The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1930
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 1930. COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, j?A. Scottdale Council Names Hoffman,Baker Patrolmen; Committees Are Appointed Ralcei 1 , a "w Man ou tl;o Force, IVins In Totlnpr Off Tic With Samuel Hazlett. COURT OF HONOR FOR BOY SCOUTS Special to Ths Courier. SCOTTDALK, Jan. 21. -- Council, 'at a specJal meeting last oveiuing, elected this Hoffman and Don R. Baker, pa- frolmen, to begin work February 1. On the first vote Hoffman .received i-eveu votes, Balxr, five, Samuel Haz- lott, five, John Cafferty, one, William Weaver, four. The tie was voted off, ·with Baker receiving six votes and ilazlett five. Baker is a new member of the force. It was decided to ta,ko new bida for pas and oil for use in the borough. Committees appointed by President Walter F. Stoner were as follows: Finance. R R. O r a f t , H. V. Overholt, nnfi Lester B. Smith. Sower, Robert C. Gardner. Daniel '1 routs and R. R. Graft Fire an3 waiter, H. V. Overtoil. Daniel Trout s and R. R. Gi-aft. Building. S. E. Wyggle, J. II. Ware tncl Edward Anderson. Pollco and silety, Harry L. Bell, James L. Reynolds and Lester B, Smith. Ordinance, Oran Laughrey, Da,niel Trouts and Harry L. Bell. Garbage. Letter B. Smith, J. H. Ware, and II. V. Ovevho-lt. f/ight. Edward Anderson, James L U«iy no-Ids and Oran lyjuighre/. held an executive session following the regular session. ttOV SCOUTS EUCVATED '10 H I G H E R lUMvS 'A c o u r t of honor was held by the Hoy Swuts at tbo Y/M. l\ A last '·\enlnpr. in th.iiK" of C h a i r m a n R. I' 1 . Darsio Aa«.|«!tlnc \\ero .Field lC\ccu- I I V P Kranlc P i n k e r , Leo Show, Fiank i i m l t h . (icorgo \V Gordon, Victor J. J-'abnicwhVri (Mid Thomas II. Hnther- l o r d , provident 01 tb-o comiell. Rev. .1 II Wither^poon was pr-e-sent at the ·mooting. RusMcll Smith oC Troop -1, and G,eorge Kunkle of Tioop 2, were nmrte second class Scouts. Promoted io first-class Seonl.s were Frank Zadv- 1 J, Troop G, I^on Van Meter, Ti oop I: Uorsoy Smith, Troop 3; Blmer Lentz, T re-op 3, an 1 Ignaius Gyzwiufak, Troop C. Ti?ts were pd»«,iMl, m a k i n g tbo boys r',i?!b!c to merit badges. These ladg-es will be pi esented* at another n i r t of honor to IMJ licld In the A n n o t y on Kebi lary 1 5 . Kenaetii !!D(!K-. Tioo-p " basket rj ; Jam-cs ^ e I l t / e I . Tioop -' b.i-sketrj , Alvab Kl ea Tu op ±. c i v i s, Leo Ziennauski, T i o u p 6. l o a t h c i ' - i . i l l , S^aulej Stemp- n ,iU Tioop C. Ic.i h n u r i f t K-cnncth I|IK|--P. ' l i o - p -' i r a t l i e i c r . i f t ; Karl t; i , n , I K ) Pobci-t r,pn-on. Tioop .'., I i i l , ! i m ' " i f ; \'','i\ Rbe.i ' i i o o p -, j " in. PI- : t ml. S l a n i p n i a k and I, 7 f vii.'ii ' l . o o n G, toamlu ra"i . h i p " ' h Ih-r!-^, Troop 'i, l a i p w t i v ;MII! buok Tiilnm, l u n a t i u i ( ' r / \ \, ! n t l i, T i o o p Li, a n i m a l i n d u s t t , !· . i n l e y S t c n i p n i a l and'l Van Mc'er. Troip G, tneuianship; Donald Y in M'ter. TriKi ·(, personal h e a l t h and handieuitf, Leo /.Ipmianskl, Troop (!, li"em.uislilp (i wse- I. Lenimon, Tioop 1. n l o n - e - j ' t n t r ; Kenneth 1 lodges, Ti-oop ". publi.