The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 24, 1964 · Page 29
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 29

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1964
Page 29
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UH. FLATS TO LET from Preceding Colimnl (Cont. BANDY HILL. I AND I lit- i, equippea, ns-aii. BANDY HILL. I- l-BEDROOM apartmenta. equipped, park big. . reasonable 1B4-421. BANDY HILL. SUBLET. 4 BOOMS e nwHHi . weiaing oieienee Centre Town Stova. refrigerator, heated, clean. 43 Temple-ton. Apt. A 3t-13S. BANDY HILL APARTMENTS. BBO up. parkins, elevator, laundro mat, aaa Launer eel. 3z-ieea. BANDY HILL BACHELOR. 3 BED- rooma. 11 awaetlaad. l-704. SANDY HILL. SPACIOUS J-BED- room. electrtcnuy equipped S13S. S14-331A WENTW0RTH V PLAZA : luxury Apartments ' ' v - ..t ! . Private Belconies ' . , Roof Garden . . Swimming Pool Air-Condi tioning ' . Individual Heat Control ' ' 'BACHELOR ' , ,1 and 2 BEDROOMS-, . ' . . $92.50 up . ' v 23$ USGAR ST. .: v2346&5 i A SEPT. IS. .UPPER JDUPLEX. S urge rooma. gat ueaar. zu- BPAClOUa. EQUIPPED. LIGHTED air cononionee. roc ac or at. tieeemeiiu gerage. sn-Mua. BITBLXT ONE-RED ROOM APART- men l. neatea, aquipeMO. w a a a-tng facUitiea, parking. Winter XT, lug-ms. nm i-e ia, aner pm. SUBLET. NOV. I. I BEDROOM electrically equipped. tSV 133- SUBLET, eg DALY. APT S. 1 BED-room. baaud. 170. Ill SOU. B-10ae eveninga. SUBLET S - BEDROOM. EQUlp' pad. laundry, heated -11 00 333- - B1M. STROLL ON THE BANKS OF THE RIDEAU RIVER N,FROM "THE LEXINGTON" indoor Swimming Pool flfoadtoontv Mailt Spacious and 2 Bedronmi $110 up. 1 733-7884 auoaldiary of Trandailtar Dav THE SIDNEY TOWERS. I BED- 100 134-3111. TWO . BEDROOM APARTMENT, electrically equipped. Apply S4 Radaaa Terrace. Apt. A UPPER DUPLEX. I BEDROOM, clena. heated, private antranca. BOS. 70-4741. UPPER DUPLEX. 3 BEDROOMS, SI 10. 431 Mutual. T4B-3734. UPPER DUPLEX. 4 ROOMA bathroom, haatad, lighted Between 0-0 eveninga, 720-1004 VERY CLEAN. I - BEDROOM apartment. cMee la traneporta- araled. ria- Articles for Sale Arttclea mr Sale Arrtrkai Wanted - l Ml Boata an Marine BnSA Oerdenmg . Landacepmf AM Farm ImplemeaM M Fuel for Bab) SO Poartry - Uveetork PM Trading Peat Personals 401 Nurelng Hamaa Employment Ml Male Help Waatad Ml A Baleamea aad Agento Lit loa Female Help Wealed tn ef Thanke, (Maalaiiiai Ck To ear ward. bsiaS aao Liant'T. ' used count as three (3) words. 20t NAMS .............................. ADDRESS 201 APTSh EUn TO UT , Cont from Preceding Coluatnl VERY LARGE. ONE BEDROOM apartment. Hanover kitchen, alee-trtcally equipped, parking. 43 Mean Avenue. WAVEALEY' ST.. l-BEDROOM apt, equipped. 171 Available immediately. Royal True! Co.. S3S-4300. WEST END. VACANT I . IID- room apartment, gel. aun couple, very clean. Central. 