The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 3, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1918
Page 4
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P\GE FOCK. THE CAILf COaKIEK, CONNELLSVIIyLB. PA. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3, 191S. HEXRT P. Bounder and Editor. 1373-1916. THE eOTTIULJlt COMPAN"!', --x ·;-' K. M. SNTDEB, " '-r ' President. J- JAS. J. DE1SCOLU ; 'K 3*c'y and Treasurer," Busiuess Manasir, i' · '·: JOHN L. CANS. .f · ·". ManaKlns Editor. ' _- TFALTSIt S. STlMilElU, '·? City Editor. · -£ 'MIES'LYSXE B. .IClNCEtL, v i ' Society .Editor. 5 3IE1IBER OF: :· ' Associated Press. . »? '· Audit-Bureau ot Circulation. ·· '·:;? I'ennsylvaiiia Associated Dailies. * - -- ; . "^ ' T w o cents per copy, SOc per month; ·;·£ *5 year by mail i£ paid in advance. 4 Entered as second class matter at the A jKjstufHce, CcmnftUsville. Pa. One is tempted to rplax 'their feat u r e s in a smilu when! observing the Democratic papers, whijcli doubted the existence of the 76-mJte German g-un, t a k i n g ?o much space find i n f i n i t e pains to inform the worm--and incidentally the German spies]--of the details oi a 105-mile gun Secretary Baker's department is planning to build. . Are your garden tools' In good work-' Ing order? It Is froinfC to put some of the c i t y "farmers" to the test to measure up o the 52.00 a day standard. There is nothing 1 w r o n p about Chairman Hurley's message to the shipyard managers--"The American people want ships, not excuses"--except the deterred dale of its sending 1 . Having- sent 22 cases of ctothlntr to the Belgian war sufferers is another evidence that ConnellsviDe ia not f.-ill- Ins down in doing' its share in any of the war activities. EYE'G, ^TBD, 3, W18. Service Hospital "Cnit L. TJ. S. A.. Fort ·McPherson, Atlanta. Ga. RALPH S. SiWCBR, Conipaoy H, SlSlh Inlantry, T0. S. 'X A.. Camp Lee. Petersburg, Va. r-*j^ j ««·«···«· i"r-r "-"*·*··"*··*·* ' .ft takes' the bfflcal records to remind us how f a u l t y our weather memories are. The team-trackers are to get cars, just like the other mines--when they can. Member ot Thc~ A»»o«iated I*re». Tfi« Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for repu-blication of all news dispatches credited to it or not at£ecwise ^credited, in this paper and also the- locai news published herein. Tou can produce many lonfc-d!atgnce snniles by sending your soldier friend, or th'e soldier son of y o u r neighbor, a "Smileag-o Book." You will even smile yourself as you make a mental picture of the hoy smiling; wh.en he receives your smile producer. By John K. Commons, The 1 slty of Wisconsin. There is one thing that will set. la- tor back" permanent]}', and that is' a German victory. · £ THE FAB3DuKS TOiKE EIGHT. ' . 'JT. The farm "wage committee, which : --favored the fixing ot $2.00 per -day -as i V . r t h f t i minimum waga ^ volunteer j sl ^ mat , : ,, ; farm labor during the coming season. , cut d(Wn tfaeir SUJJMU -.-..had. much the hotter argument, viusi was under consideration j Twenty years ago the Czar of Rus- I sia proposed that 'all nacions should . . -at the conference ou Monday evening. , ^ cou : rofuscd Gr£at Britaiu ffere lo j£in vith Gcrmany cul down their sreater familiarity witii-f ^^ narf thc Ka - ser £a^nal conditions they were ^ ,· not even talk about it. Germanv was ? aware that any wage under ?2.001 would Under ranher than help the ef- | preparing for something like this deteate Great BritalDi '.