- h e a l t h ; I.eo 7,1 em an ^ l i , Troop C , s w i m m i n g ; Ignatius l! - z j wiuski. Troop U, wootlc awing; Si i n l e v S t e r n p i i t u k . Troop C. wood- f i i - x ' i K , JD'HI i; ikei , Tinop r, ( \ ( ! J m ; ' I fob? i t a n d Karf Benson, T oop '!, public health; Harry K F'ort- IK y. Jr., and Robert S-mlth of Troop 2, l , ( o 7,!emanskt and Stanley Steinpiunk of Troop G. H a r i y K. Fortney. Ji ,^of Tioop 2 and Frank Zadylak of Troop i. pprsonil h e a l t h ; Karl and Jlo^cit t u n'on. Troop ", t\,st aid. \pplicatlons wcro by Creorge J. Li inmon of Troop 1. t") be a llC-o Scout .uid Kenneth Hod;,-o aud I tarry E. r o t t i n g , Jr., of Troop ", fatar Sco-ut. " ( M l A V S( HOOF, ISSOf FATIOX rOH.MS U \ S K h T U A I . I . J.V,A«UE Plio Sunday Schcol AthloWc Assoc j i t i o u ban loraiiod a basketlxi/11 JcoRiie, to oiKjn Fr day -evening, at v, M r h tiin-o tho Senior Motliotliat Lylsconal team v,IU moot tho Lutheran tcjin at S o'clock. At S:20 tho PrPsbNtorlans will in-ect the Baptistb. Tho juniors will tiWt Saturday cvo- iiuiR- ; l 7:15 o'clock, tho United Ur«thrcns playing tho Methodists. At S:13 tho Senior t'ntfc-d iirethrens will lilay tho Christians. Tho players -nill not bo announced ni'il tho openiiiK gimcs. Any player to be eligible must bo a member of any church or Sunday school for ;)0 da 3 and must havo attended throe- fourths of tho sessions of the cburoh or Sunday school. 'I ho churches a l r c i d y in the league are Methodist Episcopal. Luthronn, I'resbvlo-vlan, Baptist. United Cretliren ,inc' Christian, emor; Baptist, 1'ies- b v t e r l a n , Uniteil B n t h r c i t and Meth- oJi 1 1 KpUcopal, j u n i o r Other teams h a \ o Blsidfled tlieir i n t e n t i o n ot wi^h- ins to join latei . All tjamrtf w i l l be 1 pLijed at tho Y. M. 0 A. The Day's News At Dawson Special to Th» Courier. DAWSON. Jan. 21. -A meeting held at th© Diclterfaon nun Y. M. C. A. on Monday night £01 tho purpose OC forming a bowling league, for tho coming season. Dopartmentti of tho Pittsburg Lake Eiio Railroad fit Diekeisoa Run ^ i l l bo represented. A schedule, will bo t'rawn \\p IU tne near f u t u r e . Mis. J. C. McGill hr.9 returned horn* from Youugetov-n, O'do, aCtor a few days' visit at the homo of Mr. and Mr*. Samuel Wright. Mrs. Henrietta Mi key celebrated her hlrthday Sunday ot her home in Dawson. She gave a 'urkey dinner to a number of her near relatvies. Mr. and Mrs. Byron C u n n i n g h a m of Lover Tyrone townehip won- present. The Dr. BeH Bib!* Class! of tho Presbyterian Church will hold its monthly meeting at tho church on Wednesday evening ut S: 15 o'clock. B. Daviee, secretary ot tho Dickenson Run Y. M. 0. A., " K i l l address the mooting. All meinbeis of the class are asked lo attend. Mrs, K. II. Collins and daughter, Bessie Catherine, vero PHtsburg Yisltort, on Monday. Mr. and Mre. Klmoi' ( Gallagher of East Liberty eprnt Surday at the homo of their sou, Robert Gallagher, at Scottdale. * William Simmons has returned home from Albany, . Y., where bo attended a meeting ot tho Now York Central Athletic Assoi lation, tie being a delegate from the YoiiRh Division ot the Piltflburg J.ali-- Erie Halirood. A. C. Drown, one of Uawson'o well- U n o n n citi/eus. hab Ur-n t-ho^en to serse- on the ·United !· la let. jury ot I'lllsburg tho iirdt two ^eelts of February. hers between the acts The cast was as follows: Simpson, a supposed butler, Wllliaau Davis; Mi.