The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 3, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1918
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3, 191S DULY COURISK CONNELLSVILLB, PA. PAGE FTVE. At THE OKTHfcOL "INTOLERANCE --Those fearsome great weeled contrivances with their death dealing blasts of Caaie which arc made use oJ in Intolerance' the Griffith spectacle which comes to the Orpbeum Theatre for an engagement of two days · commencing Monday may be regarded as forerunners of the so-called 'tanks' now in use by the Allie Mr Griffith delved into history and consulted mmy authorities so that tb* implements o f warfare used in both the French and Baby- loiuan scenes would be archtological- ly correct The armor wont by the warriors of Belshazzar and Cyrus is of metal, goldplated, and' the tre-, mendous swords wielded by tlio a e who I are foremost in the fight require Her-' cnlean strength The manipulators of bow and arrow were trained as archers The great towers that are pushed against the walls of Bab ion are etact reproductions of the fighting towers of the ancients In the Middle Ages story are utiH'ed the finale The famous Lynch Tno composed of Frank Nan and Teddv Lynch took the audience by storm with the most clever jmenile act seen here m many seasons. TJenny and Allen are in a clever Juggbpg and dancing act Lillian Hoot a damtj miss, does some \ery neat soft and wooden shoe dancing Kellner and Kellner are refined society entertainer* and their line of patter is good Lore the mind reader who answers all questions £Cave a remarkablj good exhibition ol talepa-thej The picture today and tomorrow is Carol Hollowa~v in Vengeance and the Woman ' and on Friday and Saturday Douglas Fairbanks will be seen in "The Mvstery of the Flying Fish The proceeds of Frf dav s performances will be don\ted to the local Printing Prossn-an's TJ nion TO ALL STOMACH SUFFERERS I use this areans to reach all those who have been suffering with stomach trouble t have beea cured and I want to give ou tbe benefit of my experience I suffered w i t h stomach troubles for seven years, during that time I doctored with some of the best weapons that were appropriate to that I stomach specialties, tried Christian time. These were copied from origin- Science physical culture a hundred odd faoulj remedies, all the patent mediciires I saw advertised to cure indigestion and took everything any- als and from models in the British museum and in the museims of France. The allegory near the close of the spectacle sho^-s armamtnt and monitions of toda Soldiers m the bod} would suggest but with no relief At last I found a cure the first j clash of battle are represented and I tlose gave me ms-tant ehet I could I o-verhead ma} be seen war planes guided by skillful auato-s THE PAEA3[0Q,T. "THE CrlRL IN THE DAJHC -A five part Bluebird feature in which Carmel Mers, the prettj screen actress s seen, is being shown todaj hardlv believe it would continue to give me relief, but it has no~v been t-wo jears since I have been cured of stomacu trouble, all im fnends who have used tne medicine have been cured if jou have had my erpt-nence or know of any of jour Cnends who are suffering v, rite me mt losing , ,, a .=..,,,,., ., stamped envelope and I mil tell you The Girl in the Dark is a girl who hov\ to get this medicine, this is no was branded, vvitii the mark *. Y I patent medicine ah ertisement but on her shoulder She didn t know the is the onlv vav I can reach those who meaning of it, it bore magic s gnifl j want to be relieved of the terrible ranee to an} Chinaman who saw it stomach miserv JF D , 225 N. Craig Jn this fact lies the mystery ft the St. Pittsburg Pcnna--Adv. photoplay Miss Mjers who appears la the leading re* 1 , departs from the foreign, type she TKtrtraved in several jrevious productions and appears in the role of an American girl, v hose 1 fe is menaced b^ a band of Onent- als A selected cornea} is also being shown Tomorrow Madge tvan- the wonderful child i-ct^ess will appear in "Wanted--a Mother Fndaj and Saturda Mary Garden will be uar- r i d in Thais, a Goldwvn production Thais ' the first screen play Meyersdaie. o' Miss Garden tells the story of bfauty of ancient Alexandria w h o is notorious for her many lo\e affairs S01SSOX THbATRE. THE ISLAND OF LOVE, -- The charming Hawaiian pla produced as th.