Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 2, 1974 · Page 67
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 67

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 2, 1974
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5K --June 2. 1974 Sundav (aztttt-Mail --Charleston. West Virginia Watch your Mailbox for this week's Kroger Mailer and Save on These XTRA Low Discount Prices! U.S. Govt. Graded Choice People's Choice Center Cut Chuck Roast Copyright 1974. The Kroeer Prices good June 2 thru in all Kanawha County Kroi reserve, the right to lilt NONE SOLD TO DEALERS. Co. Items i.nd June 8. 1974 »er Stores. We lit quantities. Ib, Whole , delicious blend of 75 V ,, fresh beef and 25% hydrated textured vegetable protein Smoked_PicnicsArKROGER Ib,, .0 3 IBS. 1 more Ib, C Sliced . . . Ib. 55c Serve 'N Save E Skinless Wieners . Krisp ib $199 Sliced Pkg I Bacon 12-oz. Pkg. For Laundry Magic Bleach Gal, LAUNDRY BLEACH Kroger Hi-Nu 2% Lowfat Milk Village Bakery White Bread Johnson Gel $129 Ctn. · Baby nsss.zeAA 1 ii-oz.Bti. *m*gF Shampoo Regular or Diet Dad's L Root Beer 8 99 Plus Deposit fVALUABLE KROGER COUPON Vac Pak Coffee, Regular, Drip or Electro Perk · § Maxwell House § J $99 I 4 2 Turkey, Salisbury Steak and Other Select Varieties I Banquet Dinners With Coupon TM "Subject to Applicable State and Local Sales Tax" ···L-- Coupon Expires June 8, 1974 Kiiiiiiiimmiiiiiiimiif 8- to 15-oz,, Pkg, Vine Ripe 15 Size Cantaloupe $ ip For Fresh Tender Sweet lorn... Fresh Red Ripe Straw- Prices Good All Week! Hookers' Lives Put In Book By Siaanne Lowry (C) Manchester Guardian LONDON - Once upon a time in New York, Denise Winn, a pretty, curly-haired, girl, fresh from Manchester University and earning her bread with a bit of freelance writing, met Manhattan's No 2 pimp on the stairs of her apartment building. Ah, she thought, what good material for an i n t e r v i e w . Ah, he thought, a possible recruit. They got acquainted. No. 2 pimp turned out to be very charming, with steely slave- masterish undertones and he told her quite a lot of enticing things about hom much money she could make on the game. There were plenty of men who went for her type. He didn't get a new hooker, and she didn't get a usuable interview. But the encounter sparked Denise Winn's interest in prostitution. She had been very broke at the time, and realized how easy it would have been to slide into a life of easy virtue and easy money- When she came back to London she wrote a piece for Spare Rib on the.subject; her book "Prostitutes" is to be published. It is not a documentary in the usual sense; nor is it a hefty sociological study. The tone is neither political nor salacious and the form is nov- elish; an excursion into the call flats and conversations of London whores of assorted sexes. Denise Winn took the notice boards of Soho and Shepherd's Market and Earls Court as the starting point, "French lessons," "whips, stocks, and canes for sale," "Correction and bondage," etc., simply telephoning up and trying to get playful kittens and chocolate bonbons on the other end to listen to her spiel before they hung up. It worked in the end, and a b o u t 10 of those she got through to form the framework of the book. False names of course -- Gillian, Carol, Adam, Paul, and so on -- but real people. The lives, revealed are neither glamorous nor appallingly sordid, although most of them have-a high er than average quotient of boredom and isolation. * * .