-torts taat are being made to -secure! : :.?a sufficient number ol men' to. handle j _ he wil , take over thfi BriUsh ,. av .._ ;r;incrcascd crops. -Moreover, ther are ; sbfl win ^^ be far ami awav ^ c : ^not asking the voluntear labor to rcn- : moM erfal coun ,.. v , n me ,; or . ;! ,;-j f der its service merely as an.accom- , aud W(J jVm , rirans wia be compell£ , d ;.,n«daU(m then send it away . ecipty- .. to have a.pemanetit standing army ·shandefl. . .. -.. ! ^^ a ij,j~ e na \-v to defend ourselves ; ... To the farmer the matter ot -s-jcur- .1 (rom sudUch auack : ; .3jing tne help is the main, thing and , About ev hundred vears some -; s*tliey have shown their enure willing- j nalio3 o f . Europe s . arts oul to COB . a -3ncss to pay well tor. it, With, the | quer the O . hcrs aad , ulo the world _ ;. 'present scale, of prices for the r-ro-| First R V| . as Spa , nj B . aich , a America - Oue Cent a Went. No advertisements lor Less Than 15 Canto. Classified colurnna close a.t noon. Advertisements o etc.. received after that hour will not au^ear until tho i f TOa day WANTED -- YOUR EASBBHINO business. RENDINE'S. U -- CHAMBERMAID U.T SMITH HOUSE. 2apr2t WANTED--TWO GIRI^S AT . -NEL.LSVILLE STEAM LAUNDR" wA.VTJ-:D--THRJ;B rooms after April 15. Address 116 fa'ouch Second atrect. ^'9n:nrllU M.OJ.ESK1S SIX* Sf WANTED--WOMAX TO CLJiAN house. BAJ^TlMOIiE HOUSE. WANTED--MAID FOB. GEK.BRAI. i housework. 1002 Sautli ~ Plttsbur; I scrcec. 2aor3t ·WANTED--LADT WAITRESSKS; Also cuok, lady or Eeiitleiiuin. I n q u i r e i'OL - GH HOUSE. , laprUTJ WANTED--BOY TO ACT AS POR- ter and w o r k in Jrus store. Inquire J. C. JiOORE. :7marad WANTED--GIltL FOR GENERAL, housawork. J1RS. SCHMITZ, 166 West Main street. 31'martf WANTED--SSCOND BAND TYPE- writer. Call Bell 13-R. or Trl-Statc US-W, M o u n t Pleasant. SSfobtf WASTED--AX ORGANIZER. LADY or gentleman. Address DISTRICT -MA.VAGEK, care 'Courier. Siprtf WANTSD--TWO P A I N T E R S AT onc-i. WaBes 54.50 to pood man. Apply at, 325 South Broadway, Scouduic, Pa. litprSt WANTED--GOOD STRONG BOY. 10 years old; not a f r a i d to work. YOL'GU C11EMICA1. CO.. 121 Bast Poach street. WANTED---VKAT 4 OH 5 ROOM house or collate, centrally located. Reply to "HOUSIV care Courier. * WA.VTKD--GJP.I. FOR CE.VK1JAI. housework. No w a s h i n g or i r o n i n g ; Appiy TE.VPLKTO.V'S J i A K E I I Y , l i t N o r t h PlttBUurg street. ^ a i i r c f i l WASTED--BOVS AN1 G i K L S OVKIX 16 years of a^;o. Paid w h i l e lyarnlnB- CONXEU-SViriL.!-; SII-.K -MILL. liaprGt WANTED---OIKI-. FOR G K X K K A L housework, gvod ^ CARPKNTEIt,' SI') atreet. Silk jersey lends itself adnilnibly to ages. A j i u l y II. u i mauy adaptittions of the South ' " " " B ]orto Whcll COUJ !, in ,, (i ,vSth r.mle- ! »i.-|p t n inakr nn .-ifti-rnonr. frock the W A N T K D - - (.'.OOP I J 1 K I . 1-MU O K N - · tcfn \i js h i g h l y picas, Bii. · urii.' wyrk }n rt°--[aur.'fcfJt und eonft-o- . ~ . , .