The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1930
Page 3
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TUESDAY; JANUARY 21,1930. il-IE DAILY COURIER, CONNELL iVILLE, PA, PAGE THREE. AN OVERF'RQDUCTION FARM SHOW OPENS DAIRY PRftnilfTC DAiRY PRUDUUb AT HARRISBURG; £NDS Aw Urged to Consume "Slore Hutfcr itnd Milk in Tlicir Homes. Farnien-, are- ^-ariui.1 against overproduction ot « l n h y products ami are urged to use- t h J r own b u t t e r and other dairy proltu-tH In rcsolutioiM adopted by t h e i r -dairy advisory com- modlty c n n u n i t t o and approvel by the Fcdeial Farm Roard. Theyo resolutions anl a n o t h e r cau- llonlnp dairy fMincr.s to be-«oro of promotional ychcmcK for c o n s t r u c t i o n | nE physical f a c i l i t i e s worc» t,ulmiittcd| to tho hoard by f.ho committee t'ollow- ing meetings he! I in \ V j i n h l n g t o n . Tho commit (co in tho firtt of its resolutions atwerted that' there, is a temporary overproduction of butter and other dairy producta in the United ^tatcti. (C'cuitiiiu'ni!, it fu\\: "We advise firnien-, 5011 orally to consider c a r e f u l l y production methods from an economical and profitable standpoint. AVI'ii tho nbovo in mind wo recommend t h e sale- for slaughter of all low-producing and unprofitable cow3 from tho herd." ! Tho resolution t i r f t i i i K farmers to utjo t h e i r o w n d . i i i y products follows: "Whereas, tho price of butter i.s now below the (o.Hl of production, and "Whereat 1 , t h e farmers ot the c o u n t r y are f'.ifnuielvos partly ro- spoiiBlhlo for tlvs condition because, of thoir I'iiilurc to UM t h e i r c-svu butter and dairy products in t h e i r homes and could mutcrlal'o Improve market conditions by ubitu; more b u t t e r and dairy products, , "Kosolval, t h a t we- urf;.' u p o n the fanners of Mm iNVitmn to help improve t!i! price oC d a . r y products by ufaiug more butter an 1 dairy products In every way that such products c a n be utilized as ailoo 1 prwluct." following i c (ho rosolutJon w a r n i n g d.ury farmer-. . !,suiiHt promoters of schemes lo ( v n s i r i i c l tacillties for h a n d l i n g dairy ' i r o d u c t a : "Whcrpiis t l ' i ^ experience ot many piiHt years di-ic,Icr.e t h a i producers of l a r m p r o d u c t s have uuich too often been ·viclinnziMl by nchenii'S to conc ) i i i p j i a c k l i i g plaiHtj, and v a r i o u s kind"- of fact o r i e s for prorci-siiirf tlu'ir products under r onliiiou.- \\iiich did not reflect sound business j u d g m e n t and t h e r e is i m m i n e n t danger t h a t u n s c r u p u l o u s persona may f"eh t o tak\ a d \ a n t a i ; p uf tho present swecpins; roo u i a r k c l l n g m o v M i i c i i t . by h i m i l a r i ound schemer-, " U e h n l v i d , t i n t the- f a n n e r , u f N a t i o n be r n u t ' o n c d 10 u i T u t i n u r - exuniino niobl i*Ioely all plans proinotiou of huildia;; faciftJcs, h a n d l i n g dairy and o t h e r t'urm lollowing point ; have been com- pilnd to givo tho public eomo of th inoro important tacts to remember regarding ihe- coming .State Farm .Products Show: The date*! of the show are January 21. 22, 23, 24. The place- is Hanieburg and tho exhibits will be housed in the Harrisburg Automobile Company Building at Fourth and Kelker streete, the Ilhoads liuitding at Fcrale- 1 and Cow-den streets, the Studcbaker Buiiuliis, Fourth and Boyd strerts, and tho Vance Building, at Fourth and Chestnut streets. Uptown buildings can be reached direct from t h e center of the city by street cars, marked Third, Fourth, Sixth and Capital strt-ets. The show b u i l d i n g will be open to the public from S A. AT. to S P. M., today; from S A M. lo 10 J 1 . M,, Wednesday and Thursday, arid f r o m S A. M. to 12 noon oti Friday. Sales of pure-bred Borksh ler While, Duroc, J-ertscy ai d Poland China ewiuo will );?