Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 20, 1975 · Page 74
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 74

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 20, 1975
Page 74
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Crossword Puzzle Answer for Sunday, July 13,Cryptoquip: INDIANS SQUAWKED AS UNWANTED SQUATTERS TREKKED WESTWARD. CRYPTOQUIP I A O S 1 K A P B N L B A P P A C J c 0 S K IK B U Q N I V S U G L A S Q 1) B A F L A A L C. F V V J Today's Cryptoquiprluc: 0 equals M Playwright's Goal By William Glover NEW YORK AP - The Ed Bul- Hns theatrical crusade is still on, but the mood and tempo have shifted. "I guess I'm more mellow in some ways," reflects the prolific playwright who at one time didn t even want white critics or audiences to view his Third World dramas. see the contradictions of the "there'll be some dropouts." The situation, however, should be an improvement over previous excursions into writing classes at colleges. "That's never satisfactory because the students are mainly there for other reasons and at the end of a semester they're gone." The basic workshop rule "is anything goes - there's no subject matter that cannot be broughtmto ' · i see me conirauicuuiio vi «"- man*-* ···-· - 1 - «» * timeserving come through them, a play, there's no particuUi· wqr to "The times change, the rhetoric, treat any material nothing that s changes the ideology goes stale - morally or politically right to do. cnanges iwiucui^ B ^ develop ACROSS 1 Affirm ;. 5 Ignoble 9 The peanut 13 Strikes gently 17 Fragrant pleoresin 18 Presently 19 Emerald Isle 20 Winged 22 Of sound waves 23 Home of the blues 25 Complete 26 Site of Mt. Holyoke w college 28 Colorado tableland. 30 Abstract being 31 Distance- measure 32 The law thing , 34 Killed^.'/ 35 Female;ruff 36 Fortified wine 37 French historian 39 A silk thread 41 Ancient ascetic 44 Aida's lover 46 African lake 50 Endured 51 Cain's land 52 Miss Gabor, etal. 54 Swine's hose 55 Vacation;; trip ·..;· 56 One of Mil-, ton'sjallen angels ;. 59 Love, god 61 Dravidian language 62 Consume 63 A noble : rank 65 Court;decree :" (Hist) 67 Undue celerity 69 Jewish wise man 71 Spinachlike plant 72 Unit o f , ; local government 75 Stilled 77 Moslem saint 80 Man's naim 81 A cheese 83 Elder 84 Ibsen heroine 85'Permit 87 Wild plum 89 Traveler's haven 90 Flower 91 Neighbor of Fort Worth 93 A vestment 96 Literary "Papa" 97 Wheaten flour 99 Minute groove LOO Lincoln and Burrows 101 Behave 104 Vena'-; a large vein 106 Norse goddess 107 Israeli port 108 Weep 111 Indiana city . 114 New Jersey village 117 Thick soup 118 Urban district in England 120 Useful 121 Architectural screen 122 Record 123 United .. v (Fr. fern.) :124 Swellings 125 Goals 126 On the ocean 127 River to the Elbe 128 Uncles (dial.) DOWN 1 Crazy as -2 A planet 3 Discharge 4 Capital of Virginia . 5 Dark, igneous rock . 6 Positive pole 7 Spirit 8 Penetrated 9 Honey 10 Macaws 11 Spanish boys 12 Special privilege (Canon Uw 13 Beaten tracks 14 Lopsided 15 One of a Turkic horde 16 Gaze v fixedly "17 Being 21 Actress Sommer 24 Nocturnal animal 27 Employ 29 Sea bird 33 Identical 36 Biblical name 37 Salad garnish 38 Russian river 40 Divination 41 Italian noble house 42 Portico 43 English cathedral site 44 Bakery item 45 Coarse hominy 47 Amundsen reached it in 1911 48 Moro 49 Egyptian sun-god (var.) 51 Sea nymphs 53 Son of , David 56 Lave 57 King of Israel 58 Feels inclined 60 More unusual 63 Letter. 64 Step 66 Bounder 68 Overseas 95 Dugout canoe 96 Spanish river What Bullins wants to develop are creative flexibility, knowledge of fundamentals and a sense of rhythm in craftsmanship. "I learned a lot of things in schools and books that many play- books 100 Let's give - for the home team 101 Vipers 102 Auto style 103 Italian capital 72 Leaping amphibian 73 Bulging pot 74 Tropical tree 76 Cord 78 Flower . MJ 79 Engrossed 105 Wild oxen 82 Extinct 107 Actress birds McDaniel, 84 Domestic in Soho pigeons 86 Diligent observers 88 Grafted V.llUftft£Vrfc/) »«*· - -- O* ** » the Muslims are now integrating, certain avowed antileft politicians are now socialists, and those who were Communists now are disavowing. "So the artist too changes. My id- ,,...,,,,.., - ---- --- , -,·,,.