-. ?dacts of their farms they know that owncd everything from California to .;it Is a baiter business proposition to : p atagoniH . Then jt was Franco and y, y any reasonable price for labor ! Nr . po!eoll , who t oc-k Louisiana and r.: tjarrd raise iarger crops than rt is to ; Ulo al count wesl of thfl Missis . -; Jiorego ohe profits by raising only sipl , . iTom Spain _ X -J-tnoasb. for their own use without a; 3ul lhuuglL Spain conauere(1 noar . :·. ^urplus to sell. They, have caught the , , y cvery natlon of Hllrope- ^j Na . r -.^spirit of the movemen-. for larger j pii , eo[l con(JUS , rBd evcr . n a t i o n on the ·w-rops and have a patriouc to ; Conlillenl ll]e} . could nol rl . ac , h Great ;,'-»i!» their full part m that direction. . BrtuUn . The British Navy compell- tior.ery store. A p p l y C'. K . THOMAS. ! - Soulh C o n n e U s v l i j L - . I'a. ' '.iaprifu ladv-. jrnod salary- A p p l y at orico. . Jn t h l a P K N N T U A K l - l i : I I K P A I I T M I O X T - , aTORK. Z:3 N o r t h PUIVijlirt- »lrt-ul. j FOR SALE-- SOin'H '.'DNNKI.US- Jots. Coliv*-nHn:, (,:i^ap, pixny lernis. [ n q i l l r u at ^'Ht: C O i l K I K l t U!-'WANTI-:D-~SIX FIHST CLASS M A - i net-;. for rount 1 . ho«n«. work. Cail G e n u n U ' FOi: SAl-K- ».\;-: L A H ; ; ^ foreman. P. I- K.. Dickor^n j r t a t t o n d«M;. l i t u . H I I ' K . I a "' "-5\Vithiii the limits imposed by shortage .' cd Spain and-.France to let £0 of ;· -*ai labor- and-other conditions they i-ainerica . acd sucli dftmocracy as we ;r ;iiave done all that they nave been . bave in N o r L h ;ind south'America is .--.SaWe to do. With thc assurance t h a t ; ^^le bccaufi no Qae coulU iy in .:..: Sutthioaal labor will be available the , Europe c(uld p^an^y c c n q u e r ·-,,farmers will gladly make pronsion ; :hc otbcrs as - ioug a K coul(1 not cou _ ^rior increased plantings. They are no ! quer GrcaL Bri(a i n . O ur country Has - VIcss glad to give adequate, even lib: beGQ big an(1 Uec and unarnll . d be _ · · ^eral, comrwnsation for labor that · will ^^ Klircpe was ^vided :imong . - . ^enable thera to care lor tjbe iarger ; ^^ powors Najoleon did not have a submarine with which' to destroy But Germany whole world if W A N T K I 1 -- S K V E U A J , JA1:|'KSTK11S C C j M P A N V . or .ipprentlnes Tor riHf.tirintf i-nrs; liour day; a l r . K l y vvi-rh. AlM'ly MAS- F O K S A ! . ! ; . TEH M K C H A N H ' . West I V n u Shops. WANTED---FiiiHT CLASS CANVASS- , ss»r» can mal-;P. J5.0U ( ) R r d^y, *iu-ir:iti- i U-el *a,lur- :tr.d t » x i n i n r f c :i.lluw:inct-. ! See M R , ( J S T H I 3 L M K I : . itotii:. '.5, Y « « u n I ! House, a f t e r ! J 1 . H. » « p r l i * ! n F a r m "VVN'TKO--KO»AOKKIii* JtiCQl'IHiC j thc services of a t l t o r o u g h l y t x p e r - | .--, -- Jftno-d and accuri^io j i n - n o c r a t h e r . K-.-J- : I'"OK S.M.l-: - HT.\-*.:.;: ? [ d e n t of Conn el Isv! He [ t r e f v f r«d. Ap- · ^ (1 "'' !*Ji I'.'C:: K a ,· -nil- ply Jn i.:r?ion 10 M H. A. J. K n t i A ; K i : u . ' t I-UIH- mui ' . ' l i - j r . -. J M . - I - · - . - I J O S . L. tiTAM-III. Jcrops. · : . -·..· . E Tho men of the city have taken , Qrea , Britaill . s ^ , Jquite the proper attitude on-Ue q u r a - j to wl , ling ^ flght ;;"; ition of -wages to be paid . Eor thedr '· T labor. They have enterEiti inio the :.'. {-proportion with a desire to render all V : ~7the aid-they possibly can. both as a O"5means of- hclpmg the fanners and to ''- fcoatriibute in a subataatial way to the i. ^'nation's big task, of ·winning; tho war. '.