133-1040. eveninga 71B-07BO. WEST END, I AND 1 BEDROOMS, upper duplex T1S-4VM. l-BEDROOM APARTMENT IN modern ballding. Centre Tawa, parking, beat, tight Included la low reat, og King Edward, I BT.DROOM. ELECTRICALLY equipped, heated. ' IBB Caron Street, Apt. I. T77-T3S1. 1 BEDROOM. RALCONY, HEAT-. ad. lighted, BOO. 1ST St. Andrew. l-BEDROOM APARTMENT. . atave. trlgtdalre. parking, no cnudrea. aao. ga u Street; altar A SS3-0BU, I . BEDROOM APARTMENT. 000-avauabie immodieUly. rent tree month September. Apply Super intendent, Apt. i, lira Shilling. $65 .. $95 Bachelor 1 and 2 Bedroom Electricslly equipped, colortd fixtures, laundry facilities, free patking. ianilor service. , Apply Apt.' I, 373 Lafontaine St. Eastview, or S. G. Macy & Son '' Realtor and "General Insurance 26S Lsurier Avenue, Eit " 237-1595 1 BCDROOM. MELROSE NEAR Glad, tone. 170. 333-331. I - BEDROOM. BALCONY. EN cloaed run room, aid floor, Bora eteet pear Lyon. Mature adulu: 171. T33-S330. S - BEDROOM CLEAN. QUIET, parkins. 303 While Falhera. 140- T4. a BED ROOMA DINING ROOM, kitchen. 13 Willow. 1 . BEDROOM APARTMENT. Me- .Arthur Plaia, electrically equip peo. nee toe. rea-orae. S-BED ROOM APARTMENTS 003, Irving iwaroe kitchen bathroom. btioiaM '-j -I a bedrooms, den. stove, re-t (rlgerabw. boated, parking. Cam - bridge. Eveninga 134-aotO. S-BEOROOM APARTMENT. SO A month. - T40-S0ST. l-BEDROOM APARTMENT, OCT. 1. 74S-311S. BEDROOMS. KITCHEN, BATH-reetai laaaad floor. 11 Garaoa Btreei: ROOMS WITH BATH. NICE. I bright, aiectncaiiy equipped. I would euit couple, gaa-nzi, 33-1131 . S - BEDROOM APARTM ENT. neated. close to acnooi. entrance. Navan, phone sew. 4-ROOM FLAT, cany, parking. BACK BAL-S34-0OM. i m 3i.-i '-n Tuition ' Babv Saieltae Peel none Vacant Rooms Rnaata ta Let Rooma Wanted Boom aad Beard Real Estate toiA Apia, for Bala 701 dlmai far Reat ' 10 Houeae Waatad M Buy 1S3A Hoaaaa Wanted M Beat 04 Office! - Starea to Read Tag Property tar Sale , , . sot MA , OuO-af-Taara Prapartiaa Fanea rer Sale and Bent BY MAIL - - may be placed i ' . , IS ISA HOB II VI 13 14 am ana BM SO SOI DEADLINES - , Classified Ada latelsad befaro pav flo am. Thareday. f pat. Be turney I may be aaaartad the following puMieeuoa day. aaiuanatiato MAS ta. tar aaaae day. . , - i ' - CORRECTIONS AND CANCELLATIONS ! , resin II ii sa mild as ' lifm aha aeeMBMl I eMaapvaan. AUowanca aaa be atadl for ana Figures in groups, each Initial, aotxovigtron. signs count ................ flfc , I V I I I "1 I Ha of Sc I 4th V4a J Tth Wrke i One .) -Word h Each Saaea Werwi l llme ThRaa) Tlma 1-vbbTbwo . , ) " jf"! l l$M $IM Fro $2J Tim i ' ) i II I M IM Free SJ7 ( Free '. - I t . " - I ' ' - ' 11 1 .72 IJ Free tM Free ! . U . J IJ , Free SJ1 Free II M 1.U Free g-71 j Free U ( - M IM, Free j M Free r . .... U j JH t j Free 4J2 j Free ' . ) 17 1 J2 IM Free AM Free I I U IM $.7 Free ) 4J4 Free ' I t I ' U I.U 2A Free g.11 Free - I I lit . ! M Fro tMj Free '.' " . f MINIMUM IB-WURD AD ' ' -.. . , ' . ' ' '' ' v Uuei, i' 201 aptl run to in iConr from Preoedutg Column I 4-ROOM APARTMENT. - ELEC treeally equipped, Auguatai St. near Rideaui odulta. U. 140- 3104. ' '. ROOM APARTMENT. HEATED. unequipped. 