-is Prud-ence McWlnEflo, an elderly spinster ' teacher, Sai ah Ileinhartz; Marian Stauta, a popular student,« Springoi; Rutl Itipley, Marian's roommate, Mildiod Slurts: Dr. Henry It. liohunkus., ) cad of IliUari- dale Seminaij', J. Henry Ualr; Mis. ll-eniy Ifokunkus, by far the ibotte-r half, AvJs Slaughter Charles S fnul'h, profcsbor by pioiy, Robert K. I Jiil I , Cicero Socrate? Smith, a janitor by necosbity, Uuane N ' t l l , Alice, a dalc fittident ( . \\ nlfrcd fafci ; , another b t u d i u t , Katliclme V.itu c '! lie i-ho-i u, pruiip.s \\ -to as f o l l o w s : Uorcithv Kellar, Kntl enno Ko\. A l - b r i t ' i Anderson, Ka-lhorlno Spears, Mildred Hart, rioromv .iohnKon, Id,t Suo A-dams, Jenn A l h r s R h t , Injogen-o G u j n n , Uorothy Non comer, Alrfa l^^ort, Iluth Love, S ira Smith, M, Wilson, M. Adams, I'Vida Jlainaoy, Hazel Newcomer, JSiila Grove, WiJd'i. W-elbel, Kathleen V«tnue, Winifred JIafer, Koarno Taylor, Ethel Hixson, Doris Hill, Erna Kinner r, Helen Love, Mildred Nunnamakor, Melvln Hough, Ortis Dun mire, Cash ifekger, Ralph Kooser, Al Love, L. K Metsger, Kay Sturt/,, Clark Ansell, Gus Spicer, W. Knffcorn, Chailes FJaolc, Creorge Hodgkiss, Milford FlacI , James Frey, Paul Kooser an:l Robert Weaver Sarah Wo-itzel and Dorothy Taylor ivero tbo f e a t u i e danceis. Re^. Lambert Rotary Speaker. Rn John B. Lambert pastor oE .St. Paul* 1 ; L i i t b c i a n Church. i^as the .speaker at tho mooting of the Rotary Club last evening, at tlie Y. M. C. A A delegation ot tho ol-ub Is planning to go to Johnstown this wen* tig. (lorcilii Hobcnrsnls. Rehearsals h a v o txion begun for the eighth Krado operetta i n tho sohool. Xo (late hai been srt foi its 7resenta- tion. Miss Maigaret Jane 0\erly has cliaigo of the operetta. Mi and Mrs. W i l l j a m Slaughter of South Uroadwaj announi'o tho b i i t h of a hon S a t t i r d a j . MKs Ma.rv Wurg of th Me(Jeo Hospital, I'itt.sbiirg, v i f i t o t w i t h her par-eats, Mr. and Mis. V ! lliain JSburg over Sunday. 'f'o Institute Chjipfer. The Phalanx Fraternity of tho Y. M. C. A. will go to Johnstown to i n d u c t a now chapter of Phalanx on Tbursday. January l0. The trip will be- mads by automobile. Unionto-wn, Youngwood and Grec-inbiirjr ohaptea-s ha\e also be-f-n iiuite.!. to attend, Phalanx Is growing, The Johnstown chapter will Uo ihi» n f l h to bo inducted by Bcnftdakx Confluence r.i' T\vr. MTDl^TS -'KLSKM 1 1'IAY The- alumni i»f L'.it Uuntingdoii t o w n s h i p preset! od ti a n n u a l pla. ' · M f i n y i n s ; Mai ion ' ai he High School last osenlng. TVu c: si \\.is good and ihe costnm-esatid 8C« ie y w e r e attrac- i h c Mrs. A J. White, of S-jttdule was aciompanist. Mi«s J e n n i e Hetk- er of S c o t t d a l o g a \ o w h i s t l i n g nuii!- LONDON PRESS OPTIMISTIC OVER NAVAL PARLEYS General Bo He I* Real Reduction In A r m a m e n t Will JUcsuH Therefrom. flcr Mutt -role-- sootKins. »/o d oni.e rvrr hour tor ou *Koula *\en tec! fmt nppliration. I'OXFUL'ENTK, Jan. »[.--Mi. and Mrs Homy Barr awl tw i daus;bti.,b have returned to thc-lr lio uo at Jcffer- fcon, Pa., after a visit lie o w i t h Mis Barr't. sister, Mrs. Edith \Vliite-, W, U. Lohr and t w o soin Ml ycfclei- day for Piwkeiton. whore they w i l l bo employed c u t t i n g logs f. r a lumbei company Charles Stuik and H t u r y Brown have r-etin lied to their c a i p e n t e i work at Otuopyle a f t e r a. viuit ! ere. the foi- ni er w i t h has v if-o uid th ' l a t t e r w Uh I his parents. Mi and Mrs E B B i c m u j tUKl son, Max, j Kr\ H. AV. Jamison ..nd f[ )' i H u r n w n r t h wo-i p l i u s i n c r r ^ isiroifi t o ) t n l o n t o w n vcatorrlaj j Mi s i i \ \ i l i n n Tisane of i \ a u i m , i n n i.