- Jwhat they may receive by way of com; - ^peusatloa is a matter ol minor 1m- ," =portance alcra.ssi(ie of the fact that ·".. '·'. they "have an opportunity u translate ·/ .".their sentiaieiiE^ and.feelings "ito ac: tion. =. ' · lai this r.esiect the farmers ive not allowed themselves to be outdone. v 'They have already sh.o%s"n their ap- '.'. precration of the voluntary oifer oi :· the m^n of the city, and they now :' stand ready to gi*"fc Ifcat appredation =·'·· roaterial form and s-ubataace. ; ^STOF ^ By Porter Emerson Browne. « It is time that the United States stopped playing Germany's game. ·* Germany, sure of her ability ;o keep her r owii-"peopies solid for war, talks pgace. -We, -stopping our own efforts tj? listen and to answer, cripple and confuse both ourselves and our allies. :ilt is the old, old game, oC The two burglars in the Jewelry shop. One engages-'the proprietor in conversation ·while the other.robs.the safe. _ . .S-TViiiUe Hertlins gives rent to as choice a lot meudfacioas hot-air, as tihg yorld has ever heard, Hincienburg tramples- upon ^prostrate iRusiria and adds another corpse to his rapidly ac? cutpiil^'tfeS'.' colicction. · And we, soft-hearted, so£t-headed, kindJy-souled, peace-loving, peace- Inured people that we are, gabble en while murd:cr~!s.';c'oimnltred;"betore OTTT very eyes-. I.".. ".TJ. ".. . . '.' ' "We had Uetier.Tj'egin'.'to,realize, that j VMOBE SJGXS OF SPRING. this thing we ha'vo"embarked ia'Is not . . a joint debate but a war. Evary day only she can succeed in''her attempt to Wipe out the British Navy. Th-eii she conquers not only Europe, as Na- policon did. but Asia, Africa, and America. H America had not come into the war, or if America had refused jo sell food and munitions to the Allies, building. ' Kurope would already have been con-- quered. Jf Germany wins, then there 13 nothing for North and South America to do but to build up their i j TrAXTET-- AXY K I N l OF i'Kl.'.v- } Ing, w h e t h e r It is a calling curd, suit K'JK S . v l . K -- M I L L A N U KC bill or the finest engraved wcddui;^ 1 "5HI 30iM) f.-t?:. ; - t M r i " ; - . ."· ;-·· Invitation or s n n o u n c e m f n l . We prln".; ^'* h - i- 1 - Imi;^:-, 1*1 it j,. -.:nc;i*i- a n y t h i n g -- e v e r y t h i n g -- d o It proinct-;- i-x'10 f"ci. * i n c - i i : i i f u ;·: r - r i ' . and do it r i p h L Cull t a e man tit TliZ · Kficul c:tp'ij;,s. f^iv:-, '-·.· ;.;.- COCRIKR oihce. Both phones. 27-it · n v y n u n d l i t : h i l : i ;. M'.tJi WANTED--CIVIL, SliKVSC^ KX- ' acre K r . n i n d . ( ' l - , n - \ l i i v ^ t ' i i o n t ' f o r ' H I arrrinatifins tor r.'erks, cu.sioms, J n i f ? r - ; ,-u:tlvc bui;iJirw» firm. Bw* ~ \. A l v ^ r na,I r f e v e n u u . AJTI! and .May. Aim and , t o n , Pa. rsc-nnr'Jt.* j women deslrim; c l ^ r k s f h i p s ; t t Wn-i»ll- j -r^r. ·?-.-. :-: ---·· ·.--r-rrr · i n ^ t o i t or I'enns-rylvanir. v r r l t t [ p a r t i c u l a r s u. J. T. I . E O N A I U i . ( f , r - | -. ,.. , I I mcr KOvernmeiit e x a m i n e r ) , Kenois LOST---ONI'.' . V l . \ r J:!.Ai"K Kll: Far JOeti KinU.;r - o.'lici". l a p r r . t Moni-y I,, FOP. U H N T -- APAKTMTiNTS. IX- - q u i r e FLOHKNC13 SMUTK. a a p r t f d FOft SALE--DKICSS K O K M . -1U3 j South Eighth fftreet. "ajir^t j : ! "X PII:.ST .IH^ITG.AOK. ,= j.voo, s-.or.o. navies and standing armies as big i FQK liENT--STOIIAGK UOOM. IN- ! M."" 1 -' iuid Jd.oi.n. ri-- .ios;-;i'ii A. MA- as possible, tor when Germany strikes quire 707 vine wtrtct. 