170. 334-0131. 310 COOPER. I-BEOROOM APT.. refrigerator, - available Imavedl-tely. 00. Reyei Truet Co 331-4300. 73. 4 ROOMS. RATHR O O M aiectncaiiy equipped, lerga ael cony, free perking. 333-1BIS. STS. 3 ROOMS. LIKE NEW, Nepeaa. 13-3143 evening. BOO. SANDY klLL. 1 BEDROOMS, electrically equipped. adulu SSS STEWART STREET. PHONE 134-07 30 Managed By Ault-Ktn-ncy Realty Lid. LE VOYAGEUR Sfour Weet End addraai only 4 minutes from Carlingwood Shopping Centra. Croydon at Richmond Road Your ttvtng nf aulat and eomfcrt aaaured ai La Voyogaur. Located on both boa llnee; Carting Ave. aad Richmond Rd. FEATURINGr- - - . J ktpfe-gpeed elevator . Prtuuritet corridor . Drapet In tverp nilt . Broadloomed hailt . Gymnajitim -. Woridawricmg hobby shop . ChUdrtn'$ loading pool . Indoor heated pool . Sttam room - . Recreation room . Multichannel TV atrial . Built-in ovens . Counter top ttove , . 12 ca. ft- refrigerator . TU mitic piped jmto each ' awtrtment . Watheri ant dryer on every floor . Interior-exterior parking , 'Decorator appointed lobby . Restful mutie n main lobby 1 i. Conttant exchange of freth air : ' , . Beantp talon - -. Tuck shop . Clot to school!, cfturcAeg. thnpping . French Provincial decor WE OFFER: . . ., 1 Bedroom com- $102.50 menclng st .. 2 Bedroom 'com- OS mtneing st 2 BedrmA 2 Bath- tllS 3 J mom commencing at "OPEN HOURS:: " am tn p.m. Moa. thru Trl. I p m Intta, Bat an Sun Leasing Representative MRS J. RAMSAY , 828-3117 Unrter New ManagemHil Owned arni operated by SERIAL REALTIES LTD. It'Mnlihwed aa Neal Cnhmtal Cattaaao far Sale Cottages for Rent . Cottage Lata far Bala Callages Waatad IIA mm . Barlnaaa Opportunlllnr Financial Used Cars A true far Bale Autaa Waatad Truck! and Trails re Garages MatarcycJaa . Miscellaneous Legal (11 aaoatieat iiwertlue anil Ha'.. .......... -W -r -ay- wa- -w- - MONDAY. AUGUST 24, 1W4 THE OTtA WA JOURNAL 37 wtti ire, iUn io in tOoat. front fiiimni Cwumr.) AVAILABLB IKMCOIATllty. PRt-veta Mtaw, healed, eeenbtne-Uoa uvsng. clnlaf room. etove and refrigerator, f bedrooms an , Mn floor, I additional roan aa third lloer. 0111. 111-4111. AVAn ABLE, ON - BEDROOM Mriwit (oat. it. equipped. war , Mounta Mia. '. BnO- AVAILABLE. MIDIOOM, equipped. Drrvewey. nan. an, Ottawa's , finest Apartment Building Is Located at' 100 BRONSON The JULIANA 100 BXONSOM TU1 BJaV sawnlng. FOB FURTHER DirORMATIOM Telephone 233-7719 AVAILABLB IMMEDIATELY. UP- pa duple. 1 hmrnaaia equip- ATaltAtal BEPTEMBER. . Maaellrk. roan. bath, art- aula entrance, yard, echoes bnaaa. . ugntea. AVAILABU OCT. 1. svm duplex. Carting a pad area, a AVAILABLE, OCT. L, GLOUCES-eer Street. I drain, aloclrl-eally equipped, tataw 8tL 10- aaie. AVAILABLE. 