~ M a l t i n g hen lii0ihM--in-la and Mstei. Mi jud Mi3 A D SKInn r \ G TJouRhnor. f-per'Vi! » n p n i f r r frn t h e BiUtinKiic · Ohio Ral.foari, has ret u r n e d from a business 1I" to Du- JRnU PREPARED FOR ACTUAL WORK HV RAYMOND ed Fr-ess Ktiifl' Corrvsjwtulont LONDON, J.m 21. -- Pri'Uniin.ny n r s o t l u t i o n s of iho Ihe gicat powers ior llio TUI VH 1 conference rrachMl :i cllniaa. l.itt ulRlit in a l i r i l t i a n t "good will" dinner and ictcptloit Hi hop or of tho v i s i t i n g drlrpiitioiib. K. was followed liy ( n o rontorpiicrs, one l)"twocn (ho B i l l h d i and Kron:;n delegations, and a bricl! meet- inn oC U\e British and Italian envoys. The plenary sussio is (it tho historic c-onCerencp o p e n e d w i t h dxpres- hii na of utmost confidence on all s des Unit (ho parley will i c f c u l t in ,i dib- tmct contribution to world peace. The pageantry and fcoclnl courtesies a t t e n d a n t upon t h o gathering r C t h e delegations w o i o foncladed - tdiiuli to tlio relict of the. delegates-and ^ ith l-ri'limmary problems solved by i-ter- L-hdiiijr- of views, t h e ( o t i f c r e n u e was ini'dy Cor its t o n s i l tictivo work Tho British government has dis- U i b u t e d to each delegation d a f a show- utg the ' t r e n g t l i oJ£ t h e pi csent Urll- is-U fleet, corrected as to December 31, and rcUsihs details oC touuagc, gutipowcv, speed and equipment, Practically e\cry uewbpriper iu England has exploded the belleE and hope that this conference, will lead to a "sensible" i n d u c t i o n of naval armaments, and all of tb^ni v laaod the delegates, .success in tvoiking out t h e t t e m e n d o u s problems that lie botoio them. "The conference- should servo tho cau'so oC peace, and good, will," said the conservatives JJailv M a i l "It all the powers, a i o p i o p i r ? d tor t h e s.inio sacrifices im Knglanrl," Haul the. P a t b J'^, "then bucocso is u- MII ed." "Tho c o n f e r e n c e is a m a t t e r of t h e Keenest iiionicMit !o ( l i o rlvtltze'l world," w a s the r o m n i o n t °f " H '"' eral l^ail; Cluo'ili-io. "1C it f j t l s o u l i ight, thiHi f u r t h e r diarniaiiicul in cur time is unllkelv. Progress of th j confe-rence already sho»vh how f u r the /ive leading naval powen who Joined in outlawing war on paper I ave also honestly butlawed war In their hearts " An oplimitic view 1-5 taken by If Wilson Hatna, a distinguished intar- iiationul, w r i t i u i - 111 the Daily No'Vd. OBO of t h - u»st alg- Dlllcaut things In c o n n a u o t t Trith tho conference, ho sa.\s, i.s tho fact that public opinion is spon-king to public opinion across the A t l j n t i e , and tind- inK a response. Them v,as a manifest eagerness, p a r t i c u l a r l y amons th- N Americans, to t;ct dov/n to husmev". Many of t h e m , I n r l i u J n i K Kenatoi I a \ ) t i A Itccd, havo m.idc It i nilc lo d i f l i n c all oigugcincnts oM-ppt oflicnil f u n c t i o n ' , \vliieU nius-t be . i t i i ' u d o r t la. reaponse to th s u K g o h t l o n of pr^Rs l o p r o t i o n t a t l v f s t (h.'jl ihr AiiK'i I«'an public, w.i i e;ii?r-i' for all poi-fiiblo Information on I lio piogiess of the