- held. Wednesday, January 22, at 2:3''} P. M,, and of baby beeves and lambs, Thursday, January 23, at 1:30 P. M. Reduced railroad fare irs available to members* ot all associations holding meeting;; d u r i n g .show week. Approximately .f 10,000 In cash prizes arc being offered to competltlvi ex- hibilorw at the t-huw, A booklet g'ving I ho Hchcdn e- of nie^'inrri and btinquuls, t h n tci uitive prcpramn of niccliiigu' of more tt an 2o orgnnix.ations, location of m Beting places and 'cxhibitH, guide- to lotols aud loilging, aiid l t ni;ip of Jlarrl burg, has bo-cn compilocl. E n t r y b l a n k s , reduced f a r e i p r c n i i u i n IIH^'HJ progKiin other in for million cini' be the a g r i c u l t u r a l cxi 'nnim offi each c o u n t y , from l,ho wicrct: each organiKallon, «»r from tho sylvanio. Departnicnit o£ A g r l c u W Ilari'ifiburp. ' i crlifl- , and from c In ry of Penn- iro in Jlotnosl E»ery!ay you will find home 3 and Some alJcfl advertleed In our -lassi- fied columns--read them over. ITALY CAPTURES CAPITAL OF THE FEZZAN DISTRICT By U n i l e i l Prets. Trill'01,1, Jan. 21--Italy's cemcl cavalry, speeding across thu desert «ands led by Unite of Puglie, hau captured M n r z u i i i , ccpilc.l oC the Fex- n district. Thin \\ord reached here Sunday. The action placets rtlmost tho whole of inland Tripoli again under control oC I t a l y alter a period o£ virtual evacuation w i t h tho exception oT tho capital mid i. strip along th coast, eince The inhabitants ot Murzuk surrendered without resistance, t u r n i n g over their arms antl a m m u n i t i o n to tho returning rulers. The military movo, which is part ot Italy's program of reconuolidatiou of her position hero, follower the occupation oC the Oasis of Uaulbecbir on January 14 during a sanguinary engagement during -which H native rebels w|bre killed ;uid 12 taken prisoner. Juch war material was captured and a cousin, of Set En Nastier, a desert' chieftain who PI ill resists Italy's |omniaUon, was made a prisoner. ; U. S. Enter JMned by Germans. BERLIN, Jan. 2^--Jn:ob Gould Schurman, returning United States ambassador, was tendered a farewell dinner last night by h i g h 'German government official!!. Among those present wore Chancellor Mueller, departmental heads and President Schacht of the Relchsbank. un- t h o and for for products, which arc c i t l i c r originated or Jurtherc'd by thi^o u h o r o chief, if not (nly intoroiJt it. to make a profit out of tho yvonlot. on of tho; alcio, that coojierativD organizatioiiK, iiuii.'idual faniu'r« «ntl local cominer- ( ial cind f i n a n c i il i t i U - r p ^ t s ev^ rywliero be- advised uoi to c n t i ' f upon f a c i l i t y b u i l d i n g prog:, ins u n t i l a nu«:t c n r u l u l survey b;u boon nuKlc by d i s i n - sorctftod adviee.'f) f r o m UH^ Slate governmental agencies ami especially not u n t i l the division of coupe nit n o inar- huting which It new v i i t h the J'^^lcral 7«'ann Board harf been conbiilted and i t s rocomruend itioiui have boon mod deliberately weighed." JANITOR RECEIVES "THANK YOU" FOR RETURN* ROYAL 1 HEIRLOOM OF PORTUGAL! Uy u n i t e d i'ri-s-i. KOMIO, Jan. it--A gracious "thank you" w t tb t l n r e w a r d received by a workman hur^ who wae responsible lor the rwitor. tion lo ics owner, Victoria, w i l e oil tho formey King Manuel oC I'orlugitl, 01 an heirloom valued at [icvcral inilliof hro. 