1-1 BEDROOMS. electrically oqalppiA 7B up. Ttctnlty tn-iai AVAILABLE, a BEDROOM B. - large living roam and aletri, larga laudcra kitchen, bath complete, haatad. Barking;, dren accepted. IBSTail Hi Street. KU-410. -... AVAILABLE. MODERN I BED-warn, living ream, kitchen elee- , trlcafly equipped. Oct. 1. IT A 100 WaverWy. corner Elgin. li-lM4. AVAILABLE REPT. L LA ROE - Bfa"K0(Waa PUltMtn, UVeTI( f ipOflla tttfmratm ttutitig roei, front aat. iwr Wtemi-ag, gmrmf, trml AVAILABUC, BACHKLOK, C B M. trL MutrtM. M Ml Ottawur. . . WEST, END v 1BEDROOM SUITES' " SW S-BEOROOM SUITES $100 and $108 atafaan Waataata and Carllna-aroad Boupping Cantraa. Janl'nr nici. ElaatiluaUy aaju'apad. Traa para bag. RMM tranaporta-Maai mt daw. Kvga. 7221110 722 J6IJ AVAILABLE, t'k ROOMS. HEAT- , avak saa-iiar. AVAILABLE. MODERN, SEMI-Baaamrnt. 1 badraaa. a 1 1 a L aaa. gaa-ipaa. BANK AND MOUfWOOD. 1-BED- m aaailiiinil. aaparata dtning 'raaaa. aajutppad. . Byal 1 1 ant gp, in law, , , . BASEMENT APARTal INT. rooma. Baatad. aS. Imanootata Maury Lablanc Baleourt RoMla- ara. vriaana. far aiaa. - BESBERBR. t ROOMA BALCONY. hot water, atderly lady. at BRITANNIA. EXCLUSIVE B-BED-room, apttt-laot aaattiiiaat. Certuaawa tlaad; ant. Royal Trnat Company. X3S-4RBB, ar CENTRAL. a-BEDBOOM APART- aiaiit tSB-BliB. CENTRAL, B- . AND 4 . ROOM ajpartmiaiia. , jaauur. bbo-im CENTRAL, MODERN BACHELOR, CENTRE TOWN. MODERN, NEW- y anaorataa, wait to wail I pat. . TBiMM. . APARTMENTS 1CHO DWVI ExcADetlt k tko,. iMMMlor, two and thraa . bedrooms. Lmmrdiits ni later podwiloA, Eveninga W-2SS1 ,n , . CARUNC. AVENUE Near CrUnjjwooi. Bir-condltioned, two badrooms, ' parking Im-RMdiata pefAassMn. Eveninii aH T24-2352. ' Laurie avs. w. Near O'Connor, ana or two bed-rooeaa, RtodanU rantA Octo-bsr 1st poaaaailan; Evanlfiga' en 725-2352. ., . 'a - ' r,r 1 -"1 -'I'FITZSlivW.ONS' .' ",' a CO. LTD, ; ! , ',.; , .' x 1 laaneta' i 5 33M1SS JoOrnal Wanr'Ads Drmr ajukk raaolta. - 701 AMI, fun TO in ICent, front preceding Column I CHURCHILL CARLINO AREA, triplex. '3 bedrooma, dlalag, living reome. washer, dryer., Oeta- r. aigo. m-ajai. CHURCHILL AVENUE. 1 IID- rooma. lit floor, Oct. 1. 133- in m 10-1071 eere, v; CLEMOW-BRONSON. S-BED-! room aparunanu. aqnippca e-4441, SM-I11T. DUPLEX. MODERN, BPACIOUa. equipped, a oigfiiaes. garage. naManilaL Oct I. PAa-1013 anar . BASTVIEW. 1- AND S-BEDROOM flata, aewly e'eeerated. Aiily It Barrettc street. T4t-M1. C A IT VIEW. BASEMENT. 1 rooms, heated, perking. Ill La-iota Street. 740-1041. EAgTVUW, .BEDROOM APART-. mant. Hi. Waahar, dryer. 14S- EATVIEW. l-BEDROOM APART-riant, tat. 1M Coaeet EAATVtEW, LAROE 1 B I D roam apartment, refrigerator, aw. ground floor gl8-133g. ' Open House " THREE PROJECTS IN OTTAWA'S MANOR PARK Futuring : 1, 2. 