* THE PROSTITUTES Denise Winn concentrates on are neither the rockbottom streetwalkers nor the $250-a-throw girls working for a pimp or a madam; rather those who ply their trade from their own call-flat or "whoring gaff." The point about the book is not that it reveals anything new about the rituals and machinery of prostitution but that it illuminates the strange twilight existence of a particular career group. A great deal of time is spent sitting around waiting for the phone to ring ("We're prisoners to the phone"), fantastizing about the past or the future -- fighting boredom just as a production-line worker might do. Denise Winn does not want to suggest that prostitution should go in the career manuals, just that it really is just a job to most of those who do it. Or is it? The majority of Winn's characters talk longingly of getting off the game; they are defensive about their calling ("working in a shop for $40 a week is just as much prostitution as laying on your back for five minutes") and isolated. Even Gillian, the most h a r d - h e a d e d of the troupe (she's saving up for a riding stables and would admit to her profession to anyone) feels socially vulnerable sometimes. The most shocking thing she could think of doing is going into a crowded chemist shop and asking, for 15 packs of condoms at the top of her voice. IT'S NOTHING new to be told t h a t the t r a d i t i o n a l straight female whore has a heart of gold or something like it. But it's a greater leap for most people to approch transvestites and homosexual prostitutes as anything other than freaks. Judy, a transves- , tite who advertised herself as "a travesty living in drag gives advice on makeup, wigs and gowns," ' is one of the most together characters in the book and one of the few who has completely come to terms with what she is. "It was a pretty bedroom full of feminine frills and pastel colors. . .the quilt on the double bed was ruched and pink; the dressing table was hidden beneath a mass of bottles and pots and jars and little velvet boxes all containing some essence, some c r e a m , some scent, some b a u b l e t h a t played its part in the transfor- mation of Judy." Denise Winn d i d n ' t have much luck finding male prostitutes for women. The circuit is much more anonymous. She did find Frank, a West African who played at being a prostitute for a while, he says, because of taunts that blacks were the ones who run all the vice rings and immorality in Britain. He wanted to find out, and gave his number to a Swiss bloke (Swiss for heaven's sake) who put him on the circuit. Phone calls came in: "Was I interested in a scene in Sloan Square with an Englishman and his wife. Sure, I said, anytime man." Frank was a big success, but he was only playing, and unnerved a lot of his clients by refusing to take the money afterwards. Frank was the only one who didn't play for cash; and significantly the only one who really had been able to give it up. People drift into prostitution for many reasons, often accidental, sometimes emotional. Many intend to do it for a time and then give up when they have some money. But they rarely can. The money hooks them: "The very first time I ever slept with a man for money it wasn't a shattering experience at all. Just cold and clinical. But I did feel, Oh God, so ecstatic to be holding all that money in my hand; five weeks of a typist's wages for a few brief moments of nonfeeling. What does a guy get? A temporary sexual release and an unrewarding evening to look back on. And I'm not exploited. If any exploiting goes on it's the man who's at the end of it, paying absurd sums of money..." Brave words from Sarah, a rather expensive whore trying to stave off the kind of depression that constant joyless sex seems to induce in almost everyone. But she does have a point about exploitation. The prostitute gives nothing except what's paid for. As Denise Winn concludes: "The client takes away nothing of theirs, no part of