'i'lio hclrlooni, a jewelled collar w i t h a black pearl that hud been in t h o ' I'ortuguc-.o royal l u n i i l y for yeare,! M a s f o u n d by a janitor cleaning tho j h a l l i'ollowiug (L reception during the j \ \ i M h l I n g ccreu oi)'o:i a t t e n d i n g the roe r . u m a r r i a g o o£ Cro\su I ' r i n c e liuin- bcrt and I'riiNess Marlu, The worUriii'ii turned it over to tho g o v e r n o r of lionu', I ' r i n c o Fraitccco Houcompagna-Ludovi- i, who r-ftorod it U the u\% not. IV ho to 1'utroiilKc. who adverlieu m Tho Daily Courier. Use our "want" Within A Week Baby Was Healed Ihmiblo, T'.\-.-"3ly baby Miflered from a \ e r , / lonn ot oc/oum vbich li.ul failed t,o re.- p mil to i n n n y t r v u n i u ' n t a 1 h-ul tried. 1 li.-ed Kc-itK 1 S i n p O i n t m e n t , and \ v k l u u u \\ivk my h u b v \\»s lu'iilcd." (! 'i;iu.rli- vir-t J K M'orrow. llivllieivou.e i t c h i n g which tlio c i i i i d r c n sv \itch j i n i l so i n f e c t n c j u i c V l y J't«i';vil w i t ! Ue.-uiol- - u , 1 (.'ulint,' LUI t m e n t rec- ^y doctor a. K*alnul Soup u%t d !y c. TI» fir b:ilv'» U mlrr Ekin TrJuI *iz» parknija on rpti«*«t R e ,, n o ! i D«pt.9O 1 iJ«ltmioro.Md. daily *·· Storm, clouds on the horizon!..XDistress signals flying but not for Victor! Listen to u His Master's Voice/V(o Victor, the Radio that forced others to sacrifice. The prices of Victor Radios arid Victor Radio-Elec- trolas are not being reduced, The public hai! definitely decided what's worth the money in radio. And the present widespread forced sale of distress merchandise at cut prices is the result. This condition holds no terrors for Victor; because today, more than ever before, Victor products continue to be the "Master 9 s Choice," Victor, after 33 years of leadership in tone repro- ·f fc* J3w ·*· duction, produced the Victor Micro-Synchronous Radio with inbuilt qualities thi it are now the despair of radio manufacturers; with tone superiority that is unquestioned. Then fair,, just and honest prices were fixed* Victor is flying no distress signals today. Its merchandise is not piling up in its warehouses. Every day mere and more people are recognizing Victor tone supremacy. When you buy a Victor Radio, you are getting the radio which more tban 45,000 out of hundreds of thousands of owners have compared a: id taken the time arnd trouble to write and say "Unrivaled Tone Quality!" "A New Standard of Selectivity!" "Unparalleled Sensitivity!" And almost invariably they added, "Victor Dependability!" You ar: getting what the public has decided is the world's greatest dollar for dollar value . . . in tone, construction and performance! Everybody Makes Claims , o . But Not Everybody C«ji Prove Them Victor asks you to believe nothing bui; the testimony of your own ears. There is a way to prove Victor tme here at our store. Come and hear this tone test and Judge for yourself--Some New Victor Record .Hits--Just Received TEXAS JURIST DEFENDANT IN MURDER TRIAL J ml ire Brady Knees f.oiirt in »o Room Where Ho iStnrfed Career. By GORDON' K. H I I K A H K R . United Press Staff Correspondent AUSTIN, Tox., Jan. 2 L . -- Tho second aprpellalc court judge in Texas 1 1o KO on trial within f i x m o n t h s charged with murder faced tho bar loflay when John IV. J-JrsuIy, former a^sJHtaat attorney general of Texas, former counsel for 1ho state b a n k i n g d e p a r t i m m and fornior j u d g e of the T h i r d Court of Civil Appeals was arraigned IIPTP. Last November at Wearf,hcrfortl, Tex., a jury found 1 former Jurlgo R. IT. Hamilton of Amnrillo "not R u i l t y " of ·nrurrlor In killing hi.s son-in-law Tom "\VaHou, after a sccrol, colIeK''' Jnar- Brady, Ei9 yoar» old, \rhH-e "haired and visibly agod, sat within tho s r l n i v railing of thoeamo din^y Travis county