3, Bedroom Apt s. ind Terraced Homes , , end Motel Type Bachelors . BOMB AVAILABLB IMMEDIATELY Other for Septamber and. October Occupancy. A typical example is a 2-badroom boraa which baa bedrooms and tiled 4-piaca bathroom on the top floor, living room, dining room and kitchen' on the main floor, and .heated garage, laundry and storage room in your private basement. Also Included Is heat, hot water, stove, refrigerator and the rnost corapleU management services anywhere $118 We have a -fully furnished model available for your inspection daily including Sunday tin dark. . Manor Park ... -. Management - Company 31 Brittany Drive 745-6881 EASTVIEW. BBS. HEATED l-BED- roem apartment aaar avaryuuns. fas-mo. m-oau. RASTVIIW, BEDROOM. BBS. paraing. awa aat: Hp.gon. ECHO DRIVE. OROUND FLOOR arlptex. a Badraom. aimng ro daroratad to choice. SaoUmbcr- OcMkar. flB. Bos X-SM. Jour- Echo drive, hi. it floor. a nmuunn. modern aitcaen. heated, parking, etorai avauabla aowTau-SSI. ETTTCIEJeCY ONE . BEDROOM malommte, art Richmond Road. i Your awa entrance, yard and garage. Decorated In yeur ranlea 1 aalera BSO ap. S3S-13TA ELECTRIC STREET, rooma. Oil and M a red- odulta. SHB-OBOT eveninga. ELGIN AND LtSQAR. HEW SEC- Uon, 1-bedroem apartment, lao- aoss. LOIN. VIClrftTY ARMY HEAD- 313. GEN EST STREET, SIS. I-BED- room waaemenl apertment, kit-eaaa unequipped. 173. Inuaedl- ate. Batyal ITuat company, gga- Britannia Park Apartments ZEPHYR AND MARIE , ,i Modern, new apaitrMnts in beautiful park like setting." plenty of room for children to play, recreation and enter-Ulnment within walking dis-tanca, convenient to achoola and public txaniporution, - taMr' Agtaaaau JJg 1-Bidraem Apaidjaaato' Jg a-Badraam Apartmenta &Q I .j, from . ,f; yl Ouf Office Open Daily V V From 1 to p m. , , : 828-2144 - GLEBE. - BEDROOMS. ELEC- ineairy equippeo. aao. a. eveninga; 333-103., dayo. GLEBE. FIRST FLOOA S RED- BP-MaMffl. MTV ICC 410. , GLBBA BED ROOMA HEATED, lighted, equipped, . S1S-S003. OLEBE, 4-ROOM APARTMENT, tile bathraeaa, oojlilppidi Bark-bt. H3-O073. , , GLEBE. 1 BEDROOMS. SUN-perrA dining riant, equipped parking, gay I kidiaoBM. ground near. - dining n : parkins. 1JTA. 4113. . GLEES), I OR S BEDROOMS. madara ' apartment equipped. BBS and BOA Tgg-oiao. OLEBE BEDROOMS. ELEC-trlcally equipped. . 110-11 14. OLEBE. S BEDROOMB. UVtNO , , room, dining room, balcony. heated aun room, reasonable ' Bapt. t. 7il-ee4 ar 133-0007 HULL. I-, a-BEDROOM APART-inenta, alectrte Move, pot . 777-4100. " llmllmted na Neil Cnhtmal 2oi wcfunioin Cant from PraeadUuj Columal IRENE CRESCENT. I . BEDROOM apartment, SB9; a-aaw mm m apartment, 109. Mulppad, Rapt. I. Parkins- B-i4B, LOWER DUPLEX S BEDROOMS. patio, aarport. yiav. raaoa. MACLAREN NEAR BANK. I BED- foam. living, dining. pwei, parking, couple. October. STS. BJd-401?.' ' THE CHATEAU COURT 325 BESSERER STREET at Prial A baautltul apartment build-tn altuated la Ota beert ad Bandy Hill within aaay walking dietanee of Parliament HUI.'. Offer Bachelor. 