their hearts or their pride or their dreams. But the client leaves behind so much, a part of his secret soul laid bare and a substantial pile of money." When they meet together p r o s t i t u t e s t a l k shop, of course; exchange stories about the city gents who want to be chained in cupboards for an entire weekend and be otherwise absurdly humiliated. What happens rarely humiliates the prostitute, so they say; although many will refuse to perform the more la- vatorial stunts that clients demand. Kit, though, declares that the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to her was when a client used to dress up in an army, uniform and make her stand in a c u p b o a r d . E v e r y t i m e he opened the door she had to salute him. . ." 3--Loit and Found [ANNOUNCEMENTS] 1--Card of Thanks Moore, Terry Lynn We, the family, of the late Terry Lynn Moore would like to thank everyone for their prayers and kindness during our sorrow of losing our young son. He meant much to us. Thanks for all your gifts of flowers, cards, food and donations to help. To the Ruthdale Home Community for their big gift to the family. Terry loved you all very much. Thanks to Brother Herbert Doss and singers of the Jesus Church, the Pall bearers, flower girls, Long and Fisher Funeral Home K-Mart, Okey's Market and the Orchard Manor community, for their gifts. Only Je,sus knows how we feel in our hearts. Thank you. Mr. M/s. Marvin D. Moore and family LOST -- Grey Kitten with green eyes Wearing black collar. Kanawha City area. Answers to "Jessie". Lost Sunday morning LARGE REWARO. 342-ner _ LOST - Red leather billfold,"atloading ramp, Kroger's, Smith Street Name inside. Reward. 345-1498. LOST: April 29, Small female Dachshund dog. Name, J.J. Black and Tan. Reward _JM6_-«M5_. LOST: Chihuahua dog. Two years old Solid brown. Wearing light tan collar and lead chain. Responds to name "Poncho" Reward. Call 343-5238. LOST: dark fawn Chihuahua. Oakwood So. Hills area. Reward Answers to Chuckie. 346-8500. 8-MUteHoneotM Heip Wtd. 8--Miuelloneoui Heip Wtd. A. C. E. YOUR EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY CENTER A. C. E. 816 Quarrier 344-9841. A. C, E. SALES Electronic, tee paid Pharm. exp. tee paid E.D.P. System, experience... Cosmetic, car exp glasses. St. Albans or Putnam Village Reward. 755-W83. Pharm, will train. Inside, AAA MANAGEMENT Management Retail "nTnVit" Finance '..?.? lr ' s i Automotive, background .. Trainee ..$15000 SI 4000 JOPEN ..JI2000 ..JlOiOO S6000 .SIIOOO SOPEN ....S9000 ....S8400 ....S6000 LOST: Red billfold containing important papers and license. Charleston to Clen- Programer ..... dcnin area. Rjjward. 344-9304. L O S f " ' " E.D.P. Cornputter operator.. smaTbTack"i'"whTtelog~Hairoff back. V i c i n i t y West Side R e w a r d 344-8694. punch supervisor .... punch operator .. S15600 . .56250 ....J5856 ...55300 LOST: Small brown female mixed dog. 30-35 Ibs. Brown collar. Vicinity of Sissonville. Reward. 984-9149. OTHER Lab Tech., 16 hrs. college chem, or exp . LOST. Lady's precription sunglasses, K-i Electronic draftsperson, 3-5 yrs ind exo Mart. Thursday, May 23. 346-3196. i SOPEN LOST; black female cat, near Clilfside a t^ d ! uster ' car ' exp s '000 ' ' 55200 ,54980 Alum Creek. 343-1935. LOST, White purse with credit cards and prescription sunglasses John B. Merrill 342-7672. Retail Trainee., i Clerk, Elect., background. LOST--Female Chihuahua, tan wearing brown collar. Answers to name "Susie". Reward. 342-3673, 776-1395. Reward. Mrs.' C^it Reporter, degree a must! 57200 -A.C.E. 816 Quarrier 344-9841 4--Special Notices ABSENT SPOUSE? Find what is happening. Call 343-0700, the "PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATORS" C. L. CROSON DETECTIVE AGENCY POLYGRAPH SERVICE LICENSED-BONDED 343-1564 CARE for elderly lady in my home. Cal 727-2810. Confidential Private Investigator. FREE Consultations. 