conference, Horrctaiy of State Henry Ii. Stitason, tUairman of. the ArucTican delegation, has promised a couiplcto report on all proceedings. .Premier J. Kamsay MaeDonald of GieaL Britain i\il! preiclo over tho plenary sessions of tho confRrence, Lriputeoaut Colonel Sir Maurico Hankey, s^cretaiy of tho committee of British .mperial detensa since 1912, will bo nominated Thuisday lor t!io pobt o£ conforunce secretary-general. As a courtesy to leaders o£ tho opposition p n i t i e s in the British Paili.i- mont. S f u i i l e y Baldwin and David Ijlovct (irorge were i n v i t e d - b y J'lat- Uonald lo Isuve beats at ihe lirsf plenaiy ratetius. "Therefoie," ho acid's, "tills J3 going to bn no expelts' confeienee, ,nul possibly no politicians'. Public opinion has irunsfoinioil navul prosninis bofuro, for iiifitanue in 1!!27, Wjien p u b l i c opinion in tho United Slates secured a L-eduction in building program from 7J binps to I U " Commenting on tho FIT noli clauns t h a t 000-ton siibniannes arcs too otnall lor aggrosf-n't 1 iic-tion auci only hiiit- ablo for coast, defense, llcutor C. Bywater, t h e Daily Telegiaph'c naval advisor, p o l i t y out t h a t much hmallor C k n n a n U-bodls ^inifecd a.', sea for weeks at a time, somotime as Car a6 C.tpe St. Vincent, and .vab for a high pcrcetitfigc cf tlio Bi Itish naval looses. Bywater alo declares that practically all f h o submarines opeiating out of Zoobi uggo we -o below (300 tons, "yet this particular flotilla ·was one of tho sharpest thorns iu our side." "H will the7ofou be clearly impossible to -exclude France's itroposod 30,000 ton coastal .submarines f i o m the. purviev ot the conference," he concludes. Ifof tho lime since t h e i r ,1- i ival in London, the entire group of delegates, advisor's, and experts, totalling beiwesn 400 and 500, were brought together undei one roof, at the- go\einuien(.S dinner ut the Motel Neil (.troll, vvho w o i k h iu Pittshuig, ai lived here K u t u u l a y t-or a visit w i t h ins parent'-, Air. ami .Mis \. F C.'ioff. "U" ,1. Uoal Jett esteul«y for a \it-it to Somerfit?ld Orpliaiis l)j Crush. LAWTOXS .V. V , .Ian. 21-- T w e h o c h i l d r e n in i v o f a m i l i e s 'were- made o t p h a n i la 5 ;) n i g h t w h e n an Hi is p u s l u r ranitred i n t o and srt a f r e i g h t train afiic. b n n i n s ; two l a i l r o a d o i s ro cleatii The \ i c u m s were- W r Jf Call, 1 1, f i ( o w a n d a , a n d A. H PicK- ' n ^ o n I l u f f . i l i ·Looking Tor Read thp. advo-ilinmonts to The PAGE PIVJS, V AVOID THAT AVOID THAT FUTURE iHADQW* By refi*«init g from over- indufgiarice/ if you would mciintain the modern figure of fushion Fasbion revels in the soft, enchanting curve i of the modern figure. Don't sa :rifice that graceful contour by permitting your eyes to be biggt r than your stomach. Be moderate--be moderate in all things, c vea in, smoking. Eat healthfully but not immoderately. When tern pted to treat yourself too well, w ien your eyes are bigger thaa your stomach, light a jLueky instead Coming events cast their shado tvs before. Avoid that future sha ow by avoiding over-indulgence if you would maintain the modern, alluringly- rounded figure. 