court room where ho he^an a brilliant public career os c o u n t y attorne. pros-ecu ting others. Today he heard himself charged ns tho knife slayor of Miss Lclilia Highsmllh, stale supreme court stenographer. Both were well known in Texas official circles. Th-ey had- been acquainted more than fdx years. Tt 3s wild that Brady helped obtain tho you H P woman's court position for her. She was only h a l E Ills ape -- a nvcro mite of of a woman weighing lee« than. Hut pounds. November 9, last, ,Tudg/ Brady ha 'I attended a football game between I ho University of Texas and Baylor U n i - versity. tirady is an alumus of Te\ax UTih'crsvty, n football enthusiast and l-enxler of rallies and student ipanwk^- f a celebration of victories. Friends sav h« ha-d 'been drinUiinp. A f t e r thri .^a.ino he wont hom-e. From his home in the faalonable- rcfldcnco section of the Texan capital, ho walked so\eral mile- to the downtown boarding houfc where Misa H l K h h i n l t h , l i k e many other stal-o employes lives. SIio \vat- not there. Brady lingered and eventually had a fight with a roomer. Tho dlgnlfled Judge emerged from the light with a blackened eye. Ho remained until Miss fHphsmitii returned with an escort. Parking her automobile at the side of tho houho hho came to thotrontontrsiieu n n d i n e t Brady. Tliero was an argument. She was picked up with tliroo k n i f e wounds. Brady had a ctil on liio h a n d . A knife taken by officers was n i n e Inehra long w h e n opened. UK blarl measured three- and threc-quai'lor Inches. Miss Ji'iglismith Uiod early tho next morning. Police arrested Brady at the hoarding house grounds. Tho next morn- Ing he offered 'to "pay a fin-e" claiming not to know of t.he tragedy. Mrs. Brady did not learn of tho occurenco until tho morning aftor. Sin- wont to her husband's J ?-11 at once, embraced him and announced slio would .stand by him. Since then sli" has boon a frequent visitor to tho jail taking him specially prepared food. A Mirpri"". defence as be^n predicted for tlio former judge. At, tlierc was no p r c l i m i n n r y hoarjnjf a n d )iol!j s t a t e a n d defense h,ne p u n r d o i l their movomc-n ts with .secrecy t h e c o u r t w;i^ c.rowded today w i t h those a n x i o u - j to hoar dotails and learn w l i u h of nian;, rumors 'is based on facl. One report Is t h a t tho defense w i l l bo that Brady was crazed by p r o h i b i - tion liquor. U n d e r Texas Jaw thi.. would not 'be a tle.fenso in ilKolf, b ,t evidence of torn poraj-y insanity cauH'd by Mquorcau be pleaded in m i t i g a t i o n of pundshm«at. DOCTOR REFUSES TO BUY ALCOHOL FOR SCHOOL USE LLOWISTOWX, Pa.. Jan. 21-- Low i-town High School cla-a?6 iu eho-minto w i l l find thoir work greatly h a n d i c a p - ped in the conduct of futuro experiments, where pure grain alcohol i*n ceded for chemical analysis, on a count of the action of Dr. 11. T. Bat - uett, practicing physician and member of t h school board, who refused lo purchase a quart ot tho bitbHtanci' after the board had appointed him HI do eo. A physician "who would do Hiic.h n n act, would he-come a villian, ho hnid, firet by betraying trust, secondly by becoming a liar, and thirdly by nuik- ing hiaiself a bootl-egge-r. Although the school board does not agree that t h e procuring of an article needed in HcionUflc experiment JIOCPM- Barlly constitutes one a "villian," it i.« novertheleea at a lose ss to VIC-AUK of supplying the necessary alcohol. TJsa our "want" adverttsomewt OANS If You Need Money for Any "Emergency SEE US Fayette Loan Company Title Trust Bldg." 5th Floor. Connollsvillo, Pa. t« *·/ ff?-r~r*-r*-t-

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