343-0700 DRINKING A PROBLEM? A.A. WORKS! Alcoholics Anonymous Information P.O.: Box 6001, St. Albans, 25177 CALL 343-3750 ANYTIME HARRELL MEMORIAL NURSING HOME 1514 VIRGINIA ST. EAST PHONE 343-7145 JARRETT, ROME In loving memory of Rome Jarrett of Cabin Creek, West Virginia Born July 23,1925 Died May 22, 1973 Honey, It has been just a year ago that the lord took you from us. You told me not to look back but always forward, but it has been so hard to do. I see your friends and hear their laughter day by day, it constantly reminds us of you, but they are happy memories. But the nights for me seem never to end. My darling, we loved you so much. Forget you we never will. You suffered patiently during your sickness, never complaining, never demanding. You were always doing a kind deed for someone, had a' loving word for everyone and died beloved by all. The flowers we place upon your grave may wither and decay, but the love for you who sleeps beneath, shall never fade away. There is a link death cannot sever. Love and Remembrance lasts forever. Sadly Missed Wife, Thelma, Sons: Chris 8, Rome Jr., Daughter-in-law Bonnie, Grandson, Michael. 3--Lost and Found LOST: REWARD $25 for information lead- Ing to the return of Palm Bush removed from 1419 E Washington St. 346-5090. LOST - Beagle, male, black and white, some tan, Scar under neck.-Blue Creek area. 965-6759. · LOST -- Female wlrehalred Dachshund. Gojilcy Gridge area. Blende colored, of SSO. for return. 1-632-1868 or INSURANCE Low Rates All Types Of Insurance Cancelled Auto Insurance Revoked Driver Licenses Reinstated SR22 Filings -- Mobile Homes HAGGERTY INSURANCE SERVICE Phone 744-2526. Day or Night PATRICIA GAILE Cosmetics - DottiePal- mer, consultant 342-0063. 'ERSONAL care for the elderly i home. 346-5102. RUMMAGE Sale--Lee Terrace, Wednesday Junes. 9:30 A. M.-5:30 P. M.' Will remove junk cars and trucks from your property at no expense to you. Phone 768-4049 or 768-5344, after 5 p.m. 12th Annual C B JAMBOREE JUNE B AND 9 Dunbar City Park Dunbar, W. Va. *Saturday Night Bean Dinner *Drawing 4 .M. June 9th *Free Camper electric hook-up Available starting June 8 K.V.C. CLUB, Inc. Monitor Channel 11 5--Personal ABORTION INFORMATION If you are troubled by a pregnancy problem and would like abortion information, then call us! We can and will help you. Concern Family Planning "A Community Service Clinic" 24 Hours a Day - Call 7 Days A Week "Pregnancy Tests While You Wait" 304-346-5363 ADULT CRAFT DEMONSTRATOR A Slate wide distributor of adult arts and c r o f t s is looking for a mature adult to demonstrate decoupage. candle making, Fun Film, etc in local stores of the Charleston area We train and furnish supplies. For further information call Kris (614) 252-4901. AUTOMOTIVE LOCAL OPENINGS 1-Line Mechanic 1-Body Man (or Body Woman) Both olfer a full range of company benefits including company insurance plans and paid vacations. Excellent pay plan. For interview contact Mr. Ralph Eads -- Service Mgr. CAPITOL Chrysler-Plymouth 131 MacCorkle Ave. in South Charleston Phone 744-3401 *C'APITOI_* E.E. M A N A G E R - S15-SI8.000 - BSEE with Industrial exp. Will manage Electrical Engineering Dept. Fee Pd PHARMACEUTICAL SALES - SI2-S14.000 - Plus bonus. Prior sales exp. a must. Top CO. with excellent advancement and benefits. Auto expenses. Fee Paid PHARMACEUTICAL SALES - S9-S10.500 -- Degree and lite sales exp. preferred. Full benefits with auto 8. expenses 2 Positions open. CONSUMER SALES - S10-SI1.000 - Auto 8. expenses. Any related exp. preferred Excellent bonuses and benefits OBACCO