1- and S-Bed- ' room ApertmenU. each with tu ewn private balcony. Eia-vator. earpetod corridort. parking. RENT PROM $89.50 . $154.50 . SWIMMING POOL MRS. HOLT, 232-5091 MASTERCRAFT . MARIER ROAD, t . BEDR O O M haatad. aaa. to-ibqb. rea-aevi. MANOTICX. t BEDROOM. AT- tractlve. haatad. lighted, grouno floor, an-eaia. McLEOD, GROUND FLOOR TBI-plex. equipped. CES-1SH. MODERN HEATED . BEDROOM apartment, parkins, laliail, waaher and feeUIUaa. S10S. Ap- ply IIS Hicholvcw ar Teg-ataa. MODERN. CROUND FLOOR. aelf-caatamad i-baroom. aaa a. Andrew. Ottawa. 1 JJ aae. ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT, parkins, no children: SOB. S . Laurence at. after S. SM-B01S. ONE - BEDROOM APARTMENT. electrically aaulnpea. aaniru Ue-7111. local IM. 1J0 to 1 pm. ONE BEDROOM . APARTMENT, electrically aquippeo. eea. aai Cladatone. OTTAWA EAST. DUPLEX. S5B, privata entrance, parkins. 134- raig. OTTAWA SOUTH. 1 BEDROOM, eiectrtceny equippeo. em. 113 U3-M3I. 1)1-1431 eveninga. OVERS ROOK. AVAILABLE large 1 bedroom, etova, gioS. ' Tll-SSSA PHONE tS4Ma FOR DETAILS on modern J -bedroom apartment la Ceelra Team Heal. Bght sad parking Included la low rent. QUEEN MARY APARTMENT. 413 Elgin. Museum area, large a bedreoja apartment, living room, dining room, weaker, dryer. BIO. RICHMOND ROAD. I REDROO M. modern, eautooed. BBO: bachelor. BBS. Parking. tl-SHl, SS3-11BS, eveninga Tra-ngee. A New Apartment Address University Arms 43 MANN AVE. (Sandy Hill Locellonl IS Mla.ilaa Walk la Centre Town 20 MORE VALUE Than Comparable 8uites LARGE 1. A l-BEDROOM SUITES FREE RESERVED PARKING $98 232-2M7 733-1622 ORDER YOUR JOURNAL WANT AD 4 OR 7 TIMES AND RECEIVE ONE DAY'S ADVERTISING FREE! Anrxxjncements 101 Birtho too Daatho IMA Aaalvaraary Maal Carda ar Thanke lea i lad A . lot 10 Cemetery Ma IMA Came to Chorea ' 1MB Win am tM Leal 100A 110 .III Ambalanaa Bonrloo IU Bervice SUttoae USA Drewgiitt . , . . Artments . Aoartaaaata. note ApartaMala.' BY PHONE 236-7511 ; ' ' Ad-Ukeri era aa duty dairy a am ta pm. fThamday till 1 RJB.7 Beturday luthl mjm. Baadey 0 pas. ta pat. .a tr vi ir Aliiirra 'v:-'wV i 1 .'. ) at ni mcLi 'UiN i Cowrteove per em is Weed mi she available ta ed.eiUesls at The JaurnaT Ballding. Mala Fleer, aeakdayo treat S aaa. ta pm. Saturdays from 1 am. te 11 aeoaT , . ' " ANNOUNCEMENTS ' . airaia. Encagemeeta. carea la Me,-ertam. Ta per worm. J B)etiaea. Ledge Hi Hi. a. - SOa MOTS: Sramgt manor Marrlaasa with ar a Mb eat anluiee. f Bos NtBTiberBWhea ai 1 word. Telepnon number, 2 arordg. Cost of mailing ' Boa Replies, 10c not nruiitUMa. it m aovuaoeg to , . use Name, Audres and Telephone Number for better result. Rates apply to privata advwrtisera only.