2apr3t ! sox, second N^ioimi i!an: she hits suddenly and frightfully. Nations must look ah-ead. Individuals can be short-sighted, because they die anyhow. But not nations. If we *do not win now, while Great Britain and Prance avc able to fight, ^ve shall' have to be anncd to the \eeth"tor years aid centuries ahead, as. long as Germany -rules, the world. A huge and -permanent army and navy, besides taking our .hoys and FOR. 11E.VT-- I-'ljltXlSHEO ROOM I N ; H'B .U:K I ' R B I V i . K K l J TO M f i H b V . f - f p r i v a t e £ar::ily. Ill North C ^ r t u j r e ; s t l l c i i i n ^ r a n d I ' i u i . t ililec.. \ v u i k i:i i a v e n u e . l a p r C t j ijo:ii:l!:ivi:if. Wr h a v e f . u r u v . j n:a- j . F O R RUST-- TWO NICELY FL'R- i W..rl: :',:atly anil" i u i . - k l . v (I.,,,.- B ' N I n i s h e d rooms w i t h u f e o£ bath. 1 ^ 1 7 | K l i S K W 1 N G M A(.'H I N I - : Vo., l u y I"; IL Sycamore Htreet. - 3apr: t (:rnwi:ord aveiul..-. ' J a p i - f i t workingmoD. every year for military service, means low wages, long hours of labor, suppression of labor unions, suppression of free speech, repeal of labor legislation on behalf of women and children, and all the hardships that millions of workingmen have come to America to escape. It is bad enough to be compelled to make this one tremendous effort right now to win the war. It will lie far worse to. be. be ready all the time tor another like it. FOR KBNT--TWO F U R N I S H K I J roomrf, pentle.iien prcrerrod. 253 Kant C r a w f o r d avenue. laprllt KSTATE OF J A M E S M. F O R . KENT-TWO rooms for Ht:ht liouB North P i t t a b u r g street FOE- HENT--ONE DESIKABL13 store room f o r m e r l y occupied by -Me-ann . Murphy. Inquire FLORENCE SMUTZ. i. ,*4ij i .-i i u VS.L- o.-\.n r.j.- .u. J v r ; j 1 i, UATfc. ' -- - ! o C t.ho c i t y of C o u n u i l s v l l l o , c o u n t y of iij Fayc!t.ta and s t u t e oC P e n n s y l v a n i a , d e - ' [ J ^ e t i e r s T e s t f i m t - n t a r y on ( h o a b o v e ' nanuid e f t a t c h u v l n r r J j c i - n irranii^fl n i l 3 Room House South Con- 5 Koom House, N. Pros- pict K t r o e t 5 Hoom House, X. Prospect Street S Jtoujn D o u b l e Hcu'se, j W h d c l c r ! 7 Itoom House.Brick lift a, A TOO 730 3 Jloojm Hous Snycler- J 6 JiooTa House. N. 10th St. ! 5 h o u r n House.Brick Hoa-tl p rioom CoLUi^-c, F r a n k l i n Street 4 Room House. S. B i R t h St 3 Room Coitiif^e, ^V* C r a w ford A v e n u e ·i lloom H a u s P , 1-th S t , . . ·1 Hoom J J o u c - i , S. I'Lh S t . . 0 ttnom Double H O I I J I C . W . C r a w f o r d A v c n u o . . 10 lioom D o u b l e H Q U R O , ,\". Prospyct Sired. . . . 8 H«om D o u b l e H « H J P C . l i y n d m a n Slrr-ct - · 0 Iluom Modern K'j»s*. H o u l h SITCM 6 Room 3Iodcrn .House. Sixth S t r f f t t JO Jloom House. H'U(1- nian Str«et 8 Hoom HOUFC. S. N i n t h S t r e e t '. fi R. cm in Mori cm Hous 1 "'. ' J e f f e r s o n .Street ti U o n n ; M o d e r n House. N. fi Uoom M o d e r n House, 1MH Strn.U. W. S D l l o u m Flat, F r a n k l i n A \ ( M I U O 16 H u n m Modern Jioufie, IVIorrcl A v i ' i u i e K ttooni A l m l e r n, 1 2 t h Stivat 5 3l/om M o d i - r n H5U.