SALES - S87-S9200 + Auto * expenses. Calling on retail and wholesale outlets. W A R E H O U S E S U P E R V I S O R - SI2.000 Prior exp. in warehousing 8. inventory ol mining equipt. Fee Paid NTERNAL AUDITOR - S18.000 Prior exp Good advancement. Fee Pd COST ACCOUNTANT - S12.000 Prior exp. Rapid advancement Fee Pd BUSINESS TRAINEE - 57700' Excellent starter position for sharp individual with degree. MGR. TRAINEE - S6000-S6600 Prefer degree. Auto expenses. Lite travel V\GR. TRAINEE - S5400 Excellent training program with local Co. Will go into management or sales. CASHIER-STOCK - S4840 - Prefer some public exposure. Cal ABORTIONS, BIRTH CONTROL INFO 8. REFERRAL Up to 24 weeks. General anesthesia. Vasec . tomy, tubal ligatlon also available. Ca PCS, 202-298-7995. ABORTIONS, BIRTH CONTROL INFO REFERRAL Up to 24 weeks, General anesthesia. Vasec tomy, tubal ligatlon also available. Cal PCS, 202-298-7995. ABORTIONS ABORTIONS INFORMATION PROFESSIONAL ADVISE PREGNANCY TEST CONFIDENTIAL LEGAL SAFE VOLUNTARY REFERRAL SERVICE 344-9117 - 24 hour service. ABORTIONS The Finest Personalized Medical care available Confidential Help up to 24 weeks A.I.e. -- 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Toll Free 1-800-523-5308, 1-800-523-5733. PREGNANT? And don't want an abortion Call 343-4546, Catholic Charities, office hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00-4:00. 7--Cemetery Lots, Monuments FAMILY CRYPT, Gllbrafar Mausoleum Chapel Building, Leaving area. 343-8001 evenings. FOUR Cemetery lots in Last Supper sec tion, Tyler Mountain Memory Gardens J225. each or all for 5850. 768-7359. LOT FOR sale in Everlasting Gardens 768-1709. LOTS -- Tyler Mountain Memory Gardens Last Supper Section. S2IO each. 984-1747. Three lots in Christus section of Tyler Mt Memory Gardens. 5200 each. 768-0406. UNUSUAL BUY - Single grave with monument space. Sunset Cemetery. 1450 Phone 343-1838 after 5 p.m. Wl LL SELE for less than cost two grave lot Sunset Memorial Park. 5400. Phone after 5 p. rn. 343-1838. EMPLOYMENT "BLIND BOX" SERVICE An additional charge is made on all ads us- ng a Gazette-Mail "Blind Box" $1. Pick' up; S2. Mail Service. 8-Mlscelloneoin Help Wtd. ACCOUNTANS For rapidly expanding CPA firm. Need personnel experienced in auditing and health care fields. Also require one man to assume systems responsibilities. Growth oriented positions with liberal salary and fringe ben- its. Send resume to P. 0. Box 2094. Hunington, W. Va 25721. I'MTRVIN6-|£ LEARN HOvJTD SROWL AUP SO ARDUNPlMCiraCLE 'CAUSE MY COUSIN. ME TO BE A MEWLYWEPS WILL RK HUI4DREPS OP MOUEV-SAVeRS BY RE AD IMS THE FAM.IL.Y WANT APS! INTIIF, Gazette-Mail 348*4848 A 08 Knight Bldg. 344-9664 901 Quarrier St. and concession help. Apply; Kearse Theater between I - 4 p. m. No uhone calls please. C L E R K T Y P I S T - Paid training ~GiOd sal- a r y and many benefits Now interviewing Call Army Opportunities 1526 K.ana- wha Blvd. Wesl. Phone. 346-9623 or Federal Building Room 1002, 500 Quarrier Street, Phone 343 8161 COLLEGE STUDENTS AND OTHERS ARE · YOU A-HEAD II not, come get ahead with us for the summer Good working conditions with lun people. For personal i n t e r v i e w c a l l 342-3764. C O M P U T E R so me f o r m a l trng helps a growth spot salary varies 54160 t Call Bill Law 344-4031 Snelling Snelling CONTROLLER or head accountant tor contracting company Need capable and experienced man. Salary open. Box M-1652 c.o Charleston Newspapers. , COUNTER Help and a seamstress. Mound Cleaners Apply in person. C R E D I T -- Montgomery Ward's credit department now has openings tor a full *ime c o l l e c t o r a n d p a r t t i m e c o l l e c t o r s - a n d clerks Liberal benefits and good working conditions Phone 343-2061 C U S T O D I A N - f u l l time d a y w o r k l o r church in east end Call 343-2729. DISC J O C K E Y : I + yrs exp t o p 4 0 s t a needed tor. t h i s c a r e e r spot 56750 Call Rov Reed 344-4031 Snelling 8. Snelling D I S P L A Y A S S T : tine co neat willing work er good hrs grow learn S4I60- Call Bill Law 344 4031 Snelling 8. Snelling D R I V E R S - Minimum age 24, local deliveries Warehouseman, minimum age 21 F reefer and cooler work. Apply in persor. 