«. opening attraction o° the Chester Bishop Players, was greeted bj another full house 'ast night. Mr. B strops performance of David Mer- rlck, was almost perfect Virgnia Duncans charming personality made Ruth Penbod} a mo»t lovable character The other members of the cast came in for their share of the praise. For Thursda} mght, he conipan} has substituted A Sec~et Ma nage " instead of The Bondman which vrill be given an elabora c p-o daction later In order to secu-e 'A Secret Marriage \ir Bishop had t o promise an immediate production, thus the change ' A Secret M*-r- nage deals with the son of a millionaire who marries a servant grl In his own .home is disowned bj DIS parents and bj bard work and plu k earns his rightful place in the world The play will be given a beautifjl production. JkCErEJRSDALE Vpril 3--Air and "Mrs "W K Housel ot Kevsor V Va_, are spendjng^ a week nere v si ting relatnes and friends AIiss Esther Stacer with he^ nephew and niece Richard and Marj Luc Grabeasiein of Cumberland, * ere guests for several dajs at the home of the formers parents llr and Mrs Jonn. Stacer Mrs M J Livengood and daughter Miss Gladjs are home from a brie* \isit with rclati\es and friends, in Johnstown Msses Bmcna and Famy Graves v\ho are emploved a Cleveland O, and Miss Jennie Graces a nudont at the Peahody Instiiute in Baltic-ore Md are visiting their parents Mr and Mrs XV A. Graven Mrs James MoKen2e of Deal, Pa, has returned home aftei a few days* visit here with her relatives Mr and Mrs S J MrKeazje Miss IxJna Zion a student at EHiffs College at Pittsburg is speadirg the week here Mrtth. her parents, M" and Mrs, John Zdnn ilisa-es Evelyn and Rebecca Truxal oE the Hellenic High sthoul. have re- tUTjec 1 to their dut cs after Keep WRIGLETS In mind as the longest- lasting confection you can buy. Send it to the bovs at the front. War Time Economy 11 Sweetmeats-- a 5-cent packaae of WRIGLEVS v;i(l eive you several days' enjoyment: it's an investment in benefit as well as pleasure, for it helps teeth, breath, appetite* digestion. msew Featuring an Extraordinary Purchase. Values are $25, S27.50, $30 and Even Higher. Chew 5f After Every HOME SERVICE MEN OF RED CROSS LOOK AFTER DEPARTING SOLDIERS TiIEVTRF. days here spent -with their parents, Rev and Mrs, A. L Truxal Mrs Joha B Shardi ard the Mives Agnes Ebaugh and Sara Hartle srwni Tuesday visiting 1 and shopping in Cumberland Mr and Mrs Clarence Howe and Clyde Rowe left Tucsaa\ for Philadelphia v. here thej ^ ill attend the Ro-we-tMcDevut wedding -fthich -will be solcsnmzE-d in thai, city on ~V ed- nesday Mr^ T\ C App^I and two children ·ft ho uad bee" visJtmg her parents ^^r anc Mrs ^\ H Deeter have returned to the r home in SioyeaiQfwn "THE MORAL UA\V --The ne^ William Fox play, features Gladys BrocXwell in a dm! role The story of the play has to do 1*1 th t^o sis tors A maa leases all of h a "wealtl to a high-minded and charitable daughter wao is about to be marned The father had however a wife -whom he had divorced because of ber vie lous temperament, and see and her daughter live in a South American capital in tbe midst of evil and degraded surroundings The father cut off bo h In hia will with one dollar each. The high minded daughter fearing that an injustice ma have been d*ne goes to her sister to divide tbe raonev Tomorrow "\\1IUam Rug- sell has a unique opportunity in has The^e Tone safe,dependable treatment new production 'The Midnight thatrcl cs itching torture and skin irn __ ., , i. t. t a , fnfmn p'mcst mstentlv and that cleanses TraiJ In wh en he figures as a prj- MiH Ueompam Tr mvporis Across and ISnnjf fltuK Mc^sagis n u d \tt*ntl to MiuiU of Men. Eti,rv tran^ipor earning American sold-Lts iraad s to have on board re^-eaenvames o the Home beivice of the- R e d CrrKi to ^ok after thf 1 comfort of me d-fparting m^n according LO tlji. aanoti u of I rank. "\V PerttOTi di-ector 3* ncral of the Dc- partIne^L of Chi L an RthoC o-I the lev. lacd Cro*-'Tc c ^e Mom c S f*rv i ce V en said Mr Person^ w i l l a\e a tvo-'old op- portun tj and dutv Firt?t to lea^n by j personal conferen.ii the anxieties of the stldicr a on boird aad to Con- ard knowltni'go of the^e to our department, and secondlj, to send communicalions from tbe man ia ihe tcrvice to hih fan.n Tbe aoldiiers In the camp are not toJd ver- long in advance that thc are to fe,o abniarl as this is not u j a o from a ralilan sUrIpolut- ine mf^n have \ory lit*"It time to ccmi- munica t e ivrii ther families and friends before Icc-viug Jf on the \oy age there js oine one with v, horn or 63 77 per cent have been reiectocl exempted and d c cbaiged 2 1G2 7S1 or " 2o per ceat TAhite ciii/e i» rejected c^ rt i discharged The 7 69" colored citi zens crrtif od for bcmcc M * M C