 1M0 DESOTO. 4-DOOR HARDTOP. immaculate 11,730. IH-71W. 1MW SPORTS PRINZ. 11.000 miles. A-l condition, stick shut, bucket eeata. radio, windshield washer, etc. 1740 73S-3M7. IM0 VAUXHALL DELUXE. NO ruet, radio, heeler, snow llrss. MM. CE1.74M. 1M0 S1MCA SEDAN. OOOD CON-ditlo. US Riddel) Avenue slier 0. IM0 PONTIAC LAURENTIAN sedan, radio. It eater, near paint SlS-lMa. awnings. ISM CONSUL SEDAN. WHITE with matching Interior, very economical. Can finance tar 111 monthly 733-1313. ISM OLDSMOBILE. POWER steering, power orasee- air. n op- pin, 731-3171 1M0 FORD S-DOOR. I CYLINDER. etuv. uoug s new aiauon. IMS RENAULT, GOOD CON Di llon, eaennew, ptia or wee Offer. 741-3311 IMS METEOR S. STANDARD. good condition, radio, anew tires, MIS. ItS-OHM.' - IMS FORD FAIRLANE. a CYL!N der. good mechanical condition 7M-I490 , 1131 FORD. V-S. AUTOMATIC, radio, very good o a d 1 1 1 o a, leaving country. Baal offer. 72-7474. lull CHEVROLET. OOOD CONDt- tion. o-it 11 1191 PONTIAC DELUXE. 4-DOOR. excellent body and motor, ra- . dlo. very clean Private. Must sell Immediately. Asking,, MIS Aak tor AilcnTrlt-aoso. 1131 VAUXHALU S3M OR BEST Offer. PAl-ove. 115 METEOR S-DOOR HARD-top V-S, automatic, custom radio, spotless condition WIU arrange naancing mrougn ma nanx Low monthly payment. 733-S3IS, ' - , 13 FORD FAMLANE S00, a-aoor aaraiop. equip pen. -1477. 1131 OALAXIE REDAN. AUTO- mstic, s. wniiewaiia. ipsa, i J-4377 tSSa CHEVROLET BEL AIR - nam top, auver ion mue, a n e BlB-oes. ISM CHEVROLET SEDAN. RX- eellent- eondltlon throughout, Will accept .trade or Inane at M montrtly. 733-U17 IMS DODOE. EXCELLENT CON- anion- i2fow. 1131 BUICK. GOOD RUNNING .pontuuon, nw urea, rwassv iee- eeve ISM METEOR S-DOOR HARDTOP, thm. SMS, General utility Salsa, M7 tttchanoner Road, 71I-0047 ISM FORD V-a, RADIO. SNOW tires, engine gooa SSM, 733-117. ISM RAMBLER SUPER. 4-DOOR. LsyDaeii see is, good motor, is. 1M CHEVROLET BISCAYNE standard I. S-door. exlrea. Moo UMIM. 1962 M.G. MIDGET . $1295 Mahotick Motors . BporU Car SpeetatUU 1tws. Auetln Heerey5." MG, Honu Austin Dealer HIGHWAY 16 623-2565 Salee Oftics ; . Open Evenings Tuesday and Unttljl p.m. 1963 PLYMOUTH - Belvedert I' cylinder. aiMcaniltc. radio, metallic green. C010 matching mtartor ' 4 PARKWAY i ' Chryiler, Plyrrinuth 1047 RICHMOND ROAD 729-5121 729-5121 BIG SPECIAL .;; FROM "' ' ' THE BIG DEALER BELISIE ; . 1959 CHEVROLET Impata 2-Door Hardtop Atomauc t r a n s mission, radio, ckustc 2-ton blus finish, absolutely in beautiful condition, 1 careful ownsr, AUTOMOBILES LIMITED f Your Chevralet. Cnrvalr, . OldamoMI, Envoy and i ' .' Chevrolet Track Dssler 444 MONTREAL R IAD. OTTAWA , Cvenlngs 74S-SS4S, 14I-SI4I $795 IS THE PRICE OF. THIS : -.1961 Volkswagen , DELUXE COACH With radio, finished in st-tractiv ahadow frty ttisul-tlc and la s food clean car. This will make an Ideal 2nd 'car.' ' AT .1, CABELDU'S ' Vow. Authorized Buickt ' ' Pontile Acadian, VauxiuU . and CMC Truck Dealer , ALBERT at "l. 235-4371 : ....... , , - BELIStE )l 101 lUTMfOIUU , (Cn,t. from Preceding Column ISM FORD PAIRLANB BTAN-dard I. good condlUon, ahaaa. 7M-7IH . . . , ISSa OLDaMOBILE - SUPBH M. power e leering and brakes, ax- ecUeal condition: prior. 1M7 RAMBLER CLASSIC. VERY good. 1400. 743-3414. evening! 1M7 METEOR, AUTOMATIC, R1V conditioned motor; need licence pistes and battery, (jejod lor , second car, Beet after wilt take. 314 SMS. IM7 BEL AIR CHEVROtXT.IM-maeulate cendlUea. wiu accept MI monthly. 7S3-MIT. 1M7 VOLKSWAOEN, EXCELLINT or siuoene. ear y essst easr. 373-lllg. . 