«c, 1^. t'airvtew A v i - n u o 10 .Room D'-ubl.! House F r a n k l i n A v e n u e 7 Uoi-m M c d r n ]-Lousc, "W. i? Hnom Modern House, N. K f x t h Street 7 Itimrr, Modern House, E. Ptacli Street f. U;otn Modern llotu'e. N. 1" l i o o m Uouh'.R House. G P.ooin Modern J louse, E . C r a w f o r d A v e n u e . . . . 5 Room Modern IIouHC 7 House. 1011 A e t n a f K f u m M t - d e r n IJousc, Kliv.a S l r e f i t ;" H t i o m Modern nouse, S. H i h K t r - - e t '.:' U n o n i Doub'.f House, t" H'H'in M o d e r n t i o u j ' C , !'·«- M u r p h y Avi.-n'H- K J i f K i i n M o O e r t i Ho'i'.^. I-- (.j'ib^un A \ o n u e 6 H x o t n M ' t d f j r n !lnu^-o. A r c h S t r t - ' L , r.bovp It. O. Depot ·. iio«m I J n u H C , H l K h l.-iii/l A v e n u e 12 U'lom I - o u b l f t House. S O t h S t r e e t « Kom:i Moilom H o u s f , S. Sih Sireet _· j-Ot't A i n - I o f n .'·Jouwe. N. ·2 Ilooni I.ifuble H t i U H f . H. Jl.'mm Mo V r r Hour.-;, K, I.TUO I.SOO 3,000 3,000* 3,001 3,000 t h c under»iffnetl. * lvon l ° a11 P" s » I and tn thos-. f i n v l n j : c!:uniK FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES ON J s !|mc '. to P r *" J?:i t t h e m p r ^ i u D y .,_ t h e n t i c a t c d lor p e t t l o m t - a i . X;v" i the au- soc'ond flour of D u n n , Kvans b u l l d - ine. Inquire oC HARRY DUNN. · Sjan-tld FOR SALE-- PAItAMOUNT NISWS Stand. I n q u i r e K, ti. BKGGS or :it stand. SOmarif J. ItHir*. i C x e c u t r i x , C f » n : i f t l l s v l U « , Pa TI. O. -MAV. A t t o r n e y . C n i a r S t - w e d VQR SALK--BABY CARRIAGE. | Will sfill cheap 1C taken at onue. Inq u i r e 1214 V i n e street, S n p r U t that we spend in conversation and that Germany' spends-in -war, is a two days' loss to us and a two days' gam The druggist inixe.-* bittern, to b o o s t ' FOR SALE---ONI3 LKATHKR FO).:i- K ^O'Cart, 55.00; one iron ,bf:d C O U C H , .fiO. 312 East. Fayctte street . Saprl'i* prrowinpr'. I say to him, "Gee Since we're no longer roo:itln|; for the^i. Time is the essence of victory *' Germany a s ' w e H as for dursches. ] bo^tTn-"^^^^ 3 ' nit ^"nT^'T-oihy We have not .uow enough s h i p s - b o t h ) hooks; *Iiey s;ijr "in spring we're need- to supply our troops m Franco and t o j i n v a lighter kind of reading, so we'll handle other necessary shipping as! * orsreL * a ^ H ^eedinLr: I say to them, .well. Every day: tfcai we delay iu [ w ltjf^hears ^^snickcrsmiV'a^lot^of bringing every rffort tbat we as a na- j fashions uizzy he recommends 10 me; his ·tion possess to the successful prose-!'' 1leaFai!t s i"^ he spices w i t h ·cutlon of tlic-vrar, means*a day ^ a the spHng-time bin; he says a l t h u m a n j FOR SAJ^E -- "WHITE W Y Y A N L J O T T K j m. _ ,1 ...,,!.. ....... i ..... C nii:kH Saturday. O r d e r now. O. 'Jt. I TIKRWilCK. lOili South I ' i t t y b u r ^ ! street. . S a p r t f | crittc-r« need tonics such f u r when the winter's yroiny th«f blond is thickly flowing ,and boils and things POR SALI-J--TWO TOX TRUCK, cheap to qu'ink buyer, on account of beine drafted. - I n e j u f r e ;JU4 Xortb Pittsburg street, 'Bell 340. liSmarGt" GENTLEMAN BQOKKBEP- ER. MUST BE EXPERIENC- ED AND COME WELL RJB- COM5IENDICD. TRI - STATE ' CANDY COMPANY. Sth o Ro S ]Um:n Mode . . Sih S t r c c r ............ ···5* 10 S Hooni M f . ' l e m M o u s e , S, ·ith H l V M t ............ 4^00 5 P.i.r-m S'.odern HOUF.\ A v . - n u o ....... -*·'?;« H U n f . m D o u h l f ; House. K. f t r a - w f o r d Avr-iUif ..... -I.TW S -IE j'U-rfi Hctf.*'e. "IV. I'.-ach Sc-c.-t .......... 5.«K»0 S litwin .M'lKTJl House, S. . R t b Sir«. t ............ "».««» 10 R n n m . M o d e r n House;, K V.'ajihintr'"" Av,- ...... S,cMM »i Room .Mailer u H o u ^ c . K. C r a w f o r d Ave ........ 5-'f 10 Koom M o d e r n Umisc, S. 3rd Strf.-t ............ 5,."(0 10 Room M o O f r n TIniir.e, T.mroJrj A v e n u e ....... 5,Cr.o 1? Hoom M o d e r n llous'i, Vir ; - Str'-'Ot ........... 7»%00 I f ) I t o t n i i Modern HousT'.-. S. r i u s l ' t i r ? S t r t - t - t . . . . 10.000 11RICK J I O M K S . fi Room 'MoOi'rn Brick, C h e s t n u t S t r e e t ....... S JMOO t" Hoom M o d e r n B r i c k , X. T h i r d Sm-t-t .......... njiWt S Rimm M o d e r n R u n p a to\v, K i p ra \\-ford A v u . . 5.POO S Room M o d e r n B r i c k , V i n o B l r f P l ........... C,0«O 1C Ro«ir. Pouble b r i c l t . W W a s b l n f f t n n Avc.-nue . . 6,50(1 S Room Modern Brick. W i l l s R met ..... ...... 0.00" S R o o m Hlixl**rn Brick. K. I - \ i l r v i o w , A v e n u e ...... I2.OOO 11 Room M o d e r n Brick, K. K a i r v i n w A v e n u e . . . 14 t OOO II OM KS I-'O K S A f,K OX ^ l O A T I H A PA.YMr.NTS. 13 M o d e r n Housnt* in C o n n e t l f v i l l o ; *:«K) (Unvn n n d balance s«m? fl« roju. To run for period ot -00 m o n t h s . ·t D o u b l e Houses on K. Crawford iwcnue fl.nOf) down and balance f*amt; a» rent. To r u n 200 months. FA1U3S FOR SALE. GO-Acre Farm 1 U mile f r o m City, per acre. . . .9 l--~» "7 Ares i if Pasture Land 1H m i l e s f r o m C i t y ---- 2.0OO T flfl - Aero Fa rrn a t Con fl u on co. P. i.. per acre ...... !O 25-Ac;re ]A ruir. F a r m n e a r SooudiOc. Pa ............ rr.oo 56- A ere Farm Jiear Xor- m a l v i l l t , . m ............. a'KOfl 1ft Acres of Land on Brick Road .................. 3,000 10 Acres Ln:-.d near Lcia- on f i n e r N'o. 1 ........... 3,000 10-Acre l-'ruit and P o u l t r y Farm, best in country, near C i t y .............. 5,500 A.LWA60NERCO. 1OO8 \V. Crnwford Ave., COSMSLLSVIJ.l.l!:, I'A. Tri-Siate S^3-X. AVvst Kldc. The annual moving period is here again and this week will see many changes. It is a fact a. lot of people move every year, others move as seldom as possible. Sale of property, changes in business, and many conditions frequently make it necessary for people to move and leave a desirable home, but the point we want to get at is that moving-day most always means new furnishings, new furniture, general household equipment, and the real information we want to give you is that the Union Supply Company furniture departments are wonderfully well equipped to take care of your wants. .First we can sell you the paints and wall paper to freshen up the house; after that can start you from tlie kitchen, through the dining room, library, living room, parlor, hall, and upstairs to the bedrooms and bath room. Can furnish you shades and curtains for tbe windows and all the equipment for hanging. Can furnish you oil, coal, or gas ranges and all the other kitchen equipment. Then have china, all kinds of lamps, and have all sorts of bouse furnishings, including queensware, cutlery. We have complete living room outfits, library outfits, complete assortment of rugs, carnets, linoleums. In fact tbe furniture department in every one of our stores is equipped fully and you can get just what you want. You can get equally as good assortments as any installment house will show you, and you can buy them at lower prices. 