'Coming events cast their shadows before" lucky Strike, the you ever smok* finest tobacco--' Crop--"IT'S TC one knows that so ' 4 roASTlN moves impuritie flavor and iniprc finest Cigarette ·d, made of the rhc Cream of thr 'ASTED." Kvcry- heat purifies and T" not only i'e~ i but adds to the ves the taste* *Be Moderate! . . . D m't jeopardize the modern form by drastic diets, harmful reducing girdles, fake reducing tablets or other quack 'anti-fat" remedies condemned fay the Medical profession! Millions of each year are wasted on these rid culous and dangerous nostrums. Be Sensible! Be Moderate! 'We do not represent that smok- Strike Cij arettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of ilcsh. We do declare that when tempted to do yourself too well, if you will "Reach for a lucky" instead, you will thus avoid over-indulgence in things that cauje excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form, TUNE IN-- The Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra, every Saturday night, over a coast-to-coast network of the N. B. C. 1030, Tlie American Tobacco Co.. Mfm. PARENT-TEACHER RALLY THURSDAY AT CONFLUENCE Will Hark Close of Contest of Studeiits for Largest 'umber Members. PRIZE FOR THE WINNER CONFLUENCE, J a n . 21 ---V vi ry spirited contest ie being waged liy ho studonts In both the grades and In ;h school to secure tho largest number of members for the 1'ai ont-Teacher Ad o- dattoD, as a piize- of ^1 will go to i ae wiunej. Tu addition to this uoatefit the roi ui that haa the. hlghiMt percentage of . t- tendance of the parents or ad It {Heads ·will be awarded a beauti ul framed picture -nhicli is to hang m ts room, with proper in=-n({on, and n 11 coutmue £o from month to mouth -.0 long as their room is (ho ]«ad r. However, it it do^s not have t ie highest average- at t h e next rneefh g, it ^s'lll then pass to the' room !ja\i j; the highest .iveragf A A e r y good piogiarn liae been flanged Toi the occasion o£ tlie n e ^ t meeting Tsill he on T h u j o d a j J a n u a y 20. Ir is Music, Hi?h Scnool o u h e s h a Business meetiim. Program topic, "Visual liTstnictior " Music, 01 c-hestra · \ \ h a l - Is \'k~tiil [ n - l i u c l i d i i " " Mi fi F/lr-w Uenclpi L a n t e r n dpmon = li a l i o n C' C Slit) - Music, group singing. Pioture study. Misa Iris G i l l o g l y . Tvaboratovy dcmonetratlon, "SV. O Fi-ifz. rihisic, group s i n g i n g . Uet-ermination o£ w i n n e r o£ picture, Social houi. Informal lecoptiou. Itefrccshmcnt.s WIFE WILLING TO EXCHANGE HUBBY'S FALSE TEETH FOR RING By U n i t e d T'rcs". PITTSBURG, .fan. 21--John Ureda ia willing to pay ?S a week towaid t h e support of his family na the court | ordered, but ho wants Ins wife to gha back his false teeth. I f e nocels them. That is the appeal ho carried into Nonsupport Court heia. Mrs. Ilosa Bieda, called into court, declaied ehc. had taken them because he Jiad a rhit; that belanga lo her. She consented to i c t u r n tho fa tee teeth, provided lie comos to her home in Duqucbr.e, for them Then bhe will exchange tin?- teetli foi hoi I I H E J i,he EVERETT MAN DIES WHEN CAR SKIDS i': L',\ f l u i d P i e , t ALTUOXA, Jan Snnih ol E \ o r c t t w a s K i l l e d and u\ o ^ onion c o m p a n i o n s w e i f injured A l o n d a j when tho .uitomulnlc "t w h u li I | K \ \ e i e litliiis ne.if \ c - i o U skidded i i . n n tho ro.i'l a n d i i v h d i n t o Hi" i o i k SK|P ril .1 lull LOTS--WALL A r r J i O U D K H N: BUY WALL PAPER NOW! our classified adverU8»i«"»ii'*.

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