3990 Dunbar Ave', Dunbar. E L E C T R O N I C EQUIPMENT -- Paid t r a m ing, no experience needed. Good salary and many benefits. Call Army Opportuni ties 1526 Kanawha Blvd. West. Phor" 346-9623 or Federal Building Rojm 100 500 Quarrier Street. Pnone: 343-8161. E X P E R I E N C E D Carpenter' Top wages Call alter 5 p m 727-3221. EXPERIENCED dry clean presser. Full time or p a r t time. Mound C l e a n e r s 744-5189. E X P E R I E N C E D mechanic "state inspection license required. Call 755-7094after 5 p.m. E X P E R I E N C E D S E R V I C E P E R S O N t o service mobile homes and travel trailers for progressive mobile home dealership in Elk Valley. Apply in person. Ask for Dan Bishop Care Free Living Inc Elkview. E X P E R I E N C E D truck d r i v e r needed. Must have chauffeur's license. 346-0811 FINANCIAL A N A L Y S f Young Agressive Self-Starter of Management Caliber. S1I.OOO plus. Fringe bene- f i t s . Call 343-0148 lor appointment FOLDING CANTONS," Leadman Giu¥~Dep' Must be knowledgeable in straight line and right angle. Reply George Hickey, Tavons Container, 4801 Chaincraf t, Cleveland, Ohio. FULL TIME caretaker and maintenance man. Property repair and upkeep skills needed. Married or single, ages 40-65, in good health. Regular salary and guaranteed work. Living quarters furnished. Reply to Box C-1654 c o Charleston Newspapers. _ GENERAL ALL around worker for motel, etc. License. 744-6516, 727-4667. Good salary for experienced wig stylist Openings for advancement. ANNEDIES DISTRIBUTORS, 925-4081. IF YOU ARE employed now. and would like to work evenings from 6p.m. -- 9 p.m. at least 4 nights a week, call 768-3072 from 1 A.M__tn P_.M. ______ JANITOR -~s DA"Y"WEEK- sscfwiEK- LY. GIVE R E F E R E N C E IN L E T T E R OF APPLY. WRITE BOX M-I668, GO CHARLESTON Newspapers. ______ JANlTORS-Full time and part time evening work. Apply Kanawha Janitor Ser- St. Career minded person with teaching ability to train as a driver education teacher. Training car furnished. Apply in person. 700 JcLferson Road, South Charleston. _ CASHIERS AND concession stand attend ant for the Trail Drive-In. Apply Trai Drive-In Theater, between 7-10 p.m. No phone calls, please. ^-CENTRAL EMPLOYMENT* W. VA'S FIRST SALES REP. GROWTH CO., FEE PD'..... 510,000* NCR MACHINE OPER to 5450. SALES TRAINEE, IND to 5650 ASS'T OFFICE MGR., IND to 5600. SALES REP. BS TRAINEE 5700.+ DISC JOCKEY-LICENSEO-EXP...S750 EXEC. SALES, MATURE to S12.000. SALES - SYSTEMS, BECKLEY Comm.-t-58500. ERSONNEL MGR. CHARLOTTE, N.C . 516K WAREHOUSEMAN, EXP 5350 hr. CHIEF ENGINEER, BSEE to 518,000. COST ACCOUNTANT, BS. S14K ENGINEERS, ALL TYPES SOpcn QUARRIER AT DUNBAR ST. 343-5113 __ _ LADIES, GIRLS" WANTED lor telephone survey. No experience necessary. Apply between 9 a.m. and 7 p m at Smiley's Motel, 6210 McCorkle Ave.. S. W.. Room 107. Ask for Mr. or Mrs. White. No phone calls please. MANAGEMENT T R A I N E E ............... 5500 High school and strong career motivation. Must be over 21 and demonstrated ability to work. 343-4821 Action Personnel ""MANAGERIAL ABILITY? H you ha veil, we want to talk to you about a very attractive opportunity. Train with us while you're still in your present job. Earn higher income through professional sales and service. Then move up to a top sales management position. Call Mr. Leap 523-0108. or write co Investors Diversified Services, P. O. Box 1449, Huntington. "MANAGER-- MANAGER TRAINEE Must have some Credit or collection experience. No outside work. Must be aggressive and able to assume responsibilities. Salary *· £ h * rl ?