63 Large Department Stores, Located in Payette, Westmoreland and AJIejheny Counties. ousns Shoes made m /-i j. ior womer 7 prict ; s , , ,, · . . · . i icot--; I -s-ay to h i n t . "Oh, c,he$: N'ow- for Gcrmany s suhrcannes. a day | C0:n6s t ho yoet venial, by Teuton f o e ; for the development of t h a u n s h o t ; he posters ovory journal w i t h ' new resources that she has Captured'! re ? ma of *ommyrot: he grabs me by hv frtr/-A or tmfl ! tjlr b o n n e t antl starts to read a sonnet Dy rorce OL ar^is. th;it has w h l t o wMskftrs on U; r sav to HOT\- mucu longer, ao "we intend tn h i m , "Great Scott!" I've done- my daily s«tand In the front door talking to the .·well-dressed confidence man vhiie his tap:. clone is the ily orkeLiy r u s h ; and bj- my ira-te I'm sitting 1 in- evening's i _ . i i _ J T -i. i i hush; t h e r e come 1 * 10 m e a. ·beetle-b-owed pal commits murder in m« E M,or to .nik ,,t swora ana- "bre the buck room? I / vrar .-in'l all iU !;:hor: I say to h i m ] -We have aJready bought .a sood halt " Oh - E ' ul *i" iosen Gennan gold bricks. HI w many i : more must. we. purchase betore ivo i ^^ S'T^ThfDiuv^col' a i-we've got enough? I ways brlns results. Try thera- FOR SAL1-:--10 CLOTHING AND cloak waJl cablnetEj. 1 hat cane,. 52 £«et ! plate Rlasa t',p oak floor eases and 1 complete m e a t sliop equipment. r.tfO. . C. .\TcOIL7j, I'aw-son, Pa. 3apr-Jt" j POP. SALE--SEVEN ROOM HOUSK j w i t h b a t h , in fine condition. Cedar avenue: 53,000; ?SOO dOTvn and ?27 a month payments. JOSEPH A. JIAKOX, ; Second N f u t i o n a l Bank. oaprit ; AT ONC3 TWO LINOTYPE OPERATORS AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE. FOR SALT:-- i2ri ACRES OF SOLID coal, 9 to 11 feet; 33 acres or ribbed and stump, on P. I,. E. nxiirpad anil river; S25,00'i. E. F. DeWITT, Bell 299-J, Scottdale.' Pa. 3apr4t FOR SALE-- 103 ACRE PAR3C- O.VE mile from Yountrwood; S50 per acre. Well watered .laid. Ideal berry farm. Can slve immediate possession. E. F. DoWITT, Bell phone 299-J, Ecottdale, Pa. 3apr-u FOfl SALia. Good clean, sharp b u i l d i n u sand, n j o u l d i r . ^ ^(ind. liaak First -street, West Side. Tri- State 53S. CHAS. H. BALSLT5Y, 113 N o r t h First street, West Side, Connellnville. Pa. POUR LOTS FRONTING ON FIRST STREET, SOUTH CON- NBLLSVILL.E, NEAR HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING.' THESE LOTS WILL BE SOLD REASONABLE TO CLOSE ESTATE. MBS. MARY H. PHILLIPS, DUBOIS. PA. Classified Ads. One Cent a Word. SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUY- Wen 0 Savings Stamps ISSUED in- United States Government JIATICH, 1918. JAS. 1, 1923. ^.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 CONNELJLSVILLE, PA. Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Results.

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