- eology isn't what it was, because wnghts, especia ly bladaand His- the world isn't what it was." panics, weren't exposed to, he A recent event, just possibly, may have influenced the short and chunkv author's new outlook. The 6 w~.--.----."----- , , -, NewYork Drama Critics Circle a way that might be termed, for l i e n i v * * * * " _ , . r m « * I«-- i 1- ** « K / t i t «*·» urnrn T O M chose his "The Taking of Miss Janie" as the best American play of the year. "That acceptance," he says, "was amazing to me -- and gratifying.'-' , L . There's still a long ways to go, he feels - "Acceptance isn't total by (Her.) 90 Runic code. 92 Pierce 94 Word with setter or terrier 108 Tricky 109 Eyes 110 Insects 112 Set up golf ball 113 To gull 116 Rhinoceros beetle 116 Minute particle 119 Beverage lack of a better word, giously." The training isn't going to be oriented to immediate production or stand-up performance: Bullins re,.,,...,. o --,, - ,, members his own highly traumatic feels -- "Acceptance isn't total by reac tion to hearing one of his plays far. I have a way to go with the gen- performed for the first time. i nyjilin " · un nn «10 ·»«·*» nraHintiniJ a nfW "The Taking of Miss Janie," a dark, satiric fantasy about the rebellious 1%0's, became a sellout during its run at Lincoln Center "but a lot of the tickets were sold at cut-rate and I stillBon't have the people who are willing to spend $8 for an evening out." . The black populace, he adds, is still more interested in such ethnic escapism as "Raisin" or "The Wiz " which doesn't make him downhearted. "At least they get in the habit of going to the theater. Besides winning praise, the play W um vm « ui»«».» - ».~-- ----: generated good vibes between Bui- able on the shelf are several televi lins and Producer Joe Papp. As a sion and movie scripts, result the just-turned-40 dramatist - In an interview several years is now starting a workshop for ago, Bullins avowed determination young writers in Papp's conglomerate New York Shakespeare Festival. "I've developed numerous ideas and views that I believe can help 'Cl i W l 1I1VVI V I *·»«** »·· tr~ -"People are predicting a new thrust in playwriting direction," he says, "but I don't know. The main thing is to get them working, and to avoid falling into patterns." While helping others find themselves, an effort he attempted previously with a workshop group at the now-defunct New Lafayette Theater in Harlem, energetic Bullins keeps plowing his own creativity. For possible Papp production next season, he already has a full- length play, "Daddy," and is at work on a children's drama. Avail- dramatists of the near future," he says of the open-end Saturday sessions that he has undertaken. Bullins wants to hold to a "hard core of about a dozen," well aware to become America's greatest dramatist. Reminded of this, he chuckles. "I'm still trying to reach. I guess I'm in my journeyman phase, still developing. , "Actually, my secret in mjrheart is to be the equivalent to playwrit- ting of what Muhammad Ali is to boxing.", McNiel Fence INSTALLS Cantilever\ Gates by Page For Industrial and Commercial Parking areo^ Tailor made for controlled parking areas at'industrial and commercial sites. Efficiently controls traffic and is especially desirable where fence line is at property me. Pages smooth Uioning,precision machined rollers(attop bottom) «psoat. ,n "* ° ?^ ^ fence line during opening and closing. Solid, even uraon of gate and fen e ««««·**? stngle or double cantilever gates are available from McNIEl FENCE. Call today! Let McN.el give you a free estimate on your gate or fencing needs. YOU* FENCING NEEDS FREE ESTIMATES-NO OBLIGATION 3002 7th Avenue, North Charleston PHONE 744-8051 IANK

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