*!2!! 963-6701, Huntington 1-529-3394 MARRIED COUPLES Work together and build your future together. I have sales positions available tor several couples. Training period in our office. Excellent commission plus fringe benefits. For more Information and appointment call 925-4939, 10 a. m. to 9 p. fn. Ask (or Mr. Dooley. _ MAN'WANTED Part time. No selling. Reti- rce preferred. 768-0630. 4--Special Notices 4--Special Notices KANAWHA COUNTY FUNERAL DIRECTORS To the citizens of Kanawha County! We are_writing to you on behalf of our funeral establishments, which have been providing adequate ambulance service throughout the county for many years. Several of the funeral homes in the county have previously discontinued their ambulance service, and the same is occurring throughout the state and nation, After much thoughtful consideration, our establishments, along 'with our fellow funeral homes who have previously Terminated their ambulance services, are publicly announcing our decision to terminate our ambulance service August I, 1974. This action is prompted by the ever increasing cost of maintaining such,services, the continuing rise of overhead expenses,andespecially prompted by recent legislation passed ·by the 1974 State Legislature, the 1966 Federal Highway Safety Act, and by the new wage and hour law. They have made it impossible to continue this service which we have been willing to provide in the past. This'decision was announced to the Kanawha County Court, meeting in special session at the county court house in Charleston, and further notice was given to Governor Arch Moore and several Kanawha County Legislators. We were advised by the county court that no tunas were available to estalish or otherwise provide this very necessary service to the people of our county.- However, by past newspaper articles, we have observed that there are other county courts which are planning and rendering help to provide the citizens of their prospective counties with this service. We regret the above decision that we have been forced to make, and we urge the citizens of Kanawha County to encourage legislative support for this very vital need. Very respectfully yours, Funeral Directors of Kanawha County Signed By: George Cook George Cook Funeral Home Russell Neptune Pryor Funeral Home Hector D. Frame Fidler Frame Funeral Home Robert D. Stevens Stevens Grass Funeral Home Mrs. Edvthe A. Hoooer B. C. Hooper Funeral Home Timothy H. Hairston . . . Anderson-Hairston Funeral Home Mrs. Hoy O. O'Dell O'Dell Funeral Home Mrs. Elizabeth Harden Gilmore Harden Harden Funeral Home William R. Young Knight Young Funeral Home F. A. Myers · Myers Funeral Home R. E. Ellison Ellison Funeral Home J. E. Johnson j. E. Johnson Funeral Home Joe E. Bonsall Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home Clenton E. Curry Curry Casdorph Funeral Home Curry Funeral Home Jerrv M. Griffith Simpson Funeral Home Harlan Wilson, Jr Wilson Funeral Home Garnet F. Burdette Bartlett-Byrdette Funeral Home James C. Cunningham Cunningham Funeral Home Richard L. Long Long Fisher Funeral Home Frederick N. Cooke Cooke Pauley Funeral Home J. T. Taylor Bdrtlett Funeral Home Mrs. Lyle Snodgrass.'. Snodgrass Funeral Home Mack I. Johnson Leonard Johnson Funeral Home R. Daniel Ashworth Elk Funeral Home Henry B. Hafer Hafer Funeral Home Merrill H. Preston Preston Funeral Home

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