pe*" cent of the number e t l l ^ d it against 711213 or -173 pci cert, o whitcb ccnifietL These Dresses came through tlie factory too late for Easter delivery and have been secured by ou 7 - New York buyer at a great concession m price whicli we pass on to jou Indeed a ·uhole page couldn t convey to vou a more important news item GEORGETTE DRESSES, SILK TAFFETA DRESSES, FOULARD DRESSES, SERGE DRESSES, CREPE DE CHINE DRESSES, AND SERGE DRESSES COMBINED WITH FOULARDS TAFFTTAOR GEORGETTE These Dresses were produced by one of the highest class and most exclusive manufacturers in the counm who caters onlj to the finest trade o if you want an unusually clever Spring Dress -with style individuality that classes it among the most expensive, come here and see these wonderful Dresses Every color Everv Style, Every .Size, for Women Misses and Juniors. TRY THEM 05 AD OTE THEIR CORBECT STYLE AND FIT JTo Muije txpress Companies. WASHINGTON April 2 --"\Eergius of the express conYparnes under a new corporation to operate them as a unit and work o it a basis for dis- iriiration ot p-oft is ui-cter cons*dera UOE hetTvetn tbe rpilroad administration and ren-esentatives of companies A SAFE, EASY WAY TO CURE ULCERS N m i n e - h ^ i L s* re or ulcer iff jets \ou it is h H i ^ u O tlmf H W irjv the -i skui \ v t l l cuiv. u liut t t ctoLiu t cui L lli pu-ch i"c ir e k II be rtfundecL A A Clarkf ihe loc tl icrcnt for Ho ira, who Jtap aold J un Ircd t of pjck II.PS -fla^ 1 * tl in h h i j e t to ttrtl iny form of ^ on iri or ll^irii. iff L t l n K the i,I in thit Hok*i.r-\ ri r-s r ol hea! Tnd ith relief comvs « quir il that hose ""ho t r j it arc tntpU c-c,lighted \ tih It Pimples t czem i hltckheadf acne barber b itch and til v ) \ j i t r o u h l f y arc q u i c k l y r^'li^^cd b\ a j j h i r f t! i-. « m pie si in honlei inU Ll'-suc buf lei It cf U A i n ^ no fe.rta« (l or tcld^ and «« clcinU to u^f A A Cl irl c i OrUK Store 1^ spllu L, i iirfrc pOLkd-trc it Hokar \. lor "^jt. -- rf w ir Tr^nrr* T^r^irti w y^inr'ff Tflr%B~ [LLUSTR A FED LECTURE NEWELL DWIGHT thtj can talk fjtnils xnat crs aad b "\\Lom thoi cai se id ^ord to their N O newspcipet can succeeti with ni it -irlXK»r+1«inrf *lie*»-c»fr\*'*» TI.o out advertising, therefore \ve vr U t "\ei with lighter i sohc t tl^epatrorasfeo* our reader, heaits and Ue n ia\ u ^i^e the Red ) for those who by theT advertising Cross opi ortuaitiife to belp " * * 01 help to make this pacer possible. man n n as art necest ir af er **ip cnifort oC t o depart!] tt e j They v,i I reti ri to ireparc tlieii r0its to I.TO Red C^o^-s When Itching Stops Fornisii Higlior PercMiiwe or llraf- teth Tliai fip WntD ( ilirtns. vate detective of Uis amateur brand Ask aay drus? st for a SSc or SI bottle ARCADK THEiTBF. Zarrows Follies, at the Arcade ies- terday Iied up to 'IS reputation and scored a success The st*o^ is a vaudevi le review iM"h a chorus tnth a. cabaret opening and a patriotic Tnc report of jProxost Mirsba 1 Gen eral Crowder shov/i i h n t 737626 no o-ej c tizens ^vero icjz stered unclct of zemo and apply it aa directed. Soon the selective -"i ico la^ or 7 69 pei i you will find that irritations, pimples, cents of t i e wholo rural er of rcgis- blackbeads, eczeaa, blotches, ringworm t anlr lias ( ar ti, era ) l n l e boon - similar sfaa troubles will dBapoear J 20g 9 - g or 28 3S per cent 0( t , le co] . | orcd r-en calloa b the local boarla as conpared with 32 48 per cent of A little zeino, the ing liquid, is all that banishes most skin eruptions oiakes so f^ smooth and healthy. The E. W. Rose Co , Ctevetend, a the Of i to men Le colored men called 133 256, MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOKH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PREACHER, LECTURER, AUTHOR, ORATOR Successor to Henry Ward Beecher. "Dv. Hillis never minces words. His list of German atrocities made the vast audience turn pale. He produced evidence that he brought back from Europe with him--official records, affidavits, photographs, and he presented them in a straightforward, simple, and overwhelmingly convincing way."--Chicago Herald. Wednesday Evening, April 3 HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM DO YOU NEED JOB PRINTING? We do all kinds of Job Printing at our otfice from the visiting card to the r»nest commercial work. Try our printing. THE COURIER COMPANY, 127% W. Main St., Connellsville, Pa. "CAP"STCBBS CAP'S TVGKK WASJTT APPRECIVTED. By EDWDTA LOOK ftT HER HAIR'-LOOK! YOUR CftP* CUT IT 3HE S A

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