- - If ejiksar to' write) jroor rr Att: JtAtt writo iba wrord in Mch bphbo. inaoase) taMft any . Ad to .......... day rW 201 AMI, Wn TO UT (CmI from r)lajiqf Columnl MINTO CanaiU'a Moat Honored Builder -q- Otiauid'i Garden Community PARKWOOD . HILLS ENJOY j CANADA'S FINEST' HEATED.' OUTDOOR . SWIMMING , POOL. AT YOUR DOORSTEP? APARTMENTS : 1 BEDROOM FROM IS 3 BEDROOM FROM lllTj 3 BEDROOM FROM ll4g ' ENQUIRE ABOUT AUGUST SPECIALS NOW AVAILAOIX CGI Vitcfcmg Ceramic bathroom Big bright room -o Pull-ltngth balconis. . o Carpeted hail CondtUoned'ait corridor Multi-channel TV aerial' Sparkling laundries Automatic elevator j Indoor and plug-in parking tfodege rmtiab ! TOWN HOUSES ' from $118 i Enjey the conveaiencsa al miIm mv- k.u u . i of ea- penal ve parkland aurround-ing. 0 shopping plaia apea aU weak, public and aaparata achoola. aad ckurchee make thlg garden community' Ideal for you PARKWOOD HILLS j OFF TOHEa AVE JUST BELOW BASELINE RD I T33-T0S3 - Vint our furniehed models on ' display every evening Unci Beturday I til . Sunday tij 4 ' MINTO Canada'g Meet Honored Builder in Ottawa' Popular Watt Ind PARKWAY . APARTMENTS ENQUIRE. ABOUT' . MONEY - SAVING j SUMMER - SPECIALS j Comfortable parkland j surroundings j Convenient to Shoppen City, Carlingwood i Shopping Centra, and ( new 'Trades School Public and Separai j Schools, and Churches ' , Free, plug-in . parking .. BASELINE ROAD JUST WEST wr wwunurra nva. i I near Bhopperg Cltyi OTC BUS AT DOOR RESIDENT MANAGER I A. ROTHSCHILD , 828-4838 828 297. viait aup fnrntahed mode la an display every esenliaj lincl. j Batardaygt ta . Bandar td S. I MINTO Canada a Build eg; Just off " ..jdeau St. and . Ciimmirrgs Bridge -14 Blocks from I. Parliament Buildings THESaKIRK APARTMENTS gACHCtpR. ram $75 jarpBooM.'-- .' Jg2 Enloy wonderful "comfort ' end convenience, with ' , modest, dollar-saving - rantala in the - - Selkirk Apt. DAILY 14) WEEKENDS 10-1 ' 749-7753 Corner Montgomery and Selkirk 8U-, ana block south ef RMeea St., fuet peat Cummlnga Bridge near Eastview Shopping Centra .. . . ' . , rvr'.-i MINTO - I Canada'g Moot Honored Builder 1201 ApISwRAnTOin - , ICool. from preceding Column i CENTRE TOWN l-BEDROOM DUPLEXED APART-ment. modem, equipped MO SH0413I. ' BRITTANY TEAAACB LTD. BACHELORS. LIVING ROOM, ecreened eff - bedroom area, kltchea. ceramic tiled hatbroom. etova, m frige rater. Raall hot water aad electricity auplled Free car plug-la at yeur door Modern laundry rooma. 331 Brittany Drive. 743-4A11. THE NEW DrnznKi IMLUU V IUYV APARTMENTS Centrally Located a i ' 3)1 BELL ST. Between Carting Ave. aad the Qiaatniway FREE electricity, fabric dranrt. parquet floora, aaune bathg. . gymnasium, hadlvtdual ther- - -moatau. master TV antenna, private balconies.' aun deck carpeted corrloori. SEMI I BEDROOM. TQ3 from .......... ONE BEDROOM,' $1 AT ' from wy. TWO BEDROOM $122 from .... "Cannot Be Beaten for Value' Furrlshed upon requeat Model Apia. May Bt Seen WEEKDAYS S A.M. TO 1 P M SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS IS AA TO PM. 2M 4257 233-7103 WEBTCSNTRAU ll OUTSTANDING COMFORT IS yours m thie luxuriously appointed 1-bed room suite, lea-; luring big bright rooms, electrically equipped, .workeavtng kitchen, ceramic Uled bathrooms, floor to celling closet plua the advanugaa of a laundry and utility room. OTc bua service st doorstep TXS-3041. BRONSON APT! 300 BRONSON. MODERN BPA- ctoua bachelor. 