1117 DODOE CUSTOM ROYAL -oor hard l op. gaiwaiwi. good condiuon. MOO. ar best atfar. CEO-SeS. .. 1IM DODGE STATION WAOON. I good runner, rough body, 1100. now tiros Included. S3S-3303. IMS VOLKSWAGEN. PERFECT eenamon. Aaaing S4SS. T4O-O170 ISM VOLKSWAGEN GOOD CON-dmon, good tlrss. Phene 721- 1MI PLYMOUTH SEDAN. OOOD ' running condiuon- 7 II-ISM. Beet - otter. 1IM PONTIAC. I CYLINDER, automatic, Immaculate condition IMS PONTIAC SEDAN. RADIO, excellent condition. MM. 71- 1SM CHEVROLET. - GOOD RUN-aing condiuon. good second car. 7X1-4044. ' IMS CHEVROLET BEL-AIR. OOOD vnuiuou. economical, g igg, 711- IISS DODGE COACH TOP CON-dIUon. UN. 711123. ISM PONTIAC COACH, LICENCE. eeegam. iwmm altar . IMS CHRYSLER WINDSOR, motor and Urea goad. Beat osier. IMS CHEVROLET HARDTOP. 1-door. rsdio, good cavaoiuoa. 1M-S0S3. IMS CHEVROLET. GOOD CONDI. Hon, beet offer. 33-3Sa. IMI CHEVROLET. VERY OOOD cwiaiuon, many extras. Aie ins IMI ROVER. RUNNING CONDI-tlmt. Reasonabls price. as-M4S. . ISM CHEVROLET. RUNNING OR-der. licence. SI. .7a4-M4v CENTUBF MOTOR! 441 Oladstaaa at Rsaf; 1 31-4 344 - aSS-1111 . - NO DOWN PAYMENT. 111 CADILLAC FLEETWOOD. Every posslhi extra, I wa- r. 13.73 IMI OLDSMOaiLB HARDTOP. 1M1 PONTIAC HARDTOP. AUTO- ISM CHEVROLET. RADIO. gPOT- 4mai IMI COMET DELUXE. AtJTOliA- .... -.Yr"n condiuon. 11.411 IMS PONTIAC SEDAN. EXCEL- MANY MORE TO CHOOSE PROM. Bare irire ISA VINO CITY. MUST SELL IMS m -. vm. . eait-suse. IMS FOBD CONVUrmi a " FULLY EQUIPPED. Prnncr eandltlon, II .3. TSg-SMI till T; aao-aiM. evenings T ECONOMY CAB ... IMI AUSTIN -ego. M OM StTLES. Must be seen. Pnveee. Ta34ai ABcaia Mcdonald IM Laarler Avenue W." ISS-ailS 111-1714 ISM CHEVROLET CONVERT-Ible; 1M VoUtswIgen; lis Thundarblrd Cenverttble;: ism' . Otttemoblt Btarnra. S-door hard, top: IMS atonsa convertible. IMS Falcon convertible: IMS Chevrolet super sport convertible; 1M3 Chevrolet Imaela. a-door hardtop: 113 Sunbeam Alpine convertible: IMI Fwd convertible: i IPSO Ford redan: IMS Falcon automatic: IM Ch. Bel-Air d-door hsrd-top: ISM Plymeuati eeach; iim Bulck 4-door hardtop; 1M7 LOW OR NO DOWN PAYMENT STUDENT, BACK TO SCHOOL! IIM CHEVROLET. $ CYLINDER, automatic, radio, perlutl condl- IXPIIUL IMI 4-DOOR HARDTOP. rVLlt ewumpea. ait wnne, xsjnyg art-glnal miles, second tar, will finance self; best otter: private. 711-1141 tor appatotmcnr S-IM-A 1961 FALCON 4-door sedan. specui;;o395 CAPITAL DODGE -CHRYSLER. UD. " 1554 CARUN0 AVE. 729-3116 ) ISM OMC ietM pickup track with a ft. Fleet Sid hex, VI. M OM mile. Finished In commercial green, in tap condiuon and reedy $1650 ' . TURPIM ' l0NTiAC. BUICK LT0. - . 424 Richmond Rosd .j: '' 72S-190I; , 102 . iinnwjiiTa ALL .MAKES OP LATB MODEL Sussd oars wanted. Pay caah op up er down. Century laSTJVl OUltisi M Kent. ' HAVE M ST M ., t$ CMEV-releta, pnatlacs. Ferns, Volks- . wajsns. Consul. Would Uks M xchang tor lata model oar nd pay cash for difference Maurice Motor. 110 Rideau St. ait mm. ; , ,- .. , ' : IMMEDIATE CA8B FOR- ANY "-""r wiocai ia perfect eendl. aav-tnee. L,.t-,".,!U- V0UB CAB FOR SOU. I have the time, plana, xr'" and can arrange a financial transaction. Calf Jo MarauH. 333-7M4. NEED CASH t HIGH PAYMENTat asctasnaia wiu hup your L1.'SU Pr brads down, tor cheeper ear and caah rl credit on oar .1 Uler . Archie McDonald, IM "'"r wcei, xse-7ig. '"iiATeSJ..2WN5.D CM itvsioi CMh- ,3-,1M- PRIVATELY 'owmn AUTO.' U.i1 Ptrl ootidfthm. Pap W!i,!2L.L,A' CHEVROLETS sjta. .4 stefwrWaVsffnegkba 'VsnfceeSaet T

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