1 and 3 bedroom ' apartmenta. alectrtcolly equipped. Within aaay walking distance of Parliament Hill Priced from 13. By appointment. 330-0103 ar apply tn building superintendent an pram-bat 130-1704 THE Acadian 153 NEPEAN ST. Just east ot Bank SL Modern atven-atarey, twin-, levator building feeturtag lal-ronsea. dahwaanera.' fu draped eptt.. and many ether feature, semi one Uedi uoin one badraom. tare roT c. bedrooms, from 40 "JU Open for Inspection daUy. Mrs. Hogarth. 337-10M. 317-3133. THE Du Barry 660 ST. PATRICK ST. at CHARLOTTE A modcro ana- and two-bedroom apartment building m-td for economy minded OQA people, from ?OU Furnished $100 All aervieaa aieaadad la rent-Mr Presley. SM-443. Owned and Managed rr KASSELl REAL1Y LTD. AI Kasouf. F. EUis lU. TUB BNFIBLO - ' ITI OMmaar Ceeveuleetiy tataud Near Beak It. IN QUICT IU RBOUNDINOS. Brand new building with perking and be Iconic, all suites draped. elevator, laundry room, taaltnr service. TV asaeter entenna and lockers l Bachelora and one uediaum. from . 000. RenUI-amca aa premlaacar phone 333-loaA TNB SUMMIT 71 WOkred street Laxary Akr Caadttleae BACHELOR. I-, AND l-BEDROOM euitee. some with a bathroome. laundry facilities elevator, perking, superintendent on p rem lees ar 117-1330. i , . i.. . a i Fostwood Park Estates OTTAWA'S BEST DENTAL VALUE IN FAMILY TYPE . SUITES 2Bedrooma $92-50 '. 3 Beliooms from ....... $110, Baa the Model Apartment 111 McArthur ana Jutt meme the prtvele Mono oalraaca of Eastwood Park Supe-nnirndent on Pramttes 749 2332 ' BERT KATZ RE'L ESTATE LTD 236-9183 JU- ' ' i i T crMeM ATTRACTIVE PRICE LARGE bedroom and larga living room, alcc.rlcally equipped, residential area. House i rw town m 14 minutaa. Inlaraated' PtrOleql T44-wll''qPe ' ' MINTO PARR AREA. 1101 HERE W A l-BEDROOM APT. only steps away from aigin Street shopping and tranaaorte-Uon with ovary comfort and lenco you could poaaibly Imagine, yea tu pre btcluee aiectncaiiy equipped work -caving kltchea with made of cupboard apace, ceramic tiled bathroom. ' abamlaat floor la cellang closet apace plua. sparkling laundry I room. Tou will be aellghta with superbly plaaaed suite , that h dcelgaed to aaM pamr 0T0 THE CANADIANA, Centra Uy located at 00 Daly Ave. . This new apartment an-era , efficiency, mml aao bedroom. I ar a Bidiaaiaa eqelppee . with dahwaahara, aa ether modem isatarea. Model euita apea for , tnapacuaa dally I to 0 p m. Im-.:, mediate an V w.'- ...later- eoeu- ','aaaey.Ta! . . t , , 713-A1A1 